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Alonso, Perez & Santos Sponsors Rosie Romero

LogoFounded in 2014 in the city of Doral, the Miss Cuba Queen of The Continents pageant aims to represent the island nation of Cuba and its beauty with respect and wisdom while contributing to social work through various community projects. The pageant includes several events where participants compete to win awards in competitions such as Most Talented, Best Hair, and Best Dress/Costume. The winner will represent Cuba in Miss Queen of the Continents International.

Another SNF in Lifehouse's Portfolio Sold to Reliant Management Group

LogoRiverside Healthcare Center was sold to Reliant Management Group in a lease purchase transaction for $13.1 million. The 188-bed Skilled Nursing facility (SNF) was one of nine communities throughout California that had been operated by Lifehouse Healthcare Services.

Butterfly Sales Outlet Announces New Customer-Focused Website, Weekly Promotion

LogoA butterfly release serves as a dramatic and symbolic conclusion at weddings and other special events. Butterfly Sales Outlet today announced that their website has been completely redesigned and provides a host of new features and content that will help the customer plan, select and purchase butterflies for release at weddings, memorials and other special events. Butterfly Sales Outlet is owned and operated by Utterback Farms, Inc., and has been producing Monarch Butterflies for Weddings, for over 17 years. The new website is

Branding Los Angeles Now Offering Door Hanger Marketing in Los Angeles

LogoFor a wide range of businesses, integrating door hangers into their print media marketing has yielded extremely positive results. The print media that is used in any marketing campaign is an essential element in the success of the overall campaign, it is the imagery that people will physically see and interact with. This is why it is important to have graphic design that seamlessly fits with the overall branding strategy of the business in question. By using a graphic design team that understands the nuances of the target market in Los Angeles, custom door hangers that have a higher conversion rate than normal can be easily attained.

Sunburst on a Mexican Beach - The Art of Sunset Photography

Anyone who witnesses something beautiful, wishes to turn it into a memory and take it with them. When it comes to a sunset by the beach, this rings true for all. But when an amateur takes a snap of the breath taking beauty of light, glare and rays, the results are invariably underwhelming. One might expect to see the subtle interplay of light and shadow, and be unpleasantly surprised with an underexposed image. Alternately, one might try to capture the brilliant rays of sunburst, and end up with an unsightly glare in the middle of the frame, while the rest of the picture is either burnt out or dark. Interestingly, this is the case even for many professional photographers. It is impossible for a sunset to not look beautiful. What is the true challenge though, is to capture its beauty through the lens.

GW2 Makes the Spectators for New Risks in Its Newest Trailer

Guild Wars II started its second season with a trip into Maguuma Wastes in the beginning of this month. Now, it is making the players for the next adventures in the parched Wildlands with a new trailer. It is teasing a huge disclosure in its living world. The disclosure needs to arrive on the 15th of July whilst the players of Guild Wars II are to keep questing continually all through the Western Tyria. Learning more about the second season on Maguuma Wastes the viewers along with the players are to wait unless the 15th of July arrives. Making wild guesses depend on the guts along with the clues. ArenaNet have left in Dry Top. The online professional virtual currency sellers offer Guild Wars 2 Gold in the most affordable cost to the gamers of GWII around the world.

LA Furniture Store Adds Kaare Klint to Floor

LogoThe father of modern Danish furniture design may not be overseeing the work any more, but the ideas sparked by Danish genius Kaare Klint live on in the pieces on display at LA furniture store Denmark 50.

TekHattan Now Offers IT Consulting to Fortune 500 Companies in Manhattan and Beyond

IT consulting can make the difference between a network being future-proofed and built for aggressive expansion and a network that can hold a business back with potentially disastrous consequences. New York is considered one of the world’s leading business centers, and as such demands industry-leading business IT solutions. TekHattan is an established, powerful technology company that is changing the way IT works in New York. They have upgraded their capacity to sufficiently handle the incredible demands of Fortune 500 companies, covering every aspect from network design and installation, to maintenance, support, and disaster recovery.

