Electronics Press Releases

Goldtouch to Release New Semi-Vertical Mouse; Might Be Perfect

Goldtouch®, the industry leader in desktop ergonomics, announces the arrival of the newest addition to their expanding mouse library: The Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Mouse. The Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Mouse is perfectly sloped at 66° to prevent wrist stress and provide the ultimate comfort fit for healthy computing.

High Quality Step Down Transformers Available at Leading Electronic Retailer, Worldwide Voltage

Worldwide Voltage, a leading global distributor of home electronics and electronic equipment, announces the availability of top quality step down transformers for travelers or anyone who needs to convert electricity to power appliances or other electronics. The step down transformer converts electricity from 220/240 volts AC to 110/120 volts AC. The reliable step down transformer is easy to use and completely safe, being fully grounded with built-in fuse protection.

Rely on 12 Volt Technology's Victron Inverters to Lighten Homes During Power Failure

Logo12 Volt Technology, a renowned supplier of 12 volt products, is providing Victron 1200 Watt 12 Volt Inverter for sale. It is one of the exceptional inverters from Victron that has compact dimensions, light in weight and capable of supplying power, problem-free, to any load. This Victron inverter employs hybrid HF technology and has features like SinusMax superior engineering, extra start-up power and remote on/off switch. Previously listed at $1,035.00, the Victron 1200 Watt 12 Volt Inverter is now available at 20% discount, for just $828.00. Individuals can order this inverter online from their official portal, 12VoltTechnology.com.au, and get it delivered to their doorstep within the committed time frame. Individuals looking for an optimum source of lighting during power failures can bring home this Victron inverter at the most competitive prices from them.

Review of EZ Battery Reconditioning E-Book Unveiled at crashcollective.com

As per news coming from review site crashcollective.com, a new review of the highly debated e-book 'EZ Battery Reconditioning' written by Tom Ericson and Frank Thompson has been recently published on the website. According to a representative of the website, the review has tried to explain a general overview of the e-book which has seen a lot of debating issues in recent months over its practicability.

Three Questions Customers Should Ask Their Electronic Repair Service

LogoCan it be fixed? How much will it cost? How fast can it be done? Three basic yet extremely important questions any sensible person in need of electronic equipment repair will ask. Many businesses simply won't have answers to these questions. ACS Industrial Services, Inc will.

Wistex II LLC Offers a Wide Variety of Disconnect Switches for Sale Online

LogoBuilding and maintaining an electrical system requires parts of the highest quality to ensure an elongated lifespan and safe operation. At Wistex II LLC, the leading online retailer of electrical parts, engineers of the electromechanical industry can find exactly what they need for their application. The company offers a wide variety of electrical products from top manufacturers of the industry at the most affordable rates. One of their top bestselling items is their selection of disconnect switches by Eaton.

Sunbows Replacement Projector Lamps for Stage Lighting Come at Cheaper Prices Albeit with Better Quality

Sunbows, a stage-lighting research and manufacturing firm that has got years of market presence and a disparate range of lighting products to sell, offers replacement projector lamp at OEM prices, but with far better quality. According to the manufacturers, their lean manufacturing model, careful selection of appliances and technologies and use of latest technologies help them produce top-line replacement projector lamps that are ideal for any stage or any big event.

12 Volt Technology Offers Victron Battery Chargers for Sale

LogoOne of the top suppliers of 12 volt electrical items in Australia, 12 Volt Technology is now providing Victron Blue Power 10 Amp 12V Marine Battery Charger for sale. Previously listed at a retail price of $269.00, individuals can now purchase this amazing battery charger for just $199.00 and save $70.00. Manufactured employing latest technology, the Victron 10 Amp Blue Power Battery charger is perfect for providing batteries some extra maintenance and ensuring their long life. This Victron battery charger is one of the exceptional battery chargers in their collection and features temperature compensated charging, Li-ion battery mode, seven step smart charge algorithm, automatic power supply function, and several other battery life enhancing features.

12 Volt Technology Now Announces the Availability of Victron Inverters with Good Backup

LogoGlobally popular for providing one-of-a-kind 12 volt appliances and lighting products, 12 Volt Technology is now providing Victron Phoenix 1000W 12V Inverter C 12/1200 at 25% discount. It is one of the latest and exceptional invertors in their collection that features SinusMax Superior engineering, extra start-up power, automatic transfer switch and computer interface. This Victron inverter was previously listed for $1,300.00, which individuals can now purchase it for just $975.00 after discount. The Victron Phoenix 1000W 12V Inverter C 12/1200 is manufactured employing latest technology and sure to brighten the homes during power outage. Moreover, the design of this Victron inverter also makes it suitable to be used in trucks, buses, caravans, motorhomes, RVs and boats.

