Entertainment Press Releases

Rhode Island Comic Con Features Stars from the Hit TV Show, Among Others

Convention organizer Steven Perry of Altered Reality Entertainment announced this week of the expansion of the Biggest Show in the Smallest State. The Rhode Island Comic Con, now in its fourth year, is expanding to include not only the previously used Rhode Island Convention Center, but also the adjoining Dunkin Donuts Center arena.

The Marshall Plan Documentary Producer Launches IndieGoGo Campaign

When Texas Mayor Ed Smith III was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he elected to forego conventional treatment in favor of a plant-based, whole foods diet.  The results were nothing short of miraculous:  his cancer disappeared.  He and his wife embarked on a mission to help their town and community adopt a healthier lifestyle based on plant foods.  Their story is now being told in The Marshall Plan, a documentary that focuses on the transformation of one town into a healthier place when its residents adopted new eating strategies.

mcwusa.us Announces New Extreme-Midget-Wrestling Events with #1 Best Professional Micro Athletes of Hulk Hogan "Micro-Championship-Wrestling" TV Show

LogoMicro-Championship-Wrestling announces a change in perception for wrestling fans in Santa Fe New Mexico!

The Seven Spells of Qatain Is Now Available in EBook Format

V.P. Lattimore’s first volume of The Ipe Chronicles, The Seven Spells of Qatain is now available in EBook format. This thrilling page-turner takes readers to another place and time. Conflict is spreading across the continent at a time when society is struggling to recover from a succession of environmental disasters and civil wars.

Albert's Café Now Hosting Private Parties in Their Banquet Halls

LogoPossessing five separate party rooms, Albert’s Café is pleased to announce they are now reserving their catering and banquet halls for private parties this fall 2014 season. Giving each event the personalized attention it deserves, all needs will be accommodated by the caterers and event staff. Whether celebrating a birthday or anniversary, or throwing a fundraiser or benefit, there are rooms to accommodate up to 225 guests.

New Motivational Press Imprint Fills Gap in Book Marketing and Distribution

Motivational Press has announced its acceptance of PW Press Books, as a nonfiction trade imprint publishing across categories including motivation, health & wellness, business, and leadership. The imprint’s editors develop new authors and branded series and bring established authors to new audiences.

Triple a Beats Explains Why Good Music Never Expires

LogoRhythm and Blues is the genre of African-American music. The term was originally used by record companies to describe music which are marketed to urban African-Americans during those times when jazz-based music with a heavy beat became popular. The musical score normally consists of a piano, guitar, bass, drums, saxophone and background vocals. The theme of RNB lyrics often captures the victories and triumphs for freedom and joy of the African-American experience.

Mocha Memoirs Press Releases Death's Cafe, a Compilation of Horror Stories Guaranteed to Cause Chills This Halloween Season

LogoMocha Memoirs Press, LLC, Fans of horror and dark fantasy have a new series to enjoy this month, with the release of Death’s Cafe, Mocha Memoirs' latest series for lovers of macabre.

Spearmint Rhino Entertainer of the Year 2015

LogoSpearmint Rhino Showgirls from Around the US Compete for Title, Crown, Cash and Diamonds

Visionary Outlook LLC Seeks Crowdfunding via Kickstarter for Bloodline: The Animated Series

LogoThe attraction of anyone to any animated series is the story. And the story behind Bloodline is epic to say the least. On a planet named Hopeskin the king is dying due to a disease that legend says can only be caused by a rare element that no longer exists. The royal bloodline controls the planet itself impacting every aspect of life in the world. Everything from the atmosphere to the mood of the average citizen of Hopeskin. The king's son was killed earlier that year leading to a twist of fate not seen in 3000 years; there will be a new bloodline controlling the planet represented by Master Ruko, the king's step brother.

HealingCrystals.com to Join "Empowering Your Soul with Lisa Ouellet" on the 7th Wave Channel, October 10, 2014 at 9AM PST on VoiceAmerica.com

Logo"I am so thrilled to be having on such well informed guests talking all about crystals which are a true passion of mine. I can't wait to learn about grids and clearing crystals in addition to learning about their metaphysical properties", said host Lisa Ouellet.

Mystical Moon Psychics Translates a 6th Sense Into Advice and Guidance for Online Clients

LogoProviding clients with information based on their experience translating their 6th sense into common sense, Mystical Moon Psychics makes the paranormal accessible.  Readily tapping into the power of the paranormal the website is a go-to spot for those in search of psychic readings. Popular throughout the years to learn of future events and seek guidance for important decisions, those living in rural communities or places without a bevy of resources have been at a loss.  Now with the convenience of psychic readings online Mystical Moon Psychics comes to the forefront to offer services to a new clientele.

mcwusa.us Launches Restored Extreme-Midget-Wrestling Events with Most Dependable Professional Micro Athletes of Hulk Hogan "Micro-Championship-Wrestling" TV Show

LogoMicro-Championship-Wrestling announces a change in perception for wrestling fans in Lincoln Nebraska!

mcwusa.us Announces Advanced Pro-Wrestling Midget Events with Most Reliable Professional Mini Athletes of Hulk Hogan "Micro-Championship-Wrestling" Realty Show

LogoMicro-Championship-Wrestling announces a change in perception for wrestling fans in Carson City Nevada!

