Leisure and Lifestyle Press Releases

Set in Stone Announces Sponsorship of Women on the Move Luncheon

The Women on the Move luncheon is a yearly event organized by Main Line Today to celebrate women who have forged highly successful careers in various fields and industries. The event has grown consistently and, last year alone, almost 400 guests gathered to network, share thoughts and connect with each other.

Clayton Jennings Is Keynote Speaker at 2015 RedLetter Conference

Noted evangelist Clayton Jennings is the keynote speaker for an exciting and innovative faith based event: RedLetter Conference to be held Saturday, October, 24th in La Palma, California.

NZVAPOR Publishes New Guide to the Top Five Benefits of Vaping over Smoking

Vaping has become ever more popular in the smoking community, yet despite this many traditional smokers don't seem to understand the appeal. NZVAPOR creates and sells a range of e-liquids and electronic cigarettes specifically for the New Zealand market, and has done so very successfully because they understand the advantages explicitly. Now, they are sharing that knowledge with the general public in a new guide, which features no less than five benefits vaping provides compared to smoking.

'Safe for Kids' Window Coverings from Lerner Interiors

Lerner Interiors (www.windowcoveringstoronto.ca), a well known window covering company in Toronto has come up with their 'Safe for Kids' range of window treatments for homeowners in the city and GTA. These cordless window coverings of different kinds have been designed to overcome all risks associated with loose ends of cords. Earlier in the year, the Window Covering Manufacturers Association (WCMA) announced a "Best for Kids" program, a third party certification process that was specifically designed to help consumers and retailers to identify window coverings that were best suited for homes with young children.

SVAKOM Invites Interested Candidates to Proclaim About Their Affiliate Program

The launch of their affiliate program by SVAKOM has garnered a lot of interest amongst people who wish to make money by way of commissions of 25 to 30% on sales of their products. The Company was founded in 2006 and deals with massagers for women. It is said to be a pioneer in such products and has a variety of them to choose from. All those who wish to know more about the affiliate plan can visit www.svakom.net/affiliate.html.

Southern Outdoor Solutions Introduces Expansive Collection

Southern Outdoor Solutions, a specialized online store has made it possible for users to find products of their choice in one place so that they can make the most out of their trips into the Great Outdoors without any hassle.

A Brand New Store for Prom and Party Dresses Opens Online

Sighting the demand for exclusive prom and party dresses, Party Wedding Dresses, the latest online fashion store with the most recent designs has opened its online store for all the fashionistas out here. Featuring a wide selection of beautiful prom dresses, party dresses for teens and pageant dresses for little girls, this premier online store seems to have come to the market to rule it, literally.

3-Gun Nation Nationals Show Soaring Gun Sports Popularity: Just BB Guns Comments

Last month saw a great event take place in US shooting. The place was the US Shooting Academy just North of Tulsa and the occasion was the 3-Gun Nation Nationals – the ultimate gun sport event. This is part of the rising popularity of 3-gun matches, which seem to be talking the States by storm.

6 Pack Abs Guide Launched on New Website Trends Healths to Get People Looking Cut Fast

Six pack abs are the one universal sign of a fit, healthy and virile individual. They have become a symbol of strength, as the core is responsible for carrying the body through life, as well as a symbol of sexual attractiveness in both men and women. Getting 6 pack abs is not easy however, otherwise everyone would do it, and this allows myths to abound about the best way to get cut. Trends Healths is a new website that analyses real data to debunk online myths, and it has published a new myth busting guide to six pack abs, to help more people get cut faster.

Supreme Squeeze Shares Customers' Favorite Hacks for Quicker Results

Hand grippers provide a multitude of benefits, enabling individuals to regain hand strength, rehabilitate injuries, and maintain or improve grip strength. To assist individuals achieve results faster, Supreme Squeeze spokesperson, Eric Currey, announced that the firm is sharing some of its customers' favorite grip strength hacks.

