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ORIGIN PC Desktops with New AMD Ryzen 7 Processors Available Now

LogoORIGIN PC is now officially taking pre-orders of AMD's new Ryzen™ 7 1800X, 1700X, and 1700 high-performance processors on their line of award-winning NEURON, MILLENNIUM and GENESIS desktops. AMD Ryzen™ starts a new era of premium AMD processors designed for impeccable performance and the most ambitious players. Built for those who want to experience the best HD gaming, streaming, VR, content creation, 4K and more, the new AMD Ryzen™ 7 processors offer the latest cutting-edge performance at an incredible price point inside your next ORIGIN PC desktop. All ORIGIN PC desktops with the new AMD Ryzen™ 7 processors can be custom built to order now and will begin shipping on March 2, 2017 and include free lifetime 24/7 U.S. based support.

Flynn Systems' New JTAG Controller Broadens Boundary Scan Coverage Capabilities

LogoFlynn Systems has developed a new boundary scan JTAG Controller that now gives users the ability to incorporate expanded test coverage to include the Intel® Core i7 microarchitecture, using onTAP Boundary Scan test software.

'Live SEO Singapore' Recommends Search Engine Optimization as the Best Method to Increase Website Traffic on Low Budgets

Developing a website doesn’t means the sales will be increased. Website sales and revenue is depending how many referrers are refer the contents from the website. The first step is make sure the website can be found in the search engine. Google keyword tools is providing all the data of the keywords searches can be found in the search engine. Finding the right keyword is the most important thing for the SEO company.

China Company Introduces Newly Designed Portable Charging Solutions for Travelers

Today, people use a variety of gadgets, such as mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras and others that require regular charging. Often travelers find it difficult to find a source of power to charge their devices. It is often seen that railway and metro networks have a limited number of charging points while each commuter has several devices to charge. To address the issue of charging devices and keeping the battery full, ShenZhen POWELL Technology Company has come up with intelligent and portable charging solutions. They have different kind of products to meet the requirements of the diverse groups of travelers and commuters. Rolls out Exquisite Collection of 2015 Cheap Prom Dresses

The prom is one of the most important events held near the end of high school. Ladies have the added responsibility to appear their best during proms. shares the responsibility with the best 2015 cheap prom dresses. The online store has launched a full spectrum of options in prom outfits with varying hemlines, necklines and colours. The site is allowing customers to build their prom dress choice upon occasion, fabric, build type and budget. Popular choices include ball dresses, bridesmaid dresses, cocktail dresses, junior dresses and evening dresses. is also giving off huge discounts on all these dresses.

World Best Import & Export Co. Ltd. Offers Printing Machines for Almost Every Industry

Technology has gone beyond our expectations and each and every industry today has evolved in terms of innovation. Similarly the world of printing and the machines used have transformed over the decade. Today there are companies offering printing solutions for almost every need and at very affordable prices. Gone are the days when people required to line up at specialized printing units for getting their printing needs. There are many companies who offer printing machines from the basic office printers to the big industrial printers. One company which has been in the industry for quite some time and offers a vast range of printing solutions is the World Best Import & Export Co. Ltd.

Fanntech Deals in High-Tech Digital Electronic Devices

China has always been leading providers of electronic goods. They are the pioneers in developing modern digital devices for making technology more usable. Fanntech is a reputed Chinese company that deals in high-end digital electronic devices. The company aims in making new products that makes power usage easy on the go.

Cocktail Dresses Shop Announces New Collection of Prom Girl Dresses & Cheap Mother of the Bride Dresses for Upcoming Winter Fashion

All girls and women can embrace a new fashion during the coming winter season. The leading online dress store, has brought a new collection of prom dresses and mother of the bride dresses at discount prices. The dresses are meant for the girls and women who want to set a new winter fashion trend.

MsDress Offers with New Style UK Prom Dresses for Spring 2015 the United Kingdom's most loved prom dress provider made announcement today that they will be running a promotion for their customers. The promotion involves a 70% sale on all prom dresses even the new line that just entered their collection. New dresses designed by expert designers have been produced from the highest quality fabrics with detail oriented mindset. All of the dresses can be viewed or purchased at the company's website:

The CEO Institute Announces Plans for 2015 CEO Institute Summit in Australia

The CEO Institute, a top leadership development and networking service, announced plans for the 2015 installment of the company's highly anticipated CEO Institute Summit. Every year, the CEO Institute Summit brings together hundreds of Australia's top business leaders in all of the country's major capital cities for keynote addresses, discussion panels, and networking. Openings for sponsoring the 2015 CEO Institute Summit, which will be held in January, are now available, and further information about attending will be forthcoming.

