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Remote Digital Health Specialist myNEXUS Signs Mark Stern to Advisory Board

myNEXUS, the creator of revolutionary myLINK2Care™ home-based health management digital health system, announced the addition of Mark Stern to the company's Advisory Board. With decades of experience effecting health care industry innovation and transformation, Stern joins Eric Berger, Harvey Sigelbaum, Billy Tauzin, and Juan Vallarino on the myNEXUS Advisory Board. Stern and the other Advisory Board members will provide important, valuable guidance as myNEXUS grows and the company's revolutionary offerings further reduce health care waste, alleviate risk, and ultimately, develop better health outcomes.

Reverse the Trend Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Help Students Overcome Bullying

Reverse Order is an internationally touring rock band that came to prominence by becoming a semi-finalist on America's Got Talent. During one of their tours in 2012, they came across many students struggling with bullying and self-harming. Most alarmingly, some of them had attempted or were contemplating suicide. Many of the problems faced by these students were similar to those faced by the members of Reverse Order in their own lives.

TKO - A Human Experiment Misses SXSW Yet Will Pass on Austin Film Festival

LogoSouth By South West 2014 in Austin, Texas came and went like most festivals do; during it’s wake, there were performances from Justin Bieber, and even Twista who hasn’t been seen in a while. There was a lot of publicity, and it was even rumored a corner store had to lock down when Jay-Z and Beyonce entered into it’s store.

Bolt Restoration Now Deals with Insurers to Repair and Restore Damaged or Aging Roofs

Roofing can be damaged in all manner of ways, from extreme weather to aging, pollution to accidents within the home. However it happens, it represents the most structurally crucial element of a home and must be repaired. Unfortunately many insurance companies attempt to lowball their clients on repairs, leaving them out of pocket on essential maintenance. Bolt Restoration however will now champion their clients case to insurers to ensure they get the maximum claim amount to do the job properly.

Law Offices of Brandon T. Williams to Change Name to Williams & Javellana, LLP

The law has been created to protect people from wrongdoing, and one of the most essential elements of law is due process- the act of undergoing a trial to ascertain the truth of a situation before reaching a verdict. Unfortunately, individuals cannot rely on innocence to get the correct verdict without someone with in-depth knowledge of the law and the legal process. Brandon T Williams has long been an advocate for the accused, and his powers are now to be combined with those of fellow criminal defense attorney in Chico Mr. Javellana, to create a new law firm with twice the commitment, professionalism and power.

9NOVA Eliminates SEO Risk for Plastic Surgeons

Online Marketing has become one of the best ways to attract new clients for Plastic Surgeons, and, as a result, companies all over America are spending thousands each month to achieve high ranking for their website to grab a majority share of the people searching for their services. By improving SEO and Online Marketing, plastic surgeons are improving the chances of new clients and an increase in revenue.

Reflections of the Universe: 'Humorous Romance' Novel Fuses Intrigue, Suspense and Powerful Science Fiction

While Science-Fiction and Romance have long coexisted in the literary world, critics and readers are crying out for new material that doesn’t succumb to recycling of the ‘same old’ concepts. Thankfully, author J.L. Nebel is bucking the trend with gusto, through a wholly-unique new series. Announces 6 Month's Financing Option with Paypal

"Bill Me Later" is the new exciting offer that online shoppers can never resist. The leading online dress store brings this six month financing option where shoppers can purchase a wide array of attractive dresses with an interest-free financing with Paypal. The offer is valid until 30th June, 2014 for people to buy dresses without paying anything for six months.

One Can Make Adventurous Riding with Electric Bikes

Beach bikes requires robust frames. And since they are mostly used on sandy surfaces, the right balance is a matter of experience. Bikes in the marketplace have been a favorite thing for teenagers to buy which makes sea bike business to flourish. Although it used as the rich kid's toy in the 1960s and 70s, these bikes come from the sources trying to strive heavily with one another.

Global Coronary Stents Market 2014 - 2018 New Research Report

A coronary stent is a tiny mesh-like tube made up of thin wires of stainless steel, cobalt-based alloy with mechanism of self-expansion. Coronary stents are used to prevent artery blockages that may occur in patients after they undergo angioplasty. It acts as a support or scaffold, in keeping the vessel open, it helps to improve blood flow to the heart muscle and reduces the pain of angina. Stents are used to treat people who suffer from CVD, CHD and PVD, which occur as a result of hypertension, ageing, smoking, a sedentary lifestyle, a high cholesterol diet, and genes. Coronary stents such as Drug Eluting stents, Bare Metal stents and Bioabsorbable stents help in the risk of restenosis, which prevents narrowing or clogging. Thus, using coronary stents eliminates the need for repeated revascularization procedures and helps reduce arterial blockage and ensures smooth blood flow through the arteries.

