Consumer Electronics Press Releases

Cloudsclock Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Build a New Model of the First Ever Cloud Workstation Within a Clock

The Cloudsclock is an innovative and unique wrist clock which was designed to let users get rid of all unnecessary devices. People are looking for a new technological era, and Cloudsclock is leading the way. Now, users can have everything they need for their everyday life just in one compact device. Cloudsclock allows people to get rid of all unnecessary devices and to make their life easier.

Gaming Start Up Blue Beans Seeks Support via Kickstarter to Complete the Development of Their Rock N' Roll Inspired Puzzle Game 'Rock Crush'

Rock Crush is a Puzzle Game with stunning art and original songs inspired by Rock N' Roll. In the game, players have to combine instruments to hear their sound and score points. They will have many different layouts and challenging objectives to clear each stage. Founded in 2013, Blue Beans is brand new game start up that focuses on developing Smartphone Games.

Website Offers Top Jailbreaks for the iOS7

LogoMike Tutor of is offering a variety of jailbreak options for iOS7 users. Despite prevailing rumors that jailbreaks have not yet become available for iPhones running the new iOS7, Tutor has found a variety of methods and offers step by step, easy to use, visual user-guides on his website.

Laptop Repairs Glasgow Service Offers 10% Student Discount

LogoA laptop breakdown could mean a sudden halt that can seriously affect work as well as study time. Some are not prepared to deal with a contingency of this kind and therefore, lose a lot in the process. For some, it is loss of valuable time and for some, it is loss of money as well as other resources. Laptop repairs Glasgow service known by the name ‘Titan Repairs’ can help laptop users with any kind of emergency repair.

Clifton Hill Physiology Director, Sallie Cowan, Announces New Mobile App to Provide Patients with Custom Exercise Prescriptions

LogoDr. Sallie Cowan, physiotherapist and director of  Clifton Hill Physiotherapy  (CHP) announced the release of the practice’s new MyPhysio App. The application allows the clinic’s patients to have their customized exercise plans sent directly to their mobile device, along with photos, videos and instructions.

Obvious Differences Between World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2

Core of world of warcraft PVP content is the arena. Each battlefield now is to brush honor, and do not have a lot of professional battle players. Arena is divided into 1, 3, 5 type, the ladder and the equipment system properties are separated from PVE. Since mainly made up of the small team PVP, WOW demands the high requirement of competitive balance of professionals. The official must constantly make patches and adjust real-time arena content. This kind of pattern is also favored elite players.

'Dealer - Poker League Manager' Available on the Apple App Store

Available now, Dealer - Poker League Manager is the all-in-one app to manage every aspect of the game. Register players, assign seats, bust out players, balance tables, calculate payouts, award player points, and save tournament results. Find out who are the fish and who to watch out for with updated stats on every player!

Nikon Spot on Offers Ballistic Matching Program for Both Professional and Novice Hunters

The iPhone and Android users around the world are thrilled to hear the news that the nikon spot on is now accessible as a major app. This is a cutting edge ballistic match technology that is perfect for the avid shooter. Users can now choose from a large database of ammunition that is none other than factory derived. It provides an easier means to build some of the best dialing plans in terms of the handgun muzzle loader.

Lights Castle Announces Expanded Inventory and Free Shipping on Select Products

Lights Castle is excited to announce the expansion of their inventory available immediately on the company’s website. In addition to the expanded inventory of flashlights, lasers, bike lights, chargers, and batteries, LightsCastle is also excited to announce a special free shipping promotion on select items. “We have witnessed a very rapid growth and continue to grow our online presence, which naturally progresses into a wider inventory selection as well as special promotions such as the free shipping offer we currently have on select items,” explained Lights Castle representative Ted Chang. The company’s website is currently updated with all of the new products and special low pricing.

Buy Games Pakistan Simplifies the Game Buying, Selling and Trading Process

According to Statistic Brain, total video game sales reached $13.3 billion for 2012, the latest year statistics are available."Gamers often find they purchase games, only to quickly beat the game or discover they don't like the software. When this is the case, they now have another option for selling the game and purchasing new ones, thanks to Buy Games Pakistan," Rasikh Mukarram of Buy Games Pakistan declares.

Secure Solution to Unlock iPhone 5s, 5, 5c Arrive for iPhone Customers

A great new secure solution to unlock iPhone 5/5s/5C has been released by website whereby the devices can be easily run on many other networks. This portal is already known to be a favorite of IT specialists to jailbreak or unlock iPhone virtually and with the launch of this new single-click software it has yet again managed to get to iPhone customers a 100% safe, secure and official factory unlock provision to unlock iPhone 5c, 5s and 5.

Hong Kong Consumer Electronics Report Q1 2014 - New Study Released

LogoHong Kong remains an attractive consumer electronics market due to high incomes and strong demand for the latest products. However, spending growth on consumer electronics devices slowed in 2012 and 2013 due to a combination of a weaker economic environment, price erosion and high penetration of devices in key markets. Countering some of the impact of high penetration rates are the short replacement cycles in key product categories such as smartphones and tablets, helping spending growth to stay in positive territory and BMI estimates total spending increased 5.7% in US dollar terms in 2013 to reach US$4.45bn. There is, however, downside risk to this scenario from the negative wealth effect of any cooling in property prices that would hit consumer confidence.

Wide Variety of Cheap Used Cellphones for Sale on is a wireless and mobile phone provider, specializing in replacement cell and no contract phones, which announces their variety of used cell phones at rock bottom prices. They are introducing used Casio cell phones with good quality of voice, text and data services to the customers, enhancing their communication experience. Moreover, all their used cell phones are in excellent or good conditions,and look new. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee as well.

