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New Social Network for Cannabis Professionals Is Launched

420 Business Club is a free-to-use professional network for individuals and businesses in the cannabis industry that launched on February 25, 2016. The website will help professionals in the cannabis industry connect with other individuals in order to develop business relationships. Public profiles will allow users to display their accomplishments, qualifications and experience in industries ranging from the growth and sale of marijuana to lawyers, investors and more.

Leading Website Connects Hoverboard Fans with Top Brands for Free Giveaways

The free hoverboard has become the single most influential mode of transportation that has taken the entire world by storm. Currently, there is a lot of testing going on, as there are many companies that are making attempts at launching their own manufactured boards.

Uppgroup Inc. Announces New Mobile Friendly Website for Trampoline World Ltd

LogoUppgroup Inc. has been involved for years with Trampoline World Ltd.; they have just announced a brand new website for Jumping Trampoline. Uppgroup Inc. is responsible for building, hosting and promoting the website.

Create Vacation Memories with Chartered Trips from Flyer Sportfishing

Any seasoned traveler knows that no matter how many souvenirs one brings home from a recent trip, the most important gifts that they can give themselves and their loved ones are happy memories of their adventures. Flyer Sportfishing, a deep sea fishing company off the North Shore of Oahu, is available year-round for full and half-day sportfishing charters aboard a state-of-the-art vessel, all at a competitive price. The company offers a uniquely hands-on experience for all guests, ensuring that they will create some of their fondest vacation memories yet.

US Veteran Recognized by G3 Boats with Surprise Gift – A New Fishing Boat

Matt Robinson is an Army Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and RV / Marine Sales Consultant for Southaven RV and Marine in Southaven, Mississippi. During sales training at the factory last week, G3 Boats surprised Officer Robinson and offered him a shiny new boat in recognition of his service to our country.

ClickSure Welcomes Happ-E-Juice on Board Their 400,000-Member Affiliate Network

LogoSai Shiva LLC (Happ-E-Juice Vape) announced last week that they are now partnering up with ClickSure's 400,000 affiliate partners to bring their vaping subscription box service to the American consumer market.

East of Maui Board Shop Launches Brand New Website

The premier board shop in the Annapolis, Washington, and Baltimore area East of Maui Board Shop has been serving the area since the year 1979. The company recently unveiled their brand new website to commemorate their 37th year birthday. The new website has been built with buyer's convenience in mind and therefore offers easy navigation and a hassle free online buying experience. East of Maui Board Shop has the 2016's latest product lines on stock with new arrival added on a daily basis.

BESEE Creates and Introduces a New, Creative Smart Accessory for Cyclists

BESEE have created and launched a new creative, smart accessory designed for cyclists that is called BESEE Bike Light.

Save Money with Used Yamaha Drive Electric Golf Carts from GolfCartsOutlet.com

LogoOwned and operated by United Commerce Group Inc., GolfCartsOutlet.com is an e-commerce company that is now providing used Yamaha drive electric golf carts at the most competitive prices. Customers can now get this Yamaha golf cart for just $3,400.00. All the elements of the golf cart like steering wheel, dash, pedals, armrest, seat and top are robotically painted with an automotive-grade polyurethane paint that provides twice the protection and fade resistance as compared to previous models. Available in an array of colors such as red, black, dark blue, baby blue, yellow, burgundy, charcoal and many others, this cart is powered by top quality, long lasting and the most reliable batteries, that meet all power requirements.

Calls for Exciting Exercise on the Increase in the US: Just BB Guns Comments

The beginning of a new year is a time when many people look to embrace healthier lifestyles – with physical activity a big focus. Taking part in regular exercise is important not just for the body, but the mind too; a beneficial attribute in an often busy lifestyle. Yet recent reports have highlighted that domestic or 'typical' forms of getting fit – such as gym sessions and exercise DVD's – have come under increasing criticism. Recent statistics show that of 10 leading American exercise DVD's, the majority had unrealistic expectations and typically involved scantily dressed models using commanding language – which many find off-putting. That such research is taking place suggests a rising demand for something different - the want for physical activity which is thrilling rather than limiting.

Disabled Archers Are Aiming for International Glory – And Show a Growing Sport

Recent news has highlighted the highly inclusive and growing community of people involved in the sport of archery. Once seen as a sport of old tradition, such reports prove it is a progressive and thrilling activity to be involved in. It accommodates people with disabilities too, as proved by two visually impaired archers - Stuart Rodgers and Carol Davies, who are part of the Louth and District Disabled Archery Club - being invited to train for two major international events. They have been to shoot individually at international classification level, and also will compete for Great Britain at the European Championships in April. This proves that archery is at the forefront of progressive sport, something industry experts, Sports Guns, was keen to comment on.

Big Kahuna Festival Draws Attention to the Rise of Bush Craft: Solware Responds

Recent reports have highlighted the announcement that The Big Kahuna Festival is to take place again this year; a music and recreation event with a particular focus on the outdoors. It is a three-day festival which is due to take place in Sussex over the dates of August 26th – 28th: therefore the bank holiday weekend. Particularly notable are the number of outdoor crafts lined up; highlighting the popularity of such activities right now. These include camping, interactive arts and bush craft.

iBreathe Release New Cloud Range Flavours

Electronic cigarette provider iBreathe is taking positive steps to make new provisions for a new year – in the form of a number of new flavours added to their already popular Cloud range of e liquids. Goode liquids are known to play a significant role in people successfully using e cigs to give up smoking – as provide engaging flavours which help to satisfy cravings. With stop-smoking initiatives being big for 2016, it appears that iBreathe are attempting to constructively respond through their Cloud range which already holds a number of exciting options. Therefore it could be seen that enhanced variety is a trend going forward in the form of e cigs this year.

