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FreightCenter Named to Food Logistics' Top Green Providers List for 2017

LogoFood Logistics, the only publication exclusively dedicated to covering the movement of product through the global food supply chain, has named FreightCenter to the Top Green Providers list for 2017.

Building the Million Dollar Dream of Young India!! - AlcorSearchPath

LogoAlcorSearchPath, a joint venture between Alcor Capital & Asset Management Pvt. Ltd., an international, HR-focused private equity firm, and SearchPath, an established U.S.-based executive search franchisor, has recently announced a new and unique entrepreneurial opportunity for recent college graduates. AlcorSearchPath ( will award five free franchises, each valued at Rs.20 Lakhs (equivalent to approximately $31,005 USD), to five recent college graduates. The company will help them launch their own executive search firms, under the SearchPath brand (

New Book "the Essential Fiverr Buyer's Guide" Teaches the Ins and Outs of Navigating Outsourcing on Fiverr for Success

As the economy continues to be in a state of repair, many workers are taking the leap to working for themselves. Freelancing is a growing industry, and the popularity of websites like Fiverr is helping more people than ever outsource their tasks to talented freelancers across the world. Author Dina Eisenberg's new ebook, The Essential Fiverr Buyer's Guide is the first guide written completely for Fiverr buyers and will provide them with a complete blueprint on how to increase productivity, find elite service providers, and get the work they desire.

Tom James DC Publishes Top 5 Things Business Should Know About SEO

According to recent industry statistics, approximately 1 in 3 searches conducted on Google focused on a place or location. Mobile searches, which have already taken a huge chunk out of the PC traffic, are increasingly focused on local; in fact, local mobile searches are now estimated at 27%, according to one recent study. In order for small businesses to reach their target audiences, which are often local-specific, they must make certain they are ranking high in these local searches.

Metis Clinic Strives to Treat Clients Like Long Term Friends

LogoThis local alternative therapy clinic has set the bar high. Patients at the various Metis Clinics locations enjoy the free sessions, but end up staying long term. Often alternative therapy clinics are considered to be “quacky” or “feel-good”. Metis Clinics does not fit that mold.

Parts Geek Announces Additional Window Motors Added to Their Inventory

LogoAs the summer turns to autumn, many drivers will opt to roll down the windows for fresh air over their vehicle’s air conditioning. When automatic windows are malfunctioning and failing to operate, the problem can lie in the motor. As a leading online auto parts retailer, Parts Geek boasts one of the largest inventories of window motors. In fact, Parts Geek is pleased to announce that they have extended their inventory to now feature over 11,400 window motors.

Mobile Defense System Now Providing Back to School Safety App This Fall

LogoMobile Defense System is pleased to announce their back to school safety app this fall. Fall has almost arrived and that means children are headed back to school. With the recent increase in violence at schools, parents may fear their child will be harmed at any moment.

Absolute Smile Now Offering Dental Filling Procedures This Fall

LogoAbsolute Smile is pleased to announce their dental filling procedures this fall. It’s difficult to smile with cavities, chipped or fractured teeth. No one wants to show off their teeth when they’re in that condition. Additionally, they also hate taking photos because they feel very self-conscious when it comes to their smile.

Gabay & Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery Now Offering Mommy Makeovers This Fall

LogoGabay & Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery is pleased to announce their mommy makeovers this fall. When women get pregnant, their skin tends to stretch, leaving stretch marks and unwanted pouches once their baby has been born. Women are likely to become depressed and unsatisfied by their post belly bump. Taking care of a newborn baby is a 24/7 job, so there isn’t much time to exercise.

Retail Solutions Advisors Inc. Now Offering Pre-Leasing for Seminole Commons

LogoRetail Solutions Advisors Inc. (RSA) is proud to offer pre-leasing for Seminole Commons. Future tenants will be joining consumer electronics retailer, HHGregg which occupies 30,360 square feet of space as an anchor store. Additional anchor space is available from 10, 000 to 50,000 square feet as well as Outparcel space of 5000 square feet. Seminole Commons offers space for a wide range of businesses including restaurants, home furnishings, grocery and services. Now Offers Seller Consultations & Website Selling Services

LogoAccording to RJMetrics, there are around 110,000 ecommerce websites that generate meaningful revenue on the internet. is an online business broker that helps client sell their online websites. They are an ecommerce broker with experience operating, buying and selling eCommerce websites, Amazon businesses, software companies, eBay businesses, and they are also brokers for business that operate within the Internet space, but are not traditional eCommerce sites, like flash sales and daily deals sites, digital marketing firms, service businesses and app developers.

A Must Read Inspiring Novel Called Gabby, Angel of God

Gabby the shortened name for Gabriella, Angel of God, is an inspiring novel that is focused on providing help and encouragement to people when in trouble. The novel, since it production date has been on sale at Amazon Website:

New History Book Uncovers Fascinating Residents and the Untold Story of Washington, DC's Famed Dupont Circle Neighborhood

Dupont Circle isn’t just a park, traffic circle and community; but a living microcosm of America’s ‘Gilded Age’ and a showcase of the lavish lifestyles of society’s elite. Many locals know that William Howard Taft, Alexander Graham Bell and Cissy Patterson called its grand mansions home, but the neighborhood still has a bold enigmatic side and story that has never before been made public. In his new book, Stephen A. Hansen chronicles the life of Dupont Circle and its famous, not-so-famous, infamous and sometimes flamboyant residents, as well as many previously-unknown tidbits that tie its story together.

