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Corradino & Papa, LLC Donates 25 Turkeys to the Boys & Girls Club

LogoCorradino & Papa, LLC, a personal injury law firm in Clifton, NJ, has given away twenty-five Turkeys to the Boys & Girls Club of Clifton for families in the School 17 and 11 neighborhoods for the holidays. The Boys & Girls Club has been helping young people reach their full potential as productive, caring, and responsible citizens since 1860. Corradino & Papa, LLC are proud to associate with such a venerable and impactful institution.

The Resource Group to Host Two Virtual Year End Procedures for Microsoft Dynamics GP Classes

LogoThe Resource Group will host two virtual Year End Procedures for Microsoft Dynamic® GP classes. End users can register for the December 6 or December 13 class. Both courses are scheduled from 9 am – noon PST. The Resource Group helps clients improve business processes, overcome challenges during growth and connect business information by providing rock solid financial management and business intelligent software solutions. These solutions include Microsoft Dynamics GP and Sage Intacct™ software solutions, as well as BI360 business intelligence (BI). Announces a New Facebook Contest Running in the Month of December

Huuman proudly announces the launch of a new Facebook Giveaway Contest. During this contest, participants vie for the opportunity to win a maxx external battery charger, with the contest running from November 14, 2014 to November 30, 2014. Individuals wishing to participate must be a resident of the United States and must follow all rules and guidelines.

Diane Dorin Rallys Santa Monica to Help Reclaim Their Airport

LogoAt a local restaurant in Santa Monica, top real estate agent Diane Dorin held a small press conference for local citizens, happy voters and the press. Diane addressed the group as she held up a glass of Champagne and said, “We Won, at the Nov 4th election voting booths we made ourselves heard. After fighting with the aviation groups over the last year, we finally took back control of Santa Monica Airport”. That is what happened, Measure D went down with a loud crash and Measure LC” passed with flying colors. Diane has been in real estate in Santa Monica for 15 years and knows the history of the Airport and what it means to local residents. The aviation groups wanted to grow the size and noise that comes with more private jets and commerce. Now the city council will operate the 227 acer airport and keep the 6 million dollars plus it raises every year. Diane said, “Now the income from the airport will hopefully go to a beautification project specifically for the airport (she then showed off a poster displaying some of the beautification blue prints offered by the students of the local college). And said with a positive voice, after 30 years it is about time we were able to run our own airport”. This has been a real fight and Diane was involved in it up to her waist. She door-knocked over 100 homes asking people to vote yes on measure LC and why they should do it. Big business wanted to grow the airport like they had been doing for the last 30 years while taking the profits off the top. by Vitarank Releases in the Market the Best in Video Creation Software for Today's Digital Marketing

LogoThese days when computer and internet are everywhere, it is best to invest in the best digital content and digital marketing strategies in all its forms whether that would be through email, mobile applications, or social networks. What captures most stakeholders and clients these days are content which our being visualized through moving pictures like the videos posted on sites like YouTube.

S&N Debt Settlement Research Shows Consumers Choose Debt Negotiation over Alternatives

LogoS&N Debt Settlement (S&N), after reviewing the 2014 Federal Reserve Statistics, acknowledges a growing burden of excessive credit card debt. The latest statistics indicate that Americans have charged nearly $855 billion* to credit cards and that amount seems to be rising.

Leading VoIP Phone Provider Launches Special Sale for Start-Up Businesses

LogoLaunching a Start-up can be stressful on your finances, and that is exactly why premier phone systems provider is proud to announce its special offering. This exclusive sale is geared toward start-up companies looking for high quality communications systems at reasonable prices., a leading online telecommunications expert, is a supplier of quality brands like Allworx, Xblue, Avaya and many more.

Eagle Rivet Owner Participates in Rebuilding Together Hartford

LogoRebuilding Together Hartford is the Hartford, CT affiliate of the nationwide volunteer nonprofit organization Rebuilding Together, a group with more than 400 chapters that helps local area residents with house maintenance and repairs.

