Travel and Hospitality Press Releases

Lola's Mexican Kitchen Now Booking Private Parties This September

Lola's Mexican Kitchen, a restaurant and bar located in White Plains, New York, is pleased to announce that they are now booking private parties and other events throughout September. This premier venue boasts two unique party spaces, and each has more than enough room for the host and his or her guests to celebrate. Individuals who would like to book a private party this September can do so by giving the venue a call at 914-358-4939, emailing, or by filling out a contact form on their website.

City Tap House Logan Square Recognized by Philadelphia Magazine as a 2016 Best Place to Have Happy Hour with Co-Workers

City Tap House Logan Square, a gastropub in Philadelphia, PA, is excited to announce that they were recently recognized by Philadelphia Magazine as a 2016 Best Place to have Happy Hour with Co-Workers. City Tap House Logan Square was acknowledged for its 40 taps, being a location that is convenient to train-riding suburban beer nerds and Center City-ites, as well as the fact that it has enough elbow room for all guests to raise a glass.

Northampton Valley Country Club Now Offering Their Services to Plan Spring 2015 Weddings

LogoThe professionals at Northampton Valley Country Club in Bucks County, PA, are now offering their services to plan spring 2015 weddings. Those who are interested in getting the planning process started can give the country club a call at 215-809-2997, or fill out a contact form on their website: to receive more information about their wedding specials, packages, menus and ballrooms.

Hotel Schoenegg Now Offers Comfortable and Luxurious Accommodation in Wengen

Hotel Schoenegg is now offering comfortable and luxurious accommodation in Wengen in the lap of nature. This hotel offers world-class facilities for their guests at the most cost-effective prices. Schoenegg, being one of the oldest buildings in Wengen, is equipped with all sorts of facilities that are required for the perfect accommodation. The hotel is located in the prime location of Wengen and a guest of the hotel can enjoy the beauty of the Jagnfrau massif just by sitting in the comfort of their hotel room. Along with the scenic beauty, this Wengen hotel promises their guests the finest dining experiences along with the best wines that they have carefully selected for their guests.

Converting myBB to bbPress CMS2CMS Migration Plugin

CMS2CMS Team has been working constantly to provide the forum owners with advanced migration opportunities. As the result, those who have the intention to perform myBB to bbPress migration, are provided with such possibility through the newly created CMS2CMS: myBB to bbPress Migration Plugin. Additionally, the service clients are provided with a full-cycled support from CMS2CMSSupported Items Team to cope with any issue during the whole migration procedure.

Majeka House Now Offers Comfortable and Luxurious Accommodation in Stellenbosch

Majeka House is now offering comfortable and luxurious accommodation in Stellenbosch. The hotel is an ideal base to explore the pristine beauty of Stellenbosch. The historical town has numerous shops, galleries, museums, cafés, and other such things. Majeka House provides excellent accommodations to explore and enjoy all of these. Majeka House is located in the prime location which is near key attractions of the town and one can enjoy the striking beauty of the town from the hotel itself. The hotel offers world-class service which is coupled with luxurious accommodation. The Stellenbosch Hotels own their own restaurants where one can enjoy the finest delicacies. Also, one can enjoy their professionally run spa and bar.

City Edge Apartment Hotels Now Offers Serviced Apartment in Melbourne at Cost Effective Prices for the Month of December

LogoCity Edge Apartment Hotels, is now offering serviced apartment in Melbourne at cost effective prices for the month of December. They are offering attractive deals to their customers so that they can enjoy the long festive period. December is the best time to visit Melbourne not just for the Christmas festival, but one also enjoy a host of other festivals and events that take place throughout the month of December. One can enjoy shopping spree in the famous market of Melbourne which are located within the walking distances of the City edge Apartment Hotels. Along with the shopping, one can enjoy movies at st Kilda Open Air Cinema, which will last till 21st December, flavour exchange, moonlight cinemas where one can enjoy classic cinemas, Anatolian Cultures and Arts Festival, Oromia Festival at Federation Square and many more.

Morguen Toole Company Launches Corporate Events That Combine Business with Elegance

Corporate events can become a special way for both company employees and clients to merge business with pleasure. Columnist Jamillah Warner mentions this in her article "42 Tips for Producing a Memorable Small Business Event" for the online journal "" Jamillah Warner reports, "Companies can easily have memorable corporate events with the correct planning and assistance. Much of this comes down to where you choose to hold your event and how this venue will work with you to make the most of your time there."

