Consumer Electronics Press Releases

MovieBuddy 8.1.0 Raises Movie Management Productivity Bar

MovieBuddy 8.1.0 finally giving iPad owners access to true multitasking experience taking their productivity to the next level.

Darkrelic Entertainment Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Develop Love Eden

Beginning with Episode zero, this prelude to the other 25 episodes presents male characters who can be flirted with in other episodes.  By getting to know the habits, lifestyles, and personalities of the male characters and their inner thoughts, players gain access to certain secrets.

Ground-Breaking Minnesota Gaming Company First to File as Specific Benefit Corporation in the Entertainment Gaming Space

LogoLauding the advantages of entertainment gaming with a social conscience, Music Mayhem sets a new entrepreneurial standard by filing as a Specific Benefit Corporation. As of the December filing, the social music knowledge game will operate as a for-profit corporate entity with the same authority as a traditional corporation. However, in addition to seeking profit, the company is required by law to consider the impact of its decisions not only on shareholders but also on society. Music Mayhem is the first gaming company in Minnesota to organize itself as a benefit corporation, and one of the first -- if not the first -- entertainment gaming companies in the country to take this step. The new gaming benefit corporation will donate a portion of its proceeds to Alzheimer's disease research, care and advocacy.

Pixel Bay Studios Teams Up with "The King Of Instagram" Dan Bilzerian to Launch Sexiest Virtual Poker Experience Ever

Known as "The King of Instagram" and frequently seen with the world's most beautiful women and other exotic indulgences, Dan Bilzerian has teamed up with Toronto-based Pixel Bay Studios. The dynamic duo is set to launch Blitz Poker. The app is being marketed as "The Ultimate Bilzerian Lifestyle Simulator" complete with poker, babes, trucks, guns and cash. For online gamers not interested in poker, the new product comes bundled with mini games that allow them to shoot down drones, unhook bras, make it rain and drive home with a truck full of bikini-clad girls. 

iMyfone Umate Storage Saving Program for iPhone New Version Released

The iPhone is one of the best-selling devices of all time, of any kind. This is because its powerful potential is utilized by beautiful and intuitive design. The only drawbacks for the product are its battery life and its memory space. While one can be resolved with a charger, the other is a constant source of frustration for users. Now, however, there is a real solution. iMyfone Umate is the World's No. 1 iPhone Space Saver, and has just been updated with a powerful new version that can reclaim more space for users on their 16gb and 32gb iPhones.

Global Shores Unlimited, LLC Launches Website Featuring Quality Cell Phone Accessories

LogoJackie Day is proud to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, The website offers a broad selection of cell phone accessories including cell phone chargers, cell phone mounts, cell phone cases, and cell phone batteries. Day was inspired to start her website by the extended use of cell phones. People are using their phones a lot more and relying on them more. She wanted to start a website where customers could find products that would help them protect their phones, use them safely within vehicles, and recharge them when their batteries ran low.

All My Apps for PC Creates New Guide to Setting Up Find My iPhone

Cell phones have changed the way people interact with each other and with the world, and one of the most exciting developments of the smartphone generation has been mobile apps. These simple but powerful programs allow people to do fundamental things in novel and ever easier ways. As a result, many now find their PCs lacking the functionality that their phones have, and want to get the same apps for their home desktops. All My Apps For PC is a resource center that enables people to do just that, and has created a new article on the Find My iPhone software for Mac and PC.

iFoneMate Helps Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on iPhone Effectively and with Ease

LogoiFoneMate specializes in recovering lost data from iPhone and is essentially an iPhone data recovery software program. It helps retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone without compromising on its quality.

Gecko Easily Transforms Any USB Port or Power Bank Into a Magnetic, Wireless Charging Station

LogoGecko, the revolutionary new USB Port Adapter which easily transforms any USB Port or Power Bank into a Magnetic, Wireless Charging Station, is live on IndieGogo and raising funds to bring the product to market.

Dome Combines the Apple Watch and iPhone Charger Into a Single Elegantly Designed Dock

LogoDome, the elegantly designed and clutter free Apple Watch and iPhone charging dock, is now live on Kickstarter and seeking to raise funds to bring their project to life.

Global Power Bank Technology Leader Hello Tech Unveils Its Sleek Type C Power Bank

Hello Tech, a leading developer of power banks, is also a national high-tech enterprise. For 12 years, Hello Tech has been focusing on the innovation and development of power bank technology and has become the leader in power bank industry. The company recently unveiled the Global First USB Type-C Power Bank that offers quick charging as well as recharging capability with a sleek and stylish design. The new power bank has been created to cater to the needs of today's power hungry gadgets.

New MileCatcher App Safely Sidesteps Traffic While Tracking Mileage and Compiling Expense Reports

LogoIn the US and Europe, drivers spend in average 111 hours in traffic each year. Now there is free app that automatically logs trips and analyzes distance driven and time spent in traffic. MileCatcher Traffic provides live driving warnings and compiles monthly records for tax deductions. Never before seen in the marketplace, a newly launched iOS app gives all those features in one spot.

Creator of Loki - The Stolen Stone Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoLoki—The Stolen Stone is a multi-platform video game that opens up a world of Viking mythology. Now, creator Til A. Sichel has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise development and marketing funds to bring this game to a wide audience of players.

Creator of Seeco App Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoThe creator of Seeco, an app designed to change or offer an alternative to the "culture of loneliness" inherent in today's technology, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the development and distribution of this app.  Seeco is a mobile application that allows users to find practical ways to promote personal last-minute gatherings to increase social interaction without increasing written communication such as texting.  Although it is not a dating app, Seeco allows users to meet friends and enjoy the company of others safely and spontaneously.