Ford Remains the Most Popular Selling Vehicle, Reports

According to The Wall Street Journal, the Ford F-Series pickup remained the most popular vehicle, based on sales, in October 2014. 63,410 Ford F-Series pickups were sold during the month, bringing the year to date total up to 620,447. The Fold Escape came in eighth on this list of the top 20 vehicles, with the Ford Fusion coming in at number 12 and the Ford Explorer landing at number 16. Ford was the only manufacturer to have four vehicles make this list.

Maryland Law Firm Helps Spread Awareness of New Maryland DUI/DWI Laws

LogoTucker & Associates PLLC, a Maryland law firm that provides DUI/DWI defense services has publicy urged residents of Maryland to be aware that Maryland Senate's Bill 87 on drunk driving has been in effect since October 1, 2014 and carries harsher penalties for repeat DUI/DWI offenses. Tucker & Associates PLLC believes that any practicing Maryland dui defense lawyer is responsible for spreading awareness of this new traffic law.

Crown Limos Publishes Information on Choosing a Reputable Limo Service and More

The Department of Transport and Main Roads wishes to ensure citizens are safe while on the road, yet many, when hiring a transport service, never stop to research their driver or service. To assist consumers in obtaining a reputable driver and provider, the department has published a limousine users guide. Crown Limos Perth ( recommends individuals review this guide to ensure they are getting a driver and service they feel comfortable with, one with a good driving background and upstanding reputation in the community.

Insanity Max 30 Launches December 2, 2014, Reports

Smart Ass Fitness announces the launch of Insanity Max 30, the long awaited program created by Shaun T, on December 2, 2014. With the launch of this new workout program individuals around the globe receive the opportunity to work out with this fitness master, and consumers find ordering the program though Smart Ass Fitness to be easy. The results seen using this product astound all who try it. Offers to Digitial Marketers, Content Owners and Advertisers the Best Materials in Content and Advertising

LogoVitarank is the leading site to offer the best in content and digital marketing. Vitarank had been creating numerous strategies to make each website they cater rank the best in any search engines. Backed up with genius minds, the company uses personalized and skilful tactics to popularize a website for the world to see at just the right place and time.

Vitarank's Now Offers the First of Its Kind Video Creation Features in One Software

LogoIn today’s world, internet is the best known way to capture millions of audiences and clients. Marketing has been extended to yet another form which captures many interests through creative video content in just a manner of minutes. Search Engine Optimization is the best way to go when it comes to advertising products and services. Thus, increasing a product or a service’s visibility through the internet is a must in order to achieve a higher ranking in all search engine results page. Currently Offers a Free 7-Day Trial for Its First of Its Kind Video Creation Software

LogoSearch Engine Optimization is one of the leading digital marketing prerequisites these days with millions of users making use of the internet everyday. It is the best form of advertising through promoting a particular product or service via increasing website visibility through different search engines. As the number of sites increases in the internet daily, businesses are able to develop marketing strategies which come at par with the metamorphosis in technology and telecommunications. For instance, more companies focus on media content which are being posted on social networking sites and search engines. Releases a First of Its Kind Video Creation Software for SEO Campaigns

LogoVitarank, one of the leading Search Engine Optimization companies, has developed - a new cutting-edge technology on video content and digital marketing. Digital marketing has gone up a notch because of the high internet usage all around the globe. Content marketing and video advertising had been in demand these days because of its high stake in the market. Releases a Unique Need-Based Video Content for Marketing Brands

LogoSearch Engine Optimization is a normal strategy these days that is being used by more and more companies to make a mark and have their products stand out online. Every brand, product or service needs to have an impact and a presence to its worldwide clientele. Thus, most companies spend more than what they usually allot for their advertising activities to ensure that each advertising strategy will put them on the top spot on every search engine there is.

Irving SEO Expert Launches Marketing, Video and Website Strategies for TX Businesses

Writing for "" contributor Steve Olenski reminds businesses why online marketing techniques will continue to propel them to success. In his article "7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest In SEO" Steve Olenski makes a point of stressing the ROI or "return on investment" that internet marketing presents to the average business owner. This ROI is apparent when companies invest in search engine optimization to improve their online algorithms in both the short and long run.

