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Field House Announces 2016 Kentucky Derby Specials and Shore Send-off Party with Go Go Gadget

LogoField House is pleased to announce their 2016 Kentucky Derby specials and Shore Send-off Party with Go Go Gadget. 2016 marks the 142nd Kentucky Derby, and those who visit Field House on Saturday, May 7, will find no lack of coverage at the restaurant. Specials that day will include $4 Yard drafts and $5 Mint Juleps. A $250 prize will also be awarded to the guest with the best hat, and there will be live music by Secret Service once these two great minutes in sports history concludes.

TraceGains Connections Newsletter Provides Information About Upcoming Webinars for Food Industry

LogoTraceGains monthly Connections Newsletter June 2014 is now available. This month’s edition discusses a variety of salient topics, such as the new office expansion and renovation due to business growth with new customers. Jenn Brusco, TraceGains’ Marketing Specialist noted, “Our success also means that we need more space for our team to meet the needs of our growing customer base. This weekend, we started our office expansion and renovation project. We are all very excited about the changes and where TraceGains is headed.”

K and W Auto Releases Industry-First Report on VIN-Checking Services

K and W Auto announced the completion of a report covering some of the most widely used vehicle identification number-checking services on the Internet. Researching a vehicle's VIN is considered by many experts to be one of the most important steps toward buying a used car or truck, and K and W Auto's report on a number of the services used for this will help consumers make better, more cost-efficient and satisfying choices.

Exclusive Moving Labor Services Now Offered by

In the present times, it has become immensely difficult to get a hold of good moving companies since most of them charge too high. Therefore, it is essential for people to conduct a good amount of research before attaining the services of moving companies for good. Moving Help by Marcus has been ranked as one of the best moving companies within Illinois area due to the wide range of tremendous services it has to offer to customers. With the exceptionally professional moving services, people are likely to relax while all of their moving is taken care of by the company.

Spice Up the Messages, Comments and Status Updates Using Facebook Symbols

LogoA picture is worth a thousand words, Facebook symbols make a simple stand out for there are tons of emoticons to show what the user is feeling without using dozens of words or a very long testimonial just to explain that the user has a broken heart and needed a drink.

British Inventor Creates the First Collapsible Colander

Let’s face it. The colander is a kitchen utensil that hasn’t changed in 200 years. At some point, someone was bound to find a better way.

Sentinel 2099 SE: A Classic Sci-Fi Flick, Just Like the Good Ol' Days

Inspired by films like Planet of the Apes and Star Wars, Mike McGee is striving for traditional science fiction in this action adventure movie.

Givenetwork Funds Charities Through Public Smartphone Portals

Robert Jones, CEO of was so impressed with the philanthropy work of Global Impact, an international charity, that he has developed an innovative method for the organization to collect donations from consumers in publicly accessible venues. Through Jones’s GiveNetwork Initiative, consumers are able to make contributions through special portals that can be accessed by SmartPhones.

Hedding Law Firm Offers Its Legal Attorney Services in Los Angeles

Legal disputes and legal charges are one of the uninvited guests for any person irrespective of the position they might hold. There are scenarios where people are drawn and charged for legal charges only due to be present at the wrong place at the wrong time. Usually people who are sure that they have not done anything wrong do not take up legal advisors in the court of law. However, it must be noted that irrespective of the position one might be in or the confidence they might have, it is important to consult a lawyer for even the minutest charge possible. There have been instances where people have not got justice only due to ignorance or constancy with the wrong person. It is thus vital to take the services of an experienced as well as popular legal attorney for their requirements.

Complete SEO Services Introduces Affordable Content Writing Services for Effective SEO

Complete SEO Services, one of the UK’s leading search engine optimization companies has introduced an article-writing service for effective SEO. The UK based SEO company who has a vast amount of knowledge of how professional content can help with the improvement of traffic and search engine rankings have put that knowledge together with their professional writing team and launched a content writing service for effective SEO.

X1 Alarms Launches Limited Time Only Discount on Home Security Package

Burglary is a very real threat to homes, and nothing is more distressing to a family than to have their private space invaded by intruders who tear the space apart and steal precious possessions. Rather than live in fear of burglars, many families opt instead to install an alarm system. Unfortunately the most advanced of these usually amount to thousands of pounds, pricing many people out of the market for safety. X1 Alarms aims to change that, with a new deal on a home alarm system for less than three hundred and fifty pounds.

