Consumer Electronics Press Releases

Samsung Is Suspending Note 7 Sales Worldwide After 5 Incidents in the U.S.

Samsung has asked all of its sales partners to stop offering all versions of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. The request came after reports of five of the company's replacement Note 7 caught on fire one after another. Now it's requesting stores and carriers to halt sells and exchanges of the replacement units worldwide, which were supposed to be safe from the risk of bursting into flames.

Samsung Is Suspending Note 7 Sales Worldwide After 5 Incidents in the U.S.

Samsung has asked all of its sales partners to stop offering all versions of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. The request came after reports of five of the company's replacement Note 7 caught on fire one after another. Now it's requesting stores and carriers to halt sells and exchanges of the replacement units worldwide, which were supposed to be safe from the risk of bursting into flames.

eKAVACH Wins 2015 Meffys Consumer First Award in London

eKAVACH Digital Parental Control App has been declared winner in the "Consumer First" category of Meffys 2015 - the international awards for measuring commercial success and rewarding innovation across the mobile ecosystem. The awards, supported by F-Secure and Mozilla, took place at a sell-out gala ceremony in London on Oct 19th at the Rosewood Hotel.

Brisbane Gets a Faster Way to Fix Smartphones with the Launch of Screen Fixed

LogoAn integral part of the two-thirds of the population who own a smartphone, Screen Fixed launches convenience in Brisbane. The booming iPhone and Samsung repair service has gone mobile in more ways than one. They've taken their repairs to the streets thanks to a nifty eco-friendly set up and technicians all to ready to oblige. Now, when an iPhone or Galaxy is on the blink, a customer can have a technician on their doorstep almost immediately at no extra cost.

E Instruments Announces New Analyzer App Is Now Available for Android Devices

LogoE Instruments, a leading provider of emissions and combustion analyzers, is excited to announce that they have just released their new Analyzer App. This free app is available for download in the Google Play Store, and will work for individuals who own smartphones or tablets that use the Android operating system.

Green Bay Packers vs. Denver Broncos Live Stream NFL on PC, Laptop or Android Offered by

Green Bay Packers vs. Denver Broncos is scheduled to happen on 8:30 am week 8 Regular Season November 01, 2015. For many fans of the contesting teams this is going to be a crucial match which will draw millions of viewers on Television alone. For those who wish to enjoy the game on their PC, Laptop or Android phone can Watch Green Bay Packers vs. Denver Broncos live stream service offered on Shares the Issues About the "Slide to Upgrade" Bug in Apple Devices and the Fail-Safe Ways to Resolve It

LogoWith the world becoming digital, people cannot help but be awed by the massive innovations and technological advancements. With the birth of the internet and the computers, everything has become a lot simpler such as accessing information, doing business transactions as well as communicating with people all over the world. The release of new mobile gadgets has made a great impact on how people live in this modern time.

CresTech Offering Impeccable Quality Automation Testing Solutions for Software and Mobile Applications

CresTech, an independent software testing company in Noida, India, has a great record of accomplishments when it comes to providing software and application testing solutions. Leveraging its partnerships with premier OEMs like IBM, Microfocus, SOASTA, the company prides of its 100+ successful test automation implementations across all the platforms by virtue of its own patented automation framework – OpKey. The class leading automation framework helps save up to 40% cost, and allows for the inclusion of a variety of tools.

OUKITEL K6000 Phone Battery Protects Against an over-Temperature

OUKITEL released the new 4G FDD LTE smartphone K6000 with a huge 6000mAh Li-poly battery. The normal smartphone comes with Li-ion battery, but K6000 uses the safer Li-poly to realize a large capacity, the most popular choice for anyone looking for long run times and high power.

Gaia Multilingual Phrasebook Emerges as a New Breakthrough App to Aid Travelers

LogoWith so many apps being released every day; it is often hard to know which the best ones are. However, Liam, an independent app designer came up with the concept of developing an app which could really help travelers and everyone who wants to know and learn new languages.

