Travel and Hospitality Press Releases

Announcing Exciting School Trips Abroad with Appleseed

A young girl sits quietly in her seat at the back of the classroom. Elbow propped on the desk, she rests her chin in her hand. Her eyes begin to droop as the teacher drones on about algebraic equations. Reading… Writing… Arithmetic… It's all the same. She's been taught these subjects since she first set foot in school as a scared kindergartner. As her mind wanders, she realizes what is missing - what has always been missing. Why is what she's learning important? How will she be able to use it in her life?

Public House National Harbor Announces 2016 Mother's Day Brunch and Cinco De Mayo Specials

Public House National Harbor, one of National Harbor's most popular restaurants, is pleased to announce their 2016 Mother's Day Brunch and Cinco de Mayo specials. This National Harbor restaurant's Mother's Day Brunch will take place on Sunday, May 8, from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Not only will everything on their delicious brunch menu be available, but unlimited mimosas and Bloody Marys will also be available for $18, and each mother who attends will receive a complimentary rose. Reservations are encouraged, and those who would like to make a large group reservation can call Cherish Carswell at 240-493-6120, or email

Book the Best Hotels with Honest Reviews

LogoAfter launching multiple company verticals, Hotel Booking is the newest industry to be added to (TBC) queue.

Recent Study: Travel and Tourism in the United Kingdom

LogoIn 2013, the number of trips taken by UK residents abroad remained below pre-recession levels as consumers remained cautious due to the strong decline in disposable income they have experienced. The economic downturn led many people to holiday in the UK, with the "staycation" trend taking over. In this respect outbound tourism was more affected by the recession than domestic tourism. In 2013, the number of domestic trips taken by UK residents remained relatively stable on the previous year,... Adds New London Properties to Help Worldwide Travellers Feel at Home

London is one of the few truly international cities, a world centre for trade and commerce, culture and architecture, home to the modern and the classical, with a history unlike that of any other city in the world. Staying in such a sprawling metropolis might intimidate travellers who would prefer an apartment they can call their own rather than a faceless hotel room. Go Native allows them to do just that through its range of serviced apartments, newly expanded to cover more areas of London.

NYC's Central Park Rated #1 in the World...For Ghosts

Besides the 35 million annual visitors who enjoy this green oasis in the heart of Manhattan, there also seems to be some lingering spirits that relish New York's most famous park as well, according to Pete and Stew Kandel (known as Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew) aka the “Ghost Doctors” noted paranormal investigators and licensed NYC tour guides. And it seems that the park's long history has attracted quite a few ghostly inhabitants who appreciate an evening stroll through some of Central Park's most historic locations.

India's Premier Luxury Tour Agency Turns 14

LogoWestern tourists travelling to India are often faced with a dizzying array of choices all of which look suspiciously similar. The ubiquitous Taj Mahal tour, the Kerala package, the royal tiger safari, offered by thousands of tour operators, each promising the complete package, a totally authentic experience; each claiming to be the best tour of India. In such a competitive market, how does a relatively young tour and travel consultancy survive a decade and create a loyal clientele who return to them again and again?

Iam Group Japan Hosts Tour for Hong Kong Residents to Travel to Yokohama

LogoIam Group Japan has been working hard for the sake of coming up with new tours and itineraries. Of late, their new initiative is to help residents of Hong Kong take a tour of Yokohama city and explore the beauty of the place.

IAM Group Japan Offers a Modern Travel Agency with Video Calling for People Wishing to Visit Japan

IAM Group Japan is pleased to announce that they offer unique travel services in the country of Japan. Japan is growing in popularity as a tourist destination. A goal of allowing tour members to travel as “temporary Japanese” makes this travel agency one of a kind for providing exposure to the Japanese lifestyle, customs and traditions.

Real-Time Legal Assistance in Mexico with TravelCare Mexico

LogoWhen travelling to Mexico, the last thing on many peoples mind is the possibility of encountering legal problems. Although it is not a common experience, legal problems in Mexico can be encountered for a wide variety of reasons. Dealing with these kinds of problems as they arise can be a stressful experience when you are in a country where you do not fully understand local legal procedures and perhaps do not have full spanish language proficiency.

