Consumer Electronics Press Releases

The Dyrun Mini Has Revolutionised Nomadic Network Connection

Dyrun, a start-up from Lorraine, launches the first nomadic network connection booster. Using a low GSM signal, this mini box guarantees a high-speed network and a stable connection. Compatible with all operators, you can take the Dyrun Mini with you on all your travels.

Darkrelic Entertainment Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Develop Love Eden

Beginning with Episode zero, this prelude to the other 25 episodes presents male characters who can be flirted with in other episodes.  By getting to know the habits, lifestyles, and personalities of the male characters and their inner thoughts, players gain access to certain secrets.

Apple Announce Launch of Ipad Pro with Cosmic Advert

The concept of outer-space to many people is mind-boggling. Apple, the tech giant, has utilised the fact and is set to release a new advert during Monday night football for the new iPad Pro.

CCTV Shows How Serena Williams Swoops on Phone Thief: Cricklewood Electronics Comments

Recentfootage has been released which shows tennis legend Serena Williams chasing a man who had seemingly stolen a phone. The incident happened whilst Williams was dining at a Chinese restaurant during the week, and shows both her bravery and the benefits of CCTV.

Enzo Kwan Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Start Manufacturing BKK Cybersex Cup

LogoBKK Sextoy has come up with a game-changing sex toy that combines virtual reality and motion-sensing technology. The key components of the product are a motion-sensing masturbation cup, a VR helmet and a mobile application that works with both. The manufacturer believes that this revolutionary sex equipment will change the way solo male pleasure is delivered and received.

iEast SoundSystem Revolutionizes Wireless Audio with Centralized Library

The team at iEast Ltd. is pleased to announce the development and launch of iEast SoundSystem, a revolutionary music media library system that takes users' music libraries across multiple channels to merge them and stream with a high quality of sound to any stereo. Provides Relevant and Fair Reviews to Boost Sales

With an exponential increase in the number of devices that are being used for communication, there are an equal number of applications to be perused, if not more. Because of this, a large number of buyers rely on reviews available on the respective websites selling those tools. For all those entities who wish to have useful reviews that help in increasing the sales, the services being offered at can be considered.

Three of Mobile App Development and Design Specialist Lexel's Apps Have Been Shortlisted for Prestigious UK Design Awards

In the crowded and busy market that is the mobile app development and technology sector, worth over £70 billion in the UK alone, attaining any kind of official recognition for your hard work and effort is excellent indeed. So one can imagine how happy the staff and management at Lexel were when they discovered that no less than three apps they were heavily involved in creating, designing or programming have been nominated for a prestigious, design100 UK app award.

Redesigned Learn Korean 6000 Words Launched Through Android App Store

Fun Easy Learn, a reputable vocabulary app developer, recently tweaked the UI design of one of their most popular apps. The developers at Fun Easy Learn said the newly designed app is loaded with new features as well. They added that the Learn Korean 6000 Words user interface is very similar with that of the updated versions of many other language learning apps designed by Fun Easy Learn. One senior developer described the design upgrade as 'phenomenal'. He said that the newly designed app is way different from all the previous versions of the Learn Korean 6000 Words app.

DoYourData Releases 3.0 iPhone Data Recovery Software

LogoDoYourData Software, professional data recovery tool developer, announces the release of Do Your Data Recovery for iPhone 3.0. The new version is equipped with new features of iPhone data recovery and allows users to restore files from Apple's new device – iPhone 6s/6s PLUS and iPad pro etc. It is also fully compatible with iOS 9.

Lamar Hunt Jr.'s ECHL Team Debut Mavericks App

Lamar Hunt Jr.'s Missouri Mavericks have released a new app for their fans on both iPhone and Android devices. The "Missouri Mavericks" app was announced on October 28 and is now available for free download everywhere.

Gaming-Mouse Launches Valuable Information Database

Gaming-Mouse has offered in-depth reviews of flagship models for different types of popular games so that users can get their hands on the best gaming mouse for their particular needs.

PhotoFunia Now Ensures Superior Picture Editing Experience

LogoThe advancement of online technologies has revealed lots of superior opportunities for the Internet users all over the globe. With hundreds of entertainment websites that enjoy popularity among people from different countries of the world, it has become possible to avail new skills and knowledge. The PhotoFunia online project is one of the tools, which aims at ensuring the top notch picture editing experience.

SocialCatWork App Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Help Strays

LogoSocialCatWork, an innovative social-based app that helps people take care of stray cats, announced today that it has launched a crowdfunding campaign on the IndieGogo platform. SocialCatWork enables users to share information about stray cats and use the power of a social network of cat lovers to ensure that stray cats get new homes and the best possible lives. The app was created by Daniel Mayr, a media designer, and Dr. Karina Papp, a veterinarian as a way to improve the current well-intentioned, but often disorganized system of cat rescue. Releases New Dating App for Single Biker Dating

LogoMore than 15 years ago, BikerKiss saw a pressing need in biker singles dating market and then launched its website in 2001, offering biker-oriented services to single biker men and biker women who are looking for love, romantic relationship and friendship. Thus, it is always considered as the original and number one dating site for motorcycle riders.