Trumpia Announces Campaign Management Service

Trumpia, a leading web-based multi-channel messaging and marketing automation platform, is pleased to introduce their new Campaign Management Service. By working with Trumpia, businesses will have complete access to a Multi-Channel Messaging service that implements powerful marketing automation technology., A Renowned Christian DVD Store Is Offering Entertaining Christian Movies, a renowned Christian DVD store now brings a wide range of Christian entertaining movies at the most affordable prices. Now, one can enjoy movies with family which will enrich the mind and soul with pleasure. This is a one stop solution for having any kind of entertaining Christian movies. This online store has different segments such as biblical movies, romance movies, family movies, children movies, etc., and depending on the choice and requirement, one can buy movies via this online store.

In His New Book, George Belcher Is Reviving the Search for Moby-Dick

Although Herman Melville’s classic novel, Moby-Dick, is more than 160 years old, it remains an inspiration for many. San Francisco writer and filmmaker George Belcher is among the devotees of this timeless work.

LAB Records Announce Release of Hot New Yung We$T Single "Bang out" Available on iTunes June 10th

Some times the worst environments can produce the most talented artists. Case in point fast rising West Coast hip-hop star Yung We$t, who is doing everything possible to put Los Angeles hip-hop back on the map. Hard. His single “Bang Out” is being released June 10th on iTunes by LAB Records and the anticipation has fans on edge waiting. Many are betting that We$t's rapid fire flow is set to become part of mainstream music culture fast. “Bang Out” is just the beginning.

Twitter Finance Expert BIG MONEY MIKE Shows Followers How to Invest in Penny Stocks

With the economy struggling around the world and with wages not meeting living costs, men and women from all corners of the world are looking for investments with real financial return. Unfortunately a large number of men and women who would like to invest have little or no experience, but thanks to Twitter sensation, BIGMONEYMIKE6, people looking to invest can receive the guidance they need on making money with Penny Stocks.

Math Tutor in San Diego Amazing Math Tutor Now Serves All of San Diego County

Amazing Math Tutor, a highly regarded math tutoring service, recently announced its decision to expand its range of service areas to include all of San Diego. The instructors of Amazing Math Tutor provide in-home and one-on-one math tutoring service.

Bathroom Remodeling Kingwood TX: Small Renovations to Bring Big Changes

There’s good news for homeowners who would like to go beyond the default settings and fittings in their bathrooms and embrace something more beautiful and more functional in place. Bathroom remodeling Kingwood TX has got the best renovation tips and products for them with the best service in tow.

New Trends in Bathroom Remodeling Kingwood Embrace Custom Designs

The most reputable design-build firms who have remodeled homes aplenty in America have found out that custom bathroom fits are the newest rage amongst home owners and home remodelers. It is the best way, they say, to give the place a definition and side by side, create a design that accommodates space and luxuriousness, both.

Heaven Is for Real DVD Is Now Available at Fishflix.Com, a leading provider of exclusive Christian and family entertainment films recently announced the availability of DVD of truly inspiring and uplifting movie ‘Heaven is for Real’. The film is based on and shares the name of #1 New York Times best-selling book. Inspired from a real life incident, it is about a boy and his experience of the other world or the heaven. At the same time, it also encircles the efforts of his father who gathers courage and decides to share the life-changing experience of his son with others.

Country Singer Aaron Bozwell Is Ready to Take the Next Step

Aaron Bozwell, a country singer-songwriter from Hendersonville, Tenn., has it all – almost.

NRCME PREP Opens Doors to Medical Examiners Seeking Certification

NRCME PREP, an online educational resource aimed at those preparing for the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners exam, is now available to health professionals. Based at, the website is the only online source of practice tests for the examination and includes a variety of study guides and training materials. Many of these resources are available free of charge to visitors after a simple registration process.

Bathroom Remodeling the Woodlands: Small Bathroom Remodeling for Luxury Living

Thanks to Bathroom Remodeling the Woodlands, luxurious bathrooms are now ready to step out of elite magazine covers and reach the homes of the average Woodlands residents who have a taste for elegance and style. That does not however necessarily mean pricey as there are many items in the company’s racks that look indulgently luxurious but not expensive for sure.

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How Kids Can Come to Love Math - Information Hub Launched This Week

Most parents want their children to do well in school. Parents know that a good education is often the ticket to a good life. As a result, parents send their children to school and keep an eye on things like report cards and attendance records. In other words, parents are happy if their kids are going to school, getting good grades and the teacher conferences are positive. Is Offering Consumers Unbelievable Quality Area Rugs and Lights with a Twist is an online retailer that is bringing an interesting dynamic to the home decor industry. Offering their shoppers mid-to-high end products that range from traditional to contemporary area rugs, and luxury home lighting from table lamps to chandeliers.