Entertainment Press Releases

Emmy Award Nominated Actor and Environmental Activist Ed Begley, Jr. Discusses Hollywood's Environmental Efforts on Go Green Radio

The VoiceAmerica Variety Channel welcomes actor and environmental activist Ed Begley, Jr. to Go Green Radio discussing an entire day of Earth Day coverage of Hollywood’s efforts to Go Green.

Danny Cahill, Season 8 Winner of the Biggest Loser and Author of "Lose Your Quit" Joins Kelly Riggs on "The Business LockerRoom"

Voice America Talk Radio Network, Internet broadcasting pioneer,producing and syndicating online audio and video, today announced that the Season 8 winner of The Biggest Loser winner, Danny Cahill, will join Kelly Riggs, host of The Business LockerRoom radio program on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel (http://www.voiceamericabusiness.com) Monday, April 14, at 1 p.m. Pacific Time.

Topmovies Launches a Community Driven Media Database to Democratise Pop Culture

Films and TV shape most of the so-called ‘watercooler’ conversations that take place between friends and co-workers, and it is understandable that much of this discussion has now moved online, and individuals find new communities with which to exchange ideas. Topmovies is a new website that provides information on TV and Film production, including cast and crew, trivia and has attracted thriving discussions of both classic films and the latest TV series.

From Mars to the Madhouse - 10 DAYS in a MADHOUSE Follows WAR of the WORLDS the TRUE STORY

LogoThe award-winning team from War of the Worlds: The True Story is at it again, this time showcasing Nellie Bly's experience of willingly getting herself committed to an infamous insane asylum to expose the abuse, neglect and other atrocities common in the post-Civil War American mental health industry. Their labor of love has already begun with an ambitious campaign to finance the movie through the crowd-funding platform Indiegogo while handling pre-production.

The Annual Cabo Pimp N' Ho - A Wild and Fun Los Cabos (Mexico) 15-Year Tradition

Logo15th Annual Cabo Pimp N’ Ho is a costume ball, for everyone who loves to go crazy, be outrageous once a year, and to simply let it all out. This Cabo costume ball expects everyone to leave their identities at home and put on their costumes in the blusteriest way possible.

Urban Music Composer Habib Marwane Needs Help in Producing His First Professional R&B Single

Music is food for soul. It has the capability to evoke certain emotions in everyone, moreover, music is probably the greatest artist portrayal of  one’s emotions, feelings and words. Unfortunately, now a days the wave of commercialization in the music industry has somewhat dulled the effects of music, that the golden era of the 8o’s and the 90’s used to have.

New Music Program at University of Southern California Pops

Modern day music schools have more talent than ever before and are acknowledging the inevitable shift of focus from the classical and jazz that were traditionally pursued to one that encompasses more popular music. The University of Southern California has made the transition to a modern programme that encourages students to think from a creative and business point of view about the pop music world.

World's Best Street Artists Bring Their Amazing 3D Street Painting to Atlantic City, September 17 - 22, 2013

LogoOver the course of six days, thirteen renowned 3D chalk artists from eight countries will transform an Atlantic City street into a dazzling open air museum filled with intricately designed, interactive 3D chalk masterpieces. Visitors can watch in person and online as the paintings evolve from blank spaces on day one, into masterpieces by the end of day five.

Talented Hispanic Actress Gaining Momentum and More Roles in Hollywood

Marilyn Cortez, a new Latin bombshell on the scene, makes an appearance as Marina, a nanny, in the new HBO series “Clear History”, alongside Larry David and John Hamm.

DESTRUCTIVE AGENDAS : Enthralling Novel by Brian Footitt Exposes "Both Sides" of the Legal, Immigration and Welfare Systems.

Many would believe that being a Community Pharmacist in a small Canadian town is the quintessential setting for social spirit and tight-knit friendships. However, as author Brian Footitt is quickly proving, nowhere is safe from the consequences of crime, injury and unexpected aggression.

The Radio Agency Now Accepting Clients for Remnant Radio Advertising

LogoThe Radio Agency has access to America’s lowest-priced, remnant radio advertising rates. Direct marketers and national brands seeking to leverage their buying power can tap into broadcasting’s most affordable and targetable mass advertising medium through The Radio Agency.

The Kitty Mansion Series: Powerful New Books Inspire Young Children to Develop Positive & Compassionate Character Traits

While millions of school children are bullied each day, Vikki Gasko Green is confident that what is perceived as an unavoidable problem can easily be stopped. As a victim of harrowing bullying herself, Green now travels the country with her acclaimed one-woman ventriloquism educational children’s show, promoting respectful behavior and strong friendships.

Download DVDs and Watch Movies Online

LogoThere are many websites providing service to allow people to search, download and watch movies online , but not too many people know where is the limit. When you are looking for movies to watch and download online, search for the legal movie download sites. These sites typically require you to pay a one-time fee to download unlimited movies, a per-download fee or a monthly subscription. You do not have to worry about paying fines or going to jail, because the sites have gone to the trouble to make their downloads available to you legally. The selection on legal sites may not be as large as on the free P2P sites, but the quality is better and the films are fully licensed and legal to download.

'Healthy Ageing for Women over 50' the Kindle Book Every Mature Woman Must Read

LogoBetty Friedan who was an American writer, activist and feminist who was also a leading figure in the women's movement in the United States.