Best Buy Cells Announces Free Shipping Promotion

Best Buy Cells is pleased to announce that all used cell phones ordered from the company’s website now quality for free shipping, via USPA 3-5 day delivery. This special shipping promotion is good for all orders placed online, in addition to the low prices and 30 day warranties that accompany each mobile device purchased through Best Buy Cells. “This is just another way that we can help extend savings to our customer base. Our prices on our entire inventory of used mobile devices is currently the lowest in the industry, and being able to provide these prices as well as ship them for free to the consumer gives them an incredible value. It is one of the reasons we can attribute to the success of the company. We are always working hard to make sure our customers receive the best value,” explained website representative Tommy Johnson.

Teknisult Introduces Easy to Use Camera/DVR for School Bus Usage

According to data recently released on the 2012-13 school year, nine children were killed during the loading and unloading of a school bus. The bus loading and unloading statistics have been collected since the 1970-71 school year, when 75 danger zone fatalities were reported. In the 43 years since the survey began, there have 1,212 deaths recorded. To counter these catastrophic statistics Teknisult, a camera design and development company has introduced a school bus stop sign and in bus video capture system for use by school systems in Canada and the US.

Find Your Replacement Cellphone at

LogoMobileCellMart has recently updated their offerings for used replacement cell phones. They have the largest selection with clear esn's, mint condition, like new, ready to activate, lowest price, with a 30-day money back guarantee. Carries include T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon, all with no contracts.

Get the Most out of Minecraft Through Minecraft Add Ons

Millions of Minecraft players around the world are hooked to surviving, building and exploring the adventures of the never-ending 3D Minecraft world made out of building blocks. Players spend hours upon hours trying to gather resources, maintaining their health and hunger and most importantly using their imagination to build constructions out of the textured cubes obtained from elements present within the game itself. Even though the game has a lot to offer with its seemingly endless potential for exploration and creativity, Minecraft Add ons can further enhance the Minecraft world for the players who seek more from the game. Through add ons players have the ability to give more depth to the game, enthusiastic Minecrafters are always in search of new game mods which will give them the change to add or modify textures, terrain, etc.

Free Cash App Review - Is It Nathan Grant's Scam?

People these days want to earn money the easy way. They want to earn more and work less. This type of attitude is not supported anywhere for obvious reasons. The employer wants to take more work from employees and pay them less. This tussle between employers and employees lead to companies going bankrupt and unemployment. For times like these, a man named Nathan Grant developed a program, Free Cash App, that lets people trade successfully in Binary options. Nathan made this program by his experience in other markets where he made huge profits by just following some simple tips.

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Rugged Cellphones Available for Less at

LogoSmartphones are a modern wonder, but they are delicate creatures, and not everyone needs, or even wants one. Folks who work outdoors for a living, or folks who want to be outdoors to live, may find Rugged Cell Phones to be more practical, economical, and even more fun! Even the accident-prone can appreciate rugged mobile cell phones for work and play.

Verizon Motorola Q Cellphones Available for Less at

LogoOne of the best sources for Motorola Q on Verizon Wireless is a Austin Based Company and they have a large qty of Mint Condition Motorola Qs. The Silver Keyboard Phones are excellent for texting, MP3 player, and Windows Programs that make listening to music with Windows Media Player a very nice feature.

Strictly LED's Now Offers a Variety of LED Lights at Competitive Prices

The largest online retailer of both decorative and low energy lighting in the UK, Strictly LED’s, now stocks nearly all varieties of lighting to suit every occasion. The leading online store offers some of the latest LED products at competitive prices.

New Market Study Published: United Arab Emirates Consumer Electronics Report Q1 2014

LogoWe expect the continued influx of visitors into the UAE as tourists and expatriate workers, as well as positive business sentiments and a private consumption outlook, will sustain demand for consumer electronics products across the three segments of PCs, AV devices and handsets. Over the next few years, we expect more product innovation, distribution channel expansion and aggressive marketing strategies from local and international vendors as they aim to take advantage of the market's strong growth outlook.

New Report Available: Brazil Consumer Electronics Report Q1 2014

LogoBMI projects Brazil consumer electronics spending will grow by about 11.7% in US dollar terms in 2013 to US$37.8bn. In 2013, sales of some consumer electronics devices have been hit by currency weakness and high household indebtedness, and this is expected to continue in H213. However, growth areas will include 4G smartphones, tablets, Wi-Fi-enabled cameras and HD TV sets. The extension of the government's Lei Do Bem programme, to encourage local production of various products, should boost the availability of affordable smartphones and Huawei has already moved to take advantage of this. Brazil's hosting of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Olympics Games will provide a boost to spending on devices ranging from handsets to TV sets and cameras. However, in 2013 we expect the Brazilian consumer to feel the effects of high levels of household debt and there are signs banks are becoming wary about increasing lending.

Now Reliable & Affordable iPhone, iPad & Smartphone Repair Service in Florida by Total iPhone Fix

Today, people love to carry a host of sophisticated devices such as iPhones, iPads and Smartphones to look trendy and stylish. But there are high chances that these devices encounter with some technical issues because of several known and unknown reasons. And this is the time when people start looking for a reliable repair service provider. For the residents of Florida, USA, Total iPhone Fix is the repair service provider that offers all types of iPhone Repair Lakeland FL to the users of smart devices, ensuring them the complete peace of mind.