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Elmwood Park Zoo Announces Wine Safari Event on August 5, 2016

LogoElmwood Park Zoo invites guests to journey with them on a Wine Safari on Friday, August 5 at 6 PM. This event, the first of its kind for Elmwood Park Zoo, features dozens of locally crafted fine wines and delicious food, accompanied by the lovely atmosphere of the zoo on a summer's evening. Those looking for things to do near Philadelphia should not look any further than this zoo.

Milton the Miracle Handyman Service Celebrates 27 Years in Business

LogoWithout a competent and dependable handyman, things would fall apart – literally. Since 1989, Milton's Handyman & Carpet Repair has been in the business of doing home and commercial repair work on virtually everything including painting, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, cabinets, drapes, appliances, roofing, remodeling, and much, much more. Not only does Milton's have the experience to back them, but the education as well. With only formally trained senior technicians, anyone – absolutely anyone – who calls Milton's will not be disappointed by the level of professionalism, efficiency, and ability Milton's delivers each and every time.

Leading Automobile Insurance Rates Provider Publishes New Articles, a reputed automobile insurance website which offers affordable car insurance rates and consistently publishes interesting articles, has recently added two new articles discussing the differences between vehicle accidents and incidents.

Sue Santori Seeks Funding Through Kickstarter for 'The RAV House Expansion'

LogoIt took a lot of courage to leave a six figure career after 35 years to create a dream. Then add another dose of tenacity and a touch of stubbornness and The RAV House opened its doors. In 2008, after selling her successful mortgage company, Sue Santori took the plunge and enrolled in a fast track culinary school, Cook’s Street in Denver, Colorado.

The Script: Explosive New Book Offers Definitive Proof of "Aliens Among Us"

In 2011, author Jim Bowden spent three months with extraterrestrials, an experience he examined in his book, ‘The Ringer’. Now, for the first time, Bowden is releasing details of the knowledge he gained during and after that time – knowledge that could change the course of human history forever.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Actor, Dirk Blocker Shares Insider Stories on "Active Aging for BoomChickaBoomers"

LogoThe Internet’s talk radio programming pioneer has announced today that long time Hollywood actor, Dirk Blocker of the Golden Globe winning comedy TV series Brooklyn Nine-Nine and his wife Danielle Aubuchon, a certified personal trainer, will join Kymberly Williams-Evans and Alexandra Williams, hosts of Active Aging for Boom Chicka Boomers on the VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel ( http:// ) Wednesday April 23, at 8 a.m. Pacific Time.

Flexcro Achieves Gold Partnership with Oracle

LogoFlexcro, a leading business application development company, has reportedly achieved Gold Partnership status with Oracle. The company is presently offering both Oracle EBS & People Soft ERP.

W-2C Printing: EzW2Correction Software Gives New Businesses Form Level Help Buttons for Ease of Use

LogoW2 1099 tax software developer released the new edition of ezW2Correction, the W2C and W3C software with form level help buttons. They hope even if customers have never filed a W2C or W3C form, customers can use this software quickly and effortlessly. This new feature will eliminate the usual extended learning curve associated with processing W2C and W3C forms.

Resume Myths Busted by Facts from HR Experts in a New Infographic

Despite the readily available information from the Internet, high school and college students come to the job market armed with outdated notions on what to put in their resumes, and veterans in the workforce who suddenly find themselves back in the job hunt are unknowingly submitting resumes that might have worked decades ago. All of the job applicants will benefit from resume writing trade tricks revealed in Resume Myths vs Facts Infographic released by Almagreta.

Pharaohs Playground Spends 3 Days in the Belly of a Whale to Record Their Latest Album

Have you ever considered camping out in the belly of a whale for three days to produce your creative masterpiece? Well there may not have been an actual whale involved, but Brisbane rock trio Pharaoh’s Playground did indeed spend three dedicated, holed-up days creating their latest recording, 3 Days in the Belly of a Whale, to be launched at an album release show later this month. Their track “Soul Crusher” will also appear on WiFi PR Group’s compilation Indie Anthems Vol. 5, also being released this month.

Local Entrepreneur Gerrard Larriett Named a Finalist in the Harlem Demo Day Competition

LogoGerrard Larriett, a local entrepreneur and creator of a popular line of aromatherapy pet care products, has been named a finalist in the Harlem Demo Day competition. Larriett was recognized as a leading business professional in the area and will be able to pitch his innovative business ideas to a distinguished panel of judges in hopes of being named one of the top start-ups and being awarded prizes ranging from advice from other local business leaders to start up money. “I am humbled by this recognition,” Larriett said, “and I can’t wait to showcase my work in front of the judges.”

Special Discount Now Available at Serenity Vista, a Luxury Drug Rehab Facility with Exclusive Conditions

Serenty Vista is a world-renowned center for drug and alcohol addiction treatment and recovery. Located in beautiful Boquete, Chiriqui, Panama, the luxury drug rehab center aims to assist alcoholics and addicts in recovering from their addiction in a serene setting that offers several leisure activities meant to help patients focus on their well being.

Gary Lee Vincent Seeks Funding Support from Kickstarter to Create a Movie Based on John Russo's Latest Novel

LogoLegendary horror writer John Russo is best known for his authorship of Night of the Living Dead and twenty other terror-suspense novels, including Midnight, The Awakening and The Majorettes, all of which were made into movies. Russo’s latest novel, Dealey Plaza, is as real and frightening as today’s headlines, exploring -- and deploring -- America’s catastrophic addiction to guns and violence.

EzPaycheck Payroll 2014 Software Updated with Tax Changes for Small Businesses

LogoPayroll tax calculation should not be headache for small businesses. The newest version of 2014 Ezpaycheck payroll software as just been released from to assist small to mid sized businesses keep up with the current tax rate. The new edition updated with the recent tax rate change in Wisconsin. It also includes the current federal & state tax tables and forms for Year 2014 payroll tasks.

SuperLiked Launches to Connect People with Trusted Professionals

There are a number of recommendation websites on the Internet, but for services where the stakes are higher than a meal – like physical therapy or dental work – most people still prefer referrals from trusted sources. But relying purely on friends and family to find service providers can often be limiting, for instance, if you are new to an area.

BUGCO Pest Control Is Now Online to Server a Wider Reach

BUGO Pest Control, a Houston-based pest management and control company – goes online to serve a wider reach of residential and commercial customers. With an official website that can be accessed at, BUGCO reaches out to potential customers and clients who will need their assistance for pest control and management.

Singer/Songwriter Danielle Taylor Looks to Raise $65,000 via Rocket Hub to Fund 'The Chase,' Taylor's New Album to Be Produced by the Legendary Ken Caillat

LogoDanielle Taylor is a singer/songwriter from Southern California who is about to embark on “an insane journey into the heart of sound. Trying to make a splash in the ocean of musical greatness is pretty tough these days. It takes talent, luck, perseverance and a whole lot of love and support.” That’s why Danielle has set up this campaign. Announces Crowdfunding Question & Answer Forum

“Non Sei” is a Galician phase, which, when translated to English means, “I don’t know” is the first crowd sourced Question and Answer forum exclusively dedicated to crowd sourcing the crowd funding industry. Unlike conventional forums, on when a question is answered the person who asked the questioned can select the best answer and then that question is closed for further answers.

Fast-Growing Company,, Persuades Job Seekers with Lifestyle in Costa Rica over Bigger Paychecks reveals its unconventional recruiting strategy where staff is relocated in Costa Rica in view of the lower living costs to help employers optimize their lifestyle while they live and work in a stress-free environment a few miles from the beach. The company’s unique take on employment maximizes work efficiency as staff already living and working in Jaco, Costa Rica confirm.

Blu42 Lounge Sports Bar Walnut Creek Is Now the Premium Place for Sports Aficionados to Hang Out

For sports fanatics residing in Walnut Creek, CA, among the best places in the area to catch up with friends, discuss and watch sports with them is Blu42 Lounge. This sports bar Walnut Creek offers its patrons a diverse menu filled with varied kinds of appetizers, salads & entrees and a full bar. The unique aspect about this place is that it combines two atmospheres and service into one centralized hangout place; that of a restaurant and of a sports bar.

