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Takeover of Georgetown Bancorp Inc (MD) (NASDAQ:GTWN) Under Investigation for Investors

LogoAn investigation on behalf of investors of Georgetown Bancorp Inc (MD) (NASDAQ:GTWN) in connection with the proposed takeover was announced and NASDAQ:GTWN stockholders should contact the Shareholders Foundation.

Humetrics Helps Companies Hire Better, Retain Employees Longer

LogoAs America continues to claw back from the recession, employers are looking to build their companies with high quality employees and bolster their future prospects. From large, multinational companies to small local business owners and everything in between, hiring the right employee will produce substantial results down the line. Humetrics helps companies do exactly that: Build a Frontline that Builds Their Bottom Line. It's a time-tested strategy that has been implemented for 40 years, and shows no signs of slowing. Successful companies have worked smarter with the help of Humetrics, which utilizes a number of helpful programs building a more effective business. Speaking programs such as "Tools, tips and techniques to hiring top talent" and "Creating a Magnetic Culture, one that attracts the best and repels the rest," are all changing the way companies recruit, hire, and retain employees. Launches Crowdfunding Marketing Service to Gain Supporters Through Facebook, the online company specializing in driving supporters to crowdfunding marketing campaigns, is pleased to announce the launch of a new service that makes it easy for fundraisers to gain targeted supporters through Facebook.

Benjamin Jimmerson Phillip's New Reality TV Show - The House of Divas

“The House of Divas” is an upcoming realty show that was designed with a mission to improve the lives of many people suffering right now in America. Benjamin Jimmerson Phillip’s new show will change the face of Reality TV. Benjamin is a famous producer, director, screenwriter and songwriter. The show hosts 16 divas who will join hand in hand to change many disturbed lives of individuals and their families across America. The show is inspired by Benjamin’s real life. It was created to honor his mother’s memory, Jessie Phillips who died due to cancer.

Mezzanines by Design Offers Quality Custom Fabrication Solutions

Mezzanines By Design, an AISC certified fabricator and manufacturer of structural steel mezzanines, elevated platforms, and fabricated steel products, offers quality custom fabrication solutions for storage systems or equipment platform with unique specifications.

Material Storage Systems, Inc. Provides Efficient Design and Layout Processes

Material Storage Systems, Inc., a Humble-based company that specializes in the design and engineering of warehouse storage systems, structural steel mezzanines, and platforms, provides an efficient and systematic process of designing and laying out of mezzanines and other warehouse storage systems.

DIY Surveillance Pro Announces Sale Price for Digital Alarm Clock Spy Camera

LogoWith today’s technology, there are many devices to purchase that feature a spy camera implemented into the product. Inside the home or office, it is easy to conceal a recording device so individuals can keep an eye on their personal property. When a room features a digital clock on a desk, shelf, or headboard, DIY Surveillance Pro is announcing a sale price for their digital alarm clock spy camera. An alarm clock that features a pinhole camera directly next to the time, those interested can now purchase this wireless, nanny camera for the low price of $89.99.

Quest Tec Solutions Plans to Create Nylon Liquid Level Gages

Quest Tec Solutions, a young company with a long lineage of quality, experience, and care in terms of the development and engineering of the liquid level gage and valve product lines, plans to add nylon liquid level gages to their comprehensive list of gauge and valve products.

The Spectra Company Works on Huge Projects in California

The Spectra Company, a California-based company that was founded in 1985 and specializes in historic restoration and preservation, is currently working on several huge projects in California, including the Union Station in Los Angeles and Irvine Ranch Historic Park in Irvin.

New Report Global Submarine Market 2014-2024: Defense and Security Industry Research Report Available Online

LogoThe Global Submarine Market 2014-2024 Report, published by Strategic Defence Intelligence, provides readers with a detailed analysis of both historic and forecast global industry values, factors influencing demand, the challenges faced by industry participants, analysis of industry leading companies, and key news.

New Analysis - Smart Cities Market Expected to Reach USD 1,265.85 Billion Worldwide by 2019

LogoThe global smart cities market has observed significant growth in the past few years and is expected to continue growing at a significant rate. Continuous rise in the number of people migrating to urban areas is resulting in overpopulation in modern cities, thus, causing social, political, environmental and energy instability. This has created the need to incorporate a smart city concept to address all the arising challenges, by implementing modern infrastructure, enabling smart and intelligent solutions and technologies. As a result, the demand for smarter cities is expected to remain high in the coming years. The prospective growth of smart cities is attracting vendors throughout the value chain to invest in this sector. The problems and challenges faced by the countries globally include increasing congestion, rising pollution levels, migration of people from rural to urban areas, scarcity of resources, and increasing incidence of accidents among others in the metropolitan areas.

New Research Metal Matrix Composites (MMC) Market Exceed USD 357.3 Million Worldwide in 2019

LogoThe report covers forecast and analysis for the metal matrix composites (MMC) market on a global and regional level. Demand has been forecast based on volumes (tons) and revenue (USD million) from 2013 to 2019. The study includes drivers and restraints for the MMC market along with their impact on demand during the forecast period. The report also includes the study of opportunities available in the MMC market on the global and regional level.

Latest Review Ambulance Services Market Worth USD 29.78 Billion Worldwide in 2019

LogoAmbulances help rescue injured or medically ill patients by transporting them to medical treatment centers. This report studies the global ambulance services market based on various parameters such as mode of transport, type of emergency, type of equipment and the major geographic markets. The global ambulance services market based on the mode of transport has been segmented as: ground ambulance services, air ambulance services and water ambulance services. On the basis of emergency type, the global market has been segmented as: emergency ambulance services and non-emergency ambulance services. Based on the type of equipment equipped in the ambulance, the market has been segmented as: advance life support (ALS) ambulance services and basic life support (BLS) ambulance services.

