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Popular Sacramento Bike Shop Celebrates Third Year of Business Success with a Party and Happy Customers

Sacramento bike shop celebrates third year of business success with a party that includes free food and drinks for their happy customers.

findthc.info Announces Crowdfunding Campaign for Independent, Comprehensive Cannabis Directory

FindTHC.Info, a cannabis directory and information system, is thrilled to announce the launch of its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Addressing the void of reliable and trustworthy information in the industry, FindTHC.Info is building a in-depth database of reviews and studies on the different strains and breeds of marijuana. They aim to provide businesses with a service that offers Phenotype, Cannabinoid, and Terpene profiles, rather than hype; and to allow medical marijuana patients to rate items on medical value, potency, and flavor, as well as to find an intelligent, algorithm-driving system of recommendations for their needs.

The Sensor Controlled Vehicles Offered by This Company Make the Life of Users More Efficient

The news that INMOTION Technologies Co. Ltd., a high tech enterprise, has specialized in the research and development of SCVs or Sensor Controlled Vehicles may interest those who follow the trends in this field and those who use these vehicles. INMOTION Technologies Co. Ltd. says that since the introduction of their first generation of INMOTION SCV, they have grown to such an extent that their products including the INMOTION Unicycle, the INMOTION Scooter, etc. are now available in more than 50 countries and territories worldwide.

Fancy Self–Balancing Vehicle Competition by InMotion

InMotion is all set to launch a world carnival for fancy self balancing vehicles. The carnival is to be held at Singapore on 24th April 2016. InMotion has introduced a wide range of Sensor Controlled Vehicles based on latest technology and designs.

Inmotion: The Smart Electric Sensor Controlled Vehicle Provides a Thrilling Driving Experience

China has developed a new way of commuting in urban areas. INMOTION Technologies, Co., Ltd. has developed a new INMOTION SCV that is a smart electric, self-balancing sensor controlled vehicle. The vehicle operates instinctively and thereby provides a thrilling driving experience to the people. The experience of touring on this vehicle is really unique, fun and exciting.

INMOTION Sensor Controlled Vehicles Launched

InMotion has launched a brand new self balancing electrical sensor controlled vehicle. It is coupled with high power motors that can easily accelerate and decelerate the vehicle with smoothness.

The Great British Shooting Show 2017

Shooting enthusiasts from around the world will gather in 2017 for the annual Great British Shooting Show, held at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire. Running from the 10th February through to the 12th February 2017, the event will feature the latest technological advances from a variety of world famous manufacturers of shotguns, rifles, air guns, lights and optics in an industry spectacular showcase event.

Plans for New Airsoft Centre to Open in Cardiff

Plans have been submitted to construct a large scale indoor Airsoft Centre, the first of its kind in Wales. If successful, the application to build the arena on St Catherine Park industrial estate in Cardiff would see the first long term Airsoft Centre for combat games using replica firearms.Airsoft has been popular as a team sport in the UK for a number of years now and players are tasked with taking out members of the opposing team by firing pellets at them. England is home to a variety of Airsoft venues but as yet, there are no venues in Wales.

Kayak Morris Adds Guided Kayak Tours at Starved Rock State Park Area

Kayak Morris is thrilled to announce the addition of a new guided kayak tour to the list of Starved Rock State Park area tours.

Pretty in Paint Parties Now Booking Kids Painting Parties and More Throughout Spring 2016

LogoPretty In Paint Parties (PIP), is now booking kids painting parties and more throughout the duration of the spring 2016 season. Parents who are tired of renting bounce houses, hiring clowns, or scheduling the same boring house party for their child's birthday, can plan a paint party with Pretty In Paint Parties. In fact, not only will children spend the majority of their time painting, but they can take home a unique "goody bag," their own 16×20 painting.

Laser Tag Is Taking over the Popularity of Paint Ball

LogoThere are many gun sports that can be practiced these days: soft ball, paint ball and what not but nothing beats the excitement and adrenaline that comes with laser tag. Once you play a round equipped with the high tech guns of laser tag then one can be sure that there is no way back. This sport entices both grown ups and children - offers an indispensable sense of military action that would never be simulated in a video game like Call of Duty, for example.

