Entertainment Press Releases

Oil Painter Dave Rasel Starts Kickstarter Fundraiser to Set Up His Mobile Art Gallery 'Urban & Feather'

Dave Rasel is an oil painter. Since many years, he has wanted to set up an artist booth and travel to different festivals so he can bring his work out of the studio and into the public. The time has come where Dave has a large enough body of work that he could start selling the originals and prints of his oil paintings. Recently, he applied to display at a local Art Festival called WaterFire, and his request was accepted. Dave is very excited about this opportunity to start taking his work to festivals. However, now he needs a mobile art gallery, or booth, to be able to show his work.

"Haunted" Independent Comedy Slated for Production

New England is fertile ground for ghost lore with its abundance of colorful history, salty personality types and eighteenth century architecture. Filmmaker Katie Ennis was inspired by her years in New England to write “Haunted,” a narrative film, which she is slated to direct in September, 2014. A sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, the film features a young couple who decide to spend a romantic weekend at The Ocean Manor Hotel, a famously death-ridden tourist attraction, situated on the Isle of Shoals, eight miles off the coast. As their experiences in the hotel grow stranger, and the footsteps in the attic grow louder, their worldview begins to crack; and through those cracks the ghosts swoop in. It is a funny, exciting and strangely haunting film, playing with the genre much like “Cabin in the Woods,” to do something scary in a fun and smart way.

New Street Legends Take over HipHop?

Inner-City hip hop crowns new street legends this holiday season. The sweet sounds of rappers long gone JoJo from Chicago, IL and DemiDii from Augusta, GA resonate with listeners as if they came from Tupac Shakur. MTMS Promotions & Legend Mixtapes captures those sounds echoing the struggles Tupac spoke about decades ago in Street Legends Vol 1. Obama’s presidency brought a new day for Hip Hop but many still struggle with incarceration and death due to gang violence. MTMS & Legend Mixtapes embrace this new day while sending a message to never forget why HipHop became so popular in the first place. The message is the same whether rappers A. Jones, 50Tyson or Swagg Dinero say it in Chicago or Teddy Sm!th says it in DC; “just funk the police and make money”. Just as Tupac rose from the concrete with his lyrics, the new Street Legends can and will as well. Last year, hip hop lost JoJo a true soldier but gained his brother Swagg Dinero this year. With his hit song, “Word on The Street” Swagg is thrusting the JoJo World movement forward. Hip Hop lost one but gained 100 more soldiers ready to pick up where JoJo left off.

An Assassin's Revenge Book Release!

LogoSometimes the deeds of a hero have nothing but good tidings and positive effects in the world. On rare occasions negative repercussions follow. In the case of the heroes of Athyx vengeance follows.

Bill Dyer Publishes "Doing Time with God - Stories of Healing and Hope in Our Prisons"

Bill Dyer is not the only victim of a violent crime, but he is certainly one of the few who, as a result of his tragic experience, is spreading a message of God’s healing power and forgiveness. In his new book, “Doing Time With God”, Bill Dyer clearly shows how a sense of purpose and shifts in perspective can transform a person’s very being.

Romiko Derbynew Launches an Indiegogo Campaign to Publish His First Ranger Rom Children's Picture Bbok to Entertain and Educate the Next Generation to Conserve Natural Resources

LogoRomiko Derbynew welcomes children across the globe to the world of Ranger Rom.

A Campaign That Supports Charity Through Music

Justinas Stanislovaitis, the leader of Alive Way rock band group is a musician, song composer and a lyricist aims at helping music fans find comfort in music and peace in their hearts through his albums. The band achieved national notability because of its highly appreciable music which is combination of classic music with modern attitude and inspiration from great artists such as Peter Gabriel, Bryan Adams, Aerosmith and so on. Alive Way is a part of World Vision, a charity organization. Half of the sale proceeds from their albums will go to the organization.

The Green Storm: Family, the Sea and Unexpected Weather Collide in Compelling New Apocalyptic Novel. Can One Storm Change Everything

While thousands of books depict the apocalypse, few contain the originality and raw emotion of Bud Santora’s ‘The Green Storm’. Fast-paced, diverse and wholly unique, the novel offers a view of this life-changing event unlike anything written before.

The Taste of Sin: Georgia Author Announces Multi-Faceted New Publishing Company, Blog & Bold Debut Book

While most authors take their first faltering steps into the world of publishing through an existing company or service, Georgia’s Aquila' Mahdi is proving that she’s a literary force to be reckoned with. Not only is Mahdi launching her first novel with gusto – but forming her own publishing company to help other authors do the same.

Some of My Thoughts: War, Technology & Faith Fuse in Compelling New Memoir by Ex-Navy Petty Officer

While millions will lead a quiet life of relative normality, Wayne Anderson Cornelius has amassed a huge amount of unique and eclectic experience. From his days as a Ranking Gunnery Petty Officer during WWII to becoming a celebrated Professor of Engineering and Sunday School Superintendent – Cornelius is not a man to let life pass him by.

Tales from the Sidewalks of New York: Powerful Book of Short Stories Captures Big Apple's Bygone Culture, Customs & Characters

While a stroll down any Brooklyn sidewalk provides a display of rushed natives clutching iPhones, commercial traffic jamming the roads and music blaring out of apartment windows, the New York of yesteryear was a very different world that boasted many unique cultures and customs that have sadly been lost forever.

