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Practical Enlightenment, by Best-Selling Authors & Internet Radio Hosts Ariel & Shya Kane, Wins New York Book Festival

Best-selling authors, internationally-acclaimed seminar leaders and top-rated internet radio show hosts Ariel & Shya Kane are honored to announce that their latest book Practical Enlightenment has won the 2016 New York Book Festival in the Spiritual/Religious category.

The Clark Hulings Fund Launches First Web-Based North American Visual Arts Calendar

The Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists (CHF) announces the official launch of the first web-based North American visual arts calendar (clarkhulingsfund.org/events), a comprehensive online tool that provides a central listing for events and opportunities offered by all sectors of the art world.

YourPhototoSketch.com Offers Customers the Chance to Turn Photo Into a Sketch by a Real Artist

Admirers of hand drawn portraits will now be able to capture their most memorable moments in different styles including oil painting, charcoal sketch or modern illustration style through the service offered by YourPhototoSketch.com. Created by real artists, 100% hand drawn works of art are fashioned by the YourPhototoSketch.com in the lines of the customer's uploaded photo. The company behind the service believes that this is a great way of capturing and remembering a precious moment.

Virtual Reality Mask and Helmet Are Live

Why the mask and helmet are so unique?

Rodney Patterson Releases Single – "Just Relax"

LogoRumors confirmed this week revealed that Rodney Patterson will be releasing his next single called "Just Relax" in May. Fans of the Dallas based star, will be able to enjoy his latest chilled-out musical delights, available from iTunes and CD Baby on the 15th May.

Complete the Summer Party - CornholeKingdom.com Offers Custom Cornhole Sets

Summer is here. This for many people means it is time to plan summer barbeques, pool parties and picnics to make the most out of the pleasant weather. The Cornhole game is a true American pastime for people of all ages, hardcore Cornhole enthusiast can now get a customized Cornhole set from CornholeKingdom.com. CornholeKindom.com is an online store that sells a wide variety of Cornhole sets, Cornhole Bags and Cornhole boards.

Exploring the Making of Understanding God

Serving the Peace Entertainment opened a digital press junket for music mini-film, Understanding God, providing an outlet for the director and cast to talk about what they brought to the project to ensure its success. Below are highlights from the session with director, Michael Stewart, and actors Conphidance (Garbage Men 2015) and P.T. (Salvation RMX May 7, Bessie May 16).

UpcomingEvents.com Celebrates Success of Springfest Live! 2015

Philadelphia has recently earned a reputation as an up-and-coming city, due in part to its thriving craft beer scene and its wealth of talented musicians and DJs. To bring them both together, UpcomingEvents.com recently partnered with XFINITY Live! to host Springfest Live! 2015, the Philadelphia Spring Craft & Music Festival.

Mummers Mardi Gras Proud of Turn out in 2nd Annual Event

LogoA new tradition began in Philadelphia in 2014, and various Mummers brigades got together during Mardi Gras week to put their performances on display. Changing from a 21-plus event, the parade moved from Northern Liberties to Manayunk and was geared toward entertaining the entire family. After the weather had delayed the event for a week, ADVENT Advertising produced the second annual Mummers Mardi Gras and were extremely proud of the turnout.

LA Agency Offers Businesses the Ability to Run a Promotion Featuring Taylor Swift, Sam Smith, and More

iMAR Entertainment, an entertainment and sports marketing agency connecting businesses globally with the most recognizable names in these industries, announced its Around the World promotion providing clients with the ability to run a jaw-dropping promotional campaign sending winners to meet some of today's biggest stars in the most glamorous locations. iMAR's promotions division specializes in curating money-can't-buy experiences for its clients worldwide which they in turn integrate within their own marketing campaigns.

Paul Roberts Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Finish His Upcoming Movie 'Revenge Is a Promise'

LogoA shy and introverted storyteller, Paul Roberts has been struggling for decades to make a significant contribution to the global film fraternity with his stories. With an extraordinarily high level of willpower, Paul is finally confident about making his dream come true or die trying.

Sudden Darkness: Powerful New Detective Novel, Investigating Dark World of the Occult, Proves Bold Power of Faith

While detective and investigative fiction have long been a staple of the literary landscape, both readers and critics are currently crying out for wholly-unique new narratives that don't succumb to recycling of the 'same-old' concepts. Thankfully, Wisconsin's L.R. Erdmann is stepping up to the plate with gusto.

Take My Breath Away: Genre-Defying 'Integrated Real Romance' Series, Hailed "Classic" by Critics, Cuts to the Core of Human Condition

While fiction involving romance has long been a staple of the literary landscape, it's usually a genre reserved only for the thirsts of the female readership. De'Lure knew this from the outset but, upon crafting his 'Take My Breath Away' series, was totally unaware that he was about to change the landscape for good.

More Precious Than Gold: Timeless Novel, Hailed "Great Mystery and Adventure" by Critics, Cuts to Core of Human Spirit

Under the current self-publishing boom, many writers are happy to hastily whisk together a story, rush it to print and push it out to the market. But not Mark Robert Mazziotti – who is bucking the trend with gusto through a debut novel that's not only got all the hallmarks of a timeless classic, but offers readers an adventure to the core of their spirit.

The Animals After the Flood: Volume One of 'Tales from Blue John Holler' Trilogy Tells Eerie & Hilarious Stories of Man's Coexistence with Animals

While short story collections have long been a staple of the literary landscape, both readers and critics are currently crying out for wholly-unique new narratives that don't succumb to recycling of the 'same old' concepts. Thankfully, Harriett Keene has stepped up to the plate with gusto – telling the story of a community's animals in an eerie, funny and even paranormal new light.

