Consumer Electronics Press Releases

Digiarty Rolls out an Easy and Fast Solution to Get Photos off iPhone to Computer

Digiarty Software, a world-renowned media software provider, announces that it has worked out a new way to get photos off iPhones to PC and Mac easily, namely, WinX MediaTrans. Thus, it becomes easy to make a copy of iPhone photos, free up iPhone space, and transfer photos for further editing or sharing, etc.

France's National Health Agency Calls for Reducing Children's Wireless Exposures

On July 8, the French National Agency of Health Security of Food, Environment and Labour (ANSES) published a new scientific report "Radiofrequency Exposure and the Health of Children". Concluding that children are more vulnerable to radio frequency (RF) wireless exposures, the French report recommends immediately reducing exposures to wireless radiation from all wireless devices for young children. Acknowledging the inadequacies of current outdated RF regulations, ANSES recommends strengthening RF exposure limits with child protective safety margins and developing more sophisticated premarket test methods to fully assess human exposures to RF radiation from wireless devices. The new report has made headlines across the country.

Creators of the Holding Cell Launch Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Funds

LogoThe Holding Cell is a device that safely and effectively holds phones and other personal, portable electronic devices while they charge.  The structure of this unique item makes it easy to use by the bed, on the wall or in any location where a phone or device user needs easy and safe access and the ability to charge conveniently.  Now, the creators of the Holding Cell have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for production and distribution.

Market Volume Follows Up Windows Store Stock Analysis App with Equivalent Mobile App for Window Phones

Leading online stock technical analysis website bridges their earlier Windows store app introduction with a Windows phone app mobile application. Windows has its own program database for Window Phone only compatible apps and Market Volume understands the need to use their stock charts, graphs, tables and index calculators even if a trader is on the go. Mobile phone users, specifically the smartphone users have grown in exponential rates year by year so it's no wonder, they released this application in time.

PrizedItem's iPhone Screen Protector Is Just One of the Many Superior Quality Products Available at Pocket Friendly Prices

The Apple iPhone 6 is easily one of the prized possessions of any owner and therefore, having its screen protected to avoid any damage when it scratches along a sharp object or falls to the ground with an impact is an absolute must. However, in doing so, it is also equally important to ensure that it does its job without compromising on the exceptional screen resolution and quality that an iPhone is familiar with.

Encore Data Products Strives to Get Ahead of Trends in Education to Best Serve Their Clients

LogoEncore Data Products, Inc., a national supplier of technology accessories for listening, learning, testing and training, is pleased to announce its new focus on advising their clients on the upcoming technology and equipment trends in education. This customer-centric approach includes a new electronic newsletter, promotions on top trending products for learning and testing, a timely informative blog and an increased presence at education technology and market conferences throughout the country. Encore's goal is to best help schools and districts prepare their classrooms, libraries, learning labs and testing centers for the vastly progressing digital age.

Choetech 19W Portable Solar Charger Changes the Way People Charge Their Cell Phones

Choetech, who is always at the forefront of modern technology when it comes to cell phone chargers, has today announced they have launched their new 19W portable solar charger on Amazon.

New Study Forecasts the Gaming Software Market in the US to Grow 9.62% Annually

LogoGaming software refers to digital games intended to run on different gaming platforms such as console hardware devices, PCs, Mac systems, and mobile devices. This software is developed to allow players to play console games, PC games, Mac games, and mobile games. It can be reprogrammed with different content and graphics, and it can also be made into the 3D gaming format. The market vendors are continuously introducing new gaming software and new content.

Two Australian Kids Are Solving Human Interaction - with This App

LogoToday, Encounter, an app that makes you more social in a physical sense during your sporadic free time, is entering a limited Beta phase. Encounter helps you be a better friend by showing you who is nearby and available to meet up in real-time. Only 2,000 users at this point in time will be given access to trial the system, which will be released on the App Store over the coming weeks.

