Retail Press Releases Introduces Light Up Shoes as the New Face of Fashion, the world's fast-rising and leading supplier of LED shoes for adult introduces light up shoes as the new face of fashion and trend. In the past few years, fashion analysts and experts reveal that the fashion trends most especially when it comes to footwear are not as interesting as it was in the last decades. In connection with this, most of the fashion analysts and experts unite as they strive to come up with pieces and items that are worth the admiration from the fashion enthusiasts and aficionados. As a result, the large majority of companies and brands in the fashion industry tried to develop footwear or shoes that are both fashionable and trendy with a hint of technology.

Crowdfunding Campaign Live Now for a Shopping App by a User-Centric Design Team of Volunteers

Determined and innovative define inventors Yefan Wei and Albert Lam, the creators of the SalePointer smartphone app: a shopping app that provides its users personalized alerts to savings and directions to the on-sale items. The duo has taken their invention to the most popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, with the hopes to build backing and attract funding for their dream project. The SalePointer campaign is currently live and the team is seeking a funding goal of at least $60,000 CAD before Sun, May 1, 2016 to cover the development, operations and marketing expenses for the app.

Nina B Roze Introduces Variety of Stylish Women's Activewear to Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

A variety of stylish and comfortable women's activewear, yoga apparel, sports apparel and other clothing items are now available on the website Originally designed by Nina B roze, the active apparel allows women to enjoy their regular workouts, exercises, yoga and other activities to help maintain their active and healthy lifestyle. The activewear collection features leggings, sports bras, workout clothing, fitness wear, printed activewear, yoga pant, mesh tops and other items.

HermesCopies Announces Affiliate Program for Hermes Copies

LogoJames Wong, spokesperson for HermesCopies, announced that the company is now offering individuals around the world with an opportunity to become a HermesCopies affiliate. The company is the leading manufacturer of Hermes replica handbags, one of the most coveted accessories in the world and a favorite of celebrities, the wealthy and powerful.

Fab Fashion Depot Unveils New Collection

Fab Fashion Depot, a well known online store has offered exciting options for the Fashion conscious at reasonable rates. Reveals the Best Mattresses on the Market for Low Back Pain

In The Lancet's 2013 study entitled "The Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors", the organization reported that low back pain had beat out 300 other conditions to become the leading cause of disability worldwide. The American Chiropractic Association estimates that as much as 80 percent of the population will have back pain at some point in their lives. Because low back pain can cause a person to miss work and lower their overall quality of life, it's vital that people do what they can do avoid it.

Apothecary Extracts Launches Latest Collection Fostering Scented Candle Acclaim

Based on a survey conducted by the National Candle Association earlier this year, an estimated 75 percent of participants viewed candles as fitting Christmas gifts while 66 percent held the same sentiments regarding tokens for upcoming dinner party hosts and hostesses. In light of the same study's revelation 70 percent of Americans currently use candles in their homes, those on the receiving end seem to agree. With this continuing popularity in mind, Anthony Codispoti of Apothecary Extracts has recently launched the company's latest collection of scented candles.

Simply Plastics Reports Record Sales as They Revolutionise the Way Customers Buy Plastics

Plastics perform so many essential functions in modern living that it is difficult to live without them. Unfortunately for many however, it has also proven difficult to live with them, thanks to product ordering only being at the wholesale level. Historically, customers have had to purchase large sheets of plastic and then cut it to size themselves, proving expensive and awkward in real terms. Simply Plastics offered an alternative, where the customer can purchase the exact piece they require – cut to size and accurate to the mm. As a result, they are now reporting record sales, helping to transform the industry through the power of the online marketplace.

Amish Furniture Factory Now Offering Free Wood Samples for Customers

Flatpack furniture has now become all but ubiquitous in the metropolitan parts of the country, thanks to its convenience and low price. These attractive qualities come with the cost of significant disadvantages however, including poor build quality and cheap materials resulting in a low lifespan. Amish Furniture Factory wants to help people buy the furniture that will last them a lifetime, with timeless looks hewn from classic woods. To help inspire customers, they are now offering free wood samples that will enable people to see and touch the finish before committing to a decision.

DH Wholesale Products Unveils Exciting Offers

LogoDH Wholesale Products, a renowned Online Mall has unveiled several exciting offers with an eye on the holiday season to ensure that users can make good savings on their purchases.

California Pet Supply Introduces a New Superior Quality Dog Pee Pad

According to the Humane Society, 54.4 million households in America own an estimated 77.8 million dogs. Every one of these pets must be house trained, and dog pee pads are of great help during this training. The problem many pet owners encounter is the pee pads purchased don't function as intended.

FIT FACE Launches Line of Skin Care Products for High Performance Men

LogoJordan Lindsey, founder and president of FIT FACE, announced the launch of their high-performance skincare products for men. The company offers a daily maintenance face cleanser, daily moisturizer, SPF 30 face moisturizer and a post-shave/sun serum for health conscious men, with 10 percent of sales going to support Feeding America

Panha Enlightens Readers on Top Product Reviews in Market

Panha is an online review guide. The online resource allows users to get reviews on latest and old products. The product reviews are provided on categories like kitchen and dining products, kid products, and technological products. The other categories include home &gardening as well as health and beauty.

