Entertainment Press Releases

Freebird Publishers Link with Prisoners Through Limited Publishing Partnership Program

With the success of last year's Netflix Original "Making a Murderer," the American public's interest in stories of incarcerated men and women has piqued. Year after year, critics of the United States prison system point out the astounding numbers, for example: the U.S. has less than 5 percent of the world's population, yet it houses nearly 25 percent of the world's total prison population. The sliver of hope is that there are organizations that exist to help these prisoners live a better life and be integrated into society seamlessly upon their release. This is the subject of current inmate Anthony Tinsman's new book "Life With a Record," which outlines the methods of reentering society, finishing supervision, and living successfully. It is a book that has been published by Freebird Publishers, through their Limited Publishing Partnership.

Former Nebraska Senator, Bob Kerrey, to Be Featured on Mentoring with Larry Sternberg Hosted by VoiceAmerica

Talent Plus, Inc. ® is excited to announce that Talent Plus Fellow, Larry Sternberg will host former Nebraska Senator, Bob Kerrey, on his show, Mentoring with Larry Sternberg. The episode will premiere Thursday, October 20, 2016, at 10 AM Eastern Time on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment channel.

Calvin Ross' Music Career Gains Momentum

Talvin Ross an American singer/songwriter in Urban and R & B music genre has managed to make a place for himself in the industry with his single "Bad Fetish" that has won him acclaim and popularity.

Plethogam Publishes News of the Newly Fan Remastered Resident Evil 2, Street Fighter v and More

Computer games are now the biggest entertainment industry in the world, and it's easy to understand why, combining the cinematic experience of an immersive world and story with the ownership and agency of choosing one's own actions. One early success story in this vein was Resident Evil, an immersive puzzle and survival game, while an all time classic of the action genre was Street Fighter. Both are seeing a new lease of life in different ways, and Plethogam has its finger on the pulse to share news of developments with the gaming mainstream.

Jenny Pinkston Reviews Lisa Olson's eBook the Pregnancy Miracle on Her Blog

Infertility can be a trying, upsetting time for individuals and combing through various different resources at this point can be a taxing, difficult affair. Making it a couple of steps easier for every couple looking for a way around fertility problems, Jenny Pinkston reviews Lisa Olson's eBook the Pregnancy Miracle on her blog, tracing its pros and cons, with a set of tips and tricks on how to maximize chances of fertility by building on Olson's methodology.

Summers Sizzles with Live Music and New Events at Bistro Blanc

Glenelg's renowned wine bar, Bistro Blanc, will soon celebrate their seven-year anniversary with special events. While summer may be winding down, Bistro Blanc has plenty to offer for summer nights. Bistro Blanc is proud to present live music, every Friday, by the Gene Okonski Trio at 6 P.M.

Phil Pustejovsky Announces Release of New Freedom Mentor Book Detailing Real Estate Investment Strategies

LogoPhil Pustejovsky is announcing the release of a new book that details the strategies and principles used by Freedom Mentor as it assists those who are interested in investing in real estate properties. The book, titled How to be a Real Estate Investor, explains the varied methodologies espoused by Pustejovsky and his mentoring and coaching company while assisting investors in the real estate industry. Judging by the overwhelmingly positive Freedom Mentor reviews, the book's contents will be very likely to assist investors as they seek to achieve financial independence through real estate investment strategies.

Goodvibras Launches New Music Album to Relieve Anxiety Naturally

Anxiety, Phobia and Panic Attacks are common mental disorders that a majority of people have to deal with and overcome daily. People who suffer from these conditions recognize that occasionally these issues can take over their lives which urge them to take action to find out a way how to stop anxiety. In that sense, Goodvibras, the group behind Goodvibras.com, has launched he album: "Natural Anxiety Remedies". The aim of the album is to help people sufferers to relieve anxiety, panic, phobias, and similar syndromes by just listening to the specially designed music. The album is available in all popular online stores and online radios.

