Consumer Electronics Press Releases

GoldEye Solar Seeks Funding via Kickstarter to Start the Production of GoldEye Bar

Gold Eye Solar is a Canadian company comprising of a group of students passionate about renewable solar energy. The company operates with a vision to remain gentle on the environment and strives to make their products from recyclable materials. Their first product is GoldEye Bar, a solar panel portable charger for all laptops. Powered by solar energy, this power bank can be carried anywhere to charge up to 19V for laptops.

2016 DimensionU Department of Defense Math Games a Hit

Award-winning, educational video game developer, DimensionU, Inc. hosted the 3rd Annual Department of Defense Math Games Tournament this week at four military research laboratories around the country. Middle school students from four states competed in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade level teams. Each location represented a branch of the military and their respective STEM Outreach offices. Grade level teams from each location participated in five multiplayer rounds of mathematics-based video game play using DimensionU's gaming platform. Similar to other DimensionU competitive educational gaming events, the tournament took place in a virtual, first-person action video game world, where students compete and interact as teams solving mathematics problems. The tournament was augmented with live video communication across the four states, allowing students to see their respective challengers. Announces the Launch of the Best Facetime for Android App

The newly launched app at has made it possible to Facetime for android. Originally facetime was launched by Apple back in 2010 with their iphone 4 as a means for Apple users to connect with other users on a more personal level. Video calling is not something new however the best thing about facetime is that this app is integrated right into the phone dialer. Currently, facetime works only on Apple devices and so this app works only between the apple users. However, the good news is, there are several alternatives of facetime that are now available for android users. Some of the popular alternstives available are skype, fring, tango, etc.

GlobalShareWare's Brand-New Offering, iFoneMate Is the Ideal iPhone Data Recovery Software Boasting of Impressive Features

LogoWhen using an iPhone, there is every possibility that one may accidentally make an error causing important data to be lost. This data could be a photograph that may hold a special place in one's heart or it is also possible to get locked out of one's own phone due to accidentally forgetting the password or causing a jailbreak error.

Aut2Speak Announces the Release of iOS App

LogoAut2Speak, an app that bridges the communication gap for those with pre-verbal or non-verbal autism, has announced the anticipated iOS release.

Ezigarette Vergleich Names New Number One E Cigarette in Germany in Top Six Countdown

Electronic Cigarettes have revolutionized the way people enjoy inhalants. Combustible cigarettes use smoke, a byproduct of which is tar, to deliver nicotine and other substances into the blood vessels of the lungs for an immediate, rapid absorption. Electronic cigarettes use water vapor to achieve the same effect, and have become ever more popular as a result. Germany is one of the world's biggest users of electronic cigarettes, and Ezigarette Vergleich is a website dedicated to helping people find the best products on the market. They have just crowned a new king in PowerCigs after the release of a new product.

Tronicc Technologies Seeks Funding via Kickstarter to Introduce GoPack

LogoAlmost every person finds it extremely awkward to sit with their big, fat wallet in the pants' pocket. Searching through the cards to find the right one can be painful. Another common problem people face is the phone battery dying during the call. Carrying the bulky charger with cables is always a chore. With so many things to carry, people often end up misplacing their wallet, phone, or keys. Tronicc Technologies claims that the patent pending GoPack will solve all these problems.

Game Repair Inc. Has New Prize Schedule for July YuGiOh Tournaments in Las Vegas

LogoAs a premier video game store in Las Vegas, Game Repair Inc. has become a popular destination for YuGiOh tournaments, routinely offering new prizes to winners. Due to the widespread attraction of the tournaments, Game Repair Inc. is now hosting the action four days per week, and has recently announced the July prize schedule for each event.

Creator of Frusker's Countdown Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Development Funds

LogoFrusker's Countdown is an interactive video game that relies upon action, adventure and a cute character named Frusker who is racing to save the world.  "Frusker has only 30 days before the world is destroyed, and it is up to you, the player, to help him save the planet," says the game's creator.  "Frusker's Countdown was created to be enjoyable and challenging, no matter what your age or what type of games you normally like to play." Now, the creator of this game has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for development.

New Mobile "Crowd Cause Shopping" Platform Delivers Socially Responsible Shopping to Millennials

A new platform that merges commerce and social responsibility is aiming to help 92 million millennials collectively act on their desire to improve the world, all through the convenience of their mobile phones., an online retailer of consumer products, today announced the launch of its mobile-enabled "Cause Shopping" platform, where all purchases become meaningful contributions and support for worthy causes.

Choetech Announce They Have Chosen Amazon to Launch Their New Quick Charge 2.0 Charger

According to a new report, there are 7.22 billion mobile devices around the world, which means with there being an estimated 7.2 billion people on the planet there are more mobile devices than people. With so many mobile devices, the need for a quality charger that can provide a fast charge has become more important. Choetech, believe they have the best fast charger in the form of their Quick Charge 2.0 Charger.

Choetech Announce Their New Portable Phone Charger Will Be Released on July 15th

Choetech has become a popular name in the mobile device world. They have today announced the launch of their new portable phone charger will be released on July 15, 2015.

Cloforce Announces Release of iHydrate Version 1.3 in July 2015

Gregory Young, co-founder of Cloforce, announced that their popular iHydrate app has reached a significant milestone, acquiring over 60,000 users.

