Retail Press Releases

Skippack, PA PANDORA Retailer Announces "Spend More Save More" Sale

One of Pennsylvania's top PANDORA jewelry retailers, URBANfusion Skippack, announced their participation in the company's Spend More Save More sale. The promotion is set to take place between September 15 and 18, with early access for preferred members beginning on September 13.

Elevate Customs Explodes Onto Scene with One-of-a-Kind Gaming Tables

Unique elements of a home or office are what visitors remember long after they've left the premises – the touchstone pieces that tie a room together and make a lasting impression. An attractive modern pool table, or sleek table embedded with the company logo; these sorts of things are distinctive and memorable for the right reasons. They are also the bread and butter of California-based Elevate Customs, a newcomer to the industry of game tables, office tables, and furniture. February of 2016 marked their beginning, and since then the company has hit the ground running and demonstrated a substantial amount of promise for the future.

Yeouth Now Active on Social Media Giant, Facebook

Now, consumers looking for a proven product to reverse the signs of aging can access their favorite skincare brand through social media, as Yeouth, a renowned skin care brand launches its new, exciting official page on Facebook.

UK Government Calls Acupuncture a Sham, Experts Endorse Shredded Memory Foam Pillow Instead

Acupuncture for treating back pain is "a sham," according to a UK agency. Experts instead recommended the use of back pain pillow as an effective alternative for pain management.

Consumers Rave About Yeouth's Vitamin C Serum

Yeouth's Vitamin C Serum has been made available on and on their website, directly to its consumers in the US. The serum is enriched with Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Tripeptide 31, all of which are natural ingredients. This fast-acting serum is formulated to defy age by boosting natural collagen production, healing the skin, and infusing it with moisture.

Gadgets Linked to Diminished Quality of Sleep, Experts Recommend Comfortable Pillow and Microfiber Sheets to Counter

Choosing quality and comfortable items for sleeping such as pillows, blankets, and sheets queen can counter bad effects of iPads and tablets on sleep, according to experts after one study found that iPads and tablets lower the quality of sleep.

Foot Care Specialist Reveals More Relevant Information About Calluses

Calluses are generally considered to be harmless since they protect the feet from cuts and other threats. However, there are many things about calluses that, according to experts, should not be overlooked by people.

Nziphone Introduces Fashion iPhone 6s Cases in Numerous Styles

Nziphone offers a wide assortment of iPhone 6s cases in stylish designs and colors. Buyers can find stand support covers for iPhone 6s in alluring colors.

Octaloofah Crowdfunding Campaign Changing the Way People Shower Forever

The Octaloofah is a revolutionary new shower accessory that will change the way people take a shower. To generate funding and bring this exciting new product to market, inventor Alex King has launched the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign; Octaloofah – 'Changing the way we shower forever'.

Carlyle Galleries Presents: '500 Years of Art: Old Masters to Contemporary' Online Fine Art Auction - Sunday, May 15, 2016

LogoCarlyle Galleries International, Inc., ( the online fine art dealers and auctioneers, is proud to announce their next auction: "500 Years of Art: Old Masters to Contemporary" - Sunday, May 15, 2016 at 10:00AM Pacific Time.

New Blogs About Joshua Steinberg Design and Decor Concepts Unveiled on Website

With an aim to enlighten visitors about the high quality and exclusively designed furniture from Joshua Steinberg, a series of blogs was recently unveiled at As per the information provided by a representative of the site, these blogs will benefit any person who is planning on investing in a new set of modern furniture.

SnoreLess Pillow Review – Are Americans to Trust This Anti-Snoring Pillow to Solve Their Nightly Vibration Problems?

LogoThere are many people that have problems with snoring and have likely tried many solutions in the past, and generally without success. It can be frustrating when a person simply can't get a good night's sleep thanks to his or her own incessant snoring. Many products promising to fix these problems have come onto the market in the past – with varying degrees of success. A new product is now appearing to gain steam, the SnoreLess Pillow, and perhaps this time, users can actually fix their snoring problems for good.

New Bed Sheet Review Site Enters the Scene –

Many consumers look at online review sites before making any kind of purchase because they want to make sure that they are getting the best product they can for their money. is an online site that is focused on helping the consumer choose the best bed sheets for their bed.

Brit Miller and DPCTED Apparel Work Together to Help Abused and Neglected Children

St. Louis Rams Running Back, Brit Miller gives back to charity by designing unique and funny t-shirts for DPCTED Apparel, an all-American brand of apparel that encourages positive body image through thought-provoking but funny tees.

Bring Home Massage Tables from to Manage Anxiety and Depression

LogoOne of the popular massage chairs providers in the nation, is now offering an exclusive range of massage tables at the most competitive prices. The massage tables they offer are a better way of getting rejuvenated after a hectic day at work, and help individuals in better managing their anxiety and depression. Unveils Information Database About Diamonds

Are people in the market for a piece or pieces of significant jewelry? The perfect engagement ring or eternity ring? Even a dress ring perhaps. Want some nice diamond earrings, a diamond bracelet but not sure where should start. If people haven't bought any serious jewelry before but would be interested in finding information about the best cuts, the best prices, the sizes, the shapes that would be good for the type of jewelry. What diamonds show up best in what settings, how different stones can be put together. How to avoid getting conflict stones. Why people need a Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certification for stone or stones and what it means look no further than the new blog site for everything diamond related.

