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Devconhomesecurity.com Shares the Most Effective Tips in Deterring Burglars and Thieves

With the continuous escalation in the number of crimes going on all over the world, there have been felonies and crimes that have turned out to be tragic and really dreadful; and some of these awful transgressions happen within the four walls of a once tranquil home. What goes on in the minds of criminals is something that could really be mind-boggling even at this point.

Forestry Supply Partners with BizIQ

Forestry Supply, a longtime outdoor equipment store specializing in ATV sales and service, has announced a partnership with BizIQ, a Phoenix, Arizona-based digital marketing firm that serves small businesses throughout North America.

The Tao of Badass Scam Publishes New Feature on Star Dating Coach Joshua Pellicer

Dating is a subject that occupies a large portion of all single people's thoughts, and demands a lot of energy to engage in. Although dating has a range of skills attached to it, the majority of the population don't understand how to attract the other. Fortunately for those people there are no shortage of online dating guides that claim to be able to help them develop coping strategies, build confidence and ultimately succeed in the realm of seduction. The Tao Of Badass Scam (http://thetaoofBadassScam.org) helps people identify the best of these guides, and has just published a profile on dating coach Joshua Pellicer (thetaoofBadassScam.org/joshua-pellicer).

Premortal Breath: Heavy Metal Bands Debut Album "THEY" Enters USA

LogoGerman heavy mental band 'Premortal Breath', are seeking to catch the attention of the USA. This comes after the success of their debut album release "They" in June 2014. After receiving good critics from New Yorks Deathscream.net (a popular website specialising in heavy metal). The band feels confident that the USA metal audience will greet them well.

Local Women's Group Launch Rare Customized Craft Handbags and Clutches via Crowd Funding

Faced with the need to expand to international markets, a local women's group which makes fine handmade craft handbags has decided to launch a limited inventory of their craft handbags and clutches which come customized with your/ her name or favorite word through crowdfunding.

Purple Cow Releases Bohemian Fashion Inspired 'Indi' Range to Bring Latest Trend to Australia

Fashion is ever changing and evolving rapidly. Equally true is that fashion has now gone global, and the best trends from The UK, America, Japan, South Korea, Africa and other regions are now being melded into eclectic looks. Now, as fashion has transcended nations, fashion is looking to those nomadic people who have no nation- the travelers, gypsies and bohemians of the world, for inspiration. Purple Cow (purplecow.com.au) is a leading Australian online clothing retailer, and has just launched its Boho inspired Indi range for Australians to get the hottest looks for not only the hot Aussie Summer season but many climates the world over.

Blind Champion Paratriathlete - Patricia Walsh and First Female African American U.S. Navy Helicopter Pilot Kamin Samuel Are Special Guests on the Deanne Demarco Show

LogoPatricia Walsh's powerful story of overcoming odds provides a paradigm for personal and professional leadership along with Kamin Samuel who is the first female African American U.S. Navy Helicopter pilot are the featured Entrepreneurs on Deanne DeMarco's high energy-hit radio show.

Designer Autumn Teneyl at Yoga Journal LIVE San Francisco, CA

For over a decade Autumn Teneyl Designs [ATD] has been a part of the world famous Yoga Journal LIVE Conference held at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco. The designer will be on hand to present her latest line in the Sangha Exhibit Hall. The Yoga Journal LIVE Yoga Market is free and open to the public every day in the Sangha Exhibit Space.

Unifying Equation LLC Introduces New and Unique Spiritual Pendant That Unifies Everything, a New Symbol for God

Unifying Equation LLC is pleased to announce the official worldwide launch of its new spiritual jewelry, designed in form of a beautiful pendant, "A New Symbol for God" that unifies all things and all people for all of existence. Through this pendant, Unifying Equation team wants to begin a movement, to share a message of unifying all humans of any faith and connecting those who do not partake in organized religion.

Australian Blues Rock Sensation Darren Jack Heads to Memphis Tennesse

LogoAustralian Blues Rock sensation Darren Jack heads to Memphis Tennessee in January and will perform songs from his new album on infamous Beale Street for the international Blues Challenge 2015.

