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Global Laboratory Safety Cabinets Market- ESCO, Labconco, BIOBASE, Donglian Har Instrument, AIRTECH

The motive of this strategic research report entitled "Global Laboratory Safety Cabinets Market 2017-2022" is to provide company officials, industry investors, and Laboratory Safety Cabinets industry members with consequential insights to enable them make reliable strategic decisions regarding the opportunities in the global Laboratory Safety Cabinets market.

Drill Pipe Industry Detailed Analysis and Forecast by 2025

Countering the growth in the global drill pipe market is the tanking crude oil prices. This has also resulted in a steady decline in rig rental capital in the offshore market. Customers now have strong bargaining power in negotiating new contracts and extensions too on account of the downward pressure on prices.

Global Automotive Laser Headlight Systems Market to Grow at a CAGR of 267.38% During the Period 2016-2020

LogoLaser headlights are actually not what the name suggests. These devices are laser-assisted headlamps in which the filaments (halogens or Xenons) and ionizable gases are replaced by laser diodes and a phosphorous lens.

Global Smoke Detectors Market to Grow at a CAGR of 8.45% During the Period 2016-2020

LogoA smoke detector can detect a fire breakout and prevent it from spreading by enabling security measures. Smoke detectors are connected to alarm systems, which emit a high-pitched alarm tone to warn residents of potential danger, thus, preventing accidents. The requirements of smoke detectors vary on the types of residences. Few residences might require battery-powered detectors, whereas, others might need interconnected hard-wired detectors.

Global Deception Technology Market to Generate Revenue over USD 1 Billion

LogoThe term cyber deception was coined in 1989 by Gene Spafford. He sourced active defenses to identify attacks in the network, slow down attackers while they attempt to infuse virus attacks, learn their techniques, and feed them with fake data. In 1999, the Honeynet Project was launched, with innovation to the deception techniques and ways to understand and learn the behavior and competency of attackers.

Learning Management System (Academic and Corporate) Market in Us to Grow at a CAGR of 23.32% During the Period 2016-2020

LogoLearning Management System is a software application used to plan, deliver, and manage the learning process. It uses web-based technology to manage, administer, track, report, and evaluate the performance of participants. LMS is widely adopted by corporates and educational institutions, especially for higher education. Substantial cost benefits and increased employee efficiency and productivity have encouraged many companies worldwide to replace traditional forms of learning with LMS. Organizations, especially those with businesses across the world, are increasingly adopting LMS for training their employees.

Lottery Market in the US to Grow at a CAGR of 5.41% During the Period 2016-2020

LogoLottery is banned in various states in the US mainly due to its impacts on the society. The purchase of lottery can be addictive, hence impacting the livelihood of many. However, due to easier ROI, the demand for lottery has increased. Higher jackpot values have raised the demand for tickets with larger jackpot amount in state lotteries of the US. This lures casual players into the game as they buy the lottery tickets only when the prize is highly attractive. A large audience was attracted to the prize money of $100 million in 2013. However, due to the influence of jackpot fatigue, the lottery vendor's revenue flow is restricted as fewer people are buying lottery tickets, which is affecting the growth of the market in the country. With jackpot fatigue creeping in the US lottery market, prize amount as high as $300 million is expected to fetch more players.

Global Craniomaxillofacial (CMF) Devices Market to Grow at a CAGR of 6.50% During the Period 2016-2020

LogoAn intracranial injury, also referred to as traumatic brain injury (TBI), is a substantial head injury that can damage the brain. Every year, more than 12 million cases of TBI are reported worldwide, of which more than 1.5 million are reported in the US and 1.5-2 million in the UK. Sports-related injuries and road traffic and work accidents are some of the most common causes of TBI. Road accidents account for 50% of all TBIs, vehicle crashes, as well as pedestrians hit by vehicles.

Global Graphite Electrodes Market to Grow at a CAGR of 10.16% During the Period 2016-2020

LogoGraphite is a crystalline form of carbon, which is a semimetal and a native element mineral. It is considered as one of the allotropes of carbon, and has distinct structure and properties. Graphite is the highest grade of coal, and has stable form of carbon under standard conditions. It has characteristics of metal and non-metal with high thermal and electrical conductivity. It is highly refractory and chemically inert with less absorption of neutrons and X-rays that enables it to be used as the main material in nuclear applications.

Global Flexible Pipes Market for Oil and Gas Industry to Grow at a CAGR of 3.56% During the Period 2016-2020

LogoFlexible pipes are dynamic risers that are connected to subsea production equipment in topside facilities, which permit the flow of oil, gas, and water through them. Flexible pipes are also used on the seabed to tie wells and subsea equipment together. These pipes are largely used in the oil and gas industry, as they have an intrinsic property to reversibly soften on heating and harden on cooling. These pipes also offer distinctive properties, such as high thermal resistance, chemical inertness, superior mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, and excellent adhesion.

