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Isolation IQ Offers IT Troubleshooting Management Online Course to Build a Highly Efficient Technical Team

Raising confidence and productivity levels for IT teams Isolation IQ launches an online education course that takes the guesswork out of troubleshooting. The course provides 16 lectures and 2.5 hours of content education that elevates the skill set of every member of a manager’s technical team. Providing training for a process with specialized procedures, the online course helps technicians learn how to identify problems at their core. Noel Temena, Founder of Isolation IQ said of the IT training course, “Too many times technicians focus on fixing the problem rather than identifying it. Depending on their skill set, they often go on an exploratory process that’s too often guided by emotional reactions. That tact is nearly impossible to manage. With our online course we give managers and their teams the tools they need with a more standardized approach.”

System Insights Vimana Captures Media Attention Increasing Machine Tool Productivity

Manufacturing journalist, Thomas R. Cutler recently contributed a feature article titled, “Improving Equipment Utilization with vimana,” published in Cutler reported, “System Insights’ vimana integrates with a wide range of modern and legacy factory equipment using the MTConnect open standard for machine tool data interoperability.”

iHomefinder Welcomes New Client Ivy Arnold of Parks Properties Nashville

iHomefinder is pleased to welcome new client Ivy Arnold of Parks Properties Nashville. Ivy has selected iHomefinder’s WordPress IDX solution to enhance her website and online marketing presence. She applies a unique blend of marketing savvy and business acumen to each of her real estate transactions. Ivy lives and works in Nashville and her deep local area knowledge is a true asset to her clients. With iHomefinder WordPress IDX, Ivy offers her clients and website visitors a fast, reliable online property search experience. iHomefinder has been a leader in MLS/IDX property search for over fourteen years.

iHomefinder Announces New WordPress IDX Client Showcase Properties

iHomefinder is pleased to announce that Showcase Properties has become a new WordPress IDX client. Showcase Properties is a local St. Cloud, Minnesota real estate brokerage that provides superior customer service delivered by agents who specialize. This brokerage serves real estate clients in the Greater St. Cloud, Minnesota area and has agents who focus specifically on communities like Albany, Albert Lea, Willow River and Wood Lake. With iHomefinder IDX on their website, Showcase Properties provides a fast, accurate property search experience for their visitors and clients. They've also improved their online real estate marketing presence with powerful lead generation capabilities. iHomefinder has been an industry leader in IDX/MLS property search and lead capture for over fourteen years. With Office and Agent Pages, Interactive Map Search and Mobile IDX, iHomefinder IDX is helping Showcase Properties offer their clients the best available resources for their home search process.

System Insights Vimana Research Toolkit Facilitates Big Data

System Insights, the leading global supplier of manufacturing software in machining based, discrete and process industries, developed an R-package called the ‘vrtk,’ essentially a set of tools for reading and working with data from the vimana platform. William Sobel, CEO of System Insights explained in the company’s blog, “‘vrtk’ is short for ‘vimana Research ToolKit’ or ‘vimana R ToolKit’. It is intended to be an open-source set of the basic tools needed to read and work with data. It is built to work with manufacturing data obtained from System Insights. The motivation behind the project is simple -- to facilitate research using data obtained using the vimana platform. Anyone, in the possession of vimana data should not have to reinvent the wheel in trying to import it into R in the right formats, converting timestamps. This is where the vrtk comes into the picture.”

Industry 4.0 and Vimana by System Insights Featured in Industrial Automation

According to manufacturing journalist, Thomas R. Cutler, in the current issue of Industrial Automation, “OEE is a composite metric, combining machine availability, part quality, and schedule adherence. At best, OEE conflates each of these individual aspects of productivity, and at worst, OEE incorrectly inflates a device's productivity by one of the three metrics, overwhelming the others.” System Insights is profiled as a fast-paced, ever-changing company of automation impacting manufacturing, material handling, and logistics.

System Insights Leads 2014 Automation Trends According to

According to manufacturing journalist, Thomas R. Cutler, “System Insights overcame the limitations of OEE by developing the vimana platform; vimana is a next generation software platform with real-time pattern matching and historical machine learning capabilities which makes sense of data from multiple shopfloor sources using the MTConnect standard.”

Industrial Automation 2014 Indicators Includes Industry 4.0 and Vimana by System Insights

The current issue of Industrial Automation includes a feature article by manufacturing journalist, Thomas R. Cutler who profiled the past-paced, ever-changing elements of automation impacting manufacturing, material handling, and logistics.

System Insights 2014 Automation Trends Profiled in

The current issue of includes a feature article by manufacturing journalist, TR Cutler who shared information about the past-paced, ever-changing elements of automation impacting manufacturing, material handling, and logistics.

