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Universal Fuel Services Extends Their Presence to the Midwest

The oil industry is one of the most dominating industries in the world. With the demand for fueling everything mobile, all machinery, and all major forms of transportation – there is an immense market for anything related to its maintenance. Not only does fuel need to be sold and transported, it needs to be stored and refined, and the tanks in this process can take a beating. Proper care and preservation of these tanks is vital to the quality of the fuel, and to the lifespan of the machinery. Universal Fuel Services is the industry leader in fuel tank cleaning and fuel maintenance on the eastern seaboard. With their state of the art filtration equipment and their team of experts, they are making headway to becoming the premier fuel management company in America. Gets Deeper Into the Chain of Improving the Solar Power Industry in Making It "Greener" and Cost-Effective

With the world getting more industrialized and technologically advanced, environmental issues have mostly taken the backseat. However, there are still innovations that could prove to be cleaner, greener and pollution-free; that is the solar energy production. Furthermore, the technology used in the production of the solar power system has drastically changed over the years eliminating the utilization of potentially toxic substances just to produce as much energy as possible.

Superior Tank & Energy Announces $50 Promotional Coupon

LogoOil tank leaks are a common issue that is rarely talked about. To help raise awareness, Superior Tank & Energy is pleased to announce a $50 coupon valid on all services of $250 or greater. The PA soil remediation company provides customers with tank services ranging from repairs to environmental services. Soil remediation is critical because soil can become contaminated from various activities. If untreated, leaks or waste can lead to serious health consequences.

Superior Tank & Energy Offering Free Estimates to NJ and PA Residents

LogoThere are many reasons to perform regular maintenance on a gas tank. Currently, Superior Tank & Energy is offering free estimates to all its customers. The company handles services ranging from minor repairs in PA to new tank installation in NJ. Superior Tank & Energy also can determine if clients qualify to receive grant funds thanks to the PA DEP Underground Heating Oil Tank Cleanup Reimbursement Program.

Solar Light Company Announces New Line of DCS-2 Touch Screen Controllers for Solar Simulators

LogoSolar Light Company, a leading global provider of solar simulators, UV transmittance analyzers, radiometers, and more, is pleased to announce a new line of DCS-2 Touch Screen Controllers is now available. These controllers/meters have a new slim design and color scheme that matches the company's new and existing simulators, one of which specifically includes the 601 v.2.5 model.

Poor Fuel Quality Issues Plaguing U.K. and European Rail and Road Transport Fleet Operators Mitigated by FPS/Unipart Rail Fuel Efficiency Management Program

LogoFuel Performance Solutions, Inc. ("FPS" or the "Company") (OTCBB:IFUE) announced today that its joint comprehensive fuel management program, the Fuel Efficiency Management ("FEM") program, offered exclusively by FPS and distribution partner Unipart Rail ("Unipart"), will solve the poor fuel quality issues currently plaguing rail and road transport fleet operators in the U.K. and Europe.

Solar Panel Company Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

LogoThese days, being a company installing solar energy is a very big deal. With the ever-present threat of climate change, the importance of alternative energy is more apparent every day. One company leading the charge in the fight against climate change is local Long Island solar power installer Energy By Choice, LTD. Shares Their Insights on the Government's Move of Making a Huge Cut to Feed-in Tariff

LogoAccording to, looking to invest in solar panels is not a bad idea if consumers are thinking of their income versus their expenses. But before they make any sudden decisions, they should not only base their decisions on the revenue but on the benefits they can attain as they use quality solar panels to power their homes.

Getsolarprices.Co.Uk Advocates a New Solar Cell Design Developed by Scientists from China, the leading website that offers free quotes and comparisons between solar panel costs to help prospective buyers find the right deals for solar panels, advocates a new solar cell design developed by scientists from mainland China. reveals that there is a possibility to turn raindrops into renewable energy that can provide and sustain the power needed in households and other establishments.