The Profitable Wine List: New Book's 3-Step System Turns Any Independent Restaurant's Wine List from Money-Sucker to Powerful Profit Center

Every night, millions of Americans sit down in casual and independent restaurants to connect with family and friends to make memories that can last a lifetime. But, as most will attest to, the average, casual independent restaurant's wine list is far from inspiring. It can also be a money and energy sucker for the establishment, too.

Daydreaming Performance with a Rich Chorus History

LogoSaturday May 9th, at 2pm and a 7pm encore, the Stampede City Chorus, as well as their special guests, The Bon Vivants Quartet, will be putting on a show for the entire family to enjoy! Daydreaming, their 60th anniversary show, will take place at the McDougall Church located in south-east Calgary.

StereoVision, TDOJ LLC, I-Vault, and the 9 Time Emmy Award Winning REZN8 Team Up for the $250k 'Three Dimensions of Jerusalem' Indiegogo Campaign

LogoStereoVision Entertainment Inc. a publicly traded Nevada corporation (OTC:SVSN) announced today they've formed a J/V with TDOJ LLC, I-Vault, and REZN8 for the funding and production of the Faith Based feature film 'Three Dimensions Of Jerusalem'. This $250,000 Indiegogo pledge campaign will be used to attach the lead actor, complete the WGA screenplay, pay production retainers, pay for the retail spending cards and associated Perks expenses, and to launch and market the $4.9mil Reg D 506c general solicitation for accredited investors as provided for in the recently enacted JOBS Act, which will fully fund the 'Three Dimensions Of Jerusalem'.

Kimesha Coleman Releases Book Titled "He Loves Me Not: Buried Tears of Betrayed Love"

Kimesha Coleman, a renowned life coach announced to release her book titled 'He Loves Me Not: Buried Tears of Betrayed Love' in a small press meet here today. The book shares personal experiences of the author's life divided in different chapters mentioning abuse, unhealthy relationships, self- esteem, teen dating, and healing from abuse.

Conrad Evart Launches Crowdfunding Campaign via Kickstarter to Produce a First-of-Its-Kind Documentary on Anti-Poaching

LogoWith a strong storyline revolving around Mark Haldane, Craig Windt and their rangers, "Anti-Poaching" is sure to be not only an excellent documentary but an authoritative how-to guide for anti-poaching efforts. That's because the efforts made and results achieved will be shown to be truly effective with an easy path to follow to replicate their proven anti-poaching success anywhere in the world.

Compelling Book of Double-Sided Poetry, Following Theme of "Quantum Entanglement", Reminds Readers That All Humans Are Connected

There's no point in sugarcoating the truth; humanity thrives on individualism and materialism, forgetting that it was instead created to be truly one with its planet. In her powerful new book of poetry, Annie Tsotas hopes to once again wake people up to this reality, while empowering them to accept their universal connection with each other and the world they inhabit.

Project VanLife: Book Recounts Young Entrepreneurs' 90-Day, 15K Mile Journey in Used Van. It Was All to Follow Their Dreams; Anyone Can Do the Same

There's no sugarcoating the truth; leaving college and trying to make tracks in the "real world" often forces young people to put their dreams on the permanent back-burner. Trevor DeRuisé and his girlfriend Sierra Davies found themselves in that exact position just last year – and they were not going to let their dream of chasing the continent's biggest mountain bike tour burn itself out.

The Other Side of Quiet: Intense New Novel & Online Community for Aspiring Young Authors Urges Society to Believe in Potential of Today's Youth

In a day and age when technology allows anyone to become an author, many writers are content with hastily rushing a book together and pushing it out to the market. But not Tara C. Allred, whose latest novel not only allows readers to get a very real glimpse into the lives of today's youths, but actually brings teenagers together so they can take their own first steps toward a legitimate literary career.

Christine Kloser Discusses How to Tell Your Story with Nancy Gentle Boudrie on Gentle Power Radio

LogoBook coach, spiritual mentor, and award-winning author, Christine Kloser will be the guest with Nancy Gentle Boudrie on Gentle Power Radio on Tuesday, April 21, 3pm ET 12pm PT. Christine will inspire you to tap into your Inner Power to become a published author. Christine will share her life challenges that lead to her transformation and a desire to assist others in breaking through their challenges, struggles, and heartbreak. She will share her unique solutions and guidance as she words it to "birth your own authentic message" to not only transform yourself but those around you.

Dan Schawbel Author of Promote Yourself and Me 2.0 to Appear as Guest on the Working on Purpose Radio Show on Voice America's Empowerment Channel

LogoBringing guests such as author of Ties to Tattoos and You Can Have it All – Just Not at Once Sherri Elliott-Yeary who have found a way to personally and meaningfully connect with their work to both educate and inspire listeners, Alise Cortez has built a loyal listenership and continues to educate and inspire listeners worldwide.

Something to Crow About at Express Yourself! Teen Radio

LogoProducer of Express Yourself!™ Teen Radio on the Voice America Kids Network was actually a California champion rooster when she was a teen. As the teen coach and producer of Express Yourself!™, Cynthia Brian is proud to crow about the amazingly talented youth reporters on the Be the Star You Are!® charity STAR team who hail from all over the United States. Since the show's launch in 2011, thirty young people have become reporters and hosts of Express Yourself!™ sharing their ideas, expertise, and learning to be adept interviewers. And, the teens are winning awards and being accepted into top universities.

BMI & the Swaggernautz Present GameChangers: How to Break Into Any Music Market in the World – In Los Angeles, California

The event features a lineup of industry legends in the creative, executive, and entrepreneurial realms, including: