Social and Consumer Press Releases

Boones Ferry Dental Sponsors Candy Corn Counting Contest

New and existing patients of Boones Ferry Dental can enter a contest to win a Sonicare electric toothbrush. The contest runs from Oct. 1 to Oct. 31. To enter the contest, the patient must have an appointment for a cleaning. Then, patients can take a guess as to how many candy corns are in the container. The winner, who will be announced on Nov. 1, is the patient who comes closest to the correct number.

Red Rock Canyon School Announces 16th Anniversary Celebration Set for October 11-13

The Red Rock Canyon School announced plans for an upcoming celebration of its 16 years spent providing important, highly effective help to teens and their families. To be held from October 11 to 13, the event will give teachers, counselors and others at the school an opportunity to reconnect with some of the 4,000-plus students from all around the world who have benefited over the years from the school's services and supportive environment.

Ethiopian at Home Launches Cooking Tips for Delicious Ethiopian Cuisine

More people are now cooking at home instead of buying ready cooked meals according to research. The return to the kitchen to cook real food is down to the many different cookery shows on TV and more people wanting real food. A new company aims to give people delicious Ethiopian cuisine through their Ethiopian At Home website.

Frankie V. Kicks off Back to School Campaign with a Call to Action with a New Late Summer Release Through GMUSIC

Hip-Hop Recording Artist, Frankie V., is currently on a summer promotional campaign for his official solo debut and summer music release, "Say Something!," released by DH Entertainment. Marketing, manufactured and distributed by GMUSIC. The single is available now through Apple Music, Google Music, Amazon Music and other major digital stores. The single ties in to Frankie V.'s Back to School Campaign centered on inspiring other kids to stay in school.

Death Spirals and Skinned Knees, by Dawn Bennett

Last week was once again eventful: "America's Greece," Puerto Rico, defaulted for the first time on debt payments; wage growth and earnings reports continued to disappoint; Canada reported that economic growth had shrunk for four months in a row; and the Federal Open Market Committee issued a nearly unchanged statement that hints at interest rate hikes in the near future. It was a week where the Fed once again tried to reassure investors that they would never fall down and get a booboo, while events and an increasing number of individual and institutional voices recommended stocking up on bandages and antibiotic ointment.

Indiegogo Campaign Started to Complete the Development of is a new online marketplace where the professionals, experienced workers, and contractors can add their personal or business profile to make money faster. WorkyApp creators claim that this is the fastest way to make money for the experienced professionals. This online platform receives approximately five million unique visitors per month. Therefore, by displaying a business profile in the homepage of, a business can garner additional exposure. Homeowners and business owners would be able to utilize to find the right professional at the right price. Let's say you have a tight budget for a home or business project or you think you're paying too much for any service, submit your project at and find the right professional or contractor at the lowest price.

Planetpeepz Project Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Funds is soon-to-be the most revolutionary "people" site on the planet, according to its creator, Gregory.  This website and mobile app contains new and unique features that allow it to combine all social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Instagram, Tumblr and Linkedin in one easy-to-use interface.  Users can access trending topics, video chat messenger, events such as birthdays or anniversaries, relationship status, embed-in-post options, mutual friends, music upload and download, photos and movies, timeline information and upvoting or downvoting for verified profiles.

New Bestseller Shares the Secrets of How to Turn Any Tragedy Into Awesome Life for the Entire Family

Jan Michael Gaynor, author of the new bestseller You Are Awesome! is bringing to the reader his first-hand life experiences. Gaynor was living a very successful life when a medical incident caused temporary paralysis. Unable to work, he lost almost everything: business, cars, home, retirement savings, and the ability to complete his Ph.D. — fifty plus years of life's treasures all gone.

Ministry of Sound Presents Titanium at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is giving guests the chance to experience the ultimate thrill night when the park holds its first ever club night in partnership with Ministry of Sound. Ministry of Sound presents Titanium takes place on 10th October in the Pleasure Beach Arena.

