Travel and Hospitality Press Releases

Two New Busses Added to United Coachline Fleet

One of the best ways to ensure any transportation company does its job efficiently and effectively is to ensure they have the necessary equipment and manpower to do so. This begins by having enough vehicles to satisfy the demand of the customers, a fact which United Coachline is all too familiar with. Recently, the New York-based company added two brand new busses to their growing collection of luxury vehicles. The 24-seat and 35-seat 2017 Merdeces Benz busses will go into use immediately, and feature a slew of useful, lavish amenities including: leather seats, WiFi, electrical outlets, restroom, 5 Flat-Screen TVs, and a luxurious wood floor. Riding in style has never been sweeter.

Matrix Renovations Spotlights New Projects Opening in the Fall

St. Regis will be opening a new location in the Maldives. St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort will sit on more than twenty acres and will feature over 65 villas. Future guests will enjoy the top notch service provided by the St. Regis name along with a variety of amenities like a dive and nature center, spa, and what's being called a "water amphitheater".

Travel PR Firms, Because Destinations Needs to Look Appealing for People to Visit

Travel PR firms include a team of intelligent and well travelled professionals who are social media experts and know exactly what needs to be portrayed. These professionals know which area of the destination needs to be highlighted and made to look attractive to tourists and travelers. Travel PR firms like Vine Communications are an expert and specialized team that give the destination an attractive and immensely beautiful online presence, which is equally attractive as the original destination itself. Making an interesting online presence for any travel agency that provides unique travel packages encourages people to take a trip for themselves which increases revenue for the firm. The marketing strategy that is utilized by these firms is full fledged and well reversed and designed to provide an edge to business over the other competitors. The young, dynamic, and well versed teams of the travel and PR firms know what is happening in the world both online and offline.

The 31st Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival Opens

LogoThe world's largest ice festival -- The 31st Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival -- opens with the theme "Ice Snow Harbin, Charming China Dream" on January 5, 2015 in the northeastern Chinese city of Harbin. The festival features a grand opening ceremony, fireworks display and a series of theatrical performances. As always, there will be ice and snow activities in Sun Island, the Ice and Snow Amusement World, and more venues around the ice city.

Unique Experience of Whale Watching Available This Winter on Ohana Fishing Charters

LogoEvery winter season, humpback whales make their way to the Pacific Ocean to birth their babies in the warm water before heading back to the Arctic. As a prominent deep sea fishing charter on the Hawaii Island of Kauai, Ohana Fishing Charters is announcing the opportunity for their guests to whale watch as they climb aboard for their fishing excursion. The whales are extremely active in the New Year, swimming side by side the 30 x 10 foot Ho'o MaiKa'i.

Northampton Valley Country Club Announces New Contest on Their Website

LogoNorthampton Valley Country Club is home to one of Bucks County, PA's biggest and most beautiful golf courses. To attract even more golfers as well as entice members to return for a round more often, Northampton Valley Country Club is pleased to announce their latest contest on their website.

Normandy Catering Announces Partnership with The Tanglewood Club

LogoNormandy Catering and Party Center, a prominent catering and food service organization in the Greater Cleveland area since 1978, is honored to announce its newest partnership with The Tanglewood Club, the historic Chagrin Falls golf and banquet destination.

Drive the Nation Announces Instagram Sweepstakes Through January

LogoTo kick off the New Year, Drive the Nation is asking travelers to share their goals for the upcoming year. For the chance to win a 5-month subscription to NatureBox for snacks while on the road, Drive the Nation is encouraging travelers to take part in their 2015 Travel Resolution Sweepstakes. The contest is being held on Instagram for users who utilize the hashtag #DTN2015 by January 31, 2015. For those who do not hold an account on Instagram, they are encouraged to participate by emailing

Gulf Coast Condos for Sale Can Experience over 15% Increase in 2015 Beach Music Fest

Is it too early to start making plans for the 2015 Hangout Beach Music Fest in Alabama? Organizers have not yet officially announced any 2015 beach acts. Still there are so many people who looking to buy condominium in Golf coast area of Alabama to lineup the usual revealed of beach feast in the month of January and February. Alabama Beach Condominiums are one of the best methods to stay and enjoy the real thrill and fun of beach holiday vacations. These are the condos that are completely furnished and can be very huge. This is the most amazing bizarre way to acquire luxuries condos easily and it surely exceeds remaining in a little hotel room. Condos for sale in orange beach also come with a terrace, hot tub, and many other luxurious indulgence to make one's beach feast unique.

