Retail Press Releases

Revolutionary Arrow Ezee Storage Shed Available Now in Corner Store Sheds

The second generation Arrow Ezee Sheds has revolutionized the DIY storage sheds industry by adding a snap-together patented technology that reduces the assembly time up to 50%. Now available in Corner Store Sheds store.

Nicamaka Distributors Promotes Umbrellas for the Spring

With the spring season in full swing, Nicamaka Distributors, Inc., a major provider of diverse outdoor products would like to promote its diverse selection of umbrellas.

The World's Largest Range of Fully Customizable Luxury Sneakers Goes Online

LogoYSNEAKERS – a fusion of savvy street style, luxury leather from Italy, the artisanal craftsmanship of shoemakers, now made more awesome combined with your personal style!

Audio City Offers High-End off Road Wheels and Rims to Boost Performance of SUVs

LogoOne of the leading providers of SUV wheels and rims in the USA, Audio City is offering best-in-class off-road wheels and rims at the market's best prices. They have in the stock the highest quality off-road wheels and rims of highly reputable brands, such as Giovanna, Vossen, Lexani, and many others. An array of off-road wheels and rims that individuals can purchase from them, include 15" 16" 17" 18" 20" XD Wheels XD127 Bully Satin Black Rims, 16" 17" 18" 20" Moto Metal Wheels MO955 Chrome Rims, 17" 18" 20" 22" Moto Metal Wheels MO962 Chrome Rims, and much more. All of these wheels and rims are manufactured with the highest quality materials employing the cutting-edge technological tools to deliver highly reliable off road driving experience to their customers. People looking to boost off-road performance of their vehicle can visit to explore an exclusive collection of off-road wheels and rims.

Kouboo Store Supports Poor Communities Development Through Handmade Luxury Decor Objects Sales sells a unique selection of home decor items, sourced from various exotic places of the world, in an effort to support poor communities that rely on crafts for their survival.

An Exclusive Collection of Range Rover Wheels and Rims from Audio City, Best for Upgrading SUVs Performance

LogoAudio City, a proven leader of the wheel and tire industry, offers a wide of Range Rover Wheels at never-seen-before prices. An array of Range Rover Wheels that they have in the stock, include 20" 22" 24" XIX Wheels X15 Black Machine W SS Lip Rims, 22" Azad Wheels AZ48 Silver Machined Rims, 22" Azad Wheels AZ48 Matt Bronze Rims, and much more. All of their wheels and rims are manufactured with the highest quality materials employing the cutting-edge technological tools to ensure they are highly durable and can work smoothly on and off the road. People looking to boost off-road performance of their SUV can explore an exclusive collection of Range Rover Wheels being offered online on the company's official portal,

US Online Store Launches Line of Unique Divorce and Relationship Loss Gifts

LogoAt visitors can shop for one-of-a-kind gifts and readily made care packages for occasions most stores do not cater to: divorce, relationship loss, pet loss, plus sympathy or caregiver gifts.

Web Entrepreneur Launches, a Website Featuring Quality Home and Personal Security Equipment

LogoDarren Riva is proud to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, The website offers a wide variety of home and personal security equipment including unique hidden cameras, lab certified pepper spray, stun guns and stun batons, personal alarms, home security systems, and motion detection systems. Darren was inspired by the importance of having the latest security technology to stay a step ahead of the tactics criminals and attackers are using today. After learning about the possibilities of an online store, Darren wanted to help others get the products that they would need to ensure they can have peace of mind in today's fast-paced world, where they don't have time to keep track of every doorway and corner.

Online Customers Find the Best Stocking Stuffers at Little Obsessed

LogoWith the holidays just around the corner, everyone is encouraged to buy cool stocking stuffers for all family members from Little Obsessed--the leading online retailer of all things cute and little. Little Obsessed now has a ton of adorable items in stock that appeal to the merry vibe of the holidays. The products are hard to find and are truly extraordinary, making their online boutique a great source for small gifts.