Ohana Fishing Charters' Customized Trips Have Been Met with Fantastic Feedback

LogoWhen looking for things to do while vacationing in Hawaii this winter, there is plenty of excitement to be found aboard a prominent fishing charter, from the views to the catch. Offering customized charters for fishing in Kauai and a one-of-a-kind experience, Ohana Fishing Charters has been overwhelmed by their high percentage of positive feedback on their TripAdvisor profile. The feedback has earned them a 2014 Certificate of Excellence through TripAdvisor thanks to a 4.5 star rating and 82 reviews.

TriState Forestry Equipment Announces New Additions to Their Collection of Used Forestry Bucket Trucks This November

When looking to easily access the upper reaches of a tree, the best option is to use a forestry bucket truck. For those interested in buying a forestry truck, a new one will cost well over $100,000. With an already impressive list of forestry equipment for sale, TriState Forestry Equipment has announced they have new additions to their collection of used forestry bucket trucks. At their expansive lot, customers are sure to find the perfect forestry bucket for sale that will fit their needs.

Anna Maria Luxury Beachfronts Announces Rental Availabilities of 3-Bedroom LaCasa Costiera Before the New Year

LogoAs the holiday season approaches, there is no better getaway than an end of year vacation to a tropical destination with a warm climate. Offering some of the most spacious property rentals with private beaches and relaxing atmosphere, Anna Maria Luxury Beachfronts is announcing the availability of renting their LaCasa Costiera before the New Year arrives. The island was recently chosen as one of the top 30 islands in the world by readers of Conde Nast Traveler, and offers plenty of entertainment and luxury for its guests.

Andrée Poulin Is Introducing the via Capitale Protections Available to People Who Choose to Purchase a Property by Using Her Services

LogoAndrée Poulin, a Canadian Via Capitale real estate agent, is introducing Via Capitale’s protections for her clients. Launched MmaXout Fitness DVD Series for Desired Fitness Results

Gym memberships today are very expensive and there is no point enrolling for a membership if individuals cannot attend their workout sessions regularly in their gyms. It is a waste of time, money, efforts and in most cases will not deliver the desired fitness results. And in today’s busy and hectic work schedules not everyone can afford that time to go to the gyms and fitness centers regularly. There are others who are not really comfortable in a group environment or want one to one sessions.

Stomach Cancer Symptoms and Diagnosis by Double Board-Certified Gastroenterologist

LogoStomach cancer, also known as gastric cancer, refers to cancer affecting all or part of the stomach. It is most commonly present in the lining of the stomach and is generally accompanied by abdominal pain. Fortunately, the condition has a very high recovery rate if it is discovered in its early stages. This is why it is highly advisable to seek expert medical advice from a GI doctor if symptoms are present in order to obtain an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

WritingPrime Creates Homepage Quote Calculator to Deliver Transparent Pricing to New Essay Writing Clients

Academic writing is a very particular skill that has surprisingly limited value outside of the academic setting. However, culture has created a requirement for high level executives and even mid level management to have a high level of academic achievement, causing many people to return to education in order to further their careers. While their knowledge is cutting edge, the way to deliver that knowledge remains a mystery, and can cost them the marks they need to get the results they want. Fortunately, WritingPrime has the solution, and now has more transparent pricing than ever.

MK Electric Comes Up as Go-to Portal for Edgy Photovoltaic Installation in Hawaii

LogoHawaiian residents looking for a credible aide for the eco-friendly Photovoltaic installation need not search further- Leading electrical contractors hawaii MK Electric has emerged as the go-to portal for PV services.

Matt Hamel AG Products, Inc. Partners with BizIQ

Matt Hamel AG Products, Inc., an agricultural products supplier operating in Southland, TX, has formed an online marketing partnership with BizIQ, a firm specializing in local web search optimization and search engine exposure.