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Bicycle Accident Attorneys Rahman Law PC Cancellation at Biketoberfest Marin

LogoRahman Law PC announces the cancellation of their exhibit at Biketoberfest Marin on October 14, 2017 held in Fairfax, California. The Air Quality Index (AQI) reached an unhealthy 165 at 10:00 the morning of the event and was therefore cancelled by event coordinators Marin County Bicycle Coalition and Access4Bikes for health concerns. Biketoberfest Marin is a handmade bike show and brewfest event hosted by and benefiting the Marin County Bicycle Coalition and Access4Bikes inclusive of all varieties of cycling enthusiasts drawing over 5,000 attendees. This would have been Rahman Law PC's eighth year supporting the event.

Soybean Derivatives Market: Evolving Latest Trends to Lead Global Industry by 2016–2024

LogoMajor key players dominating the global soybean derivatives market are Bunge Limited, Wilmar International Company, Noble Group Ltd., Archer Daniels Midland Company, Louis Dreyfus Commodities and Cargill Inc.

Divinity Clergy Wear Now Offering 8-Button Branded Collar Suit with Custom Monogramming

LogoEaster is a little over a month away, and not many things will make clergy members look more official that Sunday than a name and title monogrammed on a brand new suit. Therefore, to help clergy members look their best this Easter Sunday, Divinity Clergy Wear is now offering an 8-button branded collar suit that comes with a custom monogramming option.

Financial Security Startup to Monitor Stolen Data in Next Breach

It seems like you can't blink without hearing about a case of credit or debit card fraud. According to the Department of Justice, 23.7% of households in the United States were victimized by identity theft in 2010 - a number that has continued to grow since and shows no signs of stopping.

Individuals Suffering from Unjust Personal Injury Are Urged to Contact the Law Offices of Cherry, Fieger & Cherry, P.C. This March

Cherry, Fieger & Cherry, P.C. is a firm of personal injury attorneys with offices operating out of Media, Pennsylvania and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. For the 2015 winter season, they are offering their services to any individuals suffering from unjust personal injury in Philadelphia and Media, PA, and many of the surrounding regions.

First Business Flights Now Offers Cheap International Business Class Flights

Preserving their top position as one of the most reputed providers of cheap flight tickets, First Business Flights is now enabling their customers with services for cheap business class flights. With their affordable tickets, individuals can get assistance in planning a trip that is both affordable and exciting. The business class deals the company offers include cheap flight tickets for business class to Russia. Not just Russia, individuals can also enjoy their trip to various international destinations with the company's cheap flights.

UAC General Contractors Offer the Best Kitchen Remodeling Service in California

LogoThe house is the most valuable asset for any person. Keeping this in mind most people spends the most in maintaining the house in order to get long benefits from it in the future. Maintenance of the house can be done by updating some features of the house or by undertaking a remolding project. Sometimes addition of rooms also gives a new look to the house. All such makeovers upgrade the value of the house. However, for all these purposes one needs a reliable contractor. The UAC General contractor is one such reliable contractor for the people of California who cater all the above mentioned needs. They have licensed local contractors who concentrate on whatever work they do in order to get the best result. They are known to deal with the latest products available on the market which are highly beneficial for any home remodeling. They also work with the top quality building materials.

'Water Damage Culver City' Offers Water Damage Services in CA

LogoFor the third time in four years, water is rising over the curb on McDonald Street in the Sunkist Park area of Culver City. Both Culver City Fire Department and Golden State Water are on the scene, attempting to discover the break so they can stop the water.  Residents are urged to call a water damage company before the water recedes in order to contain hazardous mold.

Kickstarter Campaign to Produce a Tour Featuring Two Generations of Russian Ballet Stars

LogoU.S. audiences will have a rare opportunity to see two a performance created by two generations of Russian ballet stars if Metro Detroit-based Producer Laura Lee successfully raises $38,000 in a Kickstarter campaign.

