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Cosmetic Pigments Market: Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecasts 2016–2024

Zion Market Research has published a new market research report analyzing the latest trends and developments in the global Cosmetic Pigments Market, titled "Cosmetic Pigments Market: Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecasts 2016–2024".

The Dyrun Mini Has Revolutionised Nomadic Network Connection

Dyrun, a start-up from Lorraine, launches the first nomadic network connection booster. Using a low GSM signal, this mini box guarantees a high-speed network and a stable connection. Compatible with all operators, you can take the Dyrun Mini with you on all your travels.

iFonemate Has Come to Their Best Solutions for iPhone Message Recovery

The iPhone users cannot afford to lose their text messages. From the date, time and venue of the meeting scheduled with an important client to the phone number of the girl they met at the club last night, the text messages on the iPhone device keep track of everything. Naturally, an accidental loss of data drives the users crazy. In certain cases back-up files save the day. But if one deletes the back-up by mistake, the damage is irreparable. Rather, it would be, had iFonemate not been there

Beyoncé's Stylist, Ty Hunter Expands His Entrepreneurial Ventures to Include New Line of Lighted Cellphone Cases

All throughout her rise to superstardom, Beyoncé has looked her best thanks in large part to her per-sonal stylist, Ty Hunter. For 17 years he's been putting the pop culture icon in her best light. Now he's doing the same thing for the rest of the world.

Al Thuraya Holdings to Acquire EventPro

LogoAl Thuraya Holdings ( and EventPro Slovakia s.r.o. ( announced today that they have entered into a definitive merger agreement under which Al Thuraya Holdings will acquire all of the outstanding common stock of EventPro. The transaction was unanimously approved by the boards of directors of both companies.

SMS Marketing Platform from mGage Helps Connect with Potential Customers Easily

Some marketing methods that were traditionally utilised have become almost obsolete. With the advancement in the technology, today, entrepreneurs are relying heavily on the latest marketing methodologies for increasing their audience reach and driving a good amount of revenue through it. SMS marketing nowadays is becoming increasingly popular with businesses for connecting with their existing customers as well as gaining new ones. In this respect, mGage is now providing an effective SMS marketing platform to their clients. Through this platform, business owners can increase their products and services visibility. This platform provides benefits like easy-to-use connectivity interfaces, bulk campaign manager – Airtxt, multiple message formats, high level security and MO capabilities. Entrepreneurs who wish to attain new heights in their business can utilize this effective SMS marketing platform for the promotion of their business.

Apple Repair Center in Gurgaon Now Announces Free Diagnosis of Apple Devices in Delhi NCR

People owning the latest and sophisticated Apple devices can opt for a reliable repair and service and a free diagnosis with an Apple repair center in Gurgaon. The repair center has a team of experienced technicians who have a rich experience in the Apple technologies and they can quickly resolve all issues that one may be facing with their devices. Moreover, one can choose for a free diagnosis of the devices that will reveal all technical issues and the cost of the repair.

Fletch Wins Startup Grind Charlotte and SierraMaya360

Startup Grind Charlotte, part of the Google for Entrepreneurs-backed global startup community, award-winning venture capital firm SierraMaya360 and Charlotte area tech and marketing company, Red Ventures, awarded up to $250,000 in funding and on-going advisory services to Fletch during a meet-up and pitch contest event at the tech company's headquarters on Dec. 16th.

International Gaming Multiplayer Site Launches New Digital World for Avid Gamers

Recent reports show that the gaming industry is shifting more and more into the online arena. Leading web sites like Our World are giant leaders when it comes to international social multiplayer gaming plat forms. The media has been drawing a lot of attention after the site has launched a full feature digital world.

Montage Acoustic Systems Launches New Exciting Products Featuring BT 4480 Cinema Wave Series

With an aim to offer customer with the best quality audio, video and other electronic gadgets, Montage Acoustic Systems has officially launched some new products that come with exciting features and specifications. The representative of the company commented, "We are committed towards providing only superior products for the home theater enthusiast. For this, our highly proficient technicians and designers have spent several days and hours in order to carefully craft and make the products."

Xantrex PROwatt True Sine Wave Inverter from 12 Volt Technology LLC Provides Reliable Power Solution During a Power Outage

LogoFor some people, the nights are much darker and scary when there is a power failure. Though power cuts are unpredictable, individuals can always choose to use an inverter in case of one. An inverter is an electric gadget that converts direct current into alternating current to give you access to AC power where regular power is not available through a DC source. Considering its importance in dark nights, 12 Volt Technology LLC is providing Xantrex PROwatt SW1000 - True Sine Wave Inverter for sale. Xantrex PROwatt is an affordable and top-quality pure sine wave inverter that features 900W Continuous, 2000W Surge Capability, Built-in digital display for DC volts and output power, Built-in USB port, Dual GFCI AC receptacles for safe operation and many others.

PlayStation 4 Magazine Celebrates 2nd Anniversary, Now Available on Apple News is celebrating its second anniversary as one of the leading online publishers of PlayStation 4 news, reviews, and related stories. The magazine is now also available on Apple news for readers with iOs 9 devices.