Life-Changing New Book, Overlooking Happiness, Reveals How to End Psychological Suffering & Experience True Happiness Beyond Our Thoughts

While everyone desires happiness, most believe that it’s only attainable after a long journey of reinvention and healing. However, author Joshua BenAvides has some compelling news – authentic happiness is your already-present nature, it’s just being overlooked.

Iggy's Lark: Family Values, Street Cred & Congress Collide in Bold New Political Novel. Can Bipartisan Politics Really Survive?

As strange as it sounds, millions across the nation believe that Capitol Hill would be a better place if it wasn’t for all of the politics. As the country grapples with Washington and its cultures, a recently-released novel explores how a new breed of Congressmen could affect great change from coast to coast.

Dragons in Pieces: Action, Adventure & Sci-Fi Fuse in Compelling New Trilogy - Can Anyone Become a Superhero?

While superheroes have long been a staple of the literary world, few books allow readers to witness a character obtaining such powers and learning to adapt to their newfound abilities. However, Lee French’s ‘Maze Beset Trilogy’ does exactly that – and with gusto.

Underwater Phantaseas Entertains Kids with SCUBA Birthday Parties

LogoUnderwater Phantaseas, aiming to break age-old birthday party traditions, now offers something innovative to celebrate one’s special day. The renowned Colorado based diving destination is now entertaining kids with its safe and fun-filled SCUBA birthday parties – meant for kids of all ages.

Twylight Seven Shines Through with New Album Manila Sunrise

Fusion artist Twylight Seven is about to enjoy the spotlight he has been working toward with the November 20 release of new album Manila Sunrise.

Just Be…: New Book Inspires Spiritual Transformation; Empowering Readers to Live Fuller Life by 'Just BEing'.

While millions live their entire lives ‘wanting more’, Victor Powell warns that this paralysis-by-analysis thinking can prevent individuals from discovering life’s infinite possibilities. By focusing on a life of living and learning to ‘Just Be’, anyone can harness their true inner strength and enjoy the fruits of possibilities they didn’t know existed.

Your Movie Rankings Launches to Provide User Defined Film Ratings for All

Films are one of the best sources of conversation among friends, and are one of the most popular and spectacular media sources of any in the world. This means that almost everyone has their own insights and opinions on the material created by Hollywood and by world cinema, and many of those wish to share them with more than just whoever is at the water cooler. Your Movie Rankings is a website created in order to provide a platform for real movie viewers to give their own opinions and ratings to films so that visitors and readers can trust what they see.

The Ultimate New Year's Resolution? New Book Provides 'Daily Keys to Success' for a Thriving Career & Life.

With millions vowing to work a little harder, spend more time with family or even take up that long-time desired hobby in 2014, history shows that most will break their New Year’s resolution by the time February rolls in. However, a hugely-powerful new book by Randy Kay uses daily ‘keys’ to help readers improve all areas of their life – permanently!

Chris and Briana Spence Release New Book "Dear B, How to Survive and Thrive in High School"

LogoChris and Briana Spence are pleased to announce the release of their book Dear B, How to Survive and Thrive in High School.

Shawn Rae Attends Washington, D.C Event Honoring Harry Belafonte and Other Notable Progressive Activists

LogoThe Institute for Policy Studies celebrated its 50th anniversary by highlighting bold, progressive social movements over the last five decades. The event was an open dialogue for activists to envision "The Next 50 Years" of movements.

Doctor Joseph Obi - Prolific eBook Author

LogoProfessor Joseph Chikelue Obi recently unveiled Electronic Editions of his Latest Series of (Highly Controversial) Alternative Medicine Books and Natural Health Publications.

The Houston Rodeo 2014 Announces the Dates and Events for the Mega Show

The Houston Rodeo 2014 is the world’s biggest live entertainment and livestock exhibition event. The dates for this mega festival are declared as 4th to 23rd March 2014 and will be held at the Reliant stadium in Huston, Texas. The dates for for the full 2014 Houston Livestock and Rodeo concert, where several performers will put up a grand show is declared on the second Monday of January.

Viola Spolin's Theater Games Master Classes Crowdfunding on Kickstarter

The Viola Spolin’s theater that was founded by Viola Spolin who taught improvisation theater games for the of coaching of directors and theater related personnel, are having their online library built that will include all of the 200 theater games that were coached by Gary Schwartz who is a close friend and a former student of Viola herself.

Inspirational Artist Sean Reyes Bounces Back from Brain Injury with Award-Winning Music

The truly inspiring story of rock artist Sean Reyes must be told. After surviving a traumatic brain injury, Reyes endured several surgeries and years of recovery to regain his health. During this time, he wrote the songs that would earn “Best of” awards and comprise his critically acclaimed debut album, Know Thyself (2013), including his single “Wasted Breath,” set to appear on WiFi PR Group’s Indie Anthems Vol. 4, which will be released at SXSW 2014.

The Highlife Band Aims Higher with Their Successful Sophomore Album, What's to Come

Seattle may not be readily known for its reggae bands, but The Highlife Band are a homegrown collective of talented musicians with worldly visions of music. Bound only by their imaginations, this group has enjoyed local and national success through tours and album sales and promotion, and they plan to plant one foot still more firmly in the reggae world with their sophomore album, What’s To Come (2013).

Logos Publishing House Release YA Novels

LogoMs. Mulholland is the author of two novels for the young adult audience: “This Girl Climbs Trees” and “Birds on a Wire”. Logos has released a reformatted second edition of Mulholland’s first novel, “This Girl Climbs Trees”.