Education Press Releases

Metro Tech Employees Honored by the Oklahoma Career & Technical Education Equity Council

The Oklahoma Career and Technical Education Equity Council recently honored two Metro Tech employees at the 22nd annual Making It Work Day on March 23 at the Oklahoma State Capitol. The two people that were honored at this event were part of a group of 17 that was recognized for their ongoing commitment to breaking down barriers to success for single-parent families by providing education experiences that go beyond the normal boundaries of the classroom.

The Rhinoplasty Society Announces the Registration Deadline of Their Annual Meeting 2016

Non-profit organization, The Rhinoplasty Society announces the advance registration deadline date of their Annual Meeting 2016 which will be conducted in Mandalay Bay – Las Vegas, NV. The Annual Meeting - as announced by The Rhinoplasty Society - will be conducted on Saturday, April 2, 2016; whereas the Deadline for advance registration of this meeting is announced to be March 2, 2016.

Halo Corporate University Announces Cisco Training and Certification

Halo Corporate University, an online source for top IT training, has announced Cisco Training and Certification is now available at affordable prices. Enrollees can advance their Cisco networking knowledge whether they are a network professional at an enterprise or a small business owner. Each offering includes the necessary courseware, mentoring, exam preps, in addition to exam vouchers all at one reasonable price.

SWAYAM, a Cultural Fest of MVJ College Engineering Was a Great Hit Among the Students

LogoThe inauguration was spectacular as we had two celebrity guests from the Kannada film industry Ms. Pooja Gandhi and Ms. Aindrita Ray, who graced the occasion. Their presence gave an immense energetic boost to the students and made the inaugural function a grand event. The actresses shared their experiences of their college life and also advised the students to be focused. Ms Pooja Gandhi entertained the audience with a song from one of her most popular hits from the movie “MUNGARU MALE”. Actress Aindrita Ray also enacted a scene from her movie “MANASARE”.

Classrooms Use Media Hotspot for Course Material

LogoMicrospace Communications has begun to bridge the gap between tablet devices and teaching strategies in classrooms and campuses across the country. The Media Hotspot promotes classroom learning through the use of wireless networks that directly connect students with their curriculum through devices they are familiar with.

How Volcano Landforms Are Created, What They Bring, Where They Commonly Occur - Know Every Fact Only at

How volcano landforms are created, what they bring, where they commonly occur, know every fact only at This website offers detailed and interesting facts behind the formation of volcano landforms and how their existence is effecting the earth's ecosystem. They believe that whatever information they provide is completely authentic and will satiate the knowledge buds of all avid readers.

New Q-ARS Audience Response System Launched for Enhancing Interaction Between Educator and Student

Shawn Finkelstein, CMP and Ryan Sharon came together to develop a simple audience response system, which they named Q-ARS. The system has been developed using the mobile cloud technology and is aimed at enhancing the level of interaction between educator and the students. This new system will also be available on the mobile platform and one can be able to use it on their Android or Apple devices. Team Awsome has mobile coded this interactive app of Q-ARS.

The Stage Invites Clients to Bring a Friend for Free Classes

Professional dance and fitness studio The Stage encourages students to bring their friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, parents, siblings, and other relatives for them to enjoy free dance and fitness classes. This promo will go on from November to December 2013.

Enhance Your Learning Experience with Online IT Courses

Education has a profound influence on the way we lead our lives. In today’s fast moving and competitive world, even a highly educated person cannot survive without upgrading his/her knowledge base. offers a number of IT courses online which are specifically designed for end-users and modern IT professionals. People who are striving to achieve higher positions in their IT profession can rely on the training programs from Now Buying Used Science Textbooks Online, a site focusing on purchasing back used textbooks from university and college students, is now buying back a series of Science textbooks in addition to thousands of other textbooks.

Scholars of Success Homework Help Online - the Best Alternative to Student of Fortune

A recent launch of a new and improved online tutoring website, Scholars of Success has provided a reliable platform to both the students and tutors from around the world, to interact with each other, with a prime aim to provide an individual with better academic and online tutoring. Based in the city of New York, USA, the website, warmly welcomes highly qualified, well-trained and experienced tutors from around the world, who are determined to work with pure devotion and dedication so as to enable their students to witness great improvements in their school grades.

Hifikids.Com Invents Learning Using Social Educational eLearning Platform

As the popular saying goes, “A child’s brain is like a sponge” this is in fact true because after birth till a certain age during childhood, the learning potential of a person is at its optimum level. This is why it is necessary for parents and teachers to ensure that a child stays in an atmosphere where education and learning are one of the most important components of their daily life. The internet is an amazing education tool, it serves as an incredible resource of information and different ways through which children can learn new and interesting stuff but unfortunately many kids end up wasting their precious time on websites such as Facebook, Twitter and the like. Such social networking websites though great for making friends and connecting to people are not suitable for children because they aren’t safe and there is little to no learning opportunities on such websites, thus there has long been a need for a social networking website that has been created especially for children and to educate them in a more creative, social and fun way. is a social networking website that caters to the need of a social educational networking website specially meant for kids.

Raleigh Preschool to Participate in 2013 Raleigh Christmas Parade

LogoRaleigh preschool, Primary Beginnings, is excited to announce that they will be participating in the 2013 Raleigh Christmas Parade!

