Entertainment Press Releases

Stars and Strikes Announces Columbus Family Entertainment Center Is Now Open

LogoStars and Strikes announces the opening of a new bowling and family entertainment center in Columbus, GA. Open since June 2016, the location is their ninth location.

The Clark Hulings Fund Invites Visual Artists to Apply for Its Innovative Business Accelerator Program

On September 1st, 2016, the Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists (CHF) will begin accepting applications for its 2017 Business Accelerator Program. Through this innovative initiative, the national nonprofit organization seeks to transform the art industry by helping artists better manage their businesses and overcome the specific business challenges they face so that they can be financially independent and make a living through the creation of their art.

Overcoming Destructive Anger, with Guest Dr. Bernard Golden

LogoJoin Dr. Paula and her guest, Dr. Bernard Golden as they discuss Overcoming Destructive Anger. Anger can be devastating, yet many people with serious anger issues don't know how to change their behavior. In Overcoming Destructive Anger, psychologist Bernard Golden, an anger management specialist, offers concrete tools for turning destructive anger into healthy anger.

Kaleidoscope Solutions Hosts VIP Events at New Philly Hotspot Cira Green

LogoPhiladelphia, immortalized both in history book and popular films, is no stranger to fame. Over the past decade, however, revitalization efforts and the city's natural charm have drawn more permanent residents and big-ticket visitors than ever. From hosting Pope Francis to welcoming the Democratic National Convention, Philadelphia has had some of its biggest events yet in the past year alone. Kaleidoscope Solutions, the leading event planner in Philadelphia, is helping along the city's reputation as a world-class host. The company's latest venture is hosting events in the city's new elevated park, Cira Green.

Stress Less: Author Vena Stewart-Semprie Announces the Release of Inspirational Book "Caregiver Triumphant" to Prepare Caregivers for Challenging Times

Author Vena Stewart-Semprie knows from personal experience what it is like to be the source of strength to someone whose health is failing. When a person has an impairment which limits their daily activities they need a Caregiver. The impairment can come from different diagnosis such as aging, traumatic injury or a debilitating illness. After years of caring for her husband who has been living with Multiple Sclerosis for over 23 years, she was able to find coping mechanisms to give her strength to deal with the strain and stress she was feeling. She consolidated her story along with countless others she met through various organizations in her new book Caregiver Triumphant which in now available on Amazon.

Avatar Ventures Corp. Signs Letter of Intent with Konciniti LLC of Texas

Avatar Ventures Corp. (OTCPINK:ATAR) ("Avatar" "ATAR" or "the Company) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Konciniti LLC of Texas.

New Indie Film Based on the Writings of Philip K Dick, Blade Hunter, Is Set to Launch Exciting Crowdfunding Campaign

LogoSci-fi lovers and fans of the iconic futurist novelist, Philip K. Dick, have a special opportunity to back the newest production inspired by the writings of the late speculative fiction mastermind. The crowdfunding campaign for Blade Hunter, an independent sci-fi-horror film, begins on IndieGoGo on July 29, 2016. The movie is based on the novel, 'Do Androids Dream of Murder,' which was written by Dick's ex-wife, Tessa B. Dick, and award-winning filmmaker, Richard Driscoll, and which includes some of Philip K. Dick's original work.

Warner Bros' Superhero Film Suicide Squad to Hit Movie Theaters on August 5

LogoFollowing Man of Steel (2013) and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), Warner Bros Pictures is going to release the third installment of DC Extended Universe – Suicide Squad worldwide on upcoming August 5 in forms of 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D. Written and directed by David Ayer, the American superhero film is based on DC Comics antihero team of the same name.

StylrPlus Offers Exclusive Justin Bieber Merchandise on Discounted Prices

Widely-popular and highly-trusted, Stylrplus offers high quality, exclusive Justin Bieber Merchandise on special discounted prices. The Justin Bieber merchandise collection that is currently offered by StylrPlus has a class of its own, each and every individual piece of this collection is of top-notch quality yet it is completely affordable.

Maximum Fantasy Sports Brings Variety to Fantasy Football Cash Leagues

LogoMaximum Fantasy Sports is breathing additional life into the fantasy football industry by providing unique games for their customers to play. In an industry dominated by DraftKings and FanDuel and their salary cap games, Maximum Fantasy Sports is separating itself by offering games utilizing an Online Draft and configuration options that no one site offers. "Fantasy Football has always been more enjoyable when a live draft is a part of team-building.", states Bill Parsons, President of Maximum Fantasy Sports.

