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SA Scene Honors Alexander Begum as One of the Best Personal Injury Lawyers in San Antonio

San Antonio has one of the highest rates of automobile accidents in the United States, and this ensures there is high demand for personal injury lawyers to fight the cases of those who have fallen victim to such accidents. The victims often require a much greater sum for compensation than they first realize, having to pay for long rehabilitation, physiotherapy and other medical expenses, as well as experiencing a shortened career and perhaps even losing a job due to disability. Alexander Begum of VB Law Group is passionate about assisting these people, and has been recognized for his efforts by San Antonio's own SA Scene.

Test Tube Fitness Seeks Funding via Kickstarter to Complete the Development of 'The Test Tube Protein Shaker'

Victor Gonzalez, founder of Test Tube Fitness, believes that people's lives can be improved a great deal by implementing good design when creating products. Along with a highly talented team, he has just completed designing an incredibly durable protein shaker that promises to help users shape their body for the rest of their lives.

Powerhouse Female Director, Arlene Bogna's Indie Film Receiving Worldwide Recognition Is an Official Selection at Columbia Gorge Int'l Film Festival, August 2015

LogoPowerhouse Female Director, Arlene Bogna's indie film The Ballad of Snake Oil Sam continues its journey to cinema screens in the Pacific Northwest at the 8th Annual Columbia Gorge International Film Festival in Washington State this August 2015. Columbia Gorge was started by Angaelica- a non-profit organization rooted in the arts and ecology. They connect artists and collaborators to help bring exposure to unique and extraordinary projects, and enhance the power of storytelling. Arlene Bogna is a Powerful Female Voice in independent filmmaking today and gaining well deserved attention in the movie industry and film director communities. She is part of the "Support Women Filmmakers" movement and is in the Alliance of Women Directors, the only non-profit organization solely dedicated to education, support and advocacy for women directors in the entertainment industry.

Syracuse, UTAH Business-Alliance Awards (Jan. 2015) "Most Inspired" Neighbor-to-Neighbor Shipping-Network and #1 Community Solution for Reliable "Delivery-Service"

LogoWelcome to PigeonShip®™! is a solution to an age-old problem: Time Management. PigeonShip®™ is a new concept to that meets valuable need. Their concept brings local people together and provides convenience benefits. Their friendly couriers are willing to pick up and deliver item. They call them "Pigeons." It may sound like a run-of-the-mill "courier" or "delivery service" for packages and parcels; but don't be fooled! Their professional Pigeons typically have careers and jobs outside of PigeonShip®™. These Pigeons simply pick up and drop off items while commuting or running errands. Avoid the Trip, PigeonShip®™.

Mighty Billy Goat Launches New Price Comparison and Review Aggregation Site for Outdoor Gear

Summer is here, and many lovers of nature want to make the best of the best season of the year for outdoorsmanship, and are equipping themselves for hiking, mountain climbing, camping, and more. Many of these activities require specialized equipment from niche stores, making it difficult to track down the best rated and most affordable deals online. Mighty Billy Goat has been created to provide an answer to this problem, with the first price comparison site enabling people to find discounts on outdoor gear.

Global Ammonium Tetramolybdate and Persulfate (APS) Industry Report 2015

LogoGlobal Ammonium Persulfate (APS) Industry Report 2015

Gasoline Filter Industry in Global and China Report 2015

LogoGlobal Gasoline Filter Industry Report 2015

San Francisco, California Neighborhood News: Charitable Organization Founded by Krikor and Hilda Sarkisyan Introduce NEW Fundraising Tab on for Local Donors

LogoNataline Mary Sarkisyan (Armenian: July 10, 1990 – December 20, 2007) was an American teenager with recurrent leukemia. Her case became part of the health care reform debate in the United States in 2007 when Cigna HealthCare denied coverage for a liver transplant operation. The company later reversed its decision after a great deal of media attention to her story, but Sarkisyan died hours later.

Sacramento California G3 Regional Office Names George Antarr and Clayton Thomas (May 2015) Jeunesse-Global "Best Networking" Group and "Top Sponsor" for Generation-Young Training

LogoGeorge Antarr (Industry Legend / Network Director Extraordinaire) is married to Dr. Donna Antarr. Dr. Antarr has always had a passionate interest in science and helping people feel healthy-and-strong. She is a graduate of New York City High School of Performing Arts as a ballet-major. Dr. Antarr graduated from Hunter College in New York City summa-cum-laude with a BA in honors curriculum. She turned down acceptance to both Harvard and Johns Hopkins, the top two USA medical schools, in favor of the UCSD School of Medicine.