Exclusive Pet Supplies from at the Best Rates Online

Pets are known to be the best therapists in the world. They listen compassionately, do not expect anything and love their owners with all selflessness. And so, these adorable pets deserve all the love, attention and care. What better way to show them your love than to treat them with some pet goodies, pet toys, pet accessories and a whole range of pet supplies. At, pet owners can find a wide range of pet products for all their furry, leggy, feathered and fishy friends. Here are a few best sellers and latest on the site:

Exclusive Women's Foot Accessories from ESock Boutique

Experts from the industry say that it is absolutely okay to be obsessed with shoes. And ESock Boutique is one such place that can fulfill that obsession in the truest sense. This is an exclusive shoe store online that offers all types of footwear only for women. We know that one or two pairs are never enough to fit that wardrobe. And that is why the site brings to its customers a wide range of Boots, casual shoes, athletic shoes, flats, loafers, home shoes and sandals for any and all occasions. This coming season, one can flaunt their outfits with the perfect shoes and sandals. Below are a few shortlisted stylish women's foot accessories:

Eldorado Coffee K-Cups Are Now Compatible with All Keurig Brewing Systems

LogoEldorado Coffee K-cups are now designed to fit all Keurig® Brewing Systems. The six different signature blends have finally overcome the compatibility issue with Keurig® machines. The K-cup coffee beans are responsibly sourced from distinct regions throughout Central America, South America, and Africa. The six K-cup profiles are roasted and blended in Maspeth, NY following the age-old recipes set forth by the founder of the company, Segundo Martin. They are a collection of the company's signature created blends, single-origins, as well as tried-and-true profiles with subtle nuances. Doles out Exclusive Tips for Bedroom Furnishings and Decorations, an online resource for latest home decoration and furnishing tips, recently started doling out exclusive tips for bedroom furnishing and decoration. The fashion room decoration tips are written by both home decoration experts and random homemakers who contribute to the online portal by sharing pithy tips for bedroom decoration and furnishing. aims to make it easy for their readers to decorate and furnish their homes.

Emu Oil from Willow Springs Make Perfect Gifts for Family and Friends – Or Oneself

LogoWith over two decades of experience, Karen and Russ Davis use their business Willow Springs Emu Oil to conjure the finest premium Emu Oil. Located in Vancouver Island, Canada, the brand promises an immaculate environment — free of pollutants and contaminants.

Ornament Central's 80,000 Ornaments Donated to Fitchburg High for Fundraiser

LogoFitchburg Public Schools was delighted to receive an incredible gift Monday, Nov 21. During a meeting that transpired that evening, The School Committee of Fitchburg Public Schools accepted a generous donation of 80,000 ornaments from Fitchburg-based Christmas ornament wholesaler Ornament Central.

Aidee Baby Presents the Fashionable Winter Solution to Nursing in Public

LogoBreastfeeding in public can be challenging enough for some mothers as it is. Whether it's a personal matter of feeling apprehensive about feeding one's child in public or an issue of finding the right clothing item to where to get the job done in a convenient and comfortable manner, the weather that comes with the seasonal changes can add another layer of complications. Fortunately, Los Angeles-based company Aidee Baby peels away all the confusion with a simple solution: a heathered grey fleece nursing jacket. This warm, inviting and fashionable baby wearing jacket is part of the newest collection in the growing company's lineup of fashionable nursing wear.

Presenting the All New Magneto Electric Skateboard

Magneto is happy to announce that they now sell a powerful, new high performance, electric skateboard that's made with its intended users in mind. This skateboard is great for those journeys that are too short to take a Cab/Taxi but too long to walk. It can also be used to move to the bus stop, and then after the bus ride to reach your destination.

Atelier Hennin Announces the Launch of New Garments for Women

Online shopping site, Atelier Hennin has recently announced the addition of some new garments for women. Sources have revealed that amongst the newly added products are dresses, fur coats, over coats, down jackets, and jeans. The spokesperson of Atelier Hennin, informing about the addition of new garments maintained, "Atelier Hennin is always pleased to offer more options to shoppers when it comes to clothing. We have some new garments from top brands like Just Cavalli, No Secrets, F32, Iceberg, and Dive Divine."

Egogo Has Offered Advanced Gadgets with Quality Firmware for Sale

LogoEgogo has offered advanced mobile devices produced by the Chinese manufacturers for sale. These products feature high quality and come with trendy features and availability of options that make them stand out from the crowd.

Coco Jalila Delivers Luxurious and Tempting Chocolates in Dubai

Coco Jalila excels in chocolate delivery in Dubai with an assortment of luxurious and tasty chocolates combined with authentic ingredients from around the world. Coco Jalila delivers chocolates with an Arabian flair suited for every type of palate. It has a number of European chocolate delights too.