Dawn J. Bennett, Host of Financial Myth Busting, Interviews John Berlau, Economist

BENNETT: John Berlau is a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. He has testified on the impact of financial regulations before the House Committee on Financial Services, and House Committee on Energy and Commerce. He is also a recognized expert on the phenomenon of crowdfunding, a contributing editor of CrowdFund Beat, and the author of the widely cited paper "Declaration of Crowdfunding Independence: Finance of the People, by the People, and for the People." But where I want to start is with the Securities and Exchange Commission and their in-house court, which some people refer to as a kangaroo court, and many believe makes a mockery of justice. I know this by personal experience. I have worked in the financial industry for the last 30 years, and for the last seven of those 30 years I've been a part of the witch hunt and the target of a small group within the SEC. Again, I am not saying all the SEC, but a small group, and long and short of it, my attorneys and I have adopted the strategy in order to get my case to Federal Court is not to show up in their administrative court because of the fact that in the administrative court, understand that the judge is actually hired and paid for by SEC and I think they have a win rate of like 99.9 percent. Interestingly enough, they had to go ahead and run the court without us there presenting our evidence because we're not going to present it.

Imagine a Day Without War in New Sci-Fi Feature Film "One Under the Sun"

Love Entertainment directors Vincent Tran and Riyaana Hartley announced that Pooja Batra will make her Hollywood debut in their new feature film, "One Under the Sun.". The A-List Bollywood actress and Miss India of 1993 portrays the character of astronaut Kathryn Voss in the sci-fi suspense thriller.

Global Genesis Group Releases Award-Winning Refugee Documentary "Lessons of Basketball and War" on Amazon Prime

LogoGlobal Genesis Group is excited to announce that their award-winning documentary "Lessons of Basketball and War" will have its Worldwide premiere on Amazon Prime on July 29, 2016. The documentary about the unique challenges facing refugee Somali teens adjusting to life in America recently won the International Award of Excellence at the International Film Festival of Peace, Inspiration and Equality in Jakarta Indonesia. Lessons of Basketball and War tackles the issues of violence, prejudice, bullying, cultural identity and conflict resolution as seen through the eyes of these refugee girls who have resettled in Oregon. The film offers a unique perspective on the hopes and dreams of these teenage girls while they struggle with a new culture and a new home while still having to live by ancient traditions.

Groundbreaking New TV Series Revolutionizes Crowdfunding Model

Logo'CITY OF MERCY' is a cutting edge, new television series that has used an exciting, unique method to procure development funding for new film and television projects that not only benefit the Hollywood Studio System, but also engages the General Public directly in becoming 'Virtual Producers'. The idea is the brainchild of Producer Yelena Ferrer of Sidewalk Prophecy Films in New York City and Project Consultant, Julian Van Bellinghen of Blackstaar Entertainment.The initial SEASON ONE of the Series was Crowdfunded on 'Kickstarter' and has already been Produced and Packaged for Studio consideration. After successfully Crowdfunding the pilot production, (Episodes 1-6) Producer Yelena Ferrer and Consultant Julian Van Bellinghen wanted to expand the crowdfunding benefits to the Fans and Contributors of the Series by offering Career Opportunities to the Public and at the same time, benefit the Hollywood Studio System to reconsider the Independent Film Production market for Mainstream Distribution at no initial cost to them."The general idea is to give Hollywood an opportunity to reconsider Independent Projects without having to lay out the cost of development." says Producer Yelena Ferrer.

NYC Central Park Discovers UFOs & Ancient Alien Astronauts

If one is a fan of ancient astronauts, UFOs, alien encounters then a new exciting tour whose arrival in NYC's central park is definitely on target for one heck of an extraterrestrial adventure. And leading this out of this word trek are NYC's own Ghost Doctors (aka Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew) noted paranormal investigators and licensed NYC tour guides who will be taking groups of UFO adventurers on what's bound to be one far out experience. In fact NYC's Central Park sets the scene for one of this tour's close encounters that took place over 3400 years ago.

Beatscore.com Shares Their Trending Remix in the Music Industry

LogoBeatscore.com, the top visited and most reliable website that offers their listeners the latest top indie songs in the charts drops the trending music mix today in their website from the top indie songs in the billboards.

Exit Coach Radio Reaches Milestone of 750,000 Listeners to Date

For what started in 2014 as an endeavor to help business owners secure their businesses and family futures, founder Bill Black is now proud to announce that Exit Coach Radio has reached a total listener count of over 750,000 business owners as of June 2016. Other than their daily broadcasts with helpful tips and informative interviews, the radio show website also published 1 minute video clips, books and boasts an audio archive where people can look up interviews on a specific business topic. More background info can be seen on the website's About Us page.

