Education Press Releases

Ed4Online Supports LeadingAge as a Business Member

LogoEd4Online is proud to announce that it will support LeadingAge as a Business Member, offering online continuing education opportunities to senior care workers through LeadingAge’s repertoire of available elder care resources.

Redwood Options Unveils Series of Investment-Oriented Web Seminars

Financial trading platform Redwood Options today announced the release of a series of web-based seminars aimed at introducing investors to binary options and related subjects. The classes, available from the company's home page, cover everything from getting started with this type of trading to more advanced topics, including various methods of technical analysis. Free of charge, and with most being open to all investors, these interactive seminars continue the company's push toward increasing investor awareness about these financial opportunities.

Redwood Options Announces Release of Reworked Augmented Training Course

Binary options specialist Redwood Options recently announced the release of a newly revamped educational asset aimed at traders of all skill levels. "Offering the innovative opportunities that we do, we've put a lot of effort into helping investors learn the ropes," company representative Thomas White explained, "Our new free options trading guide is going to help greatly in this endeavor, and we predict that more investors than ever will find success through using it." This eBook walks investors through everything they need to know to get started trading binary options, from basic terminology to advanced functionality of Redwood's trading platform.

MAEER'S MIT Receives Letter of Appreciation from HRD Minister

MAEER’S MIT, an eminent institution for delivering quality education, received appreciations in writing from Human Resource Development Minister, Mrs. Shrimati Zubin Irani. The institutions and particularly the Head of the School had received a letter from the HRD minister of India on 18th June in which the honourable HRD minister applauds the success and mind blowing performance of the Students in the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Examinations. In the letter it was further mentioned that it is the only teachers who have the ability to influence and shape the children towards the development and prepare them for the future challenge.

Konnect Learning Extends Six New Corporate Training Courses This August

LogoHot news for Aussie corporate employees looking to hone up their leadership and management skills- Leading Corporate training company Konnect Learning has announced to offer 6 new development courses this August.

KIDS ARE WRITERS Global Community - Indiegogo Push Will Fund Efforts to Educate and Inspire Student Writers

Children around the world have something to say and a new website, KIDS ARE WRITERS, seeks to inspire them. As young writers develop their voice, they require instruction and support beyond the classroom walls in order to fully realize their potential. KIDS ARE WRITERS offers such assistance by encouraging kids to pick up the pen and realize the power of their words.

Private Makeup Classes Opens Their Doors in New York City to Teach Hair and Makeup on July 29, 2014

For makeup and hairstyling professionals and people who want to become a professional in this rewarding industry, Nina Mua one of New York’s leading makeup and hairstyling companies, are opening their doors to train people in the art of hairstyling and makeup.

Pradeep Kumar Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Raise Funds to Start the Production of Math Carrom, Teaching Mathematics Through Game

LogoPradeep Kumar is passionate about teaching mathematics to students through games so that they can start enjoying Math. He has written books and developed several game based courses in last 25 years for teaching mathematics. He found that teachers and students like his game based approach of teaching math. Pradeep’s games have helped several children develop a very strong interest in Math.

Ed4Online Partners with Saginaw Valley State University

LogoEd4Online is proud to announce that it has partnered with the Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU) Office of Continuing Education and Professional Development. Through this new partnership, the company will provide online continuing education options and professional development courses to students and local community members seeking to further their education.

New Math Games Website Helps Kids Improve Math Skills

AMG Services will launch their “Math Games Concepts” website in mid-September. The website will be geared to help parents develop their child’s math skills. It will not only help kids, but will help adults brush up on their math skills as well. Mastering math skills helps improve children’s school experience, and guarantee them greater success later as adults.

UK Trades Training Are Turning the Tables on Unemployment with Their Four Day Tiling Course

According to a recent news article, there is a huge skilled trade shortage in the UK. The article found there were simply not enough trained and qualified people to carry out professional skilled services, which included plumbing, and Tiling. With men and women thinking they needed to go on a long college course to become a skilled Tiler, and a large number of skilled Tilers leaving the UK for countries that include Australia, it has left the UK with a serious problem.

World Landforms Uncovers Facts and Details About Major Landforms of the World

World Landforms enriches the knowledge base of its readers about the planet earth by uncovering facts and details about the major landforms of the world. This educative portal is a significant source of authentic information about different landforms like Archipelagos, Canyons, Deserts, Volcanoes, Mountains, Prairies and many others. The website describes the reasons behind the formation of these landforms, their features and their locations, along with many other hidden and interesting facts.

Head of School at Seneca Academy Invited to Northern India to Provide Workshops for Teachers and Students

Dr. Brooke Carolle, who has a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of Minnesota and is the Head of School at Seneca Academy has been invited along with her 12-year-old daughter to visit Akal Academy in Baru Sahib, Himachal Pradesh, to provide workshops for teachers and students as well as to develop a long-term relationship between the two schools.

