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Hawaii Employs FADs to Attract Massive Sportfish

Flyer Sportfishing, one of the best companies providing high-quality Hawaii deep sea fishing experiences, is advising adventurous fishers to book their trips now, as government-sponsored FADs have been increasing large fish activity throughout Oahu. This makes now an ideal time for fishers who are looking to step outside their comfort zones to try their hand at sport fishing in Hawaii, as massive schools of Ahi, Mahi Mahi, and Blue Marlin move into the area.

Learn More About Empire Ink's Manager and Professional Piercer

LogoTatiana maintains a strong passion for the industry, a quality that becomes immediately apparent when clients engage her in conversation. As someone who has several piercings and tattoos, Tatiana is well-qualified to advise customers on suggestions or help them understand and deal with any questions or concerns they may have. Anyone who has a rough idea of something they have in mind and would like some guidance should consider speaking to Tatiana.

Ecigs International Offers Various Starter Kits for Those New to Vaping

Ecigs International, a multi-location e-juice company in Southeast Pennsylvania, offers various starter kit options for those who are new to vaping. Starter kits are perfect for the novice vaper because, for the most part, they are easy to operate and come with simple instructions. Ecigs International carries starter kits from popular brand names Joyetech, eGO, Eleaf, amongst many more.

Oktoberfest at Elmwood Park Zoo Returns September 9, 2017

LogoThe wildest craft beer festival in Montgomery County returns to Elmwood Park Zoo for its tenth year. Oktoberfest will feature more than 40 breweries sampling their finest beers, wines, and ciders. As a unique Philadelphia event venue, the zoo hosts the festival this year on Saturday, September 9, from 1:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m.

Tents & Events Taking Accepting Customers in Need of Tent Rental Services Throughout September 2017

LogoHosting an event can be both exciting and stressful. With the right help, however, planning an event can be a breeze. Tents & Events is now accepting customers in need of tent rental services throughout September 2017. When it comes to tent rental suppliers, reliability is key. Tents & Events offers a wide selection of tents for any occasion, and is proud to offer rental services to those customers who need them. No matter how large the party is expected to be, Tents & Events has the perfect tent to serve the purpose.

Pretty in Paint Parties Now Booking 2017 Holiday Painting Parties

LogoPainting parties are a great way to spend time and create memories with friends. For a fun way to unwind and test out artistic skill, try a painting party. In fact, Pretty in Paint Parties is now booking 2017 holiday painting parties. Anyone who's ever thought about trying a painting class is encouraged to join in on the fun. The team at Pretty in Paint Parties believes that the potential to develop a hobby is better instilled at a party than at a class. The atmosphere is relaxed, and the pressure is off. With Pretty in Paint Parties, the idea is to relax and have fun.

Long-Time Houston Area Taekwondo Instructor Earns Rare Grand Master Status

LogoIn 1977, a young David McCloskey walked into a Pittsburgh, PA taekwondo school to enroll as a student. Forty years later he returned to the Pittsburgh school to earn his Grand Master Instructor status under his original master instructor.

Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet to Add Conditioning to the Wellness Aspect of Their Various Programs

Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet (CPYB), a nationally recognized school in the world of dance education, is pleased to announce it will be adding conditioning to the wellness aspect of its various programs. Adding conditioning into its training programs will help improve a student's aerobic capacity, muscular power, as well as flexibility and agility.

GunSafes.com Offers American Security Safes with Carefully Designed Locking Mechanisms and Bolt Work

LogoGunSafes.com, the America's leading online store for gun safes, offers an array of American Security safes with a lifetime warranty. American Security safes are best for keeping firearms protected and can be bought at the most competitive prices from this renowned store. The entire range of American Security safes that the company offers is built using supreme grade materials with solid steel plate door, ensuring the utmost security of your guns. With the added lifetime warranty against theft and fire and the option to add high gloss paint, these safes are best for any gun owner. Besides storing firearms, these gun safes can be used for storing other valuable including jewelry, cash, important documents, and many more.

Secure Firearms and Others Valuable Items in Attractive and Resilient Wall Safes from GunSafes.com

LogoAmerica's leading provider of gun safes, GunSafes.com offers some of the most resilient wall safes in an array of attractive designs. A wall safe is one of the highly regarded security devices for homes and offices that can be concealed behind a poster, painting, clock or other hanging obstruction which remains invisible to onlookers. These types of safes can be easily installed in between studs, and there are several other safes that even have the added feature of expandable depth. A wall safe unlike the traditional safe can disguise itself within a wall, ensuring high level of security and more storage room for important content.

GunSafes.com Offers a Wide Range of Dakota Safes with Anti-Pry Tabs for the Added Security

LogoAmerica's largest gun safes dealer, GunSafes.com offers a comprehensive selection of Dakota Safes in numerous model including Interloc-XP, DS39, DS42, etc. All of these safes come with the Dakota logo emblazoned on the front in black. The entire range is designed using heavy 10 gauge steel with fire rated gypsum interior linings with a 1 hour 45 minute / 1250° degree fire rating. Equipped with the highest quality Anti-Pry tabs, all of their Dakota safes create ultimate security around individual's firearms. The Dakota safes are offered in a range of sizes and models with some of the advanced features to meet the wide customers' needs. Each of the Dakota safe is fire resistant, robustly designed, corrosion resistant, and easy to use.

