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Investigation for Investors Who Hold Shares of Power Solutions International Inc (NASDAQ:PSIX) Announced

An investigation on behalf of current long term investors in Power Solutions International Inc (NASDAQ:PSIX) shares over possible breaches of fiduciary duty by certain officers and directors was announced and NASDAQ:PSIX stockholders should contact the Shareholders Foundation.

Global Wood-Plastic Composites Market to Record an Impressive Growth by 2020

Wood-Plastic Composites (Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polyvinyl Chloride, and Others) Market for Building & Construction, Automotive, Electrical, and Other Applications: Global Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis and Forecast, 2014 – 2020.Global Wood-Plastic Composites Market Set for Rapid Growth, To Reach Around USD 6.0 Billion by 2020.

Make Underwater Photos Better

Photographers who enjoy recording a view above and under the water in the same frame are often frustrated trying to get the quality they want. The Split Dome Port is a housing for a Go-Pro Camera enabling a half-half photo with great results. The Go-Pro Camera with its wide-angle lens can capture a big part of the world a photographer sees; but when it comes to shooting images that extend from under the sea to the sun above, there is a problem. It is really hard to get the waterline in the middle of the small Go-Pro lens even if the water is totally still. If it isn't, there is no chance. The inventive staff at SplitGadgets realized that a special housing could produce cool over-under water photos. These housings already existed, but they cost hundreds of dollars which did not make sense because the housing itself is not overly complicated. SplitGadgets decided to produce its own dome housing, an affordable one for photographers who love to achieve the split photo effects.

Gene Therapies: A Diverse Range of Technologies with a Promising Long-Term Outlook; New Report Launched

LogoGene Therapies: A Diverse Range of Technologies with a Promising Long-Term Outlook discusses all gene therapies under the broad criteria of genetic material introduced to the cell for a therapeutic purpose. It includes not only the insertion of a gene into the cell for expression, but also gene silencing with RNA interference (RNAi) and antisense RNA, aptamers (DNA or RNA polymers which bind to a protein target), and oncolytic viruses.

Chemistry Dias Announces Regular Classroom & Weekend Programs for CSIR-NET/ JRF & M.Sc. Entrance in Chemistry

There are a number of premier research institutes of chemical sciences that conduct entrance examinations for giving admissions to suitable candidates. Students, who want to appear in M. Sc. Entrance or JRF or Ph. D in these prestigious institutes, need to prepare for the entrance test in a professional or systematic manner.

Europe Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Oil and Gas Industry 2016; New Report Launched

LogoThe Europe Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Oil and Gas Industry 2016 Market Research Report is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Oil and Gas industry.

SEO Services Company Announces Search Engine Optimization & Digital Marketing Solutions for Happy Customer Engagement

Today, all businesses are making a lot of efforts to help establish their bold presence on the web to connect with their new or old customers. SEOSPIDY helps a business to optimize the performance of their website, allowing them to build their reputation in the internet world. The seo services company has a number of customers, enjoying their recognition in the global web marketplace, which enables them to beat the competition and increase the profitability.

Guangdong Zhenfeng Science and Educational Toys Co., Ltd. Offers Premium Quality Diamond Block, LOZ

One of China's leading toy manufacturer, Guangdong Zhenfeng Science and Educational Toys Co., Ltd. offers premium quality diamond Block toys - LOZ on affordable rates. Guangdong Zhenfeng Science and Educational Toys Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing top-class quality toys, especially Diamond Block toys for the past 15 years, that is why their manufactured toys and Diamond Blocks are widely-popular and trusted all over the word.

Travelers from More Number of Countries Get Visa Exemption to Enter Vietnam

The news that the Vietnam government has announced unilateral Vietnam visa exemption for those who hold passports of countries like Belarus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italia, Japan, Korea, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden and UK may excite those from these countries and who wish to visit Vietnam. points out that this exemption comes with a condition and that is their entry date should be at least 30 days from their previous exit from Vietnam. Otherwise, they have to produce appropriate visas for entering Vietnam.

Reduce Stress with Swedish Massages from Best Relaxation

LogoOne of the most sought after names in the massage industry, Best Relaxation is popular with individuals for providing the best massage in Dubai. The massages they provide not only help individuals in reducing muscular tension and pain, but also help them in rejuvenating their mind, body and soul after a hectic day at work. To improve the emotional well-being of individuals, Best Relaxation is now offering the Swedish massage in Dubai at highly reduced prices. Swedish massage or Relaxation massage is a well-known massage technique which helps relieve muscles with long gliding strokes in the direction of blood flow to the heart. The wide array of benefits that the Swedish massage offers include increasing oxygen level in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility, easing tension and many others. Introduces RFID Cards of Different Frequencies

RFID Cards are used in many industries. Be it logistics, laundry, access control and automobiles, there are several Companies that rely on eTags for their success. Apart from the RFID clothing tag, there are NFC Stickers, Car Windshield Stickers and RFID Bracelets that are available to be perused.

