Telecommunications Press Releases

Boole Inc. Launches Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver

Boole Inc. has recently announced the launch of a new Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver Adapter for Prijector Plus. The maker of Prijector Plus, a popular meeting room device that allows people in meetings to present content wirelessly to a TV or projector releases the device to ensure smooth transmission to screen wirelessly.

Report Published: "LTE Applications: What Major Telecom Operators Set to Offer in 2015?"

LogoAdvances in mobile communications technology have made enormous changes in every aspect of life. The MWC 2014, themed on Connected City, illustrated the impact of these changes. Looking into the future, telecom operators around the world will continue to strengthen their presence in home, education, healthcare, and smart city by launching various application services. This report profiles major telecom operators' LTE applications in 2014 and for the future.

Russia: Next-Generation Network Expansion and Focus on Data Subscribers to Drive Market Growth - New Market Research Report

Logo'Russia: Next-Generation Network Expansion and Focus on Data Subscribers to Drive Market Growth,' a new Country Intelligence Report by Pyramid Research, offers a precise, incisive profile of Russia's mobile and fixed telecommunications and pay-TV markets based on comprehensive proprietary data and insights from our research in the Russian market. Published annually, this presentation-quality, executive-level report provides detailed analysis of the near-term opportunities, competitive dynamics and evolution of demand by service type and technology/platform across the fixed telephony, broadband, mobile and pay-TV sectors, as well as a review of key regulatory trends.

Calligvault Launches New Program to Automatically Block Unwanted Calls

Recent reports say that people do not want to change their phone numbers. Changing the number is too much of a fuss because then the individual has to inform all the people about his or her number. Privacy has become a huge cause of concern among individuals, especially those who have businesses and companies.

"Point of No Return: Impact of Microsoft's Nokia Layoffs" Is Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoThe cooperation between Microsoft and Nokia can be dated back to 2011. So far the cooperation has failed to give Microsoft's smartphone business the much needed shot in the arm, and the gap between Windows Phone and Android remains insurmountable. With Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announcing massive layoffs of Nokia-related staff, the four-year partnership is coming to an end, so are the Nokia X series and Nokia's feature phone business. This report profiles the element of motivation behind the layoffs and examines its impact on the smartphone industry.

Number Service Offers Comprehensive Virtual Phone Number Services

LogoBe it a business or individual, when it comes to talking to others their privacies remain a concern. A simple and effective way to deal with this issue is by buying virtual phone numbers with effective features. Especially, businesses can improve the customer base and credibility with help of this wonder tool and it is the reason why it is widely preferred by everyone.

ProCom Announces VoIP Installations to Businesses in Garrett County, Maryland and Most of West Virginia

LogoWhen small to medium sized businesses want to get the most of their employees, ProCom is announcing their services for installing VoIP systems to businesses in Garrett County, Maryland and most of the state of West Virginia this fall 2014 season. Their installation will result in better office efficiency and includes many features to take business operations to the next level. Voice over Internet Protocol is a system where the phone lines in the building are connected to the high-speed internet in Garrett County, all for one low monthly fee.

VoIP Communication Reviews Website Launches with Information on Business and Home Office Systems

LogoVoIP Communication Reviews is a newly launched website that now provides a guide and tips on the latest equipment and services. The site conveniently lists up to date articles on equipment such as a monaural USB headset for PCs, wireless headsets for phones, Bluetooth phone headsets, plus VoIP phones for Mac and industry news releases. Visitors can click on the headlines to read the full articles and see where they were posted; specific tags are also listed.