Multi-Rotor Aircraft Project Will Be Used as Learning Tool

Another gateway to learning and teaching about aircraft technology is emerging on the scene. The forthcoming Multi-Rotor Flight Craft will enable students to build their own aircraft as part of their participation in instructor-led workshops. Those who thought they could not teach assembly of such complex machinery will find Caesar Samsi's building instructions, video and other curriculum components an easy way to deliver sought-after technology content. Students who never imagined that they could assemble a multi-rotor copter in order to learn aircraft technology will be stepping into the arena of a rare class of 4 rotor quad copter builders. They will be all the richer for the delightful experience. Samsi is so passionate about the project that he has used a lot of his own money. He foresees that this project will find favor with Parent Teacher Organizations, among others. His brainchild will be all electric, clean & green friendly, with recyclable/amendable parts.

Now Available: Global Massive Open Online Courses Market 2014-2018

LogoMassive open online courses are changing the world of education by providing free online courses for higher education, executive education, and employee development. These courses are provided by well-qualified lecturers from some of the most renowned institutes in the world. These courses provide virtual education to people from any corner of the world where there is accessibility to the internet. Massive open online courses are expected to complement the future of higher education in the world. The Global Massive Open Online Courses market has experienced tremendous growth in the past few years and 2012 came to be known as the "year of MOOCs", as coined by the New York Times. Many major MOOC players launched their services in the market during the same year and the market is expected to show further growth in the coming years.

Virtual College Counseling Site ApplyMap Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Early Success

ApplyMap, a new app designed to help high school students maximize their college chances, has announced that they are undertaking a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo. The company is aiming to raise $15,000 or more in order to build a special version of the site for non-profit organizations.

Ed4Online Now Featured on

LogoEd4Online is pleased to announce that it is now a featured learning resource on, a website dedicated to providing and tracking lifelong learning exploits by those seeking to measure their acumen and educational goals.

Calgary Driving School Discusses How Driving Schools Are in a Fix over Fees

LogoDriving schools seem to be confused as to what they should be doing following the recent three-point turn on the new driving licence curriculum by the Transport Ministry and Road Transport Department (RTD).

CHS Online High School Reports High School Graduation Rates Continue to Rise

According to the United States Department of Education, 78.2 percent of high school students graduate on time, with graduation rates increasing for all ethnic groups as of 2010. Sadly, 21.8 percent of students fail to graduate on time or at all. For those who don't obtain a high school diploma, CHS Online High School offers a program which allows students to obtain their diploma in a very short period of time. Pvt LTD. Launches Website for HP Govt. Dental College Shimla

LogoRight in the heart of the capital is the HP Govt. Dental College and Hospital. This much appreciated and laurelled dental hospital of Shimla is one of the most advanced in the field across the state and is brimming with talent both young and experienced. The latest advancement that the institute cum hospital has realized is the institutionalization of a dedicated website making residents of the city aware of the services the hospital provides and the assortment of unparalleled care on offer.

Bill Beazley Homes Announces the Winners of the Barbara C. Beazley Memorial Scholarship

LogoBill Beazley Homes understands the importance of education. It has the power to create positive change in the world and opens the window of opportunity for thousands of young people. Unfortunately, these days many young people are finding it difficult to meet the high demands of tuition. This is where the Columbia County Foundation for Children steps in.

PSB Academy Celebrates 50 Years of Success in Education

Thinking of getting an MBA in Singapore? There has only been one name that has consistently cropped up when it comes to the best school available: that is PSB Academy.

Acadsoc Offers Result-Oriented ESL Classes to Help Aspirants Learn English Comprehensively, Quickly and Economically is a leading online education platform, providing ESL classes to aspirants from around the globe. Acadsoc helps the aspirants to learn English with the help of qualified native English tutors through one-on-one training, along with tools and support system to make learning English online, a fun and enriching experience. Learning English online has many benefits as it saves time and money and allows an individual to learn at their own pace, without actually feeling the pressure of stress intensive classroom setting.

WAAW Foundation Holding Its Second Robotics and Renewable STEM Camp for African Girls in Lagos, Nigeria

LogoWorking to Advance STEM Education for African Women (WAAW) Foundation's camp will be held from July 28th to August 2nd at the Global International School Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria from July 28th to August 2nd, 2014. The theme of the 2014 camp is Robotics and Computer Programming and Renewable Energy for Africa.

Black Atheist Organization Awards 2014 First in the Family Humanist Scholarships to Undocumented, Foster Care, Homeless, LGBT and Atheist Youth

Black Skeptics Los Angeles, an African American atheist community-based organization, has awarded five outstanding South Los Angeles students college scholarships. Jamion Allen, Hugo Cervantes, Elizabeth Hernandez, Tiare Hill and Kelvin Manjarrez from El Camino College, UC Riverside and Gardena High School will receive $500-1000 scholarships toward their college expenses.