Press Releases From 02/27/2024 Until 02/27/2024

Viewing from to Change

Leathwaite Sets the Stage for a Promising IPO Surge in 2024

LogoIn an era of market unpredictability, Leathwaite is optimistic and prepared, anticipating a significant resurgence in Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) in 2024. This optimism is underpinned by an improved economic outlook, stabilising debt markets, and a conducive environment for private equity firms to deploy capital efficiently.

Leathwaite Sets a New Benchmark in Finance Recruitment Excellence

LogoLeathwaite has established itself as a leader in finance recruitment, having partnered with leaders in financial services for over 20 years. Their profound expertise spans a wide range of sub-sectors, affirming their position as a pioneering force in the industry.

Leathwaite's Talent Solutions in Tech

LogoIn the last two decades, the technological landscape has dramatically evolved, significantly reshaping business strategies and competitive dynamics. Today, a business's value, security, and competitive advantage are inextricably linked to its technology strategy and IT leadership. This profound shift underscores the importance of sourcing the right talent for technology roles, where Leathwaite excels.

Leathwaite's Innovative Approach to Leadership Roles

LogoIn a time where leadership roles are rapidly evolving, Leathwaite has positioned itself as a pivotal force in reshaping the future of executive teams globally. Their approach to identifying and connecting transformative and diverse leaders with leading organisations is nothing short of innovative. Leathwaite is revolutionising the approach to leadership roles, ensuring that businesses are equipped for the present and poised for future success.

Healing the Journey & Living the Dream

LogoEpisode 12 of Soul-2-Wellness Radio will be featuring four special guests that Host Cathy Thurman has had the honor of having as clients for multiple years. These guests will be sharing their personal stories on how they benefitted from energy medicine, holistic trauma work, and utilizing some of the life coaching tools that Cathy has shared on the Soul-2-Wellness Radio show.