Telecommunications Press Releases

Uganda Telecommunications Report Q2 2014 - New Market Study Published

The opportunities and limits to growth in Uganda's mobile market are both related to its low penetration rate, which BMI estimates reached around 49% in 2013. Although the low penetration rate means there remain considerable opportunities for organic growth in Uganda's mobile market, these are limited by poor network coverage in rural areas, where most Ugandans live.

Recently Released Market Study: Germany Telecommunications Report Q2 2014

Consolidation is driving the German telecommunications market as operators strive to reinvent themselves as full converged service providers. O2 hopes to acquire E-Plus, Vodafone has gained control of Kabel Deutschland Group, and cable and broadband operators are exchanging assets that will bolster their presence in key cities. Low value voice and messaging services are being superseded by data-centric services as more consumers demand 'everything everywhere' access. Consequently, business strategies are being reforged and investment budgets geared as much towards the development of differentiated services as next-generation infrastructure. The shift of one MVNO from low-value prepaid to high-value postpaid plans conveys the story set to play out over the next five years. BMI believes the German competitive landscape is changing quickly and that many of today's players will not stay the course.

Reverse Search Any Cell Phone Number with This Improved Service - leading cell phone tracking service - now offers unlimited lookups for U.S. mobile numbers. This service enhancement release also features geo-tracking and premium carrier database checks.

Reverse Phone Lookup Help Website Expands Research

Reverse phone lookup research and review site, has expanded its website to include consumer initiated scores in order to improve the site’s overall research capabilities. From now on, existing consumers of reverse phone lookup data can provide help to new or potential reverse lookup customers by not only writing a review to express their particular reverse phone lookup experience, which was already possible, but also to provide a platform for existing customers to get customer service from any of the 4 reviewed reverse cell phone lookup services on the site.

Network Marketing Tips for Success Revealed by

Network marketing tips and online traffic generation strategy blog,, has recently published a new video that details their key network marketing success tips for entrepreneurial hopefuls.

Widely-Read IT Blog Discusses Emergency Role of Business Data Systems Disaster-Proofing in New Article

LogoTech blog recently published an article highlighting how disaster-proofing of business databases and data systems can lower risks of production losses and ensure optimal business productivity in the face of crises such as the recent hurricane Sandy.

Com-Serve Brings the Best Cell Tower Lease Rates for All Customers

Com-Serve, a leading website committed to helping one get most out of their cell tower lease, brings the best cell tower lease rates for all clients. They will help one understand what terms they should agree to or not agree to.

Leading Business Phone System Supplier Launches Discounts on Cordless Analog Phones for Superstorm Sandy

LogoBusiness phone system supplier has introduced new special discounts on its cordless analog phone systems to help businesses in their recovery efforts after Superstorm Sandy. The discount from will create vital savings for businesses looking to recover telecom losses due to floods and other incidents that occurred during the storm.

More Reverse Phone Lookups Under $5 Get Top Ratings

For the fifth month in a row the reviews site, has chosen two sub $5 dollar reverse phone lookup services on its “top three list” of services. Gone are the high cost services which provided many inaccurate lookups that ultimately lead to thousands of unhappy customers. In came three newer but better run and established services which were consistently rated as the best reverse phone lookup services by its customers in terms of accuracy, value for the money, ease of use and customer service. Therefore, as a result of the high ratings by customers, BestReversePhoneLookupReviews.Com has continued to rate, two of the lowest cost services in its monthly top 3 ranking newsletter. One reverse lookup service rated number 1 costs only 79 cents and the one ranked third only costs $4.99. For a complete review of the differences of each site and how the ranking was determined please visit by clicking the following link

Cheap International Calls Provider Launches New Website launches new website in conjunction with newly reduced rates for even cheaper international calls. Customers can now call home from 1 pence a minute using their existing UK landlines without registration.

Free Government Cell Phones Program Is Explained in Helpful Detail in New Phone Services Website

Phone Services, a website that provides information on the country’s Lifeline Assistance program, recently launched its user-friendly and easy-to-navigate site with the aim of spreading the word about government assisted cell phone service and destroying public misconceptions about this helpful service.

Select Phone Data Announces Addition of New Phone and Email Lists Now from over 80 Countries Worldwide

Select Phone Data, one of the world’s largest providers of phone and email sales lead lists recently announced the addition of lists from over 80 countries available on their website. The company provides a wide variety of high quality lists at some of the most economical prices available and clients worldwide have used these lists to jump start their sales efforts. Quite honestly if there is a list available in the world this site has it. Currently the home page of the website features the best list from Greece, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Israel, Japan, Kuwait, Egypt, Australia and so many more; over 80 countries in total.

Get My Mom a Job, the New Resource for Telecommute Positions

Get My Mom a Job is now the premiere unmatched resource for REAL JOBS. Real jobs of a telecommute nature. Get My Mom a Job has established itself as a "safe port" to where the listings you see are real, vetted, and all MUST be Salary or Hourly compensation positions. Get My Mom a Job sole focus is to save the potential employee 100's of hours and money in costly mistakes, resume errors, and "ghost" jobs found on other websites. Get My Mom a Job has put together the most extensive, and ever increasing database of jobs in America today.