Nimue Fichtenbauer's Tigress Paintings Given to the WWF-Austria

In commemoration of National Tiger Day, Nimue Fichtenbauer will be providing the World Wildlife Fund-Austria (WWF-Austria) three of her tigress paintings and 15 copies of Little Tigress Emina, a children's book she authored. The paintings and her book will then be awarded to several fortunate recipients, beginning July 29, 2015, by the WWF-Austria.

Noted LI Author, Robyn Schneider Joins Alec Baldwin for Hamptons Benefit

Long Island native, author and mother of twin autistic sons Alex and Jamie, Robyn Schneider, graciously accepted the offer to be one of a select group of noted authors at the 11th annual Authors Night, the premier literary event of the Hamptons summer season. Authors Night Co-Founding Chairs Alec Baldwin and Barbara Goldsmith selected a distinguished group of authors for this year's event. Authors Night is held annually to benefit the East Hampton Library.

GTA 5 Cheats Publishes New Mobile App GTA Cheater

Grand Theft Auto V, lovingly referred to by fans as GTA 5, is one of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful video games of all time. The game is based in an immersive and expansive world where almost anything is possible. It has seen dedicated and casual players alike rack up hundreds of hours of play at which point they are probably looking for new in-game experiences. Cheats provide a great way of reinventing the GTA V experience, and GTA 5 Cheats specializes in providing them. They have just created a new downloadable app which features a virtual encyclopedia of GTA single player cheats available for both iOS and Android powered mobile devices.

Michelle Wilkins' Unborn Child Honored with Song by Internationally Recognized Musician Louis Colaiannia

LogoWorld-renowned musician, Louis Colaiannia, has produced a heart-rending tribute in support of Michelle Wilkins and her unborn daughter, "Aurora".

Snir Yamin Announces the Release of His New Single Missed Love

Israeli Singer/Songwriter Snir Yamin is pleased to announce the release of his latest single titled 'Missed Love'. The popular singer has released the single from his latest EP entitled "Urban Stories". The single features the world-class cellist Yoed Nir and has already gained worldwide exposure.

Moonacy Music Room Delivers Studio-Quality Sound Without Sacrificing Design with Pinta Acoustic's Products

LogoWhen singer/songwriter Jan Edwards expanded her property in Plymouth, Minn., to include the Moonacy Music Room performance space, aesthetics, a state-of-the-art sound system and optimized acoustics were vital. Designed to represent the four elements—earth, water, air and fire—the Moonacy Music Room is a collaborative venue for songwriter workshops, video conferencing, house concerts, fund-raising for music-related nonprofits and private events. To achieve optimum acoustics, the design and engineering team incorporated FABRITEC Wall Panels and willtec® strips from pinta acoustic into the art and décor.

Masha-T of the Chain of Music Entertainment LLC Steals the Show at Big Scotts 8th Annual All White Party

The Big Scotts 8th Annual All White Party, held at Campbell's Field with the association of The Chain of Music Entertainment LLC was a rousing success which left all attendees elated and thoroughly entertained.

Pulse Entertainment Offering Beachside Appointments for Residents Down the Jersey Shore

LogoAs a premier firm for DJ entertainment in Philadelphia, the event planners at Pulse Entertainment are committed to making every party the experience of a lifetime. For individuals looking to plan a party this summer, but are spending their time down the Jersey Shore, the company is proudly offering beachside appointments to consult with potential customers at their convenience.

Save Money with Blackpool Pleasure Beach and the New Nickelodeon Store in London

Blackpool Pleasure Beach, the home of Nickelodeon Land in the UK, has teamed up with Europe's first Nickelodeon flagship store at 1 Leicester Square, London to offer visitors to either venue great discounts at the other. This unique cross-promotional offer is part of the continued working relationship between these two much-loved entertainment brands.

