Consumer Electronics Press Releases

Caregiving App Startup Care Monster Trends on Crowdfunding Site for Second Week

Caregiving application startup company Care Monster, Inc. has been listed as a "Trending" and "New and Notable" equity fundraise project on the crowdfunding site for the second straight week. Fundable is a business crowdfunding platform that enables start-ups to raise capital from accredited investors, customers, and friends. Care Monster recently completed its seed phase of funding and is seeking $750,000 in start-up capital to expand its workforce and finalize development of the next generation of its caregiving application.

The STIN SunPower Solar Phone Charger Heats Up the Mobile Device Industry with Smart Technology and High Efficiency

Suitable for recharging all types of USB powered devices, the STIN® SunPower Solar Phone Charger features a revolutionary solar cell that beats the competition every time. Other solar power charger models feature mono solar cells, giving an average conversion efficiency of 17.8%. With the SunPower solar panel charger, efficiency averages are over 5% greater at 23.5%. The STIN solar powered battery charger lets you make the best possible use of the available sunlight in all types of conditions.

Formitize's Carpenters App Can Improve Transparency and Efficiency for Businesses

Formitize is pleased to announce the release of the newest addition to its line of revolutionary paperless solutions in a bid to ease the management woes of carpenters and building contractors. Carpenters can now enjoy a more streamlined workflow with the help of Formitize’s Carpenters App. Formitize is the name behind many successful industry-specific apps used by small and big businesses around the world.

Auto Mobile Code Overview Examines the Authenticity of Ronnie M + Giovani Leoni's Mobile Marketing System

Auto Mobile Code by Giovani Leoni renders its users with all the applicable tools and information which is requisite to be acknowledged in the mobile marketing industry! This software is incredibly uncomplicated and effortless to go forth with people can certainly have their first mobile business running in just a couple of minutes.

Power-over-Ethernet LED Lighting Experts NuLEDs Introduce the First Ever Intelligent RGBW Light E-Lite Through Kickstarter

LogoLED technology has seen commendable improvements in the recent years and NuLEDs has been a dedicated player in this progress. With their pioneering work in the field of lighting-over-IP, they are all set to revolutionize the future of Intelligent Lighting. E-Lite is the latest venture from the company that promises to be the first ever recessed RGBW can light in the world, capable of drawing power directly from a Power-over-Ethernet switch. Users will be able to create more than one billion colors and dim levels, with the RGBW (red, green, blue, white) LED light source.

New Diet App Helps Blogger Shrink 5 Cm off Her Waist

#StellaShapeUp blogger Alice Dogruyol has undertaken the challenge to shed the excess weight while testing the new Watchfit app - an innovative solution, providing full diet and workout plans, created by experts.

Online Sports Games - Challenging and Entertaining Experience

People everywhere around the world are playing various types of online games. Because of this such games are being designed by the portals. Each plots that is coming into the online world is able to create an interest among the enthusiasts as they keep on trying them. Although the kids are very interested in playing the sport games in computers, the young people are also taking up these games and the average age group has been pegged between 15-25 years.

Online Sport Games - An Ideal Way to Have Fun Online

Golf is a game which includes a ball and a club to sink the ball into a hole. While a lot of historians credit Scotland as the place where the modern game originated.

One Can Have Fun with Astounding Online Sport Games

Tennis game helps one to work on the areas they are lagging behind. Practice makes a man perfect, why not go for the online tennis games and practice on the skills online. It's much more effective than going to the court and practice. It saves one’s time and helps them to perform other tasks of their life. Playing this game online is very easy. It starts with the serve, depending on the person who wins the toss. It does not have any umpire; computer keeps an account of the score.

Countries of Africa Trivia Released to Public

Africa is a large continent with many countries and cultures. There is a lot to learn about its vast array of diversity. “Countries of Africa Trivia” is a new app that was released on October 11. The app is available on Android for free, and allows users to discover African countries and enjoy quizzes. Users will be able to discover fascinating countries of Africa, play quiz games and learn interesting facts, all while tracking progress and earning trophies.

Hass Security Online Store Sells Wide Range of Home-Security Equipment

Security is essential in every sphere domain of life. The degree of urgency and criticality may vary from personal to international levels. The need for adequate home-security cannot be ruled out by anyone. Hass Security Online Store is an e-commerce enterprise that sells home-security equipment. It thus facilitates higher degree of safety and security for members of a family. Its products are significantly useful in countries where all or most of the elders in a family leave the house for work daily. The range of products sold at the online store encompasses home wireless alarm system, remote control, siren, sensor, detector and WiFi IP camera.

Find My Cloud Storage Creates New Rankings for Best Personal and Business Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is becoming ever more popular, and the providers have had to step up their game recently after controversies hit the headlines, with hackers exploiting celebrities’ cloud drives. As a result, many cloud hosting companies have doubled down on next generation security to prevent such things from happening again, causing a reshuffle in the rankings over at Find My Cloud Storage. The site has now split its rankings into personal and business cloud storage to help everyone find the best package for them.

