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Global Semiconductor Silicon Wafer Market 2017 - LG Siltron (KR), MEMC (US), Okmetic (FI)

LogoThe motive of this strategic research report entitled "Global Semiconductor Silicon Wafer Market 2017" is to provide company officials, industry investors and industry members with consequential insights to enable them make reliable strategic decisions regarding the opportunities in the global Semiconductor Silicon Wafer market.

Global Smart Home Healthcare Market Research Report 2017-2021

LogoThe report, titled Global Smart Home Healthcare Market 2017 is a methodical research study based on the Smart Home Healthcare market, analyzing the competitive framework of the industry in the world. Using efficient analytical tools such as SWOT analysis and Porter's five forces analysis, the report provides a comprehensive assessment of the Smart Home Healthcare market.

Coops and Cages Discloses Plans for Expansion

LogoAlthough no definite plans are in place yet, Coops And Cages™ say they might be able to invest in an expansion of the business and possibly offer franchising opportunities in the future. These business developments are likely to come to fruition for the company should the pet industry continue its upward economic trend, which predictions say will hold. Coops And Cages™ continues to seek opportunities across Australia for future locations from which they can provide quality products to the communities in prospect areas. The company has yet to identify these locations.

Your Business Digital Launches to Help Australian Businesses Capitalize on Their Online Potential

Digital marketing is now an essential element of business success, and getting a brand presence in the digital world has never been more essential, or more competitive. This has put an emphasis on digital marketing and search engine optimization as important means to secure a business' future prosperity, but many businesses don't know how to excel in these fields. Your Business Digital is a digital marketing agency launched in Australia that plans to take over their nation's market in online media and marketing through 2015, with a comprehensive suite of services and exciting new initiatives to be announced.

AUHost4U Introduces Shared Web Hosting Service introduces a shared web hosting service that offers several cost effective solutions for businesses and customers with personal websites.

A Political Bombshell: Tupac:187-The Red Knight

LogoIt is almost axiomatic to say that historians may lie but history cannot.    Richard "RJ" Bond and Michael Douglas Carlin formidable and meticulously researched expose about one of the most shocking crimes of the last century will disturb and challenge the skeptical, thrill true believers, and astound and anger everyone in-between.  Within these pages, official lies are witheringly demolished and the stark truth, however unseemly, begins to take shape. This is not a conspiracy theory; it is a conspiracy. And most explosively, the highest levels of the media are involved and shown to be in league with the worst culprits in the LAPD who buried and obstructed their own investigations.

Accede Holdings Reveal New Website with Upgraded Content and Navigation

Accede Holdings is a business that has been providing business database Australia solutions such as database design and development with almost 3 decades of experience. The company recently revealed their new upgraded website that features improved navigation and better quality of content as a step to solidify the existing partnership with their current clients and also get new clients interested to establish a partnership with Accede Holdings and benefit from the database consultants Australia services and business database solutions.

UK's Greenway Entertainment Seeks Rights for Worldwide Distribution of Detective Thriller "Hidden Agenda"

LogoThis summer, a new detective thriller is going to be distributed through Greenway Entertainment in the UK and Worldwide on VOD.

UK's Greenway Entertainment Seeks Rights for Worldwide Distribution of Detective Thriller Hidden Agenda

Currently, Greenway Entertainment, a popular UK film distributor, is leading negotiations with Pain Productions for a VOD Worldwide release of their detective thriller in 2015 starring Hans Hernke. The official Orlando premiere of "Hidden Agenda" is scheduled for March 21st, 2015 at the Enzian Theater.

Before You Judge Me: New Urban Lit Novel Shines Spotlight on Best & Worst of Humanity; Raising Vital Awareness for Struggles of Fostered Children

While the United States' foster care system is in place to give at-risk children the best start in life, it seldom has the intended effect. In fact, while the authorities won't admit it, a shockingly large proportion of fostered children wind up on the streets, involved in crime or selling their bodies to fit into society. In a raw yet important new book, Christine A. Gibbs tells the fictional story of one fostered girl; a story that could be taking place on any street corner.

Raising Black Boys to Men: Is Good, Ole-Fashioned Parenting the Key to Raising Thugless Sons? Maverick Mom's Provocative New Book Says "Yes"

There's no way to sugarcoat it; young African American men are under huge pressure to give in to society's negative influences, embrace gang culture that is becoming increasingly glorified and even take the rap for crimes that were not their fault. Patricia Joseph was acutely aware of this when she gave birth to her first child almost three-decades ago, and was committed to raising "thugless" sons. Having achieved her goal with gusto, she is compiling her story and lessons learned into a compelling new book.

Sydney Finds a Job: Laura Bush Praises Unique Animal Welfare & Literacy Project; Involving Florida Charity & Tireless Australian Sheppard/Chow Pooch

When Thom Battisto adopted Sydney, his passion for animal welfare quickly led to them empowering their community to rescue abused animals and embrace a vital humane education. Sydney passed her therapy dog accreditation with barking success, and the now inseparable duo began visiting dozens of nursing homes while raising much-needed attention for a myriad of animal welfare issues.

Mentoring the "Me" Nobody Knows: A-List Dancer's New Study Book Empowers Youngsters to Quickstep to Success, by Embracing Their Natural Gifts & Talents

When Daryl Richardson stepped under the Broadway spotlight or performed in front of millions on global television, she felt on top of the world. But things hit home when she returned from California to her native New York in 2000; it was the middle of summer, and a plethora of children were hanging around on street corners with no aspirations for the future. Having experienced life at the top of her game, Richardson turned her life's focus from fame to mentorship and founded 'The Me Nobody Knows'.

