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Booze-Up Delivers Alcohol, Cigarettes, Beer and Drinks in London

For people who feel like having a booze at odd hours or have a smoke, Booze Up is a premier vodka delivery service provider in London that delivers alcohol, beer, drinks and cigarettes. One can use the online alcohol delivery menu or call the customer service on 0843 289 29 30 to place an order. Booze Up offers Whiskey delivery across most of the parts of London. No matter where the customer is located in London, he will be able to avail the services of Booze Up. There may be very few areas that are not covered by Booze Up. The customers can also click on the list of areas on the website www.booze-up.com/alcohol-delivery-london to know if Booze Up would be able to deliver to the area in London where they live in.

Booze-Up Provides Late Night Delivery of Alcohol, Cigarettes, Beer and Drinks to the Customers in London

Booze Up is an alcohol delivery service company that delivers alcohol, beer and cigarettes in London, Surrey, Kent and Middlesex. The company also provides Alcohol Delivery in West London. There are about 155 different products that a customer can choose from. The customers can pick their favourites from the menu which include Kronenbourg, Stella, Peroni, Red Stripe, Heineken & Fosters from their beer delivery selection. The customers will also find other big brand sellers such as Smirnoff & Absolut Vodka, Captain Morgan's Rum, Bombay Sapphire & Gordons Gin, Courvoisier & Hennessy Cognacs as well as shooters such as Jagermiester & Sambuca on the spirits menu. The customers can also opt for Champagne delivery. Booze Up also has the famous Moet & Chandon champagne in the racks.

Mediterra Hosts 3rd Annual Tiebreak Tournament & First-Ever, Single Day Tiebreak Tournament for Juniors

LogoOn Saturday, August 27th, The Club at Mediterra will host their Third Annual 1-Day Singles Tiebreak Tournament, presented by London Bay Homes. Three weeks later, on Saturday, September 17th they will host the First-Ever USTA Tiebreak Tournament for juniors. Mediterra hosted the first-ever, USTA Sanctioned Tiebreak Tournament 3 years ago and since then, these compressed tournaments have exploded in popularity. "It's no surprise considering the modern, busy schedule. Many people don't want to spend 3 days, their entire weekend, and a lot of waiting around to play a tournament. I want my fitness, my tennis, my entertainment; and I want it now," says Mediterra's USPTA Director of Tennis, Mike Baldwin. Baldwin served on the USTA Adult Competition Committee that introduced "Alternative Format" initiative.

Watch Maker Seeks Kickstarter Support to Launch Modern Vintage 70's Collection

LogoWatch enthusiast, Jurijs Buldovskis is seeking support from the Kickstarter community to launch his watch brand, UNIVAQUE. A campaign was created to raise €34,500 by September 10, 2016. Funds received will be used to procure tooling, manufacture the product, and make a QC Controlling.

Bothbest Solid Bamboo Flooring Provides Unmatched Interior Design and Decoration Flexibility

Bothbest, a renowned and trusted exporter of bamboo products from China, has earned much reputation over the years for offering solid bamboo flooring solutions. The bamboo floors, according to the owners, can add a lot of flexibility and versatility to interior designing and decoration. The manufacturing process involves slicing the stalks of bamboo and then gluing them together using formaldehyde. The owners said that this particular flooring process can help builders and homeowners get the most interesting of design patterns.

Sunlight Fine Rug Care Announces 100% Professional Rug Cleaning at Up to 63% Discounts

Homeowners in the New York City can rely on Sunlight Rug Care specialists for an efficient and affordable cleaning of their Oriental rugs. The rug cleaning company has a team of trained and experienced professionals who know that Oriental rugs are handmade and are delicately woven. These rugs require special cleaning techniques and care. Sunlight Fine Rug Care announces to offer the best cleaning and care of handmade rugs at a discount price of up to 63%.

Amaxy Global Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Revolutionary New 'Honeycomb' Hair Dryer

LogoAmaxy Inc. has officially launched a Kickstarter campaign for garnering widespread support and financial backing for its revolutionary "Honeycomb" energy efficient & therapeutic hair dryer with far-infrared technology that it claims will actually heal the scalp.