Kiwi Energy Partners with SunPower by Venture Solar to Bring Solar to More New York City Homeowners

LogoKiwi Energy launched their partnership with SunPower on Earth Day in their efforts to raise awareness of environmental issues and help further reduce carbon emissions. Qualifying Kiwi Energy customers will have access to flexible financing programs on the lease or purchase of a solar power system with little to no upfront costs. Qualified New York homeowners that install solar can also benefit from local incentives that provide savings through a New York State personal tax credit and a New York City property tax abatement.

Leading Continuous Power Specialist Reports Busy Data Centre World

Returning to London ExCel's Data Centre World, shentongroup, the UK's leading technical experts in standby power, uninterruptible power supplies, and combined heat and power systems, reported their busiest exhibition yet.

Champion Racing Oils Now Available at Kistler Racing Engines

LogoIt is extremely important for Champion to identify an engine builder that shares the same goals and has the ability to provide racers with first class service and product support," said Karl Dedolph, Director of the Racing and Performance Division for Champion Oil. "Kistler Racing Engines clearly fits the stringent criteria we identified to distribute our motor oil, chemical, additive and lubricant line in key racing demographics, applications, and strategic markets.

Diesolifttm Bridges Gap to "Mission Innovation" Goals Backed by Bill Gates, George Soros and Richard Branson

LogoFuel Performance Solutions, Inc. ("FPS" or the "Company") (IFUE) commented today on the "Mission Innovation" clean technology initiative backed by Bill Gates, George Soros, Richard Branson and numerous other renowned business leaders and countries around the world.

Singa Energy & First Colombia Gold in Negotiations to Open Power Plant in Nepal

LogoFirst Colombia Gold Corp. (OTC PINK: FCGD) ("First Colombia" or "The Company"), now operating under the name Singa Energy Solutions, announced today that they are in negotiations with the country of Nepal to open a hyro-electric power plant in that country. The company further announced that the founder of Singa Energy, Mr. Alexander Misra, along with its Vice President of Asia Development, Mr. Aziz Kahn, are currently in Nepal meeting with the country's leadership in efforts to reach a formal agreement.

Spring Into Lower Utility Bills with Energy Services Group

LogoMoving into the end of March and the beginning of April, the coldest months of the year are in the past for Mid-Atlantic residents. The next few weeks of sun and mild temperatures will be a welcome relief for homeowners recouping the costs of a cold and expensive winter. Before long, the hot, muggy weather will be forcing them back inside to the refuge of air conditioning.

400M of Funding for Clean Energy

The Yetman Group is excited to announce that they have reached an agreement with Convergence Monaco, for the purpose of funding Clean Energy Solutions.

Kiwi Energy Contributes to Green Guerillas' "Harvest for Neighborhoods" Campaign

LogoKiwi Energy, a leading New York based energy retailer, is contributing to Green Guerillas' Harvest for Neighborhoods campaign. Green Guerillas is a nonprofit environmental group that has been dedicated to strengthening and preserving urban gardens in New York City for over 40 years. Green Guerillas started in 1973 at a time when many parts of New York City were suffering a financial crisis. During this time, then Parks Commissioner Thomas Hoving's campaign sought to quickly transform vacant and abandoned lots into usable open spaces. This paved the way for Green Guerillas and the 1970s community garden movement which began in the Lower East Side. Today, more than 600 community gardens serve as testaments to the skill, creativity, and determination of New York City's community gardeners. They grow food for their families and neighbors, and connect city kids to the earth. They also give seniors cool green spaces to pass summer days and allow people to kneel down together and garden in the city.

Jan Paulussen, Creator of DIY Soda Can Solar Collector, Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoJan Paulussen is the creator of the DIY Soda Can Solar Collector kit that allows users to create a smartphone controlled solar collector out of recycled soda cans.  The kits include various components that allow the user to create his or her own solar collector and generate free power to lower energy bills.  Now, Paulussen has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to produce and distribute these DIY kits.