SmartChoice Fitness Launches New UV400 Cycling Sunglasses on Amazon

SmartChoice Fitness is a renowned Amazon seller, retailing sports and well-being products. The company recently launched sports sunglasses under their cycling brand, Openroad. Lightweight and made from polycarbonate plastic with a wraparound design, these sunglasses are ideal for cyclists. The product has reportedly received rave reviews from buyers.

UV400 Sport Sunglasses by SmartChoice Fitness Receive Positive Reviews on Amazon

Openroad's UV400 Outdoor Glasses were recently released on Amazon and according to the company, the product has been well received. The product has garnered positive feedback on its official Amazon listing at The glasses are available in three colors and come with a hard case for protection when not in use.

Hilaire Productions Kick Starts Spring 2016 with a Bang, Seals Deal with Towel Specialties

LogoInnovative towel-maker, Hilaire Productions, Inc., announced a strategic alliance with Towel Specialties, the leading manufacturer and decorator of towels in the promotional products industry. With the partnership launch effective Jan 1, 2016; Towel Specialties holds the right to distribute Hilaire EMBRACE collection of towels as Hilaire Pocket towels through their promotional products distribution into the corporate world. Now Offers NewAge Diamond Plate Bold 24 Piece Set for Sale

Recognized among the top suppliers of branded garage organizers, is now offering the NewAge Diamond Plate Bold 24 Piece Set for sale. Presently in stock, individuals can order this exceptional garage cabinet for just $4, 699.99. It is a unique NewAge garage shelving cabinetry set in their collection that is made from 100% 23 Gage Steel, has a heavy-duty powder-coated paint finish, diamond plate pattern, stain and scratch resistant surface, fully lockable cabinets, stylish NewAge chrome trim and powerful magnetic door latches. This NewAge garage cabinet is manufactured employing cutting edge technological tools and consists of 4 - 3 door tool cabinets, 8 wall cabinets, 4 - 2 door base cabinets, 4 locker cabinets and 4 X 52" bamboo worktops. Individuals who are tired of organizing their messy garages can count on this reputable store for their requirements.

Lolo Mountain Introduces Smart Range of Products

Lolo Mountain has introduced an exciting range of products, which help users indulge in their favorite Outdoor Activities safely and comfortably.

Preserve Valuable Food with Home and Above's Newly Launched 5-Piece Vacuum Food Container

LogoHome and Above, a new online brand that provides a broad range of housewares and home good products, recently unveiled their latest installment in high-quality, convenient and affordable kitchen accessories: the Vacuum Food Container. Designed to make storing leftover snacks easier than ever before, the 5-piece set comes with a vacuum pump that removes all air and moisture from the containers for long-lasting preservation.

Meditation Plus Comfortable Lower Back Pillow - Key Solutions to a Painful Back

Meditation, mind-based therapies, and lower back pillow may ease back pain, according to a study. According to a report published by the New York Times, as much as 65 million Americans suffer from chronic lower back pain.

Affordable Mac Offers Elite Apple Macs at Affordable Prices

Affordable Mac offers a wide range of refurbished Apple computers and a personal and genuine service to all their customers. Affordable Mac wants to highlight the various benefits of buying a refurbished Mac, that usually offer similar benefits yet they are lower in price, which allows more people to own a powerful machine such as elite Apple Macs.

WeeTect Introduces Hydrophilic Coated Anti Fog Window Film

LogoWeeTect Material Limited today introduced an anti-fog solution for window films with hydrophilic coating. This is an incredible technology that aims to provide a permanent anti-fog solution.

Stellar Solutions, LLC Launches Website Featuring Quality Home Improvement Products

LogoWilliam Vinson is proud to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, The website offers a wide variety of home improvement products with a particular focus on homeowner's tool kits, cordless power tools, and home improvement tools designed for the do-it-yourself enthusiast. Vinson was inspired by the need for quality DIY home improvement solutions in today's economic environment. After learning about the amount of specialized tools and materials for DIY home improvement that are out there, Vinson wanted to help others get the products that they would need to ensure they complete their DIY projects with ease and satisfaction.

Cartwright Ventures, LLC Launches Website Featuring Quality Outdoor Supplies

LogoRhonda Schmitzer is proud to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, The website offers a wide variety of outdoor supplies with a particular focus on products geared towards camping and hiking on different kinds of terrain and the large assortment of fishing products. Schmitzer was inspired by the refreshment and enjoyment that so many people get from going camping and being in the outdoors. After learning about the amount of people looking for quality outdoor gear, Schmitzer wanted to help outdoor enthusiasts get the products that they would need year-round to ensure their time spent doing their favorite outdoor activities is enjoyable and comfortable.