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Extensive Broadband Adoption Benefits G-Fast Chips Market, Estimated to Rise to US$2.9 Billion by 2020

Market Research Reports Search Engine (MRRSE), a leading business intelligence reports portal, now carries a report titled ' G-fast Chips: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2014-2020'. The report, published by WinterGreen Research, is composed of 258 pages. The report delves on the fast-emerging G-fast chips market, which primarily serves broadband networks, and provides recommendations for growth. Thus, with the proliferation of broadband networks across virtually every industry worldwide, it has become clear now that the market for G-fast chips will simultaneously gain traction. This stands especially true in light of estimates that by 2025, the nearly all internet users will have access to the internet via broadband.

Marketing of America Announces Distrowire as a New Client

Marketing Of America has announced that they are now working with Distrowire an online business that specializes in fiber optic cables. Marketing Of America and Distrowire carefully chose to work together. They found that their values where aligned and that they both envisioned the same type of quality and ethical work that was needed to help Distrowire grow online.

Anderson Hair Sciences Center Completes the 100th ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration Procedure in the State of Georgia

The founder and director of the Anderson Hair Sciences Center, Dr. Ken Anderson, MD, ABFPRS, ABOTO, is proud to announce that he and his dedicated team of surgical technicians have completed the first and only 100 ARTAS robotic hair restoration procedures in the State of Georgia.

Beverly Hills Rent-a-Car of Las Vegas Announces Launch of Completely Redesigned Site

Beverly Hills Rent-a-Car of Las Vegas, one of the country's top providers of high-end car rentals, announced the launch of the company's newly redesigned website. Rebuilt from the ground up in order to make the company's offerings more easily viewable on the mobile devices that many of today's customers favor, the website is available immediately. As part of the project, the reservation process for booking a rental of one of the company's Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley or other exciting, prestigious cars has also been streamlined and improved.

Excitement Brews as the Wait for the Official Launch of Michelle's Book Comes to an End

Michelle Longega Wilson, an aspiring eight year old is very excited about the launch of her first mainstream book, “The Adventures of Giulia / Le avventure di Giulia” (a bilingual book in English and Italian). Since Michelle announced the launch of the book a couple of days back, the literary world has been bustling with excitement.

Best Window Tinting, Inc. Offers Significant Energy Rebates and Free Energy Analysis for Commercial Window Tinting

Best Window Tinting, Inc., a commercial and residential window tinting company in California, is offering significant energy rebates and free energy analysis for commercial window tinting. Businesses can now take advantage of energy saving programs that are currently offered by utility companies and the free energy analysis provided by Best Window tinting, Inc.

Canadian Construction Industry Is Expected to Record a CAGR of 5.07% to 2018, Reveals New Report

LogoThe Canadian construction industry recorded a CAGR of 8.43% during the review period. Growth was supported by private and public investments in infrastructure, residential and industrial projects. The outlook for construction is favorable, as a result of the government’s focus on country’s infrastructure and residential construction. Significant investment in low-cost residential projects to develop the housing system, and the implementation of the new Building Economic Plan to build the country’s infrastructure will support the industry’s growth over the forecast period. The construction industry’s output is expected to record a CAGR of 5.07% over the forecast period.

Global Electronic Warfare (EW) Market Is Expected to CAGR Growth of 2.48% During 2014 to 2024, Reveals New Report

LogoThe Global Electronic Warfare (EW) Market 2014-2024 report provides readers with a detailed analysis of both historic and forecast global industry values, factors influencing demand, the challenges faced by industry participants, analysis of industry leading companies, and key news.

Global & China Automotive Lighting Market to Grow 6.2% Annually to 2015

LogoGlobal and China Automotive Lighting Industry Report, 2013-2014 covers the followings:

Global and Chinese Electric Vehicle Industry 2014, New Report Launched

Logo2014 Market Research Report on Global and China Electric Vehicle Industry was a professional and depth research report on Global and China Electric Vehicle industry that you would know Global and China Electric Vehicle Industry market conditions. The report firstly introduced Electric Vehicle basic information including Electric Vehicle definition classification application and chain overview; international market and China domestic market analysis, Macroeconomic environment and economic situation analysis, Electric Vehicle industry policy and plan, Electric Vehicle product specification, manufacturing process, cost structure etc. Then introduced 2009-2014 Global and China Electric Vehicle capacity production market share supply demand shortage import export consumption etc.

Global Nano-Enabled Packaging Market for Food and Beverages Industry Will Reach $15.0 Billion in 2020

LogoPersistence Market Research ( is Published New Market Report Title “Global Market Study on Nano-Enabled Packaging For Food and Beverages: Intelligent Packaging to Witness Highest Growth by 2020”, the global nano enabled packaging market for food and beverages industry was worth USD 6.5 billion in 2013 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.7% during 2014 to 2020, to reach an estimated value of USD 15.0 billion in 2020.

Global Botanical Supplements Market Will Reach $90.2 Billion in 2020 - Persistence Market Research

LogoPersistence Market Research “Global Market Study on Botanical Supplements: Personal Care Segment To Witness Highest Growth by 2020,” the global Botanical Supplements market was valued at USD 54.6 billion in 2013 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.5% from 2014 to 2020, to reach an estimated value of USD 90.2 million in 2020.

Floor Coating Company Based in California Develops a Unique Way of Transforming Your Garage Into an Extra Room

Best Custom Coatings Inc., a floor coating company based in California, has developed a unique way of transforming your garage. Epoxy garage floor coating provides an economic way of turning the garage into an extra room, gym, office, playroom, and can even be used to create a stylish “showroom” for your beautiful cars.

