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BARE NECK'D Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Its Ice Cooling Towels

BARE NECK'D is a Tennessee based American startup founded by the couple of William and Evelyn Turbeville. The company has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to introduce its unique and effective cooling solution that will beat the heat like nothing else. These Ice Cooling Towels launched by the company use real ice and keep the user cool during a hot day.

Tiny Angels Apparel Launches New E-Commerce Site –

Online shopping makes up more than 50% of surveyed shoppers' purchases, according to a new report from shipper UPS and researcher ComScore. The obvious reason behind the push towards online shopping has proven to be more than just lower, more competitive pricing, but the simple convenience. Tiny Angels Apparel is no stranger to the concept of modest pricing and suitability; in fact, they specialize in just that!

Your Baby Products. LLC Launches New E-Commerce Site –

Online shopping makes up more than 50% of surveyed shoppers' purchases, according to a new report from shipper UPS and researcher ComScore. The obvious reason behind the push towards online shopping has proven to be more than just lower, more competitive pricing, but the simple convenience. Your Baby Products. LLC is no stranger to the concept of modest pricing and suitability; in fact, they specialize in just that! Introduces Novel Products in the Cute Newborn Dresses Category

All those who are looking for newborn baby boy sets and cute newborn dresses can consider the aforementioned website. It is a one stop online store for baby clothes of various types. From party wear dresses to every day apparel, the choices are manifold and the quality of their products has been described as good. Announces Flash Sale for New Born Baby Clothes and Others

Parents who are looking for baby clothes for their toddlers and children can consider the aforementioned website. It is a complete apparel store for new born babies too. They have been described as safe and are of high quality. With the current flash sale that is on for a limited period, the platform has garnered a lot of attention.

Best Quality Sports Wear and Bikinis on Sale at

Splashing waters, bright outdoors and relaxing tepid waters represent the onset of summer. There is no other better place to be than closer to the refreshing springs in summer which refresh and rejuvenate the body. Women especially love basking in the sun with the bright sizzling summer seeping through the skin. The perfect fit for this season are the hottest bikinis, beach wear, cover-ups and swim wear. It is usual to find offers on these outfits however a wide array of choices is quite hard to find and if it is sold at offer prices that would be the best summer shopping for any woman.

YEMYEM: A 700 Year Old Handmade Leather Shoe Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoWith an aim of preserving the craftsmanship of ancient artisanal goods in the modern world, a San Francisco based American company called Ruya LLC., has proudly announced the revival of a seven centuries old leather shoe. This 700 year old leather handcrafted shoe is called YEMYEM and the company is proudly introducing it to the twenty first century. Moreover, the company has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for these beautiful and comfortable shoes, and this campaign is getting a phenomenal response from around the world. Launches Fashionable Choices in Women's Apparel

Women who wish to have relevant clothes and shoes for all purposes can consider the aforementioned website. It is an online store that caters to the needs of every woman who is looking for affordable fashion.

Zipker Reveal Exclusive Festival Collection of Designer Sarees

LogoThe traditional saree has been part of the Indian subcontinent for ages, and after the added western influence on the classical garment, the saree-shopping industry in the country stands at a modest $5 to $15 Billion. With hundreds of manufacturing companies, brands, designers, and labels in the market, it comes as no surprise that sarees are today more popular than ever. Of all the clothing available for women, the one-size-fits-all style of a saree is wonderfully non-hierarchical about body type or weight. From the stay-at-home mom to the businesswoman-on-the-go, the right saree serves an empowers the female form and has the ability to change the way the world looks at you,

Zeal Boutique Announces Date Night Outfit Ideas for Spring 2018

Popular clothing and accessory retailer Zeal Boutique recently shared some date night outfit ideas for the spring of 2018. The company stated that the last thing that women should be worrying about when going out on a date is what to wear. Zeal Boutique stated that its goal in writing the article is to help women in that regard.

Brullen Company Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Its Classic1 Full Grain Leather Belt

LogoBrullen Company has proudly announced that it is introducing its Classic1 Full Grain Leather Belt, which is handmade in the United States and comes with a lifetime warranty.* The California based company has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign for these leather belts on Kickstarter and is welcoming everyone to become a part of this project by making generous pledges and donations. Introduces Fresh Stock of Women's Blouses for Summer

Women can consider the aforementioned website for stylish blouses and plus sized tops. It is an online store that offers these products at attractive discounts. Whether it is for formal, casual or other purposes, there are many women's blouses that have been added recently to their catalogue. All of these are fashionable and are available different colors. Launches Cheap Dresses for Fashionable Women

Women who are looking for affordable fashion can consider the aforementioned website for stylish apparel. It is an extensive online store that specializes in dresses for women and cheap skater dresses. These are available in a number of sizes and styles and are ideal for women with specific needs. Launching the Summer Special Bikinis

The hot and sizzling summer calls for spending time at the bay. Swim wear and beach wear the common buys during summer as most of the time is spent by the beach side. While these can also be shopped at any local store, the collection might not be as exciting as it would be in a specialty store that offers the best and brightest range of everything for a woman to flaunt the curves by the pool or the beach.

