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New Owl's Nest Cabin with Eight Bedrooms Added to Branson Vacation Rental Cabins

With the advent of technology, there are so many devices and screens that can distract us from the people we love. Spending time with family members and loved ones is so crucial to living a happy life – and yet many Americans find themselves woefully unable to make lasting connections and have some good old fashioned fun.

Public House National Harbor Announces 2016 Summer Beach Party Event

Public House National Harbor, a bar and restaurant located near the Gaylord National Harbor Hotel & Convention Center, is excited to announce their 2016 Summer Beach Party event. This awesome event will take place on Saturday, July 23, and will start promptly at 9:00 PM. It is a 21+ event only, has no cover, and there will also be a $30 open bar option from 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM. Beach attire is highly encouraged although all bottoms should be covered. Last, but not least, guests will have the chance to enjoy live entertainment by DJ Swaggartie, and to find out more information about the Beach Party, please email Cherish at, or dial 240-493-6120. Announces No Increase in Bus Fare for Singapore to Malaysia Route Buses

A large number of people travels from Singapore to Malaysia on regular basis, and therefore, news about increase in bus fare is indeed a subject to worry. But, Singapore and Malaysia’s largest bus ticket booking website, has recently declared that there is no increase in bus fare for buses from Singapore to Malaysia.

Loteria Grill Offering the Best Hollywood Happy Hour

LogoLoteria Grill was founded on the belief that great Mexican regional food and drink should be available for everyone to enjoy in Los Angeles. The Hollywood location is ideal for those visiting the many other attractions in the area, not to mention the famed nightlife scene. Loteria is renowned for it’s happy hour specials and the Hollywood location has one of the best offerings to be found, combining a lively atmosphere with classic Mexican food and drinks. Provide Complete Information About Express Buses from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur

Renowned bus information provider, provides comprehensive information about express buses from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. The website has a very easy-to-understand and easy-to-navigate website layout that consumes less time, and provides information in simply, yet effective way. Provides Comprehensive Information for Express Buses in Singapore and Malaysia, a leading bus information portal shares complete information about express business operating in Singapore and Malaysia to help travelers in planning their journey accordingly.

Just Published: "Travel Retail in Poland"

LogoTravel retail recorded a relatively successful year in 2013, rising in current value by 6%. This positive performance was based on improvements in the general mood of Polish people and the return of optimism to Polish society. This made more Polish people more prepared to incur expenditure on travel and tourism. In addition, improvements in the quality of travel retail products and services on offer and more intensive promotional campaigns conducted by the leading tour operators also made travel retail a more attractive proposition for more Polish consumers towards the end of the review period. For instance, during 2013 the leading tour operators in the country enjoyed increasing success with their so-called "first minute" offers, which are in essence presales organised some months prior to the date on which tours depart.

Vietnam Visa Approval to Reach Within 2 Days

LogoNo more waiting at the long Embassy queues, no more time waste for Vietnam visa approval, leading Vietnam visa firm has promised to deliver visa approval at applicant's home within 2 days of application.

Highland Gardens' Unique Wedding Reception Announces Rates Far Below National Average

According to the most comprehensive set of statistics currently available, the 2013 results of's annual Real Weddings Study, couples are spending more money on their weddings fueled to a large degree by the desire to provide a unique and memorable experience for their guests. In 2013, the average bride was 29 years old and the average groom was 31. This average couple spent almost $30,000 on their wedding, and they spent $13,385 just on the venue for their reception.

Market Report, "Tourism Flows Outbound in Australia", Published

LogoTourism flows outbound continued to rise in 2013 up 7%, an increase from the 6% growth experienced in 2012. This growth occurred despite a depreciation of the Australian dollar, which had the effect of making outbound travel more expensive. Those destinations that have driven this continued growth are those that continue to be affordable to Australian holidaymakers, whether because of the expansion of low cost carrier airlines (Singapore, Malaysia), because poor economic conditions at the destination have resulted in inexpensive travel packages (Greece, Italy) or because they are an inherently affordable destination regardless of the exchange rate (Cambodia).

SugarCRM to Zoho Migration: Data2CRM Newly-Established Approach

LogoData2CRM continues to develop and advance the options of simple and fast CRM data migration, and offers a new beneficial option of automated SugarCRM to Zoho switch . This unique web-service elaborates the quality of the migration procedure and deprives the necessity of additional installations and extra skills. So, from now on, the switch across various CRM systems requires no heavy manual approach or a copy/paste method.

Dubai City Info Reports Tourism Numbers Continue to Be Better Than Anticipated

According to the UNWTO World Tourism Barometer report, international tourist arrivals grew five percent across the globe for the period of January-April 2014. This report went on to estimate 460 million tourists would travel between May and August of 2014, although final figures have yet to be released. Those looking to travel for leisure in the last four months of the year should consider Dubai tours, as they are a great way to see the beauty of the area while trying something new.

Versai the Wine Bar Announces an Upcoming Special Event on Nov 6th, 2014 That Should Not Be Missed

Versai the Wine Bar is located on Imperial Hwy, Yorba Linda, CA. The bar is established to provide a fantastic selection of wines and food, tasted in the company of good friends and exclusive visitors. The wide variety of top wines attracts many guests, who enjoy the diversity of styles and grapes.

Award Winning Chef Treats VIP Guests to Private Party at Yorba Linda Versai Wine Bar in California

On November 6th, 2014 at 6:30pm, Versai Wine Bar located at 18248 Imperial Hwy, Yorba Linda, CA 92886, will be opening their doors for a special one night only event.

