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Producers Cramer & Edwards Return with Sophomore Production: Arsenic & Old Lace – July 9-12

New York City fans of the classic play Arsenic and Old Lace don't have to wait until its rumored return to Broadway. Producers Michael Cramer and Hanna Edwards – who last year brought the expressionistic Hamlet…(Unmasked) to the theater at John De Sotelle Studio on West 43rd Street – are back this year with their own intimate production of the 1941 black comedy.

Peter W Hart Gallery Exhibits New Spring Collection: Echoes of the Pond

Art and Civilization were born together, and have evolved constantly throughout the course of history. Modern art, like modern technology, has the benefit of standing on the shoulders of giants, and has the entirety of history's periods, styles, tools and approaches to choose from. As such, it is no wonder modern art is so astonishingly varied. One artist, Peter W Hall, seems to embody this abundance, and his latest collection, Echoes of The Pond, captures new facets in the artists work, now available to view and buy in the Peter W Hart Gallery.

JWarStyle Launches Online Portfolio of Work to Demonstrate His Range in Different Media

Photography has had a new lease of life in the age of the internet, as pictures say a thousand words and can tell a whole story in an instant. The use of photography is hugely varied, from promoting products to showcasing people to commemorating events, and it is difficult for one photographer to master them all. One man who seems to be coming close however is the talented lifestyle & fashion photographer Jay Warshavsky who has been getting a lot of attention lately thanks to his new collections of textiles and garments, and even weddings. His new website has been launched to provide a portfolio of his varied innovative work.

Silent Screams: Gripping Memoir, by Patient-Turned-Psychologist, Calls Attention to Psychosocial Effects of Chronic Illness

Following D. Cross’ diagnosis with the debilitating, incurable disease, Myositis (an autoimmune disease caused by inflammation of the body’s muscles), she began writing her story, including a suicide attempt and training as a Psychologist, to better understand her own condition and to help others facing the same adversity. It’s a remarkable story of the transition from victim to victor and one that has raised much awareness for the psychosocial and emotional deprivation effects associated with chronic illness.

Rise of the Looney Bird: Hilarious New Political Comedy Novel Calls on Brain-Washing Technology to Prepare Inept Senator for Life in the Oval Office

Every voter hopes that their candidate of choice will triumphantly rise to become something of a political ‘superhero’. Of course, in reality, most elected to regional and national office fall from grace and do nothing but contribute to Washington’s endless chaos. However, a witty and insightful new novel by Ernest Pick sees this enigmatic political ‘superhero’ manifest himself; but it takes brainwashing, interactions with cults and still doesn’t provide the perfect leader laid out in Francis Henderson’s manifesto.

Managing Your Inner A**Hole: Celebrated New Book Maps the Road from Emotional Idiocy to Intelligence

As a young man Ben Prescott thought himself a victim. He was mad at the world, and he used that rage as an excuse to destroy himself and eviscerate anyone who crossed him. That changed the day Prescott hit rock bottom and God showed up in his living room. After what he jokingly describes as “one very weird wake-up call,” Prescott realized that he was his own worst enemy and he needed to change. As Prescott puts it, “I was given a second chance. I didn’t want blow it!” When asked why he wrote a book about his experiences 30 years later he says, “It took me a long time to talk about these events, but I slowly realized that if I didn’t acknowledge what happened to me, no one else could learn from it. And I didn’t want to waste all that pain.”

Media Arts Company 0260 Seeks Crowdfunding for the Docu-Dramedy Sister City

LogoThis idea of shooting a documentary about Sisters came after many seasons of looking at the changing, and sometimes questionable imagery that began popping up in all forms of popular media. Director Rick Johnson didn’t look any further than to his own hometown of Cincinnati and noticed the plight of Sisters as they strived to reach their goals and achieve success as they saw it. Voila! Sister City was born with two key points: What do Sisters see when they look in the mirror and what is a woman's role in today's society?

James Matador, Co-Star of VH1's the Pickup Artist Heads Swimsuit Centerfold Celebrity Judges

The upcoming Swimsuit Centerfold reality show Swimsuit Centerfold LLC, revealed today that Matador, co-star of VH1’s The Pickup Artist, will headline this year’s list of celebrity judges.