Rainbow Auto Center Launches New Website

Web design company Powerphrase, recently launched a new site for auto repair, Hayward, CA based Rainbow Auto Center. Rainbow Auto Center has been providing auto body repair services to Hayward and Northern California since 1929. A large part of the company's staying power in the competitive auto body repair market is their attention to detail as well as their versatility. In addition to auto maintenance and car accident repair, they also offer auto glass repair and auto painting. These services combined with their 24/7 towing services, state of the art repair facility and team of fully trained technicians has made Rainbow Auto Center into one of the premiere auto repair body shops in Northern California.

Five Ways Financial Advisors and Insurance Agents Can Generate Their Own Leads, Inexpensively

LogoBrokerville has released “Five Ways Financial Advisors and Insurance Agents Can Generate Their Own Leads,” a tutorial that teaches advisors how to generate leads the right way using

Autodesk and System Insights Partnership and Joint Solutions on Display at Autodesk University 2013

System Insights and Autodesk announced today that they are teaming to build solutions to marry 3D spatial modelling with real-time manufacturing data analytics. The first glimpse of these capabilities will be presented at Autodesk University 2013 in Las Vegas, December 3-5.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness Drives Misunderstanding of Data Collected

Dr. Athulan Vijayaraghavan, CTO (Chief Technology Officer) with System Insights recently explained why the OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) metric of availability is inadequate. Too often there is a common refrain from clients and prospects who report: "I have had monitoring and OEE solutions in our shop before and have extracted little value from them."

Production Efficiency Not Measured by Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Dr. Athulan Vijayaraghavan, CTO (Chief Technology Officer) with System Insights recently explained why the OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) metric is deficient for evaluating production efficiency. Dr. Vijayaraghavan suggested, “vimana is in contrast to OEE software because we help manufacturers understand when a parts is being produced by looking at all the data items the machine is generating. This goes well beyond just knowing when the machine is In Cycle - which is what OEE software can do. This basic Utilization data can easily be manipulated to be artificially high, but by looking at the vimana producing metric there is a true picture of when parts are actually being made.” With vimana, energy use is optimized and the environmental impact of operating machine tools is reduced. The vimana product goes beyond simple data aggregation, and helps manufacturers increase device utilization, reduce scrap rates, decrease unplanned downtimes, and improve profitability. By improving machine utilization and reducing energy consumption, vimana clients are saving between $30-100K per machine, per year. About System Insights System Insights, ( based in Berkeley, California, with offices in Chennai, India, is a leading global supplier of manufacturing software in both machining based, discrete and process industries. The SI flagship product - vimana - delivers predictive analytics solutions to improve client’s efficiency, productivity, and profitability. vimana provides these data while enabling customers to realize sustainable manufacturing objectives. The vimana software platform delivers a unique combination of Cloud Computing and Big Data capabilities that sets out to revolutionize the economics of manufacturing. System Insights is a proud member of both AMT (Association for Manufacturing Technology) and NTMA (National Tooling and Machining Association). Follow System Insights on Twitter @systeminsights.

Now Enhance Overall Business Performance with Citrix Virtual Desktop at GridCSP

GridCSP, an acclaimed cloud service provider, now offers Citrix virtual desktop to clients, thus enhancing overall business performance. These virtualization solutions from Citrix are the primary enabler of GridCSP’s virtualization products and solutions.

CNA Edu Responds to Recent Media Coverage with Expansion of Nursing Career Resources

The healthcare system in America is in need of reform, but until then existing medical professionals must do what they can within the current system. The problems and challenges they face can often seem daunting, and qualified nursing assistants do a vast amount of support work that prevents doctors and other professionals from becoming overwhelmed. Due to improvements in the treatment of disease and increased life expectancy, the strain is at an all time high, and there is a chronic shortage of certified nursing assistants. CNA Edu is a website designed to change that.

System Insights COO Explains That Overall Equipment Effectiveness Software Does Not Provide Reasons for Production Disruptions

Richard Moran, COO of System Insights, recently detailed one of the deficiencies of OEE (overall equipment effectiveness), namely that OEE software does not provide the reasons for production disruptions. Moran said, “Understanding the causes of production disruptions and losses on the shop floor, including machine breakdowns, poor quality, material starvation, and incorrect operation is essential to improving production efficiency. OEE software cannot do this automatically, but rather relies on operator input.”