Two Condominium Projects Already Have Orange Beach OK

Two planned condominium towers more than 400-feet are creating a Bustle in Orange Beach, however they aren't the only beachfront developments in construction. Two additional condominium developments within a mile of the planned 450-foot Ascension and 435-foot Grace Location had already obtained the city's approval for construction.

Village Catering Announces Football Catering Services Now Available This January

LogoVillage Catering is pleased to announce that they are now available to cater football parties this January. With the 2014-15 football season officially coming to an end February 1st (Super Bowl Sunday), Village Catering is now urging football fans to call them immediately at 215-437-3337 to inquire about their catering services. The professionals from Village Catering also have a wide variety of food menu items available and are able to deliver to a client's home or other venue.

Naxos Vacation Suites Offers First Solar Powered Vacation Home in Naxos, Greece and Asks "Is 2015 the Year of Green Travel?"

While many people practice sustainable living at home, for travellers, there is an unfortunate disconnection between eco-friendly living in day-to-day life and the non eco-friendly travel plans they partake in. Many hotels, resorts, and villas harm the environment, consume too much power, produce too much waste, and lower the local living standards. It's time to make a change. This was part of the inspiration for the innovative idea of creating the first ever solar powered vacation home in Naxos Greece.

Kenneth Warren Higby Sr. Seeks Support from Kickstarter for His Epic Journey from West Coast to East Coast

LogoThe recreation of the Lewis and Clark expedition in reverse is a photo journal and an epic film project by Kenneth Warren Higby Sr. A companion project of UPT-21 Urban Planting Table project; the project's objective is to address the unemployed disabled crises in the United States by creating public awareness. All funds raised from Kickstarter will be spent on project completion and disabled employment.

Catering by Mario's Now Offering Corporate Catering Services This January

LogoMany corporations host various events to establish connections, network, educate, promote, and celebrate. Most of these events need an easy way to feed their guests, whether it is a light appetizer or a full course meal. Rather than stress over the planning of the event's meal, this January, businesses can hire Catering By Mario's. The catering company provides delicious cuisine for all types of corporate events at the most affordable rates.

Travel Insurance China Now Offering Its Customers IMG Patriot Travel Medical Insurance

LogoRecognized globally for providing travel insurance to people traveling to and from China, Travel Insurance China is offering its customers IMG Patriot Travel Medical Insurance through its newly renovated web site. IMG Patriot Travel Medical Insurance is an insurance plan for the citizens of China and all around the globe that can be secured for a period of 5 days to 12 or 24 months. Through this travel medical insurance plan, one can easily secure travel health insurance and save money. Besides this, one can even get a quote or can buy travel insurance online in China with IMG. Not just this, Travel Insurance China has been a prominent supplier of travel insurance for people traveling to China or traveling out of China.

Royal Kona Resort Highlights the Appeals of a Kailua Kona Vacation

LogoThe Royal Kona Resort, a premium resort located in West Hawaii, has recently written and published an informational article about its home town of Kailua-Kona. While the Resort covers a large and well-appointed grounds, the surrounding town offers plenty of attractions in itself; in fact, the region is fairly well-known by name even on the US mainland, as the origin and namesake of the Kona coffee variety.

Ghost Hunting Comes Alive in the Dead of Winter in Paranormal NYC

New York may be cold and icy during the cold wintry months but when it comes to paranormal activity the city is definitely heating up, so says NYC's own Ghost Doctors.

Aussie Couple's Amazon Ayahuasca Adventure

In a brave bid to follow their calling, Perth couple Julian and Angela are now calling the Amazon Jungle of Peru home after leaving their comfortable jobs with mining and engineering jobs behind. Having ventured in to the world of shamanic healing via the ancient psychedelic plant medicine 'ayahuasca', they returned to rescue the centre where they had their life-changing experiences previously.