Dangerously in Love: Modern Urban Love Story Provides Uplifting Solace to Abused Women Making Transition from Victim to Victor

LogoUrban Fiction is quickly picking up pace to become one of the most in-demand genres among the female readership. However, critics are currently crying out for wholly-unique new narratives that don’t succumb to the recycling of the ‘same-old’ literary concepts. Thankfully, author Aletta H has answered the call with gusto, to twist fact with fiction in a debut novel that can easily rival any bestseller.

New Novel from Award-Winning Author Open to Reader Involvement on Kickstarter Now

Janine A. Southard, IPPY-award winning author of Queen & Commander, returns to Kickstarter to fund her newest novel, Cracked! A Magic iPhone Story. In this heartwarming and hilarious novel, story-game aficionados acquire a magic iPhone that tries to kill them. For the month of October 2014, readers can get involved with the project on the Kickstarter website.

Race War: Powerful New Graphic Novel Shines Spotlight on Spiritual Warfare; Urging Christians to Work Together in Serving 'The Commander'

With global church attendance dwindling, and inter-Christian squabbles giving more people an excuse to not believe, many are working urgently to find ways to bring people into faith and keep them committed to God. Manic Repressive, a family-run Christian entertainment company, has come up with a wholly-unique solution – a Christian graphic novel that puts spiritual warfare under the spotlight in a way never seen before.

Black Bollymance: Interfaith Love, Religious Tensions & Heart-Warming Unity Collide, in Fourth Christian Romance Novel from Davis Ketterer

Nobody can deny the huge boom of romantic fiction in recent years; a trend that has critics worried about the recycling of the ‘same-old’ literary concepts that often involve uninspiring erotica. Just at a time when thousands demand change, Davis Ketterer rushes onto the scene with gusto. Her fourth romantic novel is wholly-unique, exploring the subject of interfaith love from a Christian perspective.

Shea's Lounge: Heartwarming New Book Raises Awareness for Lonely Shelter Dogs, Depicting Author's Life-Changing Adoption of Runaway Border Collie

When Joe Ozier wandered into a Florida animal shelter to research his developing new musical, he had no idea that he’d be leaving with a Border Collie that would literally change his outlook on life. Ozier faced both triumphs and defeats when opening up his home and his heart to Shea, an experience so gratifying that he has released the story as powerful new children’s and family book.

Is Marriage Obsolete, New Book Proposes "Radical" Solution

At 51%, marriage is at an all-time low, and according to recent surveys 44 percent of adults under 30 believe that marriage is obsolete. And who can blame them? Equating marriage with high risk of divorce and sacrificing freedom for security and boredom, they see more downsides than benefits.

mcwusa.us Introduces Renovated Pro-Wrestling Midget Events with Top 10 Professional Mini-Athletes of Hulk Hogan "Micro-Championship-Wrestling" Realty Show

LogoMicro-Championship-Wrestling announces a change in perception for wrestling fans in Helena Montana!

The Cherokee Word for Water to Be Released on DVD & Itunes

In honor of Native American Heritage Month producers Charlie Soap and Kristina Kiehl will release the inspirational feature film, The Cherokee Word For Water, on DVD and iTunes November 18th, 2014, the late Wilma Mankiller’s birthday.

Adams Pointe Conference Center Unveils Facility Renovations

The Adams Pointe Conference Center, a special event venue serving Kansas City, recently unveiled renovations to its facilities bringing them up to date and improving its abilities to handle events of various types. The renewal positions it as one of the top places to hold a wedding, corporate conference, or other special event, says company spokesperson Bill Essmann.

A Woman's Pleasure: Steamy Erotic Novel by J.F. Kelly Compels Readers to Explore Passionate and Sensual Lovemaking Encounters of 25 Different Men

Although, erotic fiction has become quite popular nowadays with hundreds of new books hitting the shelves each month, most of the readers and critics feel that the genre is being overexploited with books that have same old recycled concepts. However, author J.F. Kelly has stormed the scene with gusto with the success of his highly-exciting erotic fiction, “A Woman’s Pleasure” that is unlike anything readers have encountered before.

Pierre's Second Chance Was Written to Help Those with Depression

Rachelle Pierre, a single mother of two in Hialeah, Fla., knows she can help people suffering from depression. That’s because, through love and faith, she pulled herself out of a severe case of despair and hopelessness that lasted nearly 10 years.

Seen: Modern Cinema by Black Women from Around the World

The 12th International Black Women’s Film Festival Showcases New, Modern Cinema of 30 Global Films from 8 countries; December 4th – 14th In The San Francisco Bay Area

mcwusa.us Announces Updated Pro-Wrestling Midget Events with Most Reliable Professional Mini-Athletes of Hulk Hogan "Micro-Championship-Wrestling" Realty Show

LogoMicro-Championship-Wrestling announces a change in perception for wrestling fans in Lansing Michigan!