PT Distinction Releases a New Android Personal Training App

PT Distinction proudly announces the release of their new Android personal training phone application, one designed to accompany the existing iPhone app. Personal trainers looking to take their business to the next level with the help of personal training software will find this app to be of great assistance in this endeavor. Start the one week free trial today to learn more about this app and its amazing features.

1300Fridge Launches New Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Awareness Drive

1300Fridge, the area's leading full-service commercial refrigeration expert, launched a new public awareness campaign focusing on the value of regular maintenance for refrigeration systems. With companies throughout the greater Perth area relying on mission-critical refrigeration systems, breakdowns can be costly and disruptive. The new 1300 Fridge campaign will help spread awareness of how regular, effective maintenance can greatly improve the reliability of commercial refrigeration systems, while also lowering operating costs. The company's new campaign will include a number of targeted outreach efforts, along with media availability opportunities.

Texting Base CEO Becomes the First to Film a Commercial During His Wedding

LogoIt's not every day a CEO uses his own wedding as part of a commercial. Eric Beans, the CEO of Texting Base, filmed a commercial by using footage from his own wedding. The commercial showcased the various features that the software has to offer. On August 29, 2015, at the Florida Aquarium, the couple said "I do" in front of all of their guests. It was captured on video and the commercial includes a lot of this footage, which can be seen here:

I.M Organized App Launch Makes Doing and Keeping an Inventory More Efficient Than Ever

LogoMaking the inventory process seamless, orderly, and phenomenally organized a new app launch creates an all-in-one solution. The I.M Organized Inventory Management app is a cataloging tool that makes individuals and businesses more efficient. Equipped with a barcode scanner and voice activation features the app allows users to inventory items manually, with a scan, or dictation. It then stores all the newfound information in the cloud for easy retrieve-ability.

iFoneMate Software Makes iPhone Data Recovery Simple and Fast

LogoIt happens to even the most careful iPhone user—one accidental swipe and a treasure trove of past messages is lost forever… or is it?

CCTV for the Best in Building Security

Banks have long known that video is the best way to provide constant security. Closed circuit camera TV (CCTV) covers the entire building and often the outside too.

Connecting with Customers Is Now Much Easier with SMS Channels from mGage

Relying on traditional marketing techniques in this technologically advanced market is not sufficient to attain a strong brand visibility online. In today's world, a growing number of users are browsing via mobiles, laptops and tablets. Therefore, it is essential for entrepreneurs to hire an experienced mobile engagement provider that can help them to connect with their potential customers and attract more customers in the process. To assist entrepreneurs in this task, mGage is providing SMS API channels. Through these SMS gateway channels entrepreneurs and business owners can expand their audience reach globally. Other benefits include Tier 1 Connectivity, Global Scalable Infrastructure, Plug-and-Play FTEU Messaging and Adherence to TRAI Guidelines.

Vacata Ltd Announces Release of a New Version of Tasker: To Do List

Vacata Ltd, in its quest to better equip people to deal with the many tasks at hand, has released a new version (version 1.1.0) of the "Tasker: To Do List | Task Manager" application, which helps users to seamlessly manage and schedule their activities throughout the day. The Task Manager, which is expected to give other task management app developers a run for their money, can be synced into a user's phone, tablet or watch – whichever it is that they find themselves using for most of the day.

Apple Music Launched on Android: Ranking Solutions Comments

Since its launch 6 months ago, Apple Music has gained 6.5 million paying subscribers. It's now being developed to work on Android phones. The app has been launched in beta and aims to bring Apple Music to everyone. It's the first proper attempt Apple has taken to make one of its own apps available on Android. There is an app made by Beats for the Beats Pill Speaker and a 'Move to Android' app, but Apple Music is the first Apple branded app to make the move. Comes Up with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Offers

Apple iPhones are becoming increasingly popular among people of diverse economic and social backgrounds. These devices are quite useful when it comes to staying connected with the loved ones in distant places. These devices are also emerging as the easy alternative to come in touch with vast online users across the globe. There are many online commercial stores from where people can purchase various models of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. is one such e-commerce platform from where users can purchase various unlocked models of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. It enables users to search products through menu browsing or keyword typing. Here customers can also sort models on the basis of colors and price ranges.

iFoneMate Recovers iPhone Deleted Text Messages

ifonemate is pleased to announce that it offers a solution for the user who accidentally erases or deletes text messages from their iPhone or other iOS devices. The user of iFoneMate allows for reliable iPhone message recovery with a no-charge process which even the most technologically challenged can use. The loss of messages is too common, according to users of the electronic devices.

Procom Announces Availability of Internet, Cable and Telephone Service with Prodigi Triple Play Package

LogoFor many homeowners, keeping track of separate bills for their internet, cable and telephone service can be a confusing hassle that both wastes time and makes balancing a checkbook more difficult than it needs to be. Combining all three of these services into one easy-to-pay, monthly charge helps eliminate these concerns, and with Procom's Prodigi Triple Play package, allows clients to save money on their services as well.

Mobissue Introduces Why HTML5 Flipbook for Mobile Will Disrupt the Digital Publishing Sector

LogoMobissue is pleased to announce its upgraded software for creating HTML5 flipbook for mobile. HTML5 based software makes HTML5 flipbook format accessible to mobile devices and computers including tablets, Personal Computers, Mac, iPads/iPhones as well as any other HTML5 supported devices.