Entertainment Press Releases

A Treat for Your Sweet Tooth

The author, Lela Migirov, released a new book, "Paris, Eclairs & Vous: An Artist's Guide Guidebook of Haute Pâtisserie Parisienne" – A guide to Paris' finest pâtisseries and sweets, combined with the author's drawings – which were inspired by Paris' delights. The book was published at ContentoNow and available at Amazon.com and ContentoNow.com.

Homer: The Disappearing Man by J. Starkey-Saylor Is Now Available

Homer: The Disappearing Man, written by MindStir Media author J. Starkey-Saylor, launched recently. This new novel, like the other two written by Mrs. Starkey-Saylor, bursts with twists and surprises. A fast-paced read at only 164 pages, the book will leave readers breathless and yearning for another book by the author.

'Socialcide: How America Is Loving Itself to Death', Hopes to Restore the Rattling Foundations of American Society

The dark cloud of narcissism hovering over the American society is expanding ready to swallow everything in its way. While this sad reality continues to exist, Americans are dangerously unaware of its potential repercussions. 'Socialcide: How America is Loving Itself to Death', by Leo. J. Battenhausen is a book exposing readers to a problem that is eating away the values that were once the foundations of the society.

Music Startup Launches, Allows Mutual Benefits for Artists and Producers

LogoBeat.Bid has announced the official launch of their beat auctioning platform, which features a website jam-packed with resources for music industry professionals. Aiming to help artists by helping producers, the platform allows for a symbiotic way for artists to successfully sell their beats at satisfying rates to producers who are seeking original beats.

People Can Gain Cognitive and Perceptual Benefits by Playing Video Games

Action video-games are very popular like a source of entertainment and fun. Normally, there are worries that these games support violence. On the other hand, latest research & studies conducted on action video games suggest that playing these games can provide perceptual and cognitive benefits. This may have essential implications: since playing these games are fun, they can be perfect treatments to slow down cognitive decline in older people, promote restoration in stroke sufferers, or increase capabilities in students with unique educational requirements.

Spiderman Games: Profits of Playing on World Wide Web

As per some researches it is revealed that playing online games activates our body nervous system as well as brain function. Specially, mind game such as video game that increases one's analytical and perceptual skills, more over it advances coordination of hand-eye. So, these tools might have much positive influence on children's.

Cinderella Games: Ready to Play Anytime

This is the time where everything revolves around internet and computer. People start online shopping instead of directly going to a center of shopping. Population of people those are playing outdoor games is continuously reduced with time.

Gamers Socially Buzzing Around the Announcement of SpawnCandy.com Development

LogoAs of November 15th 2014 the highly anticipated SpawnCandy.com website has entered into the development stages with a planned launch date of March 15th 2015. Ordinarily when a games media and news website launches it rarely has a specific niche that separates it from the hundreds of other gaming news websites that are saturating the world wide web. Many of these websites are merely template based news aggregator's with game affiliated graphics implemented. SpawnCany.com has promise to be one of the only potential mainstream gaming media and news outlets created completely in custom coding and freelance styled for today's gamer.

The Hit Men Announce Their Tour of Florida and New Jersey

It's time to get into the holiday spirit with Gerry Polci and Lee Shapiro. They may not be household names but back in the 70's, music fans bought all of their records. You heard them on the radio, saw them on TV and went to their concerts. So who are they? They're the former stars of the hit-making factory known as Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons.

College for Convicts: New Study Proposes $60BN Annual Budget Cut – By Providing Higher Education in Nation's Prisons

The United States' national deficit is a hot topic; overburdened with a massive prison budget comprising of the cost of high-tech prison construction and operations, utilities, food, medical supplies and staff costs. However, a new study conducted by legal advocate Christopher Zoukis has found that the national budget could be cut by $60 billion annually – just by providing prisoners with post-secondary education.

FishFlix.com Now Offers a Wide and Fresh Collection of Christian Kids Movies at Affordable Prices

FishFlix.com is now offering a wide collection of Christian kids movies at very affordable prices. The online store offers movies, made with an aim to teach children about Christianity with a touch of entertainment in to it. The DVDs of these movies can be found from their vast inventory of Christian kids movies and purchased online from their website. The company facilitates safe and hassle-free shopping and also their after sales service is excellent as they are very prompt in sorting out the issues of the customers if some problems occur regarding the DVDs.

Founder Elizabeth Parks Starts Kickstarter Campaign for the Enhancement of Radio4u.us

LogoElizabeth Parks website Radio4u.us is dedicated to art, music, community, and different types of health and self help programs. Passionate about lending a helping hand to people around her, Elizabeth wants to cater to the needs of the community by making Radio4u.us an interactive website.

Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and Sevierville Kickoff the 25th Anniversary of Smoky Mountain Winterfest

Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and Sevierville, TN will kick off the 25th Anniversary of Smoky Mountain Winterfest this November 2014! Winterfest is a magical celebration of enchanting light displays, unique shopping, award-winning shows, family attractions and the winter majesty of the Great Smoky Mountains!

Text Me, Love Mom: As Her Four Children Fly the Nest, Mother's Five-Star Memoir Provides Heartfelt 'Manual' to Learning How to Let Go

For Candace Allan, it all went so quickly. Four beautiful children were born, grew up and have now left her with an empty nest. Allowing them to 'fly away' was a harrowing experience; her eldest daughter left for University in another Province, her first son to take up a job at a ski resort, son number two to enter an Ashram and her youngest daughter for an exchange in Italy. As a self-confessed hyper-mom, Allan initially tried to 'iParent' from afar, but eventually accepted the new family dynamic and now revels in all her babies have achieved.

