Leisure and Lifestyle Press Releases

Martin's Furniture Announces Mega Mattress Sale

Martin's Furniture is pleased to announce their MEGA Mattress Sale for the month of August. Choose from a variety of brands and styles.

Gorgeous, Fashionable Beach Kimonos and Cheap Scarves for Women from Bindya NY

Bindya NY is pleased to present their Summer 2017 Collection of scarves, beach cover ups, and beach kimonos. Lulla is one of the major parts of that collection. This particular range of scarves, beach cover ups, and beach kimonos is created for a more hip and downtown customer. The collection comprises of printed, bright, colorful, sequined, textured and embroidered scarves, beach cover ups, and beach kimonos. These beach cover ups, and beach kimonos have gained immense popularity and have been featured in reputed and famous publications both locally and internationally. The reason they've gained so much popularity is because of their versatility. They can instantly transform an outfit by offering a cool, chic and stylish look.

Ornament Central's "For Goodness Sake" Ornament Wholesale a Big Hit for Retailers Nationwide

LogoOrnament Central announces its annual "For Goodness Sake" ornament wholesale for retail stores across the country. Now through Christmas, customers can order cute and classic penguin ornaments individualized with dozens and dozens of current popular names as well as great sayings such as "Baby's 1st Christmas" and "I Love my Grandpa". These wonderful ornaments are always fantastic sellers for any store and are available for re-order by name.

Zahnd & Kormann to Launch Biggest Swiss Made Watches Crowdfunding Campaign Ever on Kickstarter

LogoZahnd & Kormann watch brand was founded by Roger Zahnd and Florian Kormann in order to create and offer you high quality timepieces bearing the prestigious Swiss Made label, in a most transparent and modern way, aiming to change the way Swiss automatic watches are sold to the customer nowadays. Based in Bern, the capital of Switzerland, the brand has an easy access to the expertise and services offered by world renowned companies involved in traditional watchmaking industry.

OHL Style Beef Jerky Brings a Personal Touch to Delicious Jerky

LogoThe perfect beef jerky is a thing of beauty: an excellent blend of flavor, a good chewiness, and a satisfying snack all in one. Beef jerky is the perfect companion for a daytime hike, a cross-country trip, or as a way to spice up an average day at the office. At OHL Style Beef Jerky, creating truly delicious jerky is at the core of what they do best. Based in Texas, the OHL has been selling top notch jerky for 30+ years, with a special emphasis on the details that make good jerky truly great. From hand-slicing to overnight marinating, all the way down to the unrivaled pecan-smoked wood – their jerky is truly exquisite. Current flavors of their flagship beef stick include regular, hot, jalapeño, and cheese. Fans of the brand will be excited to know that they are currently workshopping a teriyaki beef stick.

After Two Year Process, Mima Brand Is Now Selling in the United States

LogoAs the modern day stroller has evolved, it has become a durable, maneuverable, handy part of any household's arsenal. Taking one's bundle of joy around town for a shopping spree or to lunch with the gals is easier than ever, and one company in particular has made those occasions especially chic. Mima Kids USA began as a Dutch designer and manufacturer of elegant strollers and high chairs, and the company has very recently expanded their reach to the United States! After many years of selling their high quality baby products in Europe, the cosmopolitan childcare extraordinaire has brought their beloved products stateside.

Long Winter with Sub-Zero Temperatures Predicted: Stonewoods Comments

Various articles online have warned the UK about what could be a seriously cold winter, with one article published by The Mirror predicting a long winter with sub-zero temperatures, and the possibility of a whopping three months of snow.

Only BB Guns Offer Key Tips to All Considering Purchasing BB Guns as Gifts

With Christmas quickly approaching one leading supplier of BB Guns, Only BB Guns, has recently offered some top tips for all looking to buy BB guns as gifts. For those that don't know much about airsoft and BB guns, choosing the best and most appropriate option can be an incredibly difficult task – therefore these tips could definitely come in handy.