The Book of Mormon Is Literary Grand Theft: Searing New Book Proves Joseph Smith Was Nothing but a "Grand Plagiarist"

In just under two-hundred years, the Mormon Church has grown from word-of-mouth preaching by founder Joseph Smith to a community of more than fourteen million; the fastest-growing Christian religion in the world. However, following two decades of research, one former Latter-day Saint is releasing a book to prove that the Book of Mormon is in fact redundant, with Smith plagiarizing the entire thing.

What the Airlines Don't Tell You: New Guide to Cheaper Travel Exposes 'Trade Secrets' of Airline Pricing Strategies

It almost sounds like something out of George Orwell’s ‘1984’; online software that tracks how much air travelers are willing to pay, disguising portions of airfares as Government taxes and forcing travel agents to charge hefty booking fees that drive business directly back to the airlines. It’s all 100% true, and a new book exposing these airline tactics proves how almost every traveler falls for them with each booking they make. Expert Reveals Parent-Focused Credits and Deductions for 2014, 2015 Tax Season

Traverse City Tax Preparation Examiner, Frank Ellis, has published a new article regarding the tax credits and deductions parents can claim for their 2014 taxes. With the 2015 tax season ahead, it provides valuable insight for those who may not have the time to research the options themselves. For example, the author discusses the dependent exemption and how much parents are eligible for per child.

Medical Answering Service Can Deliver Enhanced Medical Care

The physicians and the medical staff need to be on the watch out for calls round the clock, as the emergency about any health factor may arise at any time of the day. Mostly the physicians are accessible only in the normal 9 to 5 hours. But in case the sufferers met with some critical situation in the middle of the night or after evening hours, and it may happen such as an old patient requires an emergency prescriptions or a small baby becoming sick.

RICO Electrical & Lighting Services, Renowned Electrical Contractors in Mississauga Offers Unmatched Lightning Management Services

RICO Electrical & Lighting Services, a renowned electrical contractors in Mississauga is now offering unmatched lightning management services. They have a dedicated team of professionals that has years of experience. Each of them are licensed electricians in Mississauga, accomplishing outdoor electrician requirements. In addition to this, they are always prompt in giving dependable services to each customer.

Alegantpremiums Announces a Wedding Gift Theme Online Store in Singapore

Alegantpremiums has recently launched a store in town where they provide gifts especially for weddings. They take special offers that are meant for weddings and presentation. All the items that are found in the store have a significant wedding theme and have a touch of wedding in it. By logging in the store they can always get inspiration for wedding gift ideas.

Cycle Technologies Shares 12 Years of Insights on the Importance of Tracking Your Menstrual Cycle

LogoCycle Technologies issued a statement outlining the reasons why women should track their menstrual cycles. According to Ann Mullen, the company’s Director of Client Services & Health Education, “Since 2002 we have helped women track their cycles and use this information to plan or prevent pregnancy. While our focus has been on helping women to achieve their reproductive goals, we’ve also realized that there are a number of other benefits that come from tracking your menstrual cycle.”

More Workers May Now Qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit

With the economy is still suffering after several years of languid job growth, many struggling Americans feel like they're in a recession that never seems to end. Millions of hard-working people have accepted lower paying jobs just to make ends meet.

Alaskan Hot Dog Vendor Launches Indiegogo to Make History

In the US, there are 30,810 mobile food vendors or food carts employing over 35,500 people. These businesses make over $1 billion dollars annually and the projected annual growth in the 2013-2018 market for this type of business is another 4+%. One Alaska man has a dream of owning what will be recorded as the first ever Alaskan mobile hot dog truck, Bear Paw Hot Dog Truck, and has launched an Indiegogo campaign to help raise the finishing costs for equipment to make this dream a reality.

Revolutionary Beer and Beverage Holding Glove Goes on Sale

LogoThe TailGator™ glove is designed to change the way users have fun at outdoor events while enjoying beverages. The TailGator™ Beverage Glove features a patent-protected stow-away “Coosie” that can hold cans, cups, and bottles while out in the cold weather. This fully functioning pair of gloves keeps your drink cold while your hands stay warm.

Red Deer Real Estate Discusses How Canadian Universities Explore Range of Real Estate Careers

Logo“Everyone thinks of real estate brokers when they think about real estate,” said Ms. Klostranec, a fourth-year student at the university and president of the student organization Real Estate Ryerson. “I get questions about it all the time and I’m trying to break that barrier.”

Federal and Provincial Governments Invest in New Affordable Housing for Families in La Loche

LogoRob Clarke, Member of Parliament for Desnethé-Missinippi-Churchill River, on behalf of the Honourable Candice Bergen, Minister of State (Social Development), along with the Honourable Donna Harpauer, Minister of Social Services and Minister responsible for Saskatchewan Housing Corporation, made the announcement.

D&D's Organics Products from Real Organic Food Will Be Launching a Kickstarter Campaign

Health, Fitness, and Nutrition complement each other in many different ways. A well balanced nutrition plan will help individuals stay healthy, active, energetic and powerful throughout the day be it at office or workout sessions in a gym. And when that nutrition comes from 100% organic food, the results are much more effective. Dinescu & Dinescu Organics is one such company that concentrates on helping individuals understand the importance of blending fitness, nutrition and organic eating each day every day. D&D’s Complete Nutrition is no supplement but a meal in itself. Weight watchers do not have to worry about skipping meals or following meal plans that are difficult to follow.

Inscatech Comments on the Elliott Review Recommendations

The long awaited Elliot Review into the Integrity and Assurance of Food Supply Networks-Final Report ( was released last week. The report represents perhaps the most thorough analysis on the problem of Food Fraud in the United Kingdom. Professor Elliott’s work is highly commendable. It provides 8 pillars of food integrity/recommendations to combat Food Fraud all of which make good sense.