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Requirements to Purchase Airsoft Guns in the UK: Just BB Guns Comments

If you live in the UK and are new to airsoft or you are thinking about taking it up, it is important that you know about the restrictions on purchasing realistic imitation firearms that are black or tan in color.

Super Sale Now on at Sports Guns

One of the UK's leading retailers of air rifles and replica guns, who offer all of their items at the best possible prices continuously, are currently holding a 'Super Sale', allowing their customers to purchase the rifles of their dreams at truly unbelievable prices.

Solware Now Offering Leading Range of Colt Pistols

Solware, leading supplier of air rifles and air pistols, offering one of the largest collections within the UK is now proud to be offering a range of Colt pistols to their customers.

Xtreme45 Orange Pistol: Now with Free Co2 Capsules

Leading airsoft retailer Just BB Guns, suppliers of leading airsoft equipment at affordable prices have yet again excelled themselves, offering their customers and future customers a deal that it would be rude not to take advantage of. The Xtreme45 Orange Pistol is now being offered at the unbeatable price of £99.99 but not only that, it also comes with three free of charge Co2 capsules too.

OUTXPRO's New Product Mosquito Light Bulb Zapper Receiving Good Response from Amazon Customers

The new OUTXPRO™ Light bulb zapper is getting a very solid response from Amazon customers who find it to be a useful tool in combatting mosquitoes and insects in the home or business. This is an effective insect eradicating device that controls flying and biting bugs without chemicals.

National Ammo Supplier Allows Customers to Buy Ammo Online

LogoNational ammunition supplier, LAX AMMO, allows customers to buy ammo online from the comfort of their own homes. They keep a large selection of factory new ammunition from a variety of different brand names. Remington, Winchester, Blazer, Fiocchi, American Eagle plus many more are all sold in both their online store and brick-and-mortar location.  They sell ammunition for a variety of firearms including handguns, defense weapons, rimfire, rifles and shotguns.

Online Ammunition Store Provides One of the Largest Selections of Ammunition on the Web

LogoOnline ammunition store, LAX AMMO, is one of the number one suppliers of ammunition in the U.S.  They are able to provide savings to customers by manufacturing their own supply of reloaded ammunition.  Reloaded ammunition involves collecting, reshaping and reloading a bullet casing that has already been fired.  They use a detailed inspection process to ensure that their reloaded ammunition is of the highest quality possible.  Their inventory of reloaded ammo is available in a variety of types and calibers.

Ammunition Online Offered by Premier Loading Center with Large Selection

LogoLAX AMMO has one of the largest selections of both new and reloaded ammo, making it one of the best places to buy ammunition online.  Their number one priority is buying bullet components at the lowest point possible so that they can pass their savings down to their customers.  They guarantee case quantity pricing for all of their ammunition.

Just Airsoft Guns Introduce New Bundle Deals

Leading airsoft supplier Just Airsoft Guns constantly excel themselves, offering the most amazing value deals and offers for their customers to benefit from, and now they have gone even further – introducing a selection of phenomenal airsoft bundle deals.

NautiBuoy Enters American Market, Appoints Nautical Ventures as U.S. Reseller, Will Launch at FLIBS

Nautibuoy Marine has appointed Nautical Ventures as its re-seller in the US. The company will officially launch the Nautibuoy range at the Ft Lauderdale International Boat Show in November.

Elmwood Park Zoo Announces Wine Safari Event on August 5, 2016

LogoElmwood Park Zoo invites guests to journey with them on a Wine Safari on Friday, August 5 at 6 PM. This event, the first of its kind for Elmwood Park Zoo, features dozens of locally crafted fine wines and delicious food, accompanied by the lovely atmosphere of the zoo on a summer's evening. Those looking for things to do near Philadelphia should not look any further than this zoo.

Torrance Shooting Range Offers Safe Shooting Experience for Local Residents

LogoLAX Firing Range is a Torrance shooting range that is open to the general public.  This business has proudly been providing their products and services to the greater Los Angeles area since 1995.  Their shooting range is equipped with 14 individual shooting lanes that are 75 feet long.  Customers can bring in their own guns or test shoot with a variety of weapons provided by the range.  Shooters can fire with all handgun calibers, in addition to shotguns and high-powered rifles.

iCarbot Product Launch Attracted Ten Thousand People from New York

LogoThe iCarbot product launch conference of the F-wheel company was held on July 18th. This launch is obviously successful because over 10 thousand people from New York came to support the release of this product. In the last few months, the iCarbot stands out to be the latest fashion in the short trip commuting tool field. In the product launch, F-wheel won many new fans in USA and its sales amount was boosted a lot after this conference.