12 Volt Technology Now Announces the Availability of a Comprehensive Selection of Victron Battery Chargers

LogoA leading provider of 12 volt technology products, 12 Volt Technology offers a wide range of Victron Battery Chargers at attractive prices. They offer full range of Victron Battery Chargers, like Blue Power, BlueSmart with Bluetooth, Centuar, Phoenix and Marine waterproof and RV Battery Chargers. All models can be operated without any adjustment needed over a 90 to 265 Volt input voltage range, whether 50 Hz or 60 Hz. The body of Victron Battery Chargers is made with Aluminium epoxy powder coated with drip shield and stainless steel fixings case to withstand the rigors of adverse environments, such as heat, humidity and salt air. Individuals looking for quality battery chargers can now buy Victron battery chargers online through the company's official store, 12VoltTechnology.com.au.

Wistex II LLC Now Retailing Newly Released HMI Cover Kits by Allied Moulded

LogoAllied Moulded Products, Inc. is one of Wistex II LLC's largest manufacturers of electrical products that has, in the last year, doubled the amount of business for the elite national distributor. The brand specializes in producing nonmetallic enclosures, generating new products as technology advances and innovative concepts are utilized in the electromechanical industry. The latest electrical part introduced to the market by Allied Moulded Products, Inc. are Human-Machine Interface (HMI) Cover Kits, designed to provide protection from harsh conditions and environments. Wistex II LLC is pleased to announce that they are now offering the new HMI Cover Kits for retail online.

Shadowhawk X800: A Flashlight That Pulls Much Above Its Weight

A torchlight or flashlight is an item that almost everybody would find indispensable under specific circumstances. The flashlight is definitely more powerful than the torch of a smartphone helping to trace objects when its pitch dark as well as helps finds one's way in the dark. Motorists make good use of flashlights when changing tyres or fixing an engine problem. Then again, flashlights come in perfectly handy for trekkers and hikers when camping at night or trudging along forested regions in darkness. Simply put, a flashlight is a versatile item that can be used to accomplish numerous functions.

Impulse Electronics Provides Top Value in Electronic Connections & Power Sources

LogoGetting electronic connections and power sources that are dependable and affordable can be challenging with the massive number of online and local retailers out there. It's important to have a trusted source for obtaining batteries, battery chargers, fuses, powerpole cables, and other power supplies and accessories. Impulse Electronics is a company that has the experience and knowledge behind it to make it such a company. Impulse was founded in 2003 as a supplier of power-related materials for emergency communications such as Anderson Powerpole connectors and red/black power cable. They have grown by adding related items like AGM batteries and chargers; battery cases with RIGrunner powerpole distribution in one handy package; coax cable and connectors; various power cables (stock and custom); related tools; power terminals and some Powerwerx, Diamond Antennas and West Mountain Radio power distribution products.

GNFEI.com Offers Thousands of Products at Wholesale Prices from Shenzhen

Shopping online has stormed the world with a number of businesses going online to sell their products. The aspect of cost along with the flexibility of reaching a larger market makes this platform the largest marketplace on earth. China has been a dominant country when it comes to offering products under any and every category.

Northern Manufacturing & Electronics 2016

Electronics enthusiasts from around the world are gearing up for the annual Northern Manufacturing and Electronics Show, running on the 28th and 29th September 2016 at Event City, Manchester. The show is a melting pot of electronics and manufacturing excellence and brings together an array of attendees and exhibitors to share knowledge, news and the very latest product ranges from the biggest companies in the field. It is the only show if its kind, solely dedicated to the requirement of companies in electronic and manufacturing industries based within the North of England.

Electronics and Plastic Parts Ecommerce Marketplace Shenzhen-buy.com Launched

Shenzhen-buy.com, an ecommerce marketplace for retail and wholesale purchase and selling of electronics parts and plastic parts, was launched very recently. The marketplace, which was actually started in 2007 by a group of enterprising Chinese web entrepreneurs, has now been given the shape of a full-fledged ecommerce marketplace. The owners and administrators of the online marketplace said that they have started selling electronics and plastic parts on both retail and wholesale basis and assured their customers about most competitive pricing and outstanding customer support.

