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Opportunity Knocks on E-Blue Gaming's Door, the leading designer of E-Sports Arenas, Gaming Furniture and Peripherals in Asia today has announced it would be expanding to North America. The company, which prides itself on crafting unique one-of-a-kind Gaming Furniture and Gear for beginner and pro gamers, will team up with RTZ Esports to create and build its E-Sports Arenas across North America, with its newest location opening in Arizona this month.

Hands-Free Read & Go's Team Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Start the Production of Duo Laptop and Tablet Case

Hands-Free Read & Go claims that they created a special type of carrying case that fits perfectly with a tablet device. The advent of modern technology devices has made lives easier for all. However, holding a tablet continuously in hands has always been a painful experience for tablet users. Many people become reluctant to use their tablets outdoors or on transit, often in a crowded space when their hands are occupied with bags, phones, etc. Now Offers Brand New Joomla Templates That Are Set to Change the Mobile Browsing and User Experience with Joomla

LogoJoomla is a content management system (CMS) that allows users to build responsive websites and powerful online applications for various purposes. It was hailed as an award-winning open source solution because of the many aspects it displays such as ease of use and its extensibility. The popularity of Joomla had encouraged many industries to utilized it to power several websites including corporate portals, intranets and extranets of corporate sectors, online publications, eCommerce platforms, government applications, community-based websites and to name a few. And even if a person is not an advanced user, Joomla is easy to install and set up. Furthermore, it makes building sites for web designers or developers for their clients a lot easier because it has a minimal amount of instruction that can empower clients to easily manage their own websites.

Innovative New Technology That May Revolutionize How Some Industries Do Business

Surviving in business means standing out from the crowd. Anyone who wants to be a leader must be willing to take advantage of the most innovative technology as soon as it becomes available. With it is possible to do just that, by being the expert in an exciting new product that the company feels will revolutionize how numerous industries do business.

FileRescure Studio Introduces iPhone Data Recovery Software to Restore Lost iMessages

LogoRecognized as one of the leading provider of data recovery tools, FileRescure Studio has once again managed to make a headline in local news media. The company recently launched iPhone data recovery software - a tool designed specifically to recover lost data from iPhones. With the most efficient iMessage recovery software onboard presently, the studio aims to target people who accidently delete or lose their iPhone data and have issues retrieving it back.

Memphis Start-Up Scene Heats Up with Addictive Premium Mobile Game - Delicious Frog Grub Straight out of Memphis

Memphis tech and game studio Criiq (pronounced "creek") is just one of many startups emerging out of the city's tech scene—and their first Android game, Frog Grub, retailing for 99 cents, is already gaining fans thanks to its addictive gameplay.

Memphis Start-Up Scene Heats Up with Addictive Premium Mobile Game - Delicious Frog Grub Straight out of Memphis

Memphis tech and game studio Criiq (pronounced "creek") is just one of many startups emerging out of the city's tech scene—and their first Android game, Frog Grub, retailing for 99 cents, is already gaining fans thanks to its addictive gameplay.

DaVinci Vaporizer Launches Latest Price Reduction in Answer to Piqued Vaping Interest

With stress factors at their highest levels in recorded history, the tobacco industry has become increasingly lucrative in recent decades. Despite a broadening customer base built on consumers hoping to find ways of mediating mounting anxiety, corporations in this sector continue to raise prices compounded by ongoing state-imposed tobacco taxes. This leaves consumers searching for less costly alternatives to the norm but raises distress over methods to most effectively and affordably reap the benefits of breaking tradition.

Best Car Speakers Guide Adds New Guide to the Best 6x9 Car Speakers in the Market Today

Almost everyone who drives a car listens to music while they do so, and this has led to a growing passion for creating an amazing customized sound system within the car itself, turning the interior into a party. Best Car Speakers Guide is an online resource center that helps people find the best sound systems for their car, and they have just published a new guide to the best 6x9 speakers.

Ra-Bou Launches a New iPhone 6 Case

Ra-Bou, a renowned company, has officially launched a new iPhone 6 case, which is made of top notch quality materials and comes with a pretty, sleek design that is guaranteed to provide user's iPhone 6 the protection it requires to avoid possible scratches or any damage that may arise. Launches as the First Ever Anime Store in India, a newly established website, has officially launched as the first ever anime store in India, which aims to provide top notch quality and exceptional anime and gaming tees and accessories best suited for every anime enthusiast out there.

How to Recover Lost Contact from iPhone with iFoneMate Data Recovery Software

LogoGlobal Shareware is pleased to announce that the software will help users to quickly and safely restore lost contacts from mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The restoration of data is an important feature for the free data software supplier. The iPhone contacts recovery software is compatible with all iOS devices including iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Revolutionary New USB Charging Device Set to Launch via Crowdfunding Campaign

LogoUSBeast Electronics has developed an on-the-go USB charging device that will change the way consumers charge their mobile phones, tablets, cameras and even the latest Macbook and Google Chromebooks. With the ability to utilize 2.1 amps of charging power, USBeast can charge a dead iPhone at least 6 times to a full charge without the use of a wall outlet and do so 4 times as fast.