AutoLightPros Announces Huge Summer Savings

LogoLeading aftermarket auto light store AutoLightPros has recently launched its summer savings sale. The program assure up to 33 percent discount on all new car lights.

California Company Launches Indiegogo to Self-Charge Phones

Search the internet and its impossible not to find a dissatisfied iPhone user. Their main complaint - battery time. One Los Angeles based tech company has come up with a durable, water proof and green solution using solar power and has launched an Indiegogo campaign to bring awareness of this remarkable new device and raise funds to put it through the manufacturing process and into the hands of consumers looking for that extra hour of battery power.

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Market - Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2020 by Persistence Market Research

LogoNext generation sequencing is a process of DNA sequencing to determine the precise order of nucleotides within a DNA molecule. Next generation sequencing technology enables rapid sequencing and produces million of DNA and RNA sequence with the use of next generation sequencer. Next generation sequencing (NGS) is also known as high-throughput sequencing. NGS has number of different modern sequencing technologies such as Illumina sequencing and Roche 454 sequencing. NGS provides a low cost and high throughput alternative for sequencing DNA as compare to traditional Sanger sequencing.

Molecular Diagnostics Market - Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2020 by Persistence Market Research

LogoIn-vitro diagnostics is a method of performing a diagnostic test to detect disease, condition or infection in an artificial environment. Molecular diagnostic is one of the major segments of in-vitro diagnostics market. Molecular diagnostics is used to measure and detect the presence of genetic material associated with specific disease. It is used to identify DNA and RNA at molecular level. Molecular diagnostics is a tool to improve clinical outcomes and medical decisions. Molecular diagnostic includes all tests used to identify a disease, by analyzing molecules such as DNA, protein or RNA in a fluid or tissue.

Cell Culture Market - Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2020 by Persistence Market Research

LogoCell culture is a process of removing cells from plant or animal and successive growth in an artificial and controlled environment. Cell culture is a major tool used in molecular and cellular biology. It is mainly of two types - primary cell culture and secondary cell culture.

Biosimilars Market - Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2020 by Persistence Market Research

LogoBiosimilars or follow-on biologics are biopharmaceutical drugs that are similar to approved biological drugs. Biosimilars are different from other generic drugs in terms of raw material and their manufacturing process. Generic drugs are composed of small molecules. However, biosimilars are composed of more complex molecules, such as human insulin and monoclonal antibodies. Many biosimilars are derived from plants, animals, bacteria, viruses and yeast. It is produced by recombinant DNA technology and controlled gene expression methods.

Forecast of Cellular M2M Services in Africa and the Middle East Till 2018

LogoCellular M2M Services in Africa & the Middle East a Telecom Insider report presents the different M2M market segments in the region and includes market sizing, forecasts, growth drivers and case studies. It analyzes the main developments and key trends in cellular M2M verticals, including the telematics/fleet management, utilities/smart city, consumer electronics, health, industrial, financial/retail and security sectors. This Insider also presents case studies of Vodacom in South Africa, M-KOPA Solar in Kenya, Etisalat in the UAE, Sequoia Technology in Mozambique and Turkcell in Turkey, examining how these different players approach the M2M opportunity. We conclude with recommendations.

Global Ophthalmic Devices Market Will Reach $2,685.1 Million in 2020: Persistence Market Research

LogoPersistence Market Research Released New Market Report “Global Market Study on Ophthalmic Devices: Asia to Witness Highest Growth by 2020,” the global ophthalmic devices market was valued at USD 29,171.5 million in 2014 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.5% from 2014 to 2020, to reach an estimated value of USD 42,685.1 million in 2020.

Thousands of Rwandans Descend on Atlanta to Meet Kagame, Reports KT Press

Over 3,000 Rwandans living in North America are travelling to Atlanta, Georgia (USA) this week to meet their leader President Paul Kagame, during the sixth edition of Rwanda Day, on September 19-20.

Beverly Hills Rent-a-Car of Hollywood Announces New Responsive Website

In Hollywood, nothing is merely regular. The same is even true of rental cars. Elsewhere, people might rent a Ford or a Toyota to get them to and from the airport with ease, but in Hollywood, it's possible to rent a Maybach or a Ferrari.

Beverly Hills Rent-a-Car of Los Angeles Announces Arrival of Three New Vintage Cars

Beverly Hills Rent-a-Car of Los Angeles today announced the arrival of three classic cars to its vintage lineup. The three cars, a 1963 Cadillac Fleetwood, a 1959 Cadillac DeVille, and a 1964 Corvette Stingray, are sure to please fans of the automobiles of yesteryear. According to the company, these cars aren't just old and classic, they're less expensive to rent than some may expect. This makes them excellent choices for those looking to make an event special without breaking the bank.

New Website Launched to Provide Regular and Updated News on Natural Health and Wellness

In times of health issues, most people rely on medicines for cure. However, it should be noted that there are many illnesses which do not need medication. Individuals can now cure minor health problems with the help of herbs or other natural healing medicines which do not contain chemicals. is a newly launched website that offers updated news and information on natural wellness and health remedies. According to experts, natural healing remedies are the best way to cure illnesses as it does not have any side effects.

Blason Mobile Accessory Store Introduces Attractive Iphone 6 Cases in Online Market

Blason has launched in the online market an easy to buy mobile accessories with lots of option to choose from. They are aiming to supply the finest quality mobile device accessories. The products that are found in this store are reasonably priced and they cater free home delivery to the given address at the earliest.

Consumer Action Law Group Now Helps Consumers Who Have Been in Auto Accidents

After an auto accident, it is absolutely critical to seek help for both medical claims and legal claims. Consumer Action Law Group is now Filing Claims for Car Accident Victims and helping anybody who has been in an accident, getting the best possible awards for those injured.