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GIW Use of Synchrono SyncManufacturing Software Drove Doubled Revenue in Two and a Half Years

GIW Industries, a KSB subsidiary in the U.S., implemented Synchrono® SyncManufacturing, demand-driven production planning, scheduling and execution software in their facility. GIW's main demand was based on manufacturing slurry pumps for dredging work. Prior to implementation of Syncrhono software, on-time performance was 45%, cycle times were 18 to 20 weeks, and inventory turns were 4.5. Today GIW uses Synchrono SyncManufacturing software to optimize product flow and assist in controlling cycle times and delivery performance. The system integrates pattern information, flask, combination equipment, engineering revisions and capacity to produce a schedule that is predictable and reliable.

Drug Screening Market 2016: Global Industry Insights, Statistics, Demand and Forecasts to 2021

The key factors responsible for the growth of the drug and alcohol testing market are growing population and count of aging population coupled with rising drug & alcohol abuse, along with increased funding by the U.S. Federal Governments for drug testing. Furthermore, growing awareness on Drug Screening procedures across developing nations along with formulation of stringent laws by these countries is a major factor boosting the market growth. For instance, with effect from 2014, the federal government in Brazil made it mandatory for all professional drivers to pass a hair drug test while they apply for license renewal. However, the recent ban on alcohol consumption in some Muslim-majority countries is a

Learn Details of the Advances in Polyurethane Resins Paints and Coatings Market Forecast and Segments, 2014-2020

LogoPolyurethane resins are produced by the reacting polyalcohol and an organic di-isocyanate. Polyurethane resins are extensively used in applications such as surface coatings, footwear, furniture and packaging. Polyurethane resin paints are characterized by properties such as high durability, toughness, easy cleaning and high gloss. Owing to these properties, polyurethane resin paints finds wide spread applications across the globe. Polyurethane resin paints are also used where high performance is expected, in applications such as oil-rig towers, warehouses, industrial plants, heat resistant coatings, bridges etc.

Research Report Covers the Coating Auxillaries Market Share and Growth, 2014-2020

LogoCoating auxillaries are consumed for the purpose of optimizing as well as supporting the application of coatings and release agents to guarantee an smooth production flow. Various products such as wiping fillers and dilutions, primers, cleaners, and mould cleaners belong to this category. These products are ideal for cleaning mould and processing equipment, and exhibit certain industrial advantages such as high release strength of polyurethane (PU) and release agent residues. Coating auxillaries provide an ideal preparation for many coating applications and also enhance the adhesion property of the coatings to the substrate. Manufacturers such as Bomix Chemie GmbH develop dilutions to achieve an effective processing viscosity.

Medical Overview on Global Glipizide Industry 2015 Market Research, Worldwide Analysis & Countrywise Forecasts

LogoThe report on the global Glipizide market serves as a useful tool for new and the existing players in the market. The report, titled Global Glipizide Industry 2015, offers an overview of the present state of the global Glipizide market and analyzes the key opportunities in the market for the players. The report traces the overall development of the Glipizide market and estimates the rate of growth of the market in the coming years. The report also estimates the size and valuation of the market. Offering an in-depth study of the Glipizide market, the report analyzes the entire value chain of the market and provides information about the upstream and downstream components. The report segments the market in terms of product types, applications, and regions. The report also profiles some of the key players in the market to throw light on the competition prevailing in the market.

Global HDMI Enabled Equipment Industry Analysis by Market Applications, Vast Demands 2016 Emerging Trends & Growth

LogoPrimary as well as secondary research has been carried on for the compilation of this research report. Additionally, numerous press releases, journals, presentations, and databases have also been consulted to collate the information given in this report. The macro-economic indicators as well as the market attractiveness of each segment of the HDMI enabled Equipment market have also been compiled under this research report. The qualitative influence of the numerous market factors on the key regional segments is also an integral part of this study.

2016 Global Human Insulin Industry : Pharmaceutical Research, Medical Analysis, Market Forecasts & Future Expansion

LogoThe research report includes segmentation of the global Human Insulin market on the basis of applications, usage, and geography. The report studies the demand and supply of products and raw materials and the factors influencing the same.

