Electronics Press Releases

Global Home Automation Market Will Increase USD 21.0 Billion by 2020

Zion Research has published a new report titled "Home Automation (Luxury, Mainstream, DIY (Do It Yourself) and Managed) Market by Networking Technology (Wired, Power-line, Computing Network and Wireless) for Lighting, Safety and security, HVAC, Entertainment and Other (Robotics and Heath care) Applications - Global Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis, and Forecast, 2014 – 2020". According to the report, global home automation market was valued at around USD 5.0 billion in 2014 and is expected to reach USD 21.0 billion in 2020, growing at a CAGR of around 25% between 2015 and 2020.

Global Pressure Sensors Market to Register USD 6.5 Billion by 2020

Zion Research has published a new report titled "Pressure Sensors Market by Technology (Capacitive, Electromagnetic, Optical, Piezoresistive, Resonant Solid-State) for Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Industrial, Medical, Oil & Gas and Other Applications: Global Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis and Forecast, 2014 - 2020." According to the report, global demand for pressure sensors market was valued at USD 6.5 billion in 2014 is expected to reach USD 9.5 billion in 2020 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 6% between 2015 and 2020.

SYOPTEK Soon to Participate in Major Trade Shows for Exhibiting Latest Fiber Optic Tools

SYOPTEK International, a China based manufacturer and wholesaler of high-quality fiber optic tools, recently announced that they would soon be participating in major trade shows across the country and outside the country as well. The owners revealed that they want to show their latest selection of products  to the business community at large and to potential investors.

Apple Service Center in Delhi Announces Apple Fixer to Repair Apple Devices at No Extra Cost

Apple Service Center in Delhi & NCR is the leading name, offering quality and affordable repair services for a variety of Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, Macbook Pro and others. The Apple repair service provider announces their Apple Fixer program, which brings customers an affordable way to get their Apple devices repaired from expert technicians. As per the program, one can rest assured of Apple brand device repair at no extra cost. According to the spokesperson of the Apple service center delhi, they carry out all types of repairs and replacements and do not charge extra for a component replacement, other than the cost of the replacement part.

Fiber Optic Products Can Now Be Availed at Low-Down Prices at SYOPTEK's Sale

SYOPTEK International, a top manufacturer of fiber optic tools, recently slashed down the prices of their products. The Xiamen based factory of SYOPTEK manufactures wide ranging fiber optic test equipment alongside the best of kits and cleaning supplies. The company's items that ensure installation, maintenance and verification can now be found at all-time lowest prices.

Cslamp.com Introduces High Quality LED Façade Lighting

LED facade lighting is considered to be ideal as it provides the best effects when it comes to the quality and hence, many establishments consider this over others. In order to find some of the best products that are available in the niche, the above mentioned URL is an apt option. Based in China, Cisun Lighting is believed to provide customized solutions to all their clients.

Imperial Wire & Cable Co. Inc. Is a Leading Wire Distributor Near Philadelphia

Located in Ivyland, PA, Imperial Wire & Cable Co. Inc.—an ISO Certified cable and wire distributor—has been providing customers with quality products at competitive prices in a timely manner for thirty-six years.

WeeTect Is to Publish a Research On: How Abrasion Resistant Coating Films Improve LED Lighting Performance

WeeTect's product manager, Taylors Lei,with Goldmore lighting department manager,Kelly Chen, will publish a research conducted by the company's R&D team on "How Abrasion Resistant Coating Films Improve LED Lighting Performance". This is a comprehensive research that aims to enlighten all the key players in the LED lighting industries such as fabricators, manufacturers and consumers.

Circuit Armour: The Innovative Electronics Enclosure Kit and the Team Working to Bring It to the Market

So many budding electrical engineers struggle to take their projects to the next level, to elevate them from a neat looking idea on the drawing board to a viable work in progress, and finally, a finished article.

WeeTect Begins to Sell Flame Retardant PC Sheet for Electrical Panel LED Lamps

WeeTect has started selling flame retardant PC sheets for LED lamps used in electrical panels. This product will only be available for resellers and distributors who can order for it directly from the main factory in China.

KordBot Is the MIDI Chord Controller That Enables Users of All Experience Levels to Compose Music Anywhere

LogoKordBot, the revolutionary all-in-one MIDI Chord Controller, Apreggiator, and Step Sequencer, is live on Kickstarter having already raised over $85k and blowing past their fundraising goal within 5 days of launch.

