Leisure and Lifestyle Press Releases

B&B Aboard Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Introduce Green Boat Initiative

The floating tourism industry is growing rapidly. Scott Rowles and the B&B Aboard team firmly believe that as the popularity of this industry grows, steps to reduce the impact on the environment need to be taken. The ocean is one of the world's greatest resources and steps to protect this jewel can be done by outfitting the two boats in the fleet with self sustaining energy in order to take them off the grid.

Vessels of Glory Showcases Fashion at Christ the Restorer Ministry 1st Annual Gospel Gala

On Saturday October 1, 2016, Christ the Restorer Ministry will be hosting their first annual gospel fashion show at 7pm at the Infinite Energy Center, located at 6400 Sugarloaf Pkwy in Duluth, Georgia. The show will include a runway collection of elegant pieces designed by Minister Anneta Price, the owner and founder of Vessels of Glory– a company that creates eye-catching ministerial vestments, elegant evening attire and other mainstream fashions. Attendees will witness some amazing pieces of clothing, experience awesome praise and worship, a tasty banquet-style plated dinner, as well as prizes & entertainment. The fundraiser event proceeds will benefit the homeless in the surrounding area.

City Edge Apartment Hotels Offers Affordable Accommodations in Melbourne for September Events

LogoCity Edge Apartment Hotels, Australia's most prestigious group of hotels offers affordable accommodations in Melbourne to the travellers attending September events. The list of the largest running events in Melbourne includes Jurassic World: The Exhibition, We Will Rock You, Melbourne Fringe Festival 2016, Matilda the Musical, 2016 Toyota AFL Grand Final Parade, and many others. These ongoing events in Melbourne attract a huge number of travellers from across the world that make getting accommodation in the city, a challenge. But, with their number of hotels across the Melbourne, City Edge Apartment Hotels provides the budget accommodations to each traveller attending the September events.

Wayne PA.'s Blind Gallery Participates in Hunter Douglas "Season of Style" Rebate

LogoThe leading retailer and installer of window treatments in Bucks County, PA and surrounding Philadelphia-area locales, The Blind Gallery, announced that they are participating in Hunter Douglas's Season of Style rebate promotion. The Blind Gallery is an exclusive supplier of Hunter Douglas shades.

Southaven RV Plans for Arrival of Airstream Basecamp

LogoSouthaven RV & Marine's CEO, Mark Hixson, announces the upcoming highly anticipated arrival of the high demand Airstream Basecamp.

Richardson's Flowers Creates Wedding Majesty

LogoSince 1978, Richardson's Flowers has been working with brides to create the wedding of their dreams. Backed by a talented and experienced staff, Richardson's Flowers works hand-in-hand with brides to craft bouquets and floral displays that fit perfectly within the brides' wedding theme and budget. The process begins with the bride filling out a pre-consultation form with information on their flower preferences, budget, number of attendants, as well as the color scheme and theme for the wedding. From there, Richardson's draws upon their extensive knowledge of the floral industry to produce unique and appropriate arrangements for truly beautiful weddings.

College Bar Tee Club Making Wardrobe Selection Easy for Americans

College Bar Tee Club is a business that focuses on a niche demographic of bar enthusiasts ages twenty-one and above. The company is geared toward individuals who are in college, recently graduated college, or participated in nightlife in college towns in the past. Both public and private Universities have nearby establishments that are staples in the party scenes around campuses. While it is clear that many of the pubs' guests purchase beverages and food, they also go for the memories. College Bar Tee Club is making it possible for customers nationwide to subscribe to a service that delivers keepsakes directly to one's door.

New Release Provides an A-to-Z Manual on Biblical Living

A new release offers a practical, systematic, and comprehensive treatment of the Bible's plan for successful living. In The Meaning of Life 3/4 Instruction and Counsel for God's People (Redemption Press, 2016), Don Ashcraft brings his broad base of knowledge and life experiences to this new resource. An avid student of the Bible, he has a master's in electrical engineering, and for thirty-one years led teams of engineers in designing and building large electronic systems for the U. S., British, and Australian navies. He approaches his broad-based book with the same thorough attention to detail he used in his career.

