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50th Birthday Celebration of Mustang Car in Las Vegas

LogoMuscle car Ford Mustang completed 50 years on Thursday which is considered as the most popular automobile brand in America. Fans from every corner of the world had gathered at Las Vegas for the 50th anniversary celebration of their favorite car, Ford Mustang. “Ford dealers were taking orders around the country fifty years ago from today”, said Hal Sperlich who was in the design team of Mustang earlier and has now retired. Hal Sperlich has also worked as a program manager for Mustang at Ford with Lee Lacocca’s team.

Now Travel in Luxury and Arrive in Style, with VIP Chauffeurs Service in Nottingham from

A classic sedan can always charm up any event with it's sheer elegance, luxury and comfortable features. Now having a Mercedes S-class sedan for an event is no more an expensive luxury. With chauffeur service from, it's an affordable luxury to flaunt, whether for a corporate travel, an airport transfer, an outing or a grand wedding event. The soothing leather interiors of their VIP Chauffeurs in Derby makes travel extremely comfortable, while the command navigation system make sure one reaches the destination on time.

Illini Nissan Champaign Announces the Start of 'Right Price, Right Now' Event

LogoIllini Nissan, Champaign County’s leading Nissan auto dealer, has launched its “Right Price, Right Now” event for the month of April.

Vermilion Chevy Announces 'Got a Buck ... Get a Truck' Sales Event

LogoVermilion Chevrolet, Tilton’s premiere Chevy dealership, has announced the start of its “Got a Buck — Get a Truck” sales event.

Welsh Subaru Now Offering Lease Specials on 2014 Model Subaru's

LogoAs many drivers see their car leases expire this spring, they are left with a choice of purchasing the vehicle or leasing a new car. For those that opt to lease a brand new model, Welsh Subaru in Limerick is announcing new lease specials on a variety of 2014 models. These specials include the Legacy 2.5i with Alloy Wheel, Outback 2.5i Alloy Wheel, Impreza 2.0i, Forester 2.5i, and XV Crosstrek. The Crosstrek special requires $999 down at signing, while the other models on special require no money down at signing. Cash in on these incredible offers, as they expire on May 5, 2014. Offers the Best Selection of Dashboard Cameras to Automobile Owners is proud to announce that customers can now purchase some of the best dashboard cameras for automobile owners. Through the site, customers will be able to view the wide selection of dashboard cameras, which are fast growing as necessary items for any car owner to have.

Your Driver's Ed Introduces New Free Exam to Assess Driving Skills Before the Real Test

Driving is one of the first things a teenager can do to assert their freedom and independence, and can experience from the age of 16. As a result many want to pass their test and get on the road as soon as possible, which can work against them, as they gloss over their practice and run straight for the test without being prepared. Your Driver’s Ed is a mentoring and support service for people trying to pass their driving test, and has now published a free test to assess whether learners are ready to take their permit exam.

Car Loans for Military with Bad Credit at Lower Interest Rates and Get Benefits over Civilian Auto Loans

The military car loans bad credit is no longer a matter of great hassle and no guarantee of approval. In fact the new online auto finance companies, lenders and dealers specialized in the bad credit auto loans for the Military personnel have come out with trouble free car finance. The staff of the armed forces and their family members as well as the retired veterans can enjoy the advantage of the benefits over the civilian auto loans. While getting military car loans have become easier not all car finance is guaranteed.

Cheap Car Insurance Companies for College Students Are Now Available with Best Schemes and Affordable Rates

LogoCar insurance online companies often offer discounts and slashed down rates to its permanent clientele or those customers that want to renew their car insurance online the second year as well. Claiming no insurance is a good way to let the insurance companies provide discounted rates and low rate free car insurance quote to its customers in the second year of renewal.

How to Get Car Insurance Quotes for Bad Driving Record with Cheap Rates

LogoBuyers can now learn how to get car insurance with bad driving record by using the internet to their advantage. When buyer goes online, he will be able to get valuable information regarding companies that specialize in providing auto insurance coverage to those who have poor driving histories. But the level of premiums charged by most of them could be much higher than those charged for other conventional type of car insurance policies. But one can secure a policy of this type at an affordable premium by taking certain important aspects into consideration prior to embarking upon the process of researching various alternatives available at his disposal for getting his car insured. Here is some vital information about the same which readers may find useful during their efforts to secure a car coverage that fits their budget.

Custom Auto Trim Expands Range of Products with New 2014 Range of Vehicle Accessories

Owning a pickup is both a privilege and a responsibility, as the truck functions as both a status symbol and a work vehicle. As such many people want to combine practice alterations that optimize the vehicle for their needs with a bit of personalized finishing to make the trucks feel special. Custom Auto Trim enables owners to do just that, with modifications and trims that are of rare quality and practicality via their online presence.

Consumers Needing Cheapest Car Insurance for a Day with Special Schemes and Affordable Rates

The car insurance for a day means that car owners and car drivers need not be on the roads without some sort of financial security. The short term car insurance policies like these help the person who needs to drive only occasionally. This short term auto insurance policies may not be known to many consumers. It will be a surprise that it can even be arranged through the internet and world web with a quick online application form.

