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Roland Shop Announces Summer Bedding Gift Sale

LogoStaying cool in the heat of the summer is no easy task. Shedding clothes and cranking up the A/C can only do so much against the elevated temperatures that don't seem to dissipate at night. Fortunately for fellow Angelenos and other residents of hot climates, the fine folks of Roland Shop have announced their Summer Bedding Gift Sale just in time! For a limited time, customers can take advantage of Roland Shop's bedding sale to score a free gift with the purchase of one of the promoted bedding items.

Phantom Fireworks Promotes Safety, Education and Product Knowledge in Advance of 4th of July

LogoEach year, millions of Americans step outside into the warm summer night to enjoy some spectacular fireworks shows at ballparks, riversides, and outdoor spaces across the country. There are also those fireworks enthusiasts who host their own firework shows in their backyards on a smaller scale, using aerial items, sparklers, fountains, and novelties. It can be easy, therefore, to get so wrapped up in all of the hype and excitement of the fireworks themselves that people often fail to properly secure their own safety and that of others. For many years now, Phantom Fireworks has helped consumers enjoy fireworks safely. They do so with in-depth "how to" videos, Safety Pamphlets, and multiple safety checks.

2015 Distribution Centers Must Avoid Automation Mistakes by Planning in Q3 2014

There are more than five hundred distribution centers scheduled to open across North America in 2015. There are certain basic processes that can be evaluated now to avoid the risks of poor automation planning. ”Too often planners of new distribution centers consider automation too late in the planning process,” according to John Hayes, founder and thought leader of No Risk Automation ( Hayes started the firm to inform and protect automation decision-makers. Hayes noted, “The company also targets large multi-site manufacturing and distribution customers that want to explore automation but does not wish to assign the resources nor has the appropriate resources readily available. The CEO and senior management often provide the leadership in forming an effective relationship with No Risk Automation.”

Process Traceability System Analytics Built to Understand Manufacturing Report System

VIMANA Connect by System Insights is a suite of hardware modules, software applications, and services to support MTConnect compatibility with legacy devices and sensors. VIMANA Connect is a key enabling technology for System Insights’ VIMANA predictive analytics platform; providing compatibility for legacy equipment that is not capable of native MTConnect support. The VIMANA Connect suite includes MTConnect configuration services using the most accurate interpretation by the authors of the standard.

Thursday July 10 TraceGains Webinar on HACCP Features Debby Newslow

LogoTraceGains is offering a highly requested webinar addressing the creation of an Approved Supplier Program as a Prerequisite for a Successful HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) Program.

Parts Geek Now Offering over 66,600 Cadillac Auto Parts & Accessories

LogoCadillac, a brand of cars owned by the General Motors Company (GM), are luxury vehicles that are distributed all over the globe. Cadillac is also the 2nd oldest American-made vehicle brand that is known for providing unparalleled performance, and that is also recognized for their focus on improving their technology. As a leading auto parts retailer, Parts Geek is pleased to announce that they are now offering over 66,600 Cadillac auto parts and accessories for those who are trying to find affordable and high-quality Cadillac products online.

The Solid Wood Cabinet Company Announces Sale on Bryn Mawr Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

The Solid Wood Cabinet Company, the leading suppliers of kitchen cabinets in Philadelphia and New Jersey, is pleased to announce a sale on Bryn Mawr Shaker kitchen cabinets. The beauty of Bryn Mawr cabinets is found in their simplicity. The cabinets, which are inspired by old-work Shakers, have become a popular choice amongst kitchen cabinets due to their high-quality, durable and long-lasting form. Constructed from solid wood, Shaker cabinets feature dovetail drawers and raised panel doors. The simple and clean design is enhanced by the straight lines that run throughout the cabinetry.

