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ECPAT-USA Celebrates 25 Years of Protecting Children from Sexual Exploitation

ECPAT-USA, a children's rights organization based in Brooklyn, NY, is the leader in raising awareness that children in America are sex trafficked, not just children from foreign countries. Thanks to ECPAT-USA's advocacy over many years, this awareness has led to new and important protections for child sex trafficking victims.

World-Renowned Mentalist & Mind Expert, Guy Bavli, Releases His First Book: SMILE for a CHANGE: How the World's Favorite Expression Can Affect Your Life

Just as Guy Bavli has astonished audiences worldwide, he wows readers with his literary debut, SMILE FOR A CHANGE: How the World's Favorite Expression Can Affect your Life (MOTM Press; October 18, 2016; $14.95/$9.95). Guy presents a simple yet revolutionary concept—smiling to evoke real change in the world—and layer by layer, Guy peels back the cultural, historical, economic, holistic, and amorous effects of the smile.

Clark Hulings' Archives Unveiled to the Public, Honoring the Legacy of the Renowned American Painter

Revered for capturing the essence of ancestral homelands. Championed by art collectors for his technical brilliance. Respected for his profound impact on American art since the 1970's. This is Clark Hulings, the renowned American realist painter. For the first time, thanks to the devoted efforts and commitment of his wife, Mary, and daughter, Elizabeth, the comprehensive archives of Hulings' art work, history, personal experiences, and insights are available to the public, to be viewed and embraced through a robust website, social media, and related resources.

Work of Actress Tania Serrano Viewed Nearly 3.5 Million Times in VitaltyzdTv Viral Video Why I Did Porn

Russian-born comedian Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, known as VitalyzdTv to his four million YouTube channel subscribers, is famous for his over-the-top hidden camera pranks like dressing as a zombie or Russian hitman and frightening innocent bystanders. But his recent short film Why I Did Porn! — featuring Swiss-born actress Tania Serrano as his mother — shows a side of the comedian's early life as an immigrant in America that few have known. The short film has been seen nearly 3.5 million times on YouTube, making it Serrano's highest-profile video project to date.

A World Changing Interview with John Hunter, World Peace Game Inventor, on Caught Between Generations Radio

LogoJohn Hunter, educator and inventor, is a guest on Caught Between Generations Radio with Dr. Merle Griff, Thursday, September 1, 2016 at 1PM PDT/ 4PM EDT on the VoiceAmerica Health & Wellness Channel. Hunter shares how students develop skills to solve the world's problems with collective wisdom, and as much peace as possible, through his World Peace Game.

The NYC Choreographer's Forum

LogoThe NYC Choreographer's Forum, produced by former Radio City Rockette Denise Caston, is an opportunity for choreographers to present their work to colleagues and peers. This inaugural event will feature styles including tap, jazz, theatre dance, and contemporary. Choreographers included in this diverse evening are former Tap Dog Anthony Locascio, Mark Albrecht, Kat Katona, Cooper Flanagan, Angela Morgan, and more! There is still time to submit your piece for the inaugural NYC Choreographer's Forum! We still have couple openings. The deadline to submit is September 3rd. All styles are welcome and encouraged. You can purchase tickets and/or submit work at

Pull-Up Professors Revive an Old School Exercise is ushering a revival of an old school exercise - the pull ups. The pull ups have long being hailed as one of the best upper body exercises for building strength and muscle, old school fitness buffs can still be found today who speak praises about pullups and their many benefits for the arms, chest and back. The Pull up professors are one such team of fitness experts who want more people to incorporate pull ups in their regular workout regime by spreading scientifically backed information, tips, fitness advice, and pull up bar and equipment reviews.

Critics Praise the Enchanted Realm of Rene Magritte

LogoCritics are praising Exquisite Corpse Company's The Enchanted Realm of Rene Magritte. The original immersive production, helmed by director Tess Howsam, has played to sold out houses for the first portion of its limited run. It continues this weekend thru September 25 in House 17 on Governors Island.

