Social and Consumer Press Releases

TCPI Promotes Sustainable Development at SIDS Conference

The Children's Project International (TCPI) announced today plans to participate in the UN's Third International Conference on Small Island Developing States (SIDS). The conference is TCPI's most recent partnership initiative at a time when the organization has increased its international advocacy profile through special consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

Inventor Sola Adele Looks to Raise $25,000 via Kickstarter for the Launch of Sholls-Guard Mobile Phone App

Sola Adele is an inventor, Minister, Personal trainer, and EMT. While working in the medical field, he came in contact with a home healthcare company where the owner had a problem with the staff, especially those working the night shift, caring for patients in need of 24hrs nursing care. He devised different means to combat this problem, but with little success. Incidentally, a member of staff, failed to help a patient in distress out of negligence, which resulted in a fatality.

David Riklan, Founder of, Unveils - Summaries of 300 Best Selling Advice Resources, on Waking Up! VoiceAmerica Internet Talk Radio

LogoDavid Riklan, Founder of, the number one self improvement website, with more than two-million visitors a month, joins John Earle on Waking Up! Thursday, April 3, 12pm EDT on VoiceAmerica Live Internet Talk Radio. They discuss 'Action', the 4th strategy from John Earle's book, Waking Up! Learning What Your Life is Trying to Teach You and David will discuss his latest venture:, summaries of the 300 best selling and most influential advice books ever written.

Universal Life Church Releases Ordination Vocation Guide

LogoWanting to be ordained as a minister is a great deal because being a minister is a noble calling and it is a true journey in faith. While it is a much talked about and needed profession, especially for those needing to get married, getting ordained may take several steps and can take quite long, depending on the denomination or faith a person wants to get ordained into. This is why many people now seek Online Ordination Made Easy from non-denominational churches such as Universal Life Church, which is one of the largest non-denominational churches and religious organizations in the world. Provides Mermaid Bridal Dresses with Sleeves at Discount Charges

LogoHere is happy to announce that they provide mermaid bridal dresses with sleeves at discount charges for every customer in need. It is indeed good information to many brides-to-be who are worried about their budget. Check out Bbrautkleid's big sale and find out what the company has prepared for you.

Hot Deal Short Wedding Gowns Less Than 100 Ready at is a business specializing in providing affordable wedding dresses to end users. The hot deal short wedding gowns priced less than 100 dollars are ready to serve new owners. Check out cheap short wedding gowns less than 100 dollars and find a dream dress for the most important day.

Wedding Fair Minnesota Announces Line Up for October Show

LogoCouples who are planning their wedding need all the help that they can get. A wedding includes a lot of vendors that have to be coordinated and decisions that have to be made long before the day of the actual wedding, and for that reason wedding planning must start months before the wedding day. WeddingfairMN brings together all of the vendors that couples need in order to plan their wedding, and to reduce some of the headaches that come with putting the event together.

Twin City Bridal Expands Fall Offerings

LogoWedding shows have long been a place where brides can go to get the latest trends and styles for their upcoming weddings, and as such, vendors in local areas flock to the events. The Twin City Bridal show is a win-win situation for both couples and vendors, making it one of the highest attended shows in the country. This year, Twin City Bridal is pleased to announce the expansion of their offerings for the Fall show.

Twin City Bridal Readies for 2015 Weddings

LogoAnyone who has ever planned a wedding understands just how long the process takes and all of the moving parts that have to be organized for the wedding to go off without a hitch. A proper wedding takes months of planning and preparation and Twincity Bridal is a wedding fair company that can help. The Fall wedding show will help brides to get all of their planning done for 2015.

Sexy Clothing Online Retailer Offers Amazing Discounts for New Swimwear

Passion Lingerie, the sexy clothing online retailer renowned for the quality of their cheap lingerie and silk panties, welcomed the eventual arrival of the summer with a great collection of new swimwear for women.

Tren-Bal by Crazy Mass Possesses 5 Times More Anabolic Power Than Testosterone - Gain 15 Pounds of Lean Muscle in 30 Days

Trenbolone has a long history of being used as a muscle gainer. It is a powerful anabolic steroid that can increase both strength and lean muscle in the body but like other steroids, it too has serious side effects.

Bulking Stack by Crazy Mass Is a Mix of 4 Legal Steroids That Help Put on 30 Pounds of Muscle in Just 8 Weeks - No Negative Side Effects

Gaining lean muscle and breaking through the plateaus is an uphill task for a vast majority of bodybuilders. Most of them tend to get stuck after a certain amount of growth. A bulking stack is likely to be a big help in gaining lean muscle quickly.

Mehow's 3 Second Attraction Review: MUST Read Report

LogoIt is no secret that entertainers and talk show hosts use this trick openly while on stage. Yet it is the most well kept secret ever since it was invented - until today. Through today's Press Release, Mehow proudly unveils his Three Second Sexual Attraction secret to getting guys to get any girl they desire want to have sex with them!

