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Automated Workflow Increases Efficiency at Law Firms

LogoTime is money – especially for law firms. Too many firms are stuck in manual movement of paper, calendaring, document generation, and keeping track of tasks. It's a perfect storm of ways to lose potential business being too tied up in time-wasting activities. Automating these workflows with software is the solution.

Ed Henry of Seegrid Named CFO of the Year

LogoSeegrid, the pioneer and leader in three-dimensional vision navigation, today announced Chief Financial Officer Ed Henry was awarded "CFO of the Year" by the Pittsburgh Business Times.

MarketResearchReports.Com: Employee Benefits in India, New Report Launched

LogoThe Indian social security system only covers employees in the organized sector, which accounts for less than 10% of the country’s workforce. As the unorganized sector is continuously growing – and with one in five workers in the informal sector living below the poverty line – the Government of India has launched several social security measures related to healthcare, pension and direct cash transfer schemes to people who do not have access to a formal scheme.

MarketResearchReports.Com: Employee Benefits in Canada, New Report Launched

LogoThe Canadian social security system covers various programs, many of which are run by the provinces and territories. In general, benefits are similar across all provinces and territories; however, Québec implements its own pension plan. The government provides financial support to provincial and territorial governments through four main transfer programs – the Canada Health Transfer (CHT), the Canada Social Transfer (CST), and Equalization and Territorial Formula Financing (TFF) – to help them provide social programs and services to citizens. Federal support to provinces and territories increased from CAD41.91 billion (US$40.55 billion) in 2005–2006 to CAD62.3 billion (US$60.29 billion) in 2013–2014. Private employee benefits are gaining popularity, and many companies offer private benefit plans for employees to supplement the government-sponsored hospital and medical plans.

MarketResearchReports.Com: Construction in Chile Key Trends and Opportunities to 2018, New Report Launched

LogoThe Chilean construction industry recorded a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.79% during the review period (2009?2013). During the review period, and following the 2010 earthquake, growth was supported by a rapid inflow of foreign direct investment (FDI), low unemployment, reconstruction and modernization work. The growth of the construction industry is expected to remain strong over the forecast period (2014?2018), as the government is increasing its efforts to improve the country’s infrastructure, meet the rising demand for residential units and increase investment in the mining and retail industries. The construction industry’s output is expected to record a CAGR of 8.90% over the forecast period.

MarketResearchReports.Com: Vietnam's Cards and Payments Industry - Emerging Opportunities, Trends, Size, Drivers, Strategies, Products and Competitive Landscape, New Repo

LogoVietnam’s economic growth has enhanced job creation and household income, and propelled a greater number of previously unbanked people into the realm of financial services. Vietnam’s GDP per capita subsequently rose during the review period from US$1,097.1 in 2009 to US$1,728.4 in 2013. Even though Vietnam remains a highly untapped financial services market, economic growth is enhancing the number of people gaining access to bank accounts. Consequently, as more people and businesses are brought into the financial mainstream and are becoming aware of the benefits of electronic transactions, the use of cash as a payment method is decreasing. In terms of the overall card payments channel, the share of cash transactions decreased from 3.4% in 2009 to 2.7% in 2013, while the share of card transactions doubled to increase from 1.5% in 2009 to 3.1% in 2013.

MarketResearchReports.Com: Travel and Tourism in Hong Kong to 2018, New Report Launched

LogoThe Hong Kong travel and tourism sector performed well during the review period (2009?2013), with growth recorded in both domestic and international tourist volumes. The main factors for growth were government initiatives, and efforts to promote the country’s travel and tourism sector on an international level. Timetric expects growth to continue over the forecast period (2014?2018), driven by government initiatives to promote tourism through participation in international events and promotional campaigns in key source markets such as the US and China. Infrastructure development, road shows and tourist attraction development will also contribute to the growth.

France: To Cope with Fierce Competition, Converged Telecom Operators Focus on Bundling, New Report Launched

LogoFrance: To Cope with Fierce Competition, Converged Telecom Operators Focus on Bundling report offers a precise, incisive profile of the French mobile and fixed telecommunications markets and pay-TV markets based on comprehensive proprietary data and insights from our research in the country. Published annually, this presentation-quality, executive-level report provides detailed analysis of the near-term opportunities, competitive dynamics and evolution of demand by service type and technology/platform across the fixed telephony, broadband, mobile and pay-TV sectors, in addition to a review of key regulatory trends.

MarketResearchReports.Com: Insurance Industry in Costa Rica - Key Trends and Opportunities to 2018, New Report Launched

LogoThe Costa Rican insurance industry underwent a significant transformation during the review period following its liberalization in 2008. Until 2008, the industry was predominantly led by the state-owned insurance company, Instituto Nacional de Seguros (INS). However, the scenario has changed and the number of insurance providers increased following the liberalization process; as of 2013, there were 13 companies licensed to conduct insurance business in Costa Rica.