Annual Halloween Spooky Hotel 2014 at W Hollywood

The W Hollywood is putting on the ultimate Halloween party and everyone is invited. Join us - we dare you - where a mysterious underground universe lingers. Transport to a place where dancing ensues in public spaces.

Travel & Tourism in Brazil (2014) - Market Sizes - New Market Report

LogoTravel & Tourism in Brazil by Mintel Market Sizes provides you with annual year-end market size data, most recently updated in 2014. This market covers domestic and international inbound tourism. Market volume is based on numbers of visitors on leisure and/or business trips which include at least one overnight stay in paid accommodation. Market size for Travel & Tourism in Brazil is given in tourist with a minimum of five years' historical data. Market Forecast is provided for five years. Included with this snapshot is socio-economic data for Brazil. Population, Consumer Price Index (CPI), Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Exchange Rates. Ensures Most Convenient Route to Vietnam Visa

LogoThe eager Vietnam travelers worrying about the prolonged queues at Embassy offices for visa approval can finally heave a sigh of relief-Much to the delight of the travelers; has announced the most convenient route to Vietnam visa approval.

Formitize Launches Hotel and Catering App for Increased Business Output

The makers of Formitize – a powerful app that has revolutionized companies around the world – introduces Hotel and Catering App. This Catering App improves efficiency and productivity in hotel and catering companies using paperless technology and smart forms designed to promote enterprise mobility. Save time, money, and effort as the Catering App can simplify and improve organization processes and workflow.

Adoba Ecotel Brand and Refresh Glass Rally to Reduce Lodgings Sustainable Footprint

LogoIt’s no secret that eco-friendly initiatives and sustainability efforts are the core of adoba ecotel’s existence. The brand aims to not only continue internal efforts to reduce their carbon footprint but also continue to expand on these initiatives and grow their campaigns and eco-friendly programs even further. This desire to continue to grow and evolve has led the adoba® ecotel team to a new and exciting partnership with Refresh Glass, a unique company that creates glassware and art pieces from recycled wine bottles.

Royal Party Bus Announces Fall Line-Up of Luxury Limo Bus Services

Royal Party Bus provides businesses and individuals with the best possible means to get luxury and elegant transportation in Toronto. Individuals who enjoy to celebrate in style will appreciate the new line-up of limo bus vehicles that are available this fall and Christmas season.

BVI Catamaran Charters Announces the Launch of Its Charters Service

LogoBVI Catamaran Charters, an established leader in BVI Catamaran Charters, today announced the launch of BVI Catamaran Charters, a service created to allow customers to relax from their day to day activities and enjoy the sea.

Award Winning Journalist and Expat Expert Offers Advice on Moving to Cape Town

Moving to Cape Town can be both daunting and exciting for an expat, especially if you don't know what to expect of life in “the Mother City”. The Guide to Cape Town aims to make a relocation to Cape Town as smooth and easy as possible.

Anna Maria Luxury Beachfronts Announces Availability of 4-Bedroom Vacation Home

LogoAs the weather becomes cooler, and the winds around the country begin to swirl, many groups of friends are looking for a tropical getaway. Before the holiday season arrives, and individuals are trying to use the remainder of their vacation days from work, Anna Maria Luxury Beachfronts is announcing the availability to rent their 4-bedroom vacation home, the LaPlage Unit 2. With its variety of quality amenities and ability to sleep up to eight guests comfortably, this beachfront vacation home is highly affordable for groups.

New Market Research Report: Online Travel Sales to Country Residents in Indonesia

LogoOnline travel sales continue to account for less than 5% of total travel sales to country residents in Indonesia, but have been increasing strongly year-on-year, with current value sales rising by 62% in 2013. This is in line with the rise in the number of internet users in the country, with the affordability of mobile data and cable internet subscriptions continuing to increase. E-commerce start-ups are mushrooming as players look to seize the growing market and the higher profit margins...

Just Published: "Travel and Tourism in Indonesia"

LogoThe fact that travel and tourism revenues in Indonesia have increased strongly for two consecutive years signals the growing popularity of tourism destinations in Indonesia amongst both domestic and international travellers. International arrivals surpassed targeted growth in 2013 and domestic tourism continues to grow robustly, supported by the growing number of flights and routes to domestic destinations and improving and more affordable tourist facilities such as accommodations, restaurants...

Market Report, "Tourism Flows Outbound in Ireland", Published

LogoIn spite of the recovery of Ireland in 2013, depressed economic conditions in the country continued to impact negatively on outbound tourism, with consumers more focused on debt reduction and saving than ever before. In spite of the Irish government's exit from the European bailout fund, this only occurred at the end of 2013, and this meant that for the most part, 2013 was characterised by continued tightening of disposable incomes and further austerity measures by the government. While some tourists felt emboldened to take holidays domestically, the much larger expense of a longer, international holiday remained beyond the reach of a large number of Irish residents, meaning that tourism flows outbound fell somewhat.

New Report Available: Tourism Flows Inbound in Saudi Arabia

LogoInternational arrivals to Saudi Arabia increased by 11% in 2013, to reach 18 million trips. This was significant growth compared with the review period, when the number of trips witnessed a CAGR of 2%. Saudi Arabia is heavily dependent on religious tourism, as it does not have any other tourist visa, barring family visit visas and business visas. Each year, millions of pilgrims come to the country throughout the year for this purpose. 2013 saw a surge in the number of pilgrims, as the government continued its massive expansion projects at the holy mosques in Makkah, significantly expanding the capacity. This also made Makkah the city with the most arrivals in 2013. In addition, the number of hotels continued to grow in 2013 to accommodate the growing number of pilgrims, thus resulting in the stronger performance of inbound tourism.