Natural Libido Booster for Women Help Raise Libido with a Mix of Herbs and Minerals - Cure Vaginal Dryness Too!

Women suffer with a lot of issues post menopause and one of them is a drop in libido. Vaginal dryness is yet another issue that plagues a vast majority of such women. It is unfortunate that most of the sexual enhancement products cater to men’s requirements. However, things are set to change with the launch of some highly powerful and all natural libido pills for women.

Male Extra Is a Unique Natural Pill to Cure ED and Increase Staying Power - No Unwanted Side Effects

Erectile dysfunction is a terrible experience for any man. It is a widespread problem and is known to affect millions of men around the world, both old and young. Though there have been advances in medicine to treat this problem, not many men seek treatment because of huge embarrassment involved.

VigRx Plus Gets Excellent Reviews from Users and Doctors - Cures ED and Boost Staying Power Without Side Effects

Living with ED or erectile dysfunction is a big challenge for any man and yet millions of men are known to suffer with this intimate problem.

CASA for Kids of Columbia County Is Hosting Their Annual Fundraiser Breakfast

CASA for Kids of Columbia County is hosting their annual fundraiser breakfast on Tuesday, April 29th. The event will take place from 7:30 to 8:30 am at Meriweather Place, 1070 Columbia Boulevard, St. Helens, OR. This important fundraiser helps raise awareness and money to help abused and neglected children in Columbia County.

Pastor, Author and National Speaker Launch a New Church in Smyrna, Georgia

The boom is about to be lowered on Smyrna, Georgia and the surrounding areas. And the word, “boom”, is used in a powerful and positive sense. One of the world’s most humble and passionate leaders has established a purpose-driven church in the Smyrna, Georgia area.

Back Seat Mirror by - Now Available Online

A wide range of children products for parents are available in the market these days. Not only are they exceptionally helpful but they are also quite affordable, which is why they are recommended to invest in them. Babies Sparkle has now launched the Beak Seat Mirror for the convenience of all the new parents out there who want to keep an eye on their baby’s face while they drive. Driving can be difficult when there is a baby to deal with and thus, the mirror really does help to keep the parents informed at all times.

Libido Enhancers for Women in Huge Demand - Ensure a Libido Boost and Correct Vaginal Dryness

Post menopause, women experience a lot of changes in their body and one of the most prominent change is a drop in their libido. Vaginal dryness is yet another issue that plagues a vast majority of such women. It is unfortunate that most of the sexual enhancement products cater to men’s requirements. However, things are set to change with the launch of some highly powerful and all natural libido pills for women.

Make Women Want You Review: Important Information Released

It is no great secret that guys often fantasize and lust after women that they often can't have in real life. Perhaps it's another man's wife, or a best friend's girlfriend, or maybe someone at work they've been craving to get into bed with. Well guys - there's good news today! In today's Press Release, Jason introduces the true secret to Make Women Want You Now!

VigRx Plus Is a Unique ED Pill with Minerals and Herbs to Cure ED in Men

Coping with ED or erectile dysfunction is not easy for any man and yet millions of men are known to suffer with this intimate problem.

VigRx Plus Is a Powerful and Proven Male Enhancement Pill That Treats ED Minus Side Effects

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual problem that is known to affect millions of men worldwide. If left unattended, it can severely affect relationships.

The Magic of Making Up Review Reveals Exactly What to Do and What to Say to Get Ex Lovers Back

This Magic Of Making Up Review introduces an new comprehensive e-book that will show people worldwide unconventional techniques for bringing back their ex and restoring their relationship. The book starts off by showing users how to get a relief from the emotional pain of a breakup; only after they start thinking straight again, they can begin making the right steps to get their ex back.

Amazing Muscle Maximizer Program Ensures Super Fast Muscle Gaining

LogoSomanabolic muscle maximizer helps men reach their dreamt forms safety without any dangerous steroids, potions, powders or pills, or by spending most of their time doing crazy exercises in the gyms. Men’s muscles can become shredded super fast without any fat with specific nutrition included in muscle maximizer.'s Sheath Little Black Dresses for Special Occasions Available Now's sheath little black dresses for special occasions are available now. The company recently launched a big sale for its fashion little black dresses, which covers some of the most popular celebrity dresses of the day. Bbrautkleid welcomes everyone interested to visit its official website and have a good look at these outstanding short black dresses.

Behold, I Am Coming Quickly: The 2nd Coming of Christ

LogoNone Left Behind Corp., a company dedicated to revealing the meaning of obscure and often overlooked scriptures, announces the release of its latest book, “Behold, I Am Coming Quickly.” This book was written to provide information on little known Bible information regarding the 2nd coming of Christ.