Energy Press Releases Reveals a New Technique to Make Large and Flexible Solar Panels, one of the most trusted and reliable solar panel prices quote and calculator website in the United Kingdom reveals that there is a new technique or method that can be used in order to make larger and more flexible solar panel units. has a long list of solar panel suppliers and distributors inside and outside of the United Kingdom making the website a one-stop provider of accurate solar panel prices quote. In order to provide the best solar panel units and deals for the clients and customers, ensures that the website is up to date with the latest and trendiest news about solar panels.

Super-Fuel-Systems, Inc. Celebrates Fifth Anniversary with Blowout Sale on Fuel Efficiency Systems

Super-Fuel-Systems, Inc. is thrilled to celebrate its fifth anniversary since its founding in June 2011. Even many years prior to its incorporation, the Super-Fuel-Systems team was hard at work developing and researching, marketing, selling, and providing support for HHO, hydrogen on-demand sustainable technology in Canada, the United States, and around the world. The open source hydrogen technology Super-Fuel-Systems has integrated into its products was made popular beginning in the early 2000s and has been improving ever since.

Champion Racing Oil on Track to Set World Record at Bonneville

LogoChampion Racing Oil sponsors Lloyd "Hooley" Huffman's 1953 Studebaker Coupe that runs in AA Blown Fuel Comp Coupe classification and has previously been the record holder of that class at 246 mph. The record stands today at 249 mph.

Grand Home Design Unveils Their Version of the Three Best Small Air Conditioners

With an aim to offer some guidance when looking for the best small air conditioners, home design and improvement site has recently launched a new article on the site titled as 'the best small air conditioner'. One of the site's representative maintained, "Small air conditioners have become quite important to beat the heat in summer months. They do not require much room to install and can deliver the needed freshness inside the room."

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Levittown Repairs Clogs, Leaks and Malfunctioning Systems

LogoAnyone looking for plumbers near Doylestown, PA or anywhere else throughout the Bucks County area need look no further than the highly trained technicians at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Levittown. After the experts perform their high-quality maintenance and repair services, the technicians will offer additional support if the customer experiences further problems within a two-year time frame. Local residents and business owners are relieved to know that Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Levittown conveniently provides 24/7 emergency services. Encouraging Finns to Switch to Smart and Green Energy Solutions, a free-to-use online portal where Finnish citizens can find the best electricity deals and contracts, recently started advocating for smart electricity and green energy. The portal owners have now started a campaign through their website to promote green energy and smart electricity. They told the press that this was a much needed action as increasing use of fossil fuel could very soon deplete the planet of its non-renewable resources.

Oakridge Global Energy Solutions Announces Tami Tharp as Its Chief Financial Officer

LogoOakridge Global Energy Solutions, Inc. (OTCQB:OGES), a leading US-based manufacturer of Lithium-ion smart energy cells for military, civilian and medical applications, has today announced the reappointment of Ms. Tami Tharp, as Chief Financial Officer, effective July 25, 2016. Mr. David Phillips stepped down as CFO on July 18, 2016 to make way for the reappointment of Ms. Tharp.

Owners Improve Energy Efficiency and Breathing Air Quality with Air Purity Experts Inc.

If someone is looking for a fully insured, trained team of technicians to perform services relating to either commercial or residential air duct cleaning in Philadelphia, PA and surrounding regions, they need look no further than the professionals at Air Purity Experts Inc. The reputable company is currently offering free estimates to prospective customers. There are also coupons listed on their website, one of which involves $50 OFF air duct cleaning services.

