Consumer Electronics Press Releases

Revolutionary Carmuse Amplifier App Gives Personalized Hi-Fi Stereo Sound with the Move of a Finger

LogoTaking car amplifiers out of the dark ages and into the digital scene, Carmuse launches their innovative proprietary app. Poised to utterly thrill music enthusiasts, the app will amplify any type of music with the manipulation of a smartphone screen. Sidestepping unnerving firewall hassles, the car audio boon has a one-step installation process. Connecting the Carmuse app cable into the head unit's power outlet swings a Class D amplifier with the latest DSP tech into full motion. Making a car amplifier smaller, with lower heat dissipation, and less electricity consumption, Hi-Fi sound quality is now on tap.

France's National Health Agency Calls for Reducing Children's Wireless Exposures

On July 8, the French National Agency of Health Security of Food, Environment and Labour (ANSES) published a new scientific report "Radiofrequency Exposure and the Health of Children". Concluding that children are more vulnerable to radio frequency (RF) wireless exposures, the French report recommends immediately reducing exposures to wireless radiation from all wireless devices for young children. Acknowledging the inadequacies of current outdated RF regulations, ANSES recommends strengthening RF exposure limits with child protective safety margins and developing more sophisticated premarket test methods to fully assess human exposures to RF radiation from wireless devices. The new report has made headlines across the country.

Mobile Top-Up Company Remit2Globe Provides Convenience of Top-Up from Anywhere

LogoLondon based Remit2Globe mobile Top-up Company has announced that it has partnered with over 400 world's leading mobile operators in over 100 countries so that the user can top-up their phone or send credit home from anywhere. The user can also send mobile recharge Remit2Globe provides the best price. The process is smooth for online mobile recharge and payment is done securely. This facility provided by Remit2Globe is expected to help people living in different countries. Even if they are away from their country, they can easily top-up their phone from anywhere. With the convenience of recharge over 400 leading mobile operators at a low-cost top-up, the company is looking to become most popular international mobile recharge platform. All this is provided while ensuring security.

Synergy Way Now Offers a Broad Range of Web and Mobile Application Development Services

LogoIn the modern world of fast growing and advanced powerful web development projects, it seems not easy for a user to find a company that will be worth the attention and trust. With a rich selection of such companies offering high quality services, the choice becomes even more intricate and puzzling. With Synergy Way, clients won't have to be concerned with the quality issue anymore.

Introduction of the Advanced Mobile Ad by Overwin Internet Solution LTD Has Become a Success

LogoIt goes without saying that new advanced promo techniques keep emerging on the web these days and enjoy notable popularity with customers who value their time, effort and money. Using mobile devices on the go, people frequently underestimate the importance of promo techniques that can help them effectively advertise their businesses any time of the day. That is exactly why the new promotional technique specified in the press release published by the Overwin Internet Solution LTD has already become a success.

New Dating App Launched on App Store to Connect Sugar Daddies and Single Ladies

According to reports, the cost of going to college has become more expensive, and students are now finding themselves in more debt than ever before. Some educational experts have said the rising debt problem has started to put people off from going to college, but one company claims they have the answer. Sudy App, who has just released a new dating app said the way to reduce the debt problem and make college more affordable is to find a sugar daddy. Announce the Launch of New Features on Vine App, a popular social network that is used by millions of users has recently announced the launch of its new feature, trends page. According to the information provided at the site this new feature will highlight clips that go viral on the social network. In the recent years this particular social network has taken the internet by storm and the number of users is seen to be increasing each day. According to the information provided at the site, the newly launched feature has been developed with an aim to help users find out the origins of viral memes that are going viral on social network sites. In addition, this new feature will also allow users to choose track related vines, growing trend and watch the original video that started the memes.

Pokemon Go Spot Comes Up with Useful Tutorials to Download the Game on a Smartphone

Pokemon is one of the most loved games around the world. The game is available for smartphones and people in love with the game can easily download it using the playstore. Till now the game was mainly available for high end gaming devices like PS3, Nintendo, etc. Since the launch of game for both android and iOS devices huge amount of smartphone users are on the lookout to download it to play the game on the go. One of the blogs that is aimed at tutorials for downloading and playing the game is Pokemon Go Spot.

JD Sound Introduces the World's First Portable Club House DJ System GoDJ Plus via Indiegogo

LogoJD Sound is pleased to announce that their latest creation GoDJ Plus Portable DJ system can now be pre-ordered via Indiegogo. This fully functional DJ system boasts industry approved effects and high-quality built-in speakers. The company mentions that this product's powerful and flexible design will make it suitable for the smaller parties as well as a full clubhouse.

JD Sound Introduces the World's First Portable Club House DJ System GoDJ Plus via Indiegogo

LogoJD Sound is pleased to announce that their latest creation GoDJ Plus Portable DJ system can now be pre-ordered via Indiegogo. This fully functional DJ system boasts industry approved effects and high-quality built-in speakers. The company mentions that this product's powerful and flexible design will make it suitable for the smaller parties as well as a full clubhouse.

Knooop Helping Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Owners Save Money on Expensive Repairs

A new phone case has been launched on Amazon that is helping Galaxy S7 Edge owners avoid expensive repairs when a phone is accidently dropped or knocked. The Knooop phone case has become one of the most recommended phone cases on Amazon, generating continuous positive reviews from satisfied customers. Due to the success of the product, Knooop has announced they are providing a limited discount price on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge case.

