Education Press Releases

Near-Death Group Forms in Raleigh-Durham for IANDS

Near-death stories are now the subject for many best-selling books and even blockbuster movies. The International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) announces Susan Amsden as the new local facilitator for near-death events in the Raleigh/Durham area. Amsden helped create one of the largest IANDS groups in the United States and plans to do the same in the Raleigh/Durham area where she now lives. In fact, Susan Amsden is now working with the national office of IANDS, located in Durham. She looks forward to helping grow a large and successful IANDS local outreach in the Triad area. Reiterates Honing of Defensive Driving Skills to Prevent Road Traffic Accidents

Much has been said about the alarming and distressing increase in automotive accidents and in fact, this is one of the most distressing problems that most countries are facing. These different states are continuously searching for effective ways to resolve this dilemma because these car collisions and car crashes have brought about debilitating injuries as well as tragic deaths among its victims.

Article by LJB Security Training Discusses Non-Metallic Grivory Knives

CT security company LJB Security Training helps Connecticut residents achieve training for a guard card in CT, during a one-day training course. The company also writes and publishes informational articles on topics that pertain to security.

New Website Teaches Salsa Dancing to Students While at Home

For those who've wanted to look like the dancers on Dancing with the Stars, started a class and then felt like everyone was watching them, that the moves were taking too long to learn or just felt discouraged with the learning pace in a live dance class the internet is a welcome refuge. Especially for those who have discovered a taste for a particular dance such as the popular Salsa, the internet now offers them the chance to learn from a respected, award-winning teacher right in the privacy of their own home.

Oracle SOA Admin Training - nCode IT Services Announces Fresh Program

nCode IT services announced fresh batches of Weblogic Admin Training, SOA Admin Training & OSB Admin Training at their main center at Hyderabad. Their website lists the fresh batches in the pipeline. nCode IT services is planning to expand their services mainly into corporate training & Online Training space. CEO Mr.Anil also announced that the entire training infrastructure will be mobile and in the cloud.

Metro Traffic School Now Brings Driving Lessons in Miami

Metro Traffic School, a renowned Florida based driving school now brings driving lessons in Miami. These lessons offer a complete aid to students, trying for the first time driving license. Students can avail different types of driving courses like classroom course, online course and the DVD course at this driving school.

AcadSoc Online Academic Society Offers Online Tutoring for Struggling Students

Online learning has exploded over the last several years with an ever increasing number of people taking accredited courses online or turning to the internet for solutions when trying to improve their grades. Now there is a space in which individuals can teach and learn easily and effectively that leverages the full power of the internet. AcadSoc is an online academic society that is now open to students and tutors both who wish to have a powerful and flexible set of tools to meet their learning needs.

Tavistock Tutors Offers Clients Proficient Private Tutors in London and Across the World

Tavistock Tutors provides clients with highly accomplished and proficient private tutors for home tuition in London or anywhere in the world. Whether one requires private tutors for test preparation or regular classes, they are capable of helping in any situation. One can hire a tutor on an exclusive basis, long term or short term hiring is available. as a Leading Online Tutoring Company Is Going to Invite Hundreds of Professional Tutors from Ivy League & the Top 20 US Universities Tutor Club is a leading Online Tutoring Company that is gaining in popularity day by day. The company consistently strives to hit the competition by offering unmatched online tutoring opportunities. For example, these days, they are going to invite hundreds of professional tutors from Ivy League & the Top 20 US Universities Tutor Club.

Access to the Best Academic Journals Made Easy by Systems Link International

Systems Link International, a company dedicated to providing top class academic journals, has recently gained immense recognition for its provision of high quality publications of various academic disciplines. Their extensive online database and virtual libraries has made researching more efficient for numerous students and professors. The company, which was founded in 2005, now has 9 regional offices from which they cover over 44 countries in North, Central and South America, and Asia.

New PMP Certification Project Management Site Launches

Nee resource site for project managers launched at Why? Simply because living and working in a world that appraises leaders and managers, many have realized how essential it is for any business, organization or institution to have skillful, experienced and competent, Project Managers.

Crowdfunding East Conference Comes to Harvard

LogoLeaders of fifteen crowdfunding platforms from six States and Canada, entrepreneurs and investment experts will gather on August 28th in Massachusetts

Shark Pitch Sails Ashore in Atlanta with Funding for the Next Big Idea

Ever sit around thinking you could have invented Facebook before Mark Zuckerberg, or that you could have easily cut a pair of pantyhose in half and called them Spanx...if only you had the money?

EASYUNI Now Makes It Easier to Find the Right University to Acquire Higher Education Abroad

Choosing the right university to obtain higher education is one of the most important decisions a student has to make in their academic life, the right choice of university and getting a degree will certainly help them have much better odds of getting and keeping a job that pays well. Each year thousands of students in Malaysia and Indonesia start their search for universities and colleges by searching online, consulting friends and family, going to several different universities and by attending education fairs all the while taking note of important stuff like application and tuition fees, entry requirements, duration of the course, etc. This activity takes a lot of time and sometimes creates more confusion for the student. Even after all this work the chances of finding a perfect match can be a challenge. EASYUNI has recognized the need for a place for students and parents to find information about many different universities & colleges. EASYUNI is Malaysia & Indonesia's No. 1 platform for students and parents to search for universities and colleges around the world, find information, read student reviews, and connect with counselors.

