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Triple Seven Supplies Everything Electronic Cigarette Customers Want from a Starter Kit

LogoFor people new to the electronic cigarette industry, Triple Seven eCigs offers a great place to start. The T-4 Mini Tank Essentials Starter Kit comes with everything a new user needs to get started.

Triple Seven eCigs Makes Electronic Cigarettes More Convenient Than Ever

LogoTriple Seven is finding new ways to make its electronic cigarettes more convenient than any competitor’s product line out there. One of the company’s standout products is its line of prefilled or blank 808 disposable electronic cigarette cartridges.

The Best in Vaping Mods Being Offered by Triple Seven eCigs

LogoThe M-1 Vaping Mod from Triple Seven allows consumers to have a fully personalized e-cigarette experience. This high-end product comes from the most trusted name in electronic cigarettes and offers a host of premium options and features that are sure to satisfy any vaping enthusiast.

CanCigs Electronic Cigarettes Launches Brand New Wholesale Program to Canadian Retailers

Electronic cigarette retailers across the globe are focusing on the wholesale market as more and more retailers begin to add electronic cigarettes to their current inventory. Electronic cigarettes are showing up on Mom and Pop retail shelves as well as in larger chains as retailers feverishly tap in to this explosive market.

Green Smoke Ecigs Reviewed and Lauded for Its Money Value Quality Product

Ecig was patented in the year 1963, however, it gained popularity only over the last six years. Now it is hugely successful in many countries and its availability and accessibility has become easier. According to an online estimate, it is reported that the ecig industry contribute $1.7 billion to the economy every year. This proves that ecig companies are doing very well and have a large number of tobacco users shifting to ecig from traditional cigarettes.

Electroniccigarette-Outlet.com Now Brings New Multi Flavored Electronic Cigarette E-Liquid & Electronic Cigarette Kits for Enhanced Smoking Experience

There are numerous smokers, who are getting attracted towards electronic cigarettes, but many of them use to complain about burning smell and rusty flavor of the e-liquid that turn their smoking experience less exciting. Now, Electroniccigarette-Outlet.com brings a host of exciting flavors that can enhance the smoking experience of the users and will also encourage them to quit smoking of tobacco-based products. They also have tobacco-flavored electronic cigarette E-Liquid that can provide the real taste and flavor of tobacco, but does not cause any harm.

E-Cigarette Store Franchise Launches a Business Opportunity to Be Part of One of the Fast Growing Industries in America

With the economic crisis businesses everywhere are suffering with many of them being forced to close. However, there is one type of business that is thriving despite the doom and gloom of the economy, that business is the e-cigarette's business. With an estimated 42 million people smoking in the United States, and with cigarettes increasing all the time in price, it is no wonder men and women are turning to e-cigarettes making it one of the fastest growing industries in America as well as the world. Now thanks to the e-cigarette store and their franchise opportunity, entrepreneurs can now become involved in a multi-million pound industry.

Why FDA Is Trying to Stop Ecig Retailers

LogoEven in these days of strict indoor clean air laws, you can still legally puff away in movie theaters, restaurants or even on a plane. You just have to use a cigarette that runs on a battery, not tobacco.

Why Do the British Want Ecigs Banned?

LogoAnd a poll of nearly 1,000 people for BBC Breakfast suggests most support their use in public places and don't want to see a ban.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Growing in Canada?

LogoA major player is ECIG CANADA, this company has recently entered into Canada‘s electronic cigarette marketplace offering a variety of E-Cigs and related products including: pipes, cigars, juices and accessories, although they are fairly new to the industry they are continuously expanding their product line in an effort to meet the growing demand from Canadian consumers…

New Products from Triple Seven eCigs Target Female Consumers

LogoTriple Seven eCigs is rapidly expanding its product lines, offering more and more choices for its consumers. For people who feel limited by their options with traditional tobacco cigarettes this could prove to be the tipping point for many of them.

Triple Seven eCigs Begins Line of Classy Female-Centered Products

LogoTriple Seven eCigs has long been known for providing options for a wide range of customers. Their numerous electronic cigarette flavors are enticing for people who are tired of the same old flavor that traditional tobacco cigarettes give them. And their massive variety of products offers stylish alternatives to mundane cigarette paraphernalia.

Discovering and Locating the Best Camping Gear Has Been Made Easy with Review Site

The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention rates Camping high on their list of healthy activities. “For families, camping is a great way to get together and take advantage of all the great outdoors has to offer. Camping is a perfect way for families to get exercise. By its very nature, your trip will have you hiking, walking, swimming and biking to get around. This physical activity is something campers should be prepared to do with the right equipment and supplies on hand.”

Out with the Old Tobacco Cigarettes, in with the New Vapes: Transition Towards Quitting Smoking Addiction

LogoElectronic cigarettes are battery powered devices that heat a “juice”, nicotine-laced liquid, to generate inhalable vapor, instead of burning tobacco. The vapor from electronic cigarettes is far less harmful as compared to the tobacco’s that contains at least 7,000 chemicals, 70 of which are known to be carcinogenic.

