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Research Has Proven That Sleeping in a Hammock Improves the Horizontal Alignment of the Head

The Federal University of Piaui in Brazil has conducted an unprecedented study regarding the positive effects sleeping in a hammock can have on the human body. As such, they concluded that not only does sleeping outside encourage healthier sleeping habits but it also helps align the human body posture and alleviate eventual lower-back pains.

Now Camp Hunt Fish Introduces High Quality Products

Camp Hunt Fish has given a shot in the arm to Outdoors enthusiasts, who can now indulge in their chosen activities comfortably with the help of products they can buy with ease.

Firefly Music Festival, the Coachella of Delaware Is Happening This June, Just in Time for Lazy Monk to Hang Their Hammocks

The music festival season is just around the corner and the Firefly Music Festival prepares the last details for this year's 4-day music extravaganza! With over 140+ bands as lineup, the entertainment is guaranteed, however, there is one last thing to consider, and that small detail can make or break the entire experience.

Why Gun Fit and Gun Mount Are So Essential: Solware Comments

Shooting UK, an online shooting site releasing the latest shooting news, tips and gun reviews has recently posted an article on their site which brings the shooters back to basics – talking about gun mount and gun fit. Ben Davies, deputy shooting manager at Bisley has said how important gun mount and fit are in taking down a bird.

Shotgun Scholarship at Drury University: Only BB Guns Comments

News-Leader, an online website which covers local news, sports and entertainments has released an article which informed readers that Drury University has now decided to make shotgun shooting a scholarship sport. This was an incredibly popular choice among students who love shooting clay targets with a shotgun. Drury's aim has always been to expand their outlets in order to attract current and incoming students, suiting everybody's interest.

Bitcoin-Based Game SpacePirate - A Sci-Fi Fantasy Adventure Role Playing Game Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoSpacePirate Games have announced that their all new retro-style, multi-player, role-playing, science fiction adventure game called SpacePirate: Age of Rust. The games sends a player on a dark adventure through galaxy to some of the strangest and most exotic locations in the universe. The game is about societal collapse and dystopian future into the stars and it can be played with a single-player or multi-player gameplay.

Regulating the Sleeping Patterns Has Never Been Easier! a Few Days Outdoors and a Hammock Can Do Wonders

A recent study conducted by Kenneth Wright at the University of Colorado Boulder states that the use of electronics and exposure to artificial light will increase the chances of suffering from dysfunctional sleeping patterns. These unhealthy habits "[…]in modern society are associated with negative performance and health outcomes such as morning sleepiness and accidents, reduced work productivity and school performance, substance abuse, mood disorders, diabetes, and obesity." says Kenneth Wright at the University of Colorado Boulder.

NYC Grand Central Terminal a Meet & Greet for Ghost Hunting This Spring

This spring beneath the streets of Midtown Manhattan, groups of fearless ghost hunters in training will be led by two of New York's noted paranormal investigators in a search for ghostly spirits that call Grand Central Terminal their home. And after a crash course in the fundamentals of ghost hunting (including the workings of a variety of ghost hunting tools of the trade), these hunters will be ready to embark on an adventure through winding passages, past darkened halls and tracks in their quest to unearth the unknown.

The Management and Strategy Institute Offers Six Sigma Green Belt Certifications

LogoThe Management and Strategy Institute, which provides Six Sigma training for professionals who wish to expand their skillset, is pleased to announce that they offer Six Sigma Green Belt certification programs. This program was exclusively developed for the Management and Strategy Institute to give learners a strong foundation of Six Sigma principles. They will then be able to apply these skills to work more effectively in their team. This course, all of its materials, and the certification test are available online for just $199.95. Since there are no prerequisites, anyone who is interested may take the course, which also includes information for the Yellow Belt level.

Domaine De La Dolce: A Family-Focused Retreat Location in the French Countryside

Domaine de la Dolce, a family-focused, kid-friendly retreat facility designed to provide both parents and children with an alluring, exciting, and child-friendly holiday in the heart of Southwest France, continues to outshine the competition as a family-centric relaxation destination in one of France's most beautiful locations.

NYC Is Full of What? Clowns

A lot of people feel that the hustle and bustle of living in NYC is sort of like juggling five things at once under the roof of a big top three ring circus -- now hold that thought! A totally unique interactive clowning around experience is now taking New York's topsy-turvy energy on the road and it's called Clowning Around Tours.

X-drenaline Partners with Math Mind Workshop to Offer STEM Camps

LogoX-drenaline, Atlanta's premier indoor family fun center and trampoline park, is teaming up with Math Mind Workshop to offer STEM-focused summer camps.