Raleigh Preschool Turns 14, Hosts Birthday Party to Celebrate

LogoRaleigh preschool, Primary Beginnings, is excited to announce that their Spring Forest Dr. child care center is turning 14! The preschool first opened back in 1999, and has been educating children throughout North Raleigh for 14 years.

Reading Habits for Students at Ekya School

Reading. What is it, really? A hobby, a pastime, a means to an end or simply a way to engage yourself constructively? It’s all the above and much, much more.

Online Courses in Criminal Justice Now Available

The Criminal Justice Colleges (CJC) HQ recently announced that CJC will open courses in the Associate, Bachelor’s and Master’s levels in both traditional and online teaching formats. The curriculum offerings in online criminal justice degrees will include courses in communication, criminal law, as well as juvenile criminal justice.

Logo Variations Create a Stir with the Logo Recall Challenge

A group of graphic design professionals who call their team Logo Variations (LV) justified the key role played by company, product or service logos in consumer’s brand knowledge and awareness by daring consumers to prove them wrong. The bold challenge was accepted by an avalanche of online surfers who were just too generous with their time. However, even those who were convinced that the team was mistaken were surprised at how swiftly they identified the logos.

Pre-Kindergarten Parent's Academy Assists Parents in Furthering Early Education

Experts agree that children learn as they play, especially in the early years. Many parents believe this means they don’t need to guide their children and yet nothing is further from the truth. "Parents concerned about preparing their children for school need to make use of activities for Preschool children which are designed for parents and children to enjoy together," Leah Broman of Pre-Kindergarten Parent's Academy explains.

Casa Xelaju Institution Provides Education as a Good Opportunity to Learn Spanish and Overcome the Painful Years of Genocide in Guatemala

LogoWhen the word genocide generally and especially genocide in Guatemala comes to mind, most people think of The Holocaust. However, few people are aware of the occurrence of genocide in Guatemala during the 1980s. So little was known of the genocide in Guatemala facts when it was occurring, it is often dubbed "The Silent Holocaust" by historians.

1year Executive MBA Launched

In what can be viewed as a welcome opportunity for working professionals and entrepreneurs, Darwin School of Business, Guwahati has announced admission for its 1year executive MBA course under the chief mentorship of Mr.D.N.Barua, President of the Guwahati Management Association and erstwhile founding member of Assam Petrochemicals Ltd.

Cummins Mellor Recruitment Sports New Office Look

Accrington, Lancashire - Based in the Milnshaw House in Lancashire which was built in 1867, the Cummins Mellor Recruitment has decided to give the building a makeover. The refurbishment that cost £150,000 was completed last year. The Milnshaw House now includes a new staff room, a reception area, 3 all new meeting rooms, refreshed offices, lounge area and new staff kitchen.

New DBS Check Website Scheduled to Go Live on September 2013

A simplified DBS Check service is scheduled to open online using an independent website in a month or two. Hailed from the Cummins Mellor Recruitment, this DBS service led by Michelle Mellor boasts of the same high quality standards its parent company is known for.

New SAP BI Certification Premium Preparation Set Launched to Help Prepare for SAP BI Certification and Emerge Successful

LogoInformation Technology (IT) is a fast-evolving and a highly competitive sector for professionals who want to build a successful career in this field. However, there is always a golden opportunity waiting for the qualified and certified professionals. A certification in SAP is a much-desired IT qualification that can lead a person to the pinnacle of his/her career. But the success rate in this certification is often too meager, and it often requires a meticulous preparation. Now, with an aim to help SAP aspirants to qualify and emerge successful, ERP Certifications brings a highly result-oriented SAP BI Certification Premium Preparation Set.

OCTOPI Managed Services Inc.- A Canadian Re-Seller of Geo-IP Filter, PacketViper

LogoPacketViper, is a new generation of Geo-IP network filter, which allows clients to block or filter any country's access into your network or service, providing real-time protection from foreign and domestic threats. Octopi Managed Services is the Canadian re-seller of this exciting and revolutionary product.

United Medical Education Announces Summer Sales on ACLS, PALS and BLS Certifications

United Medical Education, a medical certification institution who teaches ACLS, PALS, BLS and CPR online, is announcing a special summer promotion. Students who enroll in two courses will receive a 10 percent discount and those who enroll in three courses will receive a 15 percent discount off the regular cost of each class. The advanced cardiac life support, basic life support and pediatric advanced life support courses never expire so students can take them at their convenience. Students also maintain access to the training materials even after they’ve successfully completed the exams. Provides List of Reputed Medical Assistant Schools

In an effort to help individuals interested in becoming medical assistants, has provided extensive information on medical assistant education and jobs. The website has also listed the most reputed medical schools in the U.S. that have a high passing percentage and job prospect.