Pretty Tracker Is a New and Easy-to-Use Google Keyword Rank Checker

Josh Brenton, a SEO professional, recently announced the launch of his new Google rank tracker, Pretty Tracker. The industry’s latest tracking resource provides users with smart, clear, and organized website ranking data so that they can visualize the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Easter Bonus of Daily Yoga App Is Available Now

Health is everyone’s concern and thanks to technology, now you can achieve good health with the help of advance technology available, these days. Daily Yoga Inc. is offering health and fitness based apps to its valuable users. Whether it is about Android users or iOS users, use of different apps introduced by Daily Yoga Inc. is possible for them to attain good health at their ease.

"Protect, Preserve, Restore" - Spectra Company Continues to Live by Its Motto

Spectra Company, a pioneer and leader in historic restoration in California, continues to live by its motto “Protect, Preserve, Restore.” Offering diverse expertise and strong technical knowledge, the company is committed to the protection and preservation of the country’s most cherished architectural, historic, and cultural landmarks.

TraceGains Nutrition Facts Labels Webinar for Food Manufacturers Garners Massive Interest

LogoTraceGains’ hosted a webinar on Thursday, April 17, 2014 which was co-presented by Elizabeth (Beth) Johnson, MS, RD, founder and principal of Food Directions LLC. The webinar was well-attended and participants received helpful information from Johnson as she addressed the FDA's proposed updates and the implications the nutrition label changes. Johnson explained, "After nearly two decades, FDA is proposing changes to its original nutrition facts label. While sweeping in nature, the Agency's proposal will impact over 700,000 packaged foods and could cost the food industry at least $2 billion. From updated serving sizes to major format revisions, understanding the proposed changes will help teams identify potential problems, which can be addressed now, and prepare for the anticipate costs companies will face in the near-term." Gary Nowacki, CEO of TraceGains Noted, “This topic has gotten a lot of attention across the board – industry, consumers, and government. The Obama administration estimates the Nutrition Facts label changes could cost the industry $2 billion, but would lead to up to $30 billion in benefits over time. Regardless whether people agree or disagree with the cost or benefits side of the equation, it is a serious economic discussion.” To learn more about the Nutrition Facts Webinar, go to: TraceGains ( provides food and beverage manufacturers and distributors with a web-based, full-service supplier, compliance, and regulatory document management solution that automates and streamlines processes to convert static documents into actionable data. With a network of more than 5,000 supplier members and more than 250 deployment sites, TraceGains offers an ever-expanding database of suppliers, purchased items, and documents that companies can leverage to improve product quality, accelerate product development, and meet regulatory and audit pressures. TraceGains not only digitizes all incoming documents, making them easily searchable, but also extracts critical data and analyzes them against customer-specific business and compliance rules, alerting stakeholders to any non-compliance. TraceGains’ automated solution assures companies that documentation is up to date, organized, and searchable, making companies 365 Audit Ready. TraceGains’ customers boast a four to six month return on their investment. Recently, TraceGains was listed as one of Food Logistics Top 100 software and technology providers. Follow TraceGains on Twitter at @tracegains.

Seegrid Offers Complimentary eTicket to CeMAT 2014

LogoSeegrid, maker of automated guided vehicles, will be at CeMAT May 19-23, 2014 in Hannover, Germany. Seegrid will be exhibiting the GT45 tow tractor and Guided by Seegrid P50 C tow tractor at Hall 27, Booth H12. Seegrid is offering a complimentary eTicket for the CeMAT show.

Tim Floyd of Trilogiq USA Was Guest on Pcdata USA Sponsored Manufacturing Revival Radio

LogoPcdata USA sponsored Manufacturing Revival Radio, a weekly podcast about the resurgence of American manufacturing, interviewed special guest Tim Floyd National Sales Director Material Handling Specialist for Trilogiq USA. Todd Schnick and Todd Youngblood hosts of the radio program interviewed the material handling leader. Pcdata USA hosted the show during the second day of MODEX 2014; the company is a global logistics systems leader for supply chain automation.

WCS vs WMS Webinar Includes Tom Williams as Guest Presenter June 10th

LogoThomas N. Williams, President and Owner of Tom Williams Professional Services, Inc. will be a presenter at the webinar starting at Noon EST on Tuesday, June 10th. The topic of the webinar is Warehouse Control Systems (WCS) versus Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and how to pick the right solution. This informative session will share constructive metrics and considerations, with the final twenty minutes open to participant Q&A.