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New Kickstarter Project to Bring 150 Years Old Norwegian Shirt Back in Fashion Is Now Open for Contributions

The busserull shirt, which used to be a common work-shirt in Norway about 150 years ago, is back in the news again, with a new Kickstarter Project started by Ingvill Montgomery of Hovden Formal Farm Wear. Ingvill believes that the Norwegian shirt will appeal to the new generation in 2014, and is expecting a huge response from the fashionable folks on the planet. The project has a funding goal of $12,000, and the project will end on August 9, 2014. The project is already open and till then, it has 67 backers and who have contributed $7,967 in total.

Alexis Boyett Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Arrange Funds for the Market Launch of Pleasant Pumps

The objective of this project by Alexis Boyett is the introduction of Pleasant Pumps, the world’s first comfortable sexy line of heels. Alexis has combined the sex appeal of the 5” pump with the feel of a sneaker. Users can finally wear heels all day without destroying their feet.

Pat's Building Maintenance Provides Floor Care in Bloomington & Other Places for Tile Surfaces and Floors

Pat’s Building Maintenance provides floor care in Bloomington & other places for multiple tile surfaces and floors. With their advanced procedure, they have succeeded in removing the most persistent and sticky dirt particles from tile surfaces and deposits. They follow an intellectual approach that helps them to efficiently and promptly eliminate the dirt particles and make it look like as it was before, with an attractive appearance.

Bronte Rose Offers Its Online Store to Sell Shabby Chic Accessories and Vintage Style Items

Home is never complete if it’s not accessorised and decorated with the appropriate furniture, accessories and other lighting elements. Choices differ from person to person and people choose a vast range of options to make their homes look great. One such trend is decorating the house with chic accessories as well as giving it a vintage look. The options for this particular styling are huge as well. One such place where people can buy shabby chic décor accessories as well as vintage styled items is the store at Bronte Rose. Bronte Rose is a family run business, which is based in the Yorkshire moors. The area has always been popular due to the creative Bronte sisters as well as their brother Branwell who was an artist.

CMYK Shirts - A New Hub for Awesome Geeky T-Shirts

CMYK Shirts is the latest destination where all the geeky friends can find t-shirts with some of the coolest and funkiest designs. CMYK Shirts is an online art community that offers wearable art designed by artists, t-shirt designers and doodlers from around the world. The designs are offered in a variety of categories such as Movies, Music, Pets, Funny, Faith, Political, Science, Sports, etc. T-shirts are available for both men and women in different sizes too. The best thing about this company is that they invite unique designs created by anyone from any part of the world.

Experienced Textile Designer Josi Severson Seeks Kickstarter Funding to Launch Emerald City Collection

LogoJosi Severson is an experienced textile designer specializing in exclusive, hand-drawn designs. This project is intended to help him launch a new line of dresses that use only 100% certified organic interlock, printed in the US.

Kickstarter - Snakable the Unbreakable Cable

LogoWe have all fallen victim to the inevitable broken connector on our cell phone cable or other gadget charging cable. There is a weak point in any design, and with the current USB charging cables, that weak point is right below the connector on either side of the cable. Snakable is a beautifully designed USB cable for your mobile device, that protects the wires at the cables' connectors from over-bending and eventually breaking. Like so many of us experience, with typical cables. This is due to the patent pending strain relief assembly on both connectors. The Snakable will be available as backer rewards, in Apple Lightning & Micro USB configurations. Color options will also be available: Red, White, Black, Green, and Orange. Lightning Snakables will be Apple Certified under the Made for iPhone (MFI) program. The Snakable Kickstarter is live now through May 25, 2014.

Emporium Cases Brings Exclusive Cases & Covers for iPads, Tablets & Other Handheld Devices

All types of protective cases for iPAds, Tablets, and a host of other types of handheld devices are now available at the online store of Emporium Cases . The web store offers an exclusive collection of covers and cases which are stylish and serves the purpose of providing the much-needed protection to one’s handheld device.

6 New Plus Size Dresses for Spring and Summer 2014 Are Featured at have started posting more and more plus size fashion items on their website because these have proven to be very popular with many women on Pinterest and other social media sites.

Hair Extensions Lovers Teams Up with Most Beautiful List to Find Models for a Joint Campaign

LogoMost Beautiful List is known for it annual 100 Most Beautiful List which is released every January 1 at mid night.

Truthful Reviews of Beauty Products Now Available at Beauty Products Review

Beauty Products Review, the website women turn to for trustworthy reviews of beauty products, is pleased to announce the launch of a new website dedicated to helping women maintain a healthy and vibrant appearance. Http:// takes an integrated approach to making women look and feel their best, focusing on lifestyle choices, facial care, hair removal, hair care, makeup, and the use of high-quality beauty products. LLC Now Offering Hotel Deals for Summer 2014 LLC is now offering details on hotel deals for summer 2014. As people shake off the last of the winter cold and put away their sweaters for the season, they will soon begin searching for the best travel and hotel deals for their money. Look no further – LLC compiles all the best deals on the internet in one place accompanied with user reviews. They also offer bonus points towards various gift cards and other prizes to shoppers who become members and post their own reviews. Log on today to find low prices on the best hotels in the country.

Atipico Looks to Raise Fund via Kickstarter for the First Production Run of Their Colored Dress Shoe Laces

LogoAtipico comprises of people who are not ordinary by any means. They want to bring color and quality into people’s lives in order to celebrate the real Summer Spirit. They had this simple idea to make products that are fun and beautiful, designed to give users’ outfit a stylish twist and make them smile with very little effort.

