Consumer Electronics Press Releases

Hello World - WinX MediaTrans Defines What an iPhone Manager Software Should Be

Digiarty Software announces the official release of WinX MediaTrans and its Mac version today, as an utmost easy-to-use iPhone file manager for Windows 10 and macOS Sierra or earlier. This file manager, featuring comprehensive functions and friendly UI, achieves superfast photo, music and video transferring and managing with stability. It successfully makes itself a reliable tool for customers to sync multimedia files from iPhone, iPad to computer or vice versa, thus reverting the devices back to high gear.

GoldEye Solar Seeks Funding via Kickstarter to Start the Production of GoldEye Bar

Gold Eye Solar is a Canadian company comprising of a group of students passionate about renewable solar energy. The company operates with a vision to remain gentle on the environment and strives to make their products from recyclable materials. Their first product is GoldEye Bar, a solar panel portable charger for all laptops. Powered by solar energy, this power bank can be carried anywhere to charge up to 19V for laptops.

CHOE Tech Launches a Portable Solar Charger for Mobile Phones

Apart from the electric charger, there are several innovative alternatives which are available for mobile phones. One of these is the portable solar charger for cell phones. It is a compact product which can be ordered at the link at a price of $39.99. The website also offers free shipping of the merchandise.

Plethogam Publishes News of the Newly Fan Remastered Resident Evil 2, Street Fighter v and More

Computer games are now the biggest entertainment industry in the world, and it's easy to understand why, combining the cinematic experience of an immersive world and story with the ownership and agency of choosing one's own actions. One early success story in this vein was Resident Evil, an immersive puzzle and survival game, while an all time classic of the action genre was Street Fighter. Both are seeing a new lease of life in different ways, and Plethogam has its finger on the pulse to share news of developments with the gaming mainstream.

GlobalShareware Offers Best Solutions to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone 6

LogoGlobalSareware is pleased to announce that the software provided by the company allows for the recovery of deleted photos from iPhone 6. The iPhone data recovery software works easily and effectively to retrieve deleted photos from iPhone 6. Images can be accidently deleted for many reasons. When the data is missing, users no longer have to accept the disruption and hassle of a forever loss.

Sonic Unity Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Introduce the ENCORE RockMaster Headphones with Factory Direct Pricing

LogoSonic Unity comprises a group of music lovers, audio experts, musicians, and audiophiles dedicated to offering the best possible sound to everyone regardless of price. The company is ready to unveil their new audio components that will offer both extraordinary sound quality and excellent value. With their factory direct pricing policy, Sonic Unity is confident about delivering audio products that will perform well beyond their price point. Shares the Easiest and Low Cost Ways in Boosting the Mobile App Ranks in Google Play and iTunes

LogoThe proliferation of the technology today has encouraged many marketers to venture in mobile apps. These apps that are now up and about to various online app stores bear all the essentials that a person might need in their daily life. From calculator, dictionary, cookbook recipes, photo and video editor to banking – truly, these kinds of mobile apps continuously to flourish that due to high competition in the market, many marketing experts made lots of assumptions that there's no future in monetizing mobile apps.

GTA 5 Cheats Publishes New Mobile App GTA Cheater

Grand Theft Auto V, lovingly referred to by fans as GTA 5, is one of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful video games of all time. The game is based in an immersive and expansive world where almost anything is possible. It has seen dedicated and casual players alike rack up hundreds of hours of play at which point they are probably looking for new in-game experiences. Cheats provide a great way of reinventing the GTA V experience, and GTA 5 Cheats specializes in providing them. They have just created a new downloadable app which features a virtual encyclopedia of GTA single player cheats available for both iOS and Android powered mobile devices.

CHOTECH Launch Their New 12W Portable Solar Charger for Cell Phones on Amazon

China-based Choe Technology has today announced they have launched their new 12W Portable Solar Charger for Cell Phones and mobile devices On Amazon. The lightweight, portable charger provides a charge from direct sunlight using solar technology.

Hoard the Spoils: A New Role-Playing Game with a Scintillating Plot

John Spiller has come up with a new type of open D6 role-playing game. Using a three-dimensional game board, various creatures and dice, the game gives more creative control to players and game masters, removing the need for complex playing guides.

Tent-Maker Games Offers Gamers the Experience of Transcending Life and Death

LogoImagine being able to transcend space and time. Imagine walking the line between life and death; passing through physical objects as a ghost. Imagine traveling back in time to cooperate with your past self. Independent game developers Brian Colón and Chris Nazario of Tent-Maker Games are attempting to bring these experiences to life in a new video game called Transcend, but they need help to make the game a reality. They are running a Kickstarter campaign to raise enough funds to bring this project through the last year of development.

Pollpic: Get an Opinion on Anything

Pollpic is a brand new app which allows the user to create image based polls in a few fast clicks and get opinions on the in real time. Polls can seamlessly be shared through Facebook and Twitter and votes are summarized instantly.

Exciting Gaming Experience Awaits Gamers

Red Chain Games Ltd today is proud to announce the release of Fluttabyes Free 1.1.2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Fluttabyes is a bright, cheerful, and fun take on a "Match 3" game. Easy to pick up and play, and thoroughly addictive! Your aim is to help the butterflies fly away by matching 4 or more of the same colour. Earn score multipliers by creating matches very quickly. If you match more than 6 butterflies you will earn a ladybird. If you match more than 9 butterflies, you will earn the magical rainbow butterfly!

How the NY Times and CNN Bungled a Basic Cell Phone Safety Story

Next month, citizens of Berkeley will see warning labels at point-of-sales at their mobile phone retailers. Under the Right to Know ordinance—passed unanimously in May, 2015 by the Berkeley City Council—retailers must notify customers via a sign or handout that "consumers may exceed the federal guidelines for exposure" to radio frequency radiation by carrying a cellphone in their pants, shirt pocket or bra. The warning adds: "The potential risk is greater for children."

