Consumer Electronics Press Releases

Spotless Agency Wins "The Best Virtual Staging Service for Realtors" Award

Spotless Agency is one of the leaders in the field of virtual staging - in 2016 this virtual staging agency that has its offices both Kyiv, Ukraine, and New York, US, was called the best Virtual Staging service for realtors by Usage of most up-to-date technologies and highest-quality software makes Spotless' pictures extremely vivid.

Crowd's Feed Android App Launches to Amp Up the Volume on Any App and Make Info Social

LogoKeeping people talking all over the world, the new Android app Crowd's Feed takes striking up a conversation about anything and everything to a whole new level. Now users can pick an app, any app, and with one touch see what others are saying about it. Providing a user generated content layer to any application, it makes using an app social and more engaging than ever before.

Police Officer and Military Vet Applies Firm Hand to Habit Formation with a New Android App

Much of our daily lives are taken up by habits that we've formed over our lifetime, some good and some bad. Although we would like to build positive habits, it's not easy. Once the initial inspiration wears off, we tend to procrastinate and let the behavior fall away. This frustration is the inspiration for a remarkable new Android app.

Frivzonegame Now Offers 10 New Latest Friv Games

One of the most-popular online friv games portal, frivzonegame now offer 10 new games that are amongst friv's latest games. Frivzonegame is committed to providing people the best of the best friv games on one platform. No matter if they are puzzle games, cooking games, sports and action games, or just frozen and dress-up games, frivzonegame has it all on one website.

Knooop Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Phone Case Launched on Amazon

A new stylish phone case that provides Samsung Galaxy S7 owners with superior protection from accidental damage has been launched on Amazon. The Knooop Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Phone Cover is not only slim and elegant, but it also offers maximum drop and shock resistance with dual layer TPU/PC protection.

Warehouse Mobile Solutions Tablets Preferred Tool in Material Handling

LogoCompanies, such as Warehouse Mobile Solutions, makers of WarehouseOS, are making a strong movement to tablets as the preferred mechanism in materials handling. Warehouse Mobile Solutions tablet technology for warehouse management was recently featured in an article titled, "Warehouses Move to Tablet Technology," in magazine. Presents Updated Online Platform to Better Inform and Entertain

In this modern day and age where the internet has taken over the marketplace, it is a good idea to have a strong web presence. understands this principle and has created an online platform where their YouBible app can be viewed, along with the many features that come with it. This is an important step for the company to get that much closer to their clients, helping them enjoy the Bible wherever they are. Clients nowadays are more web savvy and tend to enjoy having all the information they need on one web page. By having this web page full of useful information, reviews of the YouBible app, contact info, and support FAQ's, has managed to bridge a gap between them and their visitors that many companies never do. This online platform gives the ability to review the YouBible app, understand its features, and get entertaining and helpful information.

Hands-Free Read & Go's Team Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Start the Production of Duo Laptop and Tablet Case

LogoHands-Free Read & Go claims that they created a special type of carrying case that fits perfectly with a tablet device. The advent of modern technology devices has made lives easier for all. However, holding a tablet continuously in hands has always been a painful experience for tablet users. Many people become reluctant to use their tablets outdoors or on transit, often in a crowded space when their hands are occupied with bags, phones, etc.

Resurgence of the Analog Beats: Success of India's First Premium Audio and Lifestyle Store – The Revolver Club

Analog audio in India is now a re-emerging trend, thanks to the passion of analogue music lovers supported by record stores like The Revolver Club. For most of us in India, the word Vinyl records or more famously known as LPs is nothing but a vintage and old, heard years or maybe decades ago. The belief that the current digital age has made vinyl records obsolete is far from the truth. Parth M Pandya and Jude de Souza, founders of The Revolver Club couldn't agree more. They believe that "The culture of listening to vinyl records became a lifestyle with its own dynamic, representing the longing for more emotional and better sound quality than digital playback could provide." Their business, "The Revolver Club" is India's only audio lifestyle store that believes in going retro futuristic, dealing exclusively in HiFi analogue audio systems, vinyl and turntables. Moreover, Hollywood actor and Disc Jockey, Elijah Wood (From Lord of the Rings) and other celebrities from India have visited and appreciated The Revolver Club records store.

WarehouseOS Single Pick App Simplifies Faster Picking Orders

LogoWarehouse Mobile Solutions' Single Pick is an app available with WarehouseOS. Single Pick is a fast and simple way to pick individual orders to a cart or directly into a shipping container. This Inventory Control Software will make sure any warehouse runs smoothly and efficiently.

GoldEye Solar Seeks Funding via Kickstarter to Start the Production of GoldEye Bar

LogoGold Eye Solar is a Canadian company comprising of a group of students passionate about renewable solar energy. The company operates with a vision to remain gentle on the environment and strives to make their products from recyclable materials. Their first product is GoldEye Bar, a solar panel portable charger for all laptops. Powered by solar energy, this power bank can be carried anywhere to charge up to 19V for laptops.

WarehouseOS Batch Picking App Allows for Multiple Orders Simultaneously

LogoWarehouse Mobile Solutions' Batch Picking is an app available with WarehouseOS. Batch Picking allows operators to pick multiple orders simultaneously to pre-assigned locations on a cart. An inventory control system allows for more effective organization.

