Press Releases For DE - Wilmington (US)

Ezz Eldin El Nattar, Chairman of Ascendant Global, a Division of the Ascendant Group Invited to Give Keynote at Arab Marketing & PR Summit

Located at the Safir Hotel in Cairo, Egypt, from October 5th – 7th, 2017, the Arab Marketing & PR Summit is a wonderful opportunity to highlight innovative insights, new experiences, radical changes in the market as well as new media technology. There will be keynote speeches and panel discussions conducted by both regional and international professionals discussing the latest PR and marketing trends in the global marketing world. Chairman of Ascendant Global, the International Division of Ascendant Group (, Ezz Eldin El Nattar, has been given the honor to present a keynote speech highlighting the importance of CEO branding and how it can help executives, CEOs and entrepreneurs leverage their influence in their field by gaining global visibility and recognition. Other keynote speeches will focus on the following topics: public relations, marketing of all varieties, advertising, corporate social responsibility, innovation, digital PR, entrepreneurship and our favorite, branding.

Non-Profit Organizations Can Avail Bookkeeping Services from IBN Technologies Limited

Within the large marketplace occupied by multiple business enterprises, there is a section of organizations pursue certain ideals and visions catering to the needs of the communities and make our society a better place to live in. These nonprofit organizations carry out their activities without the viable presence of a commercial ownership and highly depend on funding and contributions from program revenues, fundraisers, like-minded contributors, grants, and other sources of income.

Energy Services Group Honored at ENERGY STAR New Homes Award Ceremony

LogoEnergy Services Group, known for its energy audits in Maryland and Delaware since 1981, was recently honored at the 2015 EmPOWER ENERGY STAR New Homes award ceremony. They were the recipient of Delmarva Power's Homes Energy Efficiency Champion Award.

Grossinger Neuropain Specialists Utilize Electromyography to Diagnose Muscle Health

Accurately diagnosing a problem is paramount when it comes to treating pain. Grossinger Neuropain Specialists rely on state-of-the-art Electromyography (EMG) tests to get a better understanding of their patients' muscle and nerve health. The EMG Test is effective at assessing damaged or weakened areas. This test can also isolate the level of nerve irritation. Electrodes are used to detect electrical signals given off by the body's motor neurons. When muscles contract, the EMG test can translate the signals into graphs, sounds, and numeric results that can further be analyzed by the doctors on staff.

Grossinger Neuropain Specialists Accepts Most Insurances

Grossinger Neuropain Specialists are an innovative doctor's office that specializes in pain relief for patients across Delaware. The practice's three physicians are among the top Delaware injury doctors that manage pain by implementing epidural injections, nerve blocks, and steroidal treatments. The company makes it easy for patients by accepting a majority of Insurances to allow individuals in pain to receive treatment. Medicare is also accepted by the pain management specialists.

Energy Services Group's Energy Audits Proven to Curb Costs

LogoWith summer just around the corner, energy costs will rise due to air conditioning usage. Energy Services Group, the original home doctors, can help reduce these expenses with a simple energy audit.

OUTXPRO Introduces Its New Multi-Function Tactical Rescue Knife

At a special product press release meeting, OUTXPRO™ introduced its new Multi-Function Tactical Rescue Knife that can be used for outdoor or indoor use. This versatile tool can be used for fishing, sporting, around the house use or as an emergency tool for the glove box; its many functions make it a must-have for anyone that travels or spends time outdoors and it has multi-functions for indoors also.

OUTXPRO Introduces New 3-Pack Mosquito Repellent Bracelets with Refills

At a special press release function, OUTXPRO™ announced its new 3-Pack of the Mosquito Repellent Bracelet that also includes two refills each, a total of 90 days protection with each purchase. These convenient wrap around bracelets are stylish and effective at keeping away mosquitoes, flies, no see ums, biting flies and other nuisance pests.

