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Market Your Business Like a Pro Podcast Now Available Online

Internationally recognized marketing expert and consultant Ken Countess has launched the "Market Your Business Like A Pro" podcast.

Dedication Personified: Independent Filmmaker Returns Home to Fulfill His Dreamwork

LogoIndependent filmmaker Jeremy Cathey has been working on his dream project. A movie that shows others the magic that can be created with just a video camera and their imagination. In the process of making his feature film, he lost his Puyallup home to foreclosure in January of 2013, as well as the family farm that he had lived on since the day he was born. These incredible setbacks did not prevent him from returning to his former home, to finish his first feature-length film and to bring his dream to life. Selling a number of his belongings to keep the production going by himself, the young man has faced a variety of different challenges throughout the process of making his creation. Camera equipment has been stolen, he has fallen off roofs, and has performed all of his own stunts for the sheer sake of quality entertainment for others to enjoy. The filmmaker could have simply chosen to continue capturing his film with digital effects, green screen and the utilization of images of the farm as backdrops, but he refuses to use green screen for its lack of realism and faltering authenticity. The importance of originality can be seen by the level of dedication that he is putting into this project. Mr. Cathey has spent the last three years returning to the farm and his childhood home, in order to continue production on his creation that promises to blend the reality of his situation with an absolute love for the craft of filmmaking.

Big Top Entertainment Signs a Distribution Deal with Sony Music Entertainment Subsidiary the Orchard

LogoBig Top Entertainment LLC announced that it has signed a distribution deal with Sony Music Entertainment subsidiary The Orchard.

BeatScore.com Creates a Platform That Combines Indie Music and Social Gaming

LogoBeatScore.com, the world's first and fast-rising social network directory for indie artists such as writers, models, sketchers, and dancers, creates a breakthrough platform that merges indie music and social gaming. BeatScore.com takes pride in this innovation as it is a unique platform that can be seen in the World Wide Web.

Quality Yearbook Publishing Now Providing Quotes for Yearbook Printing and Publication Services

LogoEvery school year achieved is a step closer to gaining an education, which is why every school and institution should have the finest representation, especially when it comes to distributing their yearbook. That's the goal that Quality Yearbook Publishing strives to accomplish for all of their customers with their topnotch yearbook software program, publishing services, and first-rate products. The timeframe for embarking on the creation of a new yearbook typically occurs in the late fall to early January; however, it is not too late to publish and distribute a yearbook thanks to the fast turnaround time accommodations of Quality Yearbook Publishing. Quality Yearbook Publishing is pleased to announce that they are currently offering quotes for their yearbook services.

The Future of Computer Gaming Involves Winning Cash

LogoThe video gaming world has become a medium to watch not just because it has overtaken Hollywood in sales, but also due to the constant innovations that continue to generate new forms of engagement. Gamersaloon.com out of Detroit Michigan is driving forward the next stage in video games. Players of the immensely popular game, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, a first person shooter with an estimated 27 million players, are now able to compete against each other for cash in real-time at BountyArena.com.

Haven of Dante: The Graphic Novel Battles the Nine Circles

Prepare to be whisked at the speed of thought and propelled through realms of action and adventure. Author Leonardo Ramirez and illustrator Davy Fisher have teamed up to create epic tale of fantasy and horror, where pain fuels staggering powers and generational wars are fought to the death. This is the world of Haven Irena Dante, heroine of the graphic novel, 'Haven of Dante'.

Media Alert – Overcoming Grief and Tragedy "I Can Laugh Again"

What: An opportunity to discuss the book "I Can Laugh Again: From the Valley of Grief to a Glimpse of Heaven" with Author, Chloé Taylor Brown to appeal to anyone who has suffered an extreme loss or tragedy and ready to move forward. She bares her soul—her dreams, hopes, losses, pains, and gains—in a riveting memoir you cannot read without taking part yourself in her transformation.

Jermaine Blake Releases New Single 'Why Don't You Leave'

LogoThe singer and songwriter from Jamaica known as Jermaine Blake has released his latest single, "Why Don't You Leave" The track is the most significant official single from Jermaine to date. Positively and proudly internationalist in its theme that is set to resonate with audiences across the globe, energetic and powerful in its rhythm and groove, "Why Don't You Leave" showcases Jermaine Blake as one of the world's most talented, creative and hardworking reggae singers/songwriter.

Attn: Interview Opportunities Now Available

What: An opportunity to interview Dana Ayers, best-selling author of Confessions of an Unlikely Runner and former Bush 43 White House staffer. Ayers is scheduled to reunite with President Bush in Dallas next month. She ran her first race with Bush, which started her inspirational running journey nearly 15 years ago.

New Fantasy Novel: Angels, Demons, and a Young Woman Who Wants to Change the World

A new fantasy novel, ACADEMY OF SECRETS, tells the story of a young woman, Chrymos, who has a burning ambition to make a difference in her world. That won't be easy, because Chrymos lives in Renaissance Italy, in the year 1610, a time when opportunities were few and far between – especially for women with no money and no rich and powerful family connections.

Watch Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley Live Streaming Boxing Online Las Vegas PPV April 9, 2016

In an exciting match last week, Manny Pacquiao defeated Timothy Bradley WBO welterweight champion, two years after his controversial loss to Bradley. There wasn't any doubt this time and it was a clean sweep with Pacquiao scoring 56-5 with 38 Kos and Bradley was 31-1, with 12 Kos.

