Energy Press Releases Takes on the Controversies Involving Solar Panels and Its Harmful Effects in the Wildlife and Plant Biodiversity

The discovery of alternative sources of energy was prompted by the continuous escalating cost of commercially generated electricity as well as the hazardous effects of the byproducts of burning fossil fuels to produce electricity. Since then, the use of the solar panels to convert natural energy from the sun into a more usable form of electricity is being recommended to the general public to protect the environment. Inspires All Homeowners to Successfully Save Up and Make Money from the Use of Renewable Energy

One of the greatest global challenges is to be able to find the best solutions in reducing the electric consumption cost. However, with continuous research and innovations, saving on energy costs has become possible with the discovery of the solar panels. Solar panels have become the answer to every nation's dilemma especially in terms of producing usable electricity by converting natural energy from the sun with the use of the photovoltaic cells.

Achieve Exemplary Results with TIGWELD 200 SX from Longevity Global Inc

TIG welders are gaining huge popularity these days because of their outstanding welding results. They make use of a non-consumable electrode and tungsten inert gas for welding exotic metals. Keeping the needs of their customers in mind, Longevity Global Inc. is now providing TIGWELD 200 SX at the most competitive prices. Customers can now purchase this 200AMP AC/DC TIG/Stick welder for just $1,259.99. Featured with WP-26 Air Cooled TIG Torch (14ft), 300 Amp Stinger (10ft), 300 Amp Ground Clamp (10ft), Foot Pedal, Argon Regulator/ Flow Gauge, 110v/220v Power Plug adapter and many more, this TIG Welder is designed to meet all the needs of the customers. The IGBT inverter technology emphasizes portability, yet the efficiency and reliability of the soft switching IGBT components allows for the ultimate welding experience.

MIGWELD 140 from Longevity Global Can Help Professionals in Welding Aluminum Items

When welding started, it was commonly carried out by blacksmiths for making ornaments. But with the start of the 20th century, welding technology became more advanced. As a result, a huge number of professionals today rely on these technologically advanced welding products for carrying out their welding tasks efficiently without any hassle. Considering the importance of top-quality welding tools, Longevity Global, Inc. is providing MIGWELD 140 at the most competitive prices. Previously listed at a retail price of $501.40, individuals can now purchase this MIG welder for just $489.99. Individuals looking a handy welding tool for their needs can order MIGWELD 140 online from the company's official store,

Affordable and Reliable Stick Welders to Weld Rusted Metals from Longevity

Stick welding, popularly known as Shielded Metal Arc Welding works by melting the flux that covers the electrode as the welder welds a work-piece. They are highly used to weld rusted and painted metals. To cater to the needs of the company, Longevity is now providing StickWeld 140 at the most competitive prices. Previously listed at CAD 484.84, individuals can now purchase this 140Amp Dual Voltage Portable Stick Welder for just CAD 466.19. Featured with 300 Amp Stinger, 300 Amp Ground Cable, Chipping Hammer and Steel Brush, Welding Mask and many others, this stick welder is sure to meet all the needs of the customers. Weighing in at 13lbs, the StickWeld 140 that the company offers is light weight and allows the user to weld pretty much anywhere.

FORCECUT 42i from LONGEVITY Help Welders in Cutting Exotic Metals Efficiently and Smoothly

In constructional and manufacturing industries, plasma cutters are used for cutting exotic metals precisely and efficiently. These plasma cutters operate at high voltage and hence give a smooth finish to the separated metals. Due to their precise cutting, today plasma cutters are being widely utilized by welding professionals for cutting different metals easily, without any hassle. To help professional welders in their task, LONGEVITY is providing FORCECUT 42i at the most competitive prices. This plasma cutter comes equipped with features like 20-40 amp cutting range, digital meters, built in air filter and regulator, thermal overload protection, pilot arc technology, efficient IGBT inverter technology and many others.