"Australia - Mobile Communications - Statistics and Forecasts" Published

LogoFocus for investment among MNOs shifts to supporting high-end mobile data services

New Report Available: Yemen - Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Forecasts

LogoProjects are underway in Yemen to improve telecommunications infrastructure

New Market Research Report: Chinese Smartphone Market Development, 2Q 2014

LogoAs of the first quarter of 2014, Chinese mobile phone users totaled around 1.25 billion and user adoption of 3G and 4G combined reached around 37%. Sales volume of smartphones in China arrived at 95.6 million units in the same quarter. Samsung and Apple both saw significant growth in market share. As for Chinese brands, Xiaomi was the best performer. This report examines the development of the Chinese smartphone market during the first and second quarter of 2014 from the perspectives of telecom operators and branded vendors.

VOIP Billboard Publishes Nextiva Office Review for Business VOIP Solutions

VOIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, is a means for telecommunication that uses an internet connection to connect people around the world for a fraction of the cost of international phone calls through a traditional hard line. VOIP is increasingly essential for businesses who have clients and manufacturers overseas, and getting the right VOIP provider can make all the difference in making the right first impression with new and potential clients. VOIP Billboard is a site that has been getting a lot of attention lately for providing invaluable insight on such providers, and has now published a Nextiva review to help business users decide on their exciting packages.

Evercom Introduces New 4G Service in Your Local Area

4G has been rolling out around the country for quite some time. There are many benefits to this new service, and most of them relate to speed and download times. 3G might have been the best solution available in the past, but that has now changed. Experts claim that 4G can be up to five times faster, which obviously means a significant change for both business and personal users.

"Taiwan Telecommunications Report Q3 2014" Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoThe Taiwanese telecom market is among the most mature in the region, with 126.8% mobile penetration in 2013 and 84.7% of the market is postpaid. Taiwanese mobile market looks to an exciting year ahead in 2014 as six operators have obtained their 4G licences and are expected to introduce 4G services by end-2014. However, operators face short-term ARPU squeeze from the regulators who have imposed compulsory cuts to mobile termination rates and requirements to provide free peering between 2013 to 2016. That said, the migration towards 4G market should open up new data-driven revenue sources for operators such as mobile payment, mobile commerce and cloud computing services.

Global Telecoms Industry - Key Trends - OTT, M2M, Big Data and the Cloud: New Research Report Available at Fast Market Research

LogoOTT, M2M, Big Data and the Cloud drive the Global Telecoms Industry

Canwest Global Communications Corp. - Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Partnerships & Alliances and Investment Report - New Market Report

LogoMarketLine's Company Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Partnerships & Alliances and Investments reports offer a comprehensive breakdown of the organic and inorganic growth activity undertaken by an organization to sustain its competitive advantage.

Medical Answering Service: Answering Your Patients' Needs

Healthcare organizations response systems should include well trained employees who can answer calls with patience, tact, and clarity. This human factor should also involve empathy, understanding, and clear communication which is especially crucial in emergencies. Friendly and dependable staff can make a significant difference to make hospital answering service effective. It personalizes the calling experience for patients and health care professionals.

TrackUrPhone Blog Launched to Provide Information About Phone Tracking

TrackUrPhone, a blog about mobile surveillance, was put online through the My Spy (mSpy) Affiliate Partner Program on November 23, 2013. The website, which advertises a mobile tracking software called mSpy, provides advice on various topics regarding surveillance and tracking.

New York Phone System Provider Telco Depot Adds Specialized Pages for Allworx Products

LogoBusiness Phone System provider launched a new batch of web pages created to provide potential customers with the necessary information to make an informed buying decision on its advanced phone solutions. Dedicated to offering customers top-notch services, describes its different business phone options, as well as each of their main features, advantages, and technical details.

New Market Research Report: Denmark Telecommunications Report Q3 2014

LogoThe Danish telecommunications market is highly mature and increasingly focused around value-added premium services. Most notably, while the broadband market is growing steadily on the back of demand for converged services, the mobile sector is beginning to show signs of fatigue with periodic declines in subscriber numbers linked to the retirement of low-value or inactive accounts. Curiously, adoption of M2M services lags other equally advanced European markets, although growth now seems to be accelerating. In this environment, there are scant opportunities for new or risk-averse investors, although the potential for niche value-added services is far from played out.

