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BrightFleet Becomes a Florida Veteran-Owned Small Business Certified with the Office of Supplier Diversity

The driver safety company BrightFleet based in Orlando announces its certification with the State of Florida. The company, as of July, is now certified as a veteran-owned small business able to participate in supplier diversity programs. With this acknowledgement by the state government BrightFleet becomes a viable choice for corporations with the same concerns.

Access Pharmaceuticals Featured on Onclive.Com

ACCESS PHARMACEUTICALS, INC., a developer of new products for oncology supportive care, announced that its novel product for oral mucositis, MuGard®, has been featured in an article on titled, “Study Finds Mouth Rinse Alleviates Oral Mucositis Symptoms in Head and Neck Cancers.” Dr. Steve Sonis, a leading expert in oral mucositis, provides insight on the growing demand seen in the oncology community for evidence-based strategies for the debilitating anticancer regimen side effect.

ProPRcopy Now Offering Professional Copywriting Services Specifically for Accounting Firms, CPAs

LogoProPRcopy, one of the nation's leading written content providers, has announced that it is now offering fast, affordable and professional copywriting services for accountants, accounting firms and financial professionals.

EnviroVent Now Brings Outstanding Heat Recovery Ventilation System

LogoAll their heat recovery products are manufactured in the UK and offer a wide range of innovative benefits in additional to exceptional performance and low maintenance. In fact, if clients are looking for ventilation for social housing, they can just browse through the range of whole house and single room heat recovery products available at this store.

NEW BOOK RELEASE - Life Don't Have to End, by Author Cricket Barrazotto

LogoLife Don't Have To End, by Cricket Barrazotto, shares the tragedy and triumph of personal stories from more than 60 courageous HIV positive men and women.

Visit CvWow to Find a Recruitment Solution at Fixed Price

Jobs are not easy these days and people face a lot of competition. Even when a job is landed, the candidates may not find themselves into their chosen or desired field. Moreover, while the field is a desirable one, the candidates often fail to get adequate salary. A number of recruitment agencies have sprung up claiming to aid the candidates in landing with a desirable job that pays off a handsome salary. The choice of a suitable online recruitment agency should be done by checking the authorization of the same. A number of fake agencies have sprung up where the job seekers end up draining their money either in return for nothing or in return with for an unsuitable job. The website CvWow is an agency that offers quality online recruitment solutions at fixed price.

1Clean - New Domestic and Office Cleaning Service for London and Essex

London and Essex have welcomed a recently launched company with qualified professionals cleaning carpets, rugs, windows and upholstery. 1Clean provides domestic cleaning and office cleaning, all of its services being available 7 days a week.

King TB4 (GMP) Automatic Tablet/Capsule Counter Now Available at Wohl Associates

A used King TB4 (GMP) Automatic Tablet/Capsule Counter is now available for company purchase on the Wohl Associates website. This machine and others for processing and packaging may be found at bargain prices here.

Toresani Pasta Production Equipment Now Available Through Wohl Associates

Fresh and frozen pasta processing equipment can both be purchased used from Wohl Associates, including Toresani pasta machines. Machines may be used to mix, press, sheet, cut, dry blanch or package pasta. Equipment may handle both filled and unfilled pasta, including ravioli, tortellini, spaghetti, linguini and gnocchi.

NEW BOOK RELEASE - Tiggy Finds a Home, by AUTHOR Carole A. Volz

LogoCarole A. Volz’s , Tiggy Finds A Home, is a "kitten's eye-view" of the adventurous discovery of herself and family. Follow Tiggy from her ‘wilderness’ beginnings to the many adventures of living with humans. When you are a kitten everything is for the first time. Oh, and meeting humans for the first time – that is an experience the humans will never forget!

Spacio Offers Inventive Office Refurbishment in Essex to Make Office a Stylish Workplace

Spacio offers inventive office refurbishment in Essex to make the office a stylish workplace. Being the pioneer in designing, remodeling or refurbishing the office spaces, they provide a completely rejuvenated look to the office interior, making it an inspiring and beautiful place to work for employees or to visit for guests and business associates. They are also expert in converting the empty spaces into contemporary workplaces, well-equipped with all the conveniences and luxuries while completing the project well in time and in budget.

