Entertainment Press Releases

Working Mother of Four Creates Book Series to Teach Valuable Life Lessons to Little Ones

Sarah Cash was inspired by her childhood love of books with animal characters to create her own children's book series, Squeaky Tales. As a working mother of four small children, Sarah used her parental wisdom to craft short poignant tales that will engage young readers using loveable characters, expressive illustrations, and easily understood story lines.

Jeff Porter of Porter Pictures Places New Film with Fuse TV

FUSE TV has recently acquired US broadcast rights for the up-to-the-minute new immigration documentary, "Indivisible", directed by Hilary Linder.

Motivational Sports Guest Speakers to Propel Growth and Success

In this era of robust competitiveness, companies are always striving for progress through promotions and organising seminars on a periodic basis. Putting an effort to motivate employees helps them in retention programs in a fierce business landscape.

The Next Music Generation Seeks Funding Support via Indiegogo

LogoThe Next Music Generation is a start-up with the aspiration to change the music industry in a positive way within the next few years. This talent agency boasts of an experienced advisory board and solid connections in the music industry. The company's primary objective is to assist the aspiring musicians and artists by providing them trustworthy resources to succeed. They will showcase the new artists through TV, concerts, radio, festivals, marketing, internet/social media, and worldwide content for maximum exposure. They also have the plan to start a reality TV show featuring new artists and documenting their rise to fame.

Scott Clark Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Malawi Documentary Project

LogoAccording to photographer Scott Clark, his brother's work in combating malnutrition and stunted growth in children in the African nation of Malawi has great value in producing data that could be used to combat hunger everywhere.  The project, which focuses on using common beans and cowpeas as a way of reducing enteric dysfunction, has been funded by a grant from USAID's Feed the Future Initiative.  Using these common food sources, researchers are working with children six months to five years old to stop malnutrition.  Clark will use photography to document the research and bring attention to this critical work.

Canadian Country Music Artist Jade Mya Embarks on a Canadian Tour with New Album on the Horizon

Jade Mya has spent the past half-decade building a loyal following and producing a series of hits ranging from her original scores to a number of wildly popular covers of chart topping songs. 2016 is ramping up to be her biggest year to date. With a newly revamped website (jademya.com) updated with fresh content and information for her fans, and a number of exciting events planned, Jade is looking to carry the momentum she built in 2015, and make her mark on the international country music scene.

DAC DAC Rises to the Challenge on Kickstarter

It's almost a rare occurrence given the competition these days for crowdfunding dollars, that a project will out-pace the goals set for it. However, in the case of the Digital Amp Company's "DAC DAC", sometimes the rare project emerges that will capture people's attention (and their dollars) and over-fulfill the request. DAC DAC, or "the Digital Amp Co Digital-to-Analog Converter", is the first non-amplifier made by the company in their 20+ years of business. Their product converts the digital data into the analog signal necessary for amplifiers to produce sound, but –unlike other products—does so with the shortest audio signal path possible. What that means to the layperson is that the sound that is being amplified is as pure and clear as possible.

One of the Biggest Examples of Sewing Artwork Is Unveiled: The Remnant House Comments

A piece of large-scale sewing art has recently been exhibited at the Renwick Gallery in America, showcasing the popularity of textiles. It could be seen that the piece, created by artist Gabriel Dawe, celebrates the positivity of modern sewing; that it is a place for ambition and flair, not just tradition. It is a piece which uses multiple coloured threads to create a rainbow effect, hanging twenty feet above the ground and involving what the artist speculates as between 55-60 miles of the material!

New Dimensions Publish Modern Illustrated Kamasutra EBook to Relight the Fire of Imagination

The Kamasutra is one of the oldest and most famous books in the world, and while it contains ruminations on the acquisition of knowledge, conduct befitting gentlemen and women and more, it's most famous passages are those which pertain to the art of love making. Translated many times from ancient Sanskrit, the book has proven to be a best seller in the past. Now, New Dimensions has updated it for the 21st century, with a new high quality e-book entitled "Modern Illustrated Kamasutra", which aims to reveal its secrets with never-before-seen clarity.