Tiger Force Says That the Lowes Shop Garage Door Openers They Offer Are of Excellent Quality

The news that Tiger Force Garage Door Opener Specialist is offering lowe's shop garage doors, openers and parts may interest those who are on the look-out for these items. The company points out how an lowes garage door opener is of excellent quality. They also point out how lowe's quality garage door openers by companies like chamberlain can make the projects of those who opt for them easy. In addition, these customers can get great tips as well.

Ferris and Char Char Launches Line of Beauty Cosmetics Supporting Animal Rescues Backed by Instagram Pet Celebrities

LogoFerris and Char Char, the new cosmetics company that is enhancing natural beauty and supporting animal rescues across Canada and the U.S., has just launched their online store.

Satch & Fable Announces Exciting Launch of Premium Quality All Ethically Made Italian Handcrafted Leather Bag Line

LogoWhen it comes to fashion and functional fashion accessories, no country's reputation stands as strong as Italy's. Unfortunately, in recent years many brands have opted for less quality craftsmanship even on Italian soil. Satch & Fable are a new company who are bucking that trend, recently debuting their remarkable new line of all-Italian handmade leather bags, completely ethically crafted by skilled Italian craft men and women of unmatched expertise in their art. No surprise, the new brand, which is based out of Brooklyn, New York has been greeted by fashion enthusiasts with open arms.

National Parks Tour to Include Solar Eclipse Experience

LogoTropical Sails Corp announced immediate availability of seats on a Solar Eclipse Experience, enabling tour members to observe the August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse across the USA.

The Dovetail End Table Is a Modern Table Inspired by Ancient Joinery, Blending the Best of Western and Eastern Designs

LogoWe Living, the groundbreaking new furniture startup that melds the contemporary with the traditional, is live on Indiegogo and introducing their flagship piece- the Dovetail End Table.

URBANfusion Skippack Has the PANDORA Vintage Allure Product Line

The jewelry, homeware and organic products retailer in Skippack, PA, URBANfusion Skippack, announced that they carry a full lineup of PANDORA's Vintage Allure collection for the holiday season and thereafter. URBANfusion Skippack invites customers to visit their Skippack, Pennsylvania retail store.

One of the Most Exciting Backpacks with an R9 Wallet Has Been Launched on Indiegogo

One of the most exciting crowdfunding campaigns of 2016 has been launched on Indiegogo by an innovative technology company that provides solutions for everyday life. BASICS, which has gained a reputation for going beyond the imagination of designers and manufactures by producing unique products that excite is making two of their new products available on the popular crowdfunding platform with a discount.

Importance of Winter Weather Preparations Through Survival Kits and Long-Term Food Supply

LogoBio Survival Gear emphasized the need for emergency preparedness with the appropriate survival kit. This can be a life-saver especially if the harsh winter weather becomes more severe.

FashionMia Presents the Biggest Sale of the Year

Now modern and irresistible Outerwear for women are available online on FashionMia at discounted price rates. This online clothing store is offering all women wear on 20% discounted prices on Black Friday.


Here is exciting news that may gladden the hearts of those women who want to look modern and irresistible by wearing great outfits. Fashionmia has announced the biggest sale of the year for Black Friday. This means those consumers who utilize this offer will get discounts up to 20% on whatever they buy including jackets for women and trendy tops. The offer will be valid between November 25 and November 27, 2016.

FashionMia Cyber Monday Big Discount, 20% off Orders over $139

The news that FashionMia, an online shop that sells Modern, Irresistible, and Affordable women's clothing, has announced Cyber Monday big discounts may certainly excite women who are fashion-minded. FashionMia says that their announcement will get 20% discount to consumers who place orders exceeding $139. This offer will be valid between November 28 and November 30, 2016, says the company.

Web Entrepreneur Launches My-Company-Store237.my-Domain-Host-site.net, a Website Featuring Quality Lifestyle Products

LogoRudolph Matland is proud to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, www.My-Company-Store237.my-domain-host-site.net. The website offers a wide variety of lifestyle products including home, garden, and living essentials, health and beauty supplies, kids', baby, and toy products, and electronics and computer supplies. Matland was inspired by today's fast-paced world and the amount of people looking to the convenience of online shopping to find their everyday essentials at affordable prices. After learning about the possibilities of an online store, Matland wanted to help others get the products that they would need to ensure they can have style and convenience in the most important aspects of their lives.

