Entertainment Press Releases

Chealse Sophia Howell Set to Represent Canada in the 5th Edition of International Beauty Pageant Miss Multiverse

Professional model Chealse Sophia Howell is set to travel to the Republic of Congo as Miss Multiverse Canada 2015. Chealse will be leaving Canada to represent her country at the 5th edition of the international beauty pageant. The Miss Multiverse journey and pageant will be filmed as a reality television program titled "I am Multiverse ".

New Fine Art Exhibition Opens at Hermitage Art Center

Yuri Tsapayev, owner of the Hermitage Art Center is more than pleased to announce the art exhibition at the gallery he owns in San Francisco. Although this amazing place has only been opened since May, Mr. Tsapayev has seen lovers of contemporary art fill the Hermitage Art Center as the word has spread about the fine quality of the offerings.

Dubai Desert Safari Can Be an Entertainment Packed Evening

The desert safari tour in Dubai is good for people who love to try something new. One have to enjoy desert activities as it gives them the thrill of living in a desert. This awesome desert safari trip has more coverage than the morning desert safari dubai tour. It gives one a golden opportunity to spend time with his/her family and friends in the middle of scenic desert landscape.

Kiley Hanish, Co-Creator with Sean Hanish of the Film Return to Zero, To Appear on Good Grief Radio

LogoThe film Return to Zero is based on the life of Sean and Kiley Hanish, who lost their son Norbert when he was stillborn at full term. How do parents cope with such a devastating loss? First, they grieve, deeply and fully. Then, perhaps, they begin to look for ways to redeem that loss. Kiley Hanish has found her life work supporting other women through similar losses. You can hear her interview with host Cheryl Jones live on Wednesday, 10/29/2014 and in archive after that. Hear how she faced the loss, grieved the loss and found the joy in her life again.

Getting Started on Kickstarter - BogglesWorth and His Revolutionary Music

Almost every day there is a new artist on the music scene, while most of them might be good, only a few of them are true virtuosos, who are devoted to their art. A true artist, BogglesWorth is an audacious and mysterious music producer emerging from Southern California. His music boasts electronic beats and analog/digital synths that you really feel down to your soul. One might say the music is the next big thing in electronic music. The strong yet profound beats make one revere over the simple marvel that is BogglesWorth’s music.

International Team of Animators, Writers, Musicians and Actors Seek Funding via Indiegogo to Produce Multiplatform 3D Animated Series Mega Centarri

LogoThough Mega Centarri is a sci-fi fantasy series, it is not all about fantasy. It is based on some of the most relevant social and political issues people face in today’s world. The objective behind the creation of this 3D animated series is to create awareness for love, compassion, and collaboration in order to build a better world for all. Mega Centarri is a joint venture of Nambshub Media, C.A.R.L.

Rhythm and Soul Singer-Songwriter Joseph Konty Releases New "LoveSpell" Album

LogoSince his youth, guitarist/singer and songwriter Joseph Konty has been entertaining his fans with soulful acoustic pop, dance and r&b ballads. His new album, "LoveSpell," is a continuation of his craftiness as a multi-talented musician whose music is riddled with themes of peace, love and happiness. Joseph's 10th studio album, "LoveSpell," is now available on iTunes at http://buff.ly/1xBaJQv, Amazon and CD Baby.

Wise Marketing and Development Partners with ATS Mobile to Offer Innovative Text Message Marketing Campaign for Aaron Carter Tour

LogoWise Marketing and Development has partnered with ATS Mobile to offer an innovative text message marketing campaign for Aaron Carter’s 2014-15 international tour. By partnering with ATS Mobile, Wise Marketing was able to make use of ATS Mobile’s “do-it-yourself” mobile marketing service—84444, to allow Carter’s fans to join his new “VIP Text Club.”

Minute-Man: Powerful & Thought-Provoking New Novel Showcases Dangers of Rushing to Judgment - What a Difference Sixty-Seconds Can Make

Most authors write fiction to do nothing but give readers a quick thrill or escape from reality. Not R.T. Waters; whose first novel will have everyone re-examining their attitudes to stigma, stereotypes and their likely tendency to rush to judgments without scrutinizing the facts.

