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Falls River Soap Now Available on Amazon, Walmart and jet.com

Falls River Soap, making handmade, all-natural soaps since 2004, is now available for purchase through Amazon, Walmart, and Jet.com. Falls River Soap uses only organic and natural ingredients to craft their luxurious soaps by hand.

Eddy Home Receives IICRC CEC Certification

LogoEddy Home, the award-winning manufacturer of smart home water monitoring and leak detection systems, was recently granted IICRC certification for Continuing Education Credits (CEC) for restoration and inspection professionals.

THERAPY-IV Receives the 2017 Certificate of Excellence

LogoFor over six years now, the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence has honored a multitude of attractions, accommodations, and restaurants that have received positive reviews by users on the TripAdvisor website. Certificate eligibility requires a business to have a TripAdvisor rating of at least four stars or more, a certain amount of reviews, and it must have appeared on the TripAdvisor website for a minimum of a year.

ecoFINISH Offers Commercial Pool Resurfacing to Brighten Customers' Pools and Spas

LogoecoFINISH®, a leader in the swimming pool finish industry, offers commercial pool resurfacing and finishes to brighten their clients' pools and spas. aquaBRIGHT™ is one of those finishes; in fact, it's one of their most popular for commercial swimming pools.

Paularoemerantiques.com Launches Attractive Antique Home Decor Items for All

Decorators, home designers and others who are interested in antique home goods can consider the aforementioned website. It is a source for a variety of items that can be placed in different areas of the house. From pillows to bamboo furniture and lamps, there are several interesting products which can be perused at the platform.

Paularoemerantiques.com Launches New Collection of Patina Pillows

People who are looking for Patina pillows from Batiks can consider the aforementioned website. It is a platform that deals with antique home décor items and Patina pillows are their specialty. These are available in various colors, styles and sizes and can be custom made to suit the requirements of individual customers.

Ecigs International Offering Vapers Exceptional Flavors of E-Juice All Summer Long

Ecigs International, a prominent e-liquid manufacturer, is offering vapers the chance to enjoy exceptional flavors of e-juice all summer long. While Ecigs International has expanded and opened a brand new vape store, in Ambler, PA over the past year, they also have locations in East Norriton, Upper Darby, and Philadelphia, PA. In addition to their four storefront locations, customers can purchase all of Ecigs International's high-quality products online.

A Premier Clothing Distributor That Offers High-Quality Clothing at Affordable Prices Is Now Available

Those who want to buy high-quality wholesale cheap clothing may be interested in the news that the company, fashion71.net is a supplier of these items. Fashion71.net takes pride in pointing out that they are one of the premier clothing distributors of China. They add that the fact that they offer a wide array of wholesale fashion dress, wholesale sexy lingerie, wholesale high heels, and so on may gladden customers because it will be easy for them to buy the items they require.

GMX Fencing Taking New Customers in Need of Fence Installation Services Throughout Summer 2017

When it comes to quality fence contractors, GMX Fencing is second to none. For the duration of the 2017 summer, GMX Fencing is accepting new customers who are in need of fence installation services. GMX Fencing combines family-owned customer service with high-quality, professional fence installation for Freehold, NJ, Toms River, and beyond. Time is too precious to be wasted searching for fence contractors in the Freehold, New Jersey area. Stop searching and simply let GMX Fencing do the rest.

JVM Kitchen Brings in Unique Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Aventura and Boca Raton

LogoCustom cabinets are unique solutions for the dilemma faced by older home. Despite its classic appeal, it significantly lacks enough storage space. One can choose built-in storage to deal with clutter and overcrowding problems while improving and elevating the look and feel of one's well furnished rooms. This is where JVM Kitchen plays an important role in assisting with any kind room providing quality custom kitchen cabinets in Aventura and Boca Raton, FL.

JVM Kitchen Cabinets & Granite Adds Up Flair to the Storage with Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Aventura and Boca Raton

LogoInstalling custom cabinet can be a unique solutions for a home lacking adequate storage space. More importantly, it can also utilize the square footage. Stock cabinets can be chosen for unique spaces due to the fact that they are not supposed to cater to the quirks on an older home. Adding storage to one's home will be helpful in reducing unsightly clutter, helping one create a calm, organized environment.

Keywest Cocktail Cruise Is the New Destination for Hosting Weddings in the Keys and Key West

LogoFor those who are about to say 'I do' and in the look out for a place that is going to make their wedding special and worth remembering can get in touch with Keywest Cocktail Cruise. More than just being a cruise that takes the boat out on the serene water, Keywest Cocktail Cruise is a full-on entertainment floating vessel. They have taken parties to a different level and guarantees everyone onboard to have the best time of their life.

Maloumian Oriental Rugs Classically Cleaning Rugs in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

LogoMaloumian Oriental Rugs is proudly cleaning rugs in the classical way up and down the North East of the US. Spanning three generations and 90 years of tradition, Maloumian Oriental Rugs has been the premier supplier and cleaner of classic oriental rugs in Montgomery County and surrounding communities. True to its roots, Maloumian Oriental Rugs still practices the ancient technique of Makoor, ala nomads of the 5th Century B.C.