Global Hybrid Fabrics Industry 2016 Market Size, Shares, SWOT Analysis, Forecasts, Growth Factors & Key Applications

LogoAs a part of the study, the report includes the classification of the global Hybrid Fabrics market, along with its definitions and specifications. The report is drafted in a chapter-wise format that explain every aspect of the global Hybrid Fabrics market.

Analysis of Global Hydraulic Hammer Industry by Applications, Manufacturers Profiles 2015 Market Pricing & Sales Ratio

LogoThe quantitative and qualitative data presented in this market study is based on primary and secondary sources of information. It also includes valuable inputs from industry experts in a concise and clear manner. With an exhaustive collection of graphs, tables, charts, and pie charts, this research study on the global Hydraulic Hammer market presents significant market driving statistics.

Global Lleucine Industry: 2015 Market Analysis, Forecasts, Chemicals Applications, Insights, Shares & Growth Opportunities

LogoThe market research report titled Lleucine Market Research Report 2015 provides a detailed overview of the global Lleucine market, in terms of crucial market factors such as the demand drivers, challenges, market segments, key companies, and the recent market trends. The quantitative and the qualitative information presented in this research study is based on primary and secondary sources of information. Moreover, much of the information contained in this research report has been derived from the valuable inputs by industry experts and professionals.

Global Lvaline Industry Overview as Per 2015 Size, Shares, Analysis, Forecasts, Massive Applications, Growth & Market Demands

LogoThis research report titled Lvaline Market Research Report 2015 offers useful insights into the trends and the factors that drive this market. The introductory part of this research report discusses the salient features of the global Lvaline market in terms of size of the market in terms of revenue and volume, demand drivers, the threats, and future market forecasts. The vast collection of tabular and graphical representations included in this market research report creates a strong base for in-depth analysis and evaluation of trends in production, market segmentation, resource utilization, region wise market performance, and market challenges.

Worldwide Meta Bromo Anisole Market 2015 - Industry Forecasts, Global Needs, Analysis, Huge Demands, Increasing Shares & Growth

LogoThe report is prepared to serve as a guidebook to the stakeholders of the global Meta Bromo Anisole market. It presents insights into the growth drivers and restraints of the market with the potential to impact the growth trajectory of the market. The development status of the market is detailed and the incumbent opportunities are analyzed in the report. Highlighting the threats and growth prospects for the global Meta Bromo Anisole market, the report provides a 360-degree overview of the market.

Research on Global Microlenses Industry Trends, Market Scope 2016 Rapid Developments, Massive Growth Estimates & Applications

LogoThe report, titled Microlenses Market Research Report 2016, featured on the research reports database of, presents a professional and thorough account of the global market for Microlenses based on the current state of the market. The market is studied at both, the most fundamental levels, through industry-specific definitions of core market elements, and on a broader perspective, through the study of marketing chains, regulatory framework, plans, policies, developmental trends, and key companies operating in the market.

Global Passenger Information System Industry 2015 Market Developments, Commercial Applications, Analysis & Technology Growth

LogoThe report presents an overview of the key application areas of the Passenger Information System market, with a global analysis for a wider overview and a regional analysis for a narrower, much detailed overview. The key geographical segments and national sub-segments of the global Passenger Information System market are analyzed. A detailed overview of the regulatory framework of the global Passenger Information System market is also given in the report. In this section, the report studies the key regulations, plans, and policies governing the overall Passenger Information System market's development.

Energy Sector Composites Market 2016 Industry Analysis, Outlook, Growth, Insights, Overview and Forecasts

LogoThe authors of this report have conducted a rigorous analysis of hundreds of vendors across the market's value chain to cover the market extensively. The report is based on a mix of primary and secondary research sources that fuse together to create accurate projections relating to the market size, trade volume, and revenue of key players.

