Press Releases For CA - Oakland-Fremont-Hayward (US)

System Insights Awarded Research Contract by the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute

System Insights (SI) has been awarded a national contract research award by The Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII). The DMDII, a UI LABS collaboration, announced that it has issued six national contract research awards, including funding to test and aid compliance with the nation's cybersecurity standards for digital manufacturing. The projects span several digital manufacturing disciplines, but each reflects the core mission of DMDII: propelling the field of American digital manufacturing and design forward.

Global Syn-Turf and High Performance Turf Announce Strategic Partnership

Global Syn-Turf, Inc., the leading manufacturer in the artificial grass industry, is pleased to announce its new strategic partnership with High Performance Turf, a leading one-stop resource for synthetic turf and landscape supplies in Fresno, California. With a broad assortment of artificial grass and landscaping supplies, Global Syn-Turf makes it possible to shorten delivery time, minimize risks of the inventory deficiency, and increase sales by providing comprehensive collection of synthetic turf and ensuring high standards of quality, performance and aesthetics.

LONGEVITY Offers a Range of TIG Tungsten Electrodes at the Market's Best Prices

TIG welding is the most versatile form of welding that has the ability to produce some of the best welds and is broadly utilized by welders all-round the globe. Considering the importance of TIG welding, LONGEVITY is providing a range of TIG Tungsten Electrodes at the most competitive prices. TIG Welders looking for one-of-a-kind tungsten electrode for their needs can select from the range, available for sale at the company's official online store, From their wide range that includes Lanthanated Tungsten Electrodes, Ceriated Tungsten Electrodes and Thoriated Tungsten Electrodes; individuals can select their desired tool at reduced rates.

Dr. William Brown, Bay Area, CA Sports Hernia Specialist, Publishing Sports Hernia Newsletter

LogoDr. William Brown recently began publishing an e-newsletter, SH News. The newsletter contains the most accurate and current information on sports hernias and their treatment. SH News is geared to both medical and athletic audiences. Those interested in subscribing can sign up to receive SH News on Dr. Brown's website,

Prosperity Movement EP Drops July 14

LogoJuly 14, 2015, the world will be greeted by the rhythms from an artful compilation of Reggae-Urban World fusion with the release of Prosperity Movement, a beautifully crafted EP from the record label of the same name.

Underwater Resources, Inc. Relocates Headquarters and Improves Online Experience

Underwater Resources, Inc., a marine construction and underwater welding company operating out of California, is pleased to announce that it has relocated its headquarters from San Francisco, CA to San Leandro, CA. To coincide with this move, the company has also consolidated and streamlined its online presence through an updated website and comprehensive online branding campaign.

LONGEVITY Now Offers WELDMAX 185i on Sale

Welding plays an important role in any construction task, whether it involves fusing metals, or providing stiffness to the scaffolds. It is a highly skillful task, which is needed to be carried out by the professionals to avoid accidents or mishaps from occurring. To provide reliable welding equipment for the needs of welders, LONGEVITY is now offering WELDMAX 185i on sale. Priced for just $1,583.39, individuals can get this welder equipment directly from the company's official online store, The item code for purchasing this welder online is 444523.

Get Free Gloves and 10pk of Tungsten with PROMTS 200i from Longevity Global Inc.

Welding tools and machineries are a must for professionals who undertake big construction and development projects. Helpful in fusing metals permanently and providing stiffness, welding machines are a welder's best partners. To meet the needs of its customers, Longevity Global Inc. is now offering PROMTS 200i on sale.

Global Syn-Turf Congratulates Bernhard Langer with His Victory at the Belmont Country Club

LogoGlobal Syn-Turf, the largest artificial grass manufacturer in the United States, congratulates Bernhard Langer with a hugely successful week at the Belmont Country Club and his 81st victory at the Constellation Senior Players Championship. Bernhard Langer two-times Masters champion, won six shots over Kirk Triplett.

Longevity Global Inc. Now Offers INNOVATOR 255i for Sale

Welding is the most accepted method for joining or fusing metals permanently. To cater to the needs of their customers, Longevity Global Inc. is now offering the INNOVATOR 255i for sale. Upon purchasing this welding equipment, customers also get gloves and a 10pk of tungsten for free. This welding equipment lowers the average temperature that allows the user to weld thin materials focusing the arc and allowing for proper distribution of heat. This feature of the equipment limits the arc cone diameter to a precise area which provides control of the arc.