New Generation Selfie Stick 'MiNi' Launched, Offers Great Angles for Making Selfie Videos

Azonista®, a brand of cellphone accessories, has recently announced the launch of their new selfie stick 'MiNi'; a Self-Portrait Monopod, Extendable Selfie Stick with built-in Bluetooth Remote Shutter Button & Adjustable Phone Holder expandable to fit the largest phones like iPhone and 6Plus has been introduced for selfie takers who want to make the most out of each selfie.

The Kickstarter Campaign to Empower - GreenAdvisor

GREENWILL has launched a Kickstarter campaign towards the development of a platform called GreenAdvisor. GreenAdvisor will empower consumers around the world to directly influence businesses and organizations to operate in a more eco-friendly manner. It would bring together people with a shared interest in a cleaner planet and put the power that comes in numbers in their hands, literally. By being able to rate, identify, locate and favor eco-conscious businesses, GreenAdvisor will be the tool that compels businesses and organizations to communicate their environmental performances to the general public. Moreover, it will make consumers more vigilant in identifying environmentally negligent activities in their offices, at restaurants or at their local bank branches.

China-Hifi-Audio Offers the Latest Stereo Amplifiers and Other Music Accessories

The market offers a vast number of options in the segment of audio systems and across the globe people have been using them to listen to music and their favorite songs. To make sure that these function correctly as well gives the best possible output, it is important to have the right genuine parts. To facilitate this process, China-hifi-Audio presents a huge collection of products and accessories which could significantly help in improving the music quality and offer a great music listening experience to the listeners. Their online store features tube amplifiers, hi-fi cables, speakers, and related products. These products have been manufactured on advanced technologies and are offered at affordable prices.

Juicers Ranked Offers in-Depth Reviews of Top Juicers in the Market to Help Consumers Make an Informed Decision has a long list of reviews of different juicers available in the market these days, and is one of the newest sites on the niche in the market with fresh content and updated information. As the market is filled with many different juicers of different brands, it has actually become a daunting task for the people to find the right one for them. It not only takes a lot of research, but in many cases, people end up making wrong choice for them. This leads to waste of valuable time, money and effort.

'ARMED' App Available on the Apple App Store and the Android Market

LogoThe 'ARMED' app is currently for download at iOS, Apple App Store and Android. This app is designed for users to be able to upload and share their video. Once video is uploaded, instantly the video footage gets sent directly to the attention of a top attorney.

Math Panda, K-12 Math Tutor and Grade Booster for Android

LogoMath Panda is a free exciting educational game for K-12 students that will also entertain parents, grandparents, and other math enthusiasts!

DEALSBOX Launches Official Version on iTunes

LogoThe New York startup, DEALSBOX, has just announced that they have released the official version of their app on iTunes. DEALSBOX is a consumer based mobile app and platform that helps consumers locate the best deals around them instantly using geo-location. Release Reel to Reel Tape Recorders Buying Guide is a recently launched website that has been specially designed to share information about collecting, buying and selling vintage electronics such as reel to reel tape recorders, speakers, laser disc players, cassette recorders etc. The vintage electronic lover and collector behind the website has recently shared an in depth post about Reel to Reel Tape Recorders, including a discussion about their quality of sound and buying guides for purchasing a used or a new reel to reel tape recorder.

A New Bluetooth Selfie Stick Has Become a Best Selling Product on Amazon

A new Bluetooth Selfie-Stick has been launched on Amazon and in a short space of time is has become one of the best-selling products on the popular shopping network. Announce the Release of Latest Version of Angry Gran Run Games

The gaming portal has recently announced the launch of the latest series of angry gran run games. The website has been offering various all the series of angry gran run and the release of the game's latest version by the site comes as great news for the angry gran run enthusiasts. The website has also been known to offer many other running games. these running games has served to be a great source of excitement and entertainment to people of all ages across the world and this is one of the reason why many prefer these gaming genre as a way to spend away their leisure. Additionally, the site is also known to provide useful information and tips on these games which can greatly enhance the gaming experience.

Ecigaretteopedia Launches New Encyclopedia of E Cigarette Brands with Detailed Ecigarette Public Reviews

E cigarettes are quickly becoming an international phenomenon, as they become increasingly popular among individuals looking for an alternative to smoking. The E Cigarette is a vaporizer that uses a water-based agent to deliver nicotine and flavors to the user, instead of combustible elements that generate tar and other damaging emissions. Because of their popularity, many more people are looking to find out more from an independent, unbiased source. Ecigaretteopedia is a new website created to be that source, and has just launched in order to provide the best and most independent information on e cigarette brands and usage.

DimensionU Announces "2015 Summer Chill" Winners

LogoAward-winning educational video-game developer DimensionU, Inc. is pleased to announce the winners of the 2015 Summer Chill, a virtual math games competition. Students across the U.S. and Canada participated in the five-week event, which concluded on Sunday, July 19th

Xbox One Headset Central Proudly Offers the Best Headset for an Xbox Gaming Experience Like No Other

LogoXbox One is the latest gaming console that is now up and about in the market today that was developed and designed by Microsoft for gaming aficionados. Although most gamers has been enticed by the superb gaming experience with Xbox 360, this time, playing games in Xbox One would certainly uplift the spirits of users further as more improvements and upgrades has been added on this latest offering that make it entirely different from its predecessors. And since Halo has been the best game ever played by most Xbox users today, playing all the five installments over again will never be as thrilling and exciting as before not without the best Xbox One headset which is the Astro A50 wireless.