Fictional Book Reviews Provider OmniPressBusUSA.com Holds a Contest for Independent Authors

LogoOmniBusPressUSA.com, a recently launched website dedicated in providing fictional book reviews, has recently announced that they are currently accepting entries for their Best Fictional Book contest which is to be held to further promote literary works by independent authors.

Jose Davila, a Prominent Mexican-Born Artist, Exhibits the Lightness of Weight Featuring Balancing Marble Slabs from HG Stones

Jose Davila launched an exhibition of new work entitled, The Lightness of Weight at the Sean Kelly Gallery in New York. The key installation, Look Mickey, features three balancing marble slabs by HG Stones. Each slab is held up by gravity, its own weight, and counterbalanced by industrial ratchet straps.

Stanhope Legacy: Author Writes His Way Through Grief, Releasing Compelling Series Depicting Scottish Family's Tumultuous 'New Life' in America

At times of great stress and grief, people find therapy and solace often in the most unlikely of places. For Wes Davis, putting pen to paper and letting his imagination run wild served as a bold coping strategy as his partner and close friend fought for their lives. Three years after their deaths life still wasn’t easy, but Davis turned his life into a unique new purpose by finally releasing what he had been working on – ‘Stanhope Legacy’.

The Purple Christmas Tree: Mom & Daughters Collaborate to Produce Fantastical & Timely Festive Kids Book.

Some of modern history’s best books have taken their inspiration from the most unlikely of places. In the case of Barbara Woster, a 2013 holiday car trip to pick the perfect tree fell silent when ten-year-old Karina proclaimed, “Wouldn’t it be cool if there were a purple Christmas tree?”. While most parents would brush this off with a chuckle, Woster’s author-centric mind was sent racing, culminating in a new children’s book that is set to become a holiday hit.

The Donkey Speaks...AGAIN! - New Book Asks "Could All Prophets Be Wrong?"; Empowering Readers to Solve the Puzzle of God's Prophetic Timeline

According to John Hohl, modern theologians work backwards; attempting to interpret prophecy by applying their theology to prophecy and then rejecting all other interpretations. To assist them and the millions of believers looking to understand God and the Bible without the usual stumbling blocks, John Hohl is presenting history’s first contradiction-free explanation of Bible prophecy.

This Summer: Pranks & Love Collide in Powerful New Teen Fiction Novel from Courtney Ali

While romance is quickly becoming a staple of the teen fiction genre, both readers and critics are crying out for wholly-unique new narratives that don’t succumb to recycling of the ‘same-old’ concepts. Thankfully, author Courtney Ali is answering the call with gusto.

IT's a Weight to Wait: Comedic Novel Depicts Minister's Faith-Changing Journey; Imparting Bold Lessons on How the Bible Really Taught the Faith of Israel

While at first glance, James E. Chandler’s ‘It’s a Weight to Wait’ may look like a serious real-life biography, the book’s fictional story reaches beyond its pages to provide far more uplifting life lessons.

Right House....Right Price! Former U.S. Secretary of HUD Hails New Book "An Invaluable Guide to Help Prospective Buyers Through the Maze"

Adrian De Silva Ruiz has a long history connecting buyers with their dream homes at the right price, saving clients up to $100,000 on their purchase. He has spent twenty-five-years bucking the trend in an industry fraught with agent-motivated interests, exploitation of uneducated buyers and sales strategies designed for maximum commission. For the first time, De Silva Ruiz is reaching out to help the masses with an all-encompassing home-buying book unlike anything seen before.

Eccentric Genius, Rick Rosner, Disputes Big Bang Theory - But Is Man with the World's Second-Highest IQ the 'Real Deal'?