Cnsourcingleader Offers Fashion Accessories and Various Other Items to Global Customers

Those who are looking for the latest fashion accessories may be glad about the news that Cnsourcingleader, a China-based wholesale supplier, is offering accessories pertaining to clothing, baby clothing, phones, etc. to customers throughout the world. They offer promotional and gift items also at wholesale prices. Introduces Product Review Website

Best anti aging serum is an online review website that provides information regarding the creams and serums introduced in market with respect to their quality and effectiveness. Each of the products is reviewed thoroughly and its results are discussed on the website in details. The main focus of Best anti aging serum review website is to help customers select the right product that suites their needs and their skin types. There are hundreds of products available in market for anti-aging and skin care. These products are not all produced by verified manufacturers hence can cause serious skin and health issues to consumers. The review guide not only helps identify the right products bit also work as a protective guide to help customers avoid using harmful products and waste their money. The products that are under the category of skin care, anti-aging are often expensive hence making it an investment one should worry about. The best anti aging creams help users find the best anti-aging serum.

Inkkas Crowdfunding Campaign Skyrockets to Early Success

LogoInkkas, the Brooklyn-based footwear and accessories brand launched their latest Kickstarter campaign on November 4th. Inkkas is using the platform to rally financial support for the launch of its first brick and mortar location in Brooklyn, New York. Inkkas has previously launched two successful Kickstarter Campaigns in 2013 and 2014, which brought in record levels of fan support for the brand.

Paw Print Gallery Launches Exciting Range of Products

LogoPaw Print Gallery has launched its smart and fun range of products, which includes Custom Digital Watercolor that can be just perfect for people's homes.

Mattress Store Makes Black Friday All Month

The Mattress Professor in LA hosts a month-long Black Friday sale. "We know how packed the stores are on every Black Friday. We know people want the great deals, but they also hate having to fight the crowds. So, we're having our Black Friday sale all month long," said store owner Chris Abdou.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Trend Once Again Taking the Web by Storm

Ugly Christmas Sweaters are a trend that started several years ago as nothing more than a "gag gift" or something you would by a friend or relative as a joke. The premise was to find the most hideous and frilly old-style Christmas sweater that you could, and wrap it up in fancy way to trick the recipient of the gift into thinking you cared about him or her.

Stewart & Strauss, LLC - the Best Retailer, Manufacturer of Letterman/Varsity Jackets

For those people who are in search for the best retailer and manufacturer of letterman jackets, varsity jackets, they don't need to look any further since Stewart & Strauss, LLC is the ultimate company to consider. They provide the finest and first class quality letterman jackets and varsity jackets since the year 1977.

Zabba Designs Now Offers African Clothes, Jewelry and Shoes at Attractive Prices

Zabba Designs, an online store that sells African clothing and accessories, recently announced big discounts on clothes, jewelry, shoes and other types of designer pieces. The owners of the store said that the primary aim of them is to create excitement and awareness in African and Afro-American buyers who mostly look for clothes and footwear products specially designed for them. The owners claimed that many designs are directly inspired from ethnic African designs. They added that African jewelers and designers have put their own touch of creativity in designing the shoes, garments and other products that are now available at discounted prices through their store.

The Keepsake Co Welcome Their 70th Fingerprint Jewellery Business

The Keepsake Co was established in 2002 and in 2012 it moved from a retail business to a business opportunity on the birth of the founders Son. When Victoria, the founder, realized just how lucky she was to have such freedom around her childcare and working options she felt blessed and wanted to help others Mums escape careers which no longer served them now they were Mums. as a former Computer Scientist Victoria knew first hand how desperate you can feel when trapped in a career you hated and knew she was able to use her experience to help others set up their own creative businesses so they could earn money on their terms.

BodyVerde's Speed Shave to Go Offers a Water-Free Shave

LogoMen and women on the go no longer have to worry about water if they need a quick, close shave thanks to the newly released Speed Shave To Go from BodyVerde.

Tips for Finding a Safe and Effective Skin Tightening Cream from Betty's Beauty Blog

Using skin tightening creams is one of the best ways to defy the signs of aging and keep the skin fresh and youthful. A good skin tigning cream contains ingredients that help build collagen and elastin, the two essential proteins that are responsible for giving skin its strength and flexibility. Those who are looking for effective skin tightening creams to keep their skin smooth, toned, young looking for delaying the signs of ageing can rely on the tips provided by Betty's Beauty Blog on skin tightening creams. Betty provides exhaustive guidelines that help people in determining whether the skin tightening product they are buying is reliable and produces the required results or not.

Paw Print Gallery Unveils Smart New Collection

Paw Print Gallery has now made things easier for all pet owners and lovers who can get Custom Digital Watercolor of their precious friends and treasure them forever.

Quick and Easy Gourmet Unveils Exciting Products

Quick And Easy Gourmet is an online platform where users can get helpful tips to make Gourmet dishes without any hassle. They can also find top quality products needed for their recipes online and at affordable rates.

Electronics Connection Launches Expansive Range

Electronics Connection has launched a collection of Electronics products that are high on quality and low on price as well.