Select Phone Data Helps Businesses Around the World Boost Sales

Do you want to make your business a roaring success? Do you want to boost the visibility and profitability of your business? Select Phone Data can serve the purpose effectively. This company has been providing cutting edge services since inception.

Reverse Lookup Central's New Database Offers Far More Than Contacts

People need information for a huge variety of reasons, and oftentimes find themselves without the necessary means to find it, even in this day and age. From checking on nuisance callers with unidentified numbers to doing background checks on potential employees, so much information is restricted to public access not by the rule of law but by the inefficiency and inaccessibility of the systems containing said data. Reverse Lookup Central is a new website aiming to fill this void in information access for the general public. Is Now Offering New Coupons to Two of the Top Wireless and Broadband Companies, a coupon and deals website focusing on the best wireless and broadband offers, is now featuring great new coupons and offers from Verizon FiOS and another popular provider worth up to $200.

Reverse Phone Lookup Results Improve Accuracy by 67% in September

Reverse phone lookup results continue to improve accuracy in the month of September according to research by industry watchdog, People Locator Help. Ever since search engines removed themselves from the business of providing free reverse phone lookup and free phonebook data in late 2010, the industry has gone through a metamorphosis of sorts. New paid entrants into the phone number lookup field popped up everywhere in order to satisfy the consumer's voracious appetite for information that cell phone and home landline caller id displays could not provide. In fact, there are over 1.4 million search engine searches every month for the keyword, reverse phone lookup. A market that is tough to ignore but also tough to satisfy 100% of the time. Helps People Lower Their Monthly Phone Bill

LogoIs your phone bill suspiciously high this month? Remember the story about a South Florida woman getting shocked when she opened a recent cell phone bill for $201,000. It was no mistake. When Celina Aarons read the bill (all 43 pages) she realized she owed $201,005.44. "I was freaking out. I was shaking, crying, I couldn't even talk that much on the phone. I was like my life is over!" Aarons said in an interview…

Top Business VoIP Equipment Supplier Launches New Stock of Leading Conference Phone Systems and Solutions for Businesses

LogoLeading business VoIP solution and telecom equipment supplier has launched a new stock of conference phone systems and related solutions for businesses on its web phone store. Businesses of any size and profile can now enjoy the benefits of real-time communications and multi-party conferencing with leading conference phone solutions and accessories from Introduces Cheap International Calls, Aims 100% Positive UcallWeconn Reviews has announced competitive international call rates, as they make their entrance into the telecom industry. Products such as sale of international phone numbers and VoIP wholesale were also introduced by the company.

Global Mission for Children, a Christian Child Sponsorship, Launches Global Mission Telecom Consultants was launched to provide much needed funds for the less fortunate children around the world through their volunteer child sponsorship charity. They give 100% of all donations directly to the children. There are no salaries whatsoever either here in the US or overseas in the poorest countries of the world where they serve in Africa and Asia. They have many full time missionaries serving the Lord in Guinea Bissau, Niger, Nepal and India.

Best Call Blocker Solution for Those Getting Bombarded by Politicians & Other Unwanted Calls

LogoIs your phone constantly interrupted by automated announcement of politicians, other non-profit companies, and telemarketers? You are not alone! This is why HQTelecom is offering a call block product (model 803) that can block up to 1,500 phone calls and fax numbers to help consumers stop the annoying phone abuse.

Are You Ready to Stop Paying Your Cell Phone Bill

For all those who believe that their phone is a multifunctional device and should allow them to stay in touch with the world around them Solavei is the right choice. Solavei is a social networking platform which enables its users to share, connect and capitalize on the immense power social networks hold today. Increase your business opportunities, stay in touch with friends, network with more contacts and do much more the Solavei way!

Focus Telecommunications Business Answering Service Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Market leader Focus Telecommunications explains a set of common-sense tips and rules for selecting the correct business to meet enterprise telephony needs.

RingByName Launches North American Value-Added Reseller Program

LogoRevolutionary Cloud-Based Communications Solution with Built-in CRM Tool + Smart Receptionist + Desktop + Smart Phone Apps

Reverse Lookup Central Forms New Database for Tracking Unidentified Contacts

When being contacted by an unidentified caller, it can be awkward to have to call back only to discover it was a timewasting or sales call. However, options for discovering the identity behind unidentified calls, texts, emails and letters have traditionally been highly specialized and very limited. Fortunately for consumers, Reverse Lookup Central is a new website that has been dedicated to sharing information on communications to help individuals avoid timewasters, identify trouble causers and more.

EtherSpeak SIP Trunking Achieves ShoreTel 13 Validation

LogoEtherSpeak, Inc. an industry leading provider for IP Communications-as-a-Service announced that its SureTrunk for ShoreTel SIP trunking solution has successfully passed the ShoreTel Version 13 Validation testing process.