Allens Caravans Offers the Best Caravan Holiday in UK

UK's one of the top Caravan Park operators and dealers – Allens Caravans, offers the best caravan holiday in UK. Their luxurious caravans are perfect for enjoying a fun-filled and relaxing holiday in Allens Caravans' lavish, well-designed and well-kept holiday parks. Their best caravans for hire are designed to high standards which are not only comfortable but they are also jam-packed with luxurious facilities, because of which their customers always fully enjoy the lash green countryside sites and the breathtaking beautiful riverside sites during their caravan holiday in the comfort of their own luxurious caravans.

Sporting Initiatives Are Increasing Active Lifestyles– With Big Implications for 2016

Recent reports from a number of sporting bodies have highlighted rising success in getting people involved in more active lifestyles, following a number of high-profile campaigns and initiatives –especially involving activities which are, crucially, an exciting change from the norm. For example, 2.8 million women engaged in sporting recreations last year as part of the 'This Girl Can' campaign which was launched by Sport England. Furthermore, according to an independent study from experts at TNS BRMB, positive publicity of sport does have a significant effect on people taking part; it is thought campaigns such as Nike's 'Just Do It' and also the 'Get Into' initiatives launched by councils are prompting people to take up exciting activities especially. In 2016 interest and participation is therefore set to grow further, with an emphasis on exciting new methods – such as archery and airsoft.

Jayson Colavalla Debuts at IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship Races

The races which BMW Motorsports describes as "Fantastic cars, legendary race tracks, top-class drivers and passionate fans" is seeing a new competitor hit the track on March 19th, 2016. Jayson Colavalla is turning heads as he makes his debut entrance into the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship Races at the Mobil 1 Twelve Hours Of Sebring just three hours from his home town of Miami, Florida.

Essential Camping Gear Launches Exciting Products

Essential Camping Gear has launched its vast collection of Outdoors gear and products that can be just perfect for users.

Recreation and Sports World Has Released Their Best Pool Loungers and Floats for Summer

LogoWith winter's icy cold in full effect, and in the process of digging their car out of the snow, dreams of summer are usually first and foremost in their minds.  This is why Recreation and Sports World has released their summer stock of items for people to look at and dream.  They have just released their new section called: Best Pool Loungers and Floats.  Shoppers can not only view the items and make a wish list, but they are also ready for purchase at significant savings from other retail outlets.

Flythesky.net - People Can Get a Custom Private Jet Charter Comfortably

A private jet chatter service is one that gives flyers an opportunity to have private time while flying with only the flyers preferred choice of crew. It allows flyers to experience the feeling of privacy and ownership while flying. This service offers a wide range of jets to choose from, carries you to your preferred choice of destination and each jet chartered comes with a pilot to fly the plane.

Ride Green Scooters Highlights Its Helmets for Sale

LogoThe bulk of the helmets sold by Ride Green Scooters are manufactured by HCI. All of the helmets sold at the Ride Green Scooters dealership are approved by the Department of Transportation, ensuring that buyers and riders are wearing protective gear that has been tested and will keep them safe when navigating the roads.

Nicamaka Distributors Provides Full-Color Printing

Nicamaka's logo tents can be customized with the name of a business or organization and are designed to be attention grabbing. Each of these tents come with pop-up legs that minimize the amount of necessary to get set up in venues like sporting events, trade shows, family-related events, and more.

Airwheel.net Brings Innovativeness in Its Electric Unicycle

Airwheel is a pioneer when it comes to self balancing scooters and unicycles. Their products are believed to be durable and of high quality. With many varieties when it comes to design and style, these have become an apt choice for those who like such vehicles.

Kellm.com Announces Discounts of Up to 80% on Their Sports Products

All sports lovers and outdoor products based in China can consider www.kellm.com for a myriad of products. There are many attractive items to be perused at their pages and all of these are said to be offered at 80% discounts. The quality of these is believed to be high and there are a number of big brands that are associated with KELLM.

Website Unveils Review and Comparisons of the Top Five Inflatable Kayaks

With the main objective to aid buyers in making the right choice when it comes to buying kayaks from the market or online, review site propaddling.com has recently released a new article where reviews and comparisons of the best five kayaks were being shared. According to the site's representative this initiative was taken so as to guide and assist many confused buyers who are looking for the right kayak for their next adventure in the water.

GolfCartsOutlet.com Announces Availability of Gas Golf Carts for Both Golfing as Well as Recreational Purposes

LogoGolfCartsOutlet.com, an online marketplace to buy golf carts, now announces availability of fully street legal Gas Golf Carts at great prices. They sell both New and Used / Refurbished Gas Golf Carts, shipped to the customers' door with a free, 6 month service agreement that is good nation-wide and can also be extended to 1 or 2 years if needed. The used gas golf carts that they offer are subjected to a full 40 point inspection and are shipped to the customers with a new paint job, new windshield and new hubcaps. The Gas golf carts that they offer are reliable, rugged in design, fuel efficient and equipped with various advanced features.