Vimana Finds Hidden Data Trends Unlike OEE Solutions

Dr. Athulan Vijayaraghavan, CTO (Chief Technology Officer) with System Insights shared how vimana has a powerful data mining engine on the backend and can find hidden trends in the data. The hidden trends in the data could include the actual part handling time, the actual cycle times to make a part, the variation in the overrides during producing, differences between planned and actual process parameters, and using historical data from the machine tools.

Q - ARS - An Easy Way to Capture the Audience Mind with Technology

Audience response system or ARS software are fast becoming an integral part of any meeting or presentation. San Francisco Convention and Meeting Planners or SFCMP is now introducing brand new ARS software named Q-ARS. The system is created with the sole aim of enhancing interactive learning. A persistent doubt about whether any person is actually listening to them always prevails in the mind of every speaker, no matter how talented they are. Audience response system is a great way to find out the pulse of the viewers and change the topic based on their priority.

Longevity Welding Offers Portable and Powerful Stick Welding Equipment

Longevity Welding has proven itself in the market to offer portable and powerful stick welding equipment for professionals and hobbyists. With our stick welders, we offer solutions for varied amperage settings so you can weld all of the most popular and hard to penetrate stick rods.

14-Year Old Invents Snapz Socks to Solve the Missing Sock Problem: Makes Washing and Folding Socks a Snap

LogoSnapz USA, inventor of Snapz™ socks, launched a crowdsourcing campaign on Indiegogo to promote its new “Wear, Snap, Wash, Dry, Toss™” line of snap together hosiery. The campaign can be found at

Ellen Terry Chooses iHomefinder's Optima IDX Solution

iHomefinder is pleased to announce that Ellen Terry of Briggs Freeman has chosen the Optima IDX solution for her website. For over 36 years, Ellen has served Dallas Metropolitan Area buyers and sellers with business expertise, exceptional customer service and the highest standards of ethics and integrity. Ellen offers her clients deep knowledge of the local market and her years of extensive experience. She represents buyers and sellers specifically in the areas of Park Cities, Preston Hollow, Bluffview, Greenway Parks, Turtle Creek/ Uptown, Lakewood and North Dallas. With Optima IDX on her website, Ellen provides clients with a quick, accurate online home search experience. Now, Ellen offers excellent home buying and selling services both online and offline. iHomefinder has delivered best-in-class MLS/IDX search technologies for over fifteen years. Saved Search Pages, Mobile IDX and Featured Listings are just a few of the ways in which Optima IDX helps Ellen better serve her clients and prospects online.

OEE Software One Size Fits All Approach Lacks Flexibility According to Will Sobel CEO of System Insights

Will Sobel, CEO of System Insights, recently detailed one of the deficiencies of OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) software, forcing a one-size-fits approach for all shops, regardless of their individual requirements. Sobel suggested, “These generic OEE solutions offer no flexibility or customizability in how the metrics are defined. vimana gives users capabilities to create and view metrics that are appropriate for their plant and solve their problems.”

CTO of System Insights Reports OEE Software Fails to Help Manufacturers Understand Data Collected

Dr. Athulan Vijayaraghavan, CTO (Chief Technology Officer) with System Insights recently explained why the OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) metric of availability is inadequate. Too often there is a common refrain from clients and prospects who report: "I've had monitoring and OEE solutions in our shop before and have extracted little value from them."

Michael Marshall Releases 'Do You Miss Me' Video Directed by Official Multimedia

RnB and Hip Hop Soul are giant genres with some of the world’s highest grossing musical acts, but it was not always the case. As the genre was becoming mainstream recording artists who did not fit comfortably in the rap bracket were left behind, including those who pioneered the style now so popular with young artists. Michael Marshall was one of those pioneers, and he has returned to the scene with a fourth solo album entitled Simply Meezy, from which the first single, ‘Do You Miss Me’, has been released with a music video.

GridCSP Now Helping Small Companies to License Cloud Technology in Desktop Hosting

GridCSP now helps small and mid-sized companies financially to license cloud technology in desktop hosting. GridCSP, being a trusted and secured name in hosting virtual desktop providers, is giving an opportunity to small scale companies to launch themselves into this new world of connectivity.

Sweet Magnolia's Kitchen Offers Traditional African American Recipes

LogoEveryone delights in the world of healthy and tasty food, but only a few are blessed with the unique skills of cooking. Magnolia is one among the few who was chosen to receive the exquisite recipes passed on by her ancestors. The website is dedicated to the expert cook Magnolia, and it offers a number of African American traditional recipes for food and cooking lovers. The visitors to this website will get a free welcome gift from Magnolia. People can shop for different types of mouthwatering and delicious country desserts recipes in order to test their culinary skills; a portion of this website proceeds are said to be kept apart for non-profit organizations supporting children, elders and the homeless.