Prolific Press Inc. Has Awarded Author Geoffrey Craig a Full Publishing Contract for His New Book, Scudder's Gorge

LogoScudder's Gorge is another release by the acclaimed publishing house, Prolific Press. After scouring hundreds of manuscripts by both professional and aspiring authors, Geoffrey Craig has won a full publishing contract for his newest book, Scudder's Gorge. Copies are already available at Amazon, and due to Prolific's impressive distribution chain, in the coming weeks thousands of other booksellers will be listing Scudder's Gorge for sale all over the world.

Las Vegas Artist Diane Bush Launches the First of a Yearlong Series of Installations at Brett Wesley Gallery

LogoJoin Brett Wesley Gallery for "DISHING IT OUT 2016" a yearlong series of group show installations curated by Diane Bush premiering with "MUG SHOTS". Opening reception will be Thursday, January 21, 2016 from 6 to 9 p.m. at 1025 S. First Street #150 in Art Square. The opening is free to the public. The exhibition will run 1/21/16 – 2/20/16.

National Gallery Singapore Now Open

LogoThe National Gallery Singapore opened up to the public for the first time on November 24, and established itself as the very first dedicated visual arts museum (of this scope, scale, and grandeur) in the country.

Get a Head Start on 2016 Resolutions with "The Chameleon" from Take Flight Learning

LogoAs the New Year approaches, proactive professionals are already thinking about their resolutions for 2016. Most of their resolutions will focus on personal and professional improvement, such as gaining a greater understanding of how to exercise their strengths and accomplish ambitious goals within their personal and professional lives.

Nautical Ventures Acquires the Weekly Fisherman Radio Program and Moves It to WINZ 940 AM Sports Radio

LogoAfter a successful ten-year run on CBS-owned WQAM, the widely popular Weekly Fisherman Show has found a new home and a new owner, Nautical Ventures Group. NVG acquired the rights to the show after longtime hosts, Radio DJ Eric Brandon and Sun Sentinel Outdoors Writer Steve Waters, approached Nautical Ventures CEO Roger Moore with the idea. Moore, a longtime listener and sponsor of the show, saw an opportunity and quickly embraced the idea.

Rapper Mike Baggz Drops a $500 Mixtape (The Beauty of Money LP)

LogoIf you don't place value on your music, why should fans? History has shown that placing over the top value on products creates wild demand. Examples are Jordan's, and even projects by Nipsey Hussle, and Wu-Tang with their $5 million dollar, one-of-a-kind project.

Webinar Reveals How to Write a Transformational, Client-Attracting Book Fast

Many of the industry leading professionals today are responding proactively to the new economy by quickly creating a certain kind of book.

2016 Marks New Top List for Manga Readers

Experts have revealed that one of the most consistent industries in the market over the centuries has been none other than the comics industry. It is one that has remained subtle but consistent among its fan readers. The advent of the internet has brought about more vigor among the readers, giving them more access to their favorites and also to those that have entered the market recently.

New Business Book, "The Art of Business Process Management"

Future Strategies Inc. announces the release of new business strategy book, "The Art of Business Process Management; BPM Strategy and Real-World Execution," with the Foreword penned by renowned industry analyst Derek Miers. The book will be launched publicly at PEX 2016, Orlando.

Introducing Half Price Wow Weekends at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Get ready for half price WOW Weekends at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in 2016! The UK's favourite amusement park opens for an exciting new season on Sunday 7th February with all wristbands just £15 when booked online in advance at www.blackpoolpleasurebeach.com.

Magicianmentalistinlondon.co.uk Offers a Chance to Hire London's Leading Mentalist and Psychologist, Tom MacKay

Everyone has witnessed 'traditional' magic in different events like weddings and birthday parties which is undoubtedly amazing and exciting but getting a chance to witness mentalism or mental magic is just mind blowing. Mentalism is a unique kind of magic which involves mind and leaves people wondering about the true possibilities of the mind. Tom MacKay –a leading mentalist and psychologist of London, UK – provides this unique style of magic 'Mental Magic' which does not only excite people but it just simply leaves people astounded.