ClassicDogBeds Launches 2014's Most Chew Resistant Dog Bed

Classic Dog Beds is the online store that offers the latest designs and innovations. The site is highly popular for the damage resistant dog beds which are offered at an affordable price. It is one of the top leaders in the world when it comes to orthopedic dog beds. It offers different types of beds for dogs and is wrapped up in completely indestructible materials.

Siva Ravindra Kakarla Seeks Funding Support via Indiegogo for the Official Launch of

LogoEvery day lots of people wearing oddly fitted clothing are seen everywhere. There is no option for them except for buying what many popular brands offer. It is like a black and white movie where nobody stands out. can change that.

Rock-Tops Announces Availability of Exclusively Designed Bathroom Granite Countertops in MN

Rock-Tops announces availability of exclusively designed bathroom granite countertops in MN at affordable prices. They clearly understand that a house owner wants nothing else than the best for their abode. The company is a leading provider of bathroom granite countertops and primarily helps customers in building a lavish bathroom through their well-designed choices of bathroom sinks and countertops.

Rock-Tops Offers Durable & Affordable Granite Countertops in MN for Home Remodelling Projects

Rock-Tops, a renowned name in the industry offers durable and affordable granite countertops in MN for a home remodelling project or designing a project from scratch. They provide an exceptional collection of countertops along with other natural stone countertops that are designed to provide the artistic feel that every home owner wishes.

Rock-Tops Offers Perfectly Customized & Affordable Kitchen Granite Countertops in MN

Rock-Tops offers perfectly customized and affordable kitchen granite countertops in MN. They fall in the list of few renowned companies who are known for their durable products. A stylish and innovative designed kitchen is their symbol of expertise. They value the thoughts of customers that kitchen is not just a place to cook, but is an important social part of the home. Offers a Wide Selection of Lace Wedding Dresses for Sale

LogoA suitable wedding dress plays an important part in a bride's wedding look. The wedding dress has to be as special as possible to make the wearer look her best. offers a wide selection of lace wedding dresses for customers to choose from. The collection ranges from vintage traditional styles to fashionable modern designs, all available at affordable price.

Mode Moa Offers the Newest Fashions in Pants and Skirts

Shopping women’s wholesale often requires extensive travel, long lines, and stiff buying competition. Mode Moa simplifies the fashion marketplace with an online store that is organized and easy to use, and the style experts are proud to highlight the season’s latest fashions in pants and skirts.

Bbrautkleid Launches Big Sale of Party Dresses Online to Celebrate May Day is always ready to serve customers with more benefits. To celebrate the International Workers' Day, i.e. May Day, has launched a big sale for customers to buy cheap party dresses online. There are many beautiful dresses for all types of special occasions, all available at affordable prices. Welcome to visit's official website.

Affinity Skin Care Discusses Skin Care After 50

LogoA woman in her 50s has more opportunity for change than ever before. It is a time when many women move in their careers, deciding to transition to something new or choosing to shift toward retirement. For women with children, parenting begins to evolve as sons and daughters become more independent. And with the approach of menopause and growing health concerns, it is a time to make strong, positive choices for women’s changing bodies. Michele Berglund, skin care expert and owner of Affinity Skin Care, discusses skin care after 50 on her blog.

Finding the Right Running Shoes Can Aid Women Runners on All Terrains

Writing for the website Her Sports Fitness, reporter Tristen Grant noted that when learning to run properly “there was far more to safely running than placing one foot firmly in front of the other quickly.” When being taught the basics of running, her instructor “made a point of teaching me about good form, the mechanics of an efficient stride and the importance of being able to relax.” Grant also learned that “being aware of the fundamentals not only makes one a better runner, but lets this excellent form of exercise be more enjoyable for the participant as well.”

TaoBao Agent Launches - Makes It Easy to Buy from TaoBao in English is a website that has been launched by a TaoBao agent to help buyers to buy from TaoBao in English. The TaoBao online market place has earned a reputation for being the eBay of China, this online Chinese marketplace features a huge variety of products. Unfortunately the website is mainly in the Chinese language which means many people are unable to interact with buyers due to the language barrier. is a website which aims to remove the language barrier therfore making it easy for buyers to buy and enjoy the products on offer on the TaoBao website. wishes to provide English speaking buyers the convenience of TaoBao combined with the reliability and great customer services of TaoBao agent from The team at is at the ready to help buyers select and buy the most desirable product from TaoBao.

Grocery Retailers in India: New Research Report Available at Fast Market Research

LogoGrocery retailers recorded healthy growth during 2013, rising in current value by 11% to Rs16,172 billion. Traditional grocery retailers remains dominant in grocery retailers in India, accounting for 98% of total value sales in 2013. However, over the final two years of the forecast period, there was a major shift towards modern grocery retailers, which resulted in modern grocery retailers recording the strongest value growth of 22% in 2013. This shift was primarily driven by urban consumers in...

New Market Study Published: Grocery Retailers in Malaysia

LogoGrocery retailers witnessed a minor slowdown in current value growth during 2013, although the essential nature of grocery retailers continued to support the category's performance. However, soft economic conditions in Malaysia during 2013 impacted consumers' confidence to spend, with retail sentiments remaining low. Therefore, grocery retailers continued to engage in frequent price promotions to entice consumers and sustain their interest amidst the intensely competitive landscape.

Recently Released Market Study: Leisure and Personal Goods Specialist Retailers in Sweden

LogoLeisure and personal goods specialist retailers recorded current value sales grow of 1% in 2013, driven by thriving sales through sports goods stores. The strong health and fitness trend in Sweden created growing demand for sports-related products. Store-based sales of media products meanwhile were strongly undermined by competition from internet retailing in 2013. Consumers value the convenience and competitive prices offered by online stores, both on a national and international level. A...