John of God—The Live Interview, on Making Life Brighter Radio

LogoOn Monday August 3, 2015, Winifred Adams shares her personal, one-on-one interview with John of God, the mediumistic healer from Brazil. Praised by millions for his rare and unique approach to physical, emotional and spiritual healing, John reveals the reasons for the use of crystals, specifically from Brazil, as well as his beliefs and what it is like to be a man who sees upwards of 1500 people twice a day for the majority of his life. John shares crystals from his private collection with Winifred through the course of a very candid conversation. www.makinglifebrighter.com/radio on the Health and Wellness Channel on Voiceamerica.com

The 2nd Annual Go-DJ Awards Elevated Houston, Broke Local Celebrity News

This past Monday, July 20th, the 2nd annual Go-DJ awards took place at the NRG center. The sold-out crowd became an interactive part of this entertainment industry celebration, making the local event trend on Twitter and instagram using the hashtag #GODJAWARDS. Additionally, Spillionaire Entertainment hoisted the ceremony to new levels by being the official title sponsor and contributing vital aspects and elements to ensure attendees really got to see a great show. CLICK HERE FOR RECAP VIDEO

Writer and Director John Foss Seeks Kickstarter Funding for His Upcoming Short Film 'VAN GOGH'

LogoVAN GOGH is an upcoming venture from writer and director John Foss. He has already gained an identity in the film fraternity through his work in festivals such as Palm Springs, Vancouver, Heartland, Indianapolis, and Cannes International Film Festivals.

GS Boyz Co-Founder "Mr Marc D" Drops New Visual and Announces Upcoming Album

BET Award nominee and gold selling artist Marcus A Dinkins p/k/a, "Mr Marc D" of the trend-setting GS Boyz (Stanky Legg), announces his video for his new single, "GWOP". The high energy video features college campus scenes highlighting high-stepping Fraternity and Sorority teams on location during the Dallas Greek Picnic.

iCareer Pro Releases the New Ebook How to Write a Killer Sales Resume

iCareer Pro announces the release of a brand new resume book, the only one of its kind, aimed at sales and marketing personnel. This book, entitled How to Write a Killer Sales Resume, presents and teaches the best practice guide for sales professionals and it promises to be the most effective and proven way to structure and present an individual's career assets to create an excellent sales resume that will get results. The techniques and tactics presented are proven to get better than average results.

The Art of Human Salvage Will Now Be Released on August 9th, 2015

The release date for The Art of Human Salvage is being changed from August 4, 2015 to August 9, 2015.

OLLYI.ON Releases Debut Single, 'Joy!'

OLLYI.ON, a rising songwriter, vocalist, and producer, has released his debut single, 'Joy!' The new track employs the artist's Britpop style elegantly infused with funk and reggae influence, a growing hallmark of his sound. The new single is the first taste of his full length studio album, which is slated for release next February.

China-Hifi-Audio Offers the Latest Stereo Amplifiers and Other Music Accessories

The market offers a vast number of options in the segment of audio systems and across the globe people have been using them to listen to music and their favorite songs. To make sure that these function correctly as well gives the best possible output, it is important to have the right genuine parts. To facilitate this process, China-hifi-Audio presents a huge collection of products and accessories which could significantly help in improving the music quality and offer a great music listening experience to the listeners. Their online store features tube amplifiers, hi-fi cables, speakers, and related products. These products have been manufactured on advanced technologies and are offered at affordable prices.

Financial Success Coach & Author Jay J. Peak Selected to Win the Moving America Forward Award

Logo"Moving America Forward", a national television show is excited to announce the appearance of Jay J. Peak one of the top financial success coaches in the nation. Mr. Peak will be interviewed at the Los Angeles "Moving America Forward" news studio by William Shatter and Doug Llewellyn this September.

Local San Diego Author Wins San Diego Book Award

LogoImaginations 2: Relaxation Stories and Guided Imagery by Carolyn Clarke, San Diego area children's yoga instructor and author, was named the winner of the Children's Nonfiction San Diego Book Award this year. Clarke's book is a collection of stories that harnesses children's vivid imaginations to calm their bodies and focus their minds.