O'Finnigans Pub in Everett Is Open for Christmas 2014

LogoIncidents of natural disasters are increasing with global warming. Flood and fire are occurring in areas where there were none previously. Such disasters cannot be controlled by a single person or by a family. People need professionals who can take care of the damage done by the storms, rains and fires. One such firm that deals with all of the above and more is the Water Damage A Company in California. Water Damage A has over two decades of experience in dealing with varied problems relating to water damage, mold, water restoration, smoke and fire damage as well as flood. They have always found solutions to these problems keeping in mind the budget and time suitable for the customer.

Wholesale Miles, Inc. Now Offers the Option to Sell Miles and Earn Cash

Wholesale Miles, Inc. is now offering the option to sell miles and earn cash. The company now provides this benefit to customers who have extra miles and don't need them in the near future. Now, one can sell all of their unwanted miles to Wholesale Miles, Inc. and earn attractive cash for miles which otherwise would have been wasted. Wholesale Miles, Inc. is a perfect option for those who have extra miles or who have collected miles from their frequent journeys, and it's not possible for them to use in a limited time period, or they don't have any plans for air travel, then they can sell their miles to this company. Wholesale Miles, Inc. also assists customers in selling their miles and getting the best possible price deal for their miles.

Drive the Nation Releasing 12 Days of Road Trips in Honor of Holiday Season

LogoWhen embarking on a journey, individuals and groups are excited about the upcoming experiences during their exploration. A new campaign to help celebrate the holidays, Drive the Nation is releasing a series entitled 12 Days of Road Trips, which kicks off Saturday, December 13. The campaign will focus on a different area of the country for 12 straight days. From the Oregon Trail to Route 66 and the coasts of the Carolinas, learn about the inspiring attractions and history related to 12 of the most popular road trip routes.

Hangar Space Is Affordable with Monmouth Jet Center

LogoMonmouth Jet Center offers affordable hangar space in NJ for most kinds of private aircraft from helicopters and prop planes, to multi-engine Gulfstream charter Jets.

Monmouth Jet Center Offers Exclusive Aircraft Hangar Space in NJ

LogoMonmouth Jet Center provides private aircraft owners with an exceptional facility to rent aircraft hangars at competitive rates.

Join Ocean Squared for the Sailing Event of a Lifetime

This opportunity is not for the faint of heart. If you would, however, enjoy the adventure of a lifetime, racing a 100-foot custom yacht at international events in the Caribbean and elsewhere, then Pier Mario of Miami Beach welcomes you. His Ocean Squared Sailing Team is being assembled for a series of 13 events in the Caribbean, the U.S. Atlantic coast and France. Holding Contest for iPhone 6 Giveaway Throughout Month of December

LogoWhen looking to find the best rates on same day hotel reservations, people across the country flock to New registrants throughout the month of December will be able to enter an exclusive promotional giveaway for a chance to win an iPhone 6. With no purchase necessary, those who sign up with can celebrate the holidays by starting the New Year with a brand new iPhone 6.

Discover True Wellness with Tailor-Made Yoga Tours in India with Compass India Holidays Pvt. Ltd.

LogoIndia is a land of exoticism and mystery, a mystery that reveals itself slowly to the curious seeker. A land of great contrasts, of opulence, extravagance and untold riches and utmost poverty, of highest attainable mental peace and simple basic coarse living. A land full of surprises, disparities and paradoxes and yet the beauty, inherent resilience and warmth of its people will leave an unforgettable impression.

Automated Insightly to Salesforce Migration:New Angle of CRM Switch from Data2CRM

Data2CRM was designed to exclude any long and effort or time-consuming methods of CRM data migration. The service guarantees the precise and secure process that requires no human interaction due to the automated nature. So, a fast, direct and effortless Insightly to Salesforce migration is available with Data2CRM.

Eclectic India in 33 Days: PAN India Tour with Compass India Holidays Pvt. Ltd.

LogoIndia is an eclectic mélange of diverse cultures, traditions, cuisines, languages and dialects with an equally varied topography, from the majestic Himalayas to the stunning beaches and the golden-hued spectacular sand dunes. India lures you with her ancient heritage, exotic mysticism and warm hospitality.