The Solid Wood Cabinet Company Announces Sale on Park Avenue Honey Maple Cabinets

The Solid Wood Cabinet Company, the leading supplier of cabinets in Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, is pleased to announce they are now offering a sale on Park Avenue collection of honey maple kitchen cabinets. Not only does the Park Avenue collection of honey maple kitchen cabinets offer an attractive stain on a raised panel door, they also feature a combination style of beauty and durability that will ensure they are part of the kitchen for a long time to come. The functional kitchen cabinets present many features including frames made with a variety of crown moldings, glass doors, matched interior stain and more.

Berrien Dental Warns of Life-Threatening Effects Caused by Periodontal Disease

LogoAs Berrien Dental manages the health of teeth, they are not just saving the teeth – they are also saving lives.

New App Will Allow Text Messages to Be Sent at Specific Times

D-Lay Text is a new app that is currently in development that will allow the end user to do something very unique. They will be able to send text messages that they have currently written at a future time. Using the app is easy, you simply type in a text like you normally would, the app just adds the option to enter in a time. You could send text messages minutes, hours and even days later. According to the apps creator, James Deal, there are many potential uses for this mobile program.

Game Repair Inc. Now Offering Flat Rates for Xbox 360 Repairs

LogoAs gaming consoles increase in age, the chance for a malfunction or problem increases, as well. There are a variety of problems that can arise, and sending them into the manufacturer can be costly when warranties have expired. To provide their customers with prompt repairs without the hassle of sending the console back to a warehouse, Game Repair Inc. is pleased to announce they are now offering flat rates for their Xbox 360 repairs.

Author Marni Fechter Captures New York's Most Scintillating Story, the Must Read Book of the Summer

LogoMarni Fechter captures the essence of New York’s Working Woman in this scintillating summer read. “When bleeding heart Melody Frank blows the whistle on her boss, she gets unceremoniously fired from her social services job. With no leads and every door slammed in her face, she is forced to  somehow reinvent herself. Enter the fabulous Charles Ribbon, premier party producer for New York’s rich and famous. Charles’s has lost his assistant and wants Melody to start working for him at Royal Entertainment -  NYC ‘s most illustrious planning and event agency – immediately.

Suburban Dental Associates in Allentown Now Offering Root Canal Therapy to Patients This Summer

LogoThere are often accidents and unforeseen circumstances that leave a tooth on the hinges of its socket. When individuals experience nerve damage to the tooth, and severe infection inside the mouth due to the damage, a surgical procedure is required. To save the tooth with a highly effective procedure, Suburban Dental Associates in Allentown is pleased to announce they are now offering their services for root canal therapy this summer.

American Dental Care in Harrisburg Now Offering Fixed Bridge Procedures to Patients This Summer

LogoWhen circumstances arise where decay in the mouth worsens, and individuals have a hard time chewing due to discomfort and sensitivity, a tooth may be dying. If the tooth becomes dislodged, there are many procedures to undergo that restores the natural look of the teeth and helps to maintain that beautiful smile. This includes fixed bridges, and American Dental Care in Harrisburg is proud to announce they are now providing bridges to patients this summer.

American Dental Care in Hershey Providing Cosmetic Procedures This Summer

LogoIt takes devotion to maintain a healthy smile for a long period of time. When teeth start to decay or become misaligned, it can have serious effects on the self-esteem and confidence of an individual. With the advances in technology, and the innovative materials dental professionals are increasingly using, American Dental Care in Hershey is announcing their dentists are now providing cosmetic procedures for their patients this summer.

West New York Smiles Now Providing Dentures to Patients This Summer

LogoThere comes a time when the teeth start to decay, resulting in several becoming dislodged and falling out. During the decaying process, when there is no upkeep taken to preserve the health of the teeth, there will be enormous discomfort. To provide their patients with a suitable resolution to their decaying and missing teeth, West New York Smiles is now providing dentures to their valued patients this summer.

Village Catering Now Offering Wonderful Packages for Summer 2015 Weddings

LogoSince its summertime, Village Catering is offering tons of wedding packages for summer 2015. Plenty of people want that perfect summer wedding and this Philadelphia catering company is the place to choose. This company has been catering for twenty years and has customized wedding packages.

