Latest Press Releases Shares the Global Trends and Marketing Analysis of 3D Printing in the Healthcare Industry for 2015-2020

LogoThe beneficial use of 3D printers to consumers in re-creating household items that could help them save money rather than buying it from the department stores and its ease of use has become known across the globe. It cannot be denied that Prusa Mendel i3 kit along with other 3D printer types have given people the chance to explore their creative minds, allowing them to create things that are at first impossible. By the time that these printers were introduced in the market as a must-have, it had open up lots of opportunities for people to make their daily life easier with 3D printing. And today, consumers and the people in the healthcare industry has something to celebrate because the Tissue Engineering and Dental Implants are set to boost the 3D printing by 2020 to a $1.2 billion dollar market.

ADVENT Anticipates 3rd Annual Mummers Mardi Gras Celebration for 2016

LogoWhile the event planning agency, ADVENT, is busy producing events throughout the year, such as festivals, fundraisers and company parties, they have been brainstorming the next details for the 2016 Annual Philadelphia Mummers Mardi Gras. Originally a popular Mummers tradition in New Orleans, the celebration was brought to the city of Philadelphia in 2014. Last year, the festivity was moved from 2nd Street, at the Piazza at Schmidts, to Main Street in Manayunk. With February almost six months away, the premier event and entertainment services of ADVENT have been anticipating the next Mummers Mardi Gras parade in Philly.

Instant Tax Solutions, LLC Offers Free Consultation on Any Type of IRS Tax Problem

Instant Tax Solutions, LLC, a company dedicated in solving various types of IRS tax problems, is currently offering a free consultation to all individuals who have an IRS tax problem or simply require general information on any IRS tax query. The company’s team comprises of legal counsel, federally enrolled agents, CPA’s and former revenue officers.

Erik B. Jensen, P.C. - Attorneys at Law - Announces Child Custody Law Assistance in Philadelphia This November

LogoErik B. Jensen, P.C. - Attorneys at Law, is pleased to announce they are now offering child custody law assistance in Philadelphia this November. Serving the entire Philadelphia area for over 73 years, Erik B. Jensen, P.C. - Attorneys at Law – has assisted individuals with various legal situations involving their children. By hiring the firm, individuals will receive their desired outcomes, including a custody agreement that is in their best interests and results that address their concerns for the well-being of the children. During the initial consultation with a family lawyer, clients will have their options identified, so they can compose a winning strategy and effective parenting plan.

Taste Delicious Indian Curry at the Award Winning Aladin Brick Lane

Exceptional quality of Indian food can be tasted at Aladin Brick Lane and curries and numerous other items are offered on an authentic platter. The same chef has been dishing out delicacies at this restaurant for over twenty five years ensuring an excellent quality and standard in the food presented to customers.

Gourmet Chocolate Packs at Discounted Prices from Canada's Gift Baskets

Premium and high quality gifts that are sure to impress are used to design gifts packs by Canada’s Gift Baskets. Wide range of gift baskets for numerous occasions are offered and are a beautiful gift to present to friends and loved ones. Specialized baskets for business gifts and corporate gifts can also be created according to the requirements of customers.

Research of a Telomerase Activator Similar to TA-65 Shows Lung Damage by IPF Could Be Reversed

LogoDr. Dave Woynarowski has recently shared a research on his personal blog that used a Telomerase activator to reverse the lung damage caused by Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF). The research was successful when performed on mice and many medical professionals are now keen to carry out further intensive study on this Telomerase activator.

Units Still Available for the Highly Anticipated Residential Condo Sky Vue Located in Bishan, a website that is offering bookings for the 37-storey luxurious residential condo Sky Vue located in central Singapore area of Bishan, has recently announced that bookings are still available for the Sky Vue and interested individuals can register for an exclusive appointment via their website.

Now Shop Engagement Rings Online from Miro Jewelers at the Most Competitive Prices

LogoWith a five-decade experience in offering the multiple designer and unique jewelry collections, Miro Jewelers is now counted among the most trustable jewelers in the Denver Metro area. The popularity of this branded store has been further maximized by the availability of the most sensational range of engagement rings at the most affordable prices.

Mylbrook Vehicle Finance Makes Car Leasing Easy for Businesses and Individuals, Lists Special Offers

Mylbrook Vehicle Finance, a U.K. car leasing company that has been offering numerous car and van leasing solutions to businesses and individuals since 2004, has recently listed its holiday season special offers on high end cars such as Audi, Land Rover, BMW and many more.

Singer/DJ/ Isabo', Launches Her New Single and Music Video "Let Me Dance"

HANGARMUSIC Productions is pleased to announce the launch of Isabo’s new single “Let Me Dance” available by 1 December 2013 on the Best Digital Music Stores.

U.S. Breast Cancer Survivor Releases New Book with Urgent Message - Say NO to Radiation & Conventional Chemo.

While the world of medicine claims daily breakthroughs, the only statistic appearing to rise is the amount of money pharmaceutical and associated medical firms rake in. Nevada’s Diana Warren, a Breast Cancer survivor, is so concerned about the medical world’s lack of concern for its patients that she is sharing a bold message with fellow Cancer patients – ditch traditional radiation and chemotherapy.