Many would picture the man with the world’s second-highest IQ spending his life in wood-paneled libraries or endlessly walking around a quadrangle pondering philosophy. Not Rick G. Rosner – whose IQ of 198 and certified ‘genius’ (according to the World Genius Directory) status have seen him spend a decade as a high school senior, twenty-five years as a stripper/nude model and twelve years writing for Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Horror Film About Nordic Heritage, in the Works

FORN means “ancient” in Old Norse. This is what fuels the narrative of a new short film that will be shot soon, as the thesis project of a student at Ohio University's MFA in Film program. The film falls within the horror/fantasy genre and tells the story of Valdor, a farmer who struggles to save his father's life in modern-day rural Ohio, but learns that his land is haunted by mythical Nordic ghosts.

Nashville Artist Lori Wright Announces Benefit Concert

Lori Wright, Nashville artist is pleased to announce that she will be offering a benefit concert with funds dedicated to fighting the growth of crime in Memphis, Tennessee. The targeted area is a low income and poverty-stricken area in the community. Ms. Wright recognizes the link between poverty and crime and chose this method to help the community.

Johnny and His Homework: First Volume in Whimsical New Children's Book Series Showcases (Serious & Funny!) Consequences to Not Doing Homework

No kid likes homework, but getting across the importance of doing it is easier said than done. In fact, the grapple between parent, child and their dreaded homework is something of a cultural foundation. Bucking the trend with gusto, author Todd Lyons is delighted to announce a new book series that will have all children seeing school in a totally different and fun new light.

Short Film Starring Hollywood Child Star Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Help Break Barriers for Deaf Children

Dreaming of Peggy Lee is a British short film about two Deaf children that escape their oppressive care home and sneak into a 1940's jazz club in London. The London filmmakers have launched an Indiegogo campaign to fulfill the overall mission statement of the film - to remove the barriers between Deaf children and their achievements.

French and Italian Filmmakers Launch Indiegogo Campaign to Tell Fascinating Biography

Visitors heading to Istanbul usually receive one special piece of traveling advice – Beware of Tarlabasi. French and Italian filmmakers have created a unique documentary, Tarlabasi ve Ben (Tarlabasi and Me), to tell the story of Mustafa from Adana who decides to start his life over at the age of 50 as a waste picker in Tarlabasi and they've launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise finishing funds for completion postproduction and distribution costs and to raise awareness of the story and Tarlabasi itself.

The War of the Dublin Woods: Volume Two in Action-Packed Horror Series, 'The Haunted Trail', Hailed "Ambitious" by Critics

John C. Lukegord made waves in the horror genre earlier this year with the release of ‘The Haunted Trail’ series, focusing on a disastrous Dublin Woods which has become a playground for killings by residents of a local mental hospital. Readers of volume one were treated to an edge-of-the-seat fusion of action and gore, putting an entirely new spin on a city celebrated for its innocent heritage.

In a Pinch: 'World's-First' New Cookbook Serves Up 50+ Fuss-Less Meals, for Kids to Create with a Microwave - They're Simply Delicious and Deliciously Simple

While every child loves to cook, most parents don’t appreciate the encrusted flour in their hair, broken crockery and the six-hour investment it takes to make a dozen sugar cookies. Not to mention, many of these supposed ‘child-friendly’ recipes result in thousands of injuries each year as kids discover how sharp knives really are, and just how hot an oven can get.

The Beginning of the End: Spellbinding First Volume of 'A Demon's Quest' Throws Readers Into Trend-Bucking Epic Fantasy Adventure

While nobody can deny the fantasy genre’s obvious boom of late, readers and critics alike are crying out for wholly-unique new narratives that don’t succumb to recycling of the ‘same-old’ concepts. Author Charles Carfagno Jr. has answered the call with gusto, melding everything that is great about epic fantasy with a narrative so in-depth and vivid that it almost reads like a movie.

My Little People: Empowering New Book Tells 'A Social Worker's Journey'; Providing Vital Information on Securing Hospice Care

Even with today’s sometimes unfathomable advances in technology, many terminally ill persons and their family members believe that chasing curative care is their only option, and are unaware of both the benefits and accessibility of hospice care. In her new book, Social Worker Annie Clara Brown tells her own story of working with hundreds of terminally ill patients, and provides a vital guide to those considering hospice care for themselves or a loved one.