Dealight Celebrates 10,000th iPhone Sale with New Social Sharing Rewards Program

Apple technology is known for being elegantly designed with intuitive functionality, making their products highly sought after. What's more, Apple regularly updates their phones and tablets with new iterations and innovations, making keeping up with the latest products a costly business. Dealight was created to offer a more affordable alternative to Apple store prices by cutting out the retailers, buying wholesale and offering heavily discounted prices to the end-consumer. They are now celebrating their 10,000th iPhone sale with a new rewards program for users.

JammerBot Ready to Take Bluetooth Shower Speaker Industry by Storm

LogoJammerBot feels that vast improvements can be made to the shower experience.  "We have brought technology to so many aspects of our lives, except the shower," said Andrew Rader, JammerBot's CEO. The company plans on rolling out their Aqua model later this month to compete with industry heavyweights Bose and JBL.  Aqua has a sleek square design and is equipped with an extra strong suction cup on the back to hold the unit in place. "Our initial rollout will offer the Aqua model in 5 different colors: Pink, White, Black, Blue and Green.  We will more than likely offer additional colors in the future as well," said Rader. The company also plans on adding additional waterproof speaker models soon.

The Release of New iFoneMate Innovate iPhone Data Recovery Software

LogoGlobal Shareware releases new iFoneMate, an innovative iPhone data recovery software. The new technology has been developed to retrieve important data including iPhone contacts, call logs, messages, photos, SMS, videos, notes, calendar etc. The powerful and user-friendly application Shares the Strong Points and Limitations of the Most Innovative Operating Systems for Tablets

LogoWith the latest advancement in technology, there have been a lot of gadgets that have emerged and made available for public use to make work and studying a little more convenient and easy. Investing in a new tablet should take a lot of thoughts primarily based on the purpose to which the tablet will be used for. Different use and purposes would determine whether what type of tablet should one purchase. However, choosing the tablet that best suits the need of the person who will be using the gadget could be quite tricky and would sometimes be a headache.

Crowdfunding Campaign Builds Momentum for CydeKick – Bicycle Generator Charges Phone During Commute

Environmentally conscious and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts can now rejoice as their favorite mode of transportation, the bicycle, now has a tech friendly accessories option with the launch of CydeKick, a self-powered, add-on bicycle generator that converts a cyclist's motion into electrical energy for charging a mobile phone and powering bicycle headlights. The CydeKick project is currently raising funds to cover the tooling, manufacturing and related expenses through a crowdfunding campaign launched on KickStarter. A funding goal of at least $85,000 is targeted to be raised before Sat, Aug 29 2015.

Running Fred Sequel Launches More Entertainment Value for Gamers

The release of the much anticipated sequel to Falling Fred, Running Fred 2 has already won over the hearts of over thousands of online video game players all over the world. The statistics that has been collected recently online has shown a clear indication in the double for the demand of the game after the launch of its sequel.

Audiophile Vibration Control Launches Effective Isolation Blocks

LogoIn order to amplify the sound quality of audio systems, AVC has launched vibration control panels for home and commercial use. These are said to be of high quality and do the job well of protecting the equipment from any vibrations. There are many other benefits of using these tools and hence, there are many music lovers who prefer to have these for a better listening experience. Provides Advanced Euro Truck Simulator 2 Car Mods

LogoEuro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS 2) fans will be pleased to find out that new modifications of this exciting game has recently become available at These mods were specially developed for ETS2 and come absolutely for free. Managers of the website underline the following: "As we all know, trucks are one of the most important sides of Euro Truck Simulator 2. That is why we try our best effort to diversify the game by giving gamers a chance to download and install versatile modifications. This is done to ensure the best gaming experience to all the fans of this game."