This Company That Supplies RFID Products Is Highly Focused on Customer Satisfaction

Those involved in industries like security and protection, transportation, tourism, anti-counterfeiting, etc. may be interested in the news that RFIDHY Shanghai Huayuan Smart Information Technology Co. Ltd. is manufacturing and supplying RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) cards, inlays, tags as well as reader modules. Some of the products they supply are laundry tag, uhf laundry tag, laundry tags, rfid laundry, RFID washable tag, RFID bracelet, nfc wristband, mifare wristband, RFID tag for cloth, Label tag, RFID clothing tag, nfc tags clothing, nfc stickers, nfc card, nfc wristband, nfc label, RFID windshield tag, car windshield sticker, eTag, windshield label and so on. The company says that the items they supply are useful for businesses in the financial sector as well.

New Startup Aims to Make Finding Best Performing IT Companies Easier

Newly established startup has come up with a service that will make it easier for businesses to find the top software companies and digital agencies, Extract examines IT companies with key industry metrics, discovers their reputation and quality standards, and reveals best effective companies. The type of IT companies assessed by Extract will include web development companies, app development companies, SEO firms.

This Company That Supplies RFID Products Always Keeps Track of the Requirements of Their Customers

The news that RFIDHY Shanghai Huayuan Smart Information Technology Co. Ltd., a company that manufactures and supplies RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) cards, inlays, tags and reader modules always makes sure to track the requirements of their customers may interest a lot of people who observe this industry and those who use these products. Especially, businesses involved in industries like security and protection, transportation, tourism, anti-counterfeiting, finance, etc. may be interested in this news.

Bankrate Inc (NYSE:RATE) Shareholder Alert: Investigation Concerning Potential Violations of Securities Laws

LogoAn investigation for shareholders of Bankrate Inc (NYSE:RATE) over potential securities laws violations by Bankrate Inc and certain of its directors and officers was announced.

WoodMafia Announces a Further 10,000 Trees to Be Planted in 2016

LogoWoodMafia is celebrating a solid first year of business by planting another 10,000 trees in 2016. Offering a unique range of premium wood watches, WoodMafia plants one tree for every watch purchased.

Pick Waeco Fridge Freezer from the Sale Organized at 12 Volt Technology's Online Store

LogoAn authorised online dealer, 12 Volt Technology is popular with customers for providing top-class 12 volt products. These products are from world-renowned brands like Altech, Blue Sun Group, CTEK, Lightforce, Redarc, Enerdrive, Xantrex, and many others. The 12 volt products they offer help individuals save power and cut down the cost of their electricity bills. To cater to the needs of their customers, 12 Volt Technology is now offering a Waeco CFX28 Fridge Freezer for sale. A newest addition to the CFX range, Waeco CFX28 features Genuine Waeco compressor with integrated AC electronics, VMSO (Variable Motor Speed Optimization), 3 stage battery protection, Up to 50 degrees below ambient temp, USB charging outlet and many others. This Waeco fridge freezer was initially listed at a retail price of $999.90, but it can now be purchased for just $799.95. The company has also provided a 3 year warranty, plus an additional 2 years on the compressor with this portable 12 volt fridge.

EPOWER 400 Watt True Sine Inverter from 12 Volt Technology Now on Sale

LogoOne of the reputed providers of 12 volt products in Australia, 12 Volt Technology has now put EPOWER 400 Watt True Sine Inverter on autumn sale. Previously listed at a retail price of $399.90, individuals can now purchase this inverter for just $349.95. Manufactured with ePOWER's state of the art, easy to use design, this Epower Inverter provides a new realm of application flexibility. The true sine wave output of this inverter is ideal for operating motor loads, and to reduce stress on surge protection circuitry, meaning potentially longer equipment life. The EPOWER 400 Watt True Sine Inverter features Australian GPO Outlets, audio alarm with warning/error codes to alert user to check inverter condition before unit shutdown, mounting brackets for permanent installation and many other features that set it apart from other inverters.