Knits for Real People — Fitting and Sewing Fashion Knit Fabrics Book Wins Silver Award Best Sewing Craft Book of 2016

LogoPati Palmer, President of Palmer/Pletsch Publishing, announces the 2016 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Sliver Award in the Craft and Hobby category goes to a Palmer/Pletsch titleKnits for Real People. Palmer says, "There were over 1,400 entries and we came in second. Not bad!"

Stay Healthy Through Regular Sauna Bathing with Infrared Saunas from Saunas.com

LogoSaunas.com, a renowned online store for saunas, offers a wide array of Infrared Saunas at the most competitive prices. These Infrared Saunas offered by the company use infrared heaters to convert light directly to heat. This heat has the effect of warming nearby objects without raising the air temperature. A bather in an infrared sauna absorbs heat, but the surrounding air does not, that is main benefit of using Infrared Saunas. Infrared saunas provide various health benefits such as stimulation of the immune system facilitate detoxification, help to increase the body's WBC count, and produce relaxation that is essential to the healing process. The Infrared saunas that company provides are excellent in terms of quality and reliability. These saunas are easy to install and can be carried out to any places as per the users requirement. Those who are willing to buy a sauna can buy Infrared sauna from Saunas.com.

B&J International Launches Website Featuring Quality Gardening Supplies and Decor

LogoBuddie Wood is proud to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, www.BudsGardenStore.com. The website offers a wide variety of gardening supplies and decor, with a particular focus on fancy backyard birding and outdoor decor items, sleek patio fire pits and grills, and useful disability gardening supplies. Wood was inspired by his own experiences as an avid gardener, as he is disabled and grew up on a farm with a passion for the beauty of nature. After working with the elderly and seeing a big demand for gardening for the disabled and the way that gardening brings inspiration for everyone who does it, Wood wanted to help others get the products that they would need to create a beautiful garden retreat, no matter what their age or ability is.

Grandhomedesign.com Launches 'Hutches', the Latest Category in Home Design Items

Hutches make good storage units and interested people can consider the aforementioned website to know more about specific products. These can be used in kitchens, dining spaces and in storing wines. The design and size wary depending on the requirement and all the different varieties have been included in their platform. It is aimed to help people in their decision making so that they choose the best amongst the lot.

GunSafes.com Announces Availability of Sports Afield Gun Safes in Its Stock

LogoA renowned online store for a variety of gun safes, GunSafes.com has recently announced the availability of Sports Afield Safes in its stock. These gun safes have engineered with the highest quality materials and gone through the various quality checks to meet with the highest quality standards. The company offers Sports Afield Safes in a variety of sizes, gun capacities, colors and designs to meet the wide needs of their customers. The different types of Sports Afield Safes that individuals can get from them include Sports Afield SA5520 Gun Safe - 14+4 Guns, Sports Afield SA6040 Gun Safe - 41 Guns, Sports Afield-Escort Pack, Sports Afield SA7240 Gun Safe - 60 Guns, and many more. Most of these safes have fire protection of 1200F for 40 minutes that will help gun owners to protect their guns from fire. Sports Afield gun safes can also be used to safeguard other valuable possessions like jewelries, important documents and many other valuable papers.

Web Entrepreneur Launches CJToyFactory.com, a Website Featuring Quality Toys and Electronic Accessories

LogoClydean Lowery is proud to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, www.CJToyFactory.com. The website offers a wide variety of toys and electronic accessories with a particular focus on educational toys, fun toy gadgets, remote control hobby toys, as well as handy batteries and chargers.

WJG Outdoors Is an Exclusive Online Store for Outdoors Needs

WJG Outdoors is a website that helps people meet all of their outdoors requirements in one single platform.

Grandhomedesign.com Helps People in Choosing the Best Corner Showers

Corner showers are quite necessary in any bathroom and for getting helpful information on specific products, the aforementioned website can be considered by users. It is a platform that covers a number of home design products and the recent addition of corner showers has met with a lot of interest from people. Aspects such as functionality, prices, sizes, etc, have been covered in the portal.

Grandhomedesign.com Provides Many Opportunities to DIY Enthusiasts in Home Decor

People who wish to have detailed information about home furniture and DIY ideas for décor can consider the aforementioned website. It has been named as a comprehensive platform that helps people in such endeavors by providing the best choices in specific items. Apart from this, there are several tips and suggestions which can come in handy whilst assembling various furniture, etc.