Vishar International Group Offers Its Range of Lingerie Supplies to Wholesale Buyers

Dresses are available in a range of options today and people are experimenting with different materials more than ever. Undergarments are one of the most important elements of dressing which needs to be comfortable and good to wear. There are various brands which offer their collection and a range of options. In an attempt to offer quality and affordable lingerie supplies, Vishar International Group presents its range of products for sale. The company manufactures and sells its own designs to wholesale buyers from across the world. The company presents its website where it offers its designs and products for sale through its online store named Only Lover. The company presently offers its products as wholesale lingerie and is popular as lover lingerie or its collection of China fashion dress.

Music Composer Don Bodin Scores Big for Manolo Blahnik Handbag Launch Advert with Vogue Premier

Music composer Don Bodin has created a powerful, suspenseful score for Manolo Blahnik's new commercial advertisement.. The spot, "A Desire, a Hunt, a Treasure . . ", which announces the launch of Manolo Blahnik's new line of handbags premiered at Vogue UK Online on Monday morning (July 27, 2015). Bodin created the orchestral score for the striking animated spot by writing, recorded the musicians and delivering the final mix in less than 56 hours.

Book Lovers Make Finding Love in the Sweet Life One of the Fastest Selling Romance Novels on Amazon

A new romance novel written by Diann Dean titled Finding Love In The Sweet Life has become a best-seller on Amazon, making it one of the most downloaded Kindle books of 2015.

Jack Kudos, a New Game Bringing Family-Friendly and Fun Together on Kickstarter (From July 15, 2015 - Aug 19, 2015)

Do you know Jack? Jack Kudos came to fruition as three creative and thoughtful woman wanted more laughter in the world. This female trio transformed Jack, their orange hippo mascot, and turned him into a magnificent animal that can bounce, flip and jump like no hippo has ever done before. In this game, Jack chases a mischievous rhino beetle that has taken his basket of fruit. As Jack travels through the jungle, apples, bananas and strawberries fall from the basket. As Jack eats the fruit, it gives him energy to continue his chase of the rhino beetle. He needs all his energy to catch her and it's up to you to make sure he finds as much fruit as possible. Are you up for the chase?

GBTA Partners with ECPAT to Fight Child Exploitation in Travel

LogoOn July 27th, at GBTA Convention 2015, the GBTA Foundation announced it is joining the fight to stop child exploitation by working with ECPAT, the leading anti-trafficking policy organization fighting sex tourism.

The Walls Speak at Famous Formosa Café Live Radio Event to Reveal Untold Secrets & Marilyn Memories

LogoMillions of devoted fans will commemorate the 53rd Anniversary of Marilyn Monroe's death on August 5, 2015. As an early kick-off celebration to salute the life and works of Marilyn and stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood, Goodnight Marilyn Radio will air a LIVE "Hooray for Hollywood" radio event, hosted by Nina Boski, from the famous FORMOSA Café in West Hollywood on Tuesday, August 4, 2015 from 11:00-2:00PST.

Why Was Sandra Bland Put in Jail? Trooper Under Investigation

LogoIn mid-July 2015, Sandra Bland, a 28-year-old black woman, was found dead in her jail cell. Ms. Bland, who had been admitted to the Texas county jail three days prior, had hanged herself. While the death has been ruled a suicide (although her family adamantly denies this), interrogations are being opened into why Sandra Bland was jailed in the first place, as well as why she wasn't under better watch despite telling jail personnel that she was suicidal.

Philly's Masha-T of the Chain of Music Entertainment Vividly Reignited the Memory of Teena Marie

Masha-T's performance tribute to Teena Marie which was held at the 7165 Lounge in Germantown, sponsored by The October Gallery and hosted by radio personality Doug Henderson was nothing short of astonishing and astounding.

Muscle Prodigy Unveils New Collection

Muscle Prodigy, known as the leaders of motivational workout music, is at it again with another hit. During its first week of launch, the album, Alpha Motivation, launched to the #1 most downloaded music album in the iTunes "Fitness & Workout" category and the "Comedy/Spoken Word/Other" category of Google Play amongst thousands of other albums.