Solar Light Company Announces UV Sensors Are Available for Farming and Agricultural Applications

LogoMontgomery County, PA-based, Solar Light Company, is pleased to announce that they have UV sensors available for farming and agricultural applications. Farmers, or other individuals who are interested in purchasing one of their sensors to acquire accurate information on crops, soil, climate, and the environment, can visit the company's website, Those who have questions can also call them at 215-517-8700, or email

RacingJunk Links with Champion Oil 60th Anniversary

Logo"Champion is excited about partnering with this influential online media group to recognize and validate our six decades in business", stated Karl Dedolph, Co-Chairperson of the 60th Anniversary Celebrations. " RacingJunk is an industry favorite because of its massive listings of race cars and racing car parts for sale."

WERCBench Labs Wraps Up Winter Program

LogoProgram is second track for five start-up teams involved last summer

Air Purity Experts Inc. Cleans Air Ducts to Promote Healthy Breathing Environments

Air Purity Experts Inc., located at 1570 Old York Road in Abington, PA, is now offering a coupon for $50 off air duct cleaning for any home or business owner looking to promote a healthier indoor breathing environment. They are also now performing fee estimates for anyone looking to breath cleaner air after the stuffy winter season and during the pollen infested Spring. Announces That Solar Panels Installed in the Moon May Be the Answer to Slow Down Global Warming, the leading website that offers a free quote for prospect buyers who want to avail domestic solar panels, commercial solar panels, and solar thermal, reveals that solar panels installed in the moon can be the long-lost answer to slow down the adverse effects of global warming. The idea of installing self-replicating free solar panels in the outer space particularly in the moon originated from the paper published by the high school senior Lewis-Weber. Weber's paper is entitled as the New Space. In the paper, Weber tackled that the free solar panels must have the ability to replicate and collect the solar energy coming from the sun. Then, the energy collected will be wirelessly beamed to the ground or Earth's surface.

Kiwi Energy Supports Future Leaders in the Amazon

LogoAs a clean energy advocate, the team at Kiwi Energy understands the importance of making an investment now for tomorrow. Their efforts to build a better future for the world are seen in numerous efforts, including their support of Wild Forests & Fauna, and more specifically their Future Leaders Program. March 2016 marked the 3rd Future Leaders workshop, hosted in the Amazon rainforest. Future Leaders is a multi-year youth leadership program that provides aspiring young individuals with skills in sustainable business, innovation, and leadership. In this way Kiwi Energy is helping to build a better future.

Getsolarprices.Co.Uk Condemns the Move to Increase Taxes in Solar Panels Cost, one of Europe's leading website that offers an effective and efficient free quote and price comparison for prospect buyers who want to avail different types of solar powered devices such as domestic solar panels, commercial solar panels, and solar thermal, condemns the move with a goal to increase the taxes added to the solar panels cost. According to, one of the primary reasons why homeowners and establishment owners opt to invest in solar panels is due to the fact that it is cost-effective in the long run.

Charging Into the Future with Sun Charge Systems

LogoLiving a technology-based life has become a reality for millennials and the generations to come. With games to play and social media to update, it is no longer a rare sight to see even elementary aged kids with their cell phones! The incredible increase mobile devices in our world means a growing need for electrical outlets to keep batteries running smoothly. Sun Charge Systems has been the leader in capitalizing on and supplying this developing market. Instead of contributing to the already polluted atmosphere, they have found a way to utilize the most abundant power of all: solar energy. Their Solar Powered Charging Station is an environmentally friendly, self-contained power system that is changing the way people use their devices.

"Variable Frequency Drives Market - Global Trends & Forecasts to 2021" Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoVariable Frequency Drives Market by Power Range (Micro, Low, Medium, High), Voltage (Low & Medium), Application (Pump, Fan, Compressor, Conveyor, Elevator, Extruder & Others) and Region - Global Trends & Forecasts to 2021