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Global Pressure Sensors Market to Register USD 6.5 Billion by 2020

Zion Research has published a new report titled "Pressure Sensors Market by Technology (Capacitive, Electromagnetic, Optical, Piezoresistive, Resonant Solid-State) for Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Industrial, Medical, Oil & Gas and Other Applications: Global Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis and Forecast, 2014 - 2020." According to the report, global demand for pressure sensors market was valued at USD 6.5 billion in 2014 is expected to reach USD 9.5 billion in 2020 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 6% between 2015 and 2020.

Global Pressure Sensors Market to Register USD 6.5 Billion by 2020

Zion Research has published a new report titled "Pressure Sensors Market by Technology (Capacitive, Electromagnetic, Optical, Piezoresistive, Resonant Solid-State) for Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Industrial, Medical, Oil & Gas and Other Applications: Global Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis and Forecast, 2014 - 2020." According to the report, global demand for pressure sensors market was valued at USD 6.5 billion in 2014 is expected to reach USD 9.5 billion in 2020 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 6% between 2015 and 2020.

Unicol's Led Displays Assembled on-Site Provide Quick and Easy Solutions for Clients

Unicol continues to be a leading player in LED display solutions, and its LED display mounting structures prove to be the right choice for customers looking for bespoke products that can easily adapt to their precise requirements.

12 Volt Technology Offers Technologically Advanced Vitrifrigo Fridges with Modern Aesthetic Style

LogoA renowned 12V products provider in the country, 12 Volt Technology, offers a comprehensive selection of Vitrifrigo Fridges at comparatively lower prices. The company has in the stock Vitrifrigo Fridges in a variety of models, with numerous advanced features. Designed with the latest technology, the Vitrifrigo range of fridges offers style and sophistication along with functionality, practicality and quality to any caravan, bus, motorhome, RV or boat. The Vitrifrigo Fridges comes equipped with the new Airlock closure system that allows an easier access to the end users, while preventing unwanted openings. Being a reputable name in the industry, the wide range of Vitrifrigo Fridges that they provide meet the highest quality standards and best suits the needs of each of their customers.

Video Wall Installations Simplified with Unicol's 'Simplex' Range

For businesses seeking to advance their advertising and marketing strategies, video walls have already become a popular choice. With a properly-designed and installed video wall, businesses can benefit from a highly-advanced, dynamic, and innovative advertising tool which is guaranteed to give their customers the right impression and help their enterprise move forward.

Public Safety Drones Market Forecast to Reach $1.2 Billion in 2022

LogoArcluster pegs the market size for public safety drones at $1.2 billion in 2022 in its 2nd edition of its worldwide market analysis and forecasting study on the topic. The reports states that multiple public safety agencies are poised to lap up the benefits of using drones for security and critical missions. With increasing number of Government interests in drone adoption across multiple countries, the market for Public Safety drones is set to expand in the next five to ten years.

No More Wasting of Time for Customers Who Are on the Look-out for Self-Balancing Scooters and Electric Unicycles

Here is a good news for those who are looking for intelligent self-balancing scooters and electric unicycles including the folding electric bike. Self Balancing Top, that is a Sino-German joint venture corporation founded in 2012 in Germany, manufactures and offers these items. Self Balancing Top says that they not only manufacture, market and sell these items but are into research and development as well.

12 Volt Technology Offers Waeco Upright Fridges with a Standard Manufacturer's Warranty

Logo12 Volt Technology, a one-stop store for 12 volt appliances, offers Waeco upright fridges with a standard manufacturer's warranty to make sure customers doesn't face any inconvenience with their products and services. These fridges can be easily fixed in boats, buses, trucks, caravans, and motorhomes, without any hassle, and can help individuals store their food and beverage items fresh and safe from contamination. Most of the Waeco upright fridges come equipped with an energy efficient genuine WAECO compressor, which provide outstanding energy efficient refrigeration for built-in mobile applications. Starting from $979.95, the wide selection of Waeco upright fridges they offer includes Waeco CoolMatic CRX 50 Fridge Freezer, Waeco CoolMatic CRX 65 Fridge Freezer, Waeco CoolMatic CRX 80 Fridge Freezer, Waeco CoolMatic CR-1110 Fridge Freezer, and many others.