John Jackson Becomes Assistant Executive Director of Atheist Alliance of America

Understanding the complexity of poverty takes a deep connection to a reservoir of empathy most individuals are taught to trade for survival, or convenience. John doesn't embody this one bit.   John believes that human dignity is best uplifted by handing out food and blankets rather than bibles and proselytizing. Upon encountering the unmasked reality of Catholicism in the Philippines, then Lance Corporal John Jackson faced a life-altering experience. Seeing poverty, starvation, famine, disease, and other indignities brought John to realize the God he was raised with was apathetic, narcissistic, and ill-intended, or possibly non-existent. Yet nobody blamed God for the circumstances begetting their indignities. This moved John to activism to motivate people to think for themselves, challenge their beliefs, and openly express their views.   It is this mixture of depth, experience, and courage that makes John uniquely qualified to handle the weight of Assistant Executive Director at Atheist Alliance of America.   Creating a group that accepts your non-belief, that is transparent, and that stands with core values aligned for the betterment of humanity, is part of what John is creating within AAoA. By engaging each contributing member individually, assessing their strengths, and offering mentorship based on individual personality type, allowing for creativity, and execution to be performed at the level of the contributing member with support and open discussion.   As Assistant Executive Director, John seeks to empower individuals to think rationally, to encourage individuals to think critically, and he challenges us to voice support for those who cannot provide for themselves, regardless of background. Human action is required to relieve the suffering of our fellow human beings using dignity and compassion.   People can expect Sergeant Jackson to lead Atheist Alliance of America with his unique blend of leadership and charisma. His leadership skills will help us rally support for those less fortunate.

Heart on Your Sleeve Design Publishes Online Blog

Heart On Your Sleeve Design, a Scripture-themed, inspirational gift company, has announced the publication of an online blog. The blog is accessible through the gift company's website, which is provided in the contact information below.

Heart on Your Sleeve Design Publishes Online Blog

Heart On Your Sleeve Design, a Scripture-themed, inspirational gift company, has announced the publication of an online blog. The blog is accessible through the gift company's website, which is provided in the contact information below.

New Tabletop RPG "Firelight" Gets Kickstarted

LogoThe highly anticipated role-playing game "Firelight" made a splash on Kickstarter as HobbyHorse Games, LLC - partnered with some of the web's most beloved artists - launched a crowdfunding campaign today, earning 30% of the funding goal in just 5 hours. The campaign aims to make the tabletop role-playing genre more accessible to a wider array of players, and features a streamlined ruleset and diverse cast of characters. People can join the initiative at kck.st/2uN2Tc7.

Hebei Saiheng Company Invested 50 Million for New Wafer Product Line

Hebei Saiheng Company announced that they had invested 50 million for the establishment of the wafer biscuits food factory which was officially opened in July 2017.

The Lauren Ashtyn Collection Will Attend TransWorld Summer JF&A Show

Industry-leading designer of luxury hairpieces, The Lauren Ashtyn Collection, has announced the next stop on its 2017 trade show tour. The hair extension designer will display its products at the TransWorld's Jewelry, Fashion & Accessories show in July. The summer JF&A show will be held at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center from July 20-23 in Rosemont, Illinois.

Rasdale Stamp Company Announces Its 85th Anniversary

Rasdale Stamp Company, a prestigious stamp auction house located in greater Chicago, has announced that 2017 marks its 85th anniversary. Rasdale stated that it began operations as a family-owned company in 1932, and remains a family business today. Rasdale also stated that it has been very active in furthering the hobby of stamp collecting since the company's inception. According to Rasdale, the company is actively involved in such prominent organizations as the American Philatelic Society, the American Stamp Dealers Association, the Midwest Stamp Dealers Association, and the Chicago Collectors Club. The company stated that it even has staff members on the boards of the American Stamp Dealers Association, and Midwest Stamp Dealers Association. The company went on to state that it will remain actively involved in philatelic organizations for years to come.

Sullivan Building & Design Announces Its Replacement Window Installation Services

Sullivan Building & Design, a reputable Talbot County builder with over 75 years of combined experience, has announced that it is providing energy-efficient window installation services for residents of Talbot County. The company announced some of the benefits of having energy-efficient windows installed. According to Sullivan Building & Design, energy-efficient windows can save homeowners up to fifty percent on energy bills. The company went on to state that these windows typically fit existing window openings, and installation is a quick and easy process that is usually finished in one day. Sullivan Building & Design also announced that its energy-efficient windows are backed by an excellent warranty.

Superior Concrete Tiny Houses Offers the Chisholm Trail Cabin with Optional Precast Concrete Porch

A leader in building beautiful tiny homes and other concrete structures, Superior Concrete Tiny Houses – The Original Concrete Tiny House Co. – offers the Chisholm Trail Cabin with an optional 120-square-foot outdoor precast concrete porch. This popular option is available to individuals who enjoy a porch for entertaining outdoors, should this outdoor living space suit their needs and budget.

Superior Concrete Tiny Houses Builds Beautiful Tiny Homes in Texas

Superior Concrete Tiny Houses – The Original Concrete Tiny House Co. – is an affiliate of Superior Concrete Products. The company has started building beautiful steel-reinforced precast concrete tiny homes in Texas several communities in North Texas. These concrete tiny homes are custom-designed, and are available in a variety of designs and come packed with today's most popular home features.

Illuminent Gets Into Direct Sales for Their Vaping and CBD Product Line

Illuminent Inc. has announced that they are using a new direct sales strategy to distribute their innovative CBD and vaping products. After a long period of testing, Illuminent Inc. has opened their line of direct sales products to distributors in the US.

Sharons Clothing Corner Shop Meets the Clothing Requirements of Everyone

People who wish to have the latest clothing in their wardrobes can consider the online store Sharons Clothing Corner Shop.

Spiritual Practice on the Holy Mountain – A New Option for a Vacation

LogoPeople have many options for where to take their summer vacation, but a wise move could be heading to the Holy Mountain with your family for some spiritual relaxation. Those seeking a purification of body and mind while longing for spiritual nourishment, will find it all in the majestic and sacred Western Shrine on this Holy Mountain.