Global Motorcycle Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) Market to Grow at a CAGR of 29.62% During the Period 2016-2020

LogoThe global motorcycle industry has two segments one consisting of high-performance motorcycles (considered as a luxury) and the other consisting of two-wheelers used for commuting. Both these segments operate under contrast market dynamics and have different customer behavior and value chain. The premium segment is witnessing steady growth owing to the growing culture of touring motorcycling in mature markets such as the US, Japan, and Western Europe.

Global Mobile Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Market to Grow at a CAGR of 21.99% During the Period 2016-2020

LogoMobile DPI is a packet filtering technique that inspects, monitors, and evaluates data packets in devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It is a monitoring technique for mobile security that allows the evaluation of data packets for security issues at the application level.

Global Exhaust Sensor Market to Grow at a CAGR of 0.8% During the Period 2016-2020

LogoAutomobile pollution is a critical issue for governments globally. NOx and CO are the two principle gasses that cause air pollution, which has increased environmental and health concerns. This has led to significant research and development of technologies to reduce emissions and the development of exhaust sensors that can monitor and control vehicle emissions. Exhaust sensors are widely used in all types of automobiles, from passenger cars to HCVs. Among the widely used automobile sensors (O2, NOx, particulate matter, and differential pressure sensors), O2 sensors are mostly found in all automobiles.

Global Body Composition Analyzers Market to Grow at a CAGR of 8.73% During the Period 2016-2020

LogoBody composition analyzers are used for estimating body composition, particularly body fat. Bioelectrical impedance is the most common technology employed in analyzing a person's body fat percentage, total body water percentage, body weight, muscles mass, bone mineral mass, basal metabolic rate, metabolic age, body mass index, and visceral fat.

Fresh Mushroom Market in Singapore to Grow at a CAGR of 2.88% During the Period 2016-2020

LogoMushrooms are porous, fleshy, and spongy and are most often considered as vegetables. They have both individual consumers and foodservice providers as primary consumers. Because of their medicinal and nutritional values, consumers in Singapore are willing to pay more for healthy, fresh, and hygienically-packed fresh mushrooms. However, Singapore is a net importer of fresh mushrooms with more than 95% of its fresh mushrooms being imported from other APAC countries.

Da an Gene Co., Ltd. (002030) - Product Pipeline Analysis, 2016

LogoDa An Gene Co., Ltd. (Daan Gene) is a medical device company that offers molecular diagnostic techniques. The company develops and produces in-vitro diagnostic products. It offers products such as molecular diagnostic products, repiratory infection, real-time PCR instrument, smart and easy solution for PCR, reverse dot blot product, fish product, nucleic acid extraction instrument, reference material and control material, sanger sequencing products, PCR laboratory support, immunoassay products, food safety products, and others. The company has presence in Canada, China and the US. Daan Gene is headquartered in Guangzhou, China.

Latest Research Report on Globe Medical Tech, Inc. - Product Pipeline Analysis 2016

LogoGlobe Medical Tech, Inc. (GMT) is a medical device company that designs, manufactures and markets drug delivery systems and safety medical devices. The company offers product design and development, drug delivery solutions, manufacturing and consulting services. It manufactures custom drug delivery solutions for syringes of all types, traditional drug delivery systems and auto-retractable safety syringes, and prefillable safety syringes. GMT provides injection mold making, sample and production molds, cleanroom injection molding, extrusion, over molding, ultrasonic welding, radio frequency welding, packaging and sterilization. The company also provides precision machining and stamping, laser engraving, CNC prototypes, software development, and sterilization validation programs, among others. It has its presence in China and the US. GMT is headquartered in Houston, Texas, the US.

LiftPlus Tested in Franchise Location Then Offered to All Franchisees

LogoEarlier this year, Magline, best known for two-wheel aluminum hand trucks used in the route distribution industry, solved the tire lifting challenge with LiftPlus. The all-in-one lift, transporter, and positioner is a workforce multiplier that kicks in productivity with no need for special training or licensing. It is the lean and ergonomic answer to moving heavy tires. LiftPlus was designed for ease of use and to keep workers on the job and free from injuries; lifting 350 pounds easily with an all-metal frame platform and a screw-driven lift that delivers smooth precision that hydraulics or chains just cannot match.

Victoria Meakin President of Ocrolus Makers of PerfectAudit Proud of Cutting Edge Technology

LogoVictoria Meakin is a technology entrepreneur who co-founded PhoneCharge, a forerunner in electronic payment processing. Meakin is currently the president of Ocrolus, provider of a proprietary solution creating efficiencies for the financial and health care sectors.

