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Global Smartphone Cover Glass Market 2017 – Lens Technology,AvanStrate, Biel Crystal, Corning Gorilla Glass, Schott

The motive of this strategic research report entitled "Global Smartphone Cover Glass Market 2017-2022? is to provide company officials, industry investors, and Smartphone Cover Glass industry members with consequential insights to enable them make reliable strategic decisions regarding the opportunities in the global Smartphone Cover Glass market.

Global Lightweight Jackets Market- Mizuno, Alfred Dunner, Asics, BOSS, ANTA, Adidas

Global Lightweight Jackets Market report 2017 is an in-depth research on the current situation of the Lightweight Jackets industry.

A New Way to Denote Humor in a Text Message

How do you fancy having a personal impact on the evolution of the English language? A new project has been launched on Kickstarter, giving members of the public a chance to personally influence a certain aspect of the English language - more specifically, the way that sarcasm or humor is conveyed in a text message - for which nothing currently exists.

This Is DoBox Announces Giveaway and Upcoming Launch of Kickstarter Funding Campaign

Individuals can win a variety of premium iPhone and iPad accessories. Prizes include a smart screen protector with invisible back button from Halo Back; a stylus from Pencil, the stylus for everyone; COVR Photo iPhone case, the only case with a built in lens; and a compact folding Bluetooth keyboard from Jorno.

NAVIN Launches ProView S3: 3-Axis Gimbal for Larger Size (4K) Smartphone

LogoNAVIN Corp. launches ProView S3, a high-performance 3-axis gimbal stabilizer capable of handling 4.7" to larger size 5.7" screen smartphone with 4K video recording capability. It eliminates shakiness in smartphone video recording, resulting in cinematic shots, and enables everyone to capture the world around them with superb video footage to tell their stories. ProView S3 enables smooth video result with professional quality regardless of camera movement while recording.

New Digital Shopping Concierge Service Allows Shopping via Text Message

New service Voilà is a digital shopping concierge that allows users to shop for anything using only text messages.

Boltivate - the Best Wireless Lock for Your Home Launches on Indiegogo

Boltivate launches its Indiegogo campaign for Boltivate wireless lock – a smart lock for home doors on Switching to wireless access control, without busting the spending budget, simply got quite a lot easier. Boltivate wireless lock from Boltivate is a flawless step up from any home's mechanical master key system. Applying Boltivate technology, a technology company developing products that help make life convenient and more secure, Boltivate Lock creates the fastest, and the most accessible connection between user's lock, and phone. Launches a New Chat Messenger with Unique Features

There are many chat messengers that can be used on mobile devices. Each of these is equipped with several features that are meant to enhance their usage. However, most of the users look for privacy whilst using such services. For all those who wish for a feasible alternative that allows them to control many features with just a few clicks, the Yofam messenger can be considered at

Heavenote Begins Offering Free Plan for Posthumous Messaging

Heavenote, a website that allows customers to plan their digital legacy in the event of their death, has begun offering a free plan that includes unlimited text messages to loved ones, expanding their reach all over the world. The company is currently based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Ibits Marketing Launches Its First Bluetooth Selfie Stick on Amazon

LogoIbits Marketing, one of the leading consumer related technology providers on Amazon has announced a new addition to its line of successful products, the Bluebits Bluetooth selfie stick at an amazing sale price of $15.99. Bluebits brand is always linked with sophisticated and modern high quality products and its Bluetooth selfie stick is receiving very good reviews from customers. Ibits Marketing which sells the Bluebits Bluetooth Selfie Stick is expecting a great response for this product.

Mobile Detective Explains How Cell Phone Spy Software Works

As teens grow older, naturally they want far more freedom. And naturally, parents would like to grant them this freedom. On the other hand, and as any good parent knows, there will be the inevitable nights where they're worried or frustrated with their teen for breaking their curfew or not being truthful about where they spent their time. With cell phone spy software, a parent can know precisely what their little ones are up to at almost any time.

New Article at Explains the Required Degree to Become a Video Game Tester, a site dedicated to offering visitors with articles related to video game testing has recently posted a new article titled as 'What degree do you need to be a videogame tester?". As per the site's spokesperson the article was posted taking into consideration recent requests and inquiries from a lot of internet users who want to learn the trade but are uncertain about what particular degree they need to undertake in order to join the profession.

MYSounds Wireless Launches Its First Ever Hybrid Headset, MYSounds FLAVORS

MYSounds Wireless has launched a brand new hybrid headset called MYSounds FLAVORS, which consists of a robust headset without any device. The 'flavors' are reminiscent of the wide range of colors that this hybrid headset is available in. One of the most visible benefits of the MYSounds FLAVORS is the simple fact that one need not worry about the mess created by tangled wires. Besides, these headphones also eliminate the hassles involved in having to carry the device along everywhere.

The World's First NFC Tag That Gives Users Complete Control over Android Smartphone

Tap Device is the name of today's newest smartphone device designed to save people time and eliminate redundant routine tasks. This device is an elegant tag with a small NFC-enabled chip that can be used to tap and automate the phone. Consumers can setup profiles and customize the settings of android phones with just one tap – basically automating phone settings.

DimensionU Product Announcement for Android Devices

LogoAward winning, educational video-game developer DimensionU, Inc., is pleased to announce the release of its mobile educational games on the Android platform. The apps are now available for download on Google Play and Amazon. The product availability on Android will expand access to more students and teachers both in and out of the classroom and continues the company's push to make its engaging, educational games accessible anytime, anywhere. In addition, the company has also made product enhancements to its web and iOS games as well as its TEACHERS by DimensionU app.

