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Thecountyhotelbath.co.uk on the Top 3 Global Trends That Will Dominate the Hotel Industry

It is the goal of every hotel or restaurant to make all their guests and patrons "at-home". This is why the primary reason why restaurateurs and hoteliers offer their best and superb hospitality services to make each and every customer have a "home away from home" experience. This is quite a daunting risk that the hotel industry has to take although it's truly impossible for a guest to feel at home in a place that is not actually home.

Nautical Ventures Announces Sponsorship of Two Offshore Kayak Fishermen

Nautical Ventures, South Florida's leading Hobie dealer, is further expanding its presence in the growing sport of offshore kayak fishing with the announcement that it is sponsoring two experienced kayak fisherman. Austin Collins and Adam Fisk, both recent graduates of Florida Atlantic University, will represent Nautical Ventures in official tournament action, most notably the upcoming Extreme Kayak Fishing Summer Slam II to be held Aug. 22, at Pompano Beach, Fla.

Golden Dance Experiment Launches Kickstarter Project to Raise Performance Funds

LogoGolden Dance Experiment will host a choreography showcase of new dance pieces in its third season to run September 2014 to August 2015.  This showcase will feature local Baltimore artists, dancers and musicians.  This year, the showcase will feature not only choreography and music but also a video production of "Denihilsm" by Gonzostien.  Golden Dance Experiment has launched a Kickstarter campaign at kickstarter.com/projects/1984284106/golden-dance-experiment-season-3-projects-and-perf in order to raise funds for this project.

Badass Helmet Store Launched in Answer to Sorely Limited Selection of Biker Gear

A recent study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety administration reveals helmets increase the likelihood of surviving a motorcycle crash by an average of 41 percent. Because of this statistic, an estimated 63 percent of bikers choose to wear helmets even in states where doing so is not required by law. The problem lies not in increasing awareness of the importance of donning a helmet, but in providing bikers and their passengers a selection of affordable helmets offering comfort and style while also adhering to safety guidelines set forth by the Department of Transportation.

Anna Maria Luxury Beachfronts Announces Availabilities of Property Rentals for Spring Break

LogoAs many areas of the country are being hit heavily with snow and below freezing temperatures, individuals and groups of friends are looking to book their spring break vacations. When searching for a luxurious destination where groups can have a private beach to themselves and the sunshine to take their mind away from the cold weather, Anna Maria Luxury Beachfronts is announcing the availabilities of property rentals for spring break.

The Renovator's Supply, Inc. Now Offering Exquisitely Designed Bathroom Corner Sink

Maintaining their name as one of the most successful bathroom hardware manufacturers in the industry, The Renovator's Supply, Inc. is now offering exquisitely designed bathroom corner sink. The company supplies high-quality sinks to satisfy every customer requirement. They have stock even for the pickiest designers and architects. With the many options provided by the company, any kind of bathroom can be renovated and given a magical touch with most unique bathroom vessels and sinks. These items are available in various styles including products like corner sinks, glass sinks, stone sinks and vessel sinks. Along with a wide selection, they also offer their products at reasonable prices.

Swags Galore Now Offering Lace Curtains at Discounted Prices

LogoMaintaining their prominent position since 1999 as one of the superior providers of curtains online, Swags Galore is now offering a wide range of lace curtains at the most discounted prices. Lace curtains are timeless curtains that are utilized to enhance all sorts of home decorations. The wide range of curtains that the company is offering include Priscilla Layered Ruffled Panel, Hopewell Lace, Valerie Curtain, Windsor Lace Curtains, Anna Lace Curtains, Butterfly Lace Fan Swag, Windsor Lace Swagger and much more. Besides this, individuals can also get these lace curtains in a variety of colors and patterns with Swags Galore.

Garage Door Staten Island Offers Great Services and Affordable Pricing

LogoA garage door is way more where the car enters and exits the home. A garage door can add value to a home, however, if not properly maintained it can be a deadly force. It is the largest moving object in a home where it is installed. If not secured properly, a garage door may also become a point of entry for home invaders.

Shira Esthetics Announces Additions to Its Shir-Organic Anti-Aging Line

LogoA new year means another birthday will be coming up and that women everywhere will be adjusting their ages ever upward, or at least coming up with new ways to pretend they don't have to. But with all of the anti-aging options available, age really is becoming just a number and people everywhere are looking younger and younger. There should be no reason that women can't be proud of that previously dreaded number and flaunt their years of experience and maturity. Helping to push this trend forward, Shira Esthetics announces additions to its Shir-Organic anti-aging line of products.