NetSuite Magazine July 2014 - New Services Resource Planning

LogoTelecommuting is on the rise and more work is being completed when we are away from the office and on the go. Using just a smartphone and an Internet connection, many of our day-to-day tasks can be accomplished anytime, anywhere.

Report Published: "Brazil Telecommunications Report Q3 2014"

LogoAll four of the leading mobile operators in Brazil have reported a positive response to the launch of 4G LTE services since H113, boosting subscriber growth to 1.310mn by the end of the year. This has come at the right time for the mobile market, which has seen growth slow down considerably, as it reaches a saturation point. Opportunities for revenue growth will come from the value-added services such as M2M and m-commerce as the market matures beyond a prepaid centric environment of subscription acquisition maximisation . In the broadband market, Anatel has been active in trying to enhance competition, reducing licence fees for operators wishing to provide multiple services and the potential entrance of VTR ( Liberty Global ) is reportedly due in Q214. Investments in broadband are beginning to be focused on fibre optic cables but it will be a number of years before this technology really takes hold.

Malaysia: HSBB and Mobile Data Innovation Fuel Telecom Revenue Growth - New Market Research Report

LogoMalaysia: HSBB and Mobile Data Innovation Fuel Telecom Revenue Growth', a new Country Intelligence Report by Pyramid Research, offers a precise, incisive profile of Malaysia's mobile and fixed telecommunications and pay-TV markets based on comprehensive proprietary data and insights from our research in the Malaysia market. Published annually, this presentation-quality, executive-level report provides a comprehensive study of the Malaysian telecommunication market, analyzing trends, near-term opportunities, competitive dynamics and evolution of demand by service type and technology/platform across the fixed telephony and broadband, mobile and pay-TV sectors, as well as key regulatory trends.

Caribbean Telecommunications Report Q3 2014: New Research Report Available at Fast Market Research

LogoDespite the relative small size of the individual Caribbean markets, they are drawing a lot of interest from third parties, with a number of opportunities arising in the Bahamas and Trinidad & Tobago for additional players. As with the sale of Orange Dominicana in November 2013, these markets are attracting interest from a number of players, despite the existence of incumbent operators and highly penetrated mobile markets. This is likely because growth in mobile broadband is continuing at double digit levels, with small geographic islands ideal for deploying network infrastructure with access to submarine cables. Digicel 's Cayman Islands operations completed its rollout of 4G LTE this quarter and we expect to see strong uptake in the service due the country's higher spending power. Even Cuba, where mobile penetration and mobile internet services are limited is seeing excessive demand for its basic mobile email service launched earlier in 2014. ETECSA is having to expand its network in order to deal with the increased demand, with more mobile internet services expected throughout the year. This will be the main driver of operator revenues in the region over our five-year forecast period.

SkiePhone Brings Cheap Business Phones to Startups & Small Businesses

For people running a startup or small business, having a professional phone solution is almost always a major issue. While managing a limited budget, should they invest in an answering service, a receptionist or just use their cell phones?

"North Africa Telecommunications Report Q3 2014" Is Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoOther than Libya, which continues to feel the effects of the 2011 civil war, competition is strong in North Africa's mobile markets. While there remains some growth potential in the region's mobile markets, BMI believes mobile data and increased liberalisation in the wireline segment will be the major drivers of growth throughout our forecast period to 2018. Morocco's regulator has given incumbent Maroc T?l?com until August to impleme nt local loop unbundling, Alg?rie T?l?com has reduced the price of broadband services to respond to the launch of 3G services in H114 and Tunisie T?l?com has ramped up investment in its wireline and mobile data networks. Meanwhile, Etisalat has completed its acquisition of a 53% stake in Maroc T ?l?com. BMI expects these developments to result in an acceleration of convergence strategies, as operators look beyond the mobile voice market for revenue and subscriptions growth.