Longevity Global Inc. Now Offers TIG Welder at Discounted Rates

Reflecting their prominent position as one of the global providers of welding equipment, Longevity Global Inc. now presents their wide range of TIG welder for sale, where individuals can get their desired TIG welder at the most discounted prices. The wide range of welding equipment that the company has organized in their sale includes TIGWELD 250EX, TIGWELD 200EX, TIGWELD 200D, TIGWELD 200i, TIGWELD 200SX and much more. Besides enabling customers with the affordable sale, the company has also provided step by step assistance for their customers, which will help them obtain their desired TIG Welder., a Trusted Online Store, Now Offers USA Built Massage Chair

LogoThe modern lifestyle has mechanized people and nowadays they hardly get time to unwind. So, they are more prone to health issues due to sheer exhaustion. To help people relax in their home with effective results,, a trusted online store, now offers its latest high-engineered USA built massage chair. The massaging chair has been designed especially to provide massage at exact pressure points, resulting in an optimum relaxing experience. The leading company imports their massage equipment from some of the best distributors and brands around the world. So, go ahead and order online if you are seeking a relaxing experience with no side effects.

Educate Offend Launches WTF Technology App for Smart Devices

LogoEducate Offend ( has launched their new WTF Technology app promoting technology literacy and critical thinking while also possibly offending the user's sensibilities.

HG Stones Scheduled to Open Manhattan Showroom and Unveils a New Logo

HG Stones, a leading supplier in the surfacing industry, continues its expansion with the addition of a third location at 28 West 25th Street. Slated to officially open this spring in Manhattan's famed Flatiron District, the 6,500 sq. ft. showroom will be a principal resource center for design professionals in the New York metropolitan area. Clients will have the opportunity to experience materials like fine natural stone, innovative Neolith sintered compact surfaces, and sustainable Vetrazzo recycled glass surfaces.

Arizona Investors Acquire Mobile Home Park in Alamogordo, New Mexico

LogoJefferson 16 Partners, LLC announced today that it is the new owner of the 65-lot, Three Flowers Mobile Home Park in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

New CME/CNE Virtual Simulation Courses Offered by CMSC

LogoTwo innovative CME/CNE programs are now being offered by the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers (CMSC), the leading educational and professional development organization for MS healthcare professionals. "Diagnosing Multiple Sclerosis" and "Treatment and Management of Multiple Sclerosis" are new virtual simulation programs that are designed to enhance healthcare professionals' treatment of patients with MS through an interactive educational platform.

Kosher Equality: First Woman Elected to Lead a Kasruth Agency

As the first female President to lead a Kosher certification agency, Miriam Jochelman Peled may have just become the most powerful person in Kosher – man or woman. On Wednesday Peled was elected by KOSH 9009 Board of Directors to serve a four year term as President of the organization. KOSH 9009 is one of the nation's leading Kasruth and quality management consultation agencies and pioneer of a challenging movement that is destined to go viral promoting 'Equality for Women in Kosher.'

Tormented Soul: Cliché-Defying New Fantasy Novel Celebrates Depth of Human Spirit, as a Friend's Disappearance and a Dark World of Fae Collide

While the fantasy genre has seen an undeniable boom in recent years, both readers and critics are currently crying out for wholly-unique new narratives that don't succumb to recycling of the 'same-old' concepts. Thankfully, Dylann Rhea is stepping up to the plate with gusto. While the author refuses to brand herself as a thoroughbred writer, her ability to buck the trends of her genre is rapidly earning her a stellar reputation of her own.

Grade-Defying New Book, by Former 'Dyscalculic', Provides Thorough, Unambiguous Grounding in Algebra

While it bucks tradition, as a youngster, Michael Paxinos just loved math. While his passion was unshakable, his grades proved that math was actually his worst subject. However, after pursuing a career in social work and quitting due to his burning desire to crack math, Paxinos educated himself and ended up teaching the subject at college level.