Rental Opportunities Available from Anna Maria Luxury Beachfronts Throughout the Winter Season

LogoDue to the luxury guests are provided, Anna Maria Island was voted by readers of Conde Nast Traveler as one of the 30 best islands in the world. The island is a dream destination for couples and friends to experience white sand beaches and turquoise waters in a lavish area. When interested in a winter getaway to one of the most beautiful beach islands in the world, Anna Maria Luxury Beachfronts is announcing they have rental opportunities available throughout the cold months of the year.

Northampton Valley Country Club Now Offering New Golf Holiday Membership Specials

LogoNorthampton Valley Country Club is now featuring new holiday golf membership specials. On the "Golf Specials" page of their website, those who are interested in golfing at one of Bucks County's largest golf courses will be able to purchase an annual membership (1 full year) for $1,499.00. The regular price of a single annual membership is $1,850.00, therefore, those who are interested in cashing in on a reduced annual membership can feel free to reach out to the country club by giving them a call or filling out a contact form on their website. This special is only available for new members and expires December 24th 2014.

Vantage Hospitality Group Joins the Fight Against Child Sex Trafficking by Signing the Tourism Child-Protection Code of Conduct

LogoVantage Hospitality Group, Inc., a Top 10 hotel company with over 1,000 independently owned and operated hotels around the globe, joined ECPAT-USA in the fight against child sex slavery at the source by signing the Tourism Child-Protection Code of Conduct (The Code).

South Philly Pretzel Factory Offering Party Trays for Holidays

LogoWhen planning to throw or attend a party this holiday season, be sure to spice up the event by bringing a tray of soft and delicious pretzels. As the holiday season is approaching, provide a platter that everyone will enjoy as the South Philly Pretzel Factory is offering party trays throughout the holidays. Each tray comes with up to three eight-ounce dips, and customers can choose whether the popular minis, rivets, rods, or pretzel dogs will be a hit at their party.

"Travel Retail in Croatia" Published

LogoTravel retail showed strong positive results in 2013, with a 9% increase in value sales to reach HRK2.8 billion. Online sales affected almost all relevant areas of travel retail. Internet transactions value for accommodation showed a 10% increase in 2013, continuing the trend of booking accommodation through various groupon/discount sites such as or, frequently offering discounted accommodation packages for various destinations throughout the year. Exchange remained as...

New Market Research Report: Travel and Tourism in Sudan

LogoAfter a referendum held in January 2011 saw 99% of the population of South Sudan vote for independence from Sudan, the government of Sudan agreed to its separation into two countries. After decades of a north-south civil war which has resulted in the deaths of 1.5 million people, it is hoped that this separation can bring peace to the two countries. However, conflict is still raging in the regions of Abyei and Darfur and there are still ongoing territorial issues and political tensions between...

New Market Research Report: Tourism Flows Inbound in South Africa

LogoSouth Africa remains a global travel and tourism destination which represents excellent value for money to tourists from all over the world, including tourists travelling from all over Africa. The general cost of travelling to South Africa remained fairly low during 2013 as the total number of inbound arrivals grew by 6%. The travel and tourism industry in South Africa is highly competitive in terms of travel accommodation and transportation as there are numerous players operating within the industry. The availability of numerous companies in every travel and tourism category means that inbound tourists have a wide variety of options in terms of products and services at all price points, meaning that there is something for people regardless of their spending power. This often makes South Africa the preferred destination among all African countries as it is extremely expensive to travel to other African countries in terms of the cost of airfares, travel accommodation and various tourist activities.

Tourism Flows Outbound in Belgium - New Market Report

LogoOutbound travel continued to decline in 2013 as the fragile economy caused travellers to be careful with their spending. Mainly neighbouring countries such as France, Germany and the Netherlands, which accounted for 51% of the total number of trips, were affected as travellers sought out sunny destinations, albeit not too far away. Therefore, destinations such as Greece and Turkey were very popular among Belgian tourists. Business travel saw slightly positive growth as many companies and organisations became more willing to let their employees go on business trips abroad.

Recent Study: Tourist Attractions in South Africa

LogoSouth Africa continues to attract visitors from all over the world due to a broad range of visitor attractions it possesses. The fact that most of the tourist attractions in South Africa are spread across the countrys vast territory makes it more interesting for visitors to travel to these places. The Western Cape Province remains one of the main tourist destinations in the country due to this high number of tourist attractions located there, including Table Mountain, Robben Island and the V&A Waterfront and a diverse range of natural scenery, most of which is indigenous to the province.