LISSA the Shop Announces Selections to Prepare Closets for the Spring Transition

LogoWith the brutally cold temperatures hitting record lows, freezing pipes and making people want to stay inside under a blanket, it's hard to imagine that spring is anywhere near coming. Furthermore, as women everywhere are adding layer after layer of clothing, it's even harder to imagine preparing closets for the lighter, brighter clothing of spring. But the day will come sooner than expected when women will open their eyes to a beautifully warm day and will go running to their closets in search of the perfect outfit to match their bright mood. Unfortunately, if they didn't prepare for the transition, they will be met with heavy sweaters and dark winter colors. To help fashionistas avoid that dreaded moment, LISSA the shop announces selections to prepare closets for the spring transition.

TestsMinceur2014.com Publishes Review on Pure Cambogia Ultra France & Pure Life Cleanse

LogoTestsMinceur2014.com, a leading French health and fitness blog, has recently published a comprehensive review on two popular weight-loss supplements Pure Cambogia Ultra and Pure Life Cleanse based on personal tests on voluntary test subjects.

A Range of Portable Battery Operated Lights Available for Both Indoor & Outdoor Needs

Shangyu Taiyi Electronic Technology Company brings a variety of portable and battery operated lighting solutions for the modern consumers. They have portable lighting products that could be used for both indoor and outdoor lighting needs. All products are rechargeable to serve the purpose of an energy efficient lighting solution in the modern times.

Gray Zone Wins Bronze in the 2015 Feathered Book Quill Awards

The noted young adult novel, Gray Zone, recently won bronze in the 2015 Feathered Book Quill Book Award in the Juvenile/Young Adult category. The novel has created an open dialogue within the community about the problems of cyberbullying, how it differs from traditional bullying, and how to recognize when it is happening.

Dream Wedding Group Announces Free Initial Consult for Brides with No Obligation

According to recent industry statistics released, about one in five brides hire a wedding planner to assist in their wedding. Furthermore, with the trend toward more lavish weddings, experts expect this number to increase dramatically in the coming seasons. Ivan Phay, spokesperson for Dream Wedding Group Singapore, states, however, budget weddings can benefit equally from the expertise of a wedding planner singapore, with a number of advantages for the bride and groom to consider.

Your Builder Offers Free Consultation for Architects and Renovators in Auckland

Your Builder, a company that specializes in building and renovation, is accepting scheduled appointments to architects and renovators who wish to meet with the team and get a free consultation. They accept projects from building a new house model to renovating a room in the house. The company is recognized as one of the builders in Auckland and is a member of several professional building organizations in New Zealand such as Certified Builders Association of New Zealand, Licensed Building Practitioner, No Cowboys, Home First and Hazardco.

Topswedding.com Offering Discount on 2015 New Arrival Wedding Party Dresses

While fashionable wedding party dresses are desired by almost everyone, not everyone can afford the high-priced designer garments. Topswedding.com, a reputable online retailer that deals with fashionable wedding dresses, recently announced hefty discounts on all of its products, including the new arrivals 2015. The retail store owners have underlined the fact that some of the products are available at even 79.99% discount on their retail prices.

Dressstreet.com Announced Free Shipping and Other Exciting Offers Ahead of Chinese New Year

Dressstreet.com, a popular online destination for high-street fashion apparels and accessories, recently announced eye-popping discounts on special occasion dresses. The high discounts are not the only offer from the reputable online retailers. In fact, the owners have also announced free shipping on most of their products and have added latest fashion garments to their product line. It has also been confirmed by Dress Street owners that the discounts, free shipping and other exciting offers will be available even after the Chinese New Year is over.

Newport Cigarettes Coupons Announced for Buying Newport 100s Cigarettes at Cheap Prices

Wintowintrade.com brings a healthy smoking formulation with a small nicotine content and a healthy blend of tobacco that doesn't affect the human health. According to the company sources, their Newport cigarettes are often considered a helpful product for all those who cannot quit smoking, but need a harmless product for their smoking. The web store is now releasing coupons for people to grab cigarettes of the Newport brand at cheap prices. One can use the coupons on their site to enjoy cost saving deals on the Newport cigarette packs.