Wide Range of Antenna Rods & Telescopic Tools Available for Online Supply for Global Clients

There are different types of antennas, such as TV antennas, Telescopic antennas, car antennas, phone antennas, and others that are used for sending out and receiving signals. These antennas work in different ranges and need to be installed at different heights for their proper functioning. Zhongfa Industrial Company not only supplies a variety of antennas, but they also offer antenna rods of different lengths and designs to support the installation of antennas. A client can choose from their different antenna rod range for the installation of an antenna.

Is This the Future of Bicycle Road Safety?

All-in-one bike lights that, for the first time ever, would assure 360-degree visibility of the bicycle and the rider.

Caton Connector Corporation Awarded Defense Diversification Program

LogoCaton Connector Corporation of Kingston, MA was selected by SBANE to receive matching funds under the Defense Diversification Program. Caton Connector is a manufacturer of high-voltage connectors and cable assemblies for use in the military, semiconductor, utility, and avionics industries. Caton Connector is a preferred distributor of a large variety of wire—including flat wire, with both high- and low-voltage applications.

Challenges Facing the G700 Flashlight – Local Defense and Global Market Offense

TheG700Flashlight is a premium licensed partner of the Lumitact Inc., doing retail, wholesale and internet sales in the North American Market for the past 5 months. After their establishing as a leading supplier of the G700 flashlight United States and Canada, the company started to place and promote the G700 Lumitact Flashlight worldwide.

iFastPCB Began Offering Fast PCB Prototyping Services for Electronics Parts Manufacturers and OEM Suppliers

In a welcome move, one of China's fastest growing PCB manufacturing companies, iFastPCB recently announced that their fast PCB prototyping services have got off the ground. The owners said that their target is to reach the salient benefits of software-based PCB prototyping and PCB manufacturing to their clients dotted across China and beyond. They said that the services that they are offering now are a continuation of what they have been since their inception, albeit more technology-dependent.

China Company Reveals How to Use the LED Strip Lights for Lighting Home

LED lights are growing in popularity worldwide because of their environment-friendly and energy-efficient features. China based Superlightingled Optoelectronics has a wide range of LED lights, suitable for lighting homes, offices, shops and other buildings. They also offer flexible led strip lights that could be perfect for lighting a home and enhancing its aesthetic appeal. The experts of the company reveal why these LED strips are a wonderful choice for home lighting.

TopJoy Launched Advanced and Affordable Virtual Reality Headset Product Line

LogoWith the explosion in popularity of virtual reality devices, their use is stretching way beyond gaming. The Hong Kong based company TopJoy recently thanked customers for making their Virtual Reality Headset line a popular product not only with games, but also for a variety of other exciting uses.

New Market Research Report: Semiconductor IP Market - Global Forecast to 2022

LogoSemiconductor IP Market by Form Factor (ICs IP, SOCs IP), Design Architecture (IP cores (Hard IP, Soft IP), Standard IP, Custom IP, Processor Design), Processor Type (Microprocessor, DSP), Verification IP - Global forecast to 2022.

12 Volt Technology Now Offers ePower 400 Watt True Sine Inverter on Sale

Logo12 Volt Technology, a reputed online store for 12 volt products, has now put ePower 400 Watt True Sine Inverter on sale. Previously listed at a retail price of $399.90, individuals can now purchase this inverter for just $349.95, and save $49.95. The output of this inverter is for operating motor loads, and to reduce stress on surge protection circuitry, meaning potentially longer equipment life. This inverter also features heavy duty dc battery stud connectors, high efficiency conversion of battery available power to AC power, audio alarm with warning/error codes to alert user to check inverter condition before unit shutdown, and many other features that make it more desirable. Individuals looking for reliable inverter can buy ePower 400 Watt True Sine Inverter being offered for sale at the company's official online store, 12VoltTechnology.com.au.

12 Volt Technology Now Offers Vitrifrigo Fridge Freezer with Air-Lock on Autumn Sale

LogoOne of the reputed online stores in the nation, 12 Volt Technology is now offering Vitrifrigo 115i 12V or 24V Fridge Freezer with Air-Lock on autumn sale. Previously listed at a retail price of $1,650.00, individuals can now purchase this Vitrifrigo fridge for just $1,279.90. It is one of the unique fridge freezers in their collection that is engineered with new & improved design, positive door closure, integrated vent position system, unique double purpose mounting flange and many more other features. This fridge freezer is offered with a 2 year warranty and has frame dimension of 7656 x 525 x 518 mm. The Vitrifrigo 115i 12V or 24V Fridge Freezer with Air-Lock weighs 23 kg and uses average power of 45W. This 12 volt fridge is provided with a fitting frame to make the installation nice and neat.