Consumer Electronics Press Releases

2016 DimensionU Department of Defense Math Games a Hit

Award-winning, educational video game developer, DimensionU, Inc. hosted the 3rd Annual Department of Defense Math Games Tournament this week at four military research laboratories around the country. Middle school students from four states competed in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade level teams. Each location represented a branch of the military and their respective STEM Outreach offices. Grade level teams from each location participated in five multiplayer rounds of mathematics-based video game play using DimensionU's gaming platform. Similar to other DimensionU competitive educational gaming events, the tournament took place in a virtual, first-person action video game world, where students compete and interact as teams solving mathematics problems. The tournament was augmented with live video communication across the four states, allowing students to see their respective challengers. Announces Their Eagerness in Promoting Privacy Within the Realm of Social Networking is the newest addition to the social media family and it has been dominating the social platforms as it greatly announces their every intention of providing privacy to their users with their newest social sharing application. The developers or minds behind Bebler private social network believes on user privacy and they have been using this belief to connect their users with their closest friends, relatives and family without being interfered by third party characters.

Get E-Cigarette Cartridges at Reduced Prices from SMOKEFREE

Cigarette smoking is enjoyed by many people round the globe. Not only do men, but even women are also addicted to smoking. But this addiction comes with a risk of developing lung disease, heart disease and many other diseases. Though cigarette addiction is considered as one of the worst addiction, but with e-cigarettes, one can now overcome their bad smoking habit. Electronic cigarette are the modern alternative to traditional cigarettes and impose less impact on human body. Keeping this in view, SMOKEFREE, a reputed provider of e cigarette in India, is now providing cartridge pack at competitive prices. Available for just Rs. 150.00, this pack contains 5 refill cartridges.

Mark Arnott Seeks Funding Support via Kickstarter to Introduce Smart Servo Controller

LogoThe creator of Smart Servo Controller Mark Arnott believes that his creation will be the perfect addition to a robotics toolkit. Mark has designed it to be a building block that can be used to implement complex control logic and motion algorithms without the need to write any code. Smart Servo Controller can be used to expand any existing robotic project's functionality or as the platform for a new project. Mark firmly believes that his creation will be extremely useful for both the hobbyists and professionals.

DBSadvantage Social Powered Wi-Fi Is Now Available for Salt Lake City

Business owners are always looking for ways to increase exposure for their products and services, and now thanks to DBSadvantage, businesses in Salt Lake City have a unique way to increase sales.

Apple Online Store Brings Best Deals for Purchasing Cheap iPhones 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Devices

Both iPhones 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are the signature Apple devices that have brought a remarkable advancement in the iPhone industry. The devices are available in a number of Apple's retail stores across the world. However, a customer will find these devices at a premium price while shopping them at a retail outlet. Now, has announced discount deals on iPhones 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, offering devices at wholesale prices for the worldwide customers.

My Web Programmer Launches Website and Mobile App Development

Hire Web Programmers for Exceptional Software outsourcing Services

CustomLogoCases Announces Website Launch

LogoCustomLogoCases has announced the launch of their website, which is home to the company's wide selection of Apple and Android protective devices and other accessories. CustomLogoCases specializes in creating custom, branded cases, covers, and accessories for businesses, schools, and organizations. The company has offices based in the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States to extend maximum convenience for international clients, and the launch of the new website is another outlet for clients to find and order products from Custom Logo Cases.

Mr. Good Vape Takes Its Vision International with a Brand New Juice Line

LogoMr. Good Vape LLC one of the largest ejuice producers globally has gained world recognition. Known for its juice production procedures and the authentic dessert line it produces. The company had created a footprint by gaining international attention from its prominent role in the Njoy artist collection project, showing itself as one of the world's top premium juice lines.

Eventago App Creator Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Produce Android Version

LogoDuring years of traveling overseas with the military, Franco Garcia, creator of the app Eventago, noticed that it was difficult to locate individual artists, bands or other musical groups unless they were already famous.  Many talented musicians were playing in small venues which no one ever heard about.  Garcia decided to change this by creating an app that allowed users to promote and find events that others might not know about, and Eventago was born.  Now, the creator has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for the development and production of an Android version of this app.

VFM Meters Come Up with Special Offers on Fluke 1653b Electrical Meter

Fluke 1653b Electrical Meter – Faster Readings And Extra Features

E Cig Use Increases: Ibreathe Comments

According to a recent report from Action for Smoking and Health (ASH), the number of e cig users has risen considerably in the UK in the last year. From 2.1 million e cig users last year in the UK, the level is now at an estimated 2.6 million. It is also estimated that most new users or 'vapers' have been former smokers or are still smokers, using e cigs as a constructive medium to cut down in the smoking of tobacco cigarettes.

Thermal Imaging Company Launches New Website

LogoRed Current, a thermal imaging company in Berkshire, has just launched the latest version of their new website. Red Current is owned and run by Kristian Westerhold. Westerhold is proud to reveal his new website which showcases all the services his company now offers. He has recently moved his offices from Basingstoke to Aldermaston in Berkshire and wanted to follow up the office move with a brand new website.