SWEAT IT out COOL COMPRESSION Offers Sports Bras of All Sizes

LogoSWEAT IT OUT® COOL COMPRESSION® offers a large supply of athletic attire available for purchase online for the spring season, including compression tops and sports bras. Anyone looking to start an exercise regimen or join a sports league needs the proper exercise apparel to maximize their performance. Visit their website to check out everything they have in stock.

Artees' Popular Spring T-Shirts and Promotional Products

LogoArtees Corp, a Miami custom t-shirt design and printing company, has popular promotional products available for spring. We have products that serve many individuals and companies in a variety of industries. We are licensed to print Greek logos. Our spring products support events, including BBQ's, tailgates, brotherhood and sisterhood events, and more. A listing of our most popular spring products is below.

Crow Survival Online Introducing the Best Hiking Boots

Summer is an excellent time of year to explore the outdoors and enjoy all of the exciting activities that the outdoors has to offer. This is the season to get away from the humdrum of busy city life and explore everything that nature has to offer. Hiking is one of the most popular outdoor activities, it provides relaxation for the body and the mind. Hiking is great for burning calories and regualr hiking can provide a major workout regimen on its own. Unlike other sports hiking doesn't require too much equipment but special foot support is one essential that will enable enthusiasts to stay free of injuries and enjoy outdoor activities. Is Becoming the Next Big Bridesmaid Clothing Online Store

LogoPlanning and attending a wedding is a very festive and energetic time - but in some cases the one thing that causes this excitement to be completely depleted is the fact that the dresses for such occasions often cost one a fortune. With many different weddings occurring each year, the cost of buying expensive dresses each time can truly stack on. for Sturdy Team Soccer Jerseys

Sport wear of top notch quality is an absolute need for any sports person. The material should be breathable yet be able to sustain the wear and tear of the game. Addressing all the sport wear and sports accessories needs is a wholesale soccer uniforms online store

Curious Launches Kickstarter Campaign for the Ultimate Waterproof Breathable Shoes

LogoCurious has proudly announced the launch of the world's first multifunctional waterproof shoes that are not only breathable but also very durable. To meet the increasing demands of modern day fashion and fitness enthusiasts, the rising new Japanese brand has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds and support for these amazing shoes on the crowdfunding platform of Kickstarter. Moreover, Curious is a brand created by Shanglie International Co., Ltd. and it is already getting a phenomenal response worldwide.

Buy4LessTuxedo Sells Tuxedos Perfect for Prom

The time of year has come when students all across the country gear up for one of the most exciting nights of their young adult life: prom. From all of the fun that surrounds prom proposals to the countless photos that will be snapped throughout the evening, one of the most important aspects of prom is the attire. Buy4LessTuxedo has an impressive selection of tuxedos, vests and bow ties on their online shop that help guys both look and feel good for the big night.

Trendy Kids Bathing Suits and Hair Accessories at

A cute little mermaid, a dainty flower floating or a scary shark invoke mixed feeling of extreme cuteness. These are kinds of swimming and bathing suits that are available for kids at The extensive collection is so well crafted that they would be the perfect for the summer outing near the beach or the pool. Swimming and bathing suits at come with a discounted price tag so savings and quality products are a sure promise at this portal.

Benk Visscher Launches Kickstarter to Promote Bundies

LogoBundies uses an innovative fabric that is extremely breathable and absorbs 50% more moisture than cotton, the material used to produce the underwear is softer than silk. Bundies wants men to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin when wearing their products.

Fashionable Baby Girls Tops & Swimsuits

When shopping for toddlers quality of clothing should be extremely good as this is an exploratory stage and fancy clothing might not be a good option. Finding good quality products at cheap prices is a dream come true for parents with the ever increasing prices according to the dress patterns. Fashionable baby girl's tops and swimsuits for toddler age group are just a click away.

E-Commerce Website Hyperoyalty Is Offering a Range of Streetwear Product at Affordable Prices

In recent times, the clothing industry has seen an upward trend in the demand for top streetwear fashion labels like Supreme, Anti Social Social Club, Kenzo, Stussy, Comme Des Garcons, and many others. These brands have been gaining popularity among people of all ages, mainly the youth all over the world. The first and foremost reason for the rising demand of such streetwear brands is that these suppliers stock a monstrous portfolio of collections having boundless options regarding the colors, outline, sizes and additionally extents of customization of the clothes. Constantly, new apparels are being introduced quickly providing every subculture a space to fit in. Thus, all individuals regardless of their particular needs and choices are guaranteed to get an instant solution for their requirements of upscale streetwear by shopping from these fashion brands. Another big advantage of buying products from leading streetwear brands is their assurance of incredible quality. These suppliers utilize the finest quality raw materials in the manufacturing process and their product features immaculate flawlessness. Their construction process bestows a classy feel to the clothing and more importantly, provide the ideal comfort to the wearer so that they can carry these garments with high confidence that complements their appearance. With various e-commerce websites offering streetwear items, purchasing such products is no longer a tedious process and to make the process even simpler Hyperoyalty offers a wide range of trendy streetwear items of various renowned international brands all under one roof.