Gryffin Media Publishes New Reviews on Teen Safe Child-Monitoring Program

A recently released statistic stated that 91% of teens go online using mobile devices at least occasionally. Of these, 94% go online once a day or more often, with 24% saying they're online almost constantly. Most parents don't need to be reminded of the dangers online and many look for a way to monitor what their child does online to help protect them and explain the dangers of the internet and cellphone usage.

Introducing iFoneMate - a Free and Powerful iPhone Data Recovery Software for Data Loss on iPhone

LogoWith the iFoneMate iPhone recovery software, one can get access to their lost content from their iPhone including photos, messages, contacts and lots more. Losing data can be accidental or due to the attack of a virus and can cause serious trouble if the required content is urgently needed. Besides, one may even forget their iPhone password, locking them out of their phone.

Latest Leawo iTransfer Software Allows Users to Manage iPhone Without iTunes

LogoLeawo Software officially updated its multi-functional iPhone transfer software, Leawo iTransfer, to version The latest version of this software enables users to manage iPhone, iPad and iPod files without installing iTunes on their computers. Leawo iTransfer v1.9.0.0 also fixed a major bug which may interfere people's using experience.

iBuildApp Unveils iPhone and Android Source Code for Mobile App Developers

By the year 2018, telecommunications research surveys indicate that over one-third of consumers worldwide (approximately 2.56 billion people) will own smartphones. Because smartphones rneed applications in order to run properly, this presents a tremendous opportunity for business owners and mobile app developers to reach an unprecedented number of consumers right where they are.

Stabley Home Entertainment in Phoenix, AZ Now Sells and Installs Insteon Home Automation

Technology has changed the way people live beyond recognition in just the last twenty years in almost every respect, except for when we are at home. Science fiction promised the ability to conjure meals from thin air and speak to our houses, having them respond to our commands. Now, finally, home automation is taking its first steps, and Insteon Home Automation is at the cutting edge. Their new systems are now being made available to citizens of Phoenix Arizona thanks to Stabley Home Entertainment.

True Data Technology Offers a Comprehensive Range of Vertical Wave Digital Phones at Competitive Prices

From its physical base of operations in Carlsbad, California, True Data Technology is reaching out to businesses worldwide with high-quality yet competitively priced telecommunications and Internet retail solutions, which promise to help businesses carry out their mundane official operations with ease and confidence. Specializing in TDM & VoIP hardware, advanced business phone systems, wireless phones, wireless zone controllers, auto-dialers, cables, boards, video conferencing hardware, gateways, and other devices, True Data Technology houses a splendid range of products in its thriving inventory. The advanced communications solutions provider further flaunts a range of Vertical Wave Digital Phones, each of which speaks volumes about their quality, specifications, and operability aspects.

Electricians Test Equipment: A Whole New Range of Requisite Equipment for Circuit

As per the Bureau of Labour Statistics, 163 workers died from the injuries caused by coming in contact with electrical current in the year 2010. A survey conducted by the same source reveals that almost 76 people died from malfunctioning of overhead power lines in the same year.

Acops Introduces New Area Measuring App: Best Area Pro

The innovative and emerging mobile app development company, acops, today is pleased to announce the release of Best Area Pro. Developed for iPhone and iPad, Best Area Pro may be used for numerous measuring applications, including distances and areas for floor, roof, parking, buildings, landscapes and more.

Screen Fixed Launches First on-Demand iPhone Repair Expert in Toowoomba

The iPhone and Samsung repair company, Screen Fixed, has grown its reach by launching its first Expert in Toowoomba. "Experts are the independent technicians who are affiliates of the Screen Fixed Brand. Our Experts are 100% mobile, they, meet the customer where ever, whenever. This can be there home office or even there local coffee shop. It's a very exciting time as we grow across Queensland" Said Ben Turner.

How to Kill a Cat Is Now on Kickstarter

Gamezon Games a developer of original and imaginative games based in Wilsonville, OR has recently announced the developer's newest game concept HOW TO KILL A CAT, which is going to be a Fast Action 2D Platformer and Shooter Hybrid inspired by great games such as Contra, Mario, Diablo, and many more. How To Kill a Cat project is currently in need of funding to cover the manufacturing and various other expenses, a crowdfunding campaign has been launched on Kickstarter with a funding goal of at least $10,000 to be raised before Wednesday, Dec 2 2015. The game will be initially available for Steam and Windows. The developers promise players fast action gameplay and plenty of exciting action.

Oxark Offers Second-Hand Phone Outlet is pleased to announce that they are launching a new site where high quality used mobile devices can be purchased. The products include mobile phones and tablets which are always in like new or excellent condition. Everyone knows that new mobile devices can be quite expensive. It may be difficult to find a vendor who is willing to sell at prices which are possible to those with lower income.

iDeal Car Mount Creator Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoDevice mounts for cars can be difficult to install or use, but the creator of iDeal Car Mount has solved those issues. Now, the creator of this unique car mount that allows users to easily mount phones in any vehicle has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for production and distribution.