Press Releases From 03/26/2012 Until 11/30/2015

Viewing from to Change Aims to Be Delaware's Premiere Active Adult Community

With more and more baby boomers retiring every year, active adult communities have been cropping up across the United States. These communities offer an experience that appeals to those who are fifty-five and older but still live an active lifestyle. With restaurants, country clubs, golf courses, and more, many of these active adult communities certainly earn the ‘active’ label.

Sinister Diesel Now Offers On-Line Champion Blue Flame Diesel Motor Oil

LogoChampion Brands Blue Flame Motor Oils are formulated with workhorse high-zinc performance additives, superior protection, advanced polymer technology, and high TBN, supported by a carrier blend of synthetic and conventional base fluids. In addition, Champion Brands Blue Flame® Diesel Motor Oil delivers unmatched high temperature film strength and lubricity protection, has the muscle to combat oil shear, maximizes and sustains cylinder compression, and is proven to increase engine horse power and torque.

Former Las Vegas Casino GM/VP Goes from Bets to Bikes by Opening Southern Highlands Cyclery

Former Nevada Casino GM and VP Jay Thiel has returned to his first love and recently announced the grand opening of his Las Vegas bike shop known as Southern Highlands Cyclery. Southern Highlands Cyclery is the best place in Southern Las Vegas to find top name-brand bicycles, accessories and clothing for men, women and young riders as well as expert repair.

Dental Assistant School AAA School of Dental Assisting Adds New Classes to Its Schedule

According to financial experts, dental assistants will be one of the fastest growing occupations over the next few years. Many dental offices are looking for qualified assistants, and due to employment growth, this need is predicted to continue for some time. In order to work in the field, people must first go to dental assistant school. Through a combination of classes and hands-on learning opportunities, these programs give students the knowledge and experience they will need to embark on their new career.

BedBoards Launches New Website Offering Custom Headboards

The right headboard can completely change the appearance of a bedroom. Some people appreciate having a custom headboard that matches their bedding, while others prefer to have a headboard that matches their unique personality.

BarCode ID Systems Hosts Successful Technology Night

BarCode ID Systems, and its technology partner, Motorola Solutions, recently completed two successful “Technology Night at the Ball Game” events. The two sold out events were held in late August at the Greenville Drive in Greenville, South Carolina and at the Durham Bulls in Durham, North Carolina.

Custom Pens from Showcase 'Write Stuff'

Eye-catching custom pens from with a company’s name and/or logo---have attracted a lot of attention lately because of their style, sleekness, affordability and how quickly customers can receive them after they place an order.

AXEON Acquires Assets of Leading Equipment Manufacturer

AXEON Water Technologies, a premier provider of engineered water treatment solutions, has announced the acquisition of assets and intellectual property rights of a leading systems manufacturer. The company, formerly known as Pure-O-Tech, is a premier manufacturer and full service provider of commercial and industrial reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ozone and filtration systems. For more than a decade, Pure-O-Tech has provided comprehensive system designs and engineered solutions to customers for a variety of applications.

The One Universal Life Church You Can Count on to Be Legal

LogoIt has been reported by other so called Churches with similar names that our Ministers are not legal to perform Marriages in many states such as Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina and others. They offer a wide variety of reasons, but what it comes down to is these states question their legality as a real Church.

Newly Redesigned Offers Same-Day Appliance Repair

Having an appliance break down is never fun. Whether it’s a luxury appliance like a dishwasher or a more important appliance like a freezer, it’s important to get that appliance fixed as quickly as possible. However, finding technicians that specialize in various types of appliances can be tough, and it might take several days to book an appointment with a technician in the local area.

Amazing Golf Options Are Available With Luxury Fiddler's Creek Property

LogoFiddler’s Creek offers a wide variety of options to suit the needs of any luxury lifestyle enthusiast. With renown social clubs, fitness clubs and a host of community amenities attached to every property and golf, beach and marina options available the is literally no end to the entertainment available. Overlooking a beautiful lake directly across from the golf course, this custom single family home takes perfect advantage a great lot in a low density neighborhood. With the multi-million dollar home market in Naples is shrinking as fast as any time before 2006 making this type of amenity packed luxury property an amazing investment opportunity for a family or any potential owner.

DDoS Protection Expert DDoS Defend's Website Upgrades Introduce Brand New Features

In an age of Internet attacks, DDoS protection is becoming a necessity for websites. Recurring DDoS attacks keep websites from functioning properly, resulting in loss of traffic and sales, as well as a damaged reputation.

HARP 2.0 Program Allows Many Minnesota Homeowners to Take Advantage of Low Refinance Rates and Lower Their Monthly Mortgage Payments

Minnesota homeowners who are living under negative equity may be able to use the HARP 2.0 government program to allow them to refinance at lower interest rates.