Author Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Children's Book to Help Seal Rescue Awareness

LogoLeilani Phillips author and founder of Feed 'Em Fish Publishing, has officially launched a Kickstarter campaign for garnering widespread support and financial backing for publishing her book 'Rosette the Grey Seal: A Seal Rescue Story'. The book aims to illustrate the enchanting tale of a seal rescue as viewed through the eyes of the seal, help raise awareness of the rescue process and raise proceeds for the Seal Rescue in Courtown, Ireland. - Dorset Cottage Holidays Spreading the Christmas Cheers to the Guests over the Festive Season

The staff at Dorset Cottage Holidays take customer service to the next level when creating extra special memories for the younger guests over the Christmas period. So what do they do every year throughout the Christmas period? The team will dress up as Santa and his helpers and travel the breadth of Dorset visiting occupied cottages spreading that Christmas spirit. This has been a great success and it is a lovely touch that Dorset Holiday cottages provide to their guests.

CalcSoft Now Offers the Best Online Calculators for Free

LogoPeople frequently face the need to make different kinds of calculations nowadays and it is sometimes impossible to foresee where and when a calculator will come in handy. Correspondingly, it does not make any sense to take it along all the time. With CalcSoft, making the required calculations will no longer be a problem.

Omega-3 Fats May Potentially Help Deter PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a condition usually suffered by individuals who have experienced a serious trauma. It could be a life-threatening assault that makes a sufferer feel intense helplessness, horror, or fear. There are therapies and medications that are helpful to sufferers. However, there is a natural alternative that is believed to fight the condition.

The Men's Salad Recipe for Promoting Testosterone Levels

Diet is part of every man's health. If someone is experiencing low testosterone levels, perhaps it is time that they learn a recipe that can help boost these levels. Website Anabolic Men shares a sumptuous Men's Salad to help men get through with the hormonal challenge.

BikeBuddy: The Very First Bicycle Sidecar Attachment

On September 5, 2016, BikeBuddy will launch a crowdfunding campaign to fund the production of their bicycle sidecar add-on. Designed to be fitted to mountain bikes and BMX's, it functions as a people carrier and adaptable cargo bike.

Normandy Catering Announces Partnership with Avalon Adult Day Center

LogoNormandy Catering, a leader in the catering and food service industry since 1978, is pleased to announce its exclusive partnership with Avalon Adult Day Center, located at 2770 SOM Center Road in Willoughby Hills, Ohio.

Actress Tania Serrano's Role May Expand in Feature-Length Version of Award-Winning Short Film Mia by Daniel De Menezes

A warm reception at the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner — and a win for "Best Thriller" at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival — have inspired writer/director Daniel De Menezes to re-create his critically-acclaimed short film Mia as a feature. And one of the thriller's most notable upgrades may be an expanded role for Spanish-speaking Swiss actress Tania Serrano.

Cupcake Graphics Celebrates Move to New Office in Newtown, PA

LogoStarting in September, the office of bespoke wedding invitation and stationery designer Cupcake Graphics settles into its new home in Newtown, PA. Since its inception in 2012, the boutique has grown steadily, beginning with a chance encounter and going on to become a renowned vendor in the Philadelphia area.

FlipHTML5 Magazine Maker Takes Reading Experience to the Next Level

Publishers can now transform readers' experience online with FlipHTML5, and users are queuing up to download the digital magazine maker. FlipHTML5 powerful software puts publishers – from individuals to large organizations – in control, without the need to learn coding.

Neteira Anu El's New Book Teaching People About Self Belief

LogoInspired by the account of a young woman born gifted with being clairvoyant and having the ability to speak to angels and those who've crossed over to the other side.

Huffington Post Reveals Why Drinking Water Might Be Dangerous

Not all waters are the same. Several people believe that all drinking waters are safe because they are processed. But in a 2012 report on The Huffington Post, drinking waters might hide some dangers and risks for the health.

Will Apple, Google, Microsoft Employees Courageously Do Lunch Different and Set an Example for 50 Million Students or Will They Chicken Out?