Relationslips Debuts on VoiceAmerica RADIO, Clare Crawley from ABC's the Bachelor as First Guest

LogoCelebrity Psychotherapists Dr. Bobbe Sommer and Lori Lynn, MFT-i come together this January to host VoiceAmerica's newest radio show, Relationslips. With two highly acclaimed therapists who have appeared in the national media limelight including Oprah, Relationslips blends clinical research and their own formula for relation-slips based on an imbalance of "spirit" and "ego." Clare Crawley of ABC's "The Bachelor" and "Bachelor in Paradise" serves as the show's first guest to talk about her experience with heartbreak live on national TV, her own spirit/ego, and her advice to young women.

Political Thriller Stars Barry Ratcliffe as Corrupt Secret Service Agent

Logo"All Fall Down" is a dark political thriller exposing the Secret Service cover up of a drug smuggling operation by the son of a sitting president. Barry Ratcliffe plays the sinister and charismatic corrupt agent is this intriguing tale of corruption and profiteering.

OrangeShine: Women's Wholesale Clothing, Shoes, Handbags, Accessories Marketplace

OrangeShine is an online women's wholesale clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories marketplace, the marketplace bridges the gap between retailers and clothing, shoes and accessories business owners and manufacturer looking to sell their goods for wholesale prices. The availability of fashion items on wholesale prices will allow store owners to maximize profit.

Emergency Locksmith & Home Security Services in Atlanta to Finally Open Its Business

LogoEmergency Locksmith & Home Security finally opens its business in the area to offer emergency 24/7 locksmith services all over Atlanta, GA. This is to cater the needs of people in the area for emergency lockout services anytime of the day. The company has a team of fully licensed, insured and bonded locksmith contractors who serve both residential and commercial clients.

Vogue Window Fashion Now Announces 25% Discount on Its Range of Curtain Rods and Hardware

With an ethical aim to provide only quality products, Vogue Window Fashion is now offering a 25% discount on its range of curtain rods and other hardware. The company stores some of the most marvelous intricately-designed curtain rods. Their curtain rods are available in the most impeccable designs, shapes and sizes. The company creates curtain rods and other hardware that enhance any location's aesthetic beauty. Their rods and hardware add heightened glamour to any room. One can use their hardware for a beautiful finishing touch. With them, one will find modern designer curtain rods and also the most traditional ones. They also present classic mix and match options for window curtain rods that provide an sui generics look.

Live, Love & Laugh This Year with J'Nae Morrae's "Life Without Love" the Visual

LogoJ'Nae Morrae shares her musical talent through music productions and lyrics, as she sings through many artists' vocals, including "Life Without Love."  The colorful track—produced and written by J'Nae & sung by Jordan Campbell — brings a celebration of life and the spread of love.  Ms. Morrae is a music producer, pianist and lyricist with undeniable drive, passion and collaborative spirit in the Washington, DC area.  A Marylander born into a Panamanian household, she references an eclectic cultural background that yields pop-club & hip-hop melodies stimulating to the ears and festive to the body and spirit.  Because of the influential cultures she has experienced, she is very innovative and ever evolving in her sound.

Blogger Uses RebelMouse to Spread the Word About Lipozene Metabolic Enhancer

Lipozene has been heavily promoted as a miracle pill, helping people burn fat without having to make any changes to their diet or exercise regime. The pills claim to increase the metabolic rate and that 78% of every pound lost is fat, not water. One blogger has undertaken independent research into the diet pill and has found startling differences between the claims made by advocates of the product and the reality for the majority of users. They have posted a new article on RebelMouse to spread the word about the dangers of Lipozene, and has offered healthier alternatives.

College of Medical Aesthetics Announces New Aesthetic and Dermatology Nursing Course Set to Begin

LogoWhile the entire nursing field is seeing growth and new opportunities in most states, there's no doubt that some nursing specialties are more in demand than others.  One that experts agree is more and more promising all the time is the area of Aesthetics and Dermatology.  Recently, Newport Beach, California based Aesthetic nursing school, the College of Medical Aesthetics and Dermatology (CAMED) announced their latest course is set to begin January 19, 2015.  This news has been met by students signing up to the course with enthusiasm.