Depression Screening via a Smartphone App: Identified a Large Number of People with a Higher Risk of Depression Yet Undiagnosed

LogoThis study showed that depression screening tools can be delivered via smartphone apps, showing the future potential for this approach in screening and self-monitoring of depression. This study identified a large number of people with higher risk of depression and/or suicide yet undiagnosed in many courtiers including, Australia, Canada, United states, and the United Kingdom.

iGeneration Mobile Phone Franchise Company Announces New Director of Business Development

LogoA Tampa FL mobile phone franchise company, iGeneration, has recently added several new members to their executive franchise team, with the latest being a gentlemen by the name of David White. Mr. White brings 20 years of franchise consulting experience to the team and is considered a "great asset" in regards to the company's future growth plans.

Taker Is Hoping to Make Roads Safer with Their New Bluetooth Device

LogoHong Kong based ‘Taker’ has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in order to introduce their Taker Bluetooth headset with voice recording capability. This campaign has a funding goal of $80,000, which needs to be raised by November 6th in order to bring their inspired new device to market. The Taker team wanted to make driving safer for everyone who engages in hands-free conversations on the road, while also solving the big problem of remembering or safely transcribing important information from calls or messages.

New App 'Free Android Wallpaper' Allows Users to Download Android Wallpapers for Free

Each day a plethora of apps are released for the android market and they span from adventure games to keeping a count on calorie intake and the likes; however, very few apps target the simple pleasures of owning a smartphone and this is where Free Android Wallpaper comes into the picture.

Auto Mobile Code by Ronnie M + Giovani Leoni - The New Era of Mobile Marketing Has Released

Auto Mobile Code by Giovani Leoni renders its users with all the applicable tools and information which is requisite to be acknowledged in the mobile marketing industry! This software is incredibly uncomplicated and effortless to go forth with people can certainly have their first mobile business running in just a couple of minutes.

IMRIS Announces the Launch of Their Newest Adapter That Is Compatible for Different Types of iPhone Phones

With the continuous advancement of the different adapters worldwide for different gadgets, it is not surprising for people to know more about the latest products and inventions offered in the market. The only problem is more on the difficulty on choosing which one is really the best. But, to those who wanted to get hold of the best type of adapter need not to worry anymore as IMRIS is pleased to announce of the launching of their newest product which is an adaptor for iPhone 5 phones. The launch of this productprovide people the chance to get hold of the best adapter for their iPhone 5 phones that can make their work easier and convenient at all times.

Aceelo.Com Hits Record Number of Orders for League of Legends Elo Boosters

Apphac website has launched a new way of gaming experience today with their application. Games are here to stay and they have been an influence for all kinds of new and better innovation for yet new games in the future. In this context there are so much things that application has to offer today for making better and easier experience while playing games.

Learn French 6000 Words Smartphone App Has Now 500,000 Users Worldwide

Fun Easy Learn is a Moldova based web application development firm having its forte in developing language learning apps. Learn French 6000 Words, a French language learning app from the publisher, has recently hit 500,000 users worldwide. The app developers recently expressed their great joy and excitement during a press meet where they were questioned about the unique features of the app. Fun Easy Learn developers believe that this is just a beginning as they are now hoping to get 500,000 more downloads in the next couple of months. It has been confirmed by the developers that the app has already crossed the 500,000 user mark.

Latest German Blog Provides Insightful Information on E-Zigarette and Reviews Popular Brands, a personal German blog focused on providing latest news on e-cigarettes and sharing insightful information on new & upcoming brands, has recently launched itself.

Pervidi Paperless Inspection Enhances Functionality with User-Specific Configurations

LogoTechs4Biz Corporation, a leading provider of software products for managing field activities, announces the release of Pervidi version 6.17 - including the ability to dynamically tailor functionality for each mobile user.

Leading Digital Marketing Agency,, Announces Development of Android App and Google Chrome Extension

LogoAs a leader in their industry, is transitioning into a company that covers all facets of the digital marketing industry. With their latest development, the company has created an Android application that is available for a free download on the Google Play Store. The app, called SEO News and Tips, features the latest video updates from company founder and President Lance Bachmann, as well as hundreds of client testimonials about the service they’ve received for their internet marketing campaigns.

ProCom Providing High Speed Internet to West Virginia Businesses This Fall 2014

LogoAs business goes digital, more and more work is being done online than ever before. From emailing to sharing files in the cloud, to skype meetings with employees who are halfway across the world, businesses aim to be connected to the internet at all hours of the day. To help their clients keep business running through the long and grueling work weeks, ProCom is pleased to announce they are now providing high-speed internet to West Virginia companies and corporations this fall 2014.

I-Enquire Seeks €150,000 in Crowdfunding via Indiegogo to Change Mobile App Development Forever

LogoWorking with the European Space Agency, Barry O’Reilly and his team have developed technology for satellite communications and to date have successfully deployed these developments on the W2A system and the SeS Astra constellations in Europe.

RCA Provides the Basics on How to Install Antenna

LogoInstalling antenna may not be as easy as some people might think. It requires skills and proper planning to make sure is installed the right way for it to work properly. Prior to installing an antenna, proper research must be done to ensure that one will benefit from the antenna installation.

iGeneration Franchise, a Florida Wireless Repair Franchise Company, Announces New Franchisee Marketing Platform

LogoThe ever growing landscape of cell phone repair has enticed potential iGeneration Franchise candidates from around the country to take a look at the company's franchise business model. The Tampa FL company has been working towards meeting the media demands that would be required to support these candidates by developing what the company calls an "in-house marketing machine" focused on generating leads from potential franchise buyers.