Leading Warsaw Car Rental Company, Wynajem Samochodu Warszawa, BM Auto Shares Latest Fixed Rates

BM Auto, one of the veterans in the Warsaw car rental industry, has recently shared its updated list of fixed rates on its car rental services. The company informed that the latest adjustment was made due to the addition of new cars now available for rent and to make their already highly competitive prices even more affordable to their customers. The list is now available on the company’s official website,

Toyota of Katy Announces College Graduate Finance Program and Rebate Offer

With college graduations emanating in the spring, Toyota of Katy is proud to announce it will once again be promoting the College Grad Rebate program good towards the purchase or lease of a new Toyota. Spokesperson Michael Hartmann confirmed, saying, "We all know going to school can be hard on the checkbook, so with that in mind, the Toyota College Graduate Finance Program will once again be available those who meet the graduation, employment, insurance and credit criteria requirements."

Low Level Car Insurance for People with Bad Driving Records Is Available Now with Priced Less Costly

LogoThe cheap car insurance for bad driving record can give some financial relief in times of financial difficulties. Most people with bad driving habits have no inkling that their life is getting tougher by the day. It is only when they are saddled by high to almost unaffordable car insurance premiums that they rue their bad driving habits. There are millions of Americans caught up in rush hour traffics with a driving history rapidly filled with a lot of blemishes.

30 Day Car Insurance Policy Is an Easier Burden on the Monthly Family Budget with Discounted Rates

LogoThe Car Insurance One Month is a short term investment for an essential item few car owners and car drivers can afford to neglect. Having adequate financial safety covers is a must to deal with difficult financial situation in case of mishaps and body injuries. The danger of getting involved in lawsuits can push anyone into bankruptcy. The short term car insurance is a great way to make smaller payments for high quality and more than sufficient financial security. The car owners and car drivers can be confident of meeting any financial needs in case of unfortunate events. It is also a great way to reduce the car insurance costs to the bare minimum and reducing the burdens on the monthly family budget.

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes with No Deposit Required at Affordable Rates

LogoBuyers can now search and compare cheap car insurance quotes no deposit requirement right from the comfort of their homes and that too at any time which is convenient to them. All that they need to have is just a personal computer and an internet connection. When a buyer goes online, he can find companies which specialize in providing auto insurance covers with lower premiums. Some top rated insurers even offer favourable monthly instalment schedules for paying premiums and buyers can locate them by investing some time. Remember, at times, people might not have enough cash at their disposal for paying lump sum car insurance premium outright. Nevertheless, a buyer needs to be aware that by opting for a monthly premium payment plan, he will have to spend more money from his pocket as such a proposition may attract some extra fees and charges.

Roberts Auto Group Announces 17th Annual Easter Egg Hunt

LogoRoberts Auto Group will hold its 17th annual Easter Egg Hunt Saturday, April 19 in Pryor.

Low Prices and Bad Credit Financing at Used Car Canoga Park Dealer

Consumers have been complaining about the increasing price of used cars in the past couple of years. The average cost of a used car went up 18 percent from 2007 up to last year as more consumers bought used cars than new models. But this is not that case in one of the used cars Canoga Park dealers. Roadrunner Auto Sales has been able to keep its prices low and affordable.

The Cheap No Deposit Car Insurance for the Average Car Owners with Lowest Premium

LogoThe no deposit car insurance is the only way millions of Americans can afford to put some financial safety covers in place. It is a great way to overcome the initially high rates of car insurance policies. The car insurance has become quite an expensive affair today with the prices of almost any and every commodity or services inflating rapidly beyond control of the common man. The costs of maintaining a personal vehicle can be quite high enough for some people.

The Full Coverage Military Discounts on Car Insurance for Members of the Armed Forces

LogoThe military discounts on car insurance are one of the main attractions for consumers of the armed forces. Many people in the armed forces may not have concerned themselves over their car insurance costs till date. But maybe it is time to start thinking about huge amounts of savings that can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars. The car insurance matter is an expensive financial part of any car owners and car drivers. The number of auto insurance companies handling the Military personnel car insurance has increased to enable searches for cheaper policies. There are some things that the military consumers should be well aware of while shopping for the less costly car insurance rates.

Avoid Towing Service Problems in Naperville, IL, Plus All of Chicagoland

LogoHave you had a towing service in Naperville or any surrounding Chicago Illinois South West suburbs and have been a victim of a towing service scam? Towing service scams can happen to the best of us hence during any towing service. Including local towing, long distance towing, collision recovery, roadside assistance services from a-z. The scams can happen to them all including light duty trucks, motorcycles, SUVs, cars of all makes and models. The best bet is know how these scams work and then to make sure it doesn't happen to you, hence be prepared.

Cheapest Young Driver Car Insurance with Best Affordable Schemes and Guaranteed Approval

LogoThe Cheapest Young Driver Car Insurance gives a ray of hope to many college goers. The common belief for not only car insurance carriers but for everyone is that young car owners and car drivers are a huge peril just waiting to happen. But whether this is true or not is of no concern right now. The fact is that this has influenced the costs of many things meant for the younger generation – car insurance policies included. The young college goers dreaming of getting behind their personal vehicle driver’s wheel may be pulling a long face at the high prices. But wait, this may simply mean only putting off purchase the car insurance until buyers get the right opportunity.

Pay off Car Loan Early Benefits with Credit Rating Reduce Personal Vehicle Costs

The pay off car loan early is one of the most important decisions any car owners and car drivers across the country can take at any given time. This is not to say that auto finance car loans are any the worse for the convenience they provide. However appropriate the auto loan may have seemed at the time of the car purchase, there comes a time for every car owners and car drivers to review it. The decision to put an end to the auto finance car loans early can influence the current and future finances of any person.

Zeigler Honda to Hold Grand Opening Event on April 14

LogoZeigler Honda Amherst, one of the most trusted and respected auto dealers in upstate New York, will hold the grand opening of its new location April 14.