Flirt Und Dating Apps Launches a Reliable Dating App

Flirt und Dating Apps recently launched their best ever, reliable dating app 'Free'. Though there are hundreds of dating websites and apps available, but they are either not easily accessible because they require lengthy registration or they are not reliable enough. But, 'Free' is a dating app that is available and easily accessible to all Android users and without any registration, plus its interface is developed in such a way that it is extremely safe from any kind of intrusion.

Friver Offers Wide Range of Exciting, Interactive, and Challenging Games for Gamers of All Age

LogoFriver is one of the latest as well as the most popular gaming destinations online. The site offers wide range of games of all genres including action games, multiplayer games, sports games, defence games, fighting games, racing games, multiplayer games, and so on.

Downfall of the State Is an Ultra Realistic Open World Strategic Shooter

LogoDownfall of the State, an incredible immersive and open world strategic shooter for Steam, is live on Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Warehouse Mobile Solutions Verifies App Allows for Rapid Verification of All Picked Items

LogoWarehouse Mobile Solutions' Verify is an app available with WarehouseOS. Verify allows to rapidly verify all of the items for an order which have been picked and are ready to be packaged and shipped to the customer.

Warehouse Mobile Solutions Manage Inventory App Tracks Pallets of Products

LogoWarehouse Mobile Solutions' Manage Inventory is an app available with WarehouseOS. Manage Inventory tracks pallets of products within the warehouse utilizing barcoded rack locations. No more need for a paper tracking log or hunting through the warehouse looking for pallets. Manufacturers and Distributors can even store and retrieve product based on first-in-first-out "FIFO."

Special Education Teacher Receives Fantastic Community Response

Special Education Teacher Megan Drobnicki-Girdhar has reached out to the community of Edmonds Washington and received fantastic support. Megan is working to furnish the VOICE Transition Academy with an iMac and Ipad technologies to enable the students of the program to create, edit, and learn from videos using the iMovie software. In just two days time, the teacher has received nearly $1,000 towards reaching the $1,852 goal. The project found via the website Donors Choose at, will help students expand on the work on iMovie that they have started this year.

Virginia-Based Company Launches World's First Doctor-Recommended Reading Assistance App – "EZ Reader, Digital Reading Glasses"

LogoDity Apps, a tech startup that develops mobile applications and games has released EZ Reader, the world's first doctor-recommended digital reading glasses. The app, which is now available as a free download for both Android and iPhone devices, assists users with reading fine print. EZ Reader requires no additional hardware and can remove the need to carry traditional reading glasses or other reading devices., Inc Releases a Mobile App to Help Shy People Reach out to Their Friends for Support

Former corporate lawyer and author of the best seller "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking", Susan Cain says that one-third to half of the U.S. population are introverts. An epidemic that is prevalent among introverts is the self-dependency syndrome caused by shyness, when they have a need. Even though hiring the right professional to solve a need is the right way for the rest of the world, introverts tend to depend on themselves for solutions rather than reaching out for help.

Tablets in Warehouse Proves More Effective and More Affordable Reports TR Cutler

LogoManufacturing journalist, TR Cutler, recently authored an article titled, "Productivity in the Warehouse Accomplished by Eliminating the RF Guns and Moving to Tablet Technology," in Automation & Controls Today magazine.

Electronics Design Show 2016

Keen electronics enthusiasts from all over the world are gearing up for the 2016 Electronics Design Show running from the 19th -20th October at the Jaguar Exhibition Hall, Ricoh Arena in Coventry. Attendees and exhibitors from across the UK gather at the event to share tips and tricks knowledge and expertise as well as hosting talks and workshops on the very latest developments in the electronics industry.

Warehouse Mobile Solutions PutAway App Accurately Putaway Inventory Into Storage Location

LogoWarehouse Mobile Solutions' PutAway is an app available with WarehouseOS. After using the Receiving App, an operator may then put away the inventory into a storage location. Once the items are put away, the inventory will be available to pick.

New App from the INSTANT Series to Provide on-the-Go Self-Help

LogoTime is precious and scarce. That's why it is the goal of INSTANT Series to provide immediate solutions for common problems. Inspired by their popular INSTANT-Series Guides, available online and at major fine retailer bookstores, INSTANT Series presents their new INSTANT Series App. The INSTANT Series app (the beta is free now in the Google Play Store) is a brand new way to stay connected with the highly-praised publisher for how-to's, practical self help, and so much more.

New Web Page Allows Easy Download of Clash Royale APK

Clash Royale offers an incredible amount of fun and excitement to its players. The game is very interesting and is gaining a huge popularity among the new generation of mobile gaming enthusiasts. People can now easily download the game on a new web page created on the website Besides downloading the game, one can also read a detailed review of the game here, and can learn why it is so exciting for a player.

Yepzone GPS Locator Smartphone App Launched to Make Pet Locating Easier for the Loving Owners

Yepzone GPS locator, a Smartphone app compatible with all the three platforms, Android, iOS and Windows, was recently launched formally by the namesake developers. Yepzone Group, the Finland based wearable technology innovation firm, recently announced that the feature-rich GPS locator is available for downloads through Google Play, Apple iTunes and Microsoft store. The owners claimed that the GPS locator is one of the best wearable GPS locators specially made for the pets.