SuperLightingLED Optoelectronics Specializes in Manufacturing LED Lighting Fixtures

LED lights and lighting systems are slowly but surely replacing the conventional incandescent, fluorescent, and neon lights that consume a copious amount of electrical energy to stay in operation resulting in inflated energy bills. To put it in context, LED lights are safer to use in comparison to incandescent or fluorescent lights as well as are extremely energy-efficient. Additionally, these light emitting diodes which are basically semiconductor devices, need low or minimal maintenance. SuperLightingLED Optoelectronics, a LED lights manufacturing concern based in China with its factory in Shenzhen has been exclusively producing a gamut of LED lighting systems that find extensive applications across commercial, industrial and domestic sectors. For instance, the company produces LED kitchen lighting that customers can purchase online by browsing through the different categories on its official website.

TARSIER Signs Smart City Distributor Agreement, Israeli Optibus Offers Revolutionary Tech for City Buses

Tarsier Ltd (OTCPK:TAER) has announced entering into a multi country Distributor Agreement with Israeli based Optibus to further its Smart City offering. Israeli company Optibus ( has the solution for bus lines running late while making it easier for public transportation companies to set cost-effective schedules.

Greenkraft, Inc. CFO Sosi Bardakjian Was Interviewed on the Uptick Network

LogoSosi Bardakjian with Greenkraft, Inc. (OTCQB:GKIT) was interviewed on the Uptick Network Stock Day Radio Show with host and CEO Everett Jolly. Sosi spoke in regards to the success of their alternative fuel trucks, where Greenkraft fits in a competitive market, and how their products line up to federal mandates. The interview and distribution was paid by Greenkraft, Inc. and approved by Sosi Bardakjian. The distribution was sent out to the Uptick Network Stock Day Radio show, sponsors, its affiliates and social media distribution platforms. Reveals the Real Impact of Using Solar Panels, the most trusted website that offers accurate solar panel prices and rates based in the United Kingdom reveals the real impact of using solar panels. Through the years, solar panels are regarded as one of the most cost-effective and efficient methods that can help to reuse the solar energy coming from the sun. As research and studies continue to roll, the list of benefits of using solar panels.

Unit Solutions Is Creating a Revolution in the Construction Industry

Traditional building construction is about to experience a revolution and become completely transformed. Home, offices and other buildings made from current materials in standard construction methods will soon be a thing of the past. Homeowners and business are all beginning to demand much more energy efficient buildings and environmentally friendly construction methods. Unit Solutions has listened to the demand and has started to change the way property is built. Introduces a New Way to Save Up to 50% on Electric Bills, one of the top websites offering the best deal of solar panel price located in the United Kingdom introduces a new way to save up to 50% on electric bills. introduces the solar panel calculator to help customers calculate their solar energy savings. Their company aims to help their customers get the best deals of solar panel installations they can get in their local area. But before anything else, this solar panel calculator will need certain information about the customers' approximate roof space in average m2, the direction of the house in which the sun shines most, the indicated angle or pitch of the customers' roof in average degree. Introduces a New Way to Save Up to 50% on Electric Bills, one of the top websites offering the best deal of solar panel price located in the United Kingdom introduces a new way to save up to 50% on electric bills. introduces the solar panel calculator to help customers calculate their solar energy savings. Their company aims to help their customers get the best deals of solar panel installations they can get in their local area. But before anything else, this solar panel calculator will need certain information about the customers' approximate roof space in average m2, the direction of the house in which the sun shines most, the indicated angle or pitch of the customers' roof in average degree. Supports the Latest Innovations in Solar Technology, the leading website offering their clients the best deals of solar panels, supports the latest innovation in our solar technology. As our solar technology's debut in 1960, it continues to improve and evolve over the years until now that it is known to people worldwide. has set their standard to partner with the best solar panel companies that offer people the most quality and affordable solar panel cost.

S Loomer Online Enterprises, LLC Launches Website Featuring Quality Portable and Stand-by Generators

LogoShirley Loomer is proud to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, The website offers a wide variety of portable and stand-by generators with a particular focus on whole house power generators and generators designed for camping and outdoor use. Shirley was inspired by how much we depend on electricity in our everyday lives for everything from powering our nighttime activities to cooking our meals and staying connected to the world around us. After learning about the possibilities of an online store, Shirley wanted to help others get the products that they would need to ensure they have a reliable supply of electricity in an emergency, power outage, or for outdoor trips.