The Truth About Mortgage Refinancing Revealed By Utah Mortgage Expert

Midvale, Utah based Mortgage Broker Sandy Lowe reveals mortgage refinancing secrets at a new web site that is full of free reports, a home buying guide and free mortgage calculators. The site is designed to give Utah residents all the facts about mortgage refinancing so they can make an educated decision when obtaining a mortgage.

Humorous New Book "Michael Did What?" Now Available for the Kindle at is now featuring a humorous new eBook from author Michael Cavallo titled, “Michael Did What?” The book details a series of humorous events in the life of Michael, a truly incredible person whose accomplishments range from the simplest of tasks to the most extraordinary accomplishments. Readers of “Michael Did What” will be left asking themselves, “What Hasn’t Michael Done?”

Josh Stein Realtor and Proudly Present Continuum Miami

Continuum Miami provides comfort, space, privacy, sophistication and convenience to those seeking their perfect real estate. It is located a few minutes away of Miami Beach’s famous Ocean Drive and a home to a number of wealthy people. Josh Stein Realtor is one of the top realtors who have complete knowledge about Continuum Miami which is exactly what the buyers need in order to make a successful purchase of a condo at the Continuum tower. also found their way to contribute the idea of Josh Stein to present the towers just like what they really are, the most attractive real estate in Florida.

Save Up to 80% With New Website Rolled Out by is the one of the largest online rugs store and one stop shop for luxury carpets where visitors can browse styles and colors rugs online, while being sure to get the best price and highest quality handmade rugs when ordering. ECarpetGallery has 30 days Free Trial, Toll Free Number to Call Experts & Free shipping provided when customers buy luxury rugs. Connects Consumers to the Top Cable Providers in North Carolina

North Carolina residents have plenty of options when it comes to choosing a cable television provider. Each provider has unique traits that appeal to a certain set of customers. Some customers might appreciate having dozens of HD channels at an affordable price, while others are happy with a standard-definition channel package.

Consignment Shop in Smithfield Offering 50% off Sale

LogoPlus Plus Consignment, downtown Smithfield's premier consignment shop is excited to announce an end of the season sale! Currently, customers are invited to enjoy a generous 50% off expired consignments.

Amazing 16 Year Old Solved the P vs NP Problem Millennium Prize Problem

Andrew Magdy Kamal who was born on 08/06/1996 is the world's youngest professor. He became professor of Harris University in Manchester at the age of 12 in the field of theoretical physics on 07/11/2008. This is being recognized as a world record by World Records India as well as by recordsetter. Just recently on 09/10/2012 he discovered the answer to the P vs. NP problem, here is his solution:

Mobile Marketing Training Course to Help Small Business Owners in Texas

Use of mobile technology continues to increase, and as a result, mobile marketing companies becoming more and more important for the success of businesses big and small. Many big businesses are using mobile phone marketing with great success, while many small businesses with smaller marketing budgets are taking it slow. However, with more small business owners positioning themselves for growth through mobile phone marketing, small business owners who have not taken the plunge yet cannot afford to wait much longer. In a struggling economy, many businesses are discovering that mobile marketing has the power to increase business with a relatively small investment. Releases Selection of Top Credit Repair Companies in New Jersey

A bad credit rating can affect a person’s life for years into the future. A bad credit rating can prevent somebody from accessing financing options, and it could lead to thousands of dollars in extra interest payments over the course of a loan. Fortunately, the factors that affect bad credit can be removed by a good credit repair company.

Masters in Psychology Employment Growth Attracting Students to

With employment growth for those with a Masters in Psychology expected to perform better than current job statistics in the ensuing years, more and more new and returning students are exploring a Masters in Psychology degree through the information website. The website provides information about getting a Masters in Psychology with information ranging from graduate schools and psychology programs to top jobs, salary and much more.

The Emerging Trend of Buying Fans Online

Recent trends have shown that all online business modules have heavily relied on search engine optimisation or the SEO service providers. For a high ranking on search engines like Google, the visibility should be extremely high and in case a website link does not figure in the first or at least the second page of the results then it is not good for one’s online business. Social media has played an important role lately in the online marketing and growth of any kind of business. Fans expert has realised the potential of social media sites like Facebook. Almost the entire population of the world, people of all ages have a Facebook account and all internet based businesses have created a page on Facebook telling the world what the business is all about, using the site as a great marketing tool.

Got Laundry, LLC Does Laundry on the Fly

When it came time for the Hangman production crew for the Red Bull FlugTag team to do their laundry, they chose Philadelphia's finest: Got Laundry?, LLC.