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Heritage Diabetic Supply Receives DMEPOS Accreditation from ACHC

LogoHeritage Diabetic Supply reported that it has been awarded DMEPOS (Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Supplies) accreditation from the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC). The DMEPOS accreditation certifies that an organization meets all quality standards relating to equipment and patient services.

Global Ladder Market by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2021

LogoA ladder is a structure of wood, metal, or fiberglass, commonly consisting of two sidepieces between which a series of bars or rungs are set at suitable distances, forming a means of climbing up or down.

Boise Automotive Service Offers Honest and Complete Auto Repair Services

LogoAuto repairs are common and fixing them at the earliest is the simple and effective way to live a stress-free life. A major problem confronted by most owners when dealing the problems is finding a reliable and affordable repair services in the locality. Approaching services that don’t have the necessary experience can completely damage the vehicle and can create problems to the owners. Hiring professionals with quality services is recommended.

Americans Living in Apartments Staying Away from Home Security

LogoThe home security industry is worth billions of dollars, yet there is a market that appears to be avoiding home security systems altogether. Enlightens Readers on How Not Checking for Pests when Buying a Home Can Prove Costly

Columbia Pest Control today warned home buyers of the need to thoroughly investigate homes for potential pest infestations when purchasing a new property. Although pest infestations are often far from people’s minds when purchasing a new home, they constitute a severe threat to what is often a family’s biggest investment and future asset.

CloneDVD Voted the Best and Most Advanced DVD Copy Software by Customers

CloneDVD Studio is a professional provider of various multimedia software solutions which has been on the market ever since 2003. Some of its most successful products include Video Convertor, DVD Copy, DVD Ripper, DVD Creator, Region-free DVD Player and of course the popular CloneDVD.

Raw Attraction Magazine Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Bring Empowerment & Truth to Men & Women in Relationships

LogoThe founder of Raw Attraction Magazine Steve Burford believes that a truthful conversation between men and women can lead to true empowerment. Over the last two years, Raw Attraction has showcased several thought leaders from fields such as relationships, dating, sensuality, sexuality, and many more.

The World's Largest One-Man Plein Air Art Show Seeks Crowdfunding

LogoPlein air is a French expression translates to “in the open air" and is used to describe the activity of painting outdoors. In January 2009, Ted Garcia challenged himself to paint plein air every single day. For five solid years he continued his daily commitment as he pressed on, with incredible fortitude, - in the face of blizzards, heat waves, sickness, deaths, births, impalement, wild animals, getting lost then finding his way not to mention an earthquake. Dauntless, Mr. Garcia soldiered on. The visual diary of this astonishing journey needs to be seen. - It -serves to inspire the people who dream and show if one is willing to do what it takes, any dream can come true. Crowdfunding backers can help Ted share his journey with the world so all can see what can be achieved with a dream, discipline and perseverance.

The IsramWorld Portfolio of Brands Renews Its Commitment with 2015 Tours to Egypt Lineup

LogoIn line with its commitment to Egpyt, Isram (part of the IsramWorld Portfolio of Brands) is launching new tours to Egypt programs for 2015. The first in this series is the Egypt & the Nile package which takes travelers on a journey throughout Egypt, visiting Cairo, Luxor, Aswan and the Nile River. The company is offering an early booking discount of $250 per couple if booked by November 30, 2014.

Melissa Ovard, Founder of Girl Lux, Launches Crowdfunding Campaign via Kickstarter for the Pocket Pantie

LogoLife can sometimes be unpredictable – especially for a girl who’s growing up and becoming a young woman. Tweens at this age aren’t usually carrying around a large purse or handbag that can easily keep an extra supply of feminine products, and taking a backpack into a middle school bathroom can be conspicuous and embarrassing.

Best in Class NYC Foot Surgeon, Dr. Stuart Mogul, Announces Free Foot Surgery Consultations

Dr. Stuart Mogul, an internationally recognized foot surgeon who is in private practice on NYC’s Upper East Side,, announced today that he will be offering complimentary foot surgery consultations. A doctor’s referral is not necessary from a General Practitioner to see the NYC foot surgeon for a consultation, 2nd opinion, or for treatment at his practice. Dr. Mogul offers full out of network insurance benefits (his office staff will contact your insurance company and submit your claim for you). You will enjoy the luxury and benefit of academic medicine in a top rated concierge environment without the hassle of long hospital waiting room times and paperwork.

Rob Kidd Serves Magline Customers and Dealers in Mississippi

LogoMagline, makers of innovative lightweight route distribution solutions, announced a strategy to best serve customers and dealers in Mississippi with innovation including best practices and local customer responsiveness. The Southeast Region includes Mississippi and is managed by Regional Sales Executive Rob Kidd.

Express Employment Professionals Provided TIPS on How to Choose the Best Recruitment Agency for Your Business

LogoThe quality of employees are as important as the quality of the products and services they provide. These two factors are important in any business. The collaboration of quality employees working together to promote and create quality products and services is a core of a good employer and business alike.