Longevity Now Offers Stick Welders at Affordable Rates

Welding supplies are of immense importance to welders. To cater to the needs of welders, Longevity, a renowned online store, is now offering stick welders at affordable prices. Those who wish to purchase stick welders can rely on the company for getting the best product. If individuals need any assistance in choosing the right welding equipment, they can get it by visiting the welding resource page or contact the company's professional team through the live chat.

Food Identifier App Creator Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Production Funds

LogoHaving an app that could identify any food quickly, give the nutritional value and even list the ingredients could change the way people diet.  Searching on the Internet for the ingredients in any food can be time-consuming and difficult.  The new app makes it easy with a convenient interface that allows the user to simply snap a photo of the food to obtain instant results on calories, fat, vitamins and other ingredients. Shares the Most Effective Skin Care Solutions and Modern Stretch Mark Removal Treatments

LogoIn these modern times, people have grown more and more concerned about how they look. Health and aesthetics are two of the most aspects focused on by people; maintaining a great physique and flawless and radiant skin for that matter. Although some of the flaws in the skin are hidden from sight, it just doesn't look and feel right. One of the most common problems especially in women is the stretch marks.

Global Syn-Turf Launches Premium Artificial Grass Technology, Double S Blade, in Response to California Drought

LogoGlobal Syn-Turf, Inc. today announced the release of new line of artificial grass developed with one-of-the-kind Double S shape technology designed to create super-realistic look and higher resilience of synthetic turf surfaces.

Longevity, a Renowned Supplier of Welding Equipment, Now Offers Plasma Cutters at Affordable Rates

Plasma cutters are considered to be one of the best tools for cutting metals. For people who want to weld metals, Longevity, a prominent provider of welding equipment, is now offering plasma cutters at affordable rates. These plasma cutters work by passing a gas through a narrow opening and bringing this in contact with an electric arc. Customers can depend on Longevity for superior-quality plasma cutters as they are offered at competitive prices compared to other brands. The plasma cutter that the company offers easily meets the expectations of every professional and commercial welder and other hobbyists.

HoneyPoint3D Launches Kickstarter to Help Teach Anyone 3D CAD

LogoA new Kickstarter by HoneyPoint3D wants to show the public how easy 3D printing can be with their tutorials. The general public knows about 3D printing but they don't know how to use it or how to make printable 3D files. Starting at just $20 USD, anyone can buy 20+ hours of expert-led, online video training that will teach them how to make 3D CAD models more easily. 140+ videos based on Autodesk's Meshmixer software will bring ideas to life. Click here for the Kickstarter campaign:

Global Syn-Turf Introduces a New Spectacular Line of Artificial Grass Fiber Technology Hollow Blade

LogoGlobal Syn-Turf, Inc., the leading manufacturer in the artificial grass industry today introduced first of its kind technology - Hollow Blade, the next generation addition of a new line of synthetic grass.

Industrial Welding Equipment Now Offered at Reduced Prices by Longevity Global, Inc

Heavy industries like automotive, aerospace and light metal production, etc. require efficient welding equipment to carry out work smoothly. To fulfill the equipment needs of industrialists, Longevity Global, Inc. is now offering a range of industrial welding equipment at the market's best prices. The wide array of industrial equipment that the company provides includes MIG welders, TIG welders, STICK welders, plasma cutters and many others. Featured with corrosion-proof mother boards, the equipment can withstand all types of harsh climatic and welding conditions. The full line of equipment that the company specializes in can be utilized for various applications like Robotics, Ship Building, Pipeline Welding, Manufacturing, Heavy Fabrication, and Commercial Construction.

Law Firm Raises Awareness for 2015 Love Light & Melody Dia De Luz Festival

The professionals at the Scranton Law Firm have spent over 40 years helping people receive the justice they deserve through the legal process. Today, they are announcing a different type of project, one they hope will improve as many lives as their law firm has helped over the years. The event is known as the Love, Light and Melody Dia de Luz Festival. Scranton Law Firm President and Personal Injury Lawyer, Christian Scranton, is deeply involved with the project and is doing everything possible to increase awareness of this event.