Acuity Solutions Now Emerges as One of the Leading Sage Business Partners in London

Capitalizing on more than two decades of experience in the management of complicated Sage solutions, Acuity Solutions today is among the leading Sage Business Partners in London. Clients can avail proactive and proficient enterprise consultancy and support services from this company with regards to Sage product suite that also consist of ERP and CRM software. Irrespective of the complexities of the businesses, Acuity Solutions has the ability to help clients locate most appropriate sage solutions.

Iconic Digital Offers Experienced Drupal Web Designers in London to Enhance Businesses with Better Website

LogoGive business a better equipped website with the experienced Drupal web designers in London from Iconic Digital. Their team of web design experts creates the most beautiful, interactive and highly engaging websites on the Drupal platform, whether looking for website with basic information or more complex and advanced e-commerce web platforms. Their designers are experienced and well-equipped with the skills to design a website on an existing design template or a bespoke design to provide what the clients are exactly expecting.

NCS, A Top IT Support Company in London, Now Brings Excellent Database Support Solutions

LogoNCS, a top IT support company in London, now brings excellent database support solutions for clients. The company aims to endow with professional and reliable service across a wide array of database platforms.

hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Offer hCG Diet Plans That Promote Fast Weight Loss, Now Found to Reduce Asthma Symptoms

LogoBeing obese can precipitate many diseases and conditions, reducing longevity and quality of life. Extreme obesity can leave people immobile and dependent on others for the simplest tasks. Often, those who are overweight or obese find themselves wheezing and experiencing problems catching their breath after walking only short distances. Obese or overweight people who already suffer from asthma symptoms may find that their symptoms are more frequent and more severe. Studies show that obesity and asthma could be linked.

hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announces hCG Diet Plans with Individually Tailored Nutrition Plans for Healthy and Fast Weight Loss

LogoA study that was recently published in the Journal, Cell, and reported by Medical News Today, reinforces the fact that a diet rich in fiber can help protect the body against diabetes and obesity. To date, however, it has been unclear exactly how a fiber rich diet protects against these diseases. Researchers from the French National Center for Scientific Research looked to the glucose-producing capabilities of the intestine by using mice as test subjects. The study revealed that glucose has certain elements that are detected by nerves in the vein that collects blood from the intestine. A nerve signal is then transmitted to the brain instructing a series of defenses against diabetes and obesity, including a feeling of satiety, increased energy and less glucose production from the liver. The study found that the subjects who were fed a diet high in fiber gained significantly less weight as compared with subjects who were fed a regular diet. In addition, the subjects who ate a high fiber diet were also protected against diabetes due to the increased sensitivity to insulin.

Wedding Photographer Manchester Gautam Narayanan Envisions the Hottest Wedding Trends for Brides and Grooms Across Manchester UK

LogoWedding Photographer Manchester the number one wedding planning destination in UK , today released its annual predictions for the hottest wedding trends on the horizon for 2014. From the influences of technology for super-charged guests who share every detail socially and the reverse effect of unplugged weddings, where couples ask guests to check their phones at the door, to the inspiration of over-the-top flowers and the bright pops of color, the trends for 2014 are in for a totally unique twist.

Allbell IT Solutions Now Focuses on Offering Complete IT & Computer Support Ensuring Ultimate Protection from Viruses & Malicious Programs

Allbell IT Solutions believes in both quality and efficacy of the support services that they offer to their clients. They have now rolled out a complete protection program that guarantees all businesses a much-needed security against viruses and other types of malicious programs. The IT specialists of the company maintain that virus attacks have become an everyday affair and a business organization needs complete security to safeguard their computer systems. Many lethal viruses not only damage the stored data, but can also harm the software and hardware of the systems. They offer their services to ensure a peace of mind to the businesses of Broomley and Kent in the UK.