JohnnyDents Now Offering Low Prices on Paintless Dent Repair for Summer 2014

LogoJohnnyDents is now offering low prices on paintless dent repair in Bucks County for summer 2014. Driving around a lot in the summer, drivers never know what can happen to their cars. Between driving to work, beach weekends, and long road trips, cars are especially vulnerable to minor exterior damage. Come to the shop in Pennsauken, NJ, serving drivers in South Jersey, Philadelphia, and Bucks County.

Cornwell Clinic Provides Corrective Exercise Training and Education at New Location in Edmond

LogoThe Cornwell Clinic offers corrective exercise training and education for its patients, allowing them to strengthen and correct their own unique problems, whatever they may be. These exercises can be done at home and do not require the assistance of a professional. Those who have spinal issues which need to be corrected will find that some of the exercises that this clinic has to offer have proven to be quite effective for many of their patients in the past and continue to help people with these problems.

The Beta Box LLC Looks to Raise $10,000 via Kickstarter to Start Producing Their 60 Second Language Game 'Translation!'

LogoThe Beta Box LLC is a Game Development Co. located in Philadelphia, PA. Inspired by the community around them, the company’s goal is to teach fun by creating new methods of game play, and by envisioning new uses for already classic methods of game play. Their first product, “Translation!” is the perfect reflection of their aspirations.

QC Software Offers Enhanced Cloud Computing to Reduce IT Costs and Increase Reliability

LogoQC Software, an industry leader in providing innovative software solutions for order fulfillment and distribution centers, recently suggested methods to reduce IT costs without sacrificing productivity through enhanced cloud computing.

Financial Planning Firm Weighs in on How to Promote Financially-Healthy Marriage

A key component to any wedding preparation should be financial literacy, according to a new survey completed by Spectrem’s Millionaire Corner. A marriage can be seriously damaged by arguments, anxiety and anger associated with personal finances. With the summer wedding season in high gear, Prestige Wealth Management Group, providing financial planning in New Jersey, weighs in on the survey which looked at advice that should be given to marriage partners as they consider spending, saving and financial issues.

Slimwave Provides Electro Muscle Stimulations for Those Who Would Like to Lose Weight

A recently started company known as Slimwave Technologies is providing great solutions for those who are willing to try out EMS Slimming machines in order to lose weight and look better. Updates EzCheckPrinting QuickBooks Version and Guide

LogoCheck printing software developer released the new updates to ezCheckPrinting check writer to provide more flexibility for businesses. With this new edition, ezCheckPrinting users can also customize checks and also to write checks from multiple bank accounts for multiple clients or print checks on a different printer.

Airport Transportation in Stuart Is Offered at a Great Price Thanks to John Shirley Transportation's Summer Sale

Airport transportation in Stuart, FL is more affordable than ever thanks to a special summer sale offered by John Shirley Transportation. This limited time summer promotion saves new customers $5 off the airport transportation services of John Shirley Transportation and is only good for transportation to Palm Beach International Airport in West Palm Beach, FL.

Potus Visits Dc Tech Start Up Hub Queries Fanaticall CEO on Company Business Model

LogoIn what might be expected from an episode of the hit television show “Shark Tank,” President Barack Obama grilled Fanaticall CEO and Chief Innovation Officer, about the company’s newly released service, Expert Calling Networks, or ECNs, during a July 3rd visit to DC tech start-up hub

Seattle Architect's Recent Project Awarded the 2014 Vision 2040 Award by the Puget Sound Regional Council

Seattle Architect, Carl Colson,( has reason to celebrate. A recent project, Arbor Village, has just been awarded the 2014 Vision Award by the Puget Sound Regional Council. Arbor Village was selected for this prestigious award for contributing to the revitalization and redevelopment of a current city center, creating housing suited for public transportation, and expanding and advancing the quality of urban life.