Denver Colorado G3 Community Office Votes Clayton Thomas and George Antarr (Jan. 2015) Jeunesse-Global "#1 Top Earner" and "Top Sponsor" for "Instantly-Ageless" Training

LogoGeorge Antarr (Industry Legend / Network Director Extraordinaire) is married to Dr. Donna Antarr. Dr. Antarr has always had a passionate interest in science and helping people feel healthy-and-strong. She is a graduate of New York City High School of Performing Arts as a ballet-major. Dr. Antarr graduated from Hunter College in New York City summa-cum-laude with a BA in honors curriculum. She turned down acceptance to both Harvard and Johns Hopkins, the top two USA medical schools, in favor of the UCSD School of Medicine.

California Foreclosure Attorneys Stop Foreclosure Sales and Provide Foreclosure Defense for California Residents

LogoThere are many homeowners who come across financial difficulties in life and fail to make timely mortgage payments. Credit companies don't like the payment defaulters and they try to foreclose on properties to ensure their profitability. This is the reason why people face foreclosure and often remain clueless about coming out of the problem. All homeowners that are facing foreclosures in California can now take advantage of the expert legal assistance provided by Consumer Action Law Group. The Group has a team of expert foreclosure attorneys who know the brand new laws in California and how to stop foreclosure through use of these laws.

Consumer Action Law Group Stops Foreclosure After Notice of Default

LogoFor homeowners struggling to keep their home, going to court may seem daunting.  But, most people don't realize that going to court is actually one of the best ways to stop notice of default proceedings and save the home from foreclosure.  In California, where the economy hit hard against middle class families, it is still a common occurrence for borrowers to receive a notice of default, or a notice stating that the home is going to be sold in a trustee sale.  The truth is that homeowners may be able to pull their home back from the brink and stop foreclosure sale proceedings even when they think it's too late.

Foreclosure Attorney in Los Angeles Helps Homeowners Stop Foreclosure Auctions in California

LogoThe best way to learn how to stop a foreclosure auction in California is to talk to a foreclosure attorney. The legalities involved in foreclosure and the different options that homeowners have in preventing a foreclosure or stopping a foreclosure auction are usually not simple matters. Those in need of help fighting foreclosure need to make sure that their home and their rights are protected.

Reno, NV New Website Produced by G3-Development Will Equip Regional Residents with 99.9% Non GMO NanoCacao Oils from Nicaragua

LogoAs the category creator and world leader in healthy chocolate, the true vision of NanoCacao is to transform and improve individual lives worldwide through its exclusive and healthy chocolate products.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA New Website Sponsored by G3-Development Will Produce Neighborhood Residents with 99.9% Natural NanoCacao Oils from Philippines

LogoAs the category creator and world leader in healthy chocolate, the true vision of NanoCacao is to transform and improve individual lives worldwide through its exclusive and healthy chocolate products.

Spread Shoes Offers First and Best-Priced Way to Create Custom High Tops Online

Fashion has diversified hugely in the twenty first century, and looks, items and motifs from a huge range of sub-cultures have been appropriated by others to such an extent that the focus of fashion now is uniqueness and not, as it once was, following the trends. High tops have become one of the most ubiquitous kinds of footwear, and since Converse was bought by Nike, they have proliferated hugely, with a huge range of different colors and patterns. Spread Shoes is offering people the next level of customizability, allowing people to build their own Custom high top shoes from scratch.

Get a Wide Range of Smoking Accessories from Headed West at Most Competitive Prices

LogoHeaded West, a renowned online headshop is offering a wide range of smoking pipes and accessories at remarkable prices. The smoking accessories that the company stocks are stylish, unique and complements the smoking style of the individuals. The range of items that the company provides are Hookahs, Butane Lighters, Metal Pipes, Chillums, Ceramic Pipes and glass smoking pipes. To ensure that customers are only provided good quality items, the company offers products from top-notch brands such as Randy's, Starrbuzz, GreenSmart Living, Fantasia, EZ Cig and many others.

Weight Loss Blog Announces: We Can Help Any Dieter Find the Right Weight Loss Plan

Weight Loss Aid, an informational blog designed to help match people with the perfect diet plan, has begun a new campaign in an attempt to reach those in crisis. Nearly 70 percent of the American public is overweight and just over half of those within that statistic are not just overweight, but obese. Currently, at least one million people in the United States weigh over 500 pounds. The problem is not that weight loss information is not available, it is that too many are not able to find the right plan for them.