Inspire Paper Publishing Releases Their Latest Stress Management Material Called Tweet This Zen That, a Coloring Book for Adults

LogoInspire Paper Publishing is proud to release their new self-help stress management material called Tweet This Zen That, a coloring book for adults. It is specifically designed as an adult coloring book in order to help them bring out their Zen and create motivation through zendoodle. The inspiration that it provides the users in fact guides them to open up to the unlimited possibilities that the world has to offer. Inspired by James Allen, the book aims to support widows and other survivors to look into the brighter side of life.

Donica Knight Joins Craig Morgan at "American Sniper" Birthday Bash, Releases Military Tribute

Hot on the heels of her country airplay chart debut single, "Love Ain't a Prize," Donica Knight is releasing her military tribute track, "Blood On My Boots." The Alabama-based country rocker will be releasing the new track via iTunes, Amazon, and all major digital music outlets, worldwide, on April 7th, 2016. Donica will perform "Blood On My Boots" at the upcoming Chris Kyle Frog Foundation (CKFF) "Chris Kyle Birthday Bash" on April 9th, in Dallas, TX.

18th Annual Lenore Marwil Jewish Film Festival Taking Place in Detroit

LogoThe Jewish Community Center of Metropolitan Detroit will host the 18th Annual Lenore Marwil Jewish Film Festival May 8-19, 2016. The Lenore Marwil Jewish Film Festival is one of the largest Jewish Film Festivals in the Midwest, offering a diverse cinema experience in its annual festival and throughout the year. It also provides a forum for discussion about films from around the world that illuminate Jewish issues and principles. The goal is to enhance a sense of community and inclusion for a broad range of audience members.

New Book Launched for Aspiring Producers, Writers, Musicians, Singers, and Future Record Moguls

Amazon, the largest online shopping network is pleased to announce they have added a new book to their shopping platform. The new book in their music and art section is titled Music Business 101. The book is aimed at helping people who want to have a career in the music industry and need advice, tips, and guidance.

Minecraft Novels Released Exploring Issues Facing Teens Today

LogoComic books and graphic novels are becoming much more mainstream, the door is wide open for manga Japanese comics to finally make their presence known in the United States. Although Manga are more popular worldwide, they are still relatively unknown in US.

C.Y. Bourgeois Releases Her New Young Adult Novel the Whispering of Trees

A new novel has been launched by C.Y. Bourgeois, which is titled The Whispering of Trees. The exciting new book is aimed at young adults and is about a normal teenager called Aggie Ksisak whose life is about to change.

Dr. Dain Heer, to Join Dr. Lisa Cooney on the "Beyond Abuse, Beyond Therapy, Beyond Anything"

LogoVoice America Talk Radio Network, Internet broadcasting pioneer, producing and syndicating online audio and video, announced that Dr. Dain Heer, Co-Founder of Access Consciousness and author of "Being You, Changing the World" will join Dr. Lisa Cooney, host of "Beyond Abuse, Beyond Therapy, Beyond Anything" on Tuesday, April 5th at 10 am PST/1 pm EST.

America's Small Communities "Discover Books" with Newly-Launched 2015 National Used Books Readership Patterns Report

LogoDiscover Books, Inc. and LetTheStoriesLiveOn.com, a leading national used book Internet retailer, today released its 2015 National Used Book Readership Patterns Report. The report is a first of its kind overview of national used book Internet sales statistics based on its national reach and market share in excess of 15%.

The Next Music Generation Announces Open Casting Call in Toronto

LogoThe Next Music Generation, every musical artist's fairest advocate, is proud to announce their first casting call of spring.

Dawn Bennett, Host of Radio Show "Financial Myth Busting," Writes Article, "Monkey Business"

February 8th marked the Chinese Lunar New Year, and as some of you will know, we entered the Year of the Monkey. Each year in the Chinese astrological cycle is also associated with one of the five Taoist elements that supposedly make up the world: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. As it happens, this year is the year of the Fire Monkey. Fire Monkey delights in volatility, mischief and chaos, according to experts in Chinese astrology.

Unforgiveness Tackled Head-on in WORD Films Movie "Chasing Grace"

Powerful faith-based drama/thriller starring Michael Joiner comes to DVD May 5, 2016.

Classy Saxophone Neck Strap Successfully Launched on Amazon

Miracle Sound is proud to announce the successful release of its classy saxophone neck strap online. The Florida-based musical instrument and accessory manufacturer has worked closely with musicians and designers to design the perfect neck strap for musical instruments that need to be worn around the neck.

New High Quality Face Paint Water Brush That Comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

LogoHere is a good news that may gladden those who are looking for a high-quality face paint water brush . ARTacts who have been supplying various face art supplies has brought out synthetic face paint brushes that can bring out the professional artist in anyone. According to ARTacts, the oil brush set for face painting that they have brought out can be used by beginners as well as experts and on both young and old.

Amazon #1 Bestseller "Odyssey in a Teacup" by Paula Houseman Now $.99 Through April 3rd

Created for misfits worldwide, the Amazon #1 Bestseller "Odyssey in a Teacup" by Paula Houseman is on sale for $.99 for a limited time. A modern-day satire of The Ugly Duckling meets The Odyssey, Houseman's theme is universal, her approach however is unique. Her book asks, "Are you a misfit? Are you, or were you, a thorn in your parents' side?" If so Houseman would say, "Welcome to my world!"