LONGEVITY Now Offering MIGWELD 200S at Reduced Prices in Their May Sale

LONGEVITY now offers the MIGWELD 200S at discounted prices during their May Sale. Upon purchasing the MIGWELD 200S, individuals can either get 50% off or a power view elite or a welding cart with it absolutely free. This offer is valid for the entire month of May while supplies last. Individuals seeking to buy the MIGWELD 200S can order online using the promo code "MAY200S". This offer cannot be combined with any of their other offers.

Longevity Global, Inc. Now Offers TIG Welder at Competitive Rates

The strength of heavy mechanical products lies in the quality of the welding performed on it. So, to provide professionals with optimum welding solutions, Longevity Global Inc. now offers the TIG Welder at competitive rates. The company's TIG Welder can perform precise welds and also allows the user to control the heat of the weld. Be it aerospace, manufacturing, ship building and repair or pressure vessel, professional welders can count on the welding equipment supplied by the company. Customers who are looking for the latest welding equipment for all metals including aluminum can find a wide range of options available with the company in various price ranges.

LONGEVITY Now Providing MIG Welder to Customers at Reduced Rates

In order to position their name as one of the prominent suppliers of welding equipment, LONGEVITY is now providing MIG Welders to their customers at reduced rates. The company uses cutting-edge technology to manufacture a MIG welding machine to suit the various needs of their customers. Their MIG welding machine works with or without gas by having flux-core as an option. Customers seeking the best-quality welding equipment for cleaner welds with no slag can count on the products provided by the company.

Longevity Global Inc. Now Offers Their Clients Plasma Cutters for Sale

As a leading provider of welding equipment and accessories, Longevity Global Inc. now offers their clients Plasma Cutters for sale. The plasma cutting machines available with the company are specifically designed to provide consistent performance across homes and businesses. In order to ensure high-end solutions, the company provides latest technology in plasma cutters that feature Pilot Arc which enables commercial welders to start an arc of their own. A specialised team of the company offers assistance to customers in choosing the right plasma cutter for their needs.

Portable One Offers the Ultimate in Custom Lenovo Laptops for Business

Positioning their name as one of the leading providers of laptops, Portable One offers a range of Custom Lenovo Laptops for business and home use. Customers seeking a wide variety of Lenovo laptops in one place can count on the selection provided by the company on its portal. The Lenovo laptops provided by the company feature high-resolution and deliver high-performance. Customers are provided with a wide variety of Lenovo laptops that include Think Pad E440 series, Think Pad Helix Convertible, Think Pad X1 Carbon and many more.

Twin Creeks Sports Complex Turns Towards Multi-Use Sports Fields with Global Syn-Turf's Water Conservation Solution

Global Syn-Turf, Inc., artificial grass manufacturer, has been tapped to supply artificial turf for an upgrade and improvement project at Twin Creeks Sports Complex, one of the most popular sports complexes in the San Francisco Bay Area. Twin Creeks Sports Complex of Sunnyvale, CA, provides all of the amenities that you would find in a professional sports facility, and the surrounding city derives great joy from having access at their fingertips. Consequently, Twin Creeks Sports Complex has decided to upgrade their sports fields' surfaces to artificial grass, a more sustainable and commercially reasonable alternative to natural sod.

MYM-Microneedle-SkinCare.Com Shares the Natural Skin Care Secrets for a Youthful, Radiant and Flawless Skin

LogoThe skin is one of the most important organs of the body and it's just but right to give it proper care and pampering once in a while. In this modern time, people have great regards for the aesthetics and physique when beauty becomes the topic. And one of the foci of beauty is having soft, radiant, and flawless skin.

Down Syndrome Connection Named Keller Williams Realty RED DAY 2015 Recipient

Down syndrome, a rare genetic disorder, affects one in every 800 to 1,000 live births. However the myth that "having a child with Down syndrome will be a burden on a family," isn't true and it is against this background that leading Danville, CA Realtor, Keith Brown of Keller Williams Realty is lending his support to the Down Syndrome Connection of the Bay Area as their RED DAY 2015 recipient.