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17 Year Old Football Player Makes History

LogoYuri Ruh dos Santos, an extremely talented left winger from Marbella FC, also known as "Magic Feet", is the first young player under 18 from Marbella, Spain, to make an international transfer after having been offered a professional football contract by a UEFA and FIFA, European first division club, AS Trencín, an affiliate club of Ajax, Netherlands. The international transfer takes place at the end of May and Yuri plays his first international match with them in Amsterdam at the Copa de Amsterdam, on the weekend of the 23-25 May, 2015.

BakeBros.com Gets Excellent Reviews as Best Worldwide Online Smoke Shop

BakeBros is one of the few smoke shops online that caters to a wide variety of customers from across the globe. They offer smokers unique smoking accessories and pipes that are not just functional and top quality, but also creative and attractive in design. The online store caters to all kinds of smoking personalities. Whether the shopper is a male, female, conservative, or flashy, there is something for them at BakeBros.

Air Gun Sports Success? Cardigan Sports Comments

May could be considered already to be a time of achievement and attainment regarding shooting as a sport. A recent report in America has praised the University of Arkansas Community College as not only celebrating 50 years of higher learning excellence but also a rapidly growing collegiate shooting team.

REBEK Announces Launch of REBEK ZERO Line of Nicotine Free E-Liquids for the Cleanest Vaping Experience Yet

Vaping now seems to be taking over from smoking among many demographics. Originally intended as a means by which people could attempt to stop smoking, the tarless water-vapour based delivery mechanism, customizable flavours and the ability to use them indoors, has led to their growing popularity as a replacement for cigarettes, rather than a quitting aid. Many more like the look of vaping, but don't want to become addicted to Nicotine. REBEK, one of the leading e-liquid manufacturers, has now developed a line of nicotine free e-liquids called REBEK ZERO, to help more people try vaping without any risk of addiction.

Customers Can Now Get Fort Knox Gun Safes at Affordable Rates from GunSafes.com

LogoGunsafes.com, a reputed supplier of gun safes, is now providing Fort Knox gun safes at affordable prices. These safes are hand-crafted and surpass the industry standards set up by Underwriters Laboratory. All of the Fort Knox safes are made by using top-notch quality materials combined with precision craftsmanship. The company develops these safes with the most innovative designs, engineering and manufacturing processes. These gun safes not only provide protection to guns, but also keep them free from distortion or damage. They enable gun owners to keep their firearms and other valuables safe from burglary.

Gravity-Zero Takes a Big Leap on Kickstarter with the ZhERO Hub

In today's world of cycling an array of data components feed information every pedal stroke. None of these give any mechanical assistance whatsoever... until now.

KBW Global Corp. on the History and Meaning of Each Venetian Mask in the Carnevale Di Venezia

LogoDifferent countries live by the different traditions, customs and cultures which make them different from the rest; this is also true with how people celebrate colorful festivities just like with the Carnevale di Venezia or what is more popularly known as the Carnival of Venice. This grand and vibrant festivities are held in Venice Italy each year which is concluded 40 days before Easter; a day before Ash Wednesday and this is referred to as the Mardi Gras.

Velvetdeerantlers Introduces Deer Antler Spray for Instant Body Building Mechanism Without the Harmful Effects

Velvetdeerantlers has presently announced a quick relief for people who are looking out a quick way to build a toned body. They provide deer antler spray which is known to be a quick fix for most of the body builders. This product helps in burning fats and at the same time build muscle. Both man and women can use deer antler spray. There are many uses of this product which is made naturally out of deer antler. The antlers of deer are used for extracting the tissue covering of the antler which helps the users to get their hormones lifted and live an energetic life. They are mostly used by body builders to build muscles and are also considered as a good source for improving sex drives amongst couples. They are found to be safer and more effective than steroids.

The Website Launches Retail & Wholesale Service for eCigs and Vaping Products

Efun.top is a Company that deals with products related to e-Smoking and vaping. It has a number of choices available for all those who wish to switch to the healthier alternative to smoking. Apart from meeting the requirements of individual customers, the website has introduced wholesale services for businesses also. They claim to have 100% authentic products and their prices are meant to below.

Fine Cigars Australia Expands Range to Offer Largest Cigar Selection Available in Australia

Cigars are a luxury item enjoyed by connoisseurs, and as such, their quality, provenance, flavour and texture are all widely debated according to personal preference, much like wine, whisky or coffee. Until recently however, the selection of cigars available in Australia was poor to say the least in comparison with those other, connoisseur loved items. Fine Cigars Australia has aimed to redress that balance, and has expanded their range of quality cigars to be the largest ever available in Australia, with every item fully reviewed.

Some of the 42.1 Million Adults in the United States Who Smoke Cigarettes Turn to E-Cigarettes

A leading supplier of E-Liquids has now introduced a range of healthy organic E-Liquids. Alchemy e-Lixirs is a brand of e-liquids that is developed and manufactured from the finest collection of organic ingredients.

Ohms and Brass Launches New Subscription Based E Juice Delivery Service for Vapers

E-cigarettes have boomed in popularity in the last five years. Once considered a tool to help people stop smoking, the purer, water-based inhalant system free of tar has led many to simply replace combustible cigarettes with vaping. The only downside is sourcing e-liquids, which takes up regular time and effort and considerable organization to ensure users don't run out before replacements arrive. Ohms and Brass has a new solution, offering a subscription service for e liquids.