Deep Earth Studios Looks to Complete the Development of SentryShield with Funding Support from Kickstarter.

LogoMicrosoft Surface Pro 3 undoubtedly has the capacity to replace PCs in businesses from the technical standpoint. However, users often complain that this excellent device lacks two extremely necessary features. Firstly, many business users want a feature that will prevent their Surface Pro 3 from being stolen. Secondly, users have also expressed the need for an integrated storage slot for the stylus.

Coops and Cages Expects Increase in Specialty Pet Services Towards 2018

LogoAfter proving itself recession proof, the pet industry will continue its upward growth trend at 4% per year through 2018, expecting an overall expenditure of US$67.56 billion (AUD 78.51 billion). This figure is calculated based on last year’s total of US$55.53 billion (AUD 64.53 billion). All estimates are according to the IBIS World Industry Report. World pet markets continue to post dramatic, ever-continuing increases in pet ownership and spending for 2014. Product-based pet businesses have seen the highest growth in sales in the last few years. These businesses include pet food, pet supplies and veterinarian supplies, among others. However, franchises of various pet services are on the rise, predicts leading Australian pet enclosures retailer Coops And Cages™. Franchised services for grooming, pet day care and training have opportunities to peak in the next few years.

AliSafe Releases Updated Line of Safety-Focused, Lightweight, Truck Access Platforms

AliSafe, a leading producer of custom and standard aluminium access products, announced that the company's line of standard truck access platforms has been updated. The six newly announced platforms feature 450 kilogram safe working loads, as well as a number of other design improvements aimed at providing greater safety and utility. AliSafe manufactures a wide range of lightweight, high strength, safety-oriented access products that are used by some of the top mining, construction, manufacturing, and general industry companies in Australia and the world.

Mintec Systems Launches Custom Software Packages to Meet the Demands of Business

Writing for the technology website “” Vice President of Marketing Charles Var discusses “The Top Five Advantages Of Custom Business Applications.” Charles Var explains, “Businesses should always investigate the advantages of custom-made software for their all company needs. As every industry and line of work has individual requirements, each corporate group can benefit from a personalized approach to their software. While packaged software can handle typical situations, it is mass produced and not designed to handle scenarios that may be a part of your daily workload.”

Entertainment Bureau Provides World Class Entertainment and Events in Australia

LogoEntertainment and event management business has grown leaps and bounds from its inception days. Today many professional and experienced Talent agencies and Australian Booking Agents offer much more than just regular entertainment. They combine the advanced technology and trends to create amazing and unique events. When looking for an event planner seeking out for world class quality entertainment make sure that you get the right entertainment to make the event a success.

Mandatory Inspections App Provides Corporate Benefits for Businesses Worldwide

The creators of Formitize have launched a new paperless tool – Mandatory Inspections App. This software is fast becoming a popular choice for managers and administrators in the inspections industry as it provides so many amazing benefits for all levels in their organizations.

Escape Artist Vanuatu Offers One-of-a-Kind Vanuatu Survive and Thrive a Relocation Package

Escape Artist Vanuatu was established 18 years ago with the goal to give all people an opportunity to escape from the ordinary and choose where to live, work, play, invest, and retire. Thousands of people have joined the Escape Artist community and changed their life into their most exciting adventure. The company now offers Vanuatu Survive and thrive relocation package for individuals, who would like to live in the exotic Republic of Vanuatu.

Endeavour Air Conditioning Offers High-Quality Services and Products with 5 Years Warranty

LogoAir conditioning systems have become an inseparable part of everyone’s life and it’s hard to imagine a residence or commercial space without quality air conditioning products and services. When it comes to buying, installing and maintaining air conditioning products it’s crucial to look out for a well experienced, qualified and trusted company provider who can guarantee top quality products, effective services and 100% per cent customer satisfaction.

