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Operating Room Equipment Market - Updated Research with Future Technologies Detailed Analysis 2015 - 2023

The operating room equipment market report evaluates each of the segments and its sub-categories in detail for market trends, recent developments, outlook, and opportunities. The market overview section of the report explores market dynamics such as drivers, restraints, and opportunities that currently have strong impact on the global operating room equipment market and could influence the market in future as well. Market attractiveness analysis has been provided in the market overview section in order to explain the intensity of competition between leading market players operating across the globe. All these factors would help market players to take strategic decisions in order to strengthen their market positions and increase their correspondent market shares.

Global Ammonium Nitrate Consumption 2016 Market Research Report

Market Research store provides research report on Global Ammonium Nitrate Consumption 2016 Market Research Report

PTCA Balloon Catheter Market in China to Grow at a CAGR of 14.75% over the Period 2014-2019; Finds New Report

LogoReport forecast the PTCA balloon catheter market in China to grow at a CAGR of 14.75% over the period 2014-2019.

Global Radiotherapy Market - A $10.20 Billion Opportunity, Reveals New Report

LogoThe global radiotherapy market is a widely growing sector in recent years and is driven by factors such as increasing number of cancer patients and untapped market in some emerging countries. However factors such as expensive treatments, adequate infrastructure and adequate skills and training are hampering the market growth. The external beam radiation therapy is the largest segment of the Radiotherapy market followed by internal beam radio therapy, the global radiotherapy market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.65% and reach US$10.2 billion by 2022 from $6.1 billion in 2014.

Global Sports Medicine Market - A $53.60 Billion Opportunity, Reveals New Report

LogoSports medicine is about preventing and treating the athletes and any other people indulged in physical activities from injuries, the global sports medicine market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.8% and reach US$53.6 billion by 2022 from $31.5 billion in 2014.

Bearings Market in India to Grow at a CAGR of 12.03% over the Period 2014-2019; Finds New Report

LogoReport forecast the bearings market in India to grow at a CAGR of 12.03% during 2014-2019.

Global Wearable Computing Market - A $39.64 Billion Opportunity, Reveals New Report

LogoThe factors influencing the market growth include, Increasing Smart watches, Wristbands, Wearable Health & Medical Devices, the global wearable computing market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 44.99% and reach US$39.64 billion by 2022 from $2.03 billion in 2014.

Advanced Driver Assistance System Market in North America to Grow at a CAGR of 12.78%; Finds New Report

LogoReport forecast the ADAS market in North America to grow at a CAGR of 12.78% during 2014-2019.

Global Market for Dynamic Volt VAR Control Architecture to Grow at a CAGR of 15.7% over the Period 2014-2019; Finds New Report

LogoReport forecast the global market for dynamic volt VAR control architecture to grow at a CAGR of 15.7% during 2014-2019.

LED-Based Lamps in Explosion-Proof Lighting Is Expected to Reach US $303 Million by 2022, Finds New Report

LogoThis 2015-2022 market forecast of the American, European/Middle Eastern and African (EMEA), and Asia Pacific (APAC) regional consumption is presented for selected LED-based lamps in selected applications, which require explosion-proof lighting solutions.

Sales Revenue for Biosimilars in the U.S. Is Expected to Be $1.9 Billion in 2015 and Increase to $11 Billion by 2020, Finds New Report

LogoBiosimilars are highly-similar versions of biological drugs that are indicated for cancer, kidney disorders and a wide range of autoimmune diseases. Originator biologics are the most expensive drugs in the pharmaceutical industry and many of them cost nearly $100,000 per patient per year. These expensive biologics impose a heavy financial burden on patients and healthcare systems, limiting easy access and optimal care. Patent protection for some of the biologics has already expired and many more are to lose patent rights between now and 2020. This has given an opportunity to biotechnology companies to develop and market biosimilars with a cost benefit of about 20% to 30%.

