Latest Press Releases Tackles the Most Significant Facets of Alcohol Abuse and Dependence Treatment in Attaining Long-Term Sobriety

LogoSome people who are into alcohol drinking may not expect to experience and suffer long-term consequences, but all the adverse effects will start to surface when these substances are abused and taken in excessive amounts too frequently. And when consumption of alcoholic beverages has gone beyond control, it could result to various types of social, behavioral and health problems; hence they become alcohol abusers and alcohol dependents. on Choosing Between the Wired and the Wireless Home Security Systems - "A Life-Changing Decision"

LogoWith the escalating number of terrible crimes people witness watching the daily news particularly burglary and break-ins, they can't be too careful enough to protect their homes from people with criminal minds. This is why choosing the best ways to deter these burglars from illegally intruding the home is really imperative.

Indie Fantasy Author Supports Creator to Consumer Business Model with Discounts for Fans

LogoAuthor of eight fantasy novels Tracy Falbe decided to offer discounts because she noticed that people who enjoyed her free ebooks often came back to purchase a complete series all at once. Now that she has two fantasy series The Rys Chronicles and Rys Rising completely written and published she was in a position to offer special bundle discounts to people willing to buy four to eight ebooks all at once.

Young Hollywood Plays the BADGER GAME

Hot off the success of Anchor Bay Films’ recent release of MIMESIS, co-writer Josh Wagner has lent his pen and direction to THE BADGER GAME, a twisted revenge thriller poised to make the festival rounds in 2014. The independent feature centers on a carefree, wealthy philanderer who finds himself kidnapped and blackmailed by a crew of masked assailants. The film is already garnering buzz, both for its fresh-faced ensemble cast, and for the notable crew of established veterans working behind the scenes, including editor Ethan Maniquis (of MACHETE and PLANET TERROR fame) and sound mixer Rick Ash (PULP FICTION, LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE).

Giving You a Better View of the World - Slidecloud

And the holiday season is here! Everybody is just looking to pamper themselves by indulging in the different sales, offers and all kinds of other attractions that are available online and on the streets. Start with pampering the eyes with some of the best sunglasses available that will make one fall in love with the view of the mirror and the world.

Esquire Transfers Offers Gold Coast Airport Transfer at Affordable Prices

Just enjoy the sheer luxury with Esquire Transfers, a renowned Gold Coast airport transfer service provider. They are offering an exclusive range of Gold Coast and Brisbane personal airport transfer services at affordable prices, just to enhance the overall travel experience.

DigitalOlympus.Com Comments on German Watchdog's Request for Amazon to Change Third-Party Deals

Sequel to a recent news article by Arno Schuetze published on October 20 on about Germany's antitrust watchdog which indicted Amazon of weakening rivalry when dealing with third-party merchants and declared it would enact reform except the web retailer modify its tactics. Comments on Swiss Private Bank Shut Down over United States Tax Row

LogoOn October 24 leading business news blog comments on recent news story by Alice Baghdjian published on October 18 on concerning Swiss private bank Frey & Co. which is set to close as a result of unsustainable expenses resulting from the country’s conflict with the United States over alleged tax evasion.

Professional TV/Film Session Singer Gerald White Teaches Novice and Pros How to Sight Read and Sight Sing Music

Novice, amateur, and professional singers alike all have one thing in common—they need to develop the skillset to sight read and sight sing music. This could be to help learn new songs, audition, or nail a last minute gig that comes their way. The challenge is that even singers with extreme vocal talents often have a difficult time reading new music that is presented to them. As an accomplished Voice Coach, songwriter, composer, and professional film and TV Session Singer Gerald White saw both the need and the desire for an innovative and effective way to teach singers to develop their music reading skills—which is how LA Sight Singer was born.

OKC Chiropractor Provides Regular Adjustments for Boost of Health

LogoEating right, exercising, and taking care of the body are all important aspects of good health. One of the least talked about, but nevertheless important aspects of maintaining good health is keeping the muscular skeletal system in the best shape possible. A rise in chiropractic treatment has driven the popularity of regular adjustments. Not only does a person feel a reduction in everyday pain, an adjustment can increase energy and feelings of well being in addition to extending a person’s long-term health.

Maid Naturally, an Acclaimed Spokane Maid Service - High in Performance, Low Impact on the Pocketbook

High in performance, low impact on the pocketbook, that is what Maid Naturally is. This acclaimed Spokane maid service is nothing less than sheer brilliance. Especially created to answer almost every home cleaning requirement, they carefully handle every cleaning job.

60% off Macy's Coupon Free Shipping for December 2013 Christmas Season

This holiday shoppers all across the world are looking to save money. And what better way to save on top designer brands than with Macy’s coupons? With the coupon codes below, consumers can save anywhere from 30-60% on top brands Macy’s has to offer. Just click the links below for the Macy’s coupons.

Special Offer for PIP Implant Removal in Miami

Since early 2011, PIP implants (poly implant prothèse) have been on the radar as highly dangerous; researchers have even shown that there could be a link between breast cancer and PIP implants. That’s why Adam J. Rubinstein, MD, is announcing a new special for patients with PIP implants. In this breast augmentation revision surgery we’ll swap the PIP implants with FDA-approved silicone implants.

Orange County Cosmetic Surgeon to Offer Revolutionary Anti-Aging Treatment

For years, effective anti-aging treatments could only be experienced by undergoing invasive and even risky cosmetic surgical procedures. Now individuals who are looking for effective anti-aging treatments without going under the knife can experience a revolutionary new experience known as RevivaLift.