Edispin Inc. Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Complete the Development of Orbit Pole

LogoFunctionally speaking, Orbit Pole is a uniquely designed accessory for hand-held action cameras. Unlike any other similar product, it will offer users a 360 degree dynamic control over their action camera's point of view with one hand. It is possible to change the camera angle in real time by rotating the thumb wheel on the handle.

Envicase - A New Oasis for New Yorkers and Celebrities Who Left Instagram

There is a rising service popular among New York celebrities and fashion people to introduce their secret fashion items – Envicase, a showing off SNS for fashion items. Since it started its beta service three months ago, it has been preparing for an official lunching and already established itself as a hot-featured app among New Yorkers. Almost 90% of the users are New Yorkers. It also attracted lots of attentions of the public, introduced at New York Fashion Week in the first half of this year.

Envicase - A New Oasis for New York People & Celebrities Who Left Instagram

There is a rising service popular among New York celebrities and fashion people to introduce their secret fashion items – Envicase, a showing off SNS for fashion items. Since it started its beta service three months ago, it has been preparing for an official lunching and already established itself as a hot-featured app among New Yorkers. Almost 90% of the users are New Yorkers. It also attracted lots of attentions of the public, introduced at New York Fashion Week in the first half of this year.

NJR Enterprise, LLC Launches Website Offering Quality Games and Electronic Game Systems

LogoRuth Ouzts is pleased to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, The website offers a broad assortment of video games, electronic game systems, board games, and plenty of information to help people learn more about these products. Ouzts decided to start her website because she wanted to offer customers of all ages something that they could enjoy playing with.

ZVE Has Unveiled Its Lighter Case iPhone 6 Cover in One Multifunctional Case

ZVE has unveiled its Lighter Case iPhone 6 cover that is multifunctional and offers users different exciting options at their fingertips.

RPG to Play Launches Website for Novice and Experienced Players of RPG Games

Jacob Wright, founder of RPGtoPlay, announced the launch of the company's new website. RPG to Play provides information about new RPGs, reviews for multiple game platforms, release dates of upcoming games, and introduces individuals to the unique world of the RPG genre.

Game Repair Inc. Announces Prize Schedule for June Yu-Gi-Oh Tournaments

LogoAfter displaying products and holding YuGiOh battles at their LVL Up EXPO booth in Las Vegas, Game Repair Inc. is excited to announce their June YuGiOh tournament prize schedule. As a gaming retailer that are experts in repairs and have an abundance of used video games at their Las Vegas location, the company has recently started hosting YuGiOh tournaments where they have seen a great response from their customers.

Modeling and Measuring Exposures to Wireless Technology - A Workshop of the Bioelectromagnetics Society Confronts a Growing Policy Challenge

This hands-on real-time demonstration workshop of the Bioelectromagnetics Society ( sponsored by the non-profit virtual think tank, Environmental Health Trust (, explores how to model and measure wireless technology that is reaching into every corner of our lives, connecting us in ways never before imagined, improving our capacity to respond to emergencies and share information around the world. The Internet of Things is estimated to consist of nearly 50 billion devices that operate in our homes and on our persons by the end of this decade. At the same time, wireless transmitting devices can disrupt traditional family patterns, affect brain development and learning abilities in children, and possibly alter the risks of cancer, reproductive damage, and other medical problems among users.

Where to Sell iPhone 4s for Cash Online at Best Price

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Nikola Looks to Introduce BCON Smart Home Device with Funding Support via Indiegogo

LogoSmart home products are extremely popular these days, and there are many companies that have come up with their own solutions. However, it has been observed that most of these manufacturers are more focused towards packing their product with advanced features without paying much attention to the real-life benefits of these features. Nikola Nikolovski claims that BCON is different from these products because it has been created to improve people's lives by using technology that blends easily with their lifestyle.

Practical Therapist for Iphone, Provides Professional Boyfriend Advice for Women in Relationships

NASEThas released The Practical Therapist: Why Boyfriends Do What They Do And What To Do When They Do It for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch®. The creators of the app are Dr. Roger Pierangelo and Dr. George Giuliani. Both are licensed practicing clinical psychologists who are full-time college professors and authors to numerous publications and articles in the field.

Celebrity Endorsement for E-Cigs: Ibreathe Comments

Recent news has highlighted that Vinnie Jones, the well-known actor, has become the first celebrity to be involved in a primetime TV advertising campaign promoting e-cigarettes in the UK. This could highlight the rising popularity of e-cigs and the related vaping culture. It is believed that Jones himself is in favour of the products and supports electronic cigarettes as a constructive way to cut down tobacco smoking.

Unlocked Huawei E3276 4G Surfstick Launched at, a large electronic products website which offers hundreds of 4G/3G broadbands with high top quality and low price launched unlocked Huawei E3276 LTE USB modem for customer worldwide.

A New, Next Gen Wearable Tech Product to Debut Soon

As the implementation of motion-sensory in video gaming finds its way into larger spaces of the gaming community, so does the physical space needed to support this type of technology. Currently, in order to play motion-controlled games, one must purchase both the expensive hardware and software: Displays (TV), Wii or X-box and Kinect are just a few of them and many options consumers must decide amongst.