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New Homemade Bath and Body Magazine Takes Newsstands by Storm

Stampington & Company steps outside of its carefully carved niche this year with its newest publication, Willow and Sage. The semiannual title turns the company’s crafting lens onto the art of homemade bath and body products, gift-giving, and natural living. The 144-page magazine features 70 recipes and homemade gift ideas, along with uses for natural products and inventive, do-it-yourself packaging. After just eight weeks on newsstands, Willow and Sage has already begun putting down roots as a strong addition to Stampington’s publication list, out-performing every other magazine launch in the publisher’s history.

Astrabeds' Announces 4th of July Mattress Sale Event for 2014

Astrabeds.com announces 4th of July deals on natural latex mattresses for the 2014 holiday weekend.

Canadians Show Love for Dune Electronic Cigarettes

People across Canada have fell in love with Dune cigs. Due to the quality and taste of these electronic cigarettes sales have been up and continue to rise. When asked, 53% of e-cigarette users have said they are using Dune. This brand is becoming the new standard in the electronic cigarette industry across not only Canada but all of North America.

AMG Services Designs Launches New Home Staging eBook

In an upcoming blog post, Home and Recreation Blog reviews AMG Services Designs new eBook, How to Master the Art of Home Staging. The blog features a sneak peak of the text, and recommends the book to readers who are about to start or are already in the process of redecorating. The new eBook reveals how to stage your home from the inside out and uncovers powerful and effective techniques to connect and attract the ideal homebuyer.

5 Important Lessons from the Biggest E-Cigarette Study

LogoWhile the levels of the toxins were still much lower compared to conventional cigarette emissions, the findings fly in the face of the e-cigarette industries' claims that the handheld devices are just as safe as any other smoking cessation tool.

Aron Zigelman Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Provide Free Toys for Kids at War in Israel

LogoOver a million children are traumatized and suffering in shelters all over Israel. There are no schools or day camps. This project by Tzvi Lapa looks to relieve their pain to some extent by distributing free toys.

Nick's Stamps Comes out of Beta and Is Now Accepting Collections Worldwide

LogoAfter one year Nicksstamps.com is now out of beta and accepting stamp collections from clients worldwide. There are several things to consider when selling your stamp collection. Through our years of experience, we have created a simplified process for selling large stamp collections. The first step to sell your stamp collection is to contact us by phone. After a brief description of the collection and a few simple questions, we can determine whether the material can be shipped to us or if we should travel to view your collection material. Unlike other stamp companies, if we do not purchase the collection, we cover all return shipping expenses. Additionally, if we do come to an agreement and complete the sale, we will also reimburse you the cost of the initial shipment to us.

GrowBLOX Sciences, Inc. Files for Two Additional Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Las Vegas

GrowBLOX Sciences, Inc. (GBLX), a medical cannabis research and development company, announced today that it is filing for two medical marijuana dispensary locations in Las Vegas, Nevada. These locations are in addition to the Clark County, Nevada dispensary for which the company has received a special use permit, as previously announced.

AmericaneLiquidStore Now Carrying Vape Apes Brand eLiquid

LogoAmericaneLiquidStore, the premier online retailer of American-made eLiquids for electronic cigarettes, is proud to welcome Vape Apes brand eLiquid to its growing repertoire of products.

Best Solar Panel Installation Intensifies the Value of People's Homes

Solar Panels are usually installed on building tops, rooftops or stand-alone facilities. However, it is important to install solar panels so that it gets straight and immediate exposure to the sun. People who want to make sure that their solar panel is hugely efficacious year round, to do this, there is best solar panel installation. It is basically a web based solar resource to help people appropriately put together and install their solar panels by tracking the placement of the sunlight in the sky over the course of the year.

New Website Muscle and Cuts Launched Offering the Best in Bodybuilding Supplement Reviews and Special Offers

Finding out honest inside information and the best deals on bodybuilding supplements has become much easier with the debut of MuscleandCuts.com a new “go to” resource for bodybuilding, health and fitness.

PR Apex Examines Tyler Bramlett & Dr. Vegher's 0-6 Pack Abs Program & Highlights the Pros & Cons

0-6 Pack Abs is a full workout program focused on getting one's abdominal muscles and entire core tight, toned and strong. Not only does it promise to deliver an effective method to develop the look and definition of a healthy core, it also aims to create a strong and supportive core for all users. In a full review of the workout, Stephanie Malroy examined whether or not the program would deliver for all users and in doing so she did highlight some negatives.

Anti-Aging & Fat-Burning Old School New Body F4X System Launched

Old School New Body System is a unique body training program that is especially designed to get a figure that one has always dreamed of. This new system isn't just all about giving the physique that one wants but it also helps in slowing the aging process and makes one look younger. This new training and anti-aging program is designed by Steve Holman who isn't just a training enthusiast but also the editor in chief of one of the most popular fitness magazines. This new "Old School New Body System" program contains everything that an individual look for in fitness and anti aging program.

Afford a Luxury Party: Kickstarter Launch Will Revolutionize the Party Industry

LogoThe average consumer finally has a chance to affordably entertain in a fashion similar to rich people.

Jose Gonzalez Publishing LTD Publishes New Information on Moving Past a Breakup

In 2011, YouGov conducted research to determine dating statistics in the UK. As part of this study, they interviewed 2,500 individuals across the country to determine attitudes and, during this process, found that approximately 8.6 million singles are part of Britain's dating community. Of this group, approximately 75 percent had yet to engage in a relationship for more than two years. When one ends a relationship, it may be mutual or it may be at the discretion of only one partner, leading the other partner to wonder how to get over an ex.