The Hit Men Kick off Their Holiday Tour in Florida and New Jersey

It's time to get into the holiday spirit with Gerry Polci and Lee Shapiro. They may not be household names but back in the 70's, you bought all of their records. You heard them on the radio, saw them on TV and went to their concerts. So who are they? They're the former stars of the hit-making factory known as Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. These guys toured the world with Frankie, recorded numerous hit albums with him and sang the lead vocals on songs like "Oh What a Night" – the biggest Seasons hit of all time. When they met in 1973, they were two boys from New Jersey barely out of their teens, and the Four Seasons hadn't had a charted hit record in years. Along with Valli and songwriter/ producer Bob Gaudio, Gerry Polci and Lee Shapiro successfully transitioned the group's sound from '60s doo-wop to '70s pop with mega-hit songs like "Who Loves You" and "Oh What a Night". Spurred by the runaway success of "Jersey Boys", the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical based on the Four Seasons' career, these former Seasons decided to reunite - along with an A-list group of musicians who wrote, recorded and performed with Carly Simon, Cat Stevens, Elton John, Jim Croce, Chicago, Luther Vandross, The Ramones, Carole King, and other mega-star acts of the era - and give touring one more shot.

Saints and Sinners Announces Candy Cane Party This December

LogoAs the holiday season rolls in, many start getting in the festive spirit, decorating everything from their homes to their cars. For those who need a little extra help getting into the holiday spirit, Saints and Sinners has announced they are hosting a Candy Cane Party this December. The party, which is on 12/20, will be held at Tom's Loft on 2185 East Norris Street, Philadelphia.

Voice Actor News Websites Delivers Daily Updates to Industry

Voice over news website Voice Over Herald is the only industry website that updates news items multiple times per day, keeping the industry abreast of current events and expert analysis of online voice casting.

Jason Rosete Film Creates Free to Use Video Christmas Card to Toast the Christmas Season

Videographers have more technology at their fingertips than ever before, and video is being used for a variety of tasks thanks to multiple accessible online platforms. Right now, the trend for Christmas videos is reaching an all time high, and many people choose to send a fun, short video message in lieu of a Christmas card. Jason Rosete Film has produced a video combining dazzling photography of some of the world's most famous places with state of the art particle effects to provide a Christmas message with a difference.

New Book Redefines Student Motivation & Success, Exposing Ground-Breaking Relationship Between Interest and Learning

The connection between student interest and their actual learning tasks is a vital link in the education chain, yet one often misunderstood or ignored by industry professionals. Dewey (1934) developed his game-changing 'Theory of Interest', which is now the premise of a compelling new book by Dr. Martin Odudukudu of The Center for Development of Interest In Learning.

Nigel Risner Speaks with Chris Cooper About Some of the Key Principles of His Very Successful Book 'The Impact Code'

LogoNigel Risner (author, television presenter and a prolific speaker) will join Chris Cooper on a continuing series, "Be More.Achieve More. - Inspiration for the Entrepreneurial Mind", streamed on 5th December 2014, from 8am(PST)/pm 11am (EST) on VoiceAmerica's Business Channel.

Josep Goded Martinez Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Make His Documentary Film Titled "Ebola All the Truth"

LogoThe primary objective of this project is to unveil the truth relating to the impact of Ebola virus in the worst affected West African, American and European countries. "Ebola All the Truth" will be a documentary with a completely neutral, objective, and impartial point of view. This project will also involve the creation of a photo report. The project team is already in close ties with several NGO's and organizations working in the worst affected areas. In the future, photographic exhibitions will be created taking footage from the team's visits to these regions.

Laughing at the Grim Reaper! Gems of Wisdom for Aging Well, Puts Mortality on the Backburner; Empowering Readers to Seize the Day

While old adages tell folks that "age is just a number for the taxman", "you're only as old as you feel" and "it's not about how old you are, it's about how you are old", the truth is that most people waste precious time and don't experience true joy in the shadow of worrying about their own mortality.

The Velvet Marigold Couch: Author Recounts 'Private Waltz Into Madness' in Raw New Book – Offering Monumental Insight Into Bipolar Disorder & Addiction

There was a time when the thought of Tasha Pedersen ever writing a book was absurd; she couldn't even use a pen and the mental illness riddling her existence was more likely to kill someone or see Pedersen turn a weapon back on herself. But, overcoming impossible odds, Pedersen is still alive and sharing her story of bipolar disorder and addiction in what could be the most honest and gritty memoir ever written.

Dr. Steven Greer Talks About Peaceful ET Contact and Higher Consciousness on Conscious Evolution Radio

LogoDuring his more than two decades of work to educate governments and the general public regarding our history of peaceful Extraterrestrial visitation, Dr. Steven Greer has seen disclosure of ET visitation and contact spread around the world.

Xing Yi (Hsing I) Kung Fu for Success Re-Launched and Reloaded

Revisions to a newly-launched Xing Yi (Hsing I) Kung Fu book is set to make the book a complete guide to those who desire success and personal achievement.

Innocent Blood: Gripping New Novel Puts Estancia, New Mexico, on the Map – As Tireless Group of Women Seek Justice on Unlikeliest of Homicides

Most people have never heard of Estancia, one of dozens of small towns dotted around the Albuquerque Metropolitan Statistical Area. However, this sleepy hideaway is about to hit the world's stage as the setting for a punch-packing new murder mystery novel.

The Healing Whisper: A Return to Peace Welcomes Guest Dr. Alex Loyd, Founder of the Healing Codes

LogoDr. Alex Loyd will be discussing his soon to be released book, "Beyond Willpower", a revolutionary guide to achieving what you really want in life.