Branded Appliance Repair Services in Rockland and Bergen Counties

No matter how well maintained or how expensive the branded appliances may be, they are bound to malfunction or break down once in a while. These appliances are a great help to individuals because they make their jobs easier such as washing, cleaning, cooling or heating. Individuals usually choose the best appliance when it comes to residential appliances and it is not always compulsory to take all these appliances that belong to the same brand. And in case they break down, individuals make calls to their dealers and the dealers might or might not arrive in time. In such a case it is always smart to depend on an expert who can repair any kind of branded appliance with ease and effectiveness.

Market Research on Saudi Arabias Cards and Payments Industry

LogoThe Saudi Arabian economy was largely resilient to the global financial crisis, mainly due to a sound banking and financial system. The system was well capitalized with domestic banks maintaining a capital adequacy ratio of 17.9% at the end of 2013, as a result of which credit was easily available to corporate sectors.

Market Future of Construction Industry in Greece to 2018

LogoThe Greek construction industry recorded a CAGR of -21.55% during the review period (2009–2013). During the review period, construction industry growth was severely affected by the eurozone crisis, and prospects for growth are likely to remain subdued over the forecast period (2014–2018), due to the austerity measures specified by the ‘troika’ – the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the European Union (EU) and the European Central Bank (ECB) – for supplying bailout loans.

Car Care Fanatic Publishes New Range of Car Wash Tips to Help Owners Make Their Cars Shine

In order to preserve the investment owners make in a car, they must keep in tip top condition to prevent it from depreciating rapidly. Unfortunately many car owners do not know about the many small things they can do to help preserve the life and health of an automobile. For those looking to find out how to keep their car looking good as new, Car Care Fanatic offers a one-stop resource to educate and inspire with practical advice and guidance. Their latest collection of editorials includes car wash tips of all kinds to help bring out a brand new shine.

USA Scheduler Offering a Game-Changing Algorithm Based Master Scheduler

Schools keen on getting scheduling right can now opt for the solution of USA Scheduler. Master Scheduler program rolled out by the company runs on algorithm using a fast binary file system, quite unlike the database driven programs that are proven to be quite slow. When it comes to performance and efficiency, the solution is way ahead of other system on the market.

Bloskas Realty Group Offers Elegant Homes from 5 Luxury Communities in Dallas

Bloskas Realty Group, a Texas-based real estate agency that provides high-end home buyers a platform for searching real estate listings for properties for sale throughout Dallas and its surrounding cities, offers elegant homes from five luxury communities in Dallas, namely Frisco, Plano, Allen, Prosper, and McKinney.

CBI Group Reveals How Offices Can Be Ergonomically Set Up

CBI Group, a San Antonio based turnkey office interior solutions provider that specializes in office design and space planning, reveals how offices can be ergonomically set up. It provides an ‘Ergonomic Checklist’ that can be used to help office owners complete a risk assessment for workstation tasks.

Gorlitz Sewer and Drain Inc. Offers Complete Trenchless Pipe Systems

Gorlitz Sewer and Drain Inc., one of the world's leader in the manufacturing of sewer and drain cleaning equipment, offers two complete types of trenchless pipe replacement systems, a chain operated puller, and a wire rope operated puller that are all essential in resolving residential, commercial, and industrial drain problems.

Local Dwelling Provides Opportunities to Both Landlords and Tenants

Local Dwelling, a property management company that handles every aspect of the management, sales, and leasing processes of homes, town homes, duplexes, and condominiums throughout the DFW Metroplex, provides opportunities to landlords who wish to rent out their properties and tenants who are looking for houses to stay in for a monthly fee.

Five Star Painting Inc. Now Painting the Interior of Residential Properties in June

LogoThere comes a time when homeowners begin to see their paint fade or chip. To maintain an aesthetically pleasing look on the interior of the property, a new coat of paint, or new design will go a long way towards restoring the appearance of the home. Property owners have the opportunity to spruce up their interior, bringing out a specific personality or creating a unique setting with various techniques. This June, Five Star Painting Inc. is pleased to announce they are now painting the interior of residential properties in New Jersey.

Obama, The American President #1 on Amazon Erotica List

K. RAYAN the writer of the Erotic “Dominated By The President” Series recently relieved to a news source that President Obama, the first African American President of the United States may be the inspiration behind the male protagonist of the series Jake Baldwin. A recent article on ( read:

UK Confectionery Market Consumer Trends and Drivers of Behavior adds “Consumer Trends Analysis: Understanding Consumer Trends and Drivers of Behavior in the UK Confectionery Market” report to its research database.

Tea Market Assessment of the Indian 2014 Research Report Available at include new market research report"Assessment of the Indian Tea Market 2014"to its huge collection of research reports.

Global Aerogel Market Forecasts & Analysis 2014-2018 adds Global Aerogel Market 2014-2018 new industry report in its store.Aerogel is a highly porous and lightweight solid polymer network with 95-99 percent gas content. Aerogel has low density, high thermal resistivity, and high strength-to-weight ratio. These unique properties make it viable for a number of applications in thermal, acoustic, and electrical insulators, thin film dielectrics, super capacitors, optical coatings, anti-reflective films.