Growing Tall Amidst Obstacles: Nigerian Native's New Book of Universal Truths Urges Readers to Appreciate & Embrace Life's Simplicity

While every family has a story, those growing up in North America tend to follow something of a cookie-cutter routine. Life is very different in Nigeria and, for the first time, one man who knows life on both sides of the world is telling his own personal story in the hopes of inspiring people everywhere.

We Must Hear All the Stories: Powerful Book Calls Readers to Action, Sharing Their Interpersonal Tales & Creating the "Great" Story of the Universe

As the old adage states, "There's always a thousand reasons not to do something". Growing up in Nigeria and one of nineteen children, the core of Chief Nnamdi A. Ekenna's soul is built on the foundation of seizing any opportunity that comes his way.

Portals, Passages & Pathways: Thrilling New Series, Hailed "Breath of Fresh Air" by Critics, Redefines Fantasy Genre. This Is One Thought-Provoking Adventure

While most authors use their first novel to do nothing but simply test the literary waters, B.R. Maul is quickly discovering that a debut release also provides an opportunity to rival a genre's bestsellers. 'In the Land of Magnanthia', part one of the 'Portals, Passages & Pathways' series, sees Maul pit good against evil in a wholly unique new way.

Bastian Solutions Blake Bearden Presents Order Fulfillment Education Session at ProMat

LogoDuring Promat 2015 in Chicago in three weeks, on Tuesday, March 24 from 1:45 – 2:30 pm in theater H, Bastian Solutions' West Coast Regional Director will present an important educational information session titled, "The Building Blocks for Achieving Same-Day Order Fulfillment." Bearden served as principal design engineering and project manager on many highly successful projects including; Monoprice, Amway, iHerb, and multiple projects with Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Since 2007, Bearden's served Bastian's customers on the West Coast and provided the best solutions.

Lodestone Consulting Services Launches Two Unique New Guides to Facebook Advertising

Lodestone Consulting Services, LLC, published a pair of unique new guides to advertising on the Facebook online social networking service. Taken together, the two guides provide a helpful, comprehensive introduction to the subject that aims at helping business owners and decision-makers realize the potential to be found in Facebook advertising. The first guide takes readers through a step-by-step analysis of whether and in which ways Facebook advertising is likely to benefit a given business, while the second guide conveys five powerful, proven tips for making the most of Facebook ads. Lodestone Consulting Services is a leading digital marketing consultancy, with a special focus on helping technology companies improve their lead generation, conversion rates, and sales. Offers Best Treatment for Sinus Problems

Known for his relentless commitment to offering the best in treatments aimed to provide long lasting relief for all nasal and sinus problems, Dr. Alen Cohen received yet another honor. Recognized as the best surgeon in Los Angeles, he was awarded the Southern California Super Doctors Award for his breakthrough work in Los Angeles Balloon Sinuplasty and other treatments as a sinus expert at Southern California Sinus Institute.

The Perfect Limousine Launches in Orange County and Temecula

LogoThe Perfect Limousine & Sedan expands into Temecula and Orange County.

Agate Beach Motel Announces Comfort and Style at Affordable Rates

Many American travelers believe they need to travel internationally to see beautiful parts of the world. This is simply not the case. Many of the most splendid natural environments are located right in the continental United States. One of these is located in the Newport area of Oregon, and welcomes visitors from all over the world on a yearly basis.

AAA Storage Publishes New, Free 2015 Self Storage Consumer's Guide

AAA Storage, a leading self-storage company with locations in six states, announced the publication of the 2015 Self Storage Consumer's Guide. The new digital guide, available for free to visitors to the company's website, contains a wealth of tips and information that will help readers make better, more informed self-storage decisions. Building on the success and wide popularity of the 2014 edition of the company's Self Storage Consumer's Guide, AAA Storage representatives took note of reader feedback and the most recent developments in the industry to ensure that the 2015 release would be even more useful.