OUTXPRO Introduces New Microfiber Mosquito Repellent Bracelets

At a special press release meeting, OUTXPRO™ introduced its new Microfiber Mosquito Repellent Bracelet. Each microfiber band lasts at least 7 days and effectively repels mosquitoes, flies, black flies, no see ums and other nuisance bugs. Children or adults, anyone who needs to protect themselves from insects while outdoors will find these stylish bands effective at keeping dangerous insects away.

OUTXPRO Unveils New Mosquito Zapper in a Smaller Size

At a special product release meeting, OUTXPRO™ announced its new Mosquito Zapper in a smaller version for bedrooms, outdoor patios, business vestibules and small offices or stores. It's a very effective insect control device that targets flying insects and keeps family and friends safe from annoying, biting insects.

OUTXPRO Introduces the All-in-One Electronic Pest Control Device

Today OUTXPRO™ announced its new product, the All-In-One Electronic Pest Control device, an electronic insect and animal repellent that effectively drives insects, mosquitoes, rats, mice, silver fish, cockroaches and other nuisance animals out from walls and homes and keeps them out. This machine has several functions in one housing and uses several different modalities including high frequency noise, air purification, O-zone and electromagnetic wave—all of these designed to repel the most stubborn critters. It also features a night light as an extra bonus.

Sunshine and Service at Energy Services Group

LogoLiving in the Delaware Valley has its perks. Four dynamic seasons, beautiful scenery and sunshine year-round, having a home here has its advantages. While the weather is pleasant for the majority of the year, winter and summer bring their own challenges to being a homeowner here. In the July and August months, temperatures can flare well above 90 degrees. In the Earlier months of the year, temperatures regularly drop below freezing. The changing conditions outside can make keeping a home comfortable all year a bit expensive.

Grossinger Neuropain Specialists Eases Pain for Injured Workers

Grossinger Neuropain Specialists utilizes modern medicine to ease the pain of patients. The company has two convenient office locations. Both the Wilmington, DE and Eddystone, DE offices specialize in assisting workers injured in Delaware with workers compensation cases. In addition to pain management, Dr. Bruce H. Grossinger and his staff provide X-Rays, MRIs, EMGs, concussion testing, CT scans, Neurodiagnostic testing, and many other services.

49% of Small Businesses Fail Within Five Years

LogoAccording to a recent study by Intuit, starting a small business in the US costs as little as $325, making the dream of becoming an entrepreneur well within financial reach for most Americans. Sadly, within five years or less, 49% of those start-ups will crash and burn.

SVAKOM Introduces a Series of New Products in China Adult Care Expo 2016 Held in Shanghai

In order to create awareness about their wide range of products in the Chinese market, SVAKOM participated in China Adult Care Expo 2016 in Shanghai. It is claimed to have been attended by a number of prospective clients and partners. The event is also said to have marked the launch of several of their new products in the Women's Vibrator category.

Spring Into Lower Utility Bills with Energy Services Group

LogoMoving into the end of March and the beginning of April, the coldest months of the year are in the past for Mid-Atlantic residents. The next few weeks of sun and mild temperatures will be a welcome relief for homeowners recouping the costs of a cold and expensive winter. Before long, the hot, muggy weather will be forcing them back inside to the refuge of air conditioning.

SVAKOM Invites Everyone to the China Adult-Care Expo in Shanghai

From 14th to 17th April, 2016, SVAKOM is conducting an expo at Shanghai in their booth numbered B19A. It is believed to be one of its kind and the people of China are looking forward to peruse their products at this place. The Company is well known for the manufacture of innovative items and this is to showcase the same in a public format.

The New Wand Massager for Women Offered by This Company Stole the Show at the International Lingerie Show at Las Vegas

The news that SVAKOM design USA Limited that brings out premium international brand of US-designed sexual stimulators has attended the International Lingerie Show held from 4 April 2016 to 6 April 2016 at Las Vegas may interest many people. These people may also be interested to know that SVAKOM Mini Emma, a Wand Massager for Women and the newly launched Keri and Tyler were highly popular during this show.