Kickstarter Project Launched to Fund "A Chance and Other Things Given, None Too Soon"

LogoAs a literary publicist and corporate communications strategist, Judy Tashbook-Safern created successful campaigns to launch and promote such internationally-recognized brands as Dr. John Gray's Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, America Online, AOL Israel and Lenore Skenazy's Free-Range Kids, a global phenomenon that became the basis of a new television show called World's Worst Mom, which the Discovery Life Channel will begin airing in January 2015. Clearly on top of her game, Tashbook-Safern knows how to kick start big ideas into social movements.

President and CEO of MXI, Inc. Awarded by the Association of New Jersey Household Hazardous Waste Coordinators

LogoOn December 9, 2014, Ron Potter, President and CEO of MXI Environmental Services was awarded with a Certificate of Appreciation by Daniel Napoleon, President of The Association of New Jersey Household Hazardous Waste Coordinators. The award was presented on behalf of the organization for the excellent performance and continued dedication of MXI, Inc. to the mission of the association.

Sweeten Up the Life of a Loved One with Natural Homemade Soap from Australian Natural Soap

Sweet, scented and heaven sent to the nostrils. Natural soaps have been praised for its consistence in maintaining the health of the skin and are especially good to fight against unhygienic odors.

Help Mark Ruffalo's Water Defense Team to Reach Sundarbans, Bangladesh for Oil Spill Clean Up

Water Defense and founder, Mark Ruffalo are pleased to announce the launch of an IndieGoGo campaign for oil spill cleanup efforts in the Sundarbans region of Bangladesh. This campaign started on Dec 23 and will close on January 07, 2015 (11:59pm PT). The campaign will bring a team of experts to the area along with needed supplies in order to help with the oil spill cleanup efforts.

RICP Launches Kickstarter Book Project

Jeff Carter, who is a Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP), has developed a book for middle income baby boomers whom are vastly underserved by the financial services profession in order to help them get on track for retirement and he has launched a KICKSTARTER campaign to publish and distribute it.

Premium Pets: Pet Products Company Releases New Cat Scratcher Lounger

Premium Pets is aglobal online provider of unique, high-qualityproducts for cats and dogs. The company is under a year old, but has already launched its first product, in the form of a cat scratcher lounger.Sources say that this is only the beginning for Premium Pets because they already have plans to come out with more products in the near future.

New Parental Control Product Coming to Kickstarter

A new startup GameNannyBox plans to offer parents a new tool for managing kid's game time and screen time. This breakthrough product helps end the arguments about games by locking up the devices, only enabling children to check them out during designated times.

Responsive Website Design Mobile Al Improves SEO for Business to Consumer Websites

Companies that wish to enhance or improve their website by shifting to a responsive website design are now able to do so at exceptionally reasonable costs. Responsive website design mobile al is deliberated to be more costly than static, easier website design.

Responsive Ecommerce: Is It Replacing M-Commerce?

When a company needs to renovate their online retail stores for mobile devices, they have to choose from a Mobile Commerce and a responsive ecommerce website. Both are practical choices, but with increased importance being placed on supplying a unified experience across numerous devices, will responsive web design replace Mobile commerce? Choosing between responsive website design mobile al and M-commerce may impact time, budget and also the potential efficiency of one's e-commerce website. So as to come to a decision, one need to know the disparity between the two options first.

Lance Cary Seeks Crowdfunding via GoFundMe to Support Stem Cell Research for Multiple Sclerosis

LogoOnce upon a time Lance Cary was living the American dream. He had a good job, lived in a nice home with his wife and children and saw nothing but a bright future in front of him. Then an unexpected nightmare completely changed his storybook life; multiple sclerosis.

Just Released Marquet Embezzlement Report to Be Prime Topic on Fraud Talk Radio Program

LogoMarquet International, Ltd. announced today that the results from its just released 2013 Marquet Report on Embezzlement, will be the subject of discussion on Fraud Talk, a weekly online radio program on the business channel of Voice America. Fraud Talk is hosted by Chris Marquet, who is the author of the report, his 6th annual study of major embezzlement cases in the United States. The study examined 554 major embezzlement cases active in the US in 2013 – those with more than $100,000 in reported losses.

Nova Carpet & Upholstery Care Inc Publishes New Carpet Cleaning Care Guide for the Holiday Season

Carpets are one of the most commonly abused luxury items, they provide a soft, warm and comforting feel to a home and yet they are constantly trodden upon, so it is understandable that from time to time carpets need to be cleaned and restored. The problem is that such ubiquitous use may mean cleaning doesn't last for long. Nova Carpet & Upholstery Care Inc specializes in high quality, deep carpet cleaning and has just published a new guide explaining how to keep carpets clean over the holiday season.

Artzrepublic Launches Indiegogo to Make a Movie on Domestic Violence

Domestic violence knows no age group, class or race. And while visibly seen results of the crime show up in the evening news every day, the crime is still considered invisible. After 10 years of research, compilation and working behind the scenes, Artzrepublic - a strong team of young researchers, travel writers, journalists, artists and filmmakers -courtesy of the "JARMM foundation" (Journalists, artists and Movie makers" foundation) and inspired by the book "Love for Life" by Lee Kameron, have written a nonfiction transformative action thriller and they have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise the funds to take this movie from written page to screen.

A Fairy Tale Romance Based on Harsh Reality

Liri has developed a unique, and fascinating, formula for a romance novel. She transforms her own personal experiences into a story line that is actually a true account of her life. Only the names of the characters are fiction.