Real Water Gold Coast Reports Success of Exhibit at 25th Santa Barbara Wine Festival

Real Water Gold Coast, LLC reported the success of the company's exhibit at and sponsorship of the recently concluded Santa Barbara Wine Festival. Helping more than 900 attendees at the Festival cleanse their palates as they sampled the many fine wines and foods on display, Real Water was a big hit at the 25th installment of the popular annual event. Real Water's alkalized, negative-ion-infused water is thought by many to hydrate to an extent that common water cannot, and subsidiary Real Water Gold Coast's home water delivery brings this uniquely healthful water to many residents and business in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties and beyond.

Anthony's Closets Prepares for July 13-17 Grand Opening of New Yaphank, N.Y. Office

Anthony's Closets, Shower Doors and More, one of the world's top designers and producers of custom closet systems for more than 20 years, announced the details of the company's upcoming Sales Training and corporate office Grand Opening event. From July 13 through 17, Anthony's Closets founder and President Anthony Pergola will return to overseeing daily operations, taking the helm at the company's newly completed corporate office, showroom, and training facility at 22 Old Dock Road in Yaphank. Pergola and other members of Anthony's Closets will invite builders, vendors, designers and others to learn about the company's offerings, view its new facility and offices, and catch up with the latest developments in custom closets, showers, and other home improvements.

Carl White's Life in the Carolinas Selected a Winner in the 36th Annual Telly Awards

LogoThe Telly Awards has named Life In the Carolinas as a Bronze winner in the 36th Annual Telly Awards for their piece titled American Legion World Series. With nearly 12,000 entries from all 50 states and numerous countries, this is truly an honor.

Cardinal Energy Group (CEGX) Settles Dispute with Concho Oilfield Services, LLC

Cardinal Energy Group, Inc. (OTCQB: CEGX) ("Company") is pleased to announce that the attorneys for Concho Oilfield Services, LLC and Hudson Petroleum, Ltd., Co., have asked the court to dismiss their claims against the Company with prejudice. The motions filed with the Texas District Court for Shackelford County discharges Cardinal of its obligations pursuant to the March 10, 2015 Joint Settlement Agreement. The amicable settlement of the suit requires Concho Oilfield Services to repair CEGX's No. 5B well on the Dawson-Conway 195B lease.

Pcdata USA Newsletter Noted Kellex Seating Expands Manufacturing Center in Tupelo Mississippi

LogoPcdata USA newsletter, Picking Perfection, shared that Kellex Seating will expand its manufacturing center In Tupelo, Mississippi. Area Development announced that Kellex Seating, a manufacturer of commercial upholstered seating, is expanding into the Magnolia State by locating operations in the former Tupelo Manufacturing facility in Tupelo, Mississippi. The project represents a $600,000 corporate investment and will create 75 jobs.

Danny Trejo Leads a Robotic Cartel in Upcoming Sci-Fi Movie Juarez 2045 Launched on Kickstarter

Abrupt Studios and director Chris Le are excited to announce the Kickstarter Campaign for the scifi film entited JUAREZ 2045 starring Danny Trejo. The movie is about a group of marines who must combat a robotic drug cartel lead by Danny Trejo in Juarez, Mexico. Featuring world class visual effects all done by director Le and a score by videogame superstar Sam Hulick, the film is expected to be finished in November of 2015. Says Director Le "the project is very ambitious and we need monetary help to complete our visual effects. So far I've been the only one doing them and if I can get some help, we'll be able to complete the film sooner and at an even higher level. Our goal is to do Hollywood Blockbuster style visual effects at a fraction of the budget that they do it for and that's why we need Kickstarter's help."

Global Games Software Market Worth $32.2bn by 2019

LogoGlobal Games Software industry guide provides top-line qualitative and quantitative summary information including: market size (value 2010-14, and forecast to 2019). The guide also contains descriptions of the leading players including key financial metrics and analysis of competitive pressures within the market.

First Response Launches Revolutionary Medical Alarm System for Fitness & Sports Club Industry in America

LogoFirst Response, America's leading authority and nationwide provider of personal emergency response systems (called PERS) for independent seniors and individuals with chronic disabilities, has announced the introduction of a ground-breaking medical alert system geared toward the sports, health and fitness club communities throughout the United States. By offering such a system to clubs nationwide, the clear message is that safety protection for members is the ultimate club priority.

Global Thermoplastic Pipe Market Forecast to Grow at 5.5% CAGR to 2019

LogoThe report provides a detailed analysis of thermoplastic pipes used in varied applications such as oil & gas, municipal, mining & dredging, and chemical. The market has also been categorized on the basis of region into Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, the Middle East & Africa, and Latin America. The market has been further segmented based on the type of polymer used for manufacturing these pipes.