Global Exploration for Educators Organization Announces Lesson Plan Database

Global Exploration for Educators Organization (GEEO) has announced the creation of a lesson plan database. All teacher travel participants are asked to create a lesson plan to frame their travel experiences abroad and to add this lesson plan to GEEO's growing lesson plan database. Now, teachers and administrators who travel with GEEO will be able to access a variety of lesson plans providing ideas to use in the classroom.

Tilly's Toy Box Presents Their Useful and Educative Toys

In this age of technology, children hardly get the time to do something artistic and creative which can stimulate their brains. On the contrary, they remain engaged with computer games and Smartphones for the most part of the day. Tilly’s Toy Box comes with various types of educational toys which are fun to play with and even help children to develop creative ideas. These toys constantly help children to learn through play and interaction assisting them in quick development of their senses. The company offers different types of brainbox games and quality wooden toys which can be a perfect gift for any occasion. Research has already proven that children playing with toys tend to develop logic and new skills faster than those who do get to play with toys.

FlexLearn Offers Innovative Care Assistant Courses in London at Affordable Prices

The FlexLearn website provides detailed course information along with the timetable and the way of enrolling into these courses. As per the website, the Care Assistant Courses in London assist people in getting into jobs of Support Workers or Health Care Assistants. These courses are designed effectively according to the Common Induction Standards and fulfill the learning outcomes depicted in the Skills for Care Knowledge Set. One can gather understanding and enhance his/her knowledge with the help of such courses which would be beneficial for further NVQ studies.

87% of GMAT Cheat Sheet Users Report Increases in GMAT Scores of at Least 30 Points

The GMAT Cheat Sheet is a type of reviewer for the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) that summarizes the math formulas needed for the test in a way that allows its users to complete their reviews faster, easier and more effectively. In a telling survey, a huge majority of GMAT Cheat Sheet users reported that the system dramatically improved their GMAT scores.

Sell Textbooks for Cash Offers ISBN Based Online Price Comparison Tool for Textbook Sales

College is more expensive than ever, and in an economy that continues a longstanding downturn, many students are finding it harder than ever to fund their educations. Despite this, many of them have piles of mandatory textbooks that once the semester is over, are useless to them. Sell Textbooks for Cash is a site that encourages students to resell their old textbooks in order to make back their investment and put it back into their education. They have recently released an ISBN checking service that will tell individuals where they can get the best deal when selling their books.

CNA Edu Responds to Recent Media Coverage with Expansion of Nursing Career Resources

The healthcare system in America is in need of reform, but until then existing medical professionals must do what they can within the current system. The problems and challenges they face can often seem daunting, and qualified nursing assistants do a vast amount of support work that prevents doctors and other professionals from becoming overwhelmed. Due to improvements in the treatment of disease and increased life expectancy, the strain is at an all time high, and there is a chronic shortage of certified nursing assistants. CNA Edu is a website designed to change that.

Metro Traffic School Now Offers First Time Driving License Program to Students

Metro Traffic School, approved by the State of Florida and the Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles, offers the First Time Driving license program and Drug and Alcohol Course. This is a state mandated four hour course that all first-time drivers need for their orientation program.

Learning How to Write a Screenplay That Might Actually Money - Writing a Screenplay That Doesn't Royally Suck

LogoWant to ditch your cubicle job and be a full time screenwriting professional? In his book, “How to Write a Screenplay That Doesn’t Suck,” Michael Rogan tells you how to write a screenplay that will make you bundles of cash.

UNCG Bryan School's North Carolina Business MBA Programs Recognized as Some of Best in the Country

UNCG Bryan School of Business and Economics recently found itself ranked as one of the “The Best 295 Business Schools” for the 14th consecutive year in the Princeton Review’s annual guidebook.

Breeze Through SAT with the New App from Practice Tests Free

LogoThe Standard Admission Test (SAT) score can make or break a student’s academic life. Students who are looking forward to join colleges try to aim for a high SAT score, in order to get admission in a top-ranking university or college. Practice Tests Free has introduced an innovative application named SAT Practice Test, with the intention of supporting students who are preparing for Standard Admission Tests.

One Million Degrees Publishes Its 2012-2013 Annual Report

LogoOne Million Degrees (OMD) is proud to announce the release of its 2012-2013 Annual Report. This report outlines the powerful effects of the OMD program model, which helps low-income, highly motivated community college students succeed in school, in work, and in life. The report also details innovative new partnerships between OMD and some of Chicago's leading corporations and philanthropists in support of community college student success.

One Million Degrees Partners with Olive-Harvey College in Supply Chain Management Training Program

LogoOne Million Degrees (OMD) is pleased to announce the launch of a partnership with Olive-Harvey College to support low-income community college students in the Supply Chain Management (SCM) training program, one of the fastest growing industries in the Chicago area. During this pilot year, OMD will provide comprehensive student support services and financial assistance to eight students enrolled in the Basic Certificate program in SCM, which is designed for individuals interested in employment in the warehousing and distribution industry.

Textbookdollars Now Offering Free Textbook Shipping to Students

Textbookdollars, one of the leading U.S. purchasers of used textbooks, continued its industry-leading innovations by announcing free shipping on all buybacks of textbooks that total at least $15.

Textbookdollars Now Buying Nursing Textbooks Back from Nursing Students, an online textbook buyback website, is now buying textbooks back from nursing students as well as other majors. The website is dedicated to paying fair prices for books, with the intent of creating a site where college students can sell back their textbooks, damaged or not. Nursing students also can find some textbook relief by participating in Textbookdollar's buyback plan.