Energy Press Releases

Fahrenheit HVAC Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary as a HVAC Business

LogoAs autumn chills bring temperatures down to the 50s, Fahrenheit HVAC is celebrating its 30th year as a successful HVAC business. Headquartered in Elkins Park, PA, the experts at Fahrenheit HVAC bring their 100 years of experience to bear. While many HVAC companies content themselves with installing and repairing, Fahrenheit HVAC's technicians always educate customers. By emphasizing care and maintenance of heating and cooling equipment, their technicians maximize their services. At Fahrenheit HVAC, the customer is always first.

E Instruments Announces BTU1500 Combustion Analyzer Is Available for the 2017 Heating Season

LogoDesigners, manufacturers, and marketers of industry-leading combustion analyzers, E Instruments has been operating out of Langhorne, Pennsylvania since 2001. With decades of experience in their industry, they continue to design and manufacture the highest quality instrumentation solutions. In fact, E instruments is pleased to announce that the BTU1500 combustion analyzer is now available for the 2017 heating season.

Southern Irrigation Offers Services for Winterization

LogoResidents who are preparing for the colder temperatures ahead are encouraged to contact Southern Irrigation, one of the leading irrigation companies in Gallatin, TN, for assistance with their winterization processes to ensure the safety of their irrigation system. When the winterization process is completed, property owners can rest assured knowing that their system is ready for winter.

Hutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling Energy Services Taking New Customers Interested in Dryer or Ductwork Cleaning Services

LogoFor individuals seeking a dedicated company for all of their dryer and ductwork cleaning in South Jersey, they can count on the team at Hutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling Energy Services. In fact, the company is taking new customers interested in dryer or ductwork cleaning services. Having contaminants removed from a heating and cooling system is an important part of being a healthy homeowner. Especially if improved air quality is the goal, it's crucial to keep up on dryer and ductwork maintenance. For homeowners seeking a reliable company for all of their dryer and ductwork cleaning needs, Hutchinson is at the helm and always ready to offer a hand.

LED Street Light Installation Guides

LogoAlthough LED Street Lamp has a long lifespan, it is consumable. If you want to prolong its service life, it should be regularly maintained and kept in good repair. Below are some LED street light installation guides and maintenance procedures for your guidance.

A.M. Botte Mechanical, LLC. Provides Energy-Efficient Heating

Property owners who are in need of heating repair in Cherry Hill, NJ or have noticed that their heating system just isn't working as well as it used to are encouraged to contact A.M. Botte Mechanical, LLC. for assistance from their professional team.

Solar Light Company, Inc. Announces New Solarmeter UV Index and UVB Lamp Meters for Reptile Husbandry Applications

LogoToday, Solar Light Company, Inc. announced the introduction of its new Solarmeter® Model 6.5R Reptile UV Index Meter specifically designed for reptile husbandry applications. This new model updates our legendary original Model 6.5 UV Index Meter with attractive, informative graphics displaying the Ferguson Zone chart at the top of the meter. This chart provides the user with an instant, accurate dose reference for the meter's UVI readout. Many scientists and breeders worldwide rely on the original Model 6.5 UV Index Meter, so the new Model 6.5R is unchanged operationally or in terms of specifications from the original. We just made this meter easier for reptile owners to use by updating the graphics with the latest scientific research about proper UV dosages for reptiles. Likewise, the new Model 6.2R Reptile UVB Lamp Meter updates the original 6.2 with reptile-themed graphics and a sleek new black case, while maintaining the functionality that reptile owners have relied on for many years.

A-1 Electric Continues to Grow with Additions to Fleet

LogoResidents and business owners who are interested in finding experienced and professional electrical contractors in Philadelphia are encouraged to contact A-1 Electric today to schedule an appointment. This leading company is dedicated to growing so they can provide quality service and ensure that every customer gets their work completed on-time.

Superior Tank & Energy Continues to Provide High-Quality Soil Remediation

LogoFor more than 40 years, Superior Tank & Energy has led the way when it comes to tank removal and tank installation throughout NJ and PA. This company also assists their customers with a variety of soil remediation and other testing services. Capable of tackling work of any magnitude, no job is too big for their team of highly-trained professionals.

Take Control with Digital Thermostats from Timo's

Many homeowners think they can't afford to install programmable thermostats in their homes. But, in reality, they probably can't afford not to.

7 Tips to Distinguish Good or Bad LED Globe Light Bulbs

LogoA lot of unqualified LED Globe Light Bulbs had been put into the LED lighting market by led light bulb manufacturers because of the vicious competition. Globe LED light bulbs are losing the real value of energy saving, long lifespan, and environmental protection. How to distinguish LED light bulbs? Maybe the following 8 tips will help you.

Big Oak Citgo Discusses Why Drivers Don't Need to Winterize Today's Vehicles in Latest Blog Post

Big Oak Citgo, a family owned and operated auto repair shop near Morrisville, PA, is sharing their expertise on why today's vehicles don't need winterizing in the company's latest blog post. The blog goes on to say that due to design advancements in today's car, there isn't much a vehicle needs for the winter except maybe snow tires.

