Consumer Electronics Press Releases

Homes Are Made Safer with New Security Systems and Monitoring from Atlanta Audio & Automation

In an age where Americans report feeling less safe with increasing frequency, a little home security is just what the doctor ordered. Making one's home safe is vital to the health and wellbeing of all the members of a household, and oftentimes the best way to do so is to install a reliable security system. A combination of cameras, motion detectors, regular locks, and alarms help to keep intruders out and maintain a secure home. Most recently, Atlanta Audio & Automation added this security component to their product offerings, bolstering a strong brand by expanding its product line. With newly added alarms, motion sensors, and security monitoring – each united under one control system; the company is primed to appeal to a wider range of customers.

Samsung Is Suspending Note 7 Sales Worldwide After 5 Incidents in the U.S.

Samsung has asked all of its sales partners to stop offering all versions of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. The request came after reports of five of the company's replacement Note 7 caught on fire one after another. Now it's requesting stores and carriers to halt sells and exchanges of the replacement units worldwide, which were supposed to be safe from the risk of bursting into flames.

iDrop News Empowers Apple Users Daily with Fresh iPhone and Mac News, Tips, Rumors, and Deals

iDrop News is a newly launched website with the primary objective of facilitating the user experience of Apple iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other devices through comprehensive reviews, useful tips, and even the juiciest rumors. iDrop News covers all of the information people new-to-tech, as well as tech-experts, need to know regarding Apple's most powerful and sophisticated devices.

Virginia Based Repair Shop Now Offering Mail in Kindle Fire Repair Services

LogoRockIT Repairs, a third party repair provider for technology devices, now provides mail in repair services on the Amazon Kindle Fire. Their repair services are for issues such cracked screens, malware infestation, comprehensive diagnostics, charging problems, cracked screens and other problems associated with technology.

Tech Inception Inc. Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Complete the Development of SafFone

LogoDistracted driving is one of the leading factors behind innumerable road accidents all over the world. It has been observed that indiscriminate cell phone use is the reason behind a large percentage of these accidents. The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends all drivers to limit the time duration for taking the eyes off the road to perform any task to two seconds at a time and a total of twelve seconds. Tech Inception Inc. claims that their upcoming product SafFone will shrink those times merely to a fraction.

3 Things That Are New About Baby's Brilliant App 2.0

Baby's Brilliant has updated its Baby app. Comments are already starting to circulate among observers and die-hard fans within the Baby Apps world, as more reviews come in about the fantastic fun and benefits of the Baby's Brilliant App, updated version 2.0. Baby's Brilliant has also released three things fans, reviewers and critics can expect from the latest release of the app.

Nationwide Smartwatch Repair at RockIT

LogoRockIT Repairs, a provider of third party technical repair services, is now announcing a list of services and solutions for smart watches released by major tech buffs like Apple, Samsung, Sony and others. Smart watches are the future, and indeed, the owners of these devices are going to want to repair instead of replaced due to the high initial cost of a smartwatch. Ranks Best Millionaire Dating Apps has ranked the top millionaire dating apps available on mobile. Number one on the list is Millionaire Match, a dating and matchmaker app for rich and attractive singles. Its member database includes CEOs, lawyers, models, celebrities, and entrepreneurs and more. Tackles the Best Benefits of Mobile Contracts over the Prepaid Phone Deals

LogoWith today's digital world, people do most almost anything with the use of mobile phones and other mobile devices from simple research to business and bank transactions. Communication has been made much easier and cheaper with the use of smartphones. This is why the use of these innovative gadgets could not be considered as a luxury, but a necessity instead.

Windows 7 Games Releases Big New Batch of Casual PC and Mac Games for Download

Windows 7 Games released a generous new round of casual games for download at With all of the Windows 7 games offering free demo time of 60 minutes or more, visitors can spend many hours engrossed in everything from intense mahjong matches to physics-based puzzles and spooky adventures. Windows 7 Games is a leading destination for those who love fun in digital form, offering visitors the best casual PC and Mac games for trial and purchase.

Kickstarter Launched to Raise Capital for Mass Production of New LapPad

The team behind the LapPad, a highly functional workstation and mobile desk, announced today that they have launched a new Kickstarter campaign to raise business capital. Funds will primarily be used to access larger volumes of responsibly sourced bamboo sheets to support the mass production of the desks, and keep the retail cost of the product down.

Unveil the Plethora of Latest Office Energy Management Solutions

The commercial or personal buildings of the present age are turning towards a new era of change. Their construction is structured to address the social needs of the society. This change is brought with a vision of optimizing and conserving the natural resources. The office energy management solutions play a major role in making this idea go viral, viable and successful.

SLIDE: Numbers Brain Training Is Now Available on Google Play

LogoFractal Games Ltd. announces the release of Slide - a free and original multiplayer puzzle game. As the pilot project of the Fractal Games' platform, it boasts unique gameplay and develops your mind swiftness, logical and analytical skills. Slide is the perfect way to tease your brain, while having fun playing with friends. Slide is now available on Google Play but coming very soon on the Apple App Store as well.

HD Wide Wallpapers Unveils a New Collection of High-Def Wallpaper

Many people are looking for a way to make their smartphone unique and to use the wallpaper to show off their interests instead of sticking with the standard wallpaper that comes with the phone. The number of individuals who own smartphones show signs of doing nothing but rising. In 2015, nearly 64% of American adults own a smartphone compared to only 35% during 2011. To compliment consumers phones and other mobile devices, online retailer HD Wide Wallpapers has recently unveiled a new collection of high-def wallpapers for smartphones, tablets, and personal computers.