Your Cavite Home Launches Providing Real Estate Listings and Advice for Cavite Philippines

The Philippines is a place of extraordinary natural beauty, and has found itself the subject of a great deal of international attention as a result of its very reasonable transfer rates, allowing Americans and Europeans to travel for less and still see breath taking scenery, fascinating cultures and enjoy luxurious treatment. As a result, many look to retire to the Philippines, and even Filipinos who live abroad wish to own a second home there. Your Cavite Home is a new website designed to meet those needs, with real estate listings for homes of all kinds.

ANZ Cloud Computing Market 2014-2018

Cloud computing is the use of computing resources that are delivered to customers with the help of internet technologies. When a company moves to a cloud-based service model it means that the company moves away from a traditional capital expenditure model to an operating expenditure model. Cloud computing offers its services through three fundamental models, namely SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS. SaaS is a model through which software applications, databases, or other data are made available to a customer through the use of the internet. IaaS is the provision of computing infrastructures with the help of internet technologies. PaaS is the delivery of a computing platform. The Cloud Computing market in the ANZ region is expected to grow at a high rate during the forecast period.

Matthew Lesko Proves Free Internet Money Now Better Than Government Grants

With the troubled economy, going to a bank and asking for a loan from the manager can receive a strange look. He can either stand there trying not to laugh, or he can stand there scratching his head wondering why a person is asking for a loan at a time banks are not lending. Trying to get money to start up a business of any type has become much harder and even trying to achieve a government grant can be a huge struggle. That is why Matthew Lesko, the Internet legend is advising people to turn to Crowdfunding if they want free money.

Topflight Mealworms LLC Supplies the Healthiest Live Mealworms to Zoos, Reptile Breeders, Private Pet Owners, Pet Stores, Bird Enthusiasts, and Fishermen

Contrary to what their name might convey, mealworms are not worms, Mealworms are darkling beetles in the larval stage. Breeding them enfolds permitting the beetles to mature and reproduce. Mealworms are widely used as feeder insects for a number of animals. Mealworm culture is undoubtedly a money making business in the western countries and cultured mealworms are available even in supermarkets to cater to the customers.

Fantastic Collections Announces the Dog Hammock Seat Cover for Cars

According to Statistic Brain, there are 74.8 million owned dogs in the United States, representing 39 percent of households. Mike Thomas, spokesman for Fantastic Collections (, knew that this would mean that many of those dog owners would want to transport their animals in their cars. Therefore, he has announced the existence of a product that is meant to make it easy to take dogs along without getting the car soiled with dog hair, muddy paw prints, water, and other such things. Fantastic Collections has posted a review of the product and offers a picture that allows users to see exactly how it works at a glance.

Tooth Guru Publishes New Guide to Dealing with Tooth Pain Using Handy Home Remedies

Tooth pain can be one of the most excruciating and distracting pains in the human body, and it is surprisingly resistant to common treatment. Painkillers don’t work well on tooth pain because they enter the whole blood stream and have a generalized effect. Local anesthetics however are not available without a prescription. Tooth Guru is a website dedicated to oral health, and has recently published a new guide to home remedies that can provide localized relief to those suffering from a tooth ache until they can get a dentists appointment to have it treated professionally.

New Website Aims to Help People Get in Shape and Find the Best Home Fitness Equipment

Lefamu Fitness is a new website that is geared towards exercise enthusiasts and hardened fitness fanatics, and is designed to help people lose weight, get in shape and achieve their fitness goals.

Abogado en Houston Offers Its Attorney Services in Houston

Criminal cases pervade the country in the present times and the laws have become stricter. If a person has been charged with a criminal case, he cannot expect to get out of it unless he has hired a criminal lawyer who is well versed with criminal defense laws. Criminal cases can have various types, such as felony charges, theft, sex crimes, assault charges, homicide cases, drug crimes, etc. These are cases that need to be handled by experienced hands in criminal defense. While all lawyers can undertake defense cases, the criminal defense lawyers have a thorough knowledge in the field.