New Seegrid eBook Discusses Future for Automotive Manufacturers

LogoSeegrid, the pioneer and leader in three-dimensional vision navigation, recently released an eBook addressing the use of big data in the automotive industry. Automotive manufacturers ahead of the Industry 4.0 curve have embraced big data and flexibility within their plants as a means of innovating ahead of the competition.

Global Ready Meals Industry Insights by Market Types, Sales, Supply, Consumptions - 2016 Analysis & Opinions

LogoThe study further offers an inclusive market overview, emphasizing on the present scenario of the global Ready Meals market, on the basis of present and estimated market size and the expected growth rate. Consumer preferences, potential opportunities, and current trends in the global Ready Meals market have been included in the research report, including the impact of these factors on the overall development of the global Ready Meals market.

Global Luxury Hotels Market - 2016 Industry News, Developments, Progressive Build-Ups, Investments & High ROI

LogoThe research on the worldwide Luxury Hotels market is prepared by expert analysts and highlights all current trends, key developments, and the growth opportunities expected in the years to come. The report outlines product definitions, classifications, key specifications, applications, various distribution channels, and product innovations. This enables the vendors and stakeholders to strategically study the global Luxury Hotels market.

Global Automotive Magnesium Alloy Market 2016 Volume and Forecast to 2025 (Automotive, Electrical & Electronics, Metal, Chemical, Others)

LogoIn Automotive Magnesium Alloy Market 2016 - STOLFIG, TAKATA, Autoliv, GF, Nanjing Yunhai Special Metals, DongGuan Eontec, Faw Foundry, DY Group, Shanghai Meridian Magnesium, Qingoo Technology these are the major companies covered in this report. Market Research Report on Automotive Magnesium Alloy Market 2016 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the Automotive Magnesium Alloy worldwide. First of all,"Global Automotive Magnesium Alloy Market 2016" report provides a basic overview of the Automotive Magnesium Alloy industry including definitions, classifications, applications and Automotive Magnesium Alloy industry chain structure.

Latest Research Report: Global Backpack Market 2016 Company Share, Analysis, News, Trends, Demand 2025 by QY Market Research

LogoIn Backpack Market 2016 - Nike, Adidas, Samsonite, OIWAS, WENGER, Winpard, Lining, Dapai, Caarany, Toread these are the major companies covered in this report. Market Research Report on Backpack Market 2016 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the Backpack worldwide. First of all,"Global Backpack Market 2016" report provides a basic overview of the Backpack industry including definitions, classifications, applications and Backpack industry chain structure.

Latest Research Report: Global Barrier Materials Market 2016 Company Share, Analysis, News, Trends, Demand 2025 by QY Market Research

LogoIn Barrier Materials Market 2016 - Nippon Gohsei, Kuraray, Dow Chemical, Du Pont, Solvay, Kureha, Ashahi Kasei, Teijin, Chang Chun Petrochemical, Zhejiang Juhua these are the major companies covered in this report. Market Research Report on Barrier Materials Market 2016 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the Barrier Materials worldwide. First of all, "Global Barrier Materials Market 2016" report provides a basic overview of the Barrier Materials industry including definitions, classifications, applications and Barrier Materials industry chain structure.

Global Brass Faucets Market 2016 Industry Research and Size, Trend

LogoMarket Research Report on Brass Faucets Market 2016 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the Brass Faucets worldwide. First of all, "Global Brass Faucets Market 2016" report provides a basic overview of the Brass Faucets industry including definitions, classifications, applications and Brass Faucets industry chain structure.

Global Bathroom Safety for Patient Market 2016 Capacity, Price by Regions, Growth Rate, Production, Specifications and Consumption

LogoGlobal Bathroom Safety for Patient Market 2016 Sidhil, Mangar International, Stiegelmeyer, Guldmann, Handicare, Linet Spol, Spectra Care these companies are covered in this research. The report offers an in-depth study of the "Global Bathroom Safety for Patient Market". The report, titled Bathroom Safety for Patient, projects the growth rate of the Bathroom Safety for Patient market during the forecast period. Providing a brief overview Bathroom Safety for Patient market, the report estimates the size and valuation of the Bathroom Safety for Patient industry in the coming years. The report on Bathroom Safety for Patient industry states the key drivers and restraints affecting the growth of the Bathroom Safety for Patient market. The report also points out the latest trends in the Worldwide Bathroom Safety for Patient market and the various opportunities for the Bathroom Safety for Patient market to grow in the near future. The report takes help of various analytical tools to predict the Bathroom Safety for Patient market growth of the market during the forecast period.