Consumer Electronics Press Releases

dTOOR INC. Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Fund Class on Building Cyrcle Phone

dTOOR, "Designing The Opposite Of Rectangle", has officially launched a Kickstarter campaign for garnering widespread support and financial backing to develop a class which aims to teach supporters of the campaign to build their own Cyrcle phone.

Portable Golf Speaker & Phone Charger System Seeks Crowdfunding

Consumer electronics maker Sound Caddy Golf has announced the pending debut of its first product, the Sound Caddy, and is seeking crowdfunding through Kickstarter to begin its initial production run.

Schultz Launches Crystal Portable Bluetooth Speaker and CW Earphones

LogoSchultz with their continuous commitment for innovation announced today the Schultz Crystal Portable Bluetooth Speaker and Schultz CW Earphones as addition to their modern technology gadgets available in the market. Featuring superior sound and portability plus speakerphone function Schultz Crystal Portable Bluetooth is ultra light that it can be carried, enabling users the ability to play music loudly, whenever they want and wherever they go. On the other hand, for Audiophile enthusiast, Schultz CW Earphones features balanced bass, delicate treble, and vibrant acoustic instrument that will take music listening to the next level.

Leeline Launches WT10 Rugged 10.1 Inch Windows 8.1/Android 4.4 Hybrid Tablet

LogoLeeline provides the variety of products online. These products include the Leeline WT10 rugged windows tablet by Intel Baytrail. The features of the rugged tablet include the T quad Core Z3735D/F. the size of product is 10.1inch with IPS, 1280*800. The readable one glass helps the users read easily through the tablets and the GPS is also supportive in the product. The product rugged windows tablet supports A-GPS, EPO, and NFC - Chipset NXP544. The 1D / 2D Barcode MOTO chipset are an extra feature to the product that makes it stand out and stay competitive in the market. The Fingerprint Cotex M3 and an amazing Battery 9000mah along with charging docking station are most suitable for the travelers and readers who wish to keep their tablets with them all hour around. The tablet system supports the OS Window 8.1 or Android 4.4.4 making it more suitable for a large number of applications. The Intel Baytrail rugged windows tablet also offers the Data transfer via USB/RJ45.

RippleBuds Introduces Wireless Headphones with in-Ear Noise Blocking Microphone

RippleBuds will introduce new wireless earbuds for frustration-free conversations and crystal-clear voice command at TechCrunch Disrupt in San-Francisco.

WoCase Launches IndieGoGo Campaign for Omnipole

LogoOmnipole is a GoPro and smartphone extension pole that allows users to steady cameras with tripod action as well as shoot on-the-go footage quickly and easily at sporting events and in other hard-to-film locations.

Ultimate iPhone 6S Honeycomb Case Launch Announced by Cas4Fun

LogoCase4fun, an established leader in iPhone smartphone cases, today announced the debut of their iPhone 6S Honeycomb Case, a top of the line flexible, durable, and well designed case with a multitude of features that protect the iPhone 6S while allowing it to remain functional. Releases the Ultimate Agar Cheats, a leading site that offers agario hack tools has recently announced the release of the ultimate cheats for agario games. This announcement comes as great news for the agario gaming enthusiasts who want to have an edge over the game.

New Update of Vibosoft DR. Mobile for Android – All Set to Safely & Easily Recover Files from Android Phones

LogoVibosoft Studio has announced that the newest version of Vibosoft DR. Mobile for Android is now available for all Android mobile users. After thousand-time trials and refinement, this new version is ultimately released to Android mobile users to provide the best experience in restoring lost files to Android phones.

The Innovative iTECHOR 2-in-1 Lightning Cable for Apple and Android Devices Now Available on Amazon

LogoUsually, losing the original USB cable for an iPhone, iPad, iPod or even an Android phone marks the beginning of the frustrating journey of owning sub-par cables that break down easily or take ages to transfer data or give any of these devices a full charge. But, owners of these handy mobile devices do not have to suffer through these problems any longer, thanks to the iTECHOR 2-in-1 Lightning Cable.

Melbourne's Premier Digital Antenna and Home Theatre Installation Company

Digital Antenna Pro provides digital antenna and home theatre services. They are Melbourne's premier service provider and have 20+ years of industry experience. Although they cover a wide area, they offer a personal yet professional service.

Best MMORPG 2016 List Showcases the Most Popular Upcoming Games is a newly launched online resource about the most anticipated massively multiplayer online roleplaying games of 2016. The Best MMORPG 2016 List showcases what role playing game lovers worldwide have to look forward to in the forthcoming year.

iFoneMate iPhone Data Recovery Streamlines Photo Recovery

LogoGlobalShareware recently announced the launch of its latest software, iFoneMate. The new iPhone data recovery software makes it easy for people to quickly and easily recover a wide range of lost data, including photos.

TAP by ARMORZ Transforms the New iPhone 6s with Enhanced Efficiency and an Indestructible Design

LogoARMORZ Inc., one of the premier leaders in the mobile accessories industry, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in order to introduce their newest product. This campaign has a funding goal of $20,000, which needs to be raised in order to bring "TAP" to market. TAP is an intelligent screen protector that is designed to enhance the iPhone experience while providing nearly indestructible protection. The idea for TAP started when the engineers at ARMORZ heard the exciting news that a new version of the iPhone was going to be unveiled in October 2015. The new phone is bigger and better, but the bigger size also comes with even more operating problems for users. The creators at ARMORZ state, "TAP is the world's first intelligent screen protector for the new iPhone 6s. It is geared for one hand use of the iPhone. We use the latest technology to gain better access to the iPhone's critical features. It improves screen sensitivity and allows for more nimble navigation. Get where you're going faster and more conveniently!"