LED Shoes with Rechargeable Batteries Simulate with Smart Phones

LogoLED, short for Light Emitting Diode has become Aaron's serpent in fashion design as its significance in compact size and shock resistance. The appealing lighting increases attractiveness to hats, dresses, shoes etc. These outfits with led light are tremendously popular among the young. Scot is a street dancer, and he likes to try new wears with new technology. Today Scot's new toy is led shoes. The light-up shoes appeared 10 years ago, the ones that blink and flash, activated by the pressure of the wearer's tread. But these led shoes are totally a different type. The led shoes perform the cutting edge technology of led lighting, rechargeable lithium battery and simulation control with smart phones.

Kim Jewelry Design Offers One-of-a-Kind Leaf Necklace to Add a Touch of Elegance to Any Look

LogoA leading provider of handmade bridal jewelry in the USA, Kim Jewelry Design is offering one-of-a-kind leaf necklace to add a touch of elegance to any kind of party outfits. This handmade necklace is designed with the utmost care employing innovative tools to provide high-end finishing. The Leaf Necklace is suitable for the people of any age group, including grandmother, sister, mother, neighbor, bridesmaids, or girlfriend, and makes a perfect gift item for special occasions. Individuals looking to gift this wonderful necklace to their loving lady can buy it from the company's official portal,, and impress them in a unique style.

GMH Global Enterprise, LLC Launches Website Featuring Quality Beekeeping, Bonsai Tree, and Aquaponics Supplies

LogoGeorge Hubbard is proud to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, The website offers a wide variety of beekeeping, bonsai tree, and aquaponics supplies, including bonsai trees, tools, seeds, and instruction, beekeeping guides, and aquaponics systems and accessories. Hubbard was inspired by his passion for these three disciplines, as he was fascinated by bees from the time his was ten years old and learned to care for them after his dad got him a bee hive and eventually had 25 colonies. His Bonsai passion grew after he was intrigued by the concept of growing a thriving tree that lived for hundreds of years in a pot and has been perfecting the art of bonsai ever since. Aquaponics is something that has piqued Hubbard's interest as well, as he has built a 180-gallon tank system and a grow bed, where he grows greens and tomatoes. Hubbard wanted to share his priceless advice and experience on these topics through an online store, after he realized how much he has to offer.

Buy Ammo Online from LAX Ammunition and Save Big

LogoLAX Ammunition specializes in selling ammo at nationwide competitive pricing. They sell big name brands line Winchester, Remington, Fiocchi, CSS and many more. They offer a wide variety of caliber and types of ammunition, including 9mm, 10mm .45 Auto .22 TCM, .380 Auto, 12, 16, 20, 28, 410-guage, 222 Rem and 308 WIN just to name a few. In order to provide an easy and convenient shopping experience, LAX Ammunition offers their customers the option to buy ammo online.

Web Entrepreneur Launches, a Website Featuring Quality Licensed NCAA Apparel and Accessories

LogoJeannette Holm is proud to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, The website offers a wide variety of licensed NCAA apparel and accessories, including personalized keepsake college sports t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, and fan gear for grandparents, parents, and fans. Holm was inspired by how deeply college sports run through our veins and how important it is to so many people to show their fandom and college team pride as well as bond with other die-hards. After learning about the possibilities of an online store, Holm wanted to help others get the NCAA products that they would need to ensure they can keep their college pride close to heart with personalized products that show their connection to a college team.

Kids Love Vegetables? Kitchen Supreme Disproves the Myth and Provides Evidence with Undercover Pasta Recipes

Kitchen Supreme, small family business, strengthens the idea that children can eat healthy dishes, containing lots of vegetables in a peaceful manner. Due to the numerous positive reviews, it would appear that the spiralizer can be an effective tool in convincing children to eat healthy meals. Also, seeing the process through which veggie noodles are obtained, children apparently wanted to get involved in preparing the food.

Top 5 Holiday Gifts for 2016

LogoThe holiday season is here, but along with it comes the challenge of gift-giving. Finding the perfect gift for everyone on the list can make the mind go blank. Fortunately, here is a great list of rocking Christmas gift ideas.