MarketResearchReports.Com: Travel and Tourism in Malaysia to 2018, New Report Launched

LogoThe travel and tourism sector in Malaysia contributes significantly to the country’s economy and is therefore a focus area for investment. The sector performed significantly well during the review period (2009–2013), due to the government’s efforts to promote Malaysia as a tourism destination for both leisure- and business-related purposes. High investment in tourism, extensive tourism promotion and infrastructure development in related markets have all resulted in growth in both domestic and international tourist volumes.

MarketResearchReports.Com: Changing Trends in Business Travel Booking, New Report Launched

LogoChanging Trends in Business Travel Booking is a new report by Publisher that globally analyzes executive’s opinions on the relevance of travel meta-search options, and identifies key factors affecting the selection of airlines and car rental operators for business travel. The report also examines executive viewpoints about cutbacks in group incentive travel programs and premium travel plans. Furthermore, it analyzes companies’ approaches to business travel booking, and identifies executives’ responses when business travel is combined with leisure.

Pace's Culligan Water Partners with BizIQ

Pace's Culligan Water, a bottled water delivery and water purification company in St. George, UT, has formed an online marketing partnership with BizIQ, a firm specializing in small business local web optimization.

Global Fuel Cell Market Exhibiting Remarkable Growth

LogoGlobal Fuel Cell market, although at a nascent stage at present, is expected to mature considerably well in the coming years. The technology is gaining worldwide acceptance due to its high efficiency over other energy sources and it is expected to become the best replacement for conventional energy sources. Furthermore, a lot of research work is going on around the world to ensure fast and widespread commercialization of the technology. Besides, declining cost of fuel cells with increasing efficiency is anticipated to take this industry to new heights. Considering the above factors, the global fuel cell market is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 22% during the forecast period 2014-2020.

Software Defined Networking Market to Exhibit Remarkable Growth

LogoSoftware defined networking market, although at a nascent stage at present, is expected to mature considerably well in the coming years. The industry is expected to witness immense growth potential in coming years as it simplifies operations by automating and centralizing network management tasks. Recent trend of strategic alliances and start-ups in the industry are also providing requisite boost to the industry to grow in the future. Further, declining cost of network maintenance and operations by SDN deployment would lead to an up surging need for this fresh and more advanced networking technology. Considering the above factors, the Software defined networking market is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 62% during the forecast period 2014-2018.

Advances in Linking Technologies Bring Back ADCs

LogoSignificant advancements in the past few years have fuelled interest again in ADCs. These advancements include improvements in linking technologies, which has helped in the development of drugs such as Adcetris and Kadcyla. PolyTherics has also come up with ThioBridge conjugation and linker technology.

US NIPT Market Entitled to Offer Enormous Potential for Leading Players

LogoThe US NIPT market has evolved due to advancement in technology, rising birth rate across the nation. Rising awareness of NIPT among gynecologists and high risk pregnant women are key factors driving the growth of the NIPT market. The country’s market is occupied by four companies. These companies are also expanding their foothold in this segment through collaborations or acquisitions with certain laboratories. Besides, several other players are likely to enter this potential market.

California Provides Immense Possibilities for Players in the US Telehome Market

LogoIn the latest research study, “Global Telemedicine Market Outlook 2018”, RNCOS analysts have identified market dynamics pertaining to specific countries to highlight the initiatives taken by several market players and healthcare providers to boost telemedicine sector’s growth. The market, which stood at US$ 14.2 Billion in 2012, is expected to grow at a high double digit growth rate during 2012-2018.

Market Report on Automotive Sensor Market Worth $35.78 Billion by 2022

LogoThe major application areas of sensors in automotive includes: powertrain, body electronics, vehicle security system, safety and control, telematics and others. Temperature sensors, pressure sensors, speed sensors, level sensors, Nox sensors, oxygen sensors, and MEMS sensors are some of the major types of sensors used in the global automotive industry. The global automotive sensors market consists of many big market players which have expertise in this particular segment. Some of the key players includes:Infineon Technologies AG (Germany), Sensata Technologies (U.S.), Asahi Kasei Corporation (Japan), Denso Corporation (Japan), Robert Bosch GmbH (Germany), and GE Measurement and Control Solutions (U.S.) are among others.

Leading New York City Online Printer, Launches 25% Blowout Sale on All Vinyl Banners for Seasonal Campaigns

LogoOnline printing firm,, launched a blowout sale on all vinyl banners, an extensive line that includes, premium black out vinyl, catering to the many businesses starting summer sales, hosting Independence Day events and preparing for seasonal campaigns with affordable signage options.

Serial Vengeance: Razor-Sharp Psychological Thriller Makes Headlines, as Heroine Journalist Puts Herself in Killer's Crosshairs

As a trained journalist with almost two-decades of writing experience, Melissa Wren knows how easy it is to become embroiled in one’s own work. Taking this concept to the nth degree with gusto, Wren’s latest novel explores just how close one Washington Post journalist is willing to get in pursuit of the ultimate story.

Getting Him off Quickly: Crime, Romance & Erotica Collide in Genre-Defying Novel from C. R. Lemons

While romance and crime have both been staples of literature for generations, the two genres rarely exist on equal footing or fuse with quite the power of C. R. Lemons’ ‘Getting Him Off Quickly’. This fast-paced and engrossing narrative has it all; crime, romance, erotica and a positive portrayal of women that seldom makes the pages of most existing novels.