Kids Imaginative Launches 12-Piece Dinosaur Figurine Set

LogoKids Imaginative is pleased to announce the official launch of their newest product, the 12-Piece Dinosaur Toys Set. The brand new set offers 12 large dinosaurs of varying species. Each piece is 5-7" in height with vibrant colors to engage the attention of children ages 3 and up.

Establishedmen Was Ranked Sixth Among the Best Millionaire Dating Sites According to MillionaireDatingSites.us

A millionaire dating site is ranked sixth among the best online dating sites. It offers quality encounters for free to its users, particularly females. Having subscriptions to different millionaire dating sites can cause confusion. A solid, stable choice is recommended because it gives people more time to find and establish a connection with other members.

New York Bride & Groom of Raleigh Announces a Grand Opening Special

New York Bride & Groom of Raleigh announces a grand opening special. Brides who purchase a special order wedding gown receive a free New York Bride custom veil, valued at up to $250, and with nearly 20,000 square feet of pure bridal bliss, every woman is sure to find a dress they love. In fact, the entire wedding party will find attire at this shop, as the selection of New York Bride & Groom of Raleigh Bridesmaid Dresses cannot be beat.

Keeva Organics Publishes Full List of Ingredients with Provenances on Tea Tree Oil Products

Beauty is a concern not just for women anymore, but for all people, and keeping skin healthy and in pristine condition is increasingly the concern of men, who find themselves weathered, dry and even pockmarked by acne. The problem many men face is that so many products are filled with chemical additives that react badly with skin, making the problem even worse. Keeva Organics do things differently, and are now offering a full breakdown of all ingredients used in their products and why, for ultimate peace of mind.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Inc. Launches New Line of Star Wars Christmas Sweaters

Thanksgiving has been and gone, and now the preparation for Christmas kicks into high gear. For millions of people however, their advent calendars and countdowns are not for the 25th of December, but for the 17th, when JJ Abrams looks to recapture the magic and mythos of the Star Wars Universe together with much of its original cast. To celebrate the forthcoming release, Ugly Christmas Sweaters has combined the two most anticipated events of December with a new range of hideously awesome Star Wars Sweaters designed to combine Christmas Spirit with The Force.

Big Bounce Fun House Rentals Publishes Tips for Your Holiday Corporate Party

According to BizJournals.com, the average company spent $142 per person for their holiday party in 2014, a ten percent increase over the previous year. They report companies are looking for unique ways to celebrate the season, with some hauling in artificial snow and others holding a cocktail competition class. For those businesses wishing to include the entire family in the celebration, Big Bounce Fun House Rentals (bigbouncefunhouserentals.com) can be of great help.

Follixin Hair Launches to Offer Hair Loss Prevention Advice for Portuguese Speakers

Hair is in many ways a vestige of our evolutionary heritage, and yet it plays and important part in our attractiveness to other people and as such, our confidence in ourselves. Male pattern baldness is a genetic inheritance of as much as 70% of the population, with differing levels of severity. For those lucky enough to escape that, premature graying hair is also possible. Many men seek ways to manage or even overcome these unwanted transitions, and Follixin Hair is a new website dedicated to helping Portuguese speakers achieve that goal.

Mortgage Attorneys Can Help Homeowner Save Home from Foreclosure

LogoMortgage servicing fraud has affected many homeowners in the wake of the financial meltdown and still persists today.  Many mortgage fraud activities are occurring without the awareness of the average homeowner. Common examples include "losing" documents sent by the borrower, denying modifications without adequate review of the application, breaching a valid contract such as a trial modification agreement, and failing to comply with SB900 requirements that protect the homeowner from illegal foreclosure.

Hideal JSC Reveals the Best Black Friday Deals on the Market This Holiday Season

This year's consumer surveys are in, and the data collected by the National Retail Federation indicates that well over 100 million Americans plan to participate in the Black Friday shopping craze. With each planning to spend nearly $500 dollars on Christmas gifts for themselves, family members, and friends, financial forecasters are predicting that product sales will hit $603 million this season.