Non Invasive Thread Vein Removal Now Undertaken at Popular London Clinic

City Hair Removal is a London based clinic, it is centrally located in Fenchurch Street. The clinic specialises in all kinds of laser treatment, primarily laser hair removal, they are pleased to now be able to offer non-invasive thread vein removal too.

Online Dating Site Making Online Dating Easier Than Ever for Singles in Singapore

There are no shortage of online dating sites, but many offer their services to singles from around the country, or around the world—making it challenging to find local singles in Singapore. This is why http://www.SingaporeDating4u.com has grown into “The #1 Singapore Dating Site.”

Fitlife Now Offering Personalized Performance Training for Summer 2014

LogoFitlife continues to offer personalized Performance Training regimens that deliver specific results for their clients. With specialized services like MyZone, which allows people to track their progress in several areas, those who choose Fitlife over programs such as Crossfit in Bucks County see better overall results from their workouts.

Heather Warner Starts Kickstarter Campaign for the Introduction of New Designs by Shine Athletica Inspirational Women's Fitness Apparel

LogoMany women are tired of going to the gym and seeing the same fitness apparel on every woman there. Heather Warner experienced the same, and started wondering if all of the women at her gym had secretly been brainwashed by lululemon in the middle of the night! This is why she started Shine Athletica, to allow women to confidently express themselves through fitness apparel in any environment.

Kari Kjersti Starts Kickstarter Fundraiser for the Creation of Quick Query

LogoMost people need an ice breaker during a meeting or a conversation starter at a party. Quick Query provides a simple and easy way to connect with others. They can be used for a class, conference, or any other group activity.

Western Fireplace Supply Offering Most Durable & Finest Patio Furniture in Colorado Springs

LogoEnabling customers to choose from exquisitely designed western outdoor living, Western Fireplace Supply offers the most durable and finest patio furniture in Colorado Springs. Many residents choose to live in Colorado for the spectacular outdoors. The company specializes in offering an exceptional range of fire pits and accessories. These accessories will help create a private outdoor getaway in the back yard.

Fitness Industry Is Hiding the Best Way to Lose Weight Says the Author of the 3 Week Diet

LogoThe recently released diet system ‘The 3 Week Diet’ has gained immense attention not only for its innovative diet plan but also for sharing common misconceptions and ineffective tips that are floating around all over the world. According to the author of the money-back guaranteed system the fitness industry makes a lot of money by misleading individuals on how to lose weight yet it does not share the best way to do so.

0-6 Pack Abs: PRHealth Exposes Tyler Bramlett's Program

0-6 Pack Abs is a full workout program focused on getting one's abdominal muscles and entire core tight, toned and strong. Not only does it promise to deliver an effective method to develop the look and definition of a healthy core, it also aims to create a strong and supportive core for all users. In a full review of the workout, Stephanie Malroy examined whether or not the program would deliver for all users and in doing so she did highlight some negatives.

Olson Iron Now Offers Security Screens in Las Vegas at Reasonable Prices

LogoEnsuring protection against harsh weather, Olson Iron now offers security screens in Las Vegas at affordable prices. Olson Iron has designed these solar screens in such a way that can keep the interior warm during the winter and cool in the summer. They effectively block UV rays from entering a room or house, thus keeping the place cool. Installing these doors will make it difficult for outsiders to peep inside the house, but the inside of the house can clearly view the outside. Buying these solar screens from Olson Iron is worth the investment as they are effective and, moreover, highly durable.

Kitchen Countertop Installation Pros Website Helps Match and Connect Homeowners with Home Improvement Pros

Kitchen Countertop Installation Pros is an internet marketing company which exclusively deals in matching and connecting homeowners with home improvement professionals and companies to provide kitchen countertop repair or improvement solutions. The Kitchen Countertop Installation Pros adopt a three step process through which they help homeowners get in touch with trusted home service professionals in their area. The three step process involves the following phases:

GarageCabinetsOnline.com Now Offers Garage Cabinet at Affordable Prices

LogoGarageCabinetsOnline.com, a reliable online store for garage tools storage and storage solutions, now offers cost-effective garage cabinets. The company carries some of the most impeccable quality garage cabinets to suit customers’ varied needs. Their garage cabinets belong to some top-notch brands such as Flow Wall, Better Life Technology, Cooper, Handi Solutions, HyLoft, Homak Tools, Inter-Lock, Little Giant, Prepac, Quantum Storage System, and more. The garage storage units from GarageCabinetsOnline.com are available in different sizes and patterns. Purchase garage cabinets like Ulti-MATE Garage Cabinets, Ulti-MATE PRO Garage, Hercek storage system, Flow Wall cabinet, Garage Fabricators, Stack-on Garage System, Prepac Elite Storage, Inter-Lok Storage System, slide lock cabinet, Cooper storage system, Quantum storage system, and others.

New Juicer Reviews by the Juicer Directory Unearth the Best Masticating Slow Press Juicers

Juicers are able to create delicious drinks from fruits designed to be a healthier alternative to soft drinks, preserving the natural goodness of the ingredients. However, the aggressive process used by the high velocity blades actually breaks down the molecular structure of fruits in the process, harming their fiber content and simplifying their sugars so they are not as healthy as they could be. As such, health purists like to use slow press, masticating juicers to preserve the goodness of fruits while still making delicious smoothies, juices and shakes.