Grossinger NeuroPain Specialists Revolutionizing Injection Pain Management

Modern medicine is progressing at an incredible rate. One of the largest sectors of medicine is pain treatment. Grossinger NeuroPain Specialists, a top injury doctor servicing Delaware, is embracing these scientific advances by offering the latest pain treatment solutions. Among those treatments is the state-of-the-art steroid injection that has proven to deliver substantial results with low back and leg pain.

Ascendant Group CEO Asks: Are Companies Paying for Overhead or for Performance?

LogoRaoul Davis, CEO of Ascendant Group, has been pondering a question: When companies hire branding firms based in major metropolises, do they realize that they're paying for overhead as much as anything else?

Q One Tech Corp, in Association with OMR Globus Taking a Stand Against Healthcare Research Survey Fraud

The healthcare research industry is experiencing increasing levels of attempted fraud. Whereas once there would be an occasional respondent trying their luck, there are now organized groups, often based in emerging markets, attempting to join online panels in order to profit by producing fraudulent responses on an industrial scale. Any falsified response that slips through the net can potentially cost the healthcare industry millions of dollars in skewed research, as well as damaging the reputation of the healthcare research community as a whole. Q One Tech Corp (Q1TC), in association with OMR Globus (OMRG), has developed a free tool,, to help detect and eradicate this fraud.

Energy Services Group, Experts at Making Utility Bills Melt

LogoIn the Mid-Atlantic region, utility bills are a year-round concern. More than heating or cooling, they are the price of comfort during the frigid winters and blistering summers. Energy Services Group, the original house doctors, are some of the most qualified in giving a home the ability to keep the weather out and the comfort in. Launches Keri Massager That Can Be Used on the Whole Body

Women who are looking for a quality massager can find a quality one at It is believed to be safe and has been designed so as to provide the best results. Apart from the fact that it has been made with 100% waterproof body safe silicon, it is easy to clean and hence, has found the interest of many women.

Ascendant Group Launches Brand New Office in Cairo, Egypt

LogoBranding is an important element for any company, and one that can produce significant benefits when executed correctly. As the global frontrunner in CEO Branding, Ascendant Group is well versed in the profits associated with smart branding. Most recently they expanded their unique services with the help of Vantage BDS, an Egyptian business development solutions company. The two company signed a partnership agreement in January 2016 that effectively creates an office for Ascendant in the Egyptian capital, Cairo. It is a move that is sure to further cement Ascendant Group's supremacy on the global map, and open doors in that region of the world.

Lighthouse Hill to Lease out the Last Few Apartments Left and Complete Final Stage of Renovations

LogoLighthouse Hill, the scenic community just outside of Wilmington, DE, has leased most of its one, two, and three bedroom units over the past year, showing a successful turnout after strategic renovation plans were put in place to give the property a much-needed facelift. The property's new makeover has improved the living experience for its residents, making it a popular living option in the suburbs of the city. The development is pleased to announce that it only has a few inexpensive apartments near Claymont, DE left available for rent and that they are expected to become occupied within a short time. Interested renters are being urged to act fast if they want to take the opportunity to reside in a newly renovated space for a low cost leasing rate.

Grossinger Neuropain Specialists Available to Diagnose and Treat Pain

Millions of Americans live with chronic pain. Often, this pain is constant and widespread, and flares up during times of stress. Since many sufferers feel emotionally or mentally stressed by seeking and failing to find a diagnosis for their chronic pain, they suffer more flare-ups of pain, creating a vicious cycle. Grossinger Neuropain Specialists, a pain treatment clinic that has been in operation since 1989, can help patients with nerve damage and chronic pain in Delaware and Pennsylvania break the cycle.

Energy Services Group Offers 10 Percent off Until March

LogoFor those looking to decrease their monthly utility bills, a great deal just got better. Energy Services Group is offering 10% off air sealing and insulation if installed before February 29, 2016. Known for their exemplary service in PA, MD, DE and NJ, the company offers the total package in making a home more energy efficient. For more than 35 years, Energy Services Group has been providing in-home services and developing cost-effective strategies.