The Handwork Studio: Classes for Seasons, Skills for Life

A child's creativity is something special because it can be fostered, nurtured and grown. In the right hands, it can be focused to allow for greater things. Children depend on their imaginations, and their creativity, to provide a sense of self. With a child's imagination, an activity can be an adventure and the completion of a craft can be a treasured achievement.

Campshopventure.com Promises to Be a Convenient Camping Needs Online Store

People who like to spend their free time in camping and hiking can consider the above mentioned website for the relevant products. They have a series of categories that help people in several outdoor activities. Such outings have been described as a good source of recreation and help people in rejuvenating within a short span of time. Be it a small fishing trip or an overnight camp, there are multiple items of interest to be perused.

Coloring Books and Fine Art Animals – A Creative Love Story

Lisa Marie of Artistry by Lisa Marie introduced her all-new Pet Lovers Coloring Book, featuring hand- drawn animal art in realistic greyscale. Containing classical drawings, the Pet Lovers Coloring Book features beautiful lifelike images of both cats and dogs, all created by hand, with unique designs for users to enjoy. The new coloring book delivers hours of fun and relaxation, enables creatives to practice and hone their artistic skills, and is the next level in a fine art adult coloring book.

Camp Fire Essentials Gear Launches Exciting Products

Camp Fire Essentials Gear has launched its vast collection of products including Outdoors gear and equipment that are absolutely essential for enthusiasts.

Fish Finder Hub Creates Detailed Buying Guide for All Circumstances

LogoFishFinderHub.com has issues an all-encompassing buying guide for fishermen of any level, helping them identify the best suited fish finder to their circumstances.

Ride Green Scooters Discusses Florida Requirements

LogoFloridians riding motor scooters are not required by law to have the typical insurance associated with traditional standard vehicles. However, riding a motor scooter with a 49cc engine does require having a valid standard driver's license, though this license can be issued from another state besides Florida.

AmmoPal Announces Launch of Versatile Shotgun Shell Dispenser

The team at AmmoPal is thrilled to announce the official launch of their versatile shotgun shell dispensers. The first production run is in hand and pre-orders started shipping in April 7th 2016.

Gummi USA Announces Attendance at the 2016 International Boat Show

Gummi USA announces that they will be attending the 2016 International Boat Show in New Orleans, Louisiana from November 30 through December 2. The International WorkBoat Show draws in owners and operators of offshore service vessels, harbor and ocean going tugs, and crew and supply boats. The show sports the latest in marine safety, business management, technology, government regulations and more. Gummi, a company who works with power transmission products, is the leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of these products. They are used for oil field, mining, manufacturing, and marine industries around the world. The 2016 International Boat Show is just one event they will be attending this year.

Spring Barn Farm Park Announce Exciting New Events for Summer 2016

LogoSpring Barn Farm Park, the leading children's farm park and indoor play in the UK have announced several new and exciting events for 2016.

Fun for Everyone Delivers Full-Service Party Entertainment

Founded in 1996, Fun For Everyone began as a family-owned business dedicated to combining creativity and compassion to deliver an unforgettable party experience for its clients. Since day one, the company has offered exemplary customer service to provide a unique experience for customers of all ages. The business currently services Berks, Bucks, Philadelphia, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties in Pennsylvania.

Flyer Sportfishing Continues to Enjoy a Fruitful Spring Fishing Season in Oahu

The calm waves and deep waters off the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii are an attractive spot for both amateur and professional sport anglers. This part of the Pacific Ocean is in perfect condition to draw in schools of trophy-worthy fish. Flyer Sportfishing, a deep sea fishing company based in Hawaii, recently let customers know that the spring angling season is going strong in Oahu, and that they are currently taking sportfishing charter reservations.

Jungle Jumps Announces Their Limited Time Sale Combos

USA's largest commercial inflatables manufacturers, Jungle Jumps announces their high-on-demand limited time sale combos. They are offering several combo packages at amazing low prices. Jungle Jumps is already world famous because of their superior quality commercial inflatables and for their amazingly low prices, and such mega sales just adds more goodwill in their name.

Camp Fire Essential Gear Launches Exciting Products

Camp Fire Essential Gear has launched its vast collection of products including Outdoors gear and equipment that are absolutely essential for enthusiasts.

Sale of Horseballs Game Brand and Business

LA Games, Ltd. today announced it is selling its game brand and business, Horseballs, a popular, but crazy game with a measure of skill, a lot of luck and a ton of fun thousands have come to love.