Entertainment Press Releases

Spanish Actress Tania Serrano's Dual Role in "Camila" Recognized by Short Film Competition

The work of Spanish actress Tania Serrano has been recognized by the Best Shorts Competition, a juried film festival for short films based in La Jolla, California. "Camila," directed and produced by Carla Roda, features Serrano in the title role. Serrano plays a rape survivor who creates an imagined second personality, "Lana," to help herself cope with the aftermath of the assault. "She's so uncomfortable in her own skin that she just develops this other identity," Serrano explains. "It's almost like she has an identical twin."

DLA Editors & Proofers Client Lands Book in Renowned Historic New Orleans Collection

LogoRobert Woolfolk, author of Little Slices of the Big Easy and an editorial client of Houston-based editing and proofreading service DLA Editors & Proofers (DLA) (www.dlaeditors.com), has learned his book has been accepted into the collection of The Historic New Orleans Collection (THNOC) (www.hnoc.org).

George Takei, Lea Salonga, and Telly Leung Wear Malan Breton to Promote the Broadway Opening of Allegiance, Will Be Featured in Vanity Fair

To celebrate the opening of the Broadway show "Allegiance", Starring George Takei, Lea Salonga, and Telly Leung. Vanity Fair will feature the high fashion spread photographed by Luke Fontana, and styled by George Brescia, showcasing each actor wearing internationally acclaimed fashion designer Malan Breton. Shot at New York's YouTube studios the advertorial exhibits a classic Hollywood look with art direction by Mitch Dean.

Web Entrepreneur Launches EllensBookStore.com, a Website Offering Quality Books

LogoEllen Jull is excited to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, www.EllensBookStore.com. The website offers a wide range of books for all types of readers including children's books, teen books, electronic books, audio books, history books, fiction books, and religious books. Jull was inspired to start her website by her love of books and reading. She wanted to offer great books at discount prices to anyone who was looking for books that they wanted to read.

Indiegogo Campaign Needs Help to Crack the Case

Indie short film director, Sarah Goras Peterson takes her crime thriller, The Aaron Case, to Indiegogo for completion. Sarah has directed several short films in her brief career and has brought enthusiasm and passion to each and every project. This latest film is her most ambitious project to date. The Aaron Case is both a crime thriller about a detective on the trail to find a serial killer's next victim and the tragic story of a mother who has to face the murderer of her daughter to find the child before it's too late. This ambitious short film already has some industry veterans signed on including lead actress Anna Talakkottur and James Neihouse as the director of photography.

Jason Rosete Film Collaborates with Atmos FX to Create Paranormal Activity Portrait Prank

Halloween is coming, which makes it open season for the horror genre, as people look to be scared out of their wits by powers that exist beyond their everyday experiences. Halloween always generates a deluge of great online content, but one producer in particular has raised the bar this year. Horror comedy channel Jason Rosete Film has partnered with SFX gurus Atmos FX to create The Ghost Dimension Digital Portrait Scare Prank, inspired by the Paranormal Activity series.

Gamers Nest Launches to Provide Pro-Grade Gaming Gear for Every Gamer

Gaming is now the largest entertainment industry in the world, making more money than movies or TV, and is responsible for some of the most exhilarating and immersive experiences possible from entertainment. It is understandable then that gamers take their experience seriously, and want nothing but the best gear and accessories to interact with and further immerse themselves in their games. Gamers Nest is a new store designed specifically to bring the best of the best to gamers of all levels, with every item tested by professionals.

Denver, Colorado Pianist Louis Colaiannia to Perform at Carnegie Hall

LogoWorld-renowned musician, Louis Colaiannia, will be on stage at Carnegie Hall, Saturday, October 24, 2015 performing at the Enlightened Piano Radio Awards Ceremony and Concert.

MyManga Increases Pace to Hourly Updates as Hungry Fans Demand Latest Books First

Manga is a hugely popular cultural phenomenon from Korea and Japan – a comic book format with a stylized illustrative style, a cinematic sensibility for conveying dynamism and high stakes drama, with adult themes and stories as commonplace as those for children. Manga has since become increasingly popular in the English speaking world, and hunger for new titles is at an all time high. MyManga translates the latest Manga into English, and has now pledged to update hourly with the latest completed translations, helping people get their fix as soon as humanly possible.

Pro Boxer Announces New Startup Management Firm

LogoWhen it comes to sports and the entertainment industry, light heavyweight champion boxer Ronald Johnson knows the ropes inside and out. Johnson is launching The Celebrity Company, a boutique firm that provides marketing services and appearance negotiations for athletes, entertainers and other celebrities.

Tom Shieh Receives Thought Leader of the Year Award

LogoOnline Marketing Influencer Tom Shieh recently received the 'Thought Leader of the Year award which is bestowed by the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors. Shieh received the Quilly during the 6th Annual Best-Sellers' Summit & Golden Gala Awards celebrated this past September 2015 in Hollywood, California. This award is certainly the most sought after award by authors everywhere and is considered as an authors' crowning glory.

Film Inspired by L.A. Race Riots - "Spooky, Human, and Moving..." Based on the Compelling True Story

A short film inspired by the 1992 Los Angeles riots is aimed at shining light on the struggle Korean-American merchants faced at the onset of civil unrest while exploring racial and moral dilemmas at the epicenter of humanity.

Jamaican Voice Wins the Man Booker Prize 2015: The Writers Bureau Comments

Jamaican born writer, Marlon James, has won the 2015 Man Booker prize with his novel A Brief History of Seven Killings published by Oneworld.

