Education Press Releases

Palmer Trinity Athlete Letters as Equestrian

"We are very proud of Sara for being recognized for her accomplishments in a sport that requires tremendous training and preparation for competition. She is both a dedicated athlete and student, and we are confident she will continue to excel in both," expressed Peter Tolmach, Palmer Trinity.

Palmer Trinity School Student Wins the Experiment in International Living Scholarship

Laura Massa, Chair of the History and Humanities Department, stated: "Part of what makes Michael so exceptional is what he did after his first trip to Haiti with Palmer Trinity faculty member, Mr. Raul Gonzalez, and a group of fellow PTS students. In 2014, he developed a project to lead a another medical trip to Haiti and raised enough funds to cover the expenses for three doctors as well as collected a significant number of medical supplies. This past week he returned from his third trip, this time accompanied by three female doctors."

Phoenix Trains to Build Up the Most Advanced Level Skills in Leadership and Management

LogoTrain to build up the most advanced level skills in leadership and management with Phoenix. They design customized leadership and management training courses in London which make use of comprehensive learning approaches that includes executive coaching for the candidates, classroom workshops for the ease of learning, apart from providing online assessment and support to the candidates. They help candidates to have a complete practical understanding of what they have learned by providing them relevant live projects, organizing trainer led debates, and also conference based events.

Receive a Quality Education with the Economical Teaching Assistant Course

The economical teaching assistant course offered by Distance Education Academy provides students with a quality education. Wherever there are teachers with certification, there are assistant instructors for support in the classroom in the U.K. People who love children will discover the benefits of becoming an aid to help pupils. The 12-month course prepares aids to create lesson plans, develop teaching methods, and assess the student.

How to Get Direct Admission in Top Medical Colleges in India in 2014

Over the recent years, getting admission for MBBS has become increasingly difficult. This is because of the fact that most colleges offer a few seats that are awarded to really special students from all over the country. However, the entire process has become much easy due to The website provides detailed information regarding how students in India can get direct admission in top medical colleges without having to struggle too much or waste a lot of time in the matter. The site is a unique platform that has been specifically created in order to offer a massive amount of guidance to both students and their respective parents for the purpose of gaining admissions in medical colleges in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh.

Level 2 Fitness Instructor Course Sale Now at Distance Education Academy

Distance Education Academy is now marketing the Level 2 Fitness Instructor Course with a discount when enrolling in the online class. Students may study at his or her own pace and schedule, whether day or night. Unlike traditional educational settings, the materials and manual are available through email or mail. There are lectures provided by professors to explain and reinforce the lessons on various topics.

LJB Security Training Publishes Article on Zero-Tolerance School Discipline

LJB Security Training, Connecticut's premier CT state guard card training school, publishes informational materials and articles on issues related to crime, police work, private and school security and other topics.

ACLS, BLS and PALS Training Institution United Medical Education Updates Its Training Materials

United Medical Education, a company that offers online training for the ACLS, BLS and PALS through their excellent web page, has just announced that they have updated all of their Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Basic Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support training materials. Thanks to this recent update, the site now features the industry’s most current training materials that are available on the internet.

Distance Education Academy Sponsors a Variety of Distance Learning Courses

Distance Education Academy is promoting distance learning courses in the business, law, child care, accounting and business fields. There are over twenty field categories for enrolees to choose from. Whether people want to study health fitness, teaching, science, construction, or criminology, the option is available. Some of the courses offer certification which is a requirement for most hiring industries.

Historic St. Joseph Landmark to Become Educational Venue

LogoACOT has purchased the Wyeth Mansion on St. Maartens Drive, behind the St. Joseph Metro Chamber. ACOT has been offering 100% online course to students since 2001 when it first opened its doors here in St. Joseph. Because of rapid growth over the past year the college’s current office at 2700 N. Belt Highway above Coldwell Banker is lacking the space needed for further expansion.

Explore All Major Landforms of the World at

Explore and learn about all the major landforms of the world at This unique portal is not just an information source offering general knowledge about landforms, it provides every hidden fact, and the cause behind that fact, as well.

Distance Education Academy Offers Online Level 2 Fitness Instructor Course

Distance Education Academy is offering the level 2 fitness instructor course for only £499. The educational institution makes learning affordable during these times of economic crisis. People who have lost their jobs may consider the option to go to school online for enhancing skills and obtaining knowledge in a different field. Skill enhancement and furthering education are essential in today's workforce due to technology changes and learning the newest teaching techniques.

Distance Education Academy Is Promoting Inexpensive Fitness Instructor Courses

Distance Education Academy is publicising fitness instructor courses to adults from the ages of seventeen years and up in the U.K. The course syllabus covers a variety of topics pertaining to health, nutrition, equipment and exercise. Course professors pre-record lectures for students to view online and take notes. The academy supplies the enrolee with materials, manuals and other necessities for completing the class.

