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Tri Gear Blog Launches with Reviews of Swim, Bike, and Run Tech Gear

LogoTri Gear Geeks, an online blog with high quality, detailed reviews of the latest swimming, biking, and running products, has officially launched an online portal with a comprehensive set of product descriptions. People can now log on to the live website. The site is divided up into three sections – visitors can browse swim gear, cycle gear, and run gear reviews. They can also go through the list of latest reviews down the main homepage.

Three Important Things to Remember when Looking for the Right T-Shirt

Finding the perfect statement t-shirt can be quite a challenge for many. Aside from the fact that a person's style is constantly evolving, no single shirt can properly define a person's personality, beliefs, and even state of mind.

T-Shirts for Tantalizing Features Encourage Positive Body Image

For the past few years, the All-American brand of apparel DPCTED Apparel has taken huge steps in its advocacy in promoting positive image for people of vast range of body types. Under its slogan "Apparel for your Tantalizing Features", DPCTED Apparel embraces pride on one's unique features.

This Respek Is Something Earned Not Given, and That's Been Their Name

What started off in 2005 as a simple "Do not feed the pigeons" "No Bread & No Seeds" T-shirt design, This Respek Wear has grown into one of the dopest up and coming clothing/lifestyle brands. Now specializing in everything from canvas art, area rugs, hats and t-shirts. This Respek Wear prides itself on thinking outside the box with its creative designs that make people think. The name This Respek symbolizes the designs because they are like "Respect" its something earned not given. Recently RESPEK has started to becoming a popular and trending phrase from an incident with Rapper Birdman saying "put some RESPEK on it" at the power 105.1 breakfast club radio show.

Creator of HEL Nordic Urban Cycle and Skater Helmet Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoThe creator of the HEL Nordic Urban Bicycle and Skater Helmet , a new helmet designed to focus on safety and comfort, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise production and distribution funds.  The name comes from the Danish word hel which means "complete" or "unbroken."

The Best Deals Are Available for Style Queens at ShoeDazzle

LogoThe name of perfection in fashion and lifestyle branding is available at ShoeDazzle, where one can get the best options for their outfit selection. Choosing a new thing to wear every day is a hassle. Girls are always going for different options to select the one which is the most suitable. They spend most of the time doing this search. However, their search never ends. They go into different shops, malls, department stores and thrift shops finding the most convenient deal. However, with the use of ShoeDazzle coupon codes, a shopping addict can get all these facilities at their doorstep.

Fashion Experts at DPCTED Apparel Gives Tips on How to Find the Right Size of T-Shirts

Some brands of shirt have literally smaller sizes than others and this can be a predicament for many. Fashion experts at the DPCTED Apparel list down three important ways to find the right size of t shirts.

REDD Accessories Unveils Hand-Crafted Custom Jewelry

LogoREDDAccessories has launched a new hand-Crafted, high-end Custom Jewelry. These fashion forward designs anticipated to be feminine and artistic with a bit of an edge. Many experts have lauded the product for its uniqueness, modernity and originality. The mostly one of a kind designs are expected to be affordable and to be worn everyday or on special occasions, personifying grace of a woman.

Suzhou Zhonge Apparel Accessories Co. Ltd Fusible Interlining Fabrics for Garments Manufacturers

Zhonge Apparel Accessories Co. Limited, a B2B supplier and manufacturer of interlining fabrics, recently unveiled its latest collection of  fusible interlining products. The new products launched by the company include fusible interlining fabrics suitable for garment products, fusible interlining fabrics for enzyme wash, twill-woven fusible interlining, double-dot circular-knitting interlining, weft-insert stretch-fusible interlining fabric, just to name a few categories. The owners stated that all their products are tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and all the products have been certified as 'safe'.

This Respek Is Something Earned Not Given, and That's Been Their Name

What started off in 2005 as a simple "Do not feed the pigeons" "No Bread & No Seeds" T-shirt design, This Respek Wear has grown into one of the dopest up and coming clothing/lifestyle brands. Now specializing in everything from canvas art, area rugs, hats and t-shirts. This Respek Wear prides itself on thinking outside the box with its creative designs that make people think. The name This Respek symbolizes the designs because they are like "Respect" its something earned not given.

Popular Lifestyle Brand Izzy & Liv Celebrate Mother's Day with New Inventory

LogoMother's Day is coming fast and getting the perfect Mother's Day gift is on the forefront of many minds. Stepping up to answer the call is the popular lifestyle brand Izzy & Liv. One of the brand's favorite times of the year, their online catalog is stacked with amazing, affordable Mother's Day choices, with something for any mother's taste. Shoppers have responded with enthusiasm.

The New Alternative Clothing Dress Brand 'Dr Faust' Is Now Available with UK's Leading Alternative Fashion Store,

Fashion dress trends may change overnight but a style statement never goes out of the limelight. For people who like to stand apart in crowd and reflect their style through their attire, alternative clothing is the prime choice which is inspired from several subcultures like Gothic, Catwalk, Vintage, Alternative, Punk etc. 'Dr Faust', a new and unique alternative clothing brand is now available from, one of the UK's premiere alternative clothing shops and a perfect hub for a wide range of dresses, inspired from alternative fashion styles. The designs of Dr Faust 'dress' collection are a perfect mix of sophistication and uniqueness which effortlessly becomes a style statement. The collection is perfect for the ladies who want to look like a diva with a hint of mystery around them and for the men who're daring enough to sport this unique fashion.

Former Inmate Greatly Profits from Prison Experience

LogoLucky Barker is an entrepreneur aspiring for greater success, even after nearly beating a man to death as the man physically assaulted his girlfriend.