NYC Ghost Hunters Encounter Paranormal Activity with the Ghostbuster's...Building

The Ghost Doctors (aka Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew) paranormal investigators and licensed NYC tour guides may not have proton packs strapped to their backs -- but they're more than equipped to handle a few ghosts hanging out at the Ghostbusters Building.

DUKE 10 Launched a Kickstarter Campaign Set to Revolutionize the Banjo Ukulele

LogoDuke 10 has been launched as a solution to create a lightweight yet powerful banjolele. This remarkable instrument has no excessive hardware, heavy woods, pointless resonators or embellishments that don't add value or tunefulness and only increase the cost. The instrument is lightweight and produces amazing sound and is so easy to play. It is fully adjusted right out of the box meaning users can start playing immediately.

Top Online E-Bike Retailer Zappy Wheels Launches FREE Electric Bike E-Book Guide

LogoLeading online e-bike retailer Zappy Wheels has recently launched a FREE electric bike guide for all the electric bike enthusiasts out there. Titled as "The Complete Guide to Electric Bikes", the text shares exclusive insights to know before and after buying an e-bike.

SUP Rentals Ltd Launches in the UK – Stand Up Paddleboards for Hire

SUP Rentals Ltd announces the launch of its Oxfordshire based stand up paddle board hire business offering inflatable paddleboards to rent in the UK.

Stars and Strikes Participates in the Kids Bowl Free Program for a Summer of Fun

LogoSummer is fast approaching and parents are looking for outlets to provide entertainment and fun for their kids. Many summer activities and programs can be pricey, but one program offers parents a summer of fun for kids for free.

Customers Are Turning to Body Armor Megastore for Their Protection Products

Body Armor Megastore is a producer and supplier of tactical body armor and has an inventory created for the purposes of protection. Based out of Royersford, PA, the family-owned business carries Level II, Level III and Level IIIA body armor.

LAX Ammunition Changing the Online Ammunition Store Game

LogoSouthern California's leading ammunitions manufacturing and distribution center, LAX Ammo, is also a premiere online ammunition store in the nation. The online ammunition store distributes a variety of brand name ammunition and gear, as well as their own brand name and reloaded rounds.

Captain Dennis Forgione Speaks at This Year's Ladies, Let's Go Fishing

LogoCaptain Dennis appeared at the event as one of the guest speakers and also captained one of the offshore sportfishing boat events where participants fished for dolphin, wahoo, kingfish, sailfish, and more.

Justin Short Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Produce the IRIS Multi-Caliber System

LogoThe technology of modern firearms has become more advanced and sophisticated. However, these advances are still far from the fabled and highly anticipated phaser gun of science fiction. The Iris System is the firearm that will bridge the gap between the present and the future of weaponry technology.

ECigs International Teaches Beginners How to Choose the Right E-Juice

This April, ECigs International provided beginners to vaping with five tips on choosing the right e-juice. Their public announcement explained basics from the ingredients found in most e-juices, to why it is important to allow the product to steep before using it. Beneficial for new users and as a refresher course for avid vape fans, Ecigs International's lesson on e-juice accurately details how to choose everything from flavor to nicotine levels. Those interested in learning about e-juice and vaping in general, should visit their website at: www.ecigg.org/.

Step Right Up the Clowns Are Coming to Grand Central Terminal in NYC This Spring

Now a lot of New Yorkers at one time or another felt like leaving it all behind and just running away to join the circus. Well luckily, now they don't have to run very far thanks to a totally different type of NYC tour called, "Clowning Around Tours." In fact this tour is unlike any typical walking tour, it's more like a show where the participants don't merely tag along but actually become part of the action.

NYC American Museum of Natural History a Ghost Hunting Adventure This Spring

The Ghost Doctors (aka Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew) paranormal investigators and licensed NYC tour guides will be on a quest this spring to uncover supernatural goings-on in one of world's most famous natural history museums -- the American Museum of Natural History, And now these two intrepid ghost hunters are sharing the experience with groups of courageous thrill seekers daring to partake in a "real" ghost hunt through this iconic museum.

Ancient Egyptian Mummies Enjoy a Paranormal Read in NYC Metropolitan Museum of Art

If an ancient Egyptian ghostly spirit needed directions on how to navigate the afterlife he or she didn't have to pull their chariot over at a local rest station, they would just refer to their personal copy of the "Book of the Dead" to find their way through the netherworld. And it seems that a few ghostly spirits may still be sneaking a peak at this ancient road map according to New York's own Ghost Doctors (aka Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew) paranormal investigators and licensed NYC tour guides.