Buy High Quality Bad Lands Safes from America's Popular Online Store, GunSafes.com

LogoThe America's leading provider of gun safes, GunSafes.com offers Bad Lands Safes at the market's best rates. These safes are built with heavy 12- gauge steel and come in single color, textured black armor. All of the safes have Bad Lands logo inscribed on the front in silver and have Anti-Pry tabs. This feature is said to be the USP of Bad Lands Safes as only a few upper end safes have it. All of the Bad Lands Safes have hardened steel plates, to protect the vital parts of the safe, along with a re-locker and spring loaded pin. If the pin tampers, it locks up the whole safe. Besides this, Bad Land Safes also feature expanding door seals and beige fabric interiors making them a worthy purchase. They are available in three sizes BL24, BL28 & BL42 and are carefully tested against stringent parameters to ensure prolonged durability.

The BB Guns Updated Blog Is for Providing BB and Airsoft Guns Safety Tips

Only BB Guns, one of the UK's leading providers of BB guns and airsoft equipment are renowned throughout the industry for always going the extra mile, not only selling the greatest equipment at the lowest possible prices, but also striving to provide expert and advice and guidance at all times. This is why it did not come as a surprise to many when they updated their blog earlier this year providing great BB and airsoft gun safety tips.

Nautical Ventures Hires Domenico Fossati to Expand Their Marketing Channels for RIB, Inflatables and Tender Distribution

Nautical Ventures has brought aboard industry icon Domenico Fossati to help the company's aggressive plans to expand their Tender, Rib and Inflatable boat markets. With over 28 years of marine experience and fluent in 4 languages, Domenico will focus on both domestic and international sales for Highfield, Novurania, Metan, Ribjet, F-RIB and more.

Windsorgolfclub.com.au Launches Special Offers in Public Golf Bookings

LogoPeople who are interested in playing golf can consider the interesting offers at the Public Golf Bookings page of the aforementioned website. These can be redeemed at the Windsor Country Golf Club, which is one of the most popular online clubs in Australia. The offers are valid only until 30th of this month for social players who enjoy playing on weekdays.

MagicShine Lights for Complete Outdoor Lighting Assortment and Bicycle Lighting Range

Magicshine Light, the pioneer in bicycle lighting and lighting elements for outdoor activities announces its participation in EUROBIKE 2017, the world's leading bike fair, Friedrichshafen, Germany from 30th August to 2nd September at Hall No. A3-611. The company would present its latest products including their range of StVZO lighting that has been enhanced with the new MJ. The company has over 10 years of experience in bike lights and specializes in the latest multichip technology.

Blackfin Boats Assigns New Broward County Dealership to Nautical Ventures

Blackfin Boats is a 35-year old fishing boat icon whose world-renowned heritage earned them an early day reputation, "Overbuilt by any standard except the seas." Today that legend lives on, through new yacht-grade Blackfins that are being built by a leading independent Florida boat manufacturer, who has a solid reputation for building premier quality boats for more than 30-years.

Shooting UK Provides Useful Information for All Looking to Shoot Near Footpaths: Sports Guns Comments

Shooting UK, the largest shooting website in the UK, is renowned for the quality information and advice which they strive to provide at all times – Most recently posting an article regarding shooting near footpaths, allowing for shooters to learn how close they can shoot to footpaths.

Growing Enthusiasm for Shooting Sports in England and Wales: Pownalls Comments

This shows that the number of people getting involved in shooting sports is on the rise, and that the number of shotguns covered by certificates, which is currently 1,349,099 in England and Wales, is set to go up - quickly.

Airgun Shooting Discusses How Airguns Could Solve the 'Dragged Outside' Generation Dilemma: Pownalls Comments

Airgun Shooting, the home of air gunner and airgun world news, are renowned throughout the industry for the masses of information which they provide each month, not only allowing for all to keep up-to-date with the law but also for people to discover new events, tips, news and advice. Most recently they have published an article discussing how airguns could solve the 'dragged outside' generation dilemma, making for an incredibly interesting read.

Over 23,000 Shotgun Licenses Issued Across England and Wales in the Past Year: Solware Comments

It has recently become apparent that there is a growing enthusiasm for shooting and shooting sports in England and Wales, with police forces across England and Wales handing out over 23,000 new shotguns certificates in the past year.

Free Tickets Available for Solware Gun Shop & Lea Marston Shooting Ground Open Day This Month

On Sunday 27th August and Monday 28th August the Solware Gun Shop & Lea Marston Shooting Ground Open Day is taking place, and Solware are offering all customers the chance to get their hands on FREE tickets here: https://www.solware.co.uk/solware-2017-open-day. Those who don't get a free admission ticket will be charged £2 per car upon entry, but even that is a great bargain for the immense day in which it is anticipated to be.

Leading BB and Airsoft Provider Offering Price Match Guarantee

Only BB Guns are renowned throughout the airsoft and BB gun industry, not only known for the great and comprehensive range of products that they offer and their extremely competitive prices, but also for the advice and guidance that they offer too! The leading airsoft provider is now offering a price match guarantee to allow their customers to ensure that they are always getting the best deals.

SMOKEFREE Partners with BUDDY to Free Up the World from Nicotine Addiction

The pioneers of innovative electronic smoking products, SMOKEFREE has recently partnered with BUDDY to encourage smokers lead a nicotine free life by switching to electronic cigarettes. BUDDY will be responsible for providing SMOKEFREE Nano C and K1 e-cigarette kits, which are considered as healthier alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Only BB Guns Now Offering Gift Certificates

With the number of people involved in airsoft growing on a daily basis in the UK, and more and more people choosing to get involved, one problem has arisen – This is, that when birthdays come around people want to buy their friends airsoft related items and unless they're airsoft enthusiasts too, they are left with no clue as to what is a good gift choice and what isn't.