Henry A. Davidsen: Style and Substance

LogoIt's said that there is never a second chance for a first impression. The clothes a man wears says more than the first few moments of any conversation. The cloth, the cut, the styles, the accessories, these touches can speak volumes.

Henry A. Davidsen: Driving Men to Dress Better

LogoHenry A. Davidsen, bespoke tailors in Philadelphia, recently finished their suit drive challenge. The shop challenged men across the Delaware Valley to donate their gently used suits to support those re-entering the workforce. The recipients of the suits will find it easier to interview for jobs as they will now possess the proper attire.

TOMS Release a New Shoe Collection Which They Hope Will Encourage American Voters

Shoe manufacturer and retailer, TOMS started business in 2006, their idea was to donate a pair of shoes for every pair of TOMS sold. Shoes were donated to children in need on a one for one basis. When TOMS started they were a small business with no proper office, over the past ten years they have grown to a global organization and they have opened offices all over the world.

No More Worries About the Safety of Their Hands for Construction Workers

Each and every job requires proper instruments so that you can carry out it in the best way possible. Among these, the construction industry is such that it will run efficiently only if the accessories that are associated with it are proper. For this the need of using the tactical gloves has been very important. It is very important that you choose the best company among all. This is where Axeflame comes to the forefront.

RFID Clothes Label Exclusively Offered by RFIDHY Secures Effective Tracking of Garments and Managing Inventories

LogoRadio Frequency Identification or RFID now offers valuable services capable of revolutionizing and changing the ways on how businesses track products and manage inventories. There are actually numerous benefactors of this latest technology such as producers, consumers, suppliers, retailers and more. RFID offers companies and businesses with better substitute to bar-coding for the reason that no line-of-sight is actually needed to read any product with RFID tags. These tags also contain product information which is easily accessible and readable for readers. These tags are being utilized automating the supply chain of a company, minimizing labor costs as well as reducing time spent and human errors in terms of checking on the products.

Newborn Stocking Hats from Melondipity to Provide Warmth in Winters

LogoA well-known provider of baby hats and accessories, Melondipity is now offering an exclusive range of newborn stocking hats at highly reduced prices. The stocking hats they offer are handcrafted and sure to provide warmth and comfort to the baby during the cold weather. These hats are classy and adorable, and can help style conscious parents in ensuring their baby boy or baby girl looks adorably stylish to stand out of the crowd. The wide array of newborn stocking hats they provide include Baby Blue and White Striped Stocking Cap for Baby Boys, Big Bow Christmas Baby Girl Santa Stocking Hat, Hanukkah Blue and White Stocking Baby Hat - Gender Neutral, Christmas Baby Elf Crochet Stocking Hat, Oh Baby It's Cold Outside Crochet Baby Hat and many others. These hats are made of soft material and are available in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes and patterns. Those planning a welcome gift for their baby boy or baby girl can count on this reputed hat store for their needs.

Divinity Clergy Wear Offers Quality Robes and Jackets for All Members of the Clergy

LogoMembers of the clergy typically do not worry about whether they look stylish or not. Primarily, clergy members are concerned with wearing garments that convey a respect for their faith and the traditions of their house of worship. However, Divinity Clergy Wear, located in Ewing, NJ, knows that garment fit and quality are also important to clergy members when they appear before a congregation. Their selection of jackets and robes, all available for sale at their online warehouse, reflects these values.

LuckLine Now Offers Wholesale High Quality Shoes in Ukraine

LogoModern people, who always try to keep up with the times, give preference to comfortable, modern and affordable shoes. Regardless of the time of the year, they keep looking for the trendy shoes, which will meet all their needs and requirements. With LuckLine, the Ukraine-based retailer of high quality shoes, this will no longer be a problem.

Interlining Supplier Suzhou Zhonge Apparel Accessories Co. Ltd Introduced Online Enquiry Form for Potential Buyers

Suzhou Zhonge Apparel Accessories Co. Ltd, a market leader in interlining fabric, recently added an online enquiry form to their website. The owners told that the addition of the online form is a small part of their digital marketing strategy for 2016. They also indicated that they are going to emphasize more digital marketing and SEO for business expansion this year and the following year as well.

SWEAT IT out Products Prevent Lower Body Injuries

LogoSWEAT IT OUT is now offering compression shorts and tights for athletic individuals who are determined to exercise and rejuvenate their bodies as the weather becomes warmer—including the 1900 SL compression shorts for thigh, groin, and hip support, which are recommended by physicians and athletic trainers for athletes who have suffered a wide range of leg muscle and lower back complications.

Lingerie Fighting Championships Proposals Cause Controversy: My Knickers Comments

Recent media attention has been drawn to the upcoming Lingerie Fighting Championships; a competitive sport where women wrestle each other in nothing but their underwear. Entering January, the release of a new promotional video for the biggest event of the sport to date, a 'Jekyll and Hyde showdown', attracted outcry from a number of critics. Many believe that the sport exploits and sexualises women for the gratification of an audience. Quick to respond to this have been a number of industry experts, including My Knickers.

Master Western Boot Makers Set Themselves Apart from the Herd with Their Custom Masterpieces

LogoThey say a picture is worth a thousand words, but that doesn't just have to apply to a photo or canvas. Until one has a chance to see the incredible custom leather Western footwear created by Mercedes Boots, it wouldn't be thought possible that so much could be conveyed on such a medium. For over 40 years, the Texas-based company has been in the business of designing a high quality boot that fits not just the foot of the individual wearing it, but their personality as well.