Solar Panels from 12 Volt Technology Are a Better Alternative to Conventional Energy Sources

LogoWith the rising cost of electricity, solar power is becoming popular across the world. All solar products, regardless of their purposes, come equipped with a solar panel. Solar panels are essential for any type of solar application as these are designed to absorb the sun's rays as a source of energy for generating electricity for heating. Keeping this into consideration, 12 Volt Technology is now offering 12 volt solar panels at the market's best prices. These panels are designed using high grade materials that help minimize the impact of harsh weather conditions. The company stocks a wide range of solar panels from eminent brands such as Solar King, Blue Sun, REDARC, OEX, Solarwatt, Waeco, etc. Mobile Optometry Offers WileyX Latest Fashionable WorkSight Eyewear Line partners with WileyX offering their latest WorkSight™ line. 3D Vision USA brings safety eyewear and mobile optometry services on-site directly to industrial and manufacturing company work site locations throughout Austin, Houston, and San Antonio, Texas.

Just Published: "Golf Cart Battery Market 2015-2019"

LogoGolf carts are used to carry heavy golf clubs and related equipment while playing golf. These carts are also used by people living in retirement communities or workers in large sites such as construction and landscaping projects. Golf carts use deep cycle lead-acid batteries for motive propulsion and are different from the ones used in cars and trucks. Deep cycle batteries have thicker plates that are designed to deeply discharge utilizing the maximum capacity. These batteries are of two types: flooded and VRLA batteries. Based on the technology used, VRLA batteries are sub-divided into two segments: AGM and gel batteries. VRLA batteries are advanced batteries with in-built valves that control the gas pressure inside the battery. The electrolyte used is either absorbed or immobilized in a separator in the battery.

Droyd Industries Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Fund Green Energy Alpha Particle Battery and Generator Production

LogoJohn Droy of Droyd Industries has invented, tested, and patented a new energy technology that is green and relatively harmless. In order to start his business in Scotland to promote and produce alpha particle batteries and generators, Droy has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds.

Superior Tank & Energy Taking New Customers in Need of Oil Tank Removal or Cleaning Services This Fall

LogoThe older an oil tank gets, the greater the chance issues will occur. In fact, rust and sludge build up in an old tank can affect its performance, and thus leave the home with a musty and unhealthy environment. When homeowners in Pennsylvania and New Jersey are trying to find a company that can perform efficient oil tank removals or tank cleaning services, they can turn to Superior Tank & Energy. In fact, this industry-leading organization is eager to announce that they are taking new customers this fall.

Centerflux, Inc. Launches New Indiegogo Campaign to Power the Energy Revolution

Centerflux, Inc., a company dedicated to bringing about an energy revolution that changes the world, announced today the launch of its new Indiegogo campaign. Vetted by scientists from industry and major universities, funds raised will be utilized to help build the first series of the company's Vflux chips and generators and publicly demonstrate the potential of Vflux chips to interface with and power everyday objects, including phones and automobiles. The company's ultimate goal is to build a better tomorrow and to usher in an era when all energy is free.

Crude Oil on the Rise, Says SRB Chief Analyst

The Swiss Royal Banc's Chief Analyst, Mr. Jack Barrington, has announced that the current Fibonacci levels combined with fundamental market reports have begun to show a clear, bullish trend in the value of Crude Oil.

Octane Holding Group Ltd Awarded OFTEC Registered Business Status

Octane Holding Group Ltd, a provider of oil, fuel and environmental services and products to customers across the UK, has gained its OFTEC registered business status.

Hutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling Is Now Taking Customers in Need of Heating Repairs in South Jersey This November

LogoWith winter 2015 around the corner, and fall already here, now is the time for South Jersey homeowners to guarantee that their heating unit turns on when it gets too cold outside. What's more, homeowners who believe that their heating unit is in need of repairs, or they would like a new one installed, can reach out to Hutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling immediately. In fact, this renowned company is eager to announce that they are now taking customers in need of heating repairs throughout Gloucester County, and the rest of South Jersey, this November.

Voka Future Indicator Shows Positive Growth of Ilumen Company

According to an official finding Ilumen company has continued to soar high in the VOKA future indicator. This was revealed as per the indications of the economic barometer which is being initiated by Economic Chamber of Commerce Limburg. In relation to this positive move, a member of the association stated, "During the first two quarters of 2015 the Limburg economy seemed to set just the stagnation of the end of 2014 continued. We then fluctuated around the 67 indicator points. However, the break of summer marked a clear change."

