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Driving an Exotic Car Doesn't Have to Be a Dream Anymore. Meet Veluxity Exotic Car Rental

"I've been a car fanatic my entire life. My Dad and I spent years obsessing over cars and I never even knew something like the exotic car rental industry existed." he laughed. Ronald Petruska, at the young age of 25 is the proud owner of Veluxity, an exotic car rental agency servicing the Greater Miami and NYC Tri-State areas specializing in high-end rentals with brands from the likes of Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Bentley and Lamborghini. "I impulsively moved down to Miami a couple of years ago and started out driving Ubers. I knew I had a strong sales history, a strong entrepreneur drive, and an even stronger love for anything horsepower, so why not combine the three and think bigger for myself?" Veluxity now ranks among the most popular exotic car rental services on the East Coast, delivering these sought-after vehicles to customers in over seven states.

Automotive Seat Belt Sensor 2017 Global Market Expected to Grow at CAGR 5.26% and Forecast to 2021

LogoThe analysts forecast the global automotive seat belt sensor market to grow at a CAGR of 5.26% during the period 2017-2021.

Eden Autos Offers Special Financing Options for Any Bad Credit History

Eden Autos now offers additional financing options for people with bad credit, bankruptcies, and little or no credit history. A difficult economy, job displacement, sudden illness, or other circumstances can quickly result in drained savings, burdensome debt, and financial stress. The good news is that bad credit doesn't mean automatic denial of a reliable vehicle. Eden Autos has new relationships with some of the area's leading lenders, which means they can offer a range of financial options to meet any customer financial need, including those with histories of bad credit, little credit, no credit, or bankruptcies. Regardless of a client's credit history, Eden Autos can get instant loan approvals without waiting; customers simply fill out a short application and receive loan qualification within minutes.

Volvo Cars of Fort Washington Raises Awareness with No-Shave November

Drivers who have been searching for a Volvo certified pre-owned car at a price that they can afford are encouraged to visit Volvo Cars of Fort Washington. With a wide selection of vehicles and a helpful staff, drivers can turn to this dealer to find the car they seek. In addition to offering a variety of vehicles, their staff is dedicated to shining a light on important health issues.

Citi Auto Group Giving Thanksgiving Dinner to Family in Need in Need

Citi Auto Group, which offers the very best deals on a fine selection of pre-owned vehicles to families across the entire Philadelphia area, is giving a complete Thanksgiving dinner to a Philadelphia family in need.

BMW Launches BMW Live Powered by the World's Number 1 Conversational Commerce Solution for Enterprises

LogoOn Tuesday the 26th of September at 8.00 pm CET, BMW in Denmark launched its very first BMW LIVE powered by Whisbi on their website: an online showroom for their website visitors. The first live video was a detailed review of the new BMW 5 Series Touring and the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé facelift.

Piazza Subaru of Limerick Is Unveiling Its Newest 2018 Subaru Crosstreks

At Piazza Subaru of Limerick, they pride themselves among Subaru car dealerships in the Chester County area. With dedication and passion for their 2017-2018 lineup and the Subaru brand, they help their customers select the model that is best suited to each and every budget and lifestyle. Between their prices, service, and selection, the staff at Piazza Subaru of Limerick offer it all—fulfilling any car buyer's dreams. Swinging into the season, they're proudly unveiling their latest lineup of 2018 Subaru Crosstreks.

Volvo Cars of Fort Washington Helps Drivers Get the Best Deal on the New or Used Car They Need This Fall

Drivers who have been thinking about getting on the road this fall in a new or used vehicle are encouraged to visit Volvo Cars of Fort Washington. Aside from being the leading dealership for certified pre-owned Volvos in Chester County at exceptional prices, Volvo Cars of Fort Washington is also the first place drivers turn to when shopping for brand new Volvos in the Greater Philadelphia area.

American Children's Society, Inc. Helps Residents Choose a Fuel-Efficient Car

Drivers who want to donate their old car to get a new, fuel-efficient vehicle in Staten Island, NY are encouraged to read the American Children's Society, Inc.'s latest blog post, which offers tips on the most fuel-efficient models that are expected to take over the roads in the coming year. Many Americans are choosing to switch out their vehicles for more fuel-efficient models as gas prices continue to rise, and the American Children's Society provides an excellent option for donating an unneeded car, RV or boat to help families in need.

Volvo Cars of Fort Washington Offers Certified Pre Owned Vehicles

Drivers who have been searching for the right dealer for a certified pre-owned Volvo are encouraged to view the selection available at Volvo Cars of Fort Washington. With a wide selection, a knowledgeable staff and affordable prices, there's no question why Volvo Cars of Fort Washington is quickly becoming the area's top Volvo certified pre-owned dealer in the area.

Shift Car Rental Offers Best Prices in UAE for Renault and Nissan Models

LogoShift Car Rental is now offering Renault models and Nissan Altimas at the best prices to be found in the UAE.