Netkiller Augments Google Apps with Script Applications

Netkiller, a Premier Google Apps partner and Cloud integration firm, releases a Google Apps Script based apps and offers custom script app as a service for small, medium and enterprise companies.

Fitness Just Got More Meaningful with fitRaise's Addition of Fitbit and Under Armour Apps Integration

fitRaise, Inc. announced today the implementation of several new features to their fitness fundraising platform. The company provides a virtual crowd-funding event platform that allows supporters of a cause or charity to earn donations for every mile that they run, walk, or cycle during an event.

The Tipi Tom Application Launched to Celebrate Language Diversity with the Start of Hispanic Heritage Month

Tipi Tom™ gives kids two tracks to learn two languages at the same time through an animated video and five interactive activities in both English and Spanish. Through Tipi Tom™ children will learn pre-literacy skills and develop their fine motor skills in a fun and engaging way. Science has proven that learning two languages can improve cognitive skills, executive order and meta-linguistic skills. For English Language Learners, it's important these children not only learn English, but also continue to build upon their native tongue, as this will only enhance their ability to learn English. Therefore, fusing a dual language learning approach into the application was critical since this pedagogy has been proven to cultivate bilingualism.

Let's Get out App Changes How Locals 'Meet and Greet' with the Info on Activities Nearby

Making the neighborhood a smaller place indeed, a new app called Let's Get Out helps users do just that. Created for people who want to find new friends nearby, the app simplifies the process via fun activities designed to get the ball rolling. The free iOS and Android mobile app publicizes the bright ideas users have for activities like grabbing coffee, catching a movie or meeting at the local pub. All they have to do is make a video, set a time, a location, and invite fellow 'let's get outers'. Socializing technology-style, the rest is friend finding history.

Interface Globe Acquires the Resale of TV Hotel and Hospitals by Philips, LG, and Samsung for Italy

Interface Globe currently manages more than 110,000 rooms in guest accommodations, Hotel chains of great prestige and Hospitals. The company has over one and a half decade of experience in the industry, during which they have maintain their pace with the technological and industrial advancements that enables them to provide the Hotels and Hospital TV solutions with the most up to date technology. Interface Globe has recently announced with great pride that they are now able to deliver Smart TV solutions to hotels and hospitals.

GPSWOX Software Compatible with 300+ GPS Trackers Brands

GPSWOX offers the industry's leading GPS tracking software and our developers and experienced software engineers have ensured that our tracking software is compatible with over 300 GPS tracker brands. Many businesses already use specific GPS trackers and purchasing new tracking devices to be used with brand specific software could become costly.

Bauyrzhan Karymsakov Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Introduce Takebs

LogoTakebs is an upcoming mobile application that will make delivering parcels fast and effortless like never before. Thousands of people travel from one country to another every single day. Takebs will create a unique platform where users will deliver the belongings of each other to different locations all over the globe. Creator Bauyrzhan Karymsakov claims that Takebs will ensure the delivery of a parcel from New York to London in about seven hours.

MySpyApp Claims to Offer the Newest Monitoring Software with Comprehensive Phone Spying Capabilities

MySpyApp is a newly introduced phone spy software application. Claiming to be the newest monitoring software that offers comprehensive and up to date capabilities that will allow users to remotely and in secret spy, track phone and monitor data of a target mobile phone without the knowledge of the phone's user.

The New Generation Mobile Device Monitoring Application, MySpyApp, Simultaneously Hits the Market in Two Versions for iOS and Android

MySpyApp, the mobile spyware built on the basis of data interception software employed by the national intelligence services is finally released into the market of mobile applications. Launch of the long-awaited application is all the more significant as two parallel versions of it are made available, namely for iOS and Android platforms. Owners of iPhones and Android-based gadgets can purchase this powerful and undetectable spying tool for bargain price of $69.99 on the developer's site or at official app markets.

Deleted iPhone Photos Are Restored in 3 Easy Steps with iFoneMate by GlobalShareware

LogoThe release of GlobalShareware's iFoneMate iPhone Data Recovery software is making a difference in the lives of those who have lost photos from their mobile device. The software allows anyone to restore their important iPhone photos in just three easy steps and it can be accomplished through three different methods.

Mobile Advertising Up by 65%

Mobile advertising has now become a $31.1billion global industry. This is an increase of 65% from most recent figures otherwise and the trends only seem to predict that this pattern is on the increase. According to a new report by the Internet Advertising Bureau, statistics found that spending on mobile display ads also increased by a sizeable 88% between the years 2013 and 2014.

Amazon and CHOETECH Announce the Launch CHOE QI Fast Charge Wireless Charger Pad

CHOETECH, who has become one of the most recognized names on Amazon for their mobile charging devices, has today announced they are launching a new product. The company has announced they are launching their Choe QI Fast Charge Wireless Charger Pad on the 21st September 2015.

Breaking News on GTA 5 Cheats: More Info on New Gaming Blog

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