SBBWDatingSites.com Publishes Top 5 List

Top rated and highly trusted SSBBW Dating Sites review website, SSBBWDatingSites.com publishes the list of the top 5 SSBBW dating Sites of 2016 along with their comprehensive reviews. The Top 5 Super-Sized Big, Beautiful Woman Dating Sites according to SSBBWDatingSites.com are Large Friends, BBW Dating Love, BBW Cupid, BB People Meet and BBW Admire.

Philadelphia Magazine's Best of Philly 2016 - Best Hair Removal: Green City Beauty's Ancient Sugaring Method Wins Best Hair Removal

LogoGreen City Beauty, one of the few Philadelphia salons that offers sugaring, is the new 2016 Best of Philly® winner for hair removal. Those in the Philadelphia area who are in need of hair removal are encouraged to switch to the ancient Egyptian and all-organic method of sugaring as soon as possible. Compared to its lesser opponents, sugaring is quickly becoming Philly's go-to method of hair removal, without the drawbacks that come from shaving or waxing.

Dark Naga Adventures Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Fund New Table Top Adventure - The Buried Zikurat

LogoDark Naga Adventures has officially launched a Kickstarter campaign for garnering widespread support and financial backing for The Buried Zikurat, a table top role playing adventure for three to seven characters between levels six and eight. The Buried Zikurat is designed for use with the Fifth Edition fantasy role-playing game, but is adaptable to any fantasy Role Playing Game.

Top-Rated Long Beach Shooting Range Provides Exciting Shooting Experience

LogoLAX Firing Range, a Long Beach shooting range, provides an exciting shooting experience for all of their customers.  They have a massive selection of gun rentals for all visitors to use; this allows shooters to try a particular type of firearm before they purchase it.  This is a great place for first-time shooters as they offer a free 10-minute safety course for those that are unfamiliar with guns and the Long Beach shooting range's safety policies.  They hire only the most qualified staff members who are well-versed in both ammunition and firearms knowledge.

Customers Buy Ammo Online from Premier Ammunition Manufacturer

LogoSince being founded in 2009, LAX Ammo has built a reputation of being one of the best places to buy ammo online.   This trusted ammo retailer was opened at a time when ammo was scarce, prices were high and suppliers had a hard time maintaining an inventory with a large variety of calibers.  They keep a large stock of factory new ammunition, including their own LAX brand.  They also ventured out into manufacturing their own reloaded ammo in order to provide customers with an affordable, high-quality product.

Top-Rated Brentwood Shooting Range Is the Best Range in Greater LA Area

LogoLAX Firing Range is a premier Torrance shooting range that has proudly been serving the community for over 20 years.  They have built a stellar reputation among their customers for providing an exciting, yet safe environment for shooters to practice in.  Their range boasts 14 individual shooting lanes that are fully automated.  Shooters can fire at targets that are up to 25 yards away.  They have a large selection of handguns, shotguns and rifles that are available for visitors to rent.

OUTXPRO's Coiled EVA Insect Repellent Bracelet Becoming Very Popular with Amazon Shoppers

OUTXPRO™'s new coiled bracelet is showing a marked increase in sales among Amazon customers, making it one of the better Amazon sellers for the company. The coiled mosquito repellent bracelet is being targeted to families and used for many outdoor activities such as camping, back packing, hiking, outdoor sports or anywhere that mosquito protection is necessary.

OUTXPRO's Mole Repeller Becoming Popular with Amazon Customers

At an OUTXPRO™ press release conference company executives said that their Mole Repeller has seen a very strong reception from Amazon customers. This mole repellent has been reported to be very effective for snakes, voles, rodents and underground animals that cause damage to yards and gardens.

Designer Bridal Gowns at Affordable Prices Available in Canby, OR

LogoHeavenly Bridal Boutique offers designer gowns, wedding dresses, and special occasion formal wear at affordable prices. This boutique serves Canby, Portland, Wilsonville, Oregon City, West Linn, Tualatin, Gladstone, Sherwood, Oak Grove, Lake Oswego, Woodburn, Tigard, Milwaukie, Newberg, Beaverton, and Cedar Hills, OR.