Hidden Rooms London Launches Brand New Escape Game Pop Up for New Nightlife Adventures

In London, every night is another chance to party. The night life in the capital is so rich that simply hanging out in a pub is no longer enough, and people seek new thrills and high adventure. As such, events companies are going out of their way to create the next immersive pop up event that will take the city by storm. The latest of these is Hidden Rooms London (, who has created a fun leisure activity in the shape of a prison break and chain reaction puzzle, the object is to escape a series of rooms before time runs out, in pairs or small groups of friends.

Revolutionary New USB Charging Device Set to Launch via Crowdfunding Campaign

LogoUSBeast Electronics has developed an on-the-go USB charging device that will change the way consumers charge their mobile phones, tablets, cameras and even the latest Macbook and Google Chromebooks. With the ability to utilize 2.1 amps of charging power, USBeast can charge a dead iPhone at least 6 times to a full charge without the use of a wall outlet and do so 4 times as fast.

New App Designed by College Dropout Revolutionizes How Students 'Do' Class

LogoFueled by innovation and a reverently irreverent approach, a new iPhone chat app just might change the way teachers teach. Putting smartphones front and center in classrooms worldwide, the ChalkChat app launches to help erase shyness and failing grades. How so? It creates a productive, anonymous social network for students within the class. By erasing the potential to be embarrassed, ChalkChat makes exchanging ideas in real-time a fearless endeavor.

Kickstrater Crowdfunding Campaign Launched for "The All" Action Adventure Game

Caret Games is a recently established independent studio which aims to develop new and creative "indie" games taking inspiration from classic loved games, the studio is currently developing a post-apocalyptic ARPG (action-role-playing-game) game which will allow players to play as the lead character the young dragon NIM on his adventurous journey of self-discovery and purpose. Caret Game requires funding and support of the generous online crowd who love and appreciate original and creative games, a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter has been launched with a funding goal of at least $18,000 to be pledged by Sun, Aug 30 2015.

Choetech Announce the Release of Their 19W Upgraded Portable Solar Charger

CHOETECH has today announced the release of their 19W Upgraded Portable Solar Charger, which is now available on Amazon.

CHOETECH Fast Car Charger Becomes a Big Seller on Amazon

CHOETECH, who has released their dual port USB fast car charger for Android and Smartphones are delighted their new mobile charger has been named the most reliable by consumers who have bought and rated the product.

Choetech Announce the Launch of Their Dual Port USB Adaptive Fast Charger

CHOETECH, who has released their dual port USB fast car charger for Android and Smartphones is delighted their new mobile charger has been named the most reliable charger by consumers who have bought and rated the product.

Edward M. Bernstein Launches Revolutionary New Feature Filled Car Accident App

Car accidents are far too frequent and often come with devastating consequences for those involved, even if the initial damage appears cosmetic. A simple whiplash can give people years of pain and restricted mobility in later life, while confidence in driving can also be shattered. All too often, the details of an accident are lost in the moment, making it very hard for people to pursue justice. To prevent this from happening, Las Vegas injury and accident lawyer Ed Bernstein has created a new app that will record all the information necessary, as well as offering other essential functions after a crash.

New Anonymous Messaging App 'AnoChatApp' for iPhone Now Available on the App Store

LogoAnoChatApp, as seen on the web at, is a completely safe and anonymous chat application that does not require users to enter any personal or identifying information when registering. The application allows users to communicate in SMS and MMS formats in both public forums and private messaging in total privacy, unlike other communication apps.

PlanetUs Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Bring to Market PKids

LogoPlanetUs claims that pKids is the smartest way to look after the loved ones at all times, and to be automatically informed if anything wrong happens to them. Over the years, there has been an alarming increase in the number of kids and elders lost because of several reasons. PlanetUs has come up with a security device that will alert users in real time whenever they are needed by a loved one. Offers Guide to Potential Buyers for Purchasing the Best Turntables has recently launched a buying guide to help people in search of the best turntables to make their best buy. It is very important for a commoner to have an ample knowledge about it before purchasing. And this is the reason why has come up with a comprehensive discussion in order to help the potential buyers.

Apps for PCs Hub Updates with New News and Reviews on Mobile Apps Newly Available for PC

Mobile phones are now incredibly powerful devices capable of running programs that require serious computing power, and many of these programs remain exclusive to the operating systems used by phones. This means that many of the most exciting new software are restricted during PC use, and this is a source of considerable frustration for many users. App For PCs Hub is a website dedicated to finding and sharing the best apps for PC and updating people when PC versions of mobile apps become available. They have just published a whole suite of new content on the latest developments.

Market Volume Releases Windows Compatible App Version of Stock Analysis Program, leading developer of analytical and charting solutions for technical analysis of stocks and market indexes, is pleased to announce the release of a Windows application to scan market and select stocks by various technical criteria. "The need to cross boundaries of personal computing when it comes to technical analysis has long been an issue we wanted to address. With the introduction of this Windows store app that's compatible with most Microsoft powered devices, integration and personal use can be widespread and easier even at home. Different versions of Windows operating systems have long dominated the global market share so it's natural that we feel the need to develop an app to address this gap first before any other platforms," explains Victor Kalitowski, an official company representative.

Dedalord Hopes to Attract More Gamers with Running Fred 2

Not so long ago, Falling Fred and Running Fred had captured everyone's attention with easy to play controls with average game graphics. And as indicated by some sources, Dedalord looks to keep the flame ablaze by developing another new version of the game titled as Running Fred 2. This latest addition is the sequel to Running Fred and is thought to be a game full of exciting and beautiful adventures. Similarly to the game's older versions, Running Fred 2 has been set up to be very alluring and addictive. They creators of the game has added some new options, hints, and other added features like new challenges, jumbled puzzles, and some awesome power-ups.