Hella Compact Luminator LED Driving Light from 12 Volt Technology Now Available on Sale

LogoOne of the reputed providers of 12 volt products in Australia, 12 Volt Technology has now put Hella Compact Luminator LED driving light on summer sale. Previously listed at a retail price of $749.90, individuals can now purchase this LED driving light for just $649.95. This Hella driving light is featured with high performance LEDs and computer calculated double-reflector technology for optimum visibility and improved lighting performance on and off-road. This driving light weighs 2.8 kg and has dimensions 187 mm height, 181 mm width and 120 mm depth. Available in dark grey – black color, investing in this Hella driving light can now help individual's save $99.95. Individuals planning to install LED driving lights in their automobiles can count on this reputed store for their requirements.

Cost-Effective DC to DC 50 AMP 12 to 12 Volt Battery Chargers from 12 Volt Technology

Logo12 Volt Technology, a leading online store, is now providing sterling DC TO DC 50 AMP 12 TO 12 volt battery chargers at the most competitive prices. Customers can now purchase this battery charger for just $699.95. To provide optimum battery charging, this battery charger is featured with digitally controlled 4 stage charging characteristic. This charger is perfect for charging those batteries that have charging source is 12v and battery banks are 12 volts. No direct connection is required to the standard engine alternator, or to the outboard which makes the new installation easier. This battery charger 12v ensures that there is no voltage rise on the engine management system assuring no alarms or damage to the system be it an outboard, or a car, or a boat.

4WD Driving Lights from 12 Volt Technology Avoid Crashes and Help Lower Risk Behind the Wheel

Logo12 Volt Technology is now offering a wide range of 4WD Driving Lights at the best possible prices. The company stocks some of the best quality 4WD driving lights that include Great Whites LED Lights, Hella 4WD Lights, LED Daytime, Running Lamps, LED Driving Lights, LED Light Bars, Lightforce 4WD Lights and Narava 4WD Lights. These driving lights ensure good visibility especially when weather is bad. The entire range of 4WD Driving Lights offer long-range illumination that help drivers to easily focus on the sides of the roads. The company is specialized in offering products from best known brands that ensure long service life.

DIN Rail Mounted Solid-State Devices from EDR/Vsholding

LogoEDR/VSHOLDING announces DIN Rail mountable SPST, SPDT, DPST, SPDT&N Solid-State Relays/Switches and ½ and full-bridge drivers

ShadowHawk Tactical X800 Flashlight Launched with a Discount of 75%

LogoA flashlight that has been described as one of the best military graded flashlights on the planet and is made from the same material that is used on planes is now available with a special limited discount. The ShadowHawk Tactical X800 Flashlight is a favorite with all America's armed forces, as well as the police due to its quality. It has a XPE LED light bulb, which according to experts is one of the most powerful bulbs on the market that provides the user with a powerful light beam.

POSPaper.com Offers Manual Options for Electronic Failures

POSPaper.com is not only the leading supplier for all paper products and electronic machines for the retail industry but also offers the manual solution that works, regardless, if the power is on or not. Businesses that utilize credit card machines are highly dependent on the Internet, Wi-Fi connection and power to ensure that the transactions go through correctly. For this reason, they spend a lot of money every month on the appropriate bill but things happen such as storms and may lead to failures. So what is the back-up plan?

Market for Drones in Agriculture Expected to Exceed $1 Billion in 2020

LogoArcluster announces the publication of its market research study on the Agricultural Drones Market (2015 – 2020). The new farm drone market study is aimed at delivering the most comprehensive and well informed study on the market for drones in agriculture, covering trends across both the supply side and the demand side.

CCTV Alarm Systems Introduces High Quality and Reliable Security Cameras

CCTV Alarm Systems has introduced a wide selection of cctv camera s on its website. CCTValarmsystem.com is a very popular online store amongst cafés, restaurant, retailers, schools, offices, homes, shop owners and other establishment due to its high-tech and competitive security cameras. With CCTV Alarm System's high end cameras, everyone is safe and secure.