Former Irish Soldier Exposes Military Cover-Up at Book Launch

LogoNorthern Ireland author Frank Sumner, a former non-commissioned officer with the Irish Army, is launching a well-documented book this month which exposes an alleged cover-up by the Irish Military surrounding the deaths of two soldiers in Lebanon thirty years ago. Sumner also addresses other questionable deaths during that period, as well as the on-going spin being presented by the current Irish Defense Minister Alan Shatter.

Announcements About Chunibyou, Tamako Market, Prisma Illya Season 2

LogoWhether someone likes magical girls, or girls who think they’re magical, second seasons are on their way to give anime fans more of what they want.

Children's Book Aimed at Positive Behavior Reinforcement

The Be Good Fairy is now available to help parents teach their children to behave. As we seem to have less and less time with our kids, isn’t it every parents dream to spend more quality time with their child, and less debating and coaxing them to behave? The stories in the book inspire children to practice good behavior through the positive reinforcement of The Be Good Fairy. The Be Good Fairy addresses behavioral issues such as potty training, going to bed, behaving at school, sharing, and much more. When parents introduce The Be Good Fairy into their lives it helps eliminate stressful situations, and actually makes them fun! A must have for parents with young children that still believe in magical beings such as The Tooth Fairy.

Soul on Nice: Side-Splitting New Novel by Norm Spitzig Tees Up Vital Awareness for the Often Unappreciated Private Golf Club

While he may be known publically for his prolific success in business and coaching, Norm Spitzig is also responsible for raising the public’s awareness and perception of private golf clubs. While it takes place under the unique and quirky guise of Clive Endive Ogive IV, Spitzig’s previous three books have offered readers around the world a hilarious yet informative showcase of a cultural beacon that is often misunderstood.

Serial Entrepreneur Announces New Literary Format; "Prose/Art Exposition", Helping Readers Navigate the Road to True Happiness

There’s no denying that everyone wants to reach true happiness. However, while it may appear to be easier said than done, a compelling new book by Oliver Abel IV lays out the definitive roadmap to reaching this bold achievement.

Shadow Guardians: Bold New 'Light' Sci-Fi Novel Explores Tragedy's Effect on Individuals' Emotions & Interactions.

Science Fiction is a true staple of the literary landscape; widely acclaimed for its unique use of alien creatures and out-of-this-world environments. However, while Mr. Lawrence tips his hat to the genre in his powerful new novel, his self-declared narrative of ‘light Science Fiction’ is giving readers something wholly unique.

Digital Marketing Authority and Speaker, Miami-Based Mario Brown, Discusses "The Ultimate SEO Machine Book" in a Recent Interview

LogoMario Brown was recently interviewed by Max Tennant, a senior technology editor. The interview includes insights from Brown regarding his response to the changes by Google regarding search. The newest update to the book provides proven methods that offer clarity to an industry that many see as lucrative but confusing as well. Brown offers his opinion to where digital marketing is headed.

New Weapon for eBook Authors and Publishers to Fight Digital Piracy

eBook authors and publishers are constantly struggling with digital pirates stealing their intellectual property and publishing unauthorized copies online for others to download for free. Naturally this problem is very costly, and some authors and publishers have gone to great lengths to stop the revenue hemorrhaging, with limited success. There are two major flaws with the existing strategies used for battling ebookpiracy, the first is the fact that every “digital fingerprint/barcode/pixel” that has been developed for this purpose so far has already been thoroughly defeated by pirates simply stripping out the offending code. The 2nd strategy for tracking ebook piracy back to the source involves software that literally changes certain words within the text of the document, thus creating a “unique” book (called “spinning”). The obvious problem with this technique is that Authors hate it because it literally modifies the words they chose to use in their ebook! Also ebook pirates can easily defeat this system as well by simply changing additional words, creating an unmatchable variation of the ebook.

New Book by Russ Johnson Offers New Paradigm in Student Engagement - "Quick Student Engagement Ideas for Busy Teachers"

LogoIs it possible to take the same amount of time a teacher spends in the classroom, and increase the quality of the learning experience? Russ Johnson thinks so, and his new book entitled “Quick Student Engagement Ideas For Busy Teachers” explains exactly how he goes about doing just that. Russ has proven himself to be not only a master lecturer, but also a master wordsmith, as he is able to make a convincing argument for the value of student engagement. 

Gotta Call BS on That One: Bold New Book Blows Lid off the 'Truth'; Empowering Readers to Think & Act for Themselves.

Since childhood, acceptance has been a major player in everyone’s life, especially as humans are rewarded for obedience. However, according to Dr. Gerry Steiner, this blind obedience garners a dangerous cycle of belief that brings society at large down with it.

The Keeper: A Thought-Provoking Women's Drama for the Amazon Kindle

“The Keeper” by R. L. Mosz is a thought-provoking, contemporary women’s drama that explores and pushes the boundaries of friendship and love, revolving around two unique individuals that lead two very different lives.

Google and YouTube to Support First Ever Internet Star Search for 10 Days in a Madhouse

LogoInnovation breeds innovation. Producers knew they didn't want to make 10 Days in a Madhouse like any other movie. A movie detailing the true story of a women who changed the world with her innovation deserves to be made with twists as unique as Nellie Bly herself.

The New Raquel Welch Signature Wig & Hair Collection - Announced by WigSalon.com

LogoSay good-bye to those long days of summer and embrace the transition into a season that indulges in fashion, parties, and preparation for the holidays. As a timeless fashion and beauty icon, Raquel Welch knows this better than most and has just releases six new wigs.