CCTV Plays a Central Role in Understanding Poundland Stabbing

Many people have been left horrified and calling for greater retail security following a vicious knife attack in an Oxfordshire Poundland, in which an armed man stabbed 61 year old Justin Skrewbowksi. Mr Skrewbowski died due as a result of his injuries a post mortem examination has revealed. The attacker was quickly captured and taken into police custody; with CCTV playing an important role in capturing his movements before, during and after the attack. It is expected this footage will play an essential role in sentencing this man; believed to be a Mr Trevor Joyce.

Put a Case on Me Releases New Monogrammed Cell Phone Cases

According to, the average price of a cell phone ranges from $408 to $650. Many carriers subsidize these phones, bringing the cost down, but a broken device or one that has been lost often has to be replaced at full cost. To help prevent phone breakage, many users turn to a cell phone case, as these devices help to prevent damage to the phone in the event it is dropped. Finding the right case to meet the user's needs can be difficult, especially when a person wishes to show their individual style with this case, yet Put a Case on Me can be of help with this.

Panoramic Innovations Deliver Theatre-Quality Videos Through Home Projectors

Experts have revealed the fact that the influence of the film industry has had a far reaching effect on the general public of the international community. This carries its proof in the market industry, whereby almost all homes have the finest quality television. Additionally, the latest trend has been the purchase of high picture quality projectors, each home investing in its own home theatre.

New Software Simplifies Mobile Phone Data Transfers

MobileTrans is a dynamic software designed to help mobile phone owners manage their phone data. Until now transferring photos, contacts and messages from an old phone to a new one was a slow and laborious task but MobileTrans transfers all mobile data from one phone to another quickly and safely. The software can also be used to archive mobile data on PC, restore data from backup files and erase data from old phone.

iFoneMate Helps Consumers to Retrieve Files from Their iOS Devices

LogoiFoneMate, new comprehensive and professional iPhone data recovery software, is helping consumers easily retrieve files from their iOS devices. Whether the device is lost or data is deleted by mistake, the software offers the simplest and most affordable solution for iPhone data recovery.

Telecom Funded Review on Children and Cell Phone Radiation Should Be Retracted According to Independent Scientists of the Environmental Health Trust

A new paper by Environmental Health Trust researchers exposes glaring inconsistencies and systematic errors in a Telecom industry-funded review alleging that the radiation dose to a child's brain from cell phone use does not differ from adults. According to the newly published study's lead author, Dr. Robert Morris, Senior Medical Advisor to the Environmental Health Trust, "Our detailed analysis of this review by two researchers with extensive ties to industry reveals what appears to be a deliberate distortion of the science and a boldfaced effort to downplay potential risks to children using mobile devices. Unless the authors can correct the glaring inconsistencies and internal contradictions in their work, the paper should be retracted."

Mobirise Releases Free Bootstrap Template for Mobile-Friendly Websites

Netherland's based Mobirise has launched the free website template based on latest version of Bootstrap framework. Mobirise app helps the non-techies to create a mobile-optimized, great-looking website. The latest release comes with a bootstrap free template with a trendy, responsive layout that can be used for any type of website. The template, as well as the app, is free and can be used in any personal or commercial projects without any charge.

'Biscuit Tunnel' Re-Opening Emphasizes the Importance of Good CCTV: Cricklewood Electronics Comments

Members of the public walking near Reading Station can now benefit through a new route in the area – in the form of 'The Biscuit Tunnel' which has re-opened after many years of closure. It is in effect a passage which passes under the railway line at the point of Napier Road. Yet its interesting name dates back to when it was used by two little trains carrying biscuits to Reading Station from the manufacturers Huntley& Palmers. Now it is ready for pedestrians and has been given some modern updating too – including street lights and importantly, high-quality CCTV systems. Launches Android App Install Packages, a renowned professional company known for its exciting and sensible solutions, has launched its Android App Install packages that can suit clients' requirements to the T.

New iPhone App mExpense Helps People Manage Their Finances and Avoid Overspending

ViPrak Web Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of their new mobile app startup called 'mExpense', which aimed to help people keep track of their finances in a simplified fashion. The money management app simplifies the process of personal finance management, allowing people to see on a daily basis what they have spent and how much money they have left available. It will cater both Indian as well as international user base.

BitJoy Brings Bitcoin Based in-App Purchases and Rewards to iOS, Android and Unity

Bitjoy, the world's first Bitcoin-based user engagement and in-app purchase platform for mobile app developers, enters public beta this month. Over 2 million in-app engagements have already been paid out to users.

New IOS App Allows Users to Send Condolences and Memorial Donations

LogoMYSYMP AG has launched MYSYMP, an app devoted to streamlining the process of sending messages of sympathy and making memorial donations.

Creator of Hazmat Hero Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoJoseph Mitchell, the creator of Hazmat Hero, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the development and distribution of this app. Mitchell launched an earlier version of Hazmat Hero that was very successful in helping the transportation industry ship hazardous materials safely.  Now, he wants to re-release his updated app to provide Hazmat Hero to a wider audience.

Introducing Bermotech - Letting Tomorrow's Tech Innovators Learn Code Today

LogoLong gone are the days when kids and teens were happy to stay on the user side of their software. With the youth of today more tech savvy than ever before, this generation want to know what goes into each pixel and every gameplay that they see on their mobile devices on a daily basis.

DimensionU Named a "2015 Reader's Choice Top Product" by District Administration

LogoDimensionU has been recognized for making a positive difference in education by K12 leaders who named it to District Administration magazine's "Readers' Choice Top Products for 2015."