Professional Tank and Environmental Removes and Installs Above Ground Tanks

LogoProfessional Tank and Environmental specializes in oil tank and diesel installation in Bucks County, PA and surrounding areas. This family-owned and operated company services oil storage tanks on commercial and industrial properties. They can install any type of tank, whether it's underground, above ground, indoors or outdoors. Customers can rely on their professional team for any affordable and efficient service, such as an above ground tank installation.

RPC Photonics Announces Volume Order for Engineered Diffuser for 3D Sensing

LogoRPC Photonics today announced a large-volume order for Engineered Diffusers™ for a VCSEL-based, Time-of-Flight (ToF) 3D Sensing application from a Fortune 50 company. RPC Photonics' Engineered Diffusers™ provides uniform illumination with high efficiency in a custom-designed solution.

EnergyFunders Addressing the Capital Gap for the Energy Sector

LogoEnergyFunders, LLC ( is an online Financial Technology Platform for the energy sector, allowing investors direct access to a small, select group of top-tiered Operators through equity crowdfunding. EnergyFunders is pleased to announce their pre-launch for investors and entrepreneurs to raise capital using Regulation Crowdfunding.

Loveland Furnace Repair, Furnace Maintenance and HVAC Services by TemperaturePro of Northern Colorado

LogoThe fall season is a transition between running the air conditioning and switching to heating homes and businesses with furnaces or heat pumps. HVAC systems need to be reliable and one way to extend the life of furnaces or other heating equipment is to invest in regular maintenance. While a good furnace may provide effective heating solutions for over two decades, a furnace tune-up or check-up will also optimize the unit to be more efficient, this can translate into a lower bottom line on subsequent utility bills.

Wave Water Works, LLC a Green Energy Company Has a Solution for Generating Power and Electricity in the Hurricane-Hit Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Other Islands

Wave Water Works, LLC is in the final stages of development of the "Oscillo Drive"® their patented technology that can generate clean power and electrical energy from wave-motions. The company is determined to help the hurricane-hit US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico by providing them the technology to produce clean, inexhaustible power and electricity, quickly and economically. Although not a complete solution for the total island's energy requirements, the Oscillo Drive® is an important part of a holistic approach to the island's long- term energy solutions.

Guaranteed Plumbing & Heating, Inc. Announces Sewer Line and Pipe Repair Services Are Available

LogoMany homeowners know that a sewer line repair or a pipe repair are issues that need to be handled immediately. There's no time to lose when a sewer line becomes clogged or when a pipe bursts inside a home. Guaranteed Plumbing & Heating, Inc. announces that sewer line and pipe repair services are available. For those who need to reliable plumbing company to handle sewer and pipe repairs or installations, trust Guaranteed Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

Flextech Energy: A Remarkable Solar Powerbank Backup Backpack Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoFlextech Energy has proudly announced that it has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its all new Solar Backup Backpack. This unique backpack also works as a 10.000 milliamp Powerbank that serves as a Backup System in the Solar Backpack charged with a 6.5 Watt Solar Panel. The German based company is therefore welcoming everyone to generously support this project on Kickstarter by making pledges and donations to the crowdfunding campaign.

JLC International Explains Flowmeters for Beverage Management Systems

LogoBeverage management systems in bars and restaurants are designed to both prevent loss and to provide accurate inventory data. The reliability and efficiency of these systems greatly depend on the quality of the flowmeter.

Thermotech Embarks Onto Its 20th Year of Excellent Fire Protection

Safety measures against fire are constantly evolving, and it is imperative to remain up to date with the latest technologies being used to ensure protection if one hopes to significantly reduce the chances of mishaps and hazards occurring.

Hot Rodder Duane Mayer Sign Autographs at Champion Oil Booth During SEMA

LogoDuane began building hot rods with Boyd Coddington in 1985 upon his arrival to Orange County. Duane took a hiatus from Coddington's, working with Chuck Lombardo at California Street Rods and then opening up a shop of his own.

New South Wales Residents Need to Take Another Look at Their Roof Insulation

As widely reported in recent weeks, energy prices are set to jump significantly in the coming months. NSW residents can expect to see several hundred dollars a year added to their annual bill, and ACT residents can reportedly expect to pay up to $600 more per year. SA, and (to a lesser extent) QLD customers will also be impacted by increasing prices, while energy users in VIC will need to wait until December to find out what they'll be paying going forward.

Ben Franklin Helps Homeowners Extend the Life of Their Water Heaters with Preventative Maintenance

LogoResidents who are interested in extending the life of their water heater and ensuring that their hot water is kept running throughout the fall and winter seasons are investing in preventative maintenance from Ben Franklin Plumbing in Levittown. Preventative maintenance can keep homeowners from needing an additional boiler installation in Levittown at a later date, and will keep the water heating system running longer.

ITM Training Center Provides Valuable Courses as Solar Power Growth Leaps 50% Thanks to China, United States

LogoITM Training Center is proud to offer solar training courses as solar power is growing at unprecedented rates thanks to the United States and China. The amount of solar power usage jolted up by 50 percent last year worldwide, according to a report by The Guardian.