Maximize Battery Life with Sterling Battery Chargers from 12 Volt Technology

LogoA popular face in the industry, 12 Volt Technology has been providing exceptional 12 volt products for years. The 12 volt items they offer are precisely manufactured with the latest technological tools and fulfil the highest-quality standards. These products are highly-durable and can help individuals reduce their electricity costs. To enhance the battery life of the 12 volt appliances, 12 Volt Technology is now offering Sterling battery chargers at the most competitive prices. The wide array of Sterling chargers they offer include Sterling Aquanautic 8 Amp 12 Volt Battery Charger, Sterling DC to DC 30 Amp 12 to 12 Volt Battery Charger, Sterling Aquanautic 20 Amp 12 Volt Battery Charger, Sterling Pro Sport 5 5 Amp 12 Volt Battery Charger, and many others. These battery chargers have been verified for sale by Sterling and help individuals maintain the performance of their batteries. Individuals seeking battery chargers for their appliances can contact this reputed provider for their varied needs.

Goody Tickets Sponsors KC SuperStar

LogoGoody Tickets supports the Jewish Community Center's KC SuperStar event as a Vinyl Record Patron level sponsor. KC SuperStar is an annual singing competition in its 7th year of showcasing the talented youth from high-schools in the Kansas City metro and surrounding area. With sponsorship from Goody Tickets, the event is able to raise funds for the Jewish Community Center and present scholarship prizes for the first, second, third and fourth place winners.

Goody Tickets Gives Back to Hope House of Kansas City

LogoGoody Tickets has continued their support of the Hope House, Missouri's largest domestic violence shelter. The 2015 contributions from Goody Tickets helped make it possible for Hope House to provide shelter to clients, answer hotline calls, and provide support to clients in the municipal court system. In 2015 Hope House provided shelter to more than 1,100 survivors of domestic violence and answered more than 6,000 calls to their hotline.

Investigation for Investors in Shares of Kindred Healthcare, Inc. (NYSE:KND) Announced

LogoAn investigation on behalf of investors of Kindred Healthcare, Inc. over potential securities laws violations by Kindred Healthcare, Inc. in connection certain financial statements was announced.

Investigation for Investors in Shares of Ruby Tuesday, Inc. (NYSE:RT) Announced

LogoAn investigation on behalf of investors of Ruby Tuesday, Inc. (NYSE:RT) shares over potential securities laws violations by Ruby Tuesday in connection certain financial statements was announced.

Rockwell Medical Inc (NASDAQ:RMTI) Shareholder Alert: Deadline in Lawsuit on May 3, 2016

LogoThe Shareholders Foundation announced that a deadline is coming up on May 3, 2016 in the lawsuit filed for certain investors in NASDAQ:RMTI shares over alleged securities laws violations by Rockwell Medical Inc.

Latest Research on Molded Plastics Market with GCC Industry Analysis and Forecast by 2023

LogoMolded plastics are products made up of thermoplastic or thermoset resins through a molding process. The molding process essentially requires a mold or cast in order to provide the plastic with a specified shape. Molded plastics find application in most sectors and daily products such as bottles, furniture, pipes, conduits, wires, cables, containers, caps, cases, and consumer products.

Nanosilver Market - Electrical & Electronics Is the Largest End-User of Nanosilver

LogoThis report analyzes and forecasts the market for nanosilver at the global and regional level. The market has been forecast based on volume (tons) and revenue (US$ Mn) from 2015 to 2023. The study includes drivers and restraints of the global nanosilver market. It also covers the impact of these drivers and restraints on demand for nanosilver during the forecast period. The report also highlights opportunities in the nanosilver market at the global and regional level.

Coal Trading Market - Rising Demand for Power Is Also Propelling the Global Coal Trading Market

LogoThis research study analyzes the market for coal trading market in terms of volume (million tonnes). The market has been segmented on the basis of type, application and region. The global coal trading market has been segmented into five regions: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South & Central America. For the research, 2014 has been taken as the base year, while all forecasts have been given for the period from 2015 to 2023. Market data for all type and application has been provided at the regional as well as country-specific level from 2015 to 2023. The report provides a broad competitive analysis of companies engaged in the coal trading business. The report also includes the key market dynamics such as drivers, restraints, and opportunities affecting the global coal trading market. These market dynamics were analyzed in detail and are illustrated in the report with the help of supporting graphs and tables. The report also provides a comprehensive analysis of the global coal trading market with the help of Porter's Five Forces model. This analysis helps in understanding the five major forces that affect the market structure and market profitability. The forces analyzed are bargaining power of buyers, bargaining power of suppliers, threat of new entrants, threat of substitutes, and degree of competition.