Richenco Launches a New App Called Pool Simulator for Pool Players

Pool Simulator is a convenient app that is aimed at helping novice pool players become professionals in a short span of time. It is available on Google Play Store and iOS and hence, can be used on a number of devices. The app is said to have a number of features which include several game modes. All those players who wish to have a better chance of winning a pool game can consider the same at

Keep Your Resolutions and Stick to Your Goals with the Habbitack

LogoFor the majority of people, making goals and starting work toward achieving them is the easiest part. It is the commitment and dedication required to continue, day after day, where most people encounter difficulty. It is thought that making a new habit can take anywhere from 21 to 60 days, and goals are often abandoned before the benefits and satisfaction of success are realized. Habbitack is a new App for smartphones which offers the user an opportunity to form their habits by competing with their biggest motivators, their peers! Makes Online Legacy PC Games Available for Free

In a time when mobile phones are being used for online gaming activities, has introduced a unique platform for PC users. There have introduced free online games that have been categorized under action, Sudoku, puzzle and races to name a few. The website itself is quite simple in design and anyone can get the games they desire conveniently.

Hidden Cameras Available from DIY Surveillance Pro

LogoDIY Surveillance Pro carries a line of hidden cameras for the home. The company carries hidden cameras and mini cameras, and their line of discreet cameras is designed for people who want to privately keep tabs on their homes and belongings.

QR Mobile Pay Launches QR Invoice

QR Invoice, a cloud-based mobile payment and accounts receivable service utilizing secure and proprietary QR Code technology, is now available to U.S. businesses. With QR Invoice, a QR Code is included on every invoice. Customers scan the QR Code with a mobile device to automatically initiate payment. QR Invoice is secure, efficient, reduces theft, and increases payment time.

Netkiller Redefines Inventory Management with Google Sheet Based Barcode Scanning App for iPhone & Android

A brand-new Barcode Scanning App for iPhone and Android, which works on Google Sheets (Online Spreadsheet), is set to change the way people manage inventory and assets. Netkiller has announced the new release of Barcode Scanning App that came back with more powerful features.

Savvi Solutions Launches Indiegogo Campaign on October 10 to Fund New iSafe Drive

Savvi Solutions, a technology startup focusing on cellular and digital products, is disrupting the marketplace with one of the world's first MFI-certified, ultra-high speed storage drives with file encryption for iOS. The device was created through a partnership with CviLux Group, an Apple-certified manufacturer and creator of the "O'Pro9-iSafeFile."

Best MMORPG 2016 Facebook Page Launches, a new video game portal that focuses on massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), has launched its Facebook page that features news, reviews, top lists, and videos about the latest and most popular MMO games.

London App Developers: Appy Monkey Takes over the Market

The Appy Monkey is an app development company serving the market for its unique needs and the new app world. The amazing mobile app developers at the Appy Monkey come from varying backgrounds and vast experience that adds into the quality of the products by app developers. These London app developers are aimed at providing the market with most efficient and fast app. The team at Appy Monkey plans the application that is designed and implemented using the high standard technologies. The application implementations are done with precise management and standards. The application are tested and verified before they are injected unto the market. The products developed by the Appy Monkey have received high ratings and fewer complaints that are quickly rectified. The application is frequently improved as the mobile app developers are constantly working on the updates and the improvements of the applications. The Appy Monkey deal with each project keeping the standards of the efficient and effectiveness that are the basic elements of all the applications developed under the company.

Cometcore Launches World's First Buoyant Smartphone on Indiegogo

Comet, the world's first water-proof and buoyant smartphone, has begun raising funds on Indiegogo and already has received $25,000 in support.

Zuppio Announces Launch of Innovative New Free Ad Supported Android 5.1 4G LTE Smartphone - The Zuppio One

While nearly everyone would like a smartphone, sometimes circumstances can make one difficult to purchase. The innovative company Zuppio recently made a breakthrough announcement that offers a solution to this problem, the release of the Zuppio One. The Zuppio One is a new, free ad supported Android 5.1 4G LTE smartphone, which is certainly a brand and model that's very popular and well reviewed. Packed with features, the phone when ordered through Zuppio is always new, never refurbished, and always free. The only money a customer needs to spend is for shipping to have the smartphone delivered.

Houston-Based Interactive AR Launches New, Free Augmented Reality Bible Apps

Interactive AR launched new mobile apps that let children experience the stories of the Bible through the powerful lens of augmented reality. With free apps "Noah's Ark AR" and "David and Goliath AR" now available on Apple's App Store and at the Google Play Store, kids can become immersed in the Bible in ways never before possible. Interactive AR is a pioneering augmented reality company, using the power of technology in ways that produce more compelling and memorable experiences.

Streamlined Earbuds on Amazon Fight Tangles and Alzheimer's at the Same Time

LogoThe definition of altruistic sales, Ear Waxed announces the launch of their consumer-centric earbuds. Keeping ease-of-use top-of-mind the Ear Waxed Pro-Cast Earbuds have five must-have features. They're tangle-free, have a built-in mic, feature noise reduction, are reasonably priced, and support the fight against Alzheimer's disease. What more could a consumer ask for? Truth in advertising perhaps and Earwaxed delivers on this count as well.