Robert Zeuli Starts Indiegogo Campaign for the Creation of Sponsored-Athlete.com

LogoRobert Zeuli, the founder of Sponsored-Athlete.com, believes that sponsorship is an essential requirement for all athletes regardless of their level of expertise. However, over the years, the term 'sponsored athlete' has remained confined only within the highest level of professional athletes. Sponsored-Athlete.com is an upcoming online marketplace dedicated to offering sponsorships to amateur athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Eastern Pools Announces List of Vendors

Eastern Pools has published a list of select vendors from which they purchase the pool products available in their store. The information provided by the Akron area pool store includes both a list of vendors as well as the reasoning behind their selection. Eastern Pools notes that vendors are carefully selected by a combination of factors, including the quality of the products they provide and their company's reputation.

Gun Haters Coffee Discount

Lake City Coffee, an online roasted coffee bean retailer, recently offered a special coffee deal for people that hate guns. The co-owner, Russell Volz, decided that the whole gun debate has gotten way out of hand and he felt that a little brevity was called for. What he didn't plan on was the huge response.

Cherrystone Auctions Clarifies Its Consignment Policy in an Informative Free-for-Download Brochure

Cherrystone Auctions, Inc. is a globally renowned stamp auctioneering company headquartered in New York City.  The company has posted a downloadable brochure on its website explaining its customer-friendly consignment process.

ICR Becomes the Best Choice for Home Repairs and Renovation at Fredericksburg

ICR offers home renovation and repair services at Fredericksburg, VA. With dedicated workers and quality work at competitive prices, the company has gained the trust of people. Reputed to be the best roofing installers in Fredericksburg, VA, the company has completed many home and office projects successfully.

Winsley Shopping Launches Website Featuring Quality Lifestyle Products

Dewey Collins is proud to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, www.ShopWinsleyMall.com. The website offers a wide variety of lifestyle products including the latest Apple accessories, smartphones, and electronic supplies, men's and women's fashion clothing, and refreshing home decor. Collins was inspired by the fast-paced world that we live in and the need for quality products to help us quickly share our milestones with friend and family, have a stylish outfit for any occasion, and enjoy a relaxing retreat at home. After learning about the possibilities of an online store, Collins wanted to help others get the products that they would to ensure they have the everyday convenience and style they are looking for.

Subhub, LLC Launches Website Featuring Quality Bonsai Trees and Bonsai Accessories

Ching Huang is proud to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, www.CozyFurnish.com. The website offers a wide variety of bonsai trees and bonsai accessories including those aged and unique bonsai trees that are carefully chosen and grown from the premium spices in our country, bonsai pots, tools, and accessories, and bonsai display tables. Huang was inspired by the way that bonsai trees are living works of art that can create just the right atmosphere in any room. After learning about the possibilities of an online store, Huang wanted to help others get the bonsai products that they would need to ensure they can experience the peace and satisfaction that only comes from caring for and having beautiful bonsai trees.

GarageCabinetsOnline.com Offers a Wide Range of Garage Shelving for Extra Storage Space

LogoGarageCabinetsOnline.com, a reputable online store for garage solutions, offers a comprehensive selection of garage shelving that helps individuals to keep their garages, well-organized and clean by providing them ample storage space. They not only save supplies from getting damaged, but also store them in a proper and systematized way. The garage shelves that the company offers are suitable for residential as well as commercial applications. These garage storage shelves not only provide the ultimate storage solutions, but also enhance the appeal of the garage. All of their shelves are strong and can withstand a lot of pressure. Anyone looking for practical garage storage solution can count on GarageCabinetsOnline.com for their needs.

YEOUTH's New 30% Glycolic Acid Anti-Aging Gel Peel Proves Popular Among Amazon Shoppers

YEOUTH, a company well known for producing revolutionary anti-aging skin care products, is pleased to announce that they have been receiving excellent feedback and reviews from Amazon buyers on their latest product: 30% Glycolic Acid Anti-Aging Gel Peel.