The SMART Playbook: Why Teaching Social Graces to Tech-Savvy Kids Helps Them Stand out for All the RIGHT Reasons

The recently published book, ‘The SMART Playbook: Game-Changing Life Skills for a Modern World’ by Suzanne M. Wind, is being recognized as one of those “must have” resources for busy parents to help them impart to their techy kids the art of social graces. Since its debut, the book is the proud recipient of seven awards including a Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold, Creative Child Magazine 2014 Book of The Year, The Toy Man® “Mom-Approved Comme Il Faut” Award, The Toy Man® eChoice Award, The Toy Man® Award of Excellence, The Toy Man® S.T.E.M Award, and The Mr. Dad Seal of Approval.

New Children's Picture Book Makes Its Way to Gollywood

LogoWhile video games, movies and sports are vying for children's attention, reading... and reading to them... is becoming a lost art. The new children's picture book, Gollywood, Here I Come!, is a true contender that makes reading an exciting option. It features the adventures of an ambitious turkey named Anamazie Marie LaBelle, in a vivid tale children ages five to eight are likely to gobble up.

Annie Duke's Story on High Stakes Gambling Featured on the Moth Podcast and Website

LogoThe Moth, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the art and craft of storytelling, recently released a new podcast, featuring Annie Duke, and her story called The Big Things You Don’t Do, which she told live in Las Vegas at the 2012 Public Radio Program Director’s Conference. The podcast is available to download on iTunes, and Annie Duke takes the audience through her most terrifying experience in the high stakes world of gambling.

Ground-Breaking New Book Urges Christians to Plant Word of God in Their Hearts, Meditate Upon It and Embrace Transformative 'Spiritual Photosynthesis'

Millions of people without a claimed faith engage in meditation. Equally, millions of Christians choose kneeling at the altar over engaging in meditation continual basis. In a ground breaking and potentially life-changing new book by Revered Jerry Kofi Tutu, the word of God is both analyzed and dissected to prove that both faith and meditation should go hand-in-hand, in a union that’s the ‘missing link’ in the life of most believers.

The Book of Zombie Korosu Jutsu: New Book Provides Worlds-First Real-World Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies and their associated culture has rapidly boomed to blur the lines between fact and fiction. In fact, a recent study by a national newspaper found that twenty-four percent of Americans believe that a Zombie apocalypse could one day become a reality. If that’s the case then the world needs to prepare its defense, and a compelling new book explains how.

New Antony Venneri CD "Young Dream" Timeless Songs to Inspire the Dreamer in You

LogoThe seventh cd of Antony Venneri entitled Young Dream is finally out and available for sale on itunes and on the digital global market. It is a happy mix of colours,atmospheres,styles and poetic and musical experimentations.In this new album the poet,songwriter Antony Venneri sings about his forever young dream with sobriety and pure inspiration and a big variety of sounds,from blues to rock,from psychedelia to some dreamy,timeless,romantic and classic melodies and lyrics.

Doris Bergman Dubbed the Best Publicist in Hollywood Hosts Emmy Suite at Fig and Olive

Doris Bergman recently hosted her annual Emmy extravaganza, which featured some of Hollywood’s most elite vendors. The event, which took place at the Fig and Olive, set the stage for the area’s finest vendors to convene and mingle. Kimberly Jesika Celebrity Interviewer for Channel 16 ODY A Fox News Affiliate & KVVB TV was on hand to interview celebs along with a host of other media, including Wednesday’s child!

Multi-Awarded Local Abstract Artist Announces Cameo Appearance of Trademark 'Eeek!' Painting in New TV Show

Proud abstract painting artist Bill O'Neil announces a cameo inclusion of one of his paintings he calls 'Eeek!' on a new TV show on A&E FYI Network called the “ Red Hot Design”. The show features designer and artist Shasta Smith and her team making upscale art and furniture from unusual materials. The show also features exquisite homes with good fixtures and designs. One such home was the Sacramento home where the original Eeek painting went to back in October of 2009 which will be featured in the TV show. The painting is inspired from the 1960's Batman done on acrylic with vintage Japanese comicbook pieces.

Empowering Health Through a Weekly Newsletter

Stress is a modern day ailment for human beings. Everyone seems to be so engrossed with their trivial routine mechanisms that they end up missing on the most important habit for a healthy living: exercise. Experts and healthcare professionals state that exercise is a proven effective remedy for depression. It provides tremendous mental and physical health benefits.