Find the Best Sugar Daddy Website Reviews at

Sugar daddy dating is becoming increasingly popular in the present times and due to the fact that more and more women can be seen to be interested in it, many online websites have been created in order to provide people with the best sugar daddy website reviews. is one of those top notch platforms that seem to spreading more awareness about sugar daddy dating for the convenience of women and it goes without saying that some of the best sugar daddy dating sites has been currently featured on it in order to help women find the men of their dreams.

What Wikipedia Can't Tell You That RichTopia Can

After the recent launch of RichTopia, a free digital platform, the content-rich journal continues to grow under the leadership of Mr. Derin Cag, founder and CEO of The free platform provides a mix of valuable content on success, future investments, new technologies, work/life balance, inspirational people, finance and economics. All of it is offered on an easy to maneuver digital platform. RichTopia aims to help readers succeed in business and in life within the next five years.

Free Mobile Media Glossary for the Deaf Now Has over 2000 Clips

SignMedia SMART, a free mobile sign language video glossary created by Bellyfeel Media and partners from 4 European Universities has been relaunched to now include over 2000 media clips. The media glossary explains media industry terminology and allows deaf media professionals to work more easily within the TV and Film industry and create their own high quality work.

Pakistan Strongly Denounces World Leaders' 'Shameful Silence' on Rohingya Crisis—Children's 'Mess-Predicament' Plight Voiced Resolutely

Over 1,78000 children prone to high risks of state-sponsored savagery according to an analytico-descriptive situation report primed by SAIRI Post-doc Multiversity, which debunked the multiple manifolds of the 'offenses-against-humanity' comprising of multiple forms of de-humanizing brutality and merciless cruelty manifested upon the Rohingya children, that have been caught in the desperate circumstances.

Linton Besser, a Journalist Previously Working with Fairfax Media

The one sided reporting by journalist Linton Besser (formerly of the Sydney Morning Herald) to embarrass, ridicule and attack the personal integrity and ethics of Tony and Charif Kazal without any prior attempts to contact them seeking their side of the story before going to print, was an orchestrated character assassination of Tony & Charif Kazal and their whole family.

The girlGods Have Arrived and Are Prepared to Take on the World

"Women are not only paving the way for a better tomorrow in the area of government affairs, education, and business but also in the realm of relationships and spirituality" states the girlGods creator Don'Angelica Silva. "Women want to be in better relationships with other women and want a place we can meet each other about the things we care about. We want advice that's grounded and relevant to the real issues that we have in our current lives."

Prayers in Israel Offers '40 Days of Prayers for You at the Western Wall' Service

Prayers in Israel is a company that provides a very special service that enables families and people to get their prayers answered for whatever they may need when they pray to God, through a powerful 40 day prayer technique at the Western Wall which is also known as the Wailing Wall located in Israel. Prayers in Israel have assisted people from all walks of life to get their prayers answered, including a prayer for money solely through the power of praying; their service has been specially tailored to serve all those who are unable to visit the Wailing Wall personally.

Cyril Pahinui & Friends Launch Kickstarter Campaign to Fund "Let's Play Music"

Logo"Let's Play Music" is a documentary featuring "slack key" or Hawaiian music by noted singer and performer Cyril Pahinui and his friends.  It features many Hawaiian music icons in intimate backyard performances known as kanikapila style.  Now, the group has undertaken a new documentary, Straight From the Heart of Waimanalo or Moea No I Ka Pu'uwai E Waimanalo.  In order to fund production of this documentary that tells the untold story of a fascinating segment of Hawaiian music, the group has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money.

Aligned Signs' Resident Expert Jaynie Mae Baker Administers MBTI Online Assessment

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicato®r is one of the most commonly used forms of psychometric testing and has been used for decades thanks to its ability to be one in-depth, insightful and easy to use. Interpreting the results of the MBTI® requires statistical skills as well as psychological knowledge and insight. A former recruiter, Jaynie Mae Baker, has the background and professional certification required, and has brought the MBTI® tool to Aligned Signs. Matchmaking service for personal and professional connections, the website that emphasizes its tagline, "Get to Know You" is using it to deepen the already profound use of both Western Astrology and Chinese Zodiac.