Cedar Valley UT Update: Top Rated Chiropractor Dr. Michael Frogley DC CCEP Announces Safe New Spine Treatments for Headaches Victims

LogoDr. Frogley is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.  He completed both his Bachelor of Science and his Doctor of Chiropractic degrees at Palmer after doing most of his undergraduate studies at the University of Utah.  His love of athletics led him to become a Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner which he was awarded by the Board of Examiners from the Council of Chiropractic Extremity Adjusting in Boise, Idaho.   He chose Palmer because it is where the study of chiropractic started and is where his grandfather H. Ronald Frogley DC, spent over 40 years as a clinician, professor and administrator.   Dr. Frogley is a third generation chiropractor on both his maternal and paternal sides of his family (  In all, he is one of 15 chiropractors in his extended family and that number continues to grow with 3 more brothers and multiple cousins planning and studying to become chiropractors.

Dr. Tim Kirby Cares for Dental Emergencies in Oklahoma City

LogoDental hygiene is extremely important for the health of teeth and gums. The truth is that teeth and gums are not the only parts of a person’s body affected by dental hygiene. If an infection in the gums or an impacted tooth goes too long without getting proper medical attention, the infection can spread throughout other parts of the body. Time is of the essence with dental emergencies. The quicker they are addressed, the less damage the mouth and body will experience.

Alenco, Inc. - - Kansas City Based Replacement Window Company Give Back to Habitat for Humanity

LogoTis the season has a whole new meaning in 2013 for local home improvement business Alenco, Inc. For Alenco, this is the season of giving back. “We have a motto at the office; we are here to make good things happen for other people” says Allen Erskine President of Alenco, “And this is another way we intend to have that statement hold true.” Alenco, Inc. is located in Lenexa, KS a suburb of the Kansas City Metro. Their warehouse is home to hundreds of replacement windows some of which consist of mis-measures and mis-orders. This year, Alenco decided it was time to give back and their relationship with Habitat for Humanity seemed to be the best option. As of December 10, 2013, Alenco agreed to donate just over 200 replacement windows. With most of the windows being common sizes, Alenco believes they can go to good use.

Don't Let Pests & Rodents Into Your Home for the Winter

Columbia Pest Control, Inc. is proud to provide its customers with reliable and effective pest control and extermination services for the upcoming winter season. Already, residents in Portland and surrounding areas have trusted the company to effectively eliminate all pests and rodents with great results.

Recognition and Cognitive Memory Improved by Activity

Researchers have found further benefits from exercise, aside from weight control, weight loss, and overall wellness. Findings from a recent study done at the Boston University School of Medicine have shown that certain hormones may help improve memory and cognition, and those hormones are increased and released during physical activity.

Mod Girl Marketing Launches Referral Program Just in Time for the Holidays

LogoMod Girl Marketing launches a holiday referral program for online marketing, SEO services, website design, business branding and a host of other services with real rewards now and for six months to come.

Psychic Source Offers Complimentary Psychic Reading to Visitors of, a website that helps people find the best possible psychic reading offers, has just announced that it is now featuring an exclusive deal from Psychic Source: a free psychic reading to those who visit The complimentary reading will last for 5 minutes and is good for any psychic in the Psychic Source network.

Breaking Ground at Gregg's Mill

LogoThe newest phase of construction is underway at Gregg’s Mill in Graniteville, SC, and Prudential Beazley Real Estate is proud to announce development has been moving ahead wonderfully. Offers Visitors with a Unique Opportunity to View Construction of Their Updated Website as New Elements Are Added

Charles Yarbrough, customer service manager, announced that the web hosting company is providing individuals with the opportunity to view the firm’s new web design being built piece-by-piece at over the next two weeks. DWHS, Inc. is creating the new and updated look for and has hosted hundreds of thousands of websites that includes MySpace, Sony and FIFA.

Find out the Time in Different Countries with the Time World Clock-Time Zones

LogoIn the globalized business world of the present, individuals and establishments have the need to estimate the time in different countries across the globe. The Free Time Converter has introduced an application called The World Clock-Time Zones, with the purpose of helping people determine the time in a major city or region. This easy-to-use solution appears to function as an essential piece of software regarding time. Users can download The World Clock application easily from the website.

Free Time Converter Offers New Stopwatch Timer Software via

LogoThe software program Stopwatch Timer enables users to start and stop time at specific intervals, in convenient and simple steps. This application is available for download from the CNET powered website The Free Stopwatch Timer software program appears to carry all the features of a traditional stopwatch timer. Free Time Converter guarantees that with this advanced tool, users can accurately start and stop time. Announces Latest Exclusive Offers proudly announces its latest exclusive offers design to make wall art and European tapestry art more affordable to shoppers. Featuring such exclusive artists as Simon Bull and William Morris as well as several other well-known tapestry artists, Tapestry Catalogue continues to make Belgian tapestries and French tapestries as well as other European artwork affordable and easy to purchase. Featuring an extensive online selection of some of the finest artwork in the world, the company has grown in popularity as more shoppers online seek quality art at affordable prices. Anthony, one of the founding members of this popular online destination for wall art recently stated that the company recently redoubled its efforts to offer rock-bottom prices on premiums quality art.

Securely Erase Data on Android Devices with iShredder 3 for Android

ProtectStar today is pleased to announce the new iShredder 3 for Android smartphones and tables, an update to its best-selling iOS utility app designed to permanently remove all traces of files.