Celebrity Skin Website Launched in Response to Anti-Aging Industry Uptick

Reports from online data sharing portal Statista reveal the global skin care industry has reached $115 billion in revenue this year alone. With the worldwide quest for extended youth continuing on an upward trend and dozens of companies introducing new products in an effort to cash in on this movement, annual sales are projected to soar another estimated $40 billion by 2021. This comes as no surprise to William Anderson who has recently launched the Celebrity Skin website in response to this uptick in the anti-aging sector.

The Baby Lodge Launches Effective New Child-Safety Cabinet Locks at Amazon

The Baby Lodge launched an important new child-safety product at Amazon.com. Equipped with furniture-friendly 3M foam tape, the company's new cabinet locks are easy to install, while an innovative triple-action lock keeps even the most resourceful babies from accessing potentially dangerous places. The flexible design of the locks allows them to be installed around corners, while parents can easily trim them to keep them looking neat.

Purest Vantage Announces Extra Value Savings This Black Friday

Angela Kennedy, founder of Purest Vantage, announced that the firm will be providing special offers to Amazon customers on its pure magnesium oil spray this Black Friday.

Website Posts a New Article That Explains About the Significance of Angel Number 222

Lightbodyactivation.net has recently posted a new article about Angel Number 222 with an aim to enlighten the readers of the significance and implications of the particular number's occurrence in a person's life. The blogger, Blanca Maldonado has provided full detailed explanations starting from the number '2' and how it is related to the Hebrew letter BET.

Make Garages Look Larger with NewAge Pro Series Cabinets from Garages123.com

Garage cabinets are the simplest solution for organizing cluttered garages. They help individuals to keep their garages, well-organized and clean by providing them ample storage space. Keeping the needs of their customers in mind, Garages123.com is now providing NewAge Pro Series Cabinets at the most competitive prices. These cabinets protect tools and floor from humidity, pests and other destructive agents. They not only save supplies from harm, but also store them in a proper and systematized way. Manufactured using high quality materials, these cabinets are fully welded cabinets with powerful magnetic doors. The NewAge Pro Series Cabinets that the company offers include Pro Series 36 PC Set, Pro Series 24 PC Set, Pro Series 16 PC Set, Pro Series 9 PC Set, Pro Series 7 PC Set and many others in different colors and specifications.

Supreme Squeeze Examines the Benefits of a Strong Grip for Women

The day of the weak and vapid handshake is over for women and they can develop a strong, confident grip with Supreme Squeeze hand grippers. Women need a strong grip for the same everyday activities that men do – in the kitchen, office, gym, and stress relief. To help women make informed decisions about hand grippers, the firm offers an exploration of the device's benefits.

Cigar Inspector Publishes New Infographic of Their Readers' Favorite Cigars, with Surprising Results

Smoking is now in decline around the world, as high taxation, health campaigns and electronic alternatives become more and more commonplace. As cigarettes die out however, cigars are going from strength to strength, supported by a growing online network of enthusiasts sharing recommendations and experiences. Cigar Inspector is a hub of likeminded and experienced cigar smokers, and they have now conducted a survey to discover the favorite brands of cigars from across their readership. The results have just been published in an infographic.

Storing Holiday Cheer, One Toy at a Time - Amazing Spaces Storage Centers Partnering with the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation Again This Year

LogoSince 1947, impoverished children throughout the United States have been helped by the United States Marine Corps by their Toys for Tots Foundation. The mission of the USMC: bring joy into the lives of needy children during Christmas. Inspired by this cause, Amazing Spaces Storage Centers has participated as a drop off location for toys over the last seven years. Since 2008, locally Amazing Spaces has collected toys for this worthy endeavor at each of its self-storage properties in Houston. Once again this year, Amazing Spaces is reaching out to its community, networking affiliates, and family members to donate a new, unwrapped toy.