Royal Lahaina Resort Talks Lahaina Town Vacations

LogoRoyal Lahaina Resort is a premium rest and vacation establishment located in the town of Lahaina, on the West side of Maui. The Resort has been in operation since the 1960s, and has welcomed thousands of visitors from all 50 US states, as well as a wide range of foreign countries. The Resort doesn't specialize in catering to a single category of visitors, and is popular among families, couples on destination Maui honeymoons or weddings, sports and diving enthusiasts and many others.

The World's Best Hamburgers at Fuddruckers in Lubbock

LogoIt's not a surprise that Fuddruckers is considered to be the best hamburger restaurant in Lubbock, TX. Known for its 100% USDA hamburgers, every burger is grilled to order and served on a freshly baked bun. Customers can also customize their burgers in the market-fresh, produce bar.

Traverse to South India with Compass India Holidays Pvt. Ltd

LogoCompared to the fast, and frenetic North of India, southern India operates on a different pace-slow, gentle and relaxed. The South of India comprises of five states –Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala as well as the union territories of Lakshadweep and Pondicherry, share to some extent an ancient heritage but each of them has its distinct cultural, artistic and political tradition. Rich in history, brimming with temples, stunning beaches, and the south is blessed with pristine natural beauty with its verdant landscape of palm trees, emerald green paddy fields, coconut groves and fragrant spice plantations.

NYC's Metropolitan Museum of Art Awakens Egyptian Mummies This Winter

Sprawled across a hallway within NYC's Metropolitan Museum of Art are ancient Egyptian parchments called the "Book of the Dead." These mystical scrolls detailed this ancient civilization's all consuming obsession with the afterlife. Could their beliefs be more than just elaborate superstition? They just might be, says New York's Ghost Doctors.

Innovative London Travel Guide Launches

LogoE London Buzz , a guide to the sights and sounds of the capital, was launched last week in response to consumer demand for a hard hitting review of the city. Publishes the Kenyan Tourist Industry Forecast for 2015

According to KTB, Kenya saw 428,585 visitors during the first half of 2014, leaving travelers to wonder what attracts so many to this beautiful country and whether they should be planning their next holiday here. predicts this number to increase next year as concerns about Ebola are laid to rest. No cases of Ebola had been reported in the country as of October 2014, the latest data which has been released. Individuals who have postponed a trip to Kenya for concerns of this disease or any other reason need to plan their trip now and affordable safari packages to Kenya offered through Travelshoppe are a great way to plan this trip.

Wellness Tourism Worldwide Identifies 50 Key Findings to Advance Wellness in Leisure & Business Travel

LogoWellness Tourism Worldwide ( has identified 50 key findings addressing wellness in leisure and business travel in the United States. As a result of a year-long study, Wellness Tourism Worldwide (WTW) is pleased to introduce a new model of engagement for wellness tourism. The report, Wellness Travel: Shaping America's Health & Economy is a game-changing reference to unify and influence industries not only to better meet consumer demand but also to serve public good.

Panama Relocation Tours Inc. Announces Its Super Saver Tours in 2015

Logo"When a door closes, another one opens", says Jackie Lange, owner and general manager of Panama Relocation Tours, Inc. Indeed, cancelled tours mean new slots available for the Panama Relocation Tours. The company has announced today 2 slot openings for its Jan., 2015 tour and another 2 slots for its Feb., 2015 tour. Both tours are 6-day, all-inclusive Panama tours that aim to give an objective, realistic view of life in Panama.

Albert's Cafe Holding Fundraisers in Their Private Party Rooms This Winter

LogoThose throwing a fundraiser need to find the ideal location that will garner the most interest and raise the highest amount of money for their organization or charity. With beautiful and decorated private party rooms in Philadelphia, Albert's Café is announcing they are taking reservations throughout the winter to host fundraising events. Offering unique spaces and customized accommodations, the professional party planners work to make the fundraiser as entertaining and successful as possible.