The New Report Examines Technological and Market Enablers for Video Piracy of OTT and Digital Media, Now Available from

LogoPirated content affects the bottom lines of content companies, service providers, and content creators through lost revenues and lost asset value. This report examines previous piracy incidents and the lessons learned, current piracy and content security concerns, and future piracy threats to the content industry. The report includes a five-year forecast of revenues lost due to pirated content.

Memphis Festivity Rentals Launches New Website to Promote Party Installations Online

Summer parties are some of the best parties of the year, as the warm weather and sunshine make so much more possible. Individuals are able to enjoy bouncy castles, water slides, dunking machines and so much more, and parties that provide these fun opportunities to let off steam are far better attended than those without. Memphis Festivity Rentals is a company that specializes in providing these and other amusements for outdoor parties. They have just launched a website designed to promote their work online to local residents.

Reducing Global Warming Through Better Air Conditioning: Gradwood Comments

According to recent research, it has been estimated that improvements in the efficiency of air conditioning could have a beneficial impact in reducing climate change. The calculation involved estimates that up to 1,2000GW of electricity production could be avoided through improved efficiency of air conditioning systems. The lower usage of electricity will allow for a potentially more sustainable system in the long-term. As many companies rely on air conditioning, especially in the summer months, the news could appear as an incentive to consider their efficiency.

Advanced Phase Change Material (PCM) Market - Global Industry Size, Share, Trends Analysis to 2020

LogoMaterials that can store latent heat (energy released or absorbed by a material or a thermodynamic system at constant-temperature process) during the phase transition are called phase change materials (PCMs). PCMs latent heat transition can be achieved with solid-solid, solid-liquid, solid-gas, and liquid-gas phase change. However, only solid-liquid phase change is used in advanced PCMs at commercial level, since other methods required large volume and high pressure.

Commodity Chemicals Market - North America Expected the High Growth Rate by 2014-2020

LogoCommodity chemicals (bulk chemicals) are a group of chemicals that are made on a very large scale and act as intermediates to produce other chemicals, which, in turn are used to produce a extensive range of end-user products including construction materials, adhesives, plastics, apparel and tires. Commodity chemicals are the largest sub-segment of the chemical industry. Commodity chemicals are commonly traded under broad categories such as organics, inorganics, plastics resins, synthetic rubbers, fibers, films, explosives and petrochemicals. These broad categories include chemicals such as, acetic acid, acetone, acrylate esters, adipic acid, acrylonitrate, benzene, bisphenol, butadiene, butanediol, butyl acetate, hexane, melamine, polyvinyl chloride, propylene, methanol, methyl, glycol and glycerines. These chemical are very low in product differentiation, and hence making price the dominant economic factor in purchasing decisions for the end users.

Specialty Chemicals Market - APEC to Exhibit the Fastest Growth by 2014-2020

LogoChemical exist in different form such as solids, liquids, gases or plasma and one form can be changed to another by applying temperature or pressure. Chemical reaction is used to convert one chemical substance into another. Chemicals are used nearly by every industry and economic sector of the country such as energy, oil and gas, agriculture and consumer and retail sector.

CAD Market in the Automotive Sector in APAC 2015 Research Report by Market Research Store

LogoCAD Market in the Automotive Sector in APAC 2015-2019

Diesel Gensets Market - North America Has the Largest Growth Followed by Europe

LogoDiesel gensets supply electrical power to households and industries during power-cuts and power deficiency to prevent discontinuity in daily activities and business operations. Diesel gensets works on the principle of conversion of kinetic energy into electrical energy. Diesel gensets are made up of an internal combustion engine (IC engine) which is fuelled by diesel and alternators (electrical generation unit). Based on power production capacity or power rating, diesel gensets are broadly classified under four categories, namely low power rating (below 60 kilowatts), medium power rating (60 kilowatts - 300 kilowatts), high power rating (300 kilowatts - 1 megawatt), and very high power rating (1 megawatt and above).

Water Pump Market - Asia Is Expected to Experience High Growth Rates by 2020

LogoWater pumps are one of the most important mechanical devices with application in several industries and households. Growing urbanization and industrialization in the developing countries and increasing use of water pumps in industries is driving the demand of water pumps market globally. Based on end user applications, water pumps are categorized under four segments namely industrial water pump, municipal water pump, agricultural water pump, and domestic water pump.