Focus Production Shares the Key Essentials to Get the Most Authentic Wedding Photos of the Year

LogoThe beauty and permanence of wedding photos do not solely depend on the ability of skilled photographers, the unique photography style and their state-of-the-art equipment to capture the best moments in this once in a lifetime event. These are only possible with the wedding couples' and guests' display of their most authentic emotions. And nothing seems to be far beautiful than a wedding picture of people with natural smile on their faces, are relaxed and enjoying this joyous day without pretensions, which will truly assist wedding photographers in achieving the best wedding picture to cherish in years to come.

Finding the Best Wedding Videographer with Wedding Specific Inquiries as Cited by Focus Production for Wedding Couples

LogoWedding is one of the most anticipated events in a couple's life who made a matured decision to be united in holy matrimony and be together for the rest of their life; 'in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer' as wedding officiator would say during the ceremony. But the partnership of couples does not only happen right after the wedding, this should also be done right before the wedding, where couples have to make plans of every wedding detail especially in finding the right videographer that is within the budget.

Focus Production on the Latest Trends to Upgrade Wedding Videos with Cinematic Videography and Artful Editing

LogoThe trend on wedding videography nowadays evolves too fast that many couples could not help but think what kind of wedding video best captures the very essence of the wedding. Gone are the days when wedding videos were simply recorded moments of the wedding for keepsake, but with the latest technology and video making software sprouting everywhere; it' not surprising that the today's video has certainly turned into cinematic productions with dramatic shots and artful editing.

Nativa Interiors Now Offering Comfort Sleeper at Reduced Prices Through Their Spring Comfort Sleeper Sale

Customers can now get a huge discount on a Comfort Sleeper through Nativa Interior's Spring Comfort Sleeper Sale. Retaining their position as one of the leading suppliers of top-notch quality Luxury Furniture in San Diego, Nativa Interiors is now offering a Comfort Sleeper at reduced prices through their Spring Comfort Sleeper Sale. Through the sale, individuals can get these comfort sleepers at $300 off the MRP. Besides getting sleepers at discounted rates, through their Spring Sale, customers can also get matching stationary at $100 off the MRP. Not just this, all the products organized in this sale are expertly crafted and made in America.

Rock Solid Landscape Now Offers an Exceptional Variety of Landscape Water Features at an Affordable Price

LogoA well-designed landscape is a huge contributing factor for the aesthetics of any house. Thus, Rock Solid Landscape now offers landscape water features of exceptional variety at an affordable price. After a long and tiring day, everyone wants a place where they can unwind and relax. The natural sound of flowing water through the backyard can be really refreshing. Irrespective of the size of the landscape, the company takes care of all their customer requirements and provides beautiful landscape features.

Western Outdoor Living Now Announces Availability of Fireplace Stores in Colorado Springs

LogoWestern Outdoor Living, supplier of outdoor patio furniture, now announces the availability of fireplace stores in Colorado Springs. The company offers some of the finest fire pits, premium barbecue grills and outdoor furniture. Apart from this, the company also offers outdoor kitchen furniture appropriate for the delightful summers in Colorado. All products are of very good quality and are from some of the best manufacturers around the world. The furniture supplied is very elegant, is of great quality, and will last for a long time without having to spend much on maintenance.

DualDraw, an Air Filtration Equipment Manufacturer Now Offers Downdraft Systems at an Affordable Price

LogoWith an intention to make it easier for people to breathe, DualDraw, an air filtration equipment manufacturer, is now offering Downdraft Systems at an affordable price. The company offers various kinds of products such as walk-in clean air stations, wet dust collectors, downdraft tables and booths, custom products, self-cleaning cartridge collectors, DualDraw homeland security and stand-alone portable filter systems. They are widely used domestically as well as internationally. The efficient function and design of these products makes the company stand out in the market.

DaulDraw, a Supplier of Air Filtration Equipment Now Offers Uniquely Designed Downdraft Booths

LogoTo make it easier for people to breathe properly at the work place, DualDraw, a manufacturer and supplier of air filtration equipment, now offers uniquely designed downdraft booths at an affordable price. The company has designed these booths with a patented perforated work surface along with vented back stop for capturing fumes and dust from the environment. The filtration system is configured on the basis of its application. It is not restricted to water filtration, bag filtration for dust, self-cleaning cartridge filtration and HEPA filtration. The company offers various kinds of downdraft booths such as wet downdraft booths, filters for self-cleaning and dry downdraft booths for the purpose of dust collection.

A Tile Installer Sets out to Be More Than Just a One Man Shop

Wade Johnson, a 43 year old man is a driven business owner looking to harness the power of the internet and expand his local tile business. He currently supports his wife, and his young boy Grayson.