Luxury Condos Can Grab the Attention of People Worldwide

When one plans to buy something that is supposed to be useful and will last long, they make sure to choose the one that meets their specific requirements. The more careful they become is the item is expensive. This is the one way of ensuring to attain their money's worth. Buying a house is a serious decision one has to make. The more choices one have, the greater their chances of picking out the best among the rest. In case of finding houses or condos for sale in one’s own town, they might not be able to discover all the possible and available properties for sale. But if one contact a real estate agent, they can be sure that they can get hold of as many real estate listings as they can. This way, they won't be missing out other opportunities out there.

Condos Can Be the Great Option for Relaxation and Rest

The closeness of Orange Beach land to cities and airports is a proximity that expands its value for visitors. It is about an hour's drive from Pensacola, Florida, Mobile, Alabama airports. The majority of the cities in the southeast is quite close by. Condos in orange beach occurs in several styles as well as in various price ranges. Luxury beach front properties having motorboat docks, panoramic views as well as safety measures are available for just a price. For anyone with a budget, complexes at very reasonable prices having amenities like hardwood floors can be found in orange beach condos for sale.

New Report Available: Online Travel Sales to Country Residents in Argentina

LogoOnline travel sales to country residents grew by almost 22% in 2013 to reach over ARS15 billion, mainly due to rising other transportation and tourist attractions sales. Regarding other transportation, online sales to residents improved as a consequence of growing bus tickets sales via websites such as while tourist attraction growth could be explained by growing sales of theatre tickets online in many sites such as Ranks the Top Virginia Beach Hotels Based on Guest Ratings

Virginia Beach is unquestionably the most preferred family vacation spot on the East Coast beach city. Due to the huge influx of vacationers all throughout the year, Virginia accommodation options have increased by leaps and bounds over the years., a leading Virginia Beach tourist information portal, recently ranked the best VB hotels on the basis of user ratings, distance of the hotels from airport and tourist attractions in the vicinity and many other factors. The site has introduced a five-star rating system to enable the present and past guests of the Virginia Beach hotels to share their experience. Users of can now check the ratings of the best VB hotels and read guest reviews bedsore deciding on choosing an accommodation in the region.

Iam Group Japan Launches Two Week Japan Tour for UAE Residents

LogoThere are a lot of tour and travel agencies that one can find but the main focus is to ensure that one chooses such agencies that helps in planning the details of a tour in a perfect manner.

Recent Study: Tourism Flows Outbound in Singapore

LogoOutbound tourism performed well in 2013 with an increase of one percentage point as compared to 2012, with travel mostly recorded to short-haul regional destinations. As the Singapore dollar is stronger, higher spending power due to the exchange rate encouraged more outbound travel to regional countries, as well as international destinations, mostly in Europe.

New Report Available: Health and Wellness Tourism in the United Kingdom

LogoThe UK health and wellness category reported positive growth in 2013, as sales rose by 3% to GBP877 million. While a positive performance was recorded in 2012 and 2013, sales nevertheless remained well below pre-recession levels. Trading conditions are still very difficult - to the extent that one of the UK's leading spas, Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden, is to cease operating in May 2014. The decision to close the spa is said to be due to rising costs; it is located in a listed building in one of the most iconic locations in London, Covent Garden, as well as the fact that it has witnessed a decline in the number of day guests, as more women are choosing to have spa experiences at home.

South America- A Favorite Destination for Holidaymakers

South America is a stunning continent with places of breath-taking beauty to explore. There are many different countries to choose from when considering a holiday to South America and each has its own unique characteristics and draws, which will leave one wanting to explore and learn about the cultures to be found therein. From the mountains of Peru to the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, are is the best places to visit, is a truly magnificent continent.

Argentina - An Ideal Destination for an Amazing Holiday Trip

If one visits the central region of Argentina that is centered around Pampas, there one can find cattle ranches and maritime resorts like Villa Gesell, Pinamar, Miramar, Bahia Blanca, Monte Hermoso and Coastal District.

South America - An Ideal Holiday Destination to Enjoy Nature's Beauty

Every person in this world wants to enjoy his/her vacations to the fullest. People wish to go to a trip which can bring back the happiness from the in-depth schedule of everyday life that will give relaxation of mind and rejoice the nature’s beauty. A trip to South America is one of such kind. South America is one of the places to visit in where vacations can be enjoyed to the fullest. It is bordered by Pacific Ocean, Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. The various countries come in it such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay etc.