Guaranteed Plumbing & Heating, Inc. Provides Emergency Services for Those in Need

LogoGuaranteed Plumbing & Heating, Inc. is Philadelphia's premiere plumbing and heating company. They have been serving customers in Northeast Philly, South Philly, Chestnut Hill, Montgomery County, Bucks County, PA, and the surrounding areas, for over 30 years. This fully licensed and full-service HVAC company prides itself on taking care of its customers and taking care of business. The team of experts and plumbers in Philadelphia at Guaranteed Plumbing & Heating, Inc., can get to the root of any problem and then offer the best solutions to help homes get back into shape. This company also provides emergency services for those in need.

3esi-Enersight Appoints New Chief Financial Officer

Logo3esi-Enersight, the world leading provider of solutions for integrated strategy, planning and execution in upstream oil and gas today announced that Jay Bachman has joined the company as its new Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Ultra Efficient Wind Turbine Expected to Be Game Changer

LogoThunderbird Power Corp. is building its first ultra-efficient turbine using its patent pending breakthrough technology.

Local Property Owners Rely on Air Purity Inc. to Enhance Breathing Air Quality and Energy Efficiency

Property owners interested in residential and commercial air duct cleaning near Philadelphia, PA and surrounding regions, will surely be pleased with the comprehensive services provided by the NADCA-certified and continuously trained technicians at Air Purity Experts Inc. Individuals are encouraged to take full advantage of the specials that are currently available through the company's website which, most notably, include a $50 off air duct cleaning coupon that expires on July 1, 2016. To ensure the proper cleaning of one's residential or commercial space, it is recommended that they contact the experts today.

Superior Tank & Energy Provides Thorough Soil Remediation Service

LogoSuperior Tank & Energy helps clients with all of their soil remediation issues. They proudly serve New Jersey and Pennsylvania communities, taking on any job no matter if it is big or small.

Professional Tank & Environmental Offers Quality Oil Tank Services

LogoProfessional Tank & Environmental specializes in aboveground and underground oil tank removal, abandonment and installation for residents of Bucks, Montgomery, Philadelphia, Chester, Delaware and Lehigh counties.

Wimmer Custom Cycle Sells Oil Coolers to Remove Heat from Engines

LogoWimmer Custom Cycle is a company that supplies a broad range of custom Harley Davidson parts that increases a bike's performance and improves its look. They are located in Perkasie, PA, and they provide products and services for people throughout the Bucks County area. The professionals at Wimmer Custom Cycle will help customers transform their bike to match their personality and unique wishes. Whether motorcycle owners are seeking air cleaners or custom Harley oil coolers, Wimmer Custom Cycle promises to provide high-quality parts with the best customer service.

Oakridge Global Energy Solutions Announces Reinstated Financial Statements for Fiscal Year of 2016

LogoToday,  Oakridge Global Energy Solutions (OTCQB:OGES), announced it has restated financial statements for Fiscal Year 2015.  These restatements will have no affect on Q1 2016, or Q2 2016 financial results. Joins Solar Power Europe in Announcing the Booming Trend in Solar Industry Driving Solar Panels to Be More Cost-Efficient

LogoBy 2020, it is predicted that there will be about 700 GW installed solar photovoltaics across the world as confirmed by Supports the Advocacy of the Energy Saving Trust to Friends of the Earth to Campaign for the Use of UPVC Windows

LogoEnglish Heritage's Head of Building Conservation and Research Chris Wood said in an interview that the massive marketing done to push the use of double glazing windows has motivated a lot of people to take this clear-cut option of using this naturally plastic-framed double glazed windows. However, people worry that doing such ruins the look of England's 9,000-plus conservation areas which is known as a remarkable architectural heritage. Replacing the old sash windows with UPVC windows would make these double glazed pieces out of place.