BEaUty Inside and out Features Celebrity Guest Dean Banowetz, Hollywood Hair Guy on Voice America's Variety Channel

LogoAfter owning and operating a full-service salon in Bettendorf, IA, Dean made the big move to sunny and sparkly Los Angeles, where he wowed his way into a gig on nationally syndicated series Extra. After razzle-dazzling his way through the On Set Motion Picture Hair Academy in Santa Monica, CA to specialize in Hollywood hair tricks of the trade and refined his practice big-time.

Kate Moss the Model Turns Interior Designer: Crystals Chandelier Comments

Recent reports have highlighted that the famous supermodel Kate Moss is choosing to pursue her interests in interior design – including adding internal features to a beautiful barn house in the Cotswolds. The property is on the market for a considerable £2.5 million has been enhanced by Moss' bright, positive styling.

Toni Day Vision Collaborates with Harry Waters for His 3d Single Release "Confusion"

Toni Day was honored to have Harry Waters (yes ... son of Roger Waters, bassist from the legendary rock band "Pink Floyd") fly from Los Angeles, California to collaborate with producers Toni Day and Mr. RAZ at VAM-United Studios. Toni Day was privileged to have Harry Waters, Gerhard Gomez-Lang & Mr.RAZ collectively contribute their talents to create the third single, "Confusion" on Toni Day Vision latest album presented by VAM-United Records.

Isabella James Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Paranormal Novel Whose Characters Have Come to Life

LogoAuthor Isabella James believes strongly in the link between fictional stories and reality.  Her fictional story written in 2000 has come to life 15 years later, both the characters and events. According to the author of Foreseen Awakening and An Angel Guides My Hand, "There is nothing else quite like these books or precognitive images discovered. Nothing even close to this revelation on the Internet that we can find to such a grand scale, nor with so much concrete legal proof  that it has occurred; rather than just hearsay."  Now, she has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the production of these novels.

Central Marketing Advisors, Inc. Reveals Top Notch Digital Marketing Strategies in Their eBook 'Strategic Traffic and Conversion Optimization'

The online world is growing at a tremendously fast pace and to keep up with the changing trends has become quite the challenge for online marketers. However, Central Marketing Advisors, Inc. is one such digital marketing company that provides extensive knowledge about Best tools that business owners can should use to gain more sales success.

ADVENT Begins Preparing for the 2016 Philadelphia Mummers Mardi Gras

LogoIn February of 2016, a colorful celebration will light up the dull winter scenery in the city of Philadelphia. Residents will be able to admire the vibrant costumes and listen to the catchy melodies of live performances during the 3rd Annual Mummers Mardi Gras, which will feature over 10,000 active participants. ADVENT, the premier event planning company, has been brainstorming new ideas for the production and entertainment of the much-anticipated event. The agency is currently preparing for the festive tradition, which features food trucks, silent auctions, store discounts, dancing and face painting.

Scott Tucker Starts Slam Poetry Club

Never Be Bored, an entertainment website dedicated to thrilling its readers, will feature Scott Tucker's newly formed slam poetry club in Spokane, WA. The feature will detail Tucker's motivation for starting the club and his planned schedule for membership meetings.

Max Payne Retribution Announces MAX PAYNE 2 Cast Member Kathy Tong

LogoThe creators of a highly ambitious MAX PAYNE fan film announced they have attached one of the original cast members from "MAX PAYNE 2: The Fall Of MAX PAYNE" video game – Kathy Tong. Kathy played the Kick ass assassin "MONA SAX" in the games graphic novel and is set to join the cast of this exciting fan film.

Asian Intuition Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Showcase the Secret Paintings of Bodhidharma

LogoBodhidharma was a 5th century Shaolin Monk that introduced Zen Buddhism to the grand empires of China. Legend says that he had the special ability to ward off evil spirits and attract wealth, prosperity, and success.

QDNA Live Biological Transformations DNA Programming in "The Field" with Author Lynne McTaggart and Marina Rose QDNA

LogoLive biological transformations are radically changing who we are on a cellular DNA level and this is being proven by the quantum life force energy of "The Field" as it pulsates interacting with our environment. The human mind, body, soul including our cells and DNA are not separate from our environment. They are all in constant communication, while our consciousness, cells and DNA are being programmed according to our environment for better or worse.

Annual Hante Sofitel Halloween Costume Party 2015

LogoOn Saturday, 31st October 2015, costumed revelers take over the luxurious Hotel Sofitel LA to celebrate the Hanté Sofitel Halloween, a wickedly stylish costume party complete with deliciously sinister Halloween fun. It's an exclusive fete where sexy socialites, sinful celebutantes and vampy model types come together for a devilishly good time, 9pm to 2am.

Veteran R&B Singer Songwriter Returns with the New R&B Hit 'Hold Her'

Born in Vero Beach, Florida, Ricky Jones has been singing all his life. As the son of a Preacher, Ricky and his brothers and sisters grew up singing in the church choir. It wasn't long after that that he began entering and winning every talent show he came across in school and abroad.

Prophet Travis Refuge Offers Message of Deliverance and Warns Negroes to Leave the United States

On the heels of multiple deaths of Negroes at the hands of the police and the swelling of the Black Lives Matter movement, Prophet Travis Refuge has been called to share a message of deliverance and a stern warning to the Nations of the World. In his recent book release, "The Hebrew Israelite Manifesto: Operation, Let My People Go!" Refuge details God's message and plan to bring the Black race out of 400 years of slavery in America and back to the Promised Land of Israel in fulfillment of the Scriptures.