NBA 2K World Releases Latest NBA 2K16 Locker Codes for All Consoles

NBA 2K World is the imperative online guide to all thing the NBA 2K16 game. NBA 2K World offers its readers the latest NBA 2k videos, tutorials, news and locker codes for all consoles making it the go to website for the game players and fans. Players of the NBA 2K16 game know the significance of Locker Codes however these codes can sometimes be missed because they are shared by the developers on a regular bases on social networking websites, however NBA 2K World helps its users stay up to date with the Latest NBA 2K16 Locker Codes For All Consoles.

Phone Doctor Launches Service Extension in Light of Surging Mobile Device Ownership

According to a recent report from the Tech Times website, in excess of 7.2 billion mobile devices are now active throughout the world, rendering the population of such tools greater than that of humans. American consumer technology website CNET notes approximately 25 percent of those devices currently bear broken screens. These figures come as no surprise to the staff of Missouri-based cell phone repair company, Phone Doctor. With these trends projected to take an upward turn over the coming year, spokesperson Serhat Bulut has launched an extension of the company's services.

Creator of Eq8tor App for Global E-Commerce Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoJohn O'Brien, the creator of the eq8tor app for global e-commerce based on B2C/B2B buyer focus, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for development of an ecommerce site.  This app-based global ecommerce site will enable buyers in emerging global markets to buy products securely with no risks to etailers.

Creator of FIFEFA Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Raise Development Funds

LogoFIFEFA stands for Free Information for Education For All and is the name of a new educational  platform and app that allows learners from around the globe to access instant information on schools, scholarships, study materials, textbooks and other support for education. The creator of has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for further and on-going development.

Adderall Addiction Support Launches Mobile-Friendly Website and Community

In 2012, more than 16 million prescriptions were written for Adderall, more than triple the number of prescriptions in 2008. Additional studies revealed, full-time college students were more than twice as likely to abuse Adderall than those who were not in college.

Telme John Beats Microsoft's NewsCast App to the Punch with Text2Speech Reader

LogoCreated to turn newspaper articles into podcasts, the new Telme John app steps ahead of Microsoft to bring text2speech functionality to the masses. The news reader takes advantage of a service that uses Computer Vision algorithms to read website articles aloud in their entirety. Optimizing the daily schedules of listeners with hands-free news, the enterprising app changes the game for the visually impaired as well. A David and Goliath story for the digital age, Telme John is now available in the iOS App Store while Microsoft's NewsCast 30 second reader is still in development.

HuddleCamHD Combines PTZ Video Conferencing Cameras with YouTube Live's New Video Streaming Service

HuddleCamHD is a professional USB video conferencing manufacturer best known for inventing the world's first wireless USB conference camera, the HuddleCam Air. In a recent product release, HuddleCamHD has integrated their USB pan tilt zoom camera line with YouTube Live's free video streaming services. This feature support provides expanded video conferencing and live streaming capabilities to their user base which is all free thanks to Google's new live streaming platform YouTube Live.

Gamers Nest Launches to Provide Pro-Grade Gaming Gear for Every Gamer

Gaming is now the largest entertainment industry in the world, making more money than movies or TV, and is responsible for some of the most exhilarating and immersive experiences possible from entertainment. It is understandable then that gamers take their experience seriously, and want nothing but the best gear and accessories to interact with and further immerse themselves in their games. Gamers Nest is a new store designed specifically to bring the best of the best to gamers of all levels, with every item tested by professionals.

SCOUTYNAUT Plans to Revolutionize the Global Job Market

LogoA revolutionary new way to connect employer with employee, while also making the whole process easier and more efficient, is being introduced to the public via an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. This campaign has a funding goal of $500,000, which needs to be raised in order to bring this new system named "SCOUTYNAUT" to the international market. The SCOUTYNAUT employment and recruitment system is a fully integrated and cloud-based system that is available on both a smart device via the SCOUTYNAUT mobile App or on a browser by visiting the SCOUTYNAUT website. This new employment system is an all-in-one solution for both job-seekers and recruiters because it combines online job-boards with recruitment systems. However, this is not a job advertisement site like all of its predecessors. The team states, "SCOUTYNAUT is neither a job portal, nor advertisement portal nor a headhunter, it is rather a high quality recruitment system and portal for job offers."

