Education Press Releases

All Beauty College Helps Its Students' Talents Shine with New Technology

All Beauty College is thrilled to announce that they have switched to a new curriculum this month. The innovative new system the cosmetology school has changed to means an education that entails all the latest industry-related educational tools coupled with the ability for teachers to tailor a learning process that works best for each individual student. The change affects all three of the school's Arizona campuses which are located in Fort Mohave, Kingman, and Lake Havasu.

Spark Circus Presents Spark Circus Tour 2017

Spark Circus Tour; January & February 2017. Koh Samui, Mae sot; Thailand, Mae Ke Kong; Burma.

Character Education Is the Focus of New Book Series Announced by ED-Ucation Publishing

ED-ucation Publishing, a social enterprise that focuses on key values like innovative learning, problem solving, student empowerment and citizenship, has just announced the release of a 10-book series that focuses on character education. The first eBook, titled “Robbie and the Bully-bot,” will be available for free on Amazon for 72 hours, beginning on April 1. The print books will be available 3 days to a week after each additional eBook is released.

Life Mastery Institute Offers Dream Builders Coaching

The decision to become certified in life coaching is an important one. Choosing to help others create a vision for their personal and professional lives and to help them make that vision a reality is a true calling. Many programs offer certification in the process of life coaching itself but fail to set coaches up for success with sales and marketing training. For those interested in learning not only how to become a life coach at but how to attract and enroll clients successfully, Life Mastery Institute is delighted to introduce its Dream Builder coaching program.

Gold Medal Squared Volleyball Camps Offered for All Levels

For coaches, players and parents, nothing is better than finding a great camp or clinic to help students who want to improve their performance in sports. Gold Medal Squared, located online at, offers a wide variety of volleyball camps and clinics to help those who want to improve their performance in this game.

"Fortified Wine Market in Vietnam: Databook to 2017" Now Available at Fast Market Research

Logo"Fortified Wine Market in Vietnam: Databook to 2017" is the result of Canadean's extensive market research covering the Fortified Wine market in Vietnam.

Science Factoreal Launches Fundraiser for Helping Children Gain Insight Into the World Around Them

Science Factoreal, the fortnightly magazine dedicated to helping children develop an in-depth knowledge and curiosity about all things science-related, is pleased to announce that their development team has launched a campaign on to help raise funds to design, create and distribute the publication’s first issue.

LiveUp Empowerment Network Announces the Successful Launch of Their 'P.L.A.N.' Educational Curriculum for Young People and Students

With the successful release of LiveUp Empowerment Network’s ‘How to Achieve College and Career Readiness’ workbook, the organization has fulfilled their core mission to empower young people and equip them with the professional and life skills that they need to succeed. LiveUp’s principles stem from the Biblical proverb that “without a vision the people will perish” (Proverbs 29:18).

Registered Colleges Like Oxbridge Academy Provide Non-Accredited Courses to Fill Workplace Skills Gaps

LogoOxbridge Academy - a private Further Education and Training (FET) college registered by the Department of Higher Education and Training - urges prospective students to make informed decisions regarding the outcomes of the courses that they enrol for and to make sure that the requirements of their intended profession are outlined in the relevant course.

Funutation Tekademy Recognized by Cnc/robotics Innovators

Funutation Tekademy, LLC, a national computer, robotics and STEM education company in Beachwood, Ohio has been recognized for leadership and contributions in robotics training courses by the inventors of the DIYLILCNC machine. The DIYLILCNC Project version 2.0 is a new and innovative product for the CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing) field, launched by two inventors and educators with funding and support from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC).

Ed4Online Offers Brain Science Podcasts to Continuing Education Students

LogoEd4Online is pleased to announce that it will assume a partnership with the Brain Science Podcast, a top-rated medical podcast covering mind-body medicine, the brain and consciousness. The podcast features some of the latest books from the neuroscience field, as well as interviews with leading scientists from around the world.

Talent Coach to the Stars Announces New Acting Teacher Hire

The biggest Hollywood talents don’t “perform” – they use their imaginations to feel the emotions that are inherent within a particular scene. This is known as the Meisner technique, which expands an actor’s imagination to explore new senses of truth and utilize these emotions within scenes. It’s an essential skill for any actor or actress to have – and now Carolyne Barry is expanding her Meisner classes with new acting coach Heidi Dippold.

ShareRewards Enrolls School District Foundations Serving 350,000 Students

LogoCan online purchases at stores like Starbucks, Amazon, Apple, Nordstrom, Best Buy and Walmart be turned into gold for local schools? Yes, according to ShareRewards and its growing roster of enrolled school district foundations.