Hop N Party Announces New Ways for Families to Beat the Sizzling Heat of August

According to The Weather Channel, August remains the hottest month in Austin, with the city's highest recorded temperature being 112 degrees in August 2011. Although one finds the city offers more than 50 public swimming pools throughout the city, a large number of families wish to find another way to beat the summer heat. Many choose to turn to water slide rentals from Hop N Party to achieve this goal as there are numerous benefits to going this route.

Virtual College Counseling Site ApplyMap Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Early Success

ApplyMap, a new app designed to help high school students maximize their college chances, has announced that they are undertaking a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo. The company is aiming to raise $15,000 or more in order to build a special version of the site for non-profit organizations.

NY DWI Lawyer Jonathan Kaye Launches New Responsive Website

The Law Offices Of Jonathan Kaye announced on Monday July 21st that it launched its new website The new website features a responsive design that scales to whatever device is used. Jonathan Kaye wanted a web site that worked well on smart phones and tablets. “More and more of our clients are finding us on the web via their smart phones. Our new site scales down really nice on smart phones, yet it looks great on big wide screen monitors as well. The site features easy to submit contact forms throughout the site and lots of helpful information. Our goal was to have a new web site that had a clean uncluttered look that worked well on all mediums, including personal computers, laptops, smart phones and tablets. We definitely achieved our goal and are very pleased with the results” said Jonathan.

Udi Salon of Beverly Hills Makes Expert Hair Extensions Look Natural

LogoDone properly the only people who know a hair extension is in place is the person wearing it and the stylist.

LC/MS & GC/MS Ruling out Other Methods in Food Toxin Testing

LogoThe increase in the food trade across the nations is increasing the scope for wider spread of food contaminants. With the rising contamination in the food items, the food safety concerns are booming. Food contaminants like pathogens, pesticides, toxins, GMO, and certain other unwanted particles are creating a threat to consumer health, leading from mild allergy to fatal effects. According to a new report by RNCOS “Global Food Safety Testing Market Outlook 2018”, natural food toxins are posing threat to human health and hence are occupying a fair share in global food contaminant testing market.

Normandie Bakery Still Wowing Crowds

LogoTurning out 1,500 French baguettes is all in a day’s work for the 35 employees of the Normandie Bakery on S. Cochran Avenue in LA.

Austin Chiropractor Restores the Backbone of Texas

Family Health chiropractic has made its mark on the communities of Austin with its family chiropractic care that is not only gentle but also highly effective. Fear of pain and related bias is what drives many away from medical care especially when in dire need of it. This is perhaps why Dr. Gonzalez’s chiropractic treatment has rescued many not just in the physical sense but also in the mind. It is noteworthy that even those without a serious need for medical attention can undergo treatments for a healthy future as they provide chiropractic care for everyone.

Deanne Demarco's Special Guests: UPS Store VP and ABC's Shark Tank Spatty Daddy Inventor

LogoDeanne DeMarco continues her ground-breaking radio series with two high-powered guests: the female VP of Operational Support of the UPS Store and the woman who invented the Spatty and Spatty Daddy as first seen on ABC’s Hit TV show The Shark Tank.

GEEX Launches Ultimate Product Line with Slick and Seamless iPhone and Samsung Cases

Smartphones are more powerful than the satellites that send and receive their signals, and are capable of an extraordinary amount of functions for a single device. They are everything from a communication device, a GPS location tracking and route planning system to a games console and online browser. It is no wonder then that people wish to protect these items from damage, and phone cases enable them to do so. The problem is that many cases are expensive, bulky, difficult to fit, and unattractive. GEEX has launched its new product range as a solution to all these problems in one.

13 US Companies Recognized for Exceptional Efforts to Protect Children from Trafficking

LogoThe Tourism Child-Protection Code of Conduct (The Code) announced their 2014 Top Members list. These 43 companies from around the world are recognized for their “exceptional work to integrate child protection practices into their businesses.” 13 of the companies are based in the United States and are guided through their membership and implementation with the support of Local Code Representative, ECPAT-USA.