Math Burger: Kids Math Game Is Now Available on Google Play

LogoWaphoo JSC, announces the release of Math Burger - addictive math game suitable for kids and grown-ups. Math Burger is the pilot mini-game project, part of Waphoo's 3D next-gen Kids Edutainment MMO Platform. It will not only entertain the youngsters but will also have a powerful educational impact, helping kids tease their brains and develop logical skills. Parents love Math Burger because it contains a wide variety of edutainment elements, enabling children to develop their mental abilities, while having hours of fun.

Crowdfunding Campaign Launched for CharSpace: Charge Apple Watch Using iPhone or iPad

The people who love their gadgets but are always in search for a power outlet to plug their devices in to charge can now breathe a sigh of relief because a simple yet innovative solution will make charging devices on the go easier. Charspace is an elegant and stylish watch strap for all smart device charging needs. It enables users to charge their smart watches and smartphones on the go. The Charspace project in currently in need of funding to cover the manufacturing and various other expenses, a crowdfunding campaign has been launched on Indiegogo with a funding goal of at least $13,000 USD which needs to be raised within the next 27 days.

Cutting Edge Tracking Software Neutun Launches to Make Epilepsy Tracking & Monitoring Efficient Like Never Before

LogoEric and Alex Dolan, the founders of Neutun, are pleased to announce the launch of their new epilepsy tracking and monitoring solution. This tracking software has been developed specifically for the epileptics and functions through smartwatches and wearables. The Dolan brothers have revealed that this device agnostic and non-invasive technology will make life easier for the epilepsy patients, their family members, caregivers, and physicians. It is relevant to mention here that Neutun is not a diagnostic tool but is intended to be a seizure tracking tool for the epilepsy patients.

Looking for a New and Exciting Online Shopping Experience? iBuySell Are the Shopping Revolution

LogoSince the mid 1990's there has been a significant increase in the world of online shopping. More recently retailers have turned to mobile phone apps as sales channel of choice for their online stores and boutiques, as mobile phones have quickly become an essential every day device. However what these platforms provide in terms of shopping experience is still the same - a list of discount catalog items. What is missing? For shoppers - An interactive and engaging user experience while shopping deals that makes their time worthwhile! For Sellers - A platform that allows them to move their inventory quickly, get repeat customers and establish their brand without paying ridiculous fees and high upfront promotional costs. Launches, Revolutionizing Rules of Used Electronics Trading, a new site for selling and trading used electronics for cash, launched last week, effectively revolutionizing the rules of the used electronics business. introduces a unique, proprietary "select-ship-and pay system" that will ensure that users are secure and fairly compensated in a timely manner. A free shipping label facilitates the sales process. The site is intended for individuals who want to sell used electronic gadgets, such as smartphones, MacBooks, tablets, and so forth.

CCTV Catches Courier Delivering Package over Fence, Cricklewood Electronics Comments

Leading UK supplier of security systems, Cricklewood Electronics, have recently commented on the footage captured by CCTV which reveals how some postmen get goods to their customers when they aren't in.

Learn Dutch 6,000 Words Self-Learning App Appears in a New Avatar on Android App Marketplace

Learn Dutch 6,000 Words has been a frontrunner in the self-learning app segment for years. For Fun Easy Learn, the software development firm that has designed the app, Learn Dutch 6,000 Words has been the best bet to rise above the breakneck competition in the Android marketplace. The developers went one step further recently by completely redesigning app and releasing the updated app through Android marketplace.

Learn Swedish 6,000 Words App Gets a New Look from Developers at Fun Easy Learn

Learn Swedish 6,000 Words is a much popular Swish vocabulary learning app that has already crossed 500,000 million downloads on android app store. Fun Easy Learn, the app development firm that had designed the app, recently decided to give the app a fresh look. On behalf of Fun Easy Learn, a senior developer confirmed that the newly designed Learn Swedish 6,000 Words app has been redesigned and re-launched through android app store on October 10 this year.