Leisure and Lifestyle Press Releases

Martin's Furniture Announces Mega Mattress Sale

Martin's Furniture is pleased to announce their MEGA Mattress Sale for the month of August. Choose from a variety of brands and styles.

Eby Exteriors, Inc. Selected to Renovate Historic Pennsylvania Property

Eby Exteriors, Inc. of Lancaster County, PA will conduct the renovation of the historic David M. Mayer house in Manheim Township near the new Whole-Food Anchored Shoppes at Belmont shopping center. The project will prevent the demolition of the home, a likely candidate for the National Register of Historic Places. Eby Exteriors, Inc. recently received the prestigious assignment to restore the exterior of the lovely farmhouse, which dates from the period between 1870 and 1874. Tentative plans are for the home to be used for professional offices

High Quality, Fashionable Wholesale Cheap Clothes by Fashion71.net

Fashion71.net is pleased to offer an exciting range of wholesale fashion clothing for women at amazing prices. There are many stores online that offer high end designer clothing but which are not cheap or pocket friendly. Many women also prefer wearing designer clothing as it not only provides them the good looks but also increases their confidence. But how often can they spend so much money to keep their wardrobes updated with the latest fashion?

Fashion71.net Offers Wholesale Cheap Clothes Latest in Trend and Fashion

Fashion71.net is pleased to offer their beautiful range of fashion clothing exclusively for women at the most amazing prices. Each and every piece of clothing that is available here is designed by professional in-house designers who keep themselves updated with the latest trends in the fashion industry. The wholesale cheap clothes might be cheap in prices but not in quality or fashion. They are made up of high quality fabrics ranging from jackets to sweaters, skirts to shorts, dresses to maxi dresses, t-shirts to trousers and many more.

Natural Beauty Product Brand Olla Organics Announces Special Grand Opening Promotional Discount Price on Dead Sea Mud Mask

LogoIn most cases, if a beauty product customer expects to make a high quality purchases, they also have to be able to handle a price point that reflects the kind of ingredients used. In exciting news for natural beauty product lovers, rising organic natural beauty product brand Olla Organics has announced they are offering their very well reviewed Olla Organics Dead Sea Mud Mask at a special promotional price for a limited time only and while supplies last. The all natural, all organic product will be available for $15.45 until the promotion ends, with interested customers encouraged to act quickly on the deal.

Continental Maids Launches New Website

LogoContinental Maids announces the launch of their new website and expansion in New Jersey. The new website, designed by SEO Digital Group, features a mobile friendly and responsive design utilizing the Wordpress platform.

Greenhill Fencing Warns Residents to Clear Snow from Wooden Fences This Winter

LogoResidents who have had a wooden fence installed on their property are warned to keep its condition in mind for the upcoming hurricane and blizzard seasons, warns Greenhill Fencing. As one of the only fencing companies in Philadelphia who has seen over 25 years of business, Greenhill Fencing knows firsthand the effects that weather can have on the quality of wooden fencing - and warns residents not to neglect their fence this fall and winter seasons.

Castletop Roofing Partners with BizIQ

Castletop Roofing, a provider of roofing and building exterior services for over a decade, recently announced that it has partnered with BizIQ, an online marketing company in Phoenix, Arizona, that serves North American small business clients across a wide spectrum of industries.

Bucks County Homeowners Prepare for the Holidays with Rittenhouse Home

Thanksgiving is just a few months away, and holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah follow close behind. Now is the time to upgrade and remodel living spaces. Rittenhouse Home has dedicated themselves to wedding form and function, providing a plethora of luxurious interior design and furniture options to its clients. Their unique business model allows them to keep design costs low for their clients while offering exceptional service. Their gifted designers seek to ensure that their customers' projects succeed and surpass expectations.

Remodel Backyards for Next Summer with WJA Landscaping

LogoWJA Landscaping is the premier name when it comes to hardscape and landscape design in the greater Philadelphia area. Those looking for friendly, yet passionate people who are knowledgeable about optimizing an outdoor living space, need look no further. The company has years of experience completing work on time for customers, as well as making sure they're fully satisfied. From outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, fire pits, walkways, and steps to pool decks, driveways, and stone walls, all landscaping needs in Gilbertsville, PA, and other nearby areas, are in the top-tier when done by the professionals at WJA Landscaping.

Shooting UK States That Grouse Shooting Is Good for Business: Solware Comments

Shooting UK, the UK's largest shooting website, has recently posted an article which explains to all why grouse shooting is good for business. The article states that many rural Yorkshire businesses benefit amazingly from the trade that is brought in by grouse shooting parties and that this season it is expected that grouse shooting in North Yorkshire alone will contribute over £100,000 to hotels, restaurants and pubs.

Southwest Vinyl Windows Provides Durable Windows for Summer

Summer is officially in full swing, and with it comes hot weather. Now is the perfect time to get started on some home improvement projects, such as new windows or awnings. Those looking for windows or awnings in the Philadelphia, PA area will love the services that Southwest Vinyl Windows provides.

Looking for Single Professionals? Best Professional Dating Website Launched

Exciting news for those who are looking for a dependable review website so they can meet, chat or date a single professional that suits their tastes. Professionaldatingwebsites.com says that their website is the most convenient and effective online platform that can help people find doctors, lawyers, pilot, air-hostess, and other educated professionals.