CommunityCube's Crowdfunding Campaign Receives Groundbreaking Response in

LogoMaintaining the privacy of personal information is a serious concern for millions of internet users around the world. There are plenty of free services available all over the web, and many of them are extremely popular. However, unfortunately, most of these services are free because they seek the personal information of the users in return. Their unethical intentions are often concealed carefully in the terms and conditions page. CommunityCube claims that they have come up with a solution to this growing concern.

The New Exciting Mobile App Art Master – Learn Paintings

LogoSoftLime has developed a new app Art Master – Learn Paintings, loaded with educational mobile quiz games about famous paintings and artists. The company aims to provide the best app for art lovers and experts. It proves a fun way of educating the art enthusiasts with exciting games, quiz, trivia and educational information related to eminent paintings and painters. Investing just 5 minutes on the app every day promises to augment the user's knowledge and impart ability to easily recognize most of the paintings, know the famous painters who painted them and around which period. The team has taken every care to select the best collections and include highest quality images available. A wide range of new collections are also being added to the app every month.

One7days Plans to Change the World One Dollar at a Time

LogoThe founders of "one7days" have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in order to introduce their new charity based app to the public. This campaign has a funding goal of $40,000, which is being raised to launch an app that makes charitable donations easier for everyone. The women behind this idea decided it was time to start paying it forward, and wanted to do something great that could make a very positive change in the world. This campaign is a two-fold "feel good" campaign that offers a double reward. Not only will supporters have the chance to support a truly noble cause, but their donations will continue to make a difference in the charities that are helped once this App becomes global. As they so aptly state, "Imagine the impact we could make together if hundreds of thousands, even millions of people signed up."

Advanced Robotix Releases World's First Drone Wrist Remote

Advance Robotix Corporation, the UAV industry innovators that created the revolutionary FLYBi personal drone, today released the new Wrist Control, the world's first true drone remote control to be worn the user's wrist. The Wrist Control enables hands-free operation of the drone, offering intuitive controls and dedicated buttons for takeoff, photo, video, hold position, return and landing. Explains the Latest Android Security Features for the Best User Protection

LogoWith the technological revolution and advancements, a mobile device such as an Android tablet and smartphones is probably one of the most personal things a person owns. In fact, people carry these gadgets around most of the time as it can be used to access the most personal and sensitive data. This is why Google is constantly innovating with Android's security features.

Brichom Canada's Newly Launched 3-Port USB Car Charger

Car charger is one of the essential accessories that every car owner must have. Smartphone batteries drains faster; it is necessary to get ready for emergencies by making sure that our phones are always on and in the right battery life percentage. Power available at our homes can't be carried along with us, so the need to create a mobile alternative to keep our batteries up to normal.

EnviCar Launched a Solution to Reduce 1.2 Million Road Traffic Accidents Caused Through the Use of a Cell Phone

Each year there are 1.2 million accidents caused through distractive driving. The majority of these accidents are through people using a cell phone where nine people each day die. EnviCar has launched a solution to help drivers avoid road traffic accidents with the launch of their portable car mount, EnviCar.

Blaze Automation Inc Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Start Manufacturing B.One

LogoCreator Blaze Automation Inc. claims that B.One will be the most advanced, powerful and intuitive Smart Home System ever made. Using B.One, homeowners will be able to gain complete control over their security, ambience, entertainment and wireless mobile charging from a single hub and mobile app.

World's First Solar-Wireless Mobile Charging Station Could Bring 1.3 Billion People Power

At MagSOL Labs, they have made it their mission to bring light and hope to places that have none. Our new ESL (*Easel*) is the world's first solar power and wireless (Qi) mobile charging station.

1GAMES Announces the Release of Their New Horror Game Murderer Online

A mobile extreme horror and survival game with the vicious murders, "Murderer Online" by 1GAMES has been released.

Caregiving App Startup Care Monster Hires Former TuneWiki Director of Engineering Jared Fleener as CTO

LogoCaregiving application startup company Care Monster, Inc. today announced its first hire after the successful completion of its initial round of seed funding.

Fone Repairs Launches New Services

Fone Repairs has unveiled its top quality phone repairs services that can tick the right boxes for all types of business and consumer phone users. Has Made Game Downloads Clean and Safe

LogoThis gaming platform provides a unique opportunity to download PC games or enjoy their full online versions absolutely for free. They have a rich choice of quality games that are subdivided into the following categories: Hidden Objects, Adventure, Action, Racing, Time Management, strategy, Shooting, Arcade, Puzzle, sports, Games for Boys and Girls, entertaining Family Games, Brain Teasers, Board and Card Games, Mahjong etc. These are the most popular and widely downloaded games users enjoy every day.

Special Editions, LLC Launches Website Offering Quality GPS Tracking Systems

LogoPaula Slavens is proud to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, The website features Astro Spy GPS tracking systems that fit into the palm of a hand, yet bring the power of satellite technology to your fingertips. Satellites, not cell towers, pinpoint locations within two feet in two minutes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week; while putting you in complete control, whether you're a corporate executive monitoring assets, or a concerned parent, who needs to insure your family's safety. Slavens found these products after a two-year search for a business she could feel proud to represent. Astro Spy is a 15-year-old company that has been producing GPS tracking devices since the advent of this consumer-related technology. The company stands by its products with an unheard of money-back, 30-day trial guarantee; use it, then return it, if you are not 100 percent satisfied.