Electronic Cigarette Reviews Launches Publishing New Consumer Reviews of the Latest E-Cigarette Releases

Electronic cigarettes were originally devised as a means by which for people to quit smoking. However, due to their advanced technology allowing for a water-vapor based delivery as opposed to a combustible, smoke based method, the cleaner experience was actually preferred by smokers, and the product became a replacement instead. Now, brands compete fiercely over who can provide the best e cigarette on the market. Electronic Cigarette Reviews is a website that independently assesses these offerings, and has just publishes a suite of new content after a spate of new releases.

Alchemy E-Lixirs Announce the Launch of Their New Organic E-Liquids

A leading supplier of E-Liquids has now introduced a range of healthy organic E-Liquids. Alchemy e-Lixirs is a brand of e-liquids that is developed and manufactured from the finest collection of organic ingredients.

The Vape Outlet Launches Better and Cheaper Products on Its Website

Vaping is a healthier alternative for all those who smoke and wish to quit the habit. There are many products such as e-cigarettes, vaporizers, chewable tablets, vapor juices, etc, which are made mainly from herbs. The website vapeoutlet.co/ which has been launched recently, aims to meet the requirements of all such people who wish to take up vaping instead of smoking.

Raven Firm, LC Announces the Addition of a News Section to SmokingBargain.com

News regarding Marijuana Stores can be difficult to find, especially with all the news regarding the legalization of Marijuana across the United States. SmokingBargain.com has just added a News section that consolidates all of the News regarding Marijuana Stores in one place.

Alchemy E-Lixirs Announces They Are Lowing the Price on All 54 Flavors

Alchemy e-Lixirs (Alchemy-e-lixirs.com) is one of the top selling and most sought after brands of e-liquids all over the world. This brand of e-liquid is revered and widely known for creating limitless excitement and unforgettable experiences in parties, shows and club outings. Alchemy e-Lixirs is a brand of e-liquid that is thoughtfully developed and manufactured from the finest collection of organic ingredients. These e-liquids are superior to other brands on the market today because they neither contain toxic nor harsh chemicals and as such they are safe and healthy to use.

Here Is a Company That Manufactures Electric Self-Balancing Scooter and with a Far-Sighted Approach

That Airwheel has become a world-famous electric self-balancing scooter maker is great news for people. The company could achieve this position through a slew of years of efforts they have been making consistently.

An Electric Unicycle That Is Stunningly Maneuverable

Here is a news story that may silence those who have apprehensions about the electric air scooter offered by Airwheel Technology Holding (USA) Co., Ltd. In fact, this news story may stun people because Toby, an eleven year old boy of Cornwall, has been riding this electric unicycle for the last 10 months. Not only that, Toby Stevens has been doing a few Airwheel antics in and around Newquay and Padstow. He can be seen climbing down stairs also using the scooter. From the way Toby uses the Airwheel X3, it is quite evident that the electric scooter is sturdy. It is stylish also.

An Electric Two-Wheeled Scooter That Helps in Tackling the Issue of Traffic Congestion

Great news for those who struggle to negotiate traffic day in and day out! Electric Two-Wheeled Scooter Q3 by Airwheel helps them surmount this problem easily.

Vape Outlet Announces Launch of New User-Friendly Website

With the strong moves to find alternatives to tobacco smoking that are safer both for the public and the smoker, e-cigarettes have emerged as a strong industry. Now that they are more mainstream, a new word has even been added to the dictionary – vaping. When it comes to purchasing vaping supplies online, the largest online supplier, Vape Outlet (vapeoutlet.co), is excited to announce the launch of their new user-friendly website.

Health Experts Comment on the Benefits of E-Cigarettes, iBreathe Comments

UK e-cigarette suppliers, iBreathe, have recently commented on the report which has health experts detailing the benefits of e-cigarettes in light of recent criticism.

Airwheel Sells High Quality Two Wheel Self-Balancing Electric Scooter

Modern science and technology has gifted us many things. The scooters are among them. Two wheel self-balancing electric scooter has got a huge market today. This scooter is also very fashionable. It has the stylish and attractive look. The surface of the scooter is really amazing. The technology of this scooter is also very high. Airwheel is a famous company that produces this scooter. And as this special type of scooters have a huge market worldwide.

Spring Turkey Hunting Season Can Be More Relished in 2015

The spectacle and sound of a turkey's mating display are sufficient to speed up the pulse of even the most expert hunters, and makes calling in a spring tom as stirring as shouting in a bull elk. Oregon biologists predict that this mild winter weather and a low snowpack will perk up hunting for the year 2015 spring turkey season. So, it would be truly a bad idea to miss 2015's spring turkey hunting season. Oregon's eager turkey hunters are prepared to enjoy their most awaited spring season with lots of birds on the field and in their perches this year, and it's all because of the very effective nesting success throughout the past 2 very dry springs. The hunting season opened last Wednesday, April 15, and will run through May 31.

Headed West, a Denver Head Shop, Now Offering a Wide Range of Smoking Accessories

LogoMaintaining themselves as one of the leading smoke shops, Headed West, a Denver Head shop, is now offering a wide range of smoking accessories. The products offered by the company are a delight for smokers. They offer an array of smoking accessories and pipes which can easily meet the requirements of every customer. Their range of smoking accessories includes glass pipes, hookahs, acrylic water pipes, ceramic pipes and much more. All of these items are of high quality and are available in various shapes, sizes, colors and designs. The company also offers portable vaporizer pens and vaporizers which are portable and easy to use.