A Dallas-based, woman-owned startup is stepping out of their comfort zone to launch one of the biggest corporate challenges in history. They're challenging Apple, Google, and Microsoft to The Do Lunch Different (DLD) Challenge. The challenge is simple; which company can get the highest percentage of employees to eat lunch with random co-workers? The founders started the challenge to raise awareness and funds to bring The DLD Challenges to high schools throughout America.

Will Apple, Google, Microsoft Employees Courageously Do Lunch Different and Set an Example for 50 Million Students or Will They Chicken Out?

A Dallas-based, woman-owned startup is stepping out of their comfort zone to launch one of the biggest corporate challenges in history. They're challenging Apple, Google, and Microsoft to The Do Lunch Different (DLD) Challenge. The challenge is simple; which company can get the highest percentage of employees to eat lunch with random co-workers? The founders started the challenge to raise awareness and funds to bring The DLD Challenges to high schools throughout America.

Eagle House Group Is Offering Training for Parents to Develop Their Understanding of Autism

One of the most sought after autism schools in London, Eagle House Group is now offering training for parents to develop their understanding of Autism and help them to improve their child's home life. Taking part in these training sessions will help parents to find answers and discover new solutions about Autism, as well as connecting with others in a similar situation. These sessions are targeted to assist parents in finding out more about their child's autism, what they can do to support them, how they can teach their child the essential life skills that other children seem to simply "pick up", and generally to understand them better.

Team Avantika Participated in the Mathworks Curriculum Conference Organised at Boston, USA

Professor Sanjay Jain, Director - Design Education with Avantika University participated in the Mathworks Curriculum Conference organised at Boston, USA. Professionals from across the industry came together at the conference and talked about the latest innovations with practical application of MATLAB (a mathematical computing software), Simulink (for Simulation and Model Based Design), and ThingSpeak (in connection with Internet of Things). This all-day event featured multiple industry specific sessions based on industry trends and developments.

Worldwide Outcry Launches and Bolsters Efforts to Protect Dr. Lester Sumrall's Work

Known to Christians worldwide as a symbol of integrity, compassion, and grit, Dr. Lester Sumrall left an unmatched legacy. A legacy, some say now, is in a tailspin at the hands of impropriety. A newly launched website, founded by the deceased minister's grandson and namesake, Lester Sumrall has experienced consistent daily traffic. Online for less than a month the site has had over 20,000 page views from concerned donors and volunteers calling for the organization's preservation. With allegations of fraud and financial elder abuse by board members, as well as the blatant non-biblical beliefs of the ministry's current leadership, the website calls for full accountability and transparency. Under particular scrutiny, and the focus of a pending lawsuit is the ministry's board of directors from 2005 to the present. These directors include former CEO, Pete Sumrall, his son, its current leader Drew Sumrall, and David Ernest Sumrall, Pastor of Cathedral of Praise in Manila, Philippines.

Al Pizarro and Manny Gerald of WTB Music Signed Their First Rap Artist TEEZY MONEY

LogoAl Pizarro and Manny Gerald of WTB Music have signed their first artist TEEZY MONEY out of the Bronx under the Management of MOST HATED ENTERTAINMENT. Their first single is entitled "UPTOWN ".

Guts and Glory - Felissa Rose Appears as a Guest on Behind the Scenes with Summer Helene on VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network

LogoFelissa Rose is an American actress, known for her role as Angela Baker in the 1983 cult classic slasher film, Sleepaway Camp, which she reprised in the film Return to Sleepaway Camp which was written and directed by Sleepaway Camp creator Robert Hiltzik. Rose has been given the title "Scream Queen" because of her involvement and success within the "Horror" film genre. She has over 50 film credits in total over the span of her film career. A few major credits in her film career would include The Perfect House 2012, Silent Night, Zombie Night 2009. In 2016 she produced the music videos for the metal band Slayer. Early life: Born in Greenwich Village in Manhattan, New York City, Rose grew up in Woodbury on Long Island.