Cashing in Tax Free by Leslie Pappas Goes #1 on Amazon in 24 Hours

LogoLeslie Pappas latest book Cashing In Tax Free: The Ultimate Guide To A Tax Free Retirement Using 1031 Exchange and DSTs (Delaware Statutory Trusts) by Investment Advisor, Real Estate Broker, International Best Selling Author, Founder of Archer Investment Advisors, and entrepreneur Leslie Pappas. Leslie Pappas has written Cashing In Tax Free: The Ultimate Guide To A Tax Free Retirement Using 1031 Exchange and DSTs (Delaware Statutory Trusts) for accredited investors who are looking for the perfect guide to walk through a capital gains tax deferred investment. This book is also written for professionals who work with accredited investors such as CPA's, Tax and Real Estate Attorneys and Real Estate Agents. Leslie Pappas's new international #1 Amazon best selling book, "Cashing In Tax Free," is now available on Amazon. Within these covers discover how to transition from your current real estate investments, where managing the Five Ts (toilets, tenants, trash, taxes, and termites) goes away and hands-off real estate investing begins. With DSTs you can potentially make the returns the big dogs do, in a tax-deferred investment. With Pappas' help, learn all about a capital gains tax deferred investment option, keeping retirement planning in mind. Understand the benefits, processes, and must-knows of 1031 Exchange and Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs). Learn how professional Asset and Property Managers, experienced and proven experts select, purchase, upgrade, and operate large-scale, institutional grade real estate investments working to maximize cash flow and long-term returns. This book will show readers how some firms have been producing average annual returns in the range of roughly 12 percent and higher over the last few decades.

"The Hunger Games Protocol" - a New Dystopian Novel by Robert Greenberg

LogoIn these fascinating pages Clarr leaves little to the imagination and explains in graphic detail the vile inner technical workings of the various hunger games departments and the roles played by Escort, Mentor, Peacekeeper, mortuary and arena staff, bio-services, tribute handlers the media and advertisers to name a few as well as an insight into the directorates grotesque TV production values and techniques etc.

Gemini Award Winning Tracey Deer Discusses Her JOURNEY of Codependency and Enabling on Straight Talk with Sandra Reich

LogoThe courage of facing the truth-Overcoming enabling and codependency to become happy and empowered. A real life look at the gritty journey of one of Canada's most cherished treasures: Tracey Deer- Gemini Award winning Director and Producer Tune in Thursday, January 7, 2016 at 3pm Pacific (6pm Eastern) for this special episode on VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel!

SpellBound Brings Children's Books to Life Through the Power of Augmented Reality

LogoStories and characters that used to only figuratively 'jump off the page' are now literally doing so thanks to an Ann Arbor based startup seeking to bring the magic back into reading.

Cee Lo Green Includes a Song Written by Two Songwriters from Ithaca in His Latest Fifth Studio Album, Heart Blanche

LogoThe two songwriters from Alum, Ithaca could not find the words to express their happiness and gratitude towards Cee Lo Green. The American soul music machine singer and rapper had recorded and released their song, Thorns, along with other awesome hits that include Mother May I and Music to My Soul in his fifth studio album, Heart Blanche, which was released last November.

Cee Lo Green Aims to Discover and Develop More R&B and Soul Musicians Through His New Record Label

LogoThe release of Cee Lo Green's fifth studio album, Heart Blanche marks his comeback to the music scene. Although he has been on a state of hiatus for five years in the music industry, he still continued on creating soulful music for his fans. Rumors have spread that before the tracks of the Heart Blanche album was selected, there was a total of 70 songs that have been already recorded. But since Cee Lo Green wants to share his newfound perspective in life, he carefully hand-picked the songs that best describe the universal theme of the album which is humanity and humility.

New eBook "Fifty Shades of Menopause" Published by Mickey Harpaz, EdDC Now on Amazon

For over 29 years in private practice, Mickey Harpaz, EdDC has developed specialized health programs designed for his patients, many of which have been menopausal women.