Blog Reveals Yoga Burn 12-Week Yoga Program for Women That Promotes a Healthy Weight Loss

Yoga Burn is a 12-week yoga program for women created by Zoe Bray Cotton. It uses a technique called Dynamic Sequence to burn calories and fat, promoting healthy weight loss.

Hot Headz Offers Heating Products for Fall and Winter

Residents who are looking to make the upcoming winter a little more manageable are turning to Hot Headz, one of the internet's top sources for active wear. Their line of thermal gear and aromatherapy herbal packs for sale online can help anyone, athlete or not, make the colder temperatures a little more fun and enjoyable.

First Certified Biodynamic and Organic Harvest for Eco Terreno Vineyards

LogoThe 2017 harvest is the first vintage of biodynamically and organically certified wine grapes for Eco Terreno Vineyard. The vineyard was certified by Demeter Association, Inc., and Stellar Certification Services in June 2017. At 95 planted acres in the Alexander Valley, this makes Eco Terreno Vineyards the largest, biodynamically certified, single-vineyard operation in Sonoma County. Another 9 acres will be planted over the next two years.

Olla Organics Shows Commitment to Customer Satisfaction with 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Offered on Every Product Sold

LogoIndustry experts are quick to agree that there's no shortage of beauty companies under delivering on over priced products, hoping to build their success off of one time sales, rather than long term customer relationships. In a powerful effort to show they are taking a different and more ethical path, Olla Organics, recently announced they are honoring a 30 day no-hassle, money back guarantee on ever order of Olla Organics Dead Sea Mud Mask sold. Customers couldn't be happier with the news.

NYC Hip Hop Jewelers Launches Line of Men's Wedding Bands

A popular hip hop jewelers in NYC are introducing a brand new exciting and stylish product line that is sure to interest new customers. Frost NYC is proud to announce that they are now selling a wide range of different wedding bands for men. They aim to add a fresh new style and look to the men's wedding band market, for hip hop lovers everywhere.

Village Catering Taking Clients Interested in Airline Catering Services Throughout Fall and Winter 2017

LogoLocal catering company Village Catering is proud to announce that they are now taking on local clients interested in airline catering services. Airline catering, which can include service to multiple airports in the Philadelphia area as well as private catering for chartered planes, has become a popular option amongst businesses that frequently deal with VIP guests and special presenters.

Evangelist Dr. Bridget Newton to Host Empowering, Spiritual Events for Women

Dr. Bridget Newton will combine her wealth of leadership, expertise and spiritual enlightenment with her passion to inspire women through messages that encourage, empower and transform during two upcoming multi-day events in Greenville, N.C.

Buy4LessTuxedo: Where Customers Come First

With the departure of summer, we are blessed with the fall wedding season. All across the country, men will be browsing for traditional formal wear for their big day. For many, finding an affordable, high-quality tuxedo can seem near impossible.

Get Ready for Winter with G. Cannon Roofing and Siding

LogoWith Labor Day Weekend come and gone, the cold winter weather will quickly be here. The same winter weather that will wreck havoc on the roofing and siding of a home. One of the ways to secure a home's protection from rain, snow, sleet and hail is to visit the roofing and siding experts at G. Cannon Roofing and Siding. Their staff of roofing and siding technicians have years of experience and know the ins-and-outs to keep any home safe from the winter elements.

Health and Body Helps Americans Warm Their Way Through Winter

As consumers get ready to brave the winter season, many are turning to Health and Body Store to find the heating products they need to keep themselves and their families warm and comfortable this winter.

2017 Olojo Festival: Celebrating the Dawn of the First Day

The 2017 Olojo Festival is set to showcase a rich Yoruba cultural celebration that is geared towards the promotion of cultural values, global peace and prosperity. It will celebrate the ancient magnificence and splendour of Ade-Aare Crown in the public square, exhibitions of Yoruba antiquities, display of cultural troupes, other materials of the culture and much more for all visitors and residents to enjoy the weekend of September 30 to October 2, 2017. The Olojo Festival cultural weekend will be held at convenient locations near the Ooni of Ife's Palace at Enuwa in Ile Ife, Osun State, Nigeria.

Houston Custom Home Builders the Shepherd Group Enhance Local Communities with Elegant Designs

LogoA custom built home may seem like a dream come true, although it can also be a daunting project. As one of the premier custom home builders in Houston, The Shepherd Group guides homeowners through the process every step of the way, from an initial consultation to the final walkthrough and beyond. The builder homeowner relationship extends after the construction and the moving in with a one year warranty and the knowledge that The Shepherd Group will always be there to help with advice or direct referrals to vendors involved with the new home build.

City Phrases Urges Everyone to Represent Their City Proudly

Those who are proud of their city and want to show it off, newly launched start-up City Phrases has released a vast variety of t-shirts for people who like to exhibit their city through cool printed t-shirts and other items. The minds behind the brand wanted to develop a brand that focuses solely on the pride people take in their city and help them represent through high-quality t-shirts and many other items. Each t-shirt's design is professionally created for originality and maximum effect.

The Perfect Method by Carl Lewis Helps Athletes Learn to Run Faster

LogoFor athletes of every ability, running faster is a common goal. The Perfect Method by Carl Lewis acts as an online running coach tackling all aspects of being a better runner, from physical readiness to the necessary technical skills, to the mental edge that takes an athlete from being a good runner to a true competitor. Before starting the program it is suggested that a baseline performance is taken. This makes progress easier to track.