3 Effortless Ways to Avoid Headache when Buying a Center Console Boat

Center console boats are the number one choice of hardcore fishermen. Anglers spend a lot of their free time on these types of boats. For a boat lover and fishing enthusiast the center console boat is more than just a vessel, it a friend and a companion. Nautical Ventures has recently released an online article as a guide for boat buyers to avoid headaches when they buy a new center console boat.

Nursery Tree Wholesalers Shows 6 Secrets to Growing Faster Bonsai Trees

Growing Bonsai trees has been an art that has been practiced in various Asian countries for many centuries. Over the last few decades the popularity and understanding of bonsai trees and caring for a bonsai tree has grown significantly in other parts of the world. Nursery Tree Wholesalers, classified as America’s Largest Bonsai Nursery, have recently shared 6 secrets to growing faster bonsai trees and ensuring healthy, beautiful bonsai trees. The Nursery Tree Wholesalers website states:

Feldman Feldman & Associates, PC Now Provides Legal Assistance for DACA Immigration Requirements

Working with some of the most experienced and practiced immigration attorneys in the country, Feldman Feldman & Associates, PC is now providing legal assistance for individuals seeking employment authorization under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. The immigration attorneys at this law firm can review and explain the DACA immigration requirements. Clients will not only receive guidance on how to make informed decisions regarding their application for deferred action, but the firm will also manage the legal formalities on their behalf. This immigration law firm will also advise on precautions to take to maximize the chance of a trouble-free stay in the US, should the deferred action program ends. In short, the team of experienced immigration lawyers at Feldman Feldman & Associates assists clients in preparing a complete plan of action.

Recreation and Sports Store Online Reveals the Top Bike Parking Racks for Residential and Commercial Use

Recreation and Sports Store Online is now featuring reviews of bike parking racks for residential and commercial use. These reviews are very timely as more and more people take to their bikes not only for recreation but to get to work and/or do their daily activities. “We couldn’t help but notice the increasing number of bikes on the street and those bikes need to be stored somewhere when their riders are inside their homes or at local businesses,” said a Recreation and Sports Store Online spokesperson. “For that reason we offer these comprehensive reviews of bike racks that can be installed by residential and commercial property owners.”

The Pool Matchmaking Launches Revolutionary New Dating Agency, Offering Premium, Confidential, Fully Customized, One-on-One Matchmaking Services to Men and Women with The

The Pool Matchmaking Agency, LLC announced today the launch of their new matchmaking and dating service created exclusively for singles with the Herpes Simplex Virus 1 & 2 (HSV) looking for dating, love and marriage. The revolutionary matchmaking company is the first of its kind in the United States, offering a premium service long denied to the HSV community.

AMG Services Announces Home Décor Competition

Keeping up with its tradition of interacting with its customers, AMG Services has planned a nationwide home decoration competition in collaboration with its media partner Home And Recreation. The participating homeowners will be able to compete for a variety of prizes and the winners will be featured on Home And Recreation as well as in the AMG Services' upcoming Best Homes catalog. Announces Offer of Custom-Made Wedding Dresses Services

Women who are looking for the perfect wedding dress can now visit the and they have a large collection of cheap wedding dresses . Moreover, one can request them to design a dress as per their requirements. The online dress store can provide the exact design that one would have in mind to make their wedding day special. According to the spokesperson, one just needs to send them the design or the picture of the dress and they will prepare the dress for the customer.

Enjoy an Ideal Mode of Transportation with Electric Bikes

These bikes are becoming another mode of transport mainly among health conscious and elder people in lieu of bikes or even cars. One of the best positive aspect of electric bike is their environmental friendly aspect since they do not take fuel for propulsion and thus save one’s money. Having an eco-friendly aspect is their best result to mankind as many vehicles now are polluting our environment. These bikes functions by rechargeable batteries and it takes nearly 4 hours to recharge the battery.

FiberOpticTools.Net Offers New Range of Low-Cost Fiber Cleaver and Scribes

Fiber optic installations and other related tasks require different equipment and tools in order to maximize the benefits of fiber optics. Looking at the rising costs of such equipments, FiberOpticTools.Net recently offered a new line of low cost fiber cleaver and fiber optic scribe equipments. The pricing of these equipment starts at $430 and the company ships the products within 24 hours, without charging any additional shipping costs.