China Playpen Factory Introduces a Variety of Playpens, Slides & Swings and Game Toys at Affordable Prices

Sanlian Plastics Company has a wide range of plastic toys, slides and swings and playpens in their portfolio that can create a safe, engaging and entertaining playing environment for children of various ages. These playing equipments are meant for playschools, kindergarten, supermarkets as well as for the domestic use. All games and toys are environmentally safe and are easy to clean to keep them dust free and hygienic for children.

Flyer Sportfishing Enjoying an Exciting Summer

Flyer Sportfishing is having a great summer and anglers of all skill levels can also enjoy their time deep sea fishing in the Haleiwa region.

Trapped LaddersUp: Back It Now

LogoSome animals have laid a honey trap. There is a snake sitting on square 64 and another one on the 72, right at the end of the lane. The ladder in between these is violently shaking due to the gust of wind. Either you wait before casting the next turn so the weather thins out, or just take your changes to outdo and be done with a lucky throw. But all is not lost, on square 74 there is a ladder which takes you to 156, though there is a fire there, but you have enough power (bought out from inApps and good game) to walk you thru it. The rest is all chance and may the best dice thrower win. Hope the wager is odds in your favour.

ZipLine Utah Opens World's Longest Zipline to Ever Go over a Body of Water

LogoZipLine Utah announces the addition of "Screaming Falcon" to their two-mile adventure course giving ZipLine Utah the amazing distinction of being home to the longest zipline to go over a body of water.

THERAPY-IV Discusses South Florida's Fishing Spots

LogoYellowtail, mutton, and mangrove snappers were seen in large numbers just off of the Miami shores by daytime bottom fishers spending any time near Miami's reefs. These fish were accompanied by other sea dwellers like pilchards, ballyhoo, and bonitos.

Bean About: Beanbag in a Backpack - Sydney Designers Launch Kickstarter

Vanessa Wright and Andy Audsley are launching an innovative new product, the "Bean About", a portable beanbag in a backpack, available through their Kickstarter campaign page. The Bean About is targeted at anyone who loves a comfortable seat that can be easily carried to festivals, parks, the beach and outdoor cinemas. The Bean About is for anyone who likes to be comfortable whenever and wherever they go while looking awesome.

Big 6 Outdoor Gear Announces Wide Range of Products

Today there is a growing demand for outdoor products amongst people who want to indulge in different activities that take them away from the hustle and bustle of city life. People's lives have become quite stressful and they are looking for getaways that are rejuvenating and relaxing at the same time. While some might prefer to go Camping on their own others like to indulge in the activity with their loved ones and friends.

Fun for Everyone Announces Discount on Inflatables

Events of all sizes warrant the services of Fun For Everyone. From event rentals across Montgomery County (PA) to Philadelphia (PA) water bounce house deliveries, the entertainment company prides itself on catering to the specific needs of every party. As the company's reputation grows across Pennsylvania, so do the discounts that they offer. Fun For Everyone is pleased to announce a special promotion for large parties in 2016 that will save money for customers who order five or more units at the same time for their event.

Nautical Ventures Opens New Riviera Beach Dealership

Nautical Ventures is opening its third South Florida showroom at 1501 Broadway in Riviera Beach, Florida. The decision to open this store comes in the wake of all the new expansion at Riviera Beach Marina and the Rybovich Yachting Center, adjacent to the new dealership.

Microbiz, an Entire Micro Economy in One Board Game, Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoMicrobiz, a new, globally comprehensive board game for 3-6 players, has officially launched a Kickstarter campaign to garner widespread support and financial backing for the final manufacturing and shipment of the game. Reflecting the fun, interactive elements of Monopoly but going far beyond it, Microbiz has been dubbed an entire "little economy" right in a standard table board game.

Outdoors Ladies Announces Vast New Collection

Outdoors Ladies, a dedicated online store has now made it possible for users to find the products they need to ensure that they can partake in their favorite Outdoor activities safely and comfortably.

OUTXPRO New Product Release: The Electronic Bug Zapper Fly and Mosquito Killer

The company that's responsible for providing home and commercial care producing the best mosquito eliminators and other flying bug killers, OUTXPRO™, unleashed its latest bug zapper equipment, the 20w Electronic Bug Zapper Fly and Mosquito Kill Trap. It's safe and can reduce all kinds of harmful outdoor and indoor bugs anytime and anywhere.