India Born US Author Mukesh Prasad Questions Age Old Theories of Physics in His New Book "A New Science: From Light to Eternity"

"A New Science: From Light to Eternity", a book written by India born US author Mukesh Prasad is now available in Amazon India. In this new book, Mukesh has provided a concise account of his efforts to question and redefine some of the most well accepted scientific theories, including Einstein's relativity theory, particle theory of light, the concept of time and its correlation with reincarnation or the eternal life. "A New Science: From Light to Eternity" also explains quantum physics and climate change from a hitherto unknown perspective.

No More Worries About High-Decibel Noise in Rock Concerts and Night Clubs

That EarWarrior has come out with high-quality ear plugs may be a great news for those who are on the look-out for such items for protecting their ears from loud sounds. According to EarWarrior, their ear plugs are capable of reducing noise and making the sound even and hence, can be useful not only for musicians, drummers, and DJs but for those who are keen on enjoying rock concerts, music concerts and the music in nightclubs.

Peanut Has Launched a Kickstarter Campaign to Bring Her Special Gift to Young People Everywhere

LogoMichal Karmi, better known as "Peanut" to all of her fans, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise the funds needed to bring her unique brand of happiness to households everywhere. This campaign has a funding goal of $35,000, which needs to be raised in order to produce Peanut's new album "Ampersandwich" and make the Peanut TV show a reality. Ampersandwich, is a magical story of friendship, exploration and adventure. It focuses on the experiences of two friends who stumble upon a secret world: the land of Ampersandwich. In conjunction with this new album, Peanut and company also hope to bring the world an extra special one of a kind TV experience. Peanut states, "We want to build a world where imagination, humor, positivity, and interaction will not only entertain, but also develop and inspire."

An Illuminating Read That Looks at the Changing Face of the Real Estate Business

Logo"The Art of Real Estate in the Digital Age" (ISBN #) by Norka Parodi, is different than any real estate book you might have read before. Norka Parodi, winner of the 2015 Best Marketing Campaign for a Property by Leaders in Luxury, jumps into the journey of a sale from start to finish, outlining the key players in the process and delves deep into the minds of buyers, sellers, lenders and agents alike. "The Art of Real Estate in the Digital Age" is published by Copia Publishing and is available through www.NorkaParodi.net.

Creating Wealth Show Celebrates 700 Episodes

The Creating Wealth show and its host Jason Hartman recently celebrated 700 episodes of production. Founded in the early days of podcasting, Creating Wealth has built a listenership of hundreds of thousands of listeners in more than 164 countries.

DigitalRadioTracker.com Simplifies Broadcast Monitoring Worldwide

LogoWith the overwhelming omnipresence of the internet and everyone's love of music, information regarding radio airplay is priceless for anyone seeking to build their music brand. Radio airplay tracking is the perfect tool for any individual or company in the music industry to expand and reinforce their audience. DigitalRadioTracker.com Inc. is a private U.S. based firm that has developed a user-friendly platform which provides music clients with lucrative and creative marketing research initiatives. The company also provides insights that are personally designed to help music related companies all over the world drive profitable growth and expand to new heights.

Why Acting Is Like Being an Athlete

LogoFounded in 1994 by Brad Heller, The Heller Approach Acting Studios believes there are multiple ways to approach acting. Some methods torment the individual while others uplift and challenge them. Based on The Non Method Acting Technique which comes from the lessons of the late Don Richardson (Emmy winning director who directed over 800 television shows and mentored such icons as Grace Kelly and Spencer Tracy), the Los Angeles based Heller studio takes the route that – while grueling in its own right – is anything but torturous. Along with plenty of hard work, it is something that can – to the contrary – be enjoyable and exciting. Training should equip actors with the ability to perform on queue and not depend on the uncertain and unstable foundation Method Acting calls for. Being an actor doesn't just mean being able to pull off an incredible scene once in a while – it means consistently and competently being able to execute superb deliveries. After all, in the real world, casting directors aren't going to wait around for you to tap into a childhood memory or care if you can give a jaw-dropping dialogue – they need to see a resilient, highly-skilled confident professional who can be depended on to perform at their craft at all times under any given circumstances.

Legendary Declared the 1st Pokemon Live-Action Film Right on Detective Pikachu for 2017 Production

LogoAfter two weeks since the Pokémon Go app game was released and became a worldwide phenomenon, there comes another good news to Pokémon fans. Legendary Entertainment has announced winning the rights to a Pokémon movie based on the character "Detective Pikachu" and is partnering with the Pokémon Company to launch the first live-action Pokémon film franchise in 2017. Meanwhile, Universe would be in charge of this Pokémon live-action film's distribution.