Sydney Manual Driving School Renders Expert Driving Lessons in Penrith

LogoYoung drivers always find it difficult to realise the complete capabilities of the vehicles and it can affect them as well as other motorists. Driving classes are the excellent choices to overcome the troubles. Selecting a professional and right driving lesson service will improve driving standards and help ride safely and smoothly.

Rubbish Removal Offers Cheapest and Fastest Rubbish Removal Services in Woolwich

LogoAn attractive and hygienic environment is favoured by everyone. A best way to accomplish this is by removing the pile of junks regularly. It not only helps keeping the environment clean but also ensures safe and disease-free living. Hire a professional rubbish removal service today and achieve a rubbish-free life.

City Edge Apartment Hotels Offers Budget Accommodation in Melbourne for the Month of November

LogoCity Edge Apartment Hotels is now offering budget accommodation in Melbourne for the month of November. Their range of hotels extends to the major locations of Melbourne which includes North Melbourne, Albert, Gipps, Treasury, Tribeca, Elizabeth and now Mildura. They are offering exciting discounts for the month of November for all kinds of travellers, no matter whether it is business travellers or leisure travellers, one can enjoy maximum during this month while staying at Cheap Melbourne Accommodation CBD. One can witness the heightened level of fun and enjoyment as the city offers everything that range from theatrical shows to the most happening expos. Now Selling a New Range of Safes, the Hayman Gun Safe

LogoSafety and peace of mind go hand in hand. Keeping this in mind is the mission of the professionals at, which is announcing an exciting new expansion of its product offerings - the availability of a new range of Safes, the Hayman Gun Safe line. Hayman is known in the industry to offer a wide variety of home security products for both residential and commercial use. The safe options include the following products: MangaVault Series, CashVault Deposit Safes, 2 Hour Flame Series, FS Poly Floor Safes, Everglades Full Safe line and the 1 Hour Flame Series. Hayman prides itself in providing a Quality Built product, and it has done this Since 1971.

The 'Cosmic Zone' of Collectibles

If there is one thing that a sci-fi / fantasy fan is truly excited about, other than seeing / reading / experiencing his favourite series first hand, it is the prospect of getting one’s hands on the action figurines or collectibles of their favourite characters or shows. To understand the feeling, one only needs to;

MarryAnNRI Website Enhancement with Built in Intelligence Provides Proactive Partner Match Suggestions

Today MarryAnNRI (, a leader in NRI matrimonial match-making, has released an updated version of the MarryAnNRI Indian matrimony website, to improve the chances of its members finding the right match.

Longevity, Provider of Top-Notch DIY Welding Equipment, Now Offers Welder for Sale

Being a leading name in the field of welding equipment, Longevity now offers welder for sale. The company provides top-notch DIY welding equipment. The equipment can be used for all kinds of professional purposes. The products that are provided by the company come with a five-year unmatched guarantee for both labor and parts. Taking an innovative approach, and with experience and engineering, their customers are provided with reliable, durable and easily affordable welding equipment. This equipment is made available for pipe welders, garage users, and ship builders. The warranty given by the company is tailored specifically for the end user, and they also offer unmatched customer support. The company offers welders for sale at a remarkable price.

Advanced Facelift & Eyelift Procedures & Benefits Explained by Dr Lycka & Dr Mendelsohn

LogoSurgical techniques continue to advance and this is reflected in the big changes in many cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures. Both facelifts and eyelifts (aka Blepharoplasty) have changed drastically over the years to the extent that many hours of surgery and weeks of bandages and recovery have been replaced with 45 minutes under local anaesthesia and recovery in a couple of weeks. The advanced facelift and eyelift are discussed this week on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today on, when show host, Edmonton Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka, talks with dual Board Certified facial plastic surgeon Dr Jon Mendelsohn from his Cincinnati, Ohio practice.

Hytrol Conveyor Omni Channel Video Explains Meeting Consumer Needs

LogoConsumer expectation is the driving force of the supply chain. E-commerce and the smartphone have rapidly shifted those expectations. Consumers want their shopping experience to be seamless between stores and devices. Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc., manufacturer of advanced conveyor systems, controls, and solutions, released a video explaining omni-channel. Omni-channel is the complete integration of promotion, packaging, merchandising and pricing to create a unified experience, in-store and online.