Wakaya Perfection Now Offers Organic Dilo Lotion for Your Skin Health

LogoAdding to their basket of high-quality, affordable skin care products, Wakaya Perfection now offers Organic Dilo Lotion. Dilo oil, harvested from the nuts of dilo trees, has been used in the South Pacific for years as a natural remedy for burns and other skin problems like eczema and acne, as well as for protection from the sun. Dilo is also used to eliminate stretch marks, maintain skin's elasticity, soothe inflammation, and relieve dryness and more. This amazingly effective skin cream will quickly improve your skin's overall health and you will notice visible results after just a few applications.

The Empress of China, Wu Zetian and Her Legacy

LogoThe drama "The Empress of China," also known as the Saga of Wu Zetian, has recently drawn great attention from both the Chinese audience and foreign tourists interested in China. Wu Zetian is known as the only woman who ever sat on China's imperial throne. This is not the only drama about Wu Zeitan that has successfully seized people's appetite. In fact, there have been plenty of films and television shows broadcasted about Wu Zetian in China.

Juliet Oliver Emerges as the Leading Choice for Handmade Jewelry

LogoWhen buying jewelry, most buyers already know what they would like their ring or wedding band to look like, so buying can sometimes be a difficult choice. Many have trusted Juliet Oliver for their impeccable custom jewelry design services. While there are a lot of different companies that have been designing some of the most brilliant displays, this company has managed to stand out because of their excellent hand crafted and eco friendly designs.

Cala Luna Boutique Hotel & Villas Announces 2014 TripAdvisor Award for Excellence

The online magazine PsychologyToday.com recently featured an article entitled "The importance of vacations to our physical and mental health" written by columnist Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Ph.D. Dr. Whitbourne writes, "Taking a vacation may be necessary for mental health. The act of taking a vacation or holiday away from home has the potential to break the cycle of stress that affects millions of people. After a restful vacation, these individuals often feel ready to dive head first into their normal daily routines with added energy and renewed gusto. Family vacations serve an even greater role, as these getaways can bring families closer together and improve relationships in an atmosphere very different from their regular environment."

Kitchens to Go Launches New Blog Post to Streamline Commercial Kitchen Renovations

Reports from the construction industry indicate commercial kitchen remodeling oversights can set businesses back an estimated $50,000 per project in additional labor and materials alone. This figure does not include revenue forfeited due to construction delays and diverted customers. Profit losses of this nature could render businesses in the food service industry unable to recover from their mistakes. Having seen first-hand the devastation resulting from such developments, Ralph Goldbeck of Kitchens To Go has launched the renowned kitchen development solutions company's latest blog post, detailing 5 important pitfalls to avoid when embarking upon a Commercial Kitchen Remodel or renovation.

Berry Door and Window Wants Local Homes to Be Safe and Beautiful

Berry Door and Window is launching a new campaign in 2015 to help homeowners in the St. Louis area realize the importance of installing new doors and windows. All homes should be protected with modern windows and doors which will keep everyone inside safe, but they should also flatter the decor of the home. This company believes all homeowners understand these features are the first impression people have of their home. They just want to make certain that everyone is aware that you do not have to sacrifice style to also have safety.

Rightway Waterproofing Offering Zero Percent Financing for Both New & Returning Clientele This Winter

Rightway Waterproofing is a Pennsylvania based organization providing basement waterproofing, basement remodeling and mold remediation for clientele in the Philly Metro Area as well as throughout New Jersey and Delaware. For 2015, they would like both new and returning clientele to know that they are offering zero percent financing for all of their services. Therefore, those seeking a professional waterproofing or mold remediation company in and around Bucks County need look no further than Rightway Waterproofing.

Kovalyov Is Creating a Self-Sustainable Sanctuary for Humans

Samuel Kovalyov's plan encompasses the best of both worlds.

Michael Daly, Irish Tenor Presents His New Album "Love Answers" This January, 2015

Michael Daly, Irish Tenor is a New York City Native, specifically, from the Bronx that specializes in singing Irish folk music, Broadway love songs, lullabies and more. For January 2015, Michael Daly proudly announces the release of his new album Love Answers: 15 of the Greatest Love Songs Ever Written. This album marks Michael Daly, Irish Tenor's eighth release.