Carlos Montes Adds New Listings to Help Buyers Snap Up Bargains in Calgary Real Estate

Calgary is the biggest city in Alberta, and supports a huge range of business interests, from energy, finance and technology to film, retail and tourism. Supporting more than a million residents, it is no surprise that property in the area is in high demand, and the best properties are often snapped up by eager investors in no time at all. In a situation such as this, knowing about the latest properties first can result in getting the dream property ahead of the rest, and Carlos Montes has just updated his website with the very latest real estate deals.

Forklift Dangers in Europe Persist After Training Initiatives and Safety Protocols

LogoTraining initiatives, safety protocols, and standard operating procedures (SOPs) have not eliminated the dangers that forklifts impose. After decades of systematic process improvements in the use of forklift operations in warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants, many companies, industry leaders, and government organizations are concluding that forklift-free environments may be the only fail-proof approach to ensuring safety. For that reason, automation in materials handling has been gaining momentum in the drive for forklift-free in manufacturing, as well as warehousing facilities. True there are important advantages to a forklift-free environment; however, it may not be conducive for all operations, such as when lifting and overhead storage is required in the warehouse area. Additionally, it is still common to find loading docks using forklift trucks to load and unload deliveries. While not for everyone, Europe is leading the Forklift-Free Movement. In the white paper "Forklift-Free: Driving Safety and Profitability” Seegrid carefully reveals how implementing a forklift-free environment for material flow and movement can: 1. Protect the workplace from employee injuries and deaths 2. Boost lean efficiency 3. Drive cost reduction Safety is driving momentum for forklift-free environments. Although training and legislation are instrumental in managing some degree of risks associated with forklifts, statistics reveal numerous accidents occur every year, providing reason for greater acceptance of forklift-free environments. This motivation towards forklift-free leads the way to adopting a more efficient form of transport–automated guided vehicles (AGVs)–favorably driving benefits beyond safety and profitability. The whitepaper includes an intensive thought-provoking analysis and objective data about employee injuries and deaths, cost burdens associated with forklift accidents and citations. There is also information about high labor wages, expensive training programs, and scarce labor availability and manufacturers' unsaleable rates. The information included examines lean alternative for manned forklift transport as part of continuous process improvement strategies. To obtain this new whitepaper go to: About Seegrid Seegrid Corporation ( is the global leader of robotic vision-guided automated guided vehicles (AGVs). Seegrid AGVs are revolutionizing the movement of materials handling in manufacturing and distribution environments with simplicity, flexibility, and affordability. Robotic pallet trucks, tow tractors, and walkie stackers optimize workflow processes by increasing productivity and reducing labor and operating costs, creating economic and operational advantages. Seegrid AGVs improve workplace safety, reduce equipment and product damage, and deliver a rapid return on investment. The company’s state-of-the-art navigation technology requires no infrastructure for navigation—no wires, lasers, tapes, or magnets. Guided by Seegrid partnerships with leading global industrial truck manufacturers provide businesses with a choice when selecting a brand of robotic vision-guided AGVs. Seegrid and Guided by Seegrid products are available throughout Europe. In addition to the 2014 Edison Award, Seegrid was named Manufacturer of the Year and the Food Logistics Top 100 software and technology providers. Follow on Twitter @Seegrid.

Magline CooLift Delivery System Innovative Solution for Final Delivery to End User

LogoMagline, Inc. has developed innovative lightweight route distribution solutions for the last 100 yards of delivery to end users. Technology has changed much of the supply chain in logistics.

Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers, SMBB, Now Accepting Free Case Evaluations for Electrical Accidents

Saltz, Mongeluzzi, Barrett & Bendesky, Philadelphia personal injury lawyers, are now accepting free case evaluations for electrical accidents. Due to the growth in danger inherent in the generation and transmission of high-voltage electrical current, the Supreme Court has left it up to utilities to owe the Philadelphia general public and workers the highest level of care. SMBB is a Philadelphia law firm that has successfully held utilities to the highest of standards on dozens of occasions.

Cosmetic Dentist of Southampton Weighs in on New Healthy Teeth Study

LogoA new oral health study claims that drinking strong coffee on a consistent basis could contribute to keeping teeth clean and healthy. The Federal University in Rio de Janeiro, who conducted the study, reveals research that shows coffee containing a lot of caffeine helped eliminate harmful plaque and bacteria. The study included the analysis of the impact of Robusta, a coffee bean grown in Vietnam and Brazil. The study found that the bean (used on baby teeth during the research process) helped eliminate a film of bacteria, which prevented the formation of plaque.

Free Self-Improvement Books Website Adds Helpful Typo Reporting Feature to the Site

PsiTek, a top online source for free self-improvement books about a variety of topics including mind power, spirituality and much more, has just launched a unique and helpful typo reporting feature to the site. Thanks to the handy and innovative new feature, users can quickly and easily report any needed corrections that they notice while reading any of the free online books.