Advanced Shopify Apps Are Now Available at Shopify.Mageworx

The number of ecommerce shops developed with Shopify keeps increasing each year. This is because the majority of people from all over the world have already realized and faced the benefits of online shopping apps and this platform makes it possible to create online shops with a vast list of commercial options. It is also possible to expand the basic functionality of these ecommerce shops using special extensions. With Mageworx Shopify Apps, this will no longer be a problem, because they contribute to the enhance of the efficacy of the Shopify ecommerce store's work.

Masscomedia UK Ltd. Seeks Kickstarter Funding for Their Upcoming Multiplayer 3D Game Ladders Up

LogoLadders Up 3D is a new concept by Masscomedia which brings Snakes and Ladders in a more innovative and more fun form. The game promises to challenge the players with unique rules and more play time.

Crowdfunding Campaign in Progress for the iRMimic - Making TV Simple Again

Master electrician and electronic engineer, Ron Mocogni wants to make TV Simple again through his new device, the iRMimic which syncs your TV, cable box, satellite, and other A/V components to make using a television easier and simpler just as it was in the good ol' days. The iRMimic project is currently in need of funding and Ron has taken the initiative to setup a crowdfunding campaign on the most popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The campaign will raise funds to cover the cost of tooling, manufacturing and various other expenses. The funding goal has been set for at least $75,000 USD to be raised before Mon, Aug 1 2016.

Samsung to Unveil Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Edition on July 7 with the Olympics-Themed Design

LogoThe 2016 Summer Olympics will be hosted in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with the opening ceremony taking place on August 5. For welcoming the upcoming Summer Olympics, Samsung, the biggest mobile phone manufacturer in Korea, is going to launch an Olympics-themed Galaxy smartphone: Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Edition. And the company confirmed on its German website that the Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Edition will be launched on July 7.

KioWare for Android Adds Samsung Specific Features

Analytical Design Solutions Inc. (ADSI) has released a new version of their KioWare for Android kiosk software, with new features for mobile device management.

PowerShot Is an App That Measures How Fast Users Can Kick, Hit, or Throw a Ball

LogoPowerShot, the revolutionary new app that combines technology, sport, and games to measures how fast users can kick, hit, or throw a ball, is live on Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life. The app not only measures statistics, but users are able to share, compare, and compete with others.

MobileHero Is a New Platform Disrupting the Task Economy with on-Demand Jobs and Work

LogoMobileHero, an all disruptive app and platform providing on-demand help with tasks and jobs, is live on three different crowdfunding platforms and raising funds to bring the bring the project to life.

mGage Provides SMS Channels for Harnessing the Power of Text Messaging

As one of the leading global mobile engagement providers in the nation, mGage offers an international SMS channel that helps business owners to establish a long lasting relationship with their customers, rather than simply building a faceless audience. This SMS channel can be utilized by the entrepreneurs for Tier 1 connectivity and plug-and-play FTEU messaging. Moreover, through this SMS channel, business owners can even process over 3 billion messages in a month, across 3 continents and over 550 operators, via 4 inter-connected global messaging hubs. Backed up with advanced technology, their SMS channel is sure to help businesses in creating brand awareness and reducing operational costs. With their team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals, the SMS channel services they offer not only fulfill the highest quality standards, but also assist business owners to create real time conversations whilst maintaining confidentiality. Reveals How to Make the Most out of Mobile Traffic is a fast-rising company that offers performance marketing based on CPM, CPC, CPI, and CPA reveals how business and enterprise can make the most out of mobile traffic. In this age and settings, it is undoubted that mobile traffic has a big impact on the overall performance and growth of a company and enterprise. Shares Valuable Information on How to Find the Best Mobile Ad Network, a fast-rising performance marketer company from Bulgaria shares valuable information on how mobile app creators and developers can find the best mobile ad network. When it comes to launching a mobile application, advertising and marketing is an important part of the overall venture. Because of this, encourages the creators and developers to make the most out of mobile ad network in order to reach a wider range of clientele that will download and utilize the mobile application. To do so, it is vital to find the best mobile ad network.

Terrace Wellness Group Using Indiegogo to Launch New Snapclarity Mental Health Support App for Youth

LogoWith 20 years of experience helping youth cope with mental health issues, the Terrace Wellness Group believes it's time to change how mental health care is delivered to Canada's young people. Their solution? The new mental wellness app: snapclarity™.

Drones Are Now Regulated in Australia

LogoVideo drones are everywhere, every electronic shop and toy store has attached a camera to a helicopter and called it a video drone. Until they hit a bird, get caught in a gust of wind or fly out of range and crash.

Make Dating Live Again with MPWH, One Herpes Dating App

Logo"I'm told that one should never date people who are living with herpes. But should it be a lifetime punishment to those who have been diagnosed with herpes? Why do they need to face the burden of big social stigma? Is their dating life determined to be dead?" Michelle Lee said, the MPWH APP Co-founder, she continued, "No, totally not. If you are living with herpes and have lost courage to date again, you will be relieved, because there is now a dating app that is aiming to make dating live again to people with herpes."

New Sports Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Noise Cancelling Receives Five Star Reviews on Amazon

Bplus has launched their lightweight and easy to use Sports Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with noise cancelling on Amazon with a special promotional price. The sports headphones make a perfect present for a loved one who appreciate quality sound without messy wires.