Consumer Electronics Press Releases

Physics Artillery Game 'Martial Towers' Launches to Cross Platforms: Defend Fortresses with Slingshot Precision

LogoEver wanted to be a king? A king who defends his or her castle against artificial intelligence or other players in real time battles across iOS, Android and Fire devices? Welcome to "Martial Towers."

Digiarty Rolls out an Easy and Fast Solution to Get Photos off iPhone to Computer

LogoDigiarty Software, a world-renowned media software provider, announces that it has worked out a new way to get photos off iPhones to PC and Mac easily, namely, WinX MediaTrans. Thus, it becomes easy to make a copy of iPhone photos, free up iPhone space, and transfer photos for further editing or sharing, etc.

PlayStation 4 Magazine Launches KickStarter Campaign to Build iOS and Android Apps has launched a KickStarter campaign to fund the building of PS4 Mag Apps for iOS and Android. The online publication is one of the web's leading sources for PlayStation 4 news, reviews, and related stories and is looking to improve access to its content for PS4 fans in an increasingly mobile-based internet era.

ZAMANAT Is a Mobile App That Gives Friends and Family the Ability to Instantly Check and Track Safety of Each Other

LogoZamanat, the revolutionary new mobile safety app that allows friends and family to check up on one another, is live on Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Trackemon Official Release – The Real-Time, Live Location Map for Pokemon GO

LogoThe life of a Pokémon Go master currently consists of time off work, long enduring walks and detours on pub crawls to catch those rare Pokémon. Endless hours have been dedicated by Pokémon Go users to become the very best that there ever was, and unfortunately the nature of the time devoting game has become a little tedious. Luckily, a new website has been developed that allows for users to search and view all Pokémon on a real-time map, the website is named

ORing Is a Smart, Vibrating Ring That Matches Women's Intimate Desires with Intelligent Technology

LogoORing, the revolutionary new vibrating smart ring that satisfies women's intimate desires with intelligent technology, is live on Indiegogo and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Morale Patch Armory Announces Launch of iOS App

The team at Morale Patch™ Armory is pleased to announce the launch of their brand new companion app for iOS. Now, Apple users can easily download the free app and shop the entire Morale Patch™ Armory collection.

Mobilunity and London Startup Gleat LTD Partner to Bring a New Home Dining Experience

LogoMobilunity and Gleat's partnership stems from an understanding of what the current state of the sharing economy lacks; an app that combines the life altering connections made through platforms such as couchsurfing, and the usability of apps such as Uber. The improved dining app will bring a Genuine Local Eating experience to its Users.

Apple Urgently Issued iOS Update to Fix iPhone and iPad Security Flaw Against .tiff Image Virus

LogoApple has always been focusing on iPhone security issues with in-time investigation and patches. Very recently, Apple has send urgent messages to iPhone owners to download the latest iOS update. The new update - iOS 9.3.3 on iPhones and iPads, as well as OS X 10.11.6 for computers, tvOS 9.2.2 for Apple TV and watchOS 2.2.2, patches a security flaw of *.tiff image virus hole that could let a hacker steal everything from iPhone users, including password.

Web Entrepreneur Launches, a Website Featuring Quality Products to Keep Phones in Top Shape

LogoShirley Masner is proud to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, The website offers a wide variety of cell phone accessories to keep phones in top shape with a particular focus on the iPhone protective cases and cell phone chargers for a variety of models. Masner was inspired by how much we rely on our phones every day to share the latest events with friends and family, get us where we need to go, and give us important information on the world around us. After learning about the possibilities of an online store, Masner wanted to help others get the products that they would need to ensure they can rely on their phones for years to come.

Strong Sales of Galaxy S7/S7 Edge Pushes Samsung to Highest Profits in over Two Years

LogoSamsung Electronics, the world's largest smartphone maker, published its full second-quarter earnings, which were indicated the company's highest profits in over two years. Operating profit was 8.14 trillion KRW ($7.22 billion), up 18 percent, while revenue was 50.94 trillion KRW ($45.2 billion), up 5 percent. Thanks to expanded sales of its flagship Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge phones, the company said Thursday its key mobile division enjoyed "substantial earnings improvement" in the second quarter.

LEAGOO Rolls out the Coolest and Most Durable Smartphone M5

Great news for those who have been on the look-out for a cool and durable Smartphone. LEAGOO has finally launched the coolest and most durable Smartphone that has all the elements including reasonable pricing, implicit toughness and an amazing hardware configuration. LEAGOO says their high-quality M5 is solid and shockproof. Further, the device will not get impacted even if it is dropped by accident because it has been built with durability in mind.

LEAGOO M5 Introduces the First Nano All-Metal Closed Frame to the World

LogoThe emerging shock-proof smartphone, LEAGOO, proudly introduces the latest innovation in technology as it continually brings unexpected surprises to its users. This band has recently launched M5 which carries the first Nano "All-metal" closed frame including 2.50 bulletproof glass. These features provide the ultimate protection that no other smartphones have.