Futech Introduces Two New Formulas for Solar Paneling

In a recently held event, the chairman of the Futech Company has announced the introduction of two interesting formulas, Futech Home Eco Invest and Home Eco Fix. Having been in service for more than 5 years now, the Futech Company is proud to come up with this new initiative which they hope will make "the investment in solar panels interesting and viable for everyone."

Climate Mechanics, LLC Is Dedicated to Keeping Residents Warm This Winter

LogoWhen homeowners call up Climate Mechanics, LLC for emergency repair service, the technicians respond quickly to assess the issue. This winter, the company predicts that heating systems will break down on residential and commercial properties due to old age, neglected maintenance or thermostat failure. Heating system failures happen unexpectedly, causing the temperature of the building to become quickly uncomfortable. That's why the HVAC experts devote their services to repairing heating systems in a fast and timely manner – so that the atmosphere can be returned to normal as fast as possible. Customers can rely on the extraordinary emergency HVAC services provided by Climate Mechanics, LLC.

The Refrigerator Doctor Launches New Website

The Refrigerator Doctor is one of the most prominent providers of services ranging from refrigerator to appliance repair in Philadelphia. With more than 20 years of experience, they repair all makes and models from major brands, and their trucks are always fully stocked with factory parts to ensure the work is completed efficiently and quickly. The company has garnered a reputation for reliability and integrity by providing up-front pricing with no hidden surprises and a guarantee that any problems with a repair will be fixed. The Refrigerator Doctor believes that the key to outstanding customer service is employing courteous technicians who take pride in what they do and understand how important prompt repairs are to the company's customers.

Recent Study: Global Battery Market for Inverters 2015-2019

LogoFast Market Research announces the availability of the new TechNavio report, "Global Battery Market for Inverters 2015-2019", on their comprehensive research portal

Solar Light Continues to Offer Radiometers and Sensors

Since 1967, Solar Light has developed light sources, light measurement systems, atmospheric monitoring equipment and OEM products to facilitate solar radiation research for technological innovation and product development. The company is proud to announce its continued innovation and manufacture of radiometers and sensors for research and development purposes.

M & M Resources Inc Discusses How Oilfield Service Companies Are Bearing Brunt of Falling Crude Prices, According to Survey

LogoThe Fort Collins, CO-based investment banker conducted a survey between Aug. 11 and Aug. 28 of more than 500 owners and C-level executives of privately held oil and gas and affiliated industries. The "Mid-Year Checkpoint: Oilfield Rates & Costs," which was issued this week, compiles the responses to the survey.

Educational Materials for DIY Alternative Energy Engineers

People all over the world are interested in finding an alternative to fossil fuels, but the question remaining still seems to be how? How does one begin on the road to discovering alternatives? How does one buy or build an affordable alternative? How is it possible to 'get off the grid,' so to speak?

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA Announces Furnace Repair Services Are Available This Fall

LogoAt Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA, they know that everyone should live in a comfortable and warm home during the coldest days of the year. Therefore, homeowners who wish to guarantee that either their whole heating system or their furnace will outlast the 2015-16 winter months, should turn to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA. In fact, this renowned company is eager to announce that they are now offering furnace repair services in Montgomery County and Bucks County, PA, this fall.

Blue Sphere Projects Development Progress

Blue Sphere Corp(the "Company" or "Blue Sphere"), a clean energy company that develops, manages and owns waste-to-energy projects, announced today that two waste-to-energy plants under construction in the United States with its joint venture partner are nearing completion.

Easily Green Announces New Commercial and Industrial Solar Solutions to Austrailian Based Businesses

LogoOne of the most expensive, yet fundamentally important expenses of running a business is maintaining electricity. The cost of electricity from major electric companies typically increases every year, but one Australian based company seeks to aid local, large-scale commerce companies and small businesses in reducing their power generating expenses with a new solar solution. Easily Green, a 40-year old family owned business in Sydney, Australia, announced the launch of a new, state-of-the-art solar solution system that can help Australia based businesses save a significant amount of money throughout the life of the system.

Former Honeywell Aerospace Leader & Apache Pilot, Jason Rios, Joins Sentient Science Sales Team

LogoRotorcraft expert and West Point graduate, Jason Rios, has joined the Sentient Science sales team to help commercialize DigitalCloneLive® into the aerospace and transportation markets.