AllChalets Releases Infographic Report on the Top Ski Chalet Resorts in Europe

As the winter skiing season fast approaches the team at All Chalets have produced a round-up of the most popular ski resorts for chalet bookings so far this year. It is no surprise that ski holidays in France, Switzerland and Austria are as popular as ever. The top resorts for ski chalet bookings this year are Chamonix, Meribel, Val d’Isere, Verbier, Zermatt and St Anton.

New Report Available: Travel Retail in Singapore

LogoTravel retail in Singapore showed continued growth in 2013 despite the slow global economy. As the Singapore dollar remained strong, outbound travel to long haul destinations such as Europe increased, thus, bringing more business to travel retail. As consumers became well-educated, increased demand for exotic destinations such as Africa and South America was observed. Travel planning to exotic destinations by consumers usually requires the expertise of travel agents as consumers are not as familiar as compared to regional destinations. Not to mention, the existence of technology and online media allowed consumers to gain easy access to travel information, promotions and advertising.

New Market Research Report: Emirates Airlines in Travel and Tourism (World)

LogoEmirates Airlines continues to experience strong growth, and has recently added 18 new routes without compromising passenger load factor. The airline benefits from Dubai's status as a transit hub, connecting the East to the West on long haul routes, with stopovers at Dubai International. Emirates nonetheless faces ongoing criticism and hostile policies by European and US carriers, hindering its growth in these regions. It is also facing strong competition from other Gulf-based airlines.

New Report Available: Tourism Flows Domestic in Turkey

LogoDomestic tourism demonstrated 21% current value growth and 11% growth in the number of trips in 2013. This compared with a CAGR of only 6% in current value terms and a negative CAGR of 3% in the number of trips over the review period. Whilst in value terms domestic tourism grew over the review period with a dip in 2009 due to the recession, the number of trips declined during the economic recession in 2008, and also in 2011 and 2012, when the economy did not perform very well. In 2013, however, the number of trips increased for two reasons; first, as a result of the improved economic conditions, and second, due to the long Eid and Ramadan holidays, which coincided with the summer period, which meant people took longer holidays in the summer of 2013.

Tourist Attractions in the United Kingdom - New Market Report

LogoThere was a significant increase in arrivals to the UK in 2013. The legacy of the London 2012 Olympic Games, alongside focused marketing from VisitBritain in Russia, China and Brazil, certainly played a part in this. Additionally, a number of royal events in the second half of the review period, such as the Queen's Jubilee, the royal wedding and the birth of a royal baby all helped to raise the profile of the UK's cultural heritage internationally, as has the worldwide success of the television series Downton Abbey. This has been reflected in the UK's increased international competitiveness. Those specific attractions that are internationally associated with the country - and therefore have a large proportion of international visitors, such as the Tate Modern - have benefited from this. Domestically the trend towards the "staycation" continued in 2013, meaning that there was the further growth of domestic visitors to tourist attractions, whether this be driven by those tourists on longer-term visits to different regions of the country, or specifically by daytrips.

MyPriority.Rocks Details How Family Travels the World, Still Runs Existing Business

MyPriority.Rocks, a new website documenting the world travels of a German family, has launched and is now available to Internet visitors. Maintained by Feda Mecan, a veteran of the marketing industry, the site will detail how the family travels the world and spends time together while Mecan continues to lead a successful company from the road. In contrast to most similar projects, then, where the families involved usually rely at most on intermittent, casual work to sustain them, MyPriority.Rocks will relay insights and experiences that will be of interest to those who might find the idea of such extensive traveling appealing, but are also committed to preserving and furthering their existing careers.

Ubuntu Stay Adds New Holiday Properties to Langebaan and Bloemfontein Regions in SA

South Africa is a place of incredible natural beauty and unmatched diversity, home to rocky mountains, lush rainforests, classical African savannah and metropolitan urban sprawl. With somewhere for everyone, it’s no surprise that booking accommodation in the country can be difficult, with so many options to choose from. Increasingly holiday makers are eschewing hotels for rental properties, to get the feel of home comforts while abroad. Ubuntu Stay specializes in such holiday properties, and has just added new and exclusive listings in the Langebaan and Bloemfontein regions.