Celebs Quit Smoking & Lose Weight the Slimple Way

LogoCelebrities have discovered “It’s Slimple” to quit smoking and lose weight with the Slimple electronic vaporizer with MaCoca™. The first ever portable vaporizers with no nicotine which can help anyone quit smoking and lose weight fast!

Triple Seven eCigs Creates Improved Long-Lasting Battery

LogoTriple Seven eCigs is renowned in the electronic cigarette industry for creating quality products that appeal to a wide range of smokers. Their large library of flavors, both traditional and exotic, has attracted the attention of consumers across the country. And they continue to refine their products and create new innovations for the industry.

ATV Outdoor Enthusiasts Select the St. George Based ATVAdventures.com New Pinzgauer-Jeep Tours and Safari-Jeep Tour Provided by Laurie Clay

LogoExperience Southern Utah's scenic backcountry up close and personal on an ATV.  Explore this unique landscape within site of the majestic formations of Zion National Park and close to St. George Utah. ATV & Jeep Adventure Tours in not the typical "pony-ride" tours like one may find in other parts of the state, they are an Adventure Tour Company! They have been in the guiding outfitter business in southwest Utah since 1996. One will not find any other ATV guiding company that knows the area like they do. Their experienced Guides are ASI Certified and are extremely knowledgeable in local History as well as geography. Their ATVs are the easiest and safest to operate, even riders with no prior experience can operate.* Their machines have automatic transmissions so the cusomer does not have to worry about shifting, just enjoy the ride.

E Cigarette Review Website Announces the Best E Cigarette Brand in the UK

A website recently announced the best e cigarette brands in the UK. With more people embracing the new ecig and shifting from traditional cigarettes, it is important for people do know which brand to trust. The market is already loaded with hundreds of ecigs brands making it difficult for smokers to take their pick. According to sources, the ecig industry is said to bring $1.7 billion revenue every year which indicates huge presence of ecig brands and users.

Yoga Rocks the Park Announces Launch of the Asheville, North Carolina Event Series

LogoSince its launch in 2009, Yoga Rocks the Park (YRP), Nationally presented by activewear company, Liquido, who recently opened their North American Headquarters in Asheville, and locally presented by Wick and Greene Jewelers, has grown steadily from one small grassroots gathering with just 30 people in Denver, Colorado to one of the fastest growing, family-friendly, outdoor live music, yoga, and wellness celebrations in the United States with 25,000+ nationwide attendees.

Captainec.com Announces Availability of Best Quality Electronic Cigarettes, E-Cig Kits & Clearomizer at Best Prices

Electronic Cigarettes have emerged as a healthy alternative to smoking. An e-cig doesn’t contain tobacco or any harmful ingredient and its natural and herbal ingredients are safe and eco-friendly. However, a variety of e-cigarettes are available in the market and one should focus on the best quality that is safe and healthy and also available at affordable prices. In the recent times, Captainec.com is a popular online marketplace with a range of Electronic Cigarettes and accessories that one can buy from them at the best prices.

Teds Woodworking Review by PR Apex - 16000 Step by Step Woodworking Plans & Projects

What could be more fun than working for one’s own house yourself and being proud of it in front of guests. Ted’s Wood working has provided people who love to craft wood with spectacular plans and designs which are cost effective and save one from the headache of searching for ideas in a magazine at a furniture store which contain messy, confusing diagrams and instructions. Ted’s woodworking consists of step by step guide lines and the materials needed for a particular project making it super easy to follow. These amazing plans have helped over 50,000 woodworkers and carpenters around the globe making it a program worth trying.

To Quit or Not to Quit: A Smoker's Dilemma

Logo“Watching the smoke dance out of a cigarette is like watching a girl dance out of her dress.” – D.H Mondfleur

Triple Sevens New Electronic Starter Kit Appeals to a Larger and More Diverse Marketplace

LogoThe Magnum starter kits from Triple Seven eCigs are already superlative products in their corner of the market. Few products can match their level of quality and craftsmanship. But now they are available in a new pearl pink color that is sure to grab the attention of a wider audience.

A Denver Smoke Shop, Headed West, Announces New Low Prices on Atmos Raw and Atmos Jr Vapor Pens

LogoHeaded West, a Denver smoke shop, announces new low prices on Atmos Raw and Atmos Jr vapor pens. They are also offering free shipping on orders of $50 or more, but the promo excludes Alaska and Hawaii. The store’s products set them apart when it comes to accessorizing, detoxing, gift giving, and stocking up on necessities.

The May Sale at Headed West Includes Ashcatchers at 25% off with Purchase of Waterpipe Online

LogoThe May Sale at Headed West includes Ashcatchers at 25% off with the purchase of a water pipe online. Some of the pipe and smoking accessories available at their shop include Acrylic Waterpipes, Butane Lighters, Bic Lighters, Ceramic Pipes, and many more. The company’s discounted prices are so attractive that customers are always eager to know the latest offers showcased at their store. Headed West’s quality products set them apart from other retail companies. They have even announced that all sales are for in-store purchases only while supplies last. A Denver smoke shop, Headed West is also offering a great opportunity to win AEG live concert tickets, just stop by the shop and enter to win. No purchases are necessary to enter or win, and only designated restrictions will be applied.