Choose the Best Lip Balm for Dry Lips Online

Now you can find tips to buy the best lip balm for dry and chapped lips online. Best lip balm.net has vital information on different types of lip balms and moisturizers. There are many reasons for dry and chapped lips. Genetics, dry weather, lifestyle are some of the most prominent factors that can cause dry and chapped lips. Choosing a good moisturizer for your lip is quite essential to keep your lips soft and supple.

HealthyWiser's Digital TDS Meter, Professional Water Testing Kit Great Choice for Customers

Homeowners are always looking for safe water sources. These are used to promote optimum health. The need to choose water sources from companies that provide them is a step toward this process. Homeowners should also avail of home water testing kits to ensure safe water supplies.

Make Sure Hair Care Products Are Safe with HealthyWiser's pH Test Strips

A website reported how pH levels of hair care products are associated with the healthy hair and scalp. Website Natural Girls Rock explained how some hair care products are disrupting the pH levels of the hair. They also provided easy steps to maintain the right pH levels.

Guide on Using HealthyWiser's pH Test Strips for Hot Tubs

A report on website SF Gate detailed how homeowners can raise the alkalinity of hot tubs without adding chemicals. The article also noted how they can use pH test strips for the hot tubs.

Pretty in Paint Parties Now Booking 2016 Holiday Painting Parties

LogoPretty In Paint Parties (PIP), a premier paint party company with artists all over the U.S., is pleased to announce that they are now booking 2016 holiday painting parties. Business owners who want to do something different for their holiday parties this year will find that booking a paint party with a Pretty In Paint Parties artist is ideal. In fact, not only will employees get to spend their time learning how to paint and get to take home their own 16×20 paintings, but they will also get to know one another better.

California Jeweler LavHa Supports Ugandan Community Groups

LogoThe world we live in today is a more connected one than ever before, with news of current events reaching our ears at light speed. A more connected world means one in which the injustices of our Earth are more readily known about and considered by all. From famine, to natural disaster, to civil wars and revolutions – all of the happenings around the globe are more easily identifiable in our technology age. Many generous souls have utilized this knowledge to get help where it is needed, including the team at Pie in the Sky, whom support Ugandan community groups live better lives. They have teamed up with LavHa, a jeweler based in Laguna Niguel that specializes in lava stone and essential oils. When customer purchase any African Tribal pieces, part of the proceeds go to help the Ugandan people in these communities.

Lace & Co. on Being the Best Choice for Weddings

LogoLace & Co. is no stranger to weddings. For nearly a quarter-century, the Utah-based company has been helping brides both locally and around the world celebrate their special day with an extra thoughtful and unique touch. As their name would imply – Lace & Co. are indeed experts in lace, but the truth is they carry a number of other fabrics as well as other wedding related supplies such as buttons, beads, and more.

Dubai Desert Safari Team Now Offering Visitors with Gorgeous Attractions to Enjoy

LogoDubai is one of the finest tourist's destinations in the world offering visitors with gorgeous attractions to enjoy their Dubai holidays. Dubai's culture, its vibrant lifestyle and its religion play a big part in making the city what it is. A desert safari in Dubai, which is one of the most popular activities in Dubai, gives you the chance of experiencing the beautiful Arab culture.

Blys Expands Service to Melbourne

LogoBlys, the on-demand massage service recently launched in Sydney, has expanded to Melbourne to bring its popular in-home massage service to customers in Melbourne.

Rasdale Stamp Company to Participate in the AAPEX 2016 Ann Arbor Stamp Show

Rasdale Stamp Company is an internationally reputed stamp company founded in 1932 in Westmont, Illinois. Ranked among the oldest philatelic auctioneers in the United States, the company is renowned for its successful public auctions, which are held several times every year. Rasdale is listed as a stamp dealer in the upcoming AAPEX 2016 Stamp Show, which will be held on November 5-6 at the Washtenaw Community College, Ann Arbor.