The First Nano All-Metal Closed Loop Frame Feature from LEAGOO M5 Brings Exceptional Smartphone Experience

LogoThe star brand LEAGOO M5 has recently revealed its first Nano "All-metal" closed loop frame feature to the world. Finally, the new LEAGOO M5 attracts smartphone users to another experience that they have been waiting for so long. At present, this smartphone brand is considered as one of the most prominent names in the mobile communication industry.

LLEAGOO Introduces LEAGOO M5: The Ultimate Choice for Shock-Proof Smartphone with Nano All-Metal Closed Frame

LogoLEAGOO is introducing their latest product LEAGOO M5, which is the ultimate choice for shockproof smartphone that is equipped with nano all-metal closed frame. The up-and-coming brand that has been known for its line of smartphones is now releasing another surprising smartphone with a nano all-metal closed frame and 2.5D bulletproof screen.

LEAGOO M5 Takes Pride in Being the First Smartphone with Nano All-Metal Closed Loop Frame in the World

LogoLEAGOO M5 has introduced the very first smartphone with a nano all-metal closed loop frame that makes it the most durable and coolest smartphone available in the market. It is offered at a reasonable price and boasts a range of features that anyone would want from a durable smartphone.

Leagoo M5 Shockproof Smartphone Comes to the Rescue as Pokemon Go Players Throw Their Phones to Catch Pokemons

LogoLeagoo M5 shockproof smartphone now comes to the rescue of Pokemon Go players who are willing to throw their phones just to catch Pokemons. The shockproof smartphone with bulletproof screen comes to the rescue of those who are already addicted to the game and are even coming to the verge of almost throwing their phones just to catch Pokemons in certain locations.

LEAGOO M5's Shock-Proof Feature Gives Pokemon Go Players a Better Gaming Experience

LogoPlaying Pokemon Go becomes more exciting as LEAGOO M5, the world's ultimate shock-proof smartphone, comes to free the users from inconvenient gaming experience. Pokemon Go is the newest mobile game that has already caught the attention and interest of billion fans worldwide in only a short period of time. Most smartphone users have downloaded this game to give them unique experience and they only find it through using LEAGOO M5.

Herpes Ended Your 'Almost' Relationship? Dating App MPWH Can Solve It

LogoLiving with herpes could be very depressing and most people feel casted out after they have been proven and tested with HSV. That is why American dating app MPWH has designed and built a space that allow herpes victims to take charge of their love life again, no more judgment and stigma as millions of great people are ready to accept and help to rebuild their amazing life again.

ViziApps Brings Indoor Maps and Navigation to Its Rapid Mobile App Development Platform with Micello Partnership and Integration

LogoMicello, Inc., the leading global provider of indoor maps, has announced its partnership with ViziApps. ViziApps is a leading platform enabling businesses and enterprises to rapidly create mobile apps using a SaaS visual drag and drop studio interface.

Meizu Launched the MX6 with an All-Metal Design and Affordable Price for Android Fans

LogoChinese smartphone manufacturer Meizu Technology launched its new flagship smartphone MX6 early this week in Beijing. With a metallic design and a deca-core processor, the Meizu MX6 closely resembles the Meizu Pro 6, which was unveiled three months ago, but at a more affordable price. Meizu MX6 is announced at $299, which is $90 less than the cheapest version of Pro 6. Just like the Pro 6, the MX6 features a 10-core processor (albeit a slightly slower one) and an all-metal design, as well as some other pretty features and designs.

The Gwarchod Bermo Scheme: Cricklewood Electronics Comments

A new television program, the Gwarchod Bermo CCTV scheme is set to air this month, focusing on CCTV provisions across Wales and highlighting the importance of CCTV being in place. A large number of local authorities are cutting back on CCTV cameras and therefore it is important for people to get their own put in place.

POSH Launches Luxurious Charging Cable on Indiegogo

LogoPÖSH has announced the launch of their luxurious new charging cable, which they say is the most exquisite charging cable available today. With a lightning connector for Apple mobile devices and micro-USB for computers, the deluxe cable is available in a range of colors, with plans to release more color options as PÖSH reaches their Indiegogo stretch goals.

LEAGOO M5, the World's First Nano "All-Metal" Closed Loop Frame Smartphone Is Launched

The news that LEAGOO has launched the all new Nano smart phone with durability, latest hardware configuration and shock resistance, may gladden a million smart phone users. LEAGOO M5 is designed impeccably to resist any kind of damage or fall. It is sturdy and rugged, thanks to its all metal frame body.

LEAGOO M5 Launched with All New Amazing Features

The LEAGOO M5 is one of the most solid and rugged smart phones so far. This shock proof smart phone is ingrained with military bullet proof glass. It has a 2.5D unbreakable tempered glass that offers maximum protection. It has a multi functional finger print sensor. This smart phone can be unlocked in less than 0.19 seconds.