Professional Kids Redemption Gaming Machines Being Launched by APA Games

Online arcade gaming has reached new heights and it has evolved in a period of time. There are various kinds of games involved in the world of online gaming like racing games, action and adventure and various other sporting games. These games are not only limited to kids as there are huge amount of adults who like to play them and pass their time. When it comes to buying the games online one needs to be cautious and make a proper research on the company selling it. Apa games is one such company that sells its to huge amount of gaming enthusiasts around the world. Launches Weather Proof and Multiuse Power Bank's latest product is the multipurpose outdoor power bank that is available at It is priced at $23.99 and can be availed with free shipping. There are a number of features of this product which have garnered a lot of interest amongst customers. Apart from the fact that 2 devices can be charged at one go, this tool can be used as a stable tripod and emergency hammer. This compatible power bank supports phones as well as tablets.

An iPhone6 Leather Case That Can Also Be Used for Carrying Cards, Money and Driving License

The news that ZVE is offering an iPhone 6 Leather Case may interest all the iPhone 6 users. This iPhone 6 leather case case can be used for carrying cards and money as well. Since it is made with an elastic band, users can carry as many cards as they want up to a maximum of 6 cards. There is a fine grosgrain ribbon on the case with which users can easily get their cards and money out.

Two Australian Kids Are Solving Human Interaction With This App

Today, Encounter, an app that makes you more social in a physical sense during your sporadic free time, is entering a limited Beta phase. Encounter helps you be a better friend by showing you who is nearby and available to meet up in real-time. Only 2,000 users at this point in time will be given access to trial the system, which will be released on the App Store over the coming weeks.

Sensaphone Announces Release of New Advanced Wireless Monitoring Device

LogoA leading company that designs innovative remote monitoring solutions, Sensaphone is proud to announce the release of a new wireless device that allows for Wi-Fi communication. Advancing on their cloud-based solutions, the new wireless device is a Wi-Fi adapter that will plug into the Ethernet port on any of their network-based remote monitoring systems. The solution creates Wi-Fi compatibility within the Sensaphone system so that any monitored data can be sent wirelessly to the network.

Get Image Consultant Training from the South African Image Company

It is essential for people to maintain their skills as well as their personality. But it's tough to project right image without proper assistance. For getting the right professional image, individuals can now get image consultant training from The South African Image Company. The company runs this course at a 4-5 star venues that offers special rate accommodation for trainees. At the end of the course, candidates need to complete a series of post course assignments to assure that they are confident and competent to work independently. The students are also given free membership of the company for the first 12 months, for using all the products innovated by the company including The Personalized Style Guide, Colors, Swatch Sets and many more.

Audiophile Vibration Control Introduces Their Latest Products for Music Lovers

All those who are looking for customized isolation blocks can consider The entity is owned by Mike Kelly, who is well versed with the nuances of furniture making and is a self professed audiophile. The units can be designed to match specific decors and are ideal for home music systems as well as professional purposes. Apart from improving the quality of the music, these blocks also provide protection to the floor and turntables, making them ideal for top end music systems.

IZAK, LLC Launches Website Offering Quality Electronic Cigarettes and Electronic Cigarette Accessories

LogoR.A. Beck is proud to announce the creation and launch of a new website venture, The website carries products including electronic cigarette systems, e liquids, and modifications for electronic cigarette systems. Beck was inspired to start the website by the desire to offer these items to the people who needed them. Since vaping is starting to become more and more popular, Beck decided that it would be good to offer products for vaping online. - A One-Stop Online Shop for All Wall Chargers and External Batteries at the Most Affordable Prices

LogoWhen it comes to buying a battery or Plug-in Chargers, the quality and price are two of the most crucial factors that need to be considered. At NewNow, people can buy all types of external battery, battery charger case and Plug-in wall charger at affordable prices with top quality features. This company offers fully compatible products, making sure that the user gets full value for what they pay. With such exciting shopping experience for various batteries, there is hardly any chance of not being able to get the desired results.

China HiFi Bringing New Trends in the Amplifier Companies

The music playing and amplifying companies are having an up rise in the last few years. This is very interesting to note that the companies that are coming with the music players, speakers and other tools are fully aware of the quality that the modern generation is requiring and accordingly they choose the audio and video components.