Professional Cartoonist Reveals the Secrets to Drawing Cartoon Characters in His New Book Cartoon Design Revealed

A professional cartoonist is giving budding artists a chance to learn how to draw cartoon characters and bring them to life in his new book titled Cartoon Design Revealed. Kristian Andrew Sather, who is a cartoonist, designer, author, and educator, wrote the book that is available as a Kindle download on Amazon priced $3.99 (www.amazon.com/Cartoon-Design-Revealed-Kristian-Andrew-ebook/dp/B00DYILIYW). The book will help cartoon fans learn the hidden secrets that are used by professional cartoonists.

Author Maria Johnsen Published Her New Nonfiction Book The Freelancing

Up until now, Maria Johnsen has written 11 fiction and nonfiction books exclusively historical fiction, paranormal novels, with eight books that fall into multilingual digital marketing, sales, freelancing and outsourcing thesmall business and economy category.

Political Pictionary - New Book Offers a 'Seasoned' View of Left-Right Politics

LogoTwo first-time writers have pooled their talents to publish a lighthearted look at American politics and its environment Titled "Political Pictionary", the book is available in paperback and Kindle versions on the Amazon website.

We All Fall Down: Thrilling New Mystery Novel Turns Genre Back on Authors, as Writer's Killing Addiction Serves as Bizarre Therapy for Tragic Past

Tens of thousands of authors have written about hundreds of thousands of subjects, but rarely themselves. Just at a time when critics and readers are calling for a shake-up to the mystery genre, author P.K. Dawning bucks the trend with gusto to take readers into the dark and intricate mind of an author who makes headlines with more than just his pen.

Bts Radio's Three Part Series on Education in America

LogoWith school back in session, Between the Synapse Radio explores Education in America in a three-part series beginning on Thursday, September 4 at 1 pm ET with a conversation with the best-selling author of "Excellent Sheep." The September 25th show, 1 pm ET, features American Enterprise Institute scholar and co-editor of "Teacher Quality 2.0. Finally, the October 2nd broadcast, 1 pm ET, brings together two nationally prominent women focused on improving educational opportunities for children with learning challenges.

Karl F. Hollenbach's World War II Memoir Released

Award-winning author Karl F. Hollenbach’s latest title has been officially released by publisher Books, Authors And Artists (BAA). H-0945: A Common Soldier’s Story of WWII by Karl F. Hollenbach is now available to buy online as both a paperback and a Kindle ebook.

The Newly Released Book, "Powerful Christian", Reintroduces God and His Son, Jesus, to the World by Bringing Hope and Certainty to a World Full of Chaos and Uncertainty

“God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. God never changes.” This is a message from Amazon Best Selling Author, Wilson Worst, who plans to reintroduce the world to God and His Son, Jesus, through her latest book, Powerful Christian. Who is God? God is not only the Creator of Heaven and earth; but also the Creator of mankind.

About Face! New Book Claims World Needs More Carbon Dioxide; Exposing 'Failed Science' of Global Warming

According to Arthur Middleton Hughes, Madhav Kandekar and Cliff Ollier, the argument that greenhouse gasses produce warming of the earth is not only misleading, but potentially killing millions of people each year. With CO2 levels increasing and no rising of the earth’s temperature in sight, the trio have collaborated on a unique literary project that argues why the world needs more Carbon Dioxide.

Wickum Manor: Celtic Magic & an Old Manor House Provide Bold Inspiration for Children Struggling with Literacy, as Dyslexic Author Announces New Book

While most authors use their first release to do nothing but test the literary waters, Deirdre Silvestri is quickly proving that a debut novel is also an opportunity to rival bestsellers. The upcoming release of ‘Wickum Manor’ has been highly anticipated, especially coming from an author who faces the daily battles associated with severe Dyslexia.

Diabetes Protocol - Can It Really Put an End to Diabetes

A lot of individuals suffering from diabetes keep looking for natural methods to reverse diabetes, and eliminate this distressing health disorder from their bodies. The majority of people are forced into ineffective and unhelpful diet programs. Many of these programs are pricey and might even have side impacts.