New Innovative Online Game Forex-Battle Launches FundedByMe Campaign

The new Forex-Battle game, funded through FundedByMe, may be the high point of the year for video game enthusiasts who love the idea of being a stockbroker. Developed by CEO Grigory Chepcov, leading programmer Lina Zaharova, and their team, offers several different modes for gamers who want to discover what Forex trading and foreign exchange trading is all about.

Social Clique Is a Shopping App That Makes Clothing and Products from TV Shows and Movies Instantly Accessible

LogoSocial Clique, the innovative new shopping app that allows users to instantly access clothing items and products they see while watching TV shows or movies online, is now live on global crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and is raising funds to bring the project to life. Offers Clash of Clans' Tips and Tricks in Arabic

Recently launched website, offers its readers great articles full of amazing and super helpful tips and tricks in Arabic language about the game Clash of Clans. There is much information available about Clash of Clans in English over the internet but unfortunately there are very few websites that offers guidance about this game in Arabic. As stated by, "We have specially developed this website for all those people who want to learn different strategies and tips of Clash of Clans in Arabic Language. In our articles, we have tried to explain everything in simple Arabic, so that it is easily understandable for our Arabic audience".

Google Ads Set to Be Big Business for Smartphone Users in 2016: DML Comments

Recent statistics have revealed that Google Ads are playing an increasingly important role in how people with Smartphones interact with and buy from businesses. According to Google Think Insights, up to 70% of Smartphone users have used Google Ads in order to contact a business – completing their search and call on their device. This highlights that Smartphones are playing an increasingly important role in the buying behavior of customers. Therefore, the best businesses are expected to utilize this in 2016 – and ensure that their online platforms are Smartphone friendly and Google optimized. Keen to comment on this was DML, an expert in the field. Highlights the New Giveaway That Could Excite Loyal Customers

LogoThe is one of the leading Neopets goods and items providers in the world. The website and the company have been in the business of offering numerous products such as Unconverted Neopets (Darigans, Faeries, Greys, Maraquans, Plushies, Royals, Sponges and Tyrannians), avatar items, Battledome weapons, draik eggs and potions, paint brushes, pet pets, stamps and buy Neopoints items. The several years of experience of the members of proved that the team recognizes the value of superb and excellent gaming experience for Neopets aficionados. Through the years, the team behind the established its competence in providing the best products and experience for their loyal customers. Moreover, the website of ensures that each and every Neopets aficionado will attain the royal treatment they deserve.

DimensionU Announces 2016 Spring Tournament Season

LogoAward-winning, educational games developer DimensionU, Inc., is pleased to announce the 2016 Spring Tournament Season for its highly popular DimensionU Math Video Game Competitions in partnership with a variety of local education agencies and STEM Outreach organizations. Math-based video game competitions provide a compelling environment to support student learning across a broad range of skill levels, offering the opportunity, regardless of academic background, for students to participate and achieve academic success. The spring tournament season kicks off this month in Dallas Independent School District at its annual STEM Day event on Saturday, February 6, 2016.

New SmartCare Watch Revolutionizes the Way We Care for the Elderly

LogoMany of us have been tasked with providing care to an elderly parent or other family member while others are caregiving professionals. Either way, there is a constant challenge between balancing one's own quality of life delivering the quality of care expected of us with the added challenge of maintaining the dignity of the senior citizen cared for. For example, adult children of dementia patients are often faced with missing time at work, lost wages, missing time with their own children and a mountain of stress trying to keep tabs on their loved one.

Socialbox.Biz, the One-Stop-Shop for All Electronic Recycling and Storage Needs

LogoSocialBox.Biz, a London-based recycling and storage social venture business, dedicated to recycling all IT components in the UK, has made it clear corporation's can rely on them with transporting, storing, and clearing all of their electronic equipment with its strict focus on security.

Up to 2 Billion Smartphone Users Expected by the End of 2016: Ranking Solutions Comments

Recent statistics released by IDC have drawn attention to the growing global use of Smartphones and in turn the importance of businesses with an online element realising the importance of Smartphone audiences. Figures show that by the end of 2016, more than 2 billion people are expected to be regularly using Smartphones or tablets.

Creator of Social Clique Shopping App Launches IndieGoGo Campaign

LogoSocial Clique is a new and unique shopping app that helps users locate items seen in commercials or movies and add them to a shopping cart with one click.  The app redirects the user to the online stores that carry the item and keeps the shopping cart in the background while the movie, television show or commercial is playing.  Now, the creator of Social Clique shopping app has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to help pay for development funds.

Topjoyonline Launches New OTG USB 2in1 Cable for Android & iOS Devices, the leading Chinese manufacturer of table, cloudbook, 2in1, and action camera today announced it successfully create a new product line - OTG USB 2in1 Cable for Android & iOS Devices. The company, whose traditional business is table and action camera, will keep research and develop new product lines and OTG USB 2in1 Cable for Android & iOS Devices is just the beginning, more innovative electronics will be in

Samsung Has Decided to Release Samsung Pay for Older Phone Models

Mobile payments have become more and more popular each year. The trend started when Apple decided to introduced the first mobile wallet app, Apple pay. Since then, all the dominant companies in the mobile industry have introduced a way to pay using a phone. Just as other manufacturers, Samsung limits this feature to the most advanced and latest models of phones. Nevertheless, Samsung is planning to change this situation.