Volvo Cars of Fort Washington Offers End of Summer Detail Special

Volvo Cars of Fort Washington dedicates themselves to finding the perfect match for each of their clients. They go above and beyond to explore features that fit a customer's needs, and their knowledgeable staff can answer any questions that come their way. Those that are searching for certified pre-owned Volvo cars do not need to look any further than this dealership.

Hilton Car Rental Have Acquired a Lamborghini Huracan and It Is Available for Rent

People who wish to travel in style can consider luxury car hire services being offered by the aforementioned website. It is a London based car rental company that has recently taken delivery of the Lamborghini Huracan and they are making it available for their customers. Apart from this supercar, Hilton Car Rental have many other luxury cars that can be perused for a ride in London.

Icon Motors Helps Poor-Credit Drivers Get the Car They Need with Their "Buy Here Pay Here" Car Lot

Many residents in Gallatin need a car but find themselves unable to secure the loans necessary to finance their vehicle due to past financial mistakes. Now, citizens with no credit or bad credit are getting into the rides they deserve through Icon Motors buy here pay here car lot in Gallatin, TN.

Volvo Cars of Fort Washington Is Offering Up to $10,000 off Demos

Volvo Cars of Fort Washington is always the best place to go for anyone that is looking to buy new or used cars in Fort Washington and the surrounding areas. Their ultimate goal is to get their customers into a car that fits them perfectly, but they are also intent on making sure that once a customer drives it off the lot, they are going to be able to maintain it for years to come.

People Trading in Diesel Cars for Hybrid and Electric Models: Swiftlease Comments

Diesel cars currently account for approximately 4 out of 10 cars on UK roads, but this figure is set to shrink dramatically in coming months following the emissions scandal. 23% of diesel car drivers have said that next time they switch their cars they will go for hybrid or electric models instead. The number of people driving petrol cars is also anticipated to rise.

Best Cars to Purchase in 2017: Get Car Leasing Here Comments

Auto Express, a leading online site releasing news and advice on cars and also provides car reviews on new and used cars, have recently published an article titled 'Best small cars to buy in 2017'. Small cars are often a favourite amongst many people, however small cars do not mean a step down in the market.

Audi A5 vs Mercedes-Benz E-Class: Swiftlease Comments

The Independent, an online site featuring worldwide news have updated their blog and posted an article which details the differences between the two new sports coupes, the Audi A5 and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

Short Term Leasing Limited Offers Hybrid Cars for Lease for a Short Period

LogoShort Term Leasing is in the business of leasing cars for long. Now, they have added hybrid cars to their huge line-up of cars available for leasing.

Research Suggests That More Young People Than Ever Before Are Opting to Lease Cars

Statistics have recently shown that more young people than ever before are choosing to lease cars, with there being a phenomenal 46% increase in young drivers leasing cars over the past five years.

Save and Drive This Summer with Icon Motors

All across the United States, summer is the time to hit the road. On vacation, friends and family will pile into their cars and travel all across the country. Others will be looking for a dependable method of transportation to their summer activities or summer jobs. Both of these things are quite difficult to do without having a dependable car..

Volvo Cars of Fort Washington: The Clear Choice for New Cars This Summer

Summer is here, and that means nicer weather. What better way is there to start the summer off than with a brand new car from Volvo Cars of Fort Washington? Their team is dedicated to finding the perfect car for customers, and there is no better place to buy a new or used vehicle.

Ferrari Hire UK Makes Drivers' Supercar Dreams Affordable

LogoAsk people the name of a fast, expensive, ultimate sports car and they'll likely answer Ferrari. It's one of the vehicles that scream "prestige" as it's speeding down the road or pulling up to an event.

New Mercedes-Benz to Be Launched in June: Swiftlease Comments

Financial Express, a leading news reporter, has recently published an article which states that the new Mercedes-Benz E Class 220d will be launched on the 2nd June. Mercedes-Benz has been classed as a luxury car for years, with a wide variety of models which people can choose from. Some of the most popular types of Mercedes are: AMG GT Couple and Cabriolet, C Class Estate, B Class, Hatchback and A Class Hatchback.

UK's Concept Vehicle Leasing Offers Car Leasing Solutions to Various Businesses

Concept Vehicle Leasing, one of the UK's most sought after car leasing companies, offers business car and van leasing solutions to corporates and SMBs. They understand their clients' requirements and work in parallel with them to offer bespoke solutions. The range of cars and vans that they provide on lease includes Lexus, Mazda, Porsche, Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, SEAT, Ford, Vauxhall, Nissan, Abarth, Vauxhall, Ferrari, and Jaguar, just to name a few. And, that's not all; they have a team of dedicated Account Managers that help customers identify the right vehicle within their specific budget. They then compare it with the customers' chosen contract term and mileage, and guide them.