GPS North America Partners with Inrix to Help Reduce Fleet Fuel Costs, Lower Insurance Premiums and Improve Driver Safety

LogoGPS North America, the integrated fleet management and asset tracking industry leader, is pleased to announce that it has partnered with INRIX to help fleet customers improve driver safety and lower fuel and accident costs.

Graham Ballachey & Sebastian Abboud Look to Raise $8,000 CAD via Indiegogo for "YOUkuleles - Personalized Ukuleles"

LogoYOUkuleles are fully-playable ukuleles designed by YOU! Users can personalize the design, add photos and text to make it one-of-a-kind.

Group of Open Knowledge Advocates from Mexico Seek Funding via Indiegogo for the Creation of "Share Center".

LogoShare Center is a software to produce and share knowledge.

Guide to Real Estate Investing Comes Up with a Great Number of Tips

Real estate is regarded as one of the promising arenas to invest in. Although there was a surge in property prices in the time of great recession, property has always been a great asset to invest in. One of the key things about investing in property is that people are assured to get good returns irrespective of the place they invest in. However, not everybody feels safe when it comes to investing in real estate. On the other hand not may are aware of the best ways to invest in a real estate property. It takes experience along with a range of formalities before a person finalizes his deal for an investment in the real estate markets. People may be surprised to know that there are various forms of real estate investing and there are ways they could earn huge on their investment.

The G CAN: The World's First Truly Portable Gas Station

Engineered to prevent spills and overfills while reducing dangerous gas emissions, the G CAN is the convenient, cleaner and safer solution for all your portable refueling needs. The G CAN could be a game changer in the portable fuel transfer industry. Contributions to the G Can campaign via IndieGoGo can be made at the link provided.

Hiring an Attorney Can Increase Compensation by 3.5 Times Says, a website dedicated in helping individuals who were injured in auto accidents find experienced lawyers to represent their case, recently shared a statistic that people who hire an attorney get nearly 3.5 times the compensation than those who simply follow the procedure insurance company lays out for them.

An Online Health Guide Helping Modern Population to Lead a Disease Free Life

The modern population is facing different types of common problems such as obesity, insomnia, stress, loss of appetite and other such problems. Now, the website intends to help the modern population with its scientifically researched content, aimed at revealing the reasons behind common health related problems. The website also details out practical solutions that human beings can easily take advantage of to stay fit and healthy.

Cheaters Private Investigator from Los Angeles Works International Infidelity Case

LogoFrom the beautiful beaches of Los Angeles to bustling city of New York, AEGIS cheaters private investigator specialists followed a cheating husband on a whirlwind tour of luxury travel and women.

There Is a Jailbreak Available for All iOS 7 Versions, Even 7.0.4 Says, a website dedicated in sharing latest news and techniques of jailbreaking the iOS 7, has recently announced that it is safe to update the iOS 7 to its 4th version since the jailbreak for 7.0.4. already exists.

Bi-Lingual Musician Maximo Agoglia Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Create and Distribute His First Solo Music Album.

LogoThe objective of this fundraiser is to support Maximo Agoglia in creating and distributing his first solo bi-lingual album with English and Spanish songs.

SBWire Reaches out to Releasewire's Clients

LogoSBWire, The Small Business Newswire, recently announced that it had acquired the assets of ReleaseWire, an online newswire service formally known as SEO Press Releases. This acquisition represents a significant step in SBWire’s efforts to expand the availability of effective and affordable online press release distribution services designed for the unique needs of small to medium-sized businesses.

SafetyLINK Crowdfunding Project Launched on Indiegogo

LogoWith a $20,000 goal Sanjay Chadha, CEO of Safety Labs, and his innovative team have launched a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo for their SafetyLINK product. SafetyLINK is the world’s first and only wearable personal device that uses the power of Bluetooth, smartphones and crowd sourcing to provide safety to users worldwide. By simply using social media and crowd sourcing the device creates a network of people ready and available to lend a hand should someone need assistance.

Dennis Tubbergen Hosts Ian Gordon on the Everything Financial Radio Show

Financial advisor Dennis Tubbergen is becoming well known for having international guest experts on his weekly radio show. Tubbergen's next guest on the Everything Financial Radio Show is Ian Gordon of the Longwave Group.

Author of Ten Books Joins Vendors at Winter Holiday Festival in Augusta Michigan

LogoBuy local can apply to book shopping for visitors to the Winter Holiday Festival on December 13th and 14th in Augusta, Michigan. Author Tracy Falbe will have ten of her titles on display for shoppers with book lovers on their gift lists.

New Board of Bishop Members Appointed by Universal Life Church

LogoThe Universal Life Church World Headquarters recently announced appointment of seven individuals to their prestigious "Board of Bishops." The Board of Bishops is a governing body similar to what the Roman Catholic Church refers to as its "College of Cardinals" or what other churches refer to as its "Board of Elders." Inclusion within the Board of Bishops requires members thereof to meet certain guidelines. Board of Bishop membership requires of its member that they have reached the level of Bishop, have their own Congregation, are hosting a weekly show or service on the Universal Life Church Radio Network and are active leaders within their community and/or geographical area.