Global Industrial Gases Market - Size, Share, Trends Analysis to 2020

LogoGroup of gases, particularly manufactured for use in various industries are popularly known as industrial gases. These gases are formed at ambient temperature and pressure. Industrial gases are chemicals that can be either elemental gas or chemical compound, organic or inorganic in nature, having low molecular weight. Industrial gases are known by different names across different industries such as specialty gases, medical gases, fuel gases and refrigerant gases. Nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, argon, hydrogen, helium and acetylene are some of the common industrial gases used in the market. Also, variety of these gases and their mixture contained in gas cylinders are sold in the market. Balloon helium and medical oxygen are two well known industrial gases used by general population at large.

Global Masterbatch Market - Industry Analysis to 2020-2021

LogoMasterbatches are solid or liquid mixture of additive or pigments used for coloring or enhancing other properties of polymers such as UV stabilizing, flame retardation, antistatic and antilocking. Masterbatches can be used by several technological methods including injection, blow, spinning and others. Growing end user markets such as packaging, automobile and healthcare is boosting the demand of masterbatch market. Moreover, increasing demand of plastics from construction and luxury goods packaging industries are further driving the global masterbatch market. Among the end-user industries, packaging accounts for the largest share in global masterbatch market. Packaging industry uses all types of masterbatches, wherein color and white masterbatch are the most commonly used segments. Food and beverages manufacturers' increasing interest in enhancement of packaging colors is escalating demands for the color masterbatches.

Global Specialty Carbon Black Market - Asia-Pacific Has the Largest Share Followed by North America and Europe

LogoSpecialty carbon black is a high-end refined chemical manufactured by burning of hydrocarbons in limited air supply. Specialty carbon black or pigment black is the purest form of carbon black with lower level of ash, sulfur and metals along with other impurities. Specialty carbon black is made by using four processes namely furnace black, thermal black, acetylene black and lampblack. Specialty carbon black is a segment of carbon black where other segments include rubber and commodity carbon black. Specialty carbon black had a share of about 9% in 2013 in the global carbon black market.

Global Membrane Cleaning Chemicals Market - Asia-Pacific Expected to Dominate the Market in Coming Future

LogoThe membrane separation technology has been widely adopted in the industries and households for water softening and water treatment due to its cost-effectiveness. Membrane separation process is also gaining popularity in wastewater treatment applications in industries and municipalities across the world.

Personal Care Chemicals and Ingredients Market - North America Has the Highest Market Share by 2020

LogoIn the past few years, personal care products have become part and parcel of consumer's life. It includes array of product such as soaps, liquid soaps, hair gel, hail oil, shampoos, anti ageing face creams, sunscreen products and moisturizing lotions. Chemicals and ingredients used in personal care product ranges from basic metallic salts of fatty acids used in ordinary bath soaps to the high end cosmoceuticals that offers beautifying properties of cosmetics with useful benefits of pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

Metal and Ceramic Injection Molding Market - Global Industry Size, Share, Trends Analysis to 2020

LogoMetal injection molding (MIM) and ceramic injection molding (CIM) are advanced manufacturing technology used in manufacturing of complex, precision, net shape components from metal and ceramic powder respectively. Together these two technologies are popularly known as powder injection molding (PIM). Metal and ceramic injection molding technology offers the design flexibility for unlimited choice of material offered by powder metallurgy (powdered metal and ceramic).

Oilfield Process Chemicals Market - North America Expected the High Growth Rate by 2014-2020

LogoOilfield process chemicals are used in exploration and various extraction stages such as surfactant flooding and caustic flooding at oil and gas refineries or reservoirs. Oilfield process chemicals are used in separating gas from oil or separating oil from gas. Further Oilfield process chemicals control corrosion, fluid loss, waxes, bacteria, hydrogen sulfide and foam. It is also responsible for removal of water vapor, acid gas separation, and heavy hydrocarbon separation from the gases.