Jrayledlighting.com LED High Bay Light with Multiple Accessories Launched

Jrayledlighting.com has launched a whole new range of LED high bay lights that are offered at unbeatable prices. The store has a massive collection of different high bay lights enabling shoppers to make bulk purchases. The high bay lights are required for open areas like stores, stadiums, streets and outdoor lighting. Some of the products that are exclusive to this store are LED solar products, area shoebox light, street light, flood light, tunnel light and wall pack. They even offer accessories that are required to set up these lights.

Wistex II, LLC, Offering Special Promotional Discount on Assembly Items

LogoWistex II, LLC, a trusted name in electrical distribution, is offering a promotional discount of 10% off of various assembly items. The sale is an excellent opportunity for customers to save money on products such as motor starters and din rails that are cut to size. The promotion also includes many types of enclosure packages and enclosures for disconnect switches, breakers, and batteries. For customers who are in need of various assembly items for their electrical equipment, now is an ideal time to buy.

12 Volt Technology Offers Best-in-Class Vitrifrigo Fridges for Sale

LogoA reputable market place for 12 volt refrigerators, 12 Volt Technology, is now offering Vitrifrigo Fridges at the most competitive prices. All of their Vitrifrigo fridges are manufactured with the highest quality materials employing innovative tools to ensure that the highest standards of the product are maintained. An array of Vitrifrigo Fridges that the company offers includes Vitrifrigo C130L 12V or 24V Fridge Freezer, Vitrifrigo C115i 12V or 24V Fridge Freezer, Vitrifrigo C130L 12V or 24V Fridge Only, and many others. Most of these fridges are of five-star rating, making them great for reducing electricity bills. People looking for the best-in-class fridges can visit 12VoltTechnology.com.au to explore an exclusive collection of Vitrifrigo fridges.

DG Interconnect and Caton Connector to Merge

LogoRepresentatives from Caton Connector and DG Interconnect announced this week that the two companies will be merging on December 31, 2016. The merger will result in DG Interconnect becoming a product and market development group within Caton Connector Corporation.

12 Volt Technology Offers Waeco Fridges for Sale

Logo12 Volt Technology, a renowned market place for 12 volt appliances, offers best-in-class Waeco Fridges at the most affordable prices. An array of Waeco Fridges that individuals can purchase from them include CFX28, CFX35, CFX40, CFX50, CFX65, CFX65DZ and much more. All of the Waeco Fridges that they provide consume less power, which are perfect for those camping trips, weekend away or even the longer week trip. So, people looking for a quality 12 Volt Fridge Freezer for their Boat, Bus, Truck, Caravan or motorhome, can explore an exclusive collection of Waeco Fridges on the company's official online portal, 12VoltTechnology.com.au.

Goldtouch to Release New Semi-Vertical Mouse; Might Be Perfect

LogoGoldtouch®, the industry leader in desktop ergonomics, announces the arrival of the newest addition to their expanding mouse library: The Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Mouse. The Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Mouse is perfectly sloped at 66° to prevent wrist stress and provide the ultimate comfort fit for healthy computing.

Wistex II, LLC Sends Its Customers a Message of Thanksgiving with Welcoming Benefits

LogoIn tribute to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, Wistex II, LLC, is wishing their snowballing customer base a warm welcome to "The Wistex Family". With a widely-known reputation as the best electrical distributor online, the company is sending a message of Thanksgiving by expressing their endearing gratitude for the unwavering support they've been receiving and offering an unbeatable Black Friday incentive.

Electro-Mech's SW45023 Exit Door Lamp Switch Approved by Airbus

Electro-Mech's new SW45023 exit lamp door switch has been designed, tested, and approved by Airbus Industries for installation in Airbus A350 aircraft.

iFastPCB Offers Now Standard and Complex Rigid Flex PCB Fabrication Services

iFastPCB, a well-known PCB manufacturer from China that specializes in PCB prototyping and PCB fabrication, has successfully built its capability to perform all types of PCB fabrication and PCB manufacturing jobs. The owners recently announced at a trade fair that the skilled workforce they have is now completely capable of providing fast PCB fabrication services for all possible kinds of PCBs, including rigid flex PCB products. They maintained that iFastPCB is the fastest growing one-stop solution provider for all sorts of PCB manufacturing jobs.

Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign for Levitation Display

Most people are drawn to the idea of being able to magically levitate an object so that it hovers in mid-air. A new launch on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter could make this a real possibility as brothers Felix and Tammo Ripken prepare to launch their S-45 Levitation Display.

iFastPCB Guarantees Now the Fastest Turnaround for Rigid Flex PCB and Other Types of PCBs

iFastPCB, a leading manufacturing hub for all sorts of printed circuit boards, recently announced that they can assure industry-best turnaround on all orders. The announcement comes as an extension of the continued commitment of iFastPCB and its major stakeholders toward the investor community and to its esteemed clientele, the owners expressed. They also added that fast turnaround is now guaranteed on rigid flex PCB and all other types of PCBs. Their successful collaboration with a number of authorized delivery and shipment companies would help them in delivering on their promises, the owners believe.

Rigid Flex PCB Products from iFastPCB Offer Great Connection Reliability for High Density Applications

iFastPCB, a domestic market leader in Chinese wholesale market for fast PCB prototyping and manufacturing, recently launched their rigid flex PCB products during a trade fair held in Shenzhen, China. From now on, prospective buyers of these products can get instant quote and order rigid flex PCB products online, the owners announced during the trade fair.

GoldMore Starts Manufacturing Tactical Flashlights for Top Brands in America

GoldMore has started manufacturing tactical flashlights for top brands in America. These rechargeable LED flashlights will provide an alternative lighting source to existing safety lights in the American market.

iFastPCB Flexible and Rigid PCB Prototyping Services Ensure Unparalleled Design Flexibility

iFastPCB, a cutting-edge technological solution provider having its strong suit in PCB manufacturing and prototyping, now offers unparalleled design flexibility to its clients in electronics manufacturing, aerospace and military application manufacturing sectors through both flexible and rigid flex PCB prototyping services. The owners recently called a press conference where they announced the grand launch of their rigid flex circuit boards which have been used in Chinese aerospace and Chinese military sectors for close to thirty years.

iFastPCB Rigid Flex Updated Specifications and Capabilities Announced for Global Wholesale Market

iFastPCB, a global wholesale market leader for all sorts of PCB prototyping, PCB manufacturing and PCB fabrication, recently updated their rigid flex specifications and capabilities. The owners of the Shenzhen, China based company recently announced that their rigid flex PCB or printed circuit boards have been traditionally used in military and aerospace industries. With many years of glorious industry presence, the company now aims to be instrumental in other sectors as well with their specialized rigid flex PCB prototyping services.

Experienced Electronic Repair Center on Extending the Life of Printed Circuit Boards

LogoPrinted circuit boards don't last forever – even the most expensive ones. Despite this unfortunate reality, there are still plenty of proactive steps that can be taken in order to extend the life of one's circuit boards and potentially put off the need for circuit board repairs a little longer. Experienced Electronic Repair Center ACS Industrial Services, Inc. shares a few tips on the matter.

12 Volt Technology Offers a Wide Range of Fusion Marine Accessories from the World's Leading Manufacturers

Logo12 Volt Technology, Australia's best location for all 12 Volt Technology needs, offers a wide range of fusion marine accessories at the highly discounted prices.

"Global Electronic Dictionary Market 2016-2020" Is Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoAn electronic dictionary refers to a digital format dictionary, from which the data can be accessed through a variety of media. Electronic dictionaries are available in different forms such as dedicated handheld devices, mobile apps on smartphones and tablets, computer software, in-built function in e-readers, CD-ROMs, and DVD-ROMs. This report only focuses on dedicated handheld devices. Electronic dictionary databases are often extensive and can contain up to 500,000 headwords and definitions, verb conjugation tables, and a grammar reference sections. In general, the bilingual electronic dictionaries and monolingual dictionaries of different languages include an interactive verb conjugator, and these dictionaries are capable of word stemming and lemmatization.

Right at Your Fingertips Will Be the New Innovative Tech for Online Shoppers

LogoAccording to a UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper ™ Study conducted 2015," consumers are shopping more with their smartphones and demanding a more seamless experience between virtual and physical stores." "Believe it or not, 50% of all purchases made by the respondents were made online in the beginning of 2016. In as much as shoppers are skillful in using technology, they tend to be tech-savvy shoppers and gathering bargains over multiple channels while shopping on their mobile devices.