Many More Are Learning a New Trade at UK Trades Training

In this current period of economic difficulty in the U.K. when many of the population are afraid about the security of their jobs, there is a wonderful centre in the North East of England that can dispel such fears,and more people than ever before are taking part in their trade courses.

Raleigh Preschool Offers Tips for Keeping Kids Healthy This Holiday Season

LogoWinter is in full swing, bringing lots of cold weather, snow, and germs. Raleigh preschool, Primary Beginnings, knows firsthand the ill-effects germs can play on preschoolers’ health and is offering tips to help keep kids healthy this holiday season.

Dani Walker Education Beats Medication Total Wellness Series Book Launch

Known for her quick wit, sassy spirit, and patient prerogative on “The Medical Insiders” Dani Walker has redefined total wellness by making a genuine connection with people like her who feel lost in the depths of the medical and alternative health gauntlet. With her don’t be fooled, be informed message she has created a new take on what it means to think outside the prescription for real results.

Systems Link International Innovates, Facilitates Access to Scholarly Publishers

Systems Link International, Systems Link International the leading representative of high profile publishers and technology partners, announces today its website and suite of services.

Distance Education Academy Announces Its Teaching Assistant Courses in the United Kingdom

Distance Education Academy recently announced teaching assistant courses to students interested in becoming teacher. Receive £100 immediately when applying to study the course. The course is a twelve month programme that prepares the student to assist teachers in public or private schools and in a classroom setting. Assistant teachers earns a decent annual income, ranging from £18,000 up to £29,000.

Wide Angle Software Launches Spanish Language Website

Wide Angle Software, the maker of popular PC and Mac media management software is happy to announce the arrival of its new Spanish language website. The new website is a localization of their main website which until now was only available in English, French and German. The main focus of the Spanish website is to provide Spanish speaking users with easier access to all of the latest content and free trial versions of their PC and Mac products.

Child and Family Solutions Now Offering Their Tutoring Services for Test Preparations

Students who have the college or university of their dreams in sight need to ‘wow’ the admissions office for an acceptance letter. The first thing that stands out for admission to a desired school is test scores. Those who have taken the ACT or SAT test and weren’t thrilled with their score always have the chance to improve by taking the test again. For those students who are serious about their testing scores, but need a little guidance to achieve an improved mark, Child and Family Solutions is pleased to announce they will now be offering their services for tutoring and test preparations ahead of the spring SAT and ACT test periods.

Learn and Discover the Beauty of Photography with Expertly Designed Online Photography Courses from

Learn and discover the beauty of photography with expertly designed online photography courses from Their range of online photography is the perfect way to learn and master the art of photography for all profiles of photography enthusiast, whether one is looking for an amateur photography or a professional one. Enthusiasts can just sit back at their home and learn the best of photography techniques via the online courses.

Enhance Your English Language Skills with ETC International College

ETC International College is an experienced institution that specializes in providing special purpose courses and English language training to students across the country. In addition, this college helps aspirants to improve their business as well as office skills along with English language. All courses are offered by well-qualified and experienced teachers to ensure that the students are getting the most out of each course.

Distance Education Academy Announces Level 2 Gym Instructor Course

Distance Education Academy is presently offering the Level 2 Gym Instructor Course at an economical tuition cost to students in the U.K. The online and distance class is convenient for working adults to continue his or her education or simply to learn a different skill. Students may schedule their studying hours and learn at home. The virtual learning environment is adaptive for people of all ages and diversities.

Article by LJB Security Training Discusses "Knockout Game" Assaults

National media has recently cast a spotlight on a troubling trend - groups of teenagers assaulting bystanders as a violent game of one-upmanship. But how much of this reporting is real, and how much is just media hype?

Powerful New Tool Helps People Learn to Read and Write in English Without Years of Schooling

The creators of Project Unspell, a revolutionary software program that is currently being developed to help people learn to read and write English, are pleased to announce that they have launched a fundraising campaign on Project Unspell offers an exciting new approach to circumventing the complexities of English spelling by providing a platform that allows people to learn proper pronunciation, read English text phonetically, and then easily convert it back into standard spelling.

Distance Education Academy Introduces Personal Trainer Courses

Distance Education Academy is now introducing personal trainer courses online in the United Kingdom. The course prepares student to work in fitness gyms, health spas, resorts, and physiotherapy. Save up to €201 on the class which is a considerable discount. Receive a Level 3 diploma in less than a year with the possibility of continuing your education at an accredited college.

Medic Journey International Changes Medical School Preparatory Site Name to

Medic Journey International (MJI), the leading provider of expert preparation for the medical school application process, announces the renaming of its website and domain to The new site still contains all of MJI's highly sought after medical school preparatory course information to help aspiring medical students on their journey to apply to medical school. In celebration of the new domain name, Medic Journey International has released several UKCAT and BMAT practice questions for review by anyone interested in the medical field.