GunSafes.Com Now Offers Hardwearing Assortment of Sturdy Fire Safes

LogoFire breakout poses a danger to the safety of weapons, and to help prevent this from happening, Gunsafes.Com is now offering a hardwearing assortment of sturdy Fire Safes. These safes have been innovatively designed and developed by some of the leading manufacturers like Liberty, Rhino, and Browning, just to name a few. These safes have avant-garde features such as resilient door compact locking systems, multi-sided door bolts, robust structure, and fireboard. With a view to assess their fire-proof aspects, all these home safes are made to withstand arduous fire testing.

Web Design Fresno Discusses How SEO Is Becoming More Expensive as It Becomes More Difficult to Get Inbound Links and Create Link-Worthy Content

LogoGuest blogging was probably the biggest buzzword throughout 2013. SEO professionals and online marketers preached the value of this tactic for building links, brand authority, credibility, and myriad other benefits. For many marketers, that was all turned upside down when, in his January webmaster video and blog post, Matt Cutts made the startling and controversial pronouncement: “Stick a fork in it: guest blogging is done.”

Dental Surgery Virginia Launches Mobile Responsive Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Website

Pain from teeth or the jaw is more agonizing and distracting than almost any other common ache or pain, and as a result it is understandable that people would want to seek a solution to it as soon as it occurs. The problem is that all too often these pains occur while out and about, and many online resource centers do not display well on mobile screens, making information and advice difficult to get hold of. Fredericksburg Regional Oral Surgery Center ( is leading the field with a new mobile responsive design that makes its information accessible anywhere, on any screen size.

Healthfit24 Announces Launch of New Health Website

A new health website has hit the internet, and it looks like it will pose a serious challenge to competitors in the niche with its extensive, yet easy-to-read, information. The new site is Healthfit24, and it avoids many of the annoying practices of the established players. Readers will immediately appreciate the layout, which puts all of the information for a specific medical condition onto a single page instead of forcing viewers to click through multiple tiny sections. It also presents no annoying survey pop-ups, ad pop-ups, or ear-shattering autoplay videos.

PBTP Epoxy Flooring Provides Quality Flooring Solutions for Residential and Commercial Establishments

PBTP Epoxy Flooring is providing quality flooring solutions for residential and commercials establishments from big to small scale businesses. The company is equipped with all possible flooring services that any establishment owners may need and ensure that very service will be provided with utmost professionalism.

Topmovingcompany4u a Leading New York Moving Company Announces Free Online Quote for Customers

For customers wanting to know the price before the move, New York Movers offer a free quote online. A leading New York moving company has launched a free online quote service where residents in New York looking to move short or long distance to a new home can receive a quote within 30 seconds.

PerfecTouch Announces Special Discounts on Swedish Massage and Hot Stone Massage

LogoPerfecTouch, Glendale’s one-stop massage therapy specialist, has announced a special discount on two of their most popular services. Currently, new clients are eligible to receive 35% off their choice of either a Swedish massage or hot stone massage. Both Swedish massage and hot stone massage are excellent ways to relieve stress, and first-time clients are eligible for the one-time 35% discount by scheduling either service with PerfecTouch.

Experienced Massage Therapist Patrice Offers Muscle Problem Solutions via

LogoPatrice, an experienced massage therapist and an expert of various massaging techniques, has recently launched his blog which will offer advice and tips on how to handle muscle problems. The blog which was initially aimed to help Patrice’s clients has gained wide attention for its simple yet informative articles that provide instant solutions to common muscle ailments.

Global Biological Drugs Market to Reach an Estimated Value of USD 287,139.7 Million in 2020

LogoBiological drugs are typically derived from living cells and are used in the treatment and prevention of various diseases such as cancer, blood-related diseases, auto-immune diseases and other medical disorders. Biological drugs include therapeutic proteins, monoclonal antibody (mAb) and vaccines. The biological drugs market is growing due to the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases and the demand for biological drugs is growing due to the increase in the global geriatric population. Moreover, various government associations are also supporting in growth of biological drugs market. Furthermore, advancement in biomedical sciences holds immense potential for the growth of the biologic drugs market.