Define Style, Class and Elegance with Diamond Watches from ItsHot.com

ItsHot.com, a renowned manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer of diamond jewelry in NY, has recently announced an amazing 30-40% off on their vast collection of diamond watches. These diamond watches are a perfect combination of style, class and elegance, and can create a lasting impression on every onlooker at any occasion. All of the diamond watches they provide are from some of the world renowned brands like Jacob & Co, Luxurman, Joe Rodeo, Aqua Master, Rolex, and many others, so that their customers don't need to compromise with the quality of the products. Moreover, ItsHot.com has also provided a whopping 32% discount on its Pre-Owned Rolex Yacht Master Men's Diamond Watch 18K Gold 5.6ct. Previously listed at a retail price of $35,000.00, this men's diamond watch is now available with them for just $23,900.00. Offered with a one year warranty, this stunning diamond watch is water resistant to 30 m, and features sapphire crystal, and chronometer automatic movement. The item code for purchasing this dazzling diamond watch is 967974.

PVC, Inc. Launches Website Featuring Quality Camping and Outdoor Gear

LogoVerne Bray is proud to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, www.TheGetUpAndGoStore.com. The website offers a wide variety of camping and outdoor gear including hunting game calls and locators, outdoor sleeping gear, stoves and fuel, tents and shelters, and tree stands. Bray was inspired by the amount of people looking to the refreshment of nature to get away from the hectic pace of their everyday lives and the way that outdoor activities give us the opportunity to bond, be renewed by the beauty of nature, and challenge ourselves. After learning about the possibilities of an online store, Bray wanted to help others get the products that they would need to ensure each outdoor adventure is as fulfilling as it should be.

Help Ensure Quality Sleep with the Floating Comfort Pillow

LogoSleep is an essential part of human life; it's necessary in order to function in any capacity. Comfort during resting hours is an important factor in gaining the rest necessary to live a happy life. Uncomfortable sleep may as well not be sleep at all, as the entire night is spent tossing and turning in hope of finding that perfect comfortable position. Perhaps the most important factor in finding a comfortable night's rest is the achieving the proper firmness of the pillow. Some people prefer firmer pillows, while others prefer softer ones. The Floating Comfort™ Pillow was created in order to solve this problem by allowing the user to adjust the pillow's firmness to your individual comfort preference.

Trendy and Stylish Women's Modern Clothing Exclusively at FashionMia

FashionMia presents its latest collection of cute dresses and women's outerwear exclusively for the fashionistas who love to stay in fashion. Fashion can be really expensive sometimes. Most of the time, this statement can be true especially on the runways of iconic fashion destinations such as Paris or Milan. But not here at FashionMia.com wherein customers would find nothing but the best designer collection of outerwear and cute dresses designed by some talented designers from across the world. The collection offered here goes hand in hand with the latest trends and styles that many celebrities and high profile clients follow and prefer. FashionMia is a one stop destination for high fashion clothing at affordable prices.

Modern Chic Clothing for Today's Fashionable Women

FashionMia is pleased to offer the latest trendy clothing for women the coming season at amazing discounts and affordable prices. The store takes pride in offering the greatest collection that is on par with the season's trends from across the world. They have exclusive offers for the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So, customers can stay tuned for additional discounts and celebrate this holiday season in fashion and style. The store has a fabulous collection of women's trench coats which are handpicked by the store and those that are designed by young, talented and independent fashion designers from across the world.

JZ Quality Products Presents the Stainless Steel Garlic Press

JZ Quality Products presents the Stainless Steel Garlic Press that will add flavor to your favorite household meal and ease your kitchen preparation. Chefs, both amateur and professional, have found garlic to be the savory ingredient that adds the extra "umph" to a signature dish. However, extracting the best flavor, without the lingering effect of stinky hands, can be tricky. The Stainless Steel Garlic Press provides a smart and economical way to bring out the zesty flavor without the collateral damage to clothes and hands.

All About Plus Size Fashion Clothing for Women

Gone are the days when plus size clothes for women were not available online and offline. Today there are a number of fashion stores that design and sell plus size clothes in trendy designs and styles for women of all ages.