Drive More Comfortably and Safer with Hella Compact Luminator LED Driving Light from 12 Volt Technology

LogoIt is an essential for any vehicle owner to have proper and effective lighting to ensure safe and secure drive and avoid uncalled accidents especially when the visibility is low during the adverse weather conditions like rain or fog. Keeping the needs of their customers in mind, 12 Volt Technology is now providing Hella compact luminator led driving light at the most competitive prices. Customers can now purchase this LED driving light for just $649.95. Featured with high performance LEDs and computer calculated double-reflector technology, this Hella Compact Luminator LED Series provides optimum visibility and improved lighting performance on and off-road. Due to the computer optimized fine tuning, this LED light guarantees equally distributed and perfect illumination of the road, therefore keeping the user safer and less chance of fatigue. Perfect for heavy duty applications, the maximum light beam distance of this light is 580 Meters.

CTEK Battery Charger from 12 Volt Technology Ensure Efficient Battery Charging

LogoIt's essential for every boat owner to be prepared for any circumstance, especially when they are out for sail and experience a power outage. Here battery chargers come in handy. These chargers basically are the devices that are used to charge marine batteries to full capacity. To cater to the needs of their customers, 12 Volt Technology is now providing CTEK battery charger M100 12 volt at the most competitive prices. Earlier listed for $299.90, customers can now get this battery charger for just $249.95. This CTEK battery charger analyses if the battery can accept and retain the charge. It eliminates harmful lead sulphate crystals giving an effective charge and when the battery is fully charged, it automatically switches to safe maintenance charging. The battery charger is also equipped with a supply mode that acts as a power source if the users need to disconnect a battery and do not want to lose important electronic settings.

CGSL Launches 8th Store in Guangzhou

The team at CGSL is pleased to announce that they have launched another store. The 8th flagship CGSL store is now open in Guangzhou, and the newly opened store is selling CGSL's brand of premium circuit breakers, distribution boards, and other specialty electrical products.

Wistex II LLC Expands Variable Speed Drive Inventory to Provide for HVAC, Industrial and Wastewater Applications

LogoThe most effective motor controller for industrial and commercial applications is the variable frequency drive (VFD), which is also known as a Variable Speed Drive. When applied accurately, the VFD offers various benefits for the electro-mechanical industry such as control flexibility, electrical energy savings and reliable operation. Wistex II LLC, the leading agency of drive sale applications and service capabilities, has been providing industries across the country with variable speed drives and controls that are affordable and dependable. The company recently extended its product selection of VFDs so that they can expand their customer base in the HVAC, Wastewater and Industrial Markets.

Olight Announces S1 Baton Flashlight Kit for Camping Use

LogoCamping can be an ordeal with a complicated checklist of all necessary equipment that campers need to carry, not to mention that some of them are heavy and bulky. First of all, campers would need to make sure they have all the essentials. The key to enjoying the camping experience is to keep it as simple as possible. If they insist on going off camping as a backpacker rather than on a SUV, they would even wish to carry fewer and lighter gears.

12 Volt Technology Offers Top-Notch Quality Battery Chargers of Leading Brands

LogoOne of the major characteristics of modern life is people dependence on the electronic gadgets. Most of the electronic gadgets are battery-powered that need to be regularly charged and maintained. Using quality and compatible chargers helps people to maintain the long life of their devices. With this in mind, 12 Volt Technology is now providing battery chargers at the most competitive prices. Manufactured using high quality and latest technological components, the range of chargers that company provides ensure long life of the batteries. Shock proof, easily portable and durable, individuals can directly order these chargers through the company's official online store, 12VoltTechnology.com.au.

Nassau Electrical Offers Free Shipping on All Aluminum Type MC Cables

LogoWith more than 60 years of industry experience, Nassau Electrical Supply® is a prominent provider of wires and cables, ranging from THWN-2 wires to fiber optic cables. The company's continuing popularity results from their commitment to selling high-quality items at below market prices and investing in 24/7 personalized customer service that helps all clients find the right product to suit their unique needs. Nassau Electrical Supply has varied experience working with clients across the country, and their promise to go above and beyond for each and every customer means that no quote is neither too big nor too small for them.

Earn Money Watching Videos; FlashPoint Media Launches New Rewards App

LogoFlashpoint Media LLC today announced their official launch and the general availability of their Apptrailer Rewards App for Both the iPad and iPhone, which enables advertisers and small business app owners to effectively harness the power of video to connect directly with consumers; it is available for free at the iTunes Store.