Auto Fraud Attorneys in California Is Now Offering Free Legal Information for Car Buyers

LogoEvery year, thousands of consumers are cheated by automobile dealers.  In many cases, when dealers take advantage of unsuspecting buyers, the buyers don’t know they have been deceived until something happens later; prior accidents are discovered, frame damage, etc.. Dealership fraud is very common in the used car market. Car dealers use many tricks and tactics to deceive innocent consumers. The  auto fraud lawyers  at CALG are fighting t to put an end to dealer fraud.

Moore Funeral Homes Provide All the Necessary Resources Oklahomans Need for Funerals

LogoLosing a loved one is never easy. During such a difficult and stressful time, it’s incredibly important for family members and friends of the deceased to avoid putting extra strain and stress on themselves.

Joe Carson Is One of Few Lawyers Handling Aviation Accident Cases

LogoThe major airlines want people to believe that flying is 100% safe. In fact, it’s often said that flying is safer than driving and that it’s very unlikely for anything to go wrong in the air. Unfortunately, however, flying does pose some risk.

New and Improved Chicago Virtual Office

LogoChicago Virtual Office is a locally owned and operated business on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. They provide a prestigious mailing address, mail forwarding, telephone answering services, meeting room rentals, and private furnished offices for companies in need of a business presence in downtown Chicago.

Actor/Filmmaker Brad Jacobowitz Seeks Funding via Kickstarter for His Upcoming Indie Film Project "The Spike"

Logo“The Spike” is the story of retired MMA fighter, Manny “The Spike” Freidman having to work as a cab driver to earn a living in NYC. Brad Jacobowitz is now looking to raise funds via Kickstarter to complete this upcoming movie.

Isramworld Adds Variety of Tours to Greece to Its Expanding European Presence

LogoAs part of a continued effort to increase tour options to Europe, Isramworld, one of the world’s leading tour operators, is offering a large array of tours to Greece along with its “London and Lisbon,” “London and Downton Abbey,” and Iceland packages. Isramworld joined the European Tour Operators Association (ETOA) earlier this year to further this effort.

The All-New 2015 Ford Transit Is Ready to Tackle the VORE Experience

LogoThe soon to be released New 2015 Ford Transit has been decked out VORE style. The VORE Adventure Transit is designed for the ultimate comfort and entertainment, to prepare you for your adrenaline pumping VORE experience.

Oklahoma Lawyers Now Assisting Oklahomans in Drunk-Driving Litigation

LogoDespite the fact that there were 10,322 drinking-and-driving related deaths in the United States in 2012, people still choose to get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol. This thoughtless action can and often does have serious consequences though. When those consequences involve innocent people getting hurt or dying, then it’s time to take action.

Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates Is One of the Few That Provide Laser Hair Removal

LogoMany women and men struggle with unwanted body and facial hair. Unfortunately, the options for removing this unsightly hair are minimal. Waxing is a temporary fix but can cause irritation to the skin. Furthermore, it is painful and must be done over and over again to maintain the desired results. Shaving is even more short-lived, but there is one permanent answer.

Safiya Morgan Seeks $50,000 via Crowdfunding for Glow Moisturizer

LogoIt all started one day when Safiya’s brother Minu complained about excessive dandruff and a dry itchy scalp. Having whipped up her own home remedy consisting of coconut oil and eucalyptus oil to treat dry skin, she convinced him to give it a shot. He did and was amazed to feel instant relief. Minu had just one complaint; it had quite a powerful, unpleasant odor. That didn’t stop him from encouraging his sister to perfect her new skin care product and sell it to the public.

Edwin Ochoa - Maker of the Hundred Year Wedding Memories

'Playful, joyous, mischievous, unforgettable.' If one were to give a visual example of a wedding that fits the above adjectives, then one only needs to sift through Edwin Ochoa's body of work. Here is a description of one of Edwin’s wedding photographs;

Speech to Social Media Helps the Blind to Use Facebook

The newest way to post to social media is being referred to as “speech to social media”. Through a new and innovative service, a social media user can call in, say their message and hang up. The spoken message is then transcribed and posted onto the user’s social media profile. The message can be posted to Facebook, or multiple social networks at the same time such as Twitter, and LinkedIn.

FitGround Outdoor Functional Fitness Playground by MoveStrong

MoveStrong™, aworld leading innovator, manufacturer and distributor of functional fitness equipment is pleased to announce the release of “FitGround”, a complete and configurable fitness playground ideal for recreation centers, health clubs, schools, military and athletic facilities.

Shana J. Black - Qualified to Win

According to ‘Black’s Law Dictionary’, the most widely used law dictionary in the United States of America, a lawyer is ‘a person learned in the law; a person practising law.’ The word learned, in this case has much deeper connotations than just a surface level knowing of legal practises and laws. It denotes a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of the legal procedure in the chosen areas of law. By this count, San Diego attorney Shana J. Black is a lawyer in every sense.