Global Acarbose Market 2015 Industry Forecasts,Research, Analysis, Growth and Insights

LogoMarket analysis has been provided on the basis of product manufacturers, the geographical spread of the demand, and trend analysis, among others. Annual forecasts have been presented during the forecast horizon starting from Acarbose to Acarbose, along with the historical evaluation of the Acarbose Market. The major segments as well as sub-segments of the market for Acarbose have also been evaluated and the estimated growth of each segment in the coming years has also been mentioned. In addition, the top business strategies of the key players operating within the market for Acarbose have also been collated in this research study.

Global Calcium Carbide Market 2015 Industry Study, Trends, Growth, Overview, Insights and Outlook

LogoThe nature of the descriptive analysis of the Global Calcium Carbide Market requires a major effort in terms of an in-depth analysis, which includes the market's multiple internal and external cogs and gears. It also includes large samples of data where necessary.

Global Carbon for Led and Pv Market 2015 Industry Development, Research, Forecasts, Growth, Study and Overview

LogoThese details are important for a better understanding of its current dynamic state. Gathering this information means taking a no-compromise path which includes technical difficulties and blank data periods that need to be filled prior to the assessment.

Anti-Counterfeit Packaging Market Is Expected to Reach 153.95 Billion USD by 2020

LogoThe report "Anti-Counterfeit Packaging Market by Technology (RFID, Coding & Printing, Holograms, Security Labels), Usage Feature (Track & Trace, Tamper Evidence, Overt & Covert Features), End-Use (Food & Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive) - Global Forecasts to 2020", The anti-counterfeit packaging market size is projected to grow from USD 82.05 Billion in 2015 to reach USD 153.95 Billion by 2020, at an estimated CAGR of 13.41%. The anti-counterfeit packaging market is projected to witness significant growth in the future with the increasing popularity of the benefits of authentication technologies and the need for track & trace technologies, which are embedded in packaging. Developing markets such as China, Brazil, and India are emerging as growth frontiers for anti-counterfeit packaging. Growing economies, globalization, and reduced trade barriers act as the main drivers for increased opportunities in these nations.

Global Market for Healthcare M2M Industry 2015 Market Research Report: Just Released by

The Global Healthcare M2M Industry 2016 Market Research Report is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the Healthcare M2M industry.

Recent Research Into Angola Midstream Oil and Gas Industry Outlook to 2020: Market Forecasts for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Oil Storage, Pipelines and Gas Processing

"The Report Angola Midstream Oil and Gas Industry Outlook to 2020: Market Forecasts for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Oil Storage, Pipelines and Gas Processing provides information on pricing, market analysis, shares, forecast, and company profiles for key industry participants. -"

Japan Midstream Oil and Gas Industry Outlook to 2020: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts

"The Report Japan Midstream Oil and Gas Industry Outlook to 2020: Market Forecasts for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Oil Storage, Pipelines, Underground Gas Storage and Gas Processing provides information on pricing, market analysis, shares, forecast, and company profiles for key industry participants. -"

EpiCast Report: Vasculitis - Epidemiology Opportunities and Operator Business Models to 2024

"The Report EpiCast Report: Vasculitis - Epidemiology Forecast to 2024 provides information on pricing, market analysis, shares, forecast, and company profiles for key industry participants. -"

EU5 Airway and Anesthesia Devices Market Outlook to 2021: By

MarketResearchReports.Biz presents this most up-to-date research on “EU5 Airway and Anesthesia Devices Market Outlook to 2021.”

Airborne Laser Obstacle Avoidance Monitoring Systems Market 2016 to Grow at a CAGR of 3.88% During the Period to 2020

LogoAirborne Laser Obstacle Avoidance Monitoring Systems Market 2016 Size, Share, Trend, Growth, Research, Industry Analysis and Forecast by Market Research Store

Research Discover the Global Mobile Content Management Market Expected to Reach at CAGR of 21.8% by 2020: MarketResearchReports.Biz

The report analyzes and presents an overview on "Global Mobile Content Management Market 2016-2020" worldwide.

Aircraft Fuel Systems Market 2016 to Grow at a CAGR of 6.81% During the Period to 2020

LogoAircraft Fuel Systems Market 2016 Size, Share, Trend, Growth, Research, Industry Analysis and Forecast by Market Research Store