When the Question Is 'How to Get Rid of Mold on Walls', Solution Is Envirovent

LogoWhile elaborating further, a spokesperson stated, “Mold problems are more commonplace that you think with 1 in 5 British homes suffering from issues with condensation or black mold. Just like embarrassing bodies, mold is an embarrassment that no homeowner wants to shout about. Removing mold can be problematic, yes you can paint over it but unless you remove what is causing the appearance of black mold it will only come back to haunt you time and time again.”

Sevastian Belo Signs with Warner Music Group and MTV Media

Sevastian Belo, a music producer from Spain that has recently acquired international recognition for his musical craft, has been signed by major label Warner Music Group. Sevastian is currently producing for MouseMiles, a hip-hop duo from Bosnia and Herzegovina consisting of Jasmin ‘’BIGGA’’ Ali? and Vedad ‘’Paparazzi’’ Mešanovi?, that have recently signed a significant deal with a few producers coming from different parts of the world. One of them is Sevastian Belo, better known as S.Belo. MouseMiles are currently the only hip-hop group in the region that is completely making music in English, despite it not being their native language.

Airways Hotel Victoria Offers Great Amenities at Highly Competitive Prices

Airways Hotel Victoria is a budget hotel located in the central area of Victoria, London. The hotel is conveniently located and one can reach after 7-10-minute walk from the rail station and Victoria Underground. The ideal location enables guests to reach to the tourist hotspots of cultural, historical and architectural importance including Big Ben, house of parliament, Buckingham Palace, River Thames, Westminster Abbey and London Eye easily. In addition to these, Madame Tussauds, Leicester Square, Tower of London and many more are easily accessible too. The bed and breakfast hotel offers unparalleled services and comfort to its guests. The tourist can reach to any of these hotspots within 30 minutes by using train or coach.

HMO Mortgages and Financial Info, Guidance and Services Offered via the Mortgage Cafe

In order to effectively navigate the vast and complex mortgage and lending industry in the United Kingdom, in-depth knowledge and expertise are required. Individuals and businesses can use a good piece of advice from experienced specialists offering sound advice and services.

Phoenix Now Brings Unrivalled Sales and Business Development Courses in London

Phoenix brings unrivalled sales and business development courses in London for clients. At Phoenix, they have the expertise to deal with everything including Sales, Account Management, Telesales, Field Sales, new Business, Business Development, Consultancy, Influencing, Customer Service and Negotiation.

Visit Malaysia Year 2014: 1100km Walk Through Malaysia for a Good Cause

David and Yusep, two men who started a walk on January 10 this year to cross Peninsular Malaysia, are gaining the attention of people from across the globe. The walk will be a distance of 1100km, taking them from through the whole country. With ‘The Great Walk’, the duo aims to raise awareness and donations for the Borneo Project in conjunction with the Visit Malaysia Year 2014. Sources confirmed that the Borneo Project is intended to protect forests, cultures and human rights of people, who live there, with the help of local NGOs and communities. The Borneo Project also came into existence in order to save the local eco systems by connecting with local communities and defend the customs and surroundings of local people living in Borneo.

Expert Therapist Revisits the Concept of 'Mindfulness'

Human beings are creatures of habit. As a species, they take comfort from the fact that they have a routine that helps them get on with their lives. When the routine is problematic, such as with depression, anxiety or worry, it leads to a narrow and constricted experience of life.

New Chocolate Bars with Stevia Sweetener Now Make Up the Predivita Protein Diet Ensemble

LogoFor dessert devotees who want to give in to their craving, Predivita now offers the delicious solution through the new chocolate bars. Manufactured with on-the-go dieters in mind, the protein-rich, low-calorie product from Predivita makes the best snack for Belgians on the protein diet wanting to taste the natural sweetness of food without being sidetracked.

If Passionate About Data Then Trust Only Synergy, an Acclaimed Database Cleansing Company

Data is a valuable asset and nourishing it brings sound profits. Therefore, enhance the profit margins and trust only Synergy’s database cleaning. This firm being an acclaimed database cleansing company makes sound business sense. Their database cleaning and profiling services transform basic leads into ripe opportunities.