Certified Personal Fitness Trainer Certification by NESTA Now Available

Fitness trainers can be seen everywhere these days and due to the fact that the fitness industry is one of the most profitable ones, pursuing a career in personal fitness training is surely the best. According to many surveys, research and fitness industry statistics, the jobs in the fitness industry are going to be increasing in a short period of time, which means that people can find a lot of room for success and climbing the ladder of success in record time. More and more incentives are being given to people in order to join gyms not only to become lean and healthy but to also get jobs in the particular field.

New Course Claims Independent Network Marketing Distributors Can Be 500% More Effective - If You Know How

No matter if you’re young, old, rich, poor, employed or unemployed, what you’ll read below directly applies to you.

Master Scheduler Software of USA Scheduler Right Scheduling Solution for Educational Institutions

USA Scheduler has rolled out a Master Scheduler program that has an edge over similar programs on the market. This mathematically driven program that runs on algorithms, uses a fast binary file system contrary to database driven programs that are slow in the core data access. When it comes to the number crunching of master scheduling, Master Scheduler program of USA Scheduler is simply the perfect bet of educational institutions.

PrepSkills Sponsors US College Expo to Help Canadian Students Connect with Top US Colleges

To secure the best future, attending the right university is often the single most important decision young people can make. For young people in Canada, they have a unique opportunity to attend world-leading American institutions that are right on their doorstep. To find out more about these, the US College Expo is an essential date in the calendar. This year, PrepSkills is sponsoring the event to help get the word out, and help hopeful applicants nail their SAT preparation and SSAT preparation.

On the 25th Anniversary of Internet, The Taylor Study Method Reports New Trends Indicating That Colleges Are Struggling to Compete

The 25th anniversary of the internet was received with mixed feelings by colleges which are struggling to compete with online learning programs.

India's Largest Pre-School Campus Opens at Kanakapura, Bangalore. The Ekya Early Years Campus Caters to Both the Montessori and Kindergarten Methods of Teaching and Learning

Ekya has announced the launch of their Yearly Years campus in Kanakapura. It is one of the largest pre-school campuses in India as well as Asia. The campus boasts of adequate space and facilities for an environment conducive to growth and development of the children.

Student Resource USA Announces New Online Scholarship Availability

The groundhog may be overly concerned with the coming of spring, but prospective students no longer need to worry about the passing of seasons and semesters thanks to the flexibility of open entry/exit online courses. Student Resource USA has announced that they have a wide variety of new online scholarships, grants, and other financial aid for these online, advanced degree programs.

Friends Launch Crowd Funding Campaign for 'English for Eliseo'- a Young Man Living in Honduras and Seeking Education in America

IndieGogo campaign is created with the hopes of supporting one man named Eliseo as he chases his own “American Dream," which is to study English at the Drexel Intensive English Program in the United States. In doing so, he hopes to eventually go to college and become an English teacher in Honduras.

Schools Succeed with Laundry Detergent Fundraiser

Good Clean Fundraising based in Fredericksburg VA may be changing the way funds are raised for school athletic programs. Their fundraiser involves the organization raising much needed funds through selling liquid laundry detergent. Selling a household staple makes it easy for the school to get huge support from the community.

Crowdfunded Backyard Roller Coaster Project Thrills Kids, Educators

LogoWith a $9,250 goal has launched a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo to support the construction of a Backyard Roller Coaster, to be awarded to a US family to be named later.

Peter A. Fields MD DC, Teaches Physicians About Prolotherapy

Prolotherapy, a natural non-surgical method of assisting the body to heal injured or weakened joints, ligaments and tendons, poses a remarkable alternative to surgery for treatment of knee injuries, arthritis, headaches, and more. As demand for Prolotherapy grows in Southern California, doctors properly equipped to offer this break-through solution for their Los Angeles knee therapy at patients will remain on the cutting edge of regenerative therapies.

Mastery Ed Provides Tier 3 Support

LogoResponse to intervention (RTI) are all the rage among educators these days, especially in areas where students are not performing up to par on standardized tests. The RTI systems allow the administrators to see which students need the most help and direct resources to the areas where those students are going to be able to get the level of assistance that they need to be successful. Masteryed is an online company that is now able to provide Tier 3 support for school districts and parents.

Mastery Ed Tackles American Math Education

LogoParents are always worried about two things when it comes to their children: their health and how they are doing in school. Since most health issues are out of the parents’ hands, education is one area where they want to be hands-on. Students who have been underperforming in math have not always had the support that they need, and parents have put undue pressure on the students to perform at higher levels, even if the student does not have the foundational skills to make that possible. Masteryed seeks to fill in some of the gaps and make math education better for students. Provides Composite Volcano Information, an online portal providing vital information about the landforms around the world, enables its visitors to gather composite volcano information from its site.