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Welsh Subaru of Limerick, PA, Is Awarded the 2015 Stellar Care Award for Outstanding Customer Service

LogoMaking the decision to purchase a vehicle can be an exciting experience, yet also overwhelming, since there are many considerations to think about, such as car features and financing. So, to alleviate some of the burdens dealt with during car shopping, the dealership of Welsh Subaru in Limerick, PA is devoted to providing their customers with quality service centered on creating a positive experience. As soon as the doors open up promptly at 9 am, the associates and car consultants are dedicated to helping any customer that walks in with meeting their vehicle needs. Recently, their demonstration of excellence in all categories of customer-focused performance has earned them the Stellar Care Award for 2015.

LED Headlights Pro Launches New Social Media Sharing Discount Program

LED Headlights Pro, one of the world's leading sources for car led headlights for over five years, introduced a special new social network discount program. Starting now, anyone who takes advantage of the easy social-sharing buttons at the LED Headlights Pro website will receive an instant coupon good for a discount on the next order. With an industry-leading best-price guarantee and a lifetime warranty on LED kits, along with free shipping on orders for customers in the U.S. and Canada, LED Headlights Pro is a top supplier of high-quality German-made automotive LED conversion kits.

Car Rental SA to Offer Luxury Cars for Sale and Rent in South Africa

LogoLuxury cars for sale and rent are now gaining increased demand and attention among thousands of consumers worldwide. In Cape Town South Africa this is no exception as it's a common scenario happening within the local car industry. Local clients looking for luxury cars in South Africa are lucky enough, for Car Rental SA is now on actively addressing the needs of individuals in the luxury car sale industry.

Autonomous Vehicles Are Set to Crash: Zen Law Comments

As technology advances, self-driving cars are increasingly at the forefront of more media attention with their release expected in the next five years. Due to the research and production processes underway, there are now claims that autonomous cars will still have the potential to crash, despite Volvo previously claiming that it aims to have zero deaths in its cars by 2020 due to self-driving technology.

Cars2Charities Voted Best Car Donation in San Francsico

Cars2Charities, the innovative vehicle donation program in California, was recently voted the best car donation service in the city of San Francisco. This is an important recognition for the company, which is best-known for its work in Southern California. "Being voted the best vehicle donation service in San Francisco is great," says Edith Hamilton, Development Officer for the company. "This recognition shows that word is spreading throughout California, helping position our organization as the premier car donation program in the state."

Cars2Charities' Research on Orange County Donations

Cars2Charities in Fullerton, California, has announced research that has analyzed the results of car donations in Orange County, benefiting both donors and the charities they support. The research, conducted using data collected from 2013 to 2015, demonstrated that the average value of "as is" cars donated to charities are 25 to 50 percent less than the cars that are improved by the Cars2Charities service. From their beginning, the company has developed a novel way of improving returns on vehicles donated to charities. The vehicle donation experts at the company help connect donors and their favorite charitable organizations by taking donated motor vehicles, refurbishing them, selling them, and giving that money directly to the vehicle donor's charity of choice.

G&E Motors of Langhorne, PA, Announces Availability of Financing for Everyone

It can be nearly impossible to conduct one's life normally without a car. Yet, if an old car breaks down and an individual finds themselves in desperate need of a new vehicle, bad timing can easily lead to a host of problems in finding financing to help them through difficult financial times. G&E Motors, used car dealers in Langhorne, PA, understand that many of its customers may have credit issues, such as bad credit, and need a car to pull themselves out of the financial hole they're in. The company has announced that clients seeking quality, pre-owned vehicles will find financing available through G&E Motors, no matter what their current credit situation. Launches Review of the Best Car Speakers for Bass

Recently, has launched a review of 2015's best car speakers offering great bass sound. According to the review, "It is very important to choose the best car speakers so as to obtain the best experience while listening to music inside a car. But, today there are lots of different car speakers available in the market which can make the choice harder. This article is exactly intended to help a newbie pick the right selection of car speakers for their car."

iDeal Car Mount Creator Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoDevice mounts for cars can be difficult to install or use, but the creator of iDeal Car Mount has solved those issues. Now, the creator of this unique car mount that allows users to easily mount phones in any vehicle has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for production and distribution.

Salinas Based My City Loans Now Offers Car Title Loans to Bad Credit Borrowers in California

My City Loans, a Salinas based lending institution, recently started offering car title loans to Californians who have bad credit scores. The owners of the lending institution said that they want to break the tedious process of pre-qualification for bad credit loans to bare bones. They added that they are now offering low-interest, low-risk and hassle-free loans to practically anybody who has a poor credit score and has a car of his own.

UK Car Industry Set to Break Production Records as Foreign Demand Increases

Recent reports have revealed that more than £2 billion has already been invested in the motoring industry in 2015. A new forecast report launched by The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has predicted that the UK is on course to break manufacturing records by the end of the decade. Since 2008, the UK has had a car roll off production lines every 20 seconds on average and fuelling the production is the demand for British manufactured cars overseas. Releases Updated Information on How to Get Car Loans in Ontario

Are you looking for bad credit car loans in Ontario? Well look no further. The complete guidance and financing package is available at The website helps customers apply for auto loans and get their cars within a week time. The approval stage takes mostly around a week to get aligned with the system. This stage slows down the entire process but when applicants apply for auto financing through, the duration shrinks to few days time.

Arizona Car Sales in Mesa Arizona Announces America's Best Used Car Warranty

Arizona Car Sales, Phoenix and Mesa's used car expert announces its exciting deals for buyers in Phoenix, Mesa, Tucson, Flagstaff and all of Arizona.

Cash Auto Salvage Expands Their Reach in Buffalo with Record-High Junk Car Purchases

It is estimated that ninety-five percent of inoperable vehicles are processed for recycling each year. Furthermore, statistics approximate recycling saves eighty-five million barrels of oil from being used to make new or replacement automobile parts. To put these statistics in perspective, the U.S. Energy Information Administration has determined that the United States uses about nineteen million barrels of oil each day. Proper vehicle recycling saves enough oil for the country to operate for more than four days.

Welsh Subaru Now Offering 2016 Models in New Inventory

LogoMost drivers expect their vehicles to get them to their destination as part of their daily transportation. But when the toughest weather conditions hit, they need a reliable vehicle they can depend on. Subaru vehicles are widely known for their all-wheel drive feature, which allows them to have extra traction when enduring snow, rain or tough terrain. Now that the new 2016 models have arrived, drivers can enjoy this beneficial feature along with many other upgrades and additions that are now available. Welsh Subaru of Limerick, PA is pleased to introduce their new 2015 vehicle inventory.

G&E Motors Offering Financing for Any Credit Situation

For those who have credit card debt, finding accessible financing to restore their access to a vehicle and, thus, the ability to travel and work, is absolutely imperative to getting their finances back on track. With the right financing option and a quality, reliable used car, those going through the process of debt repayment can set themselves up for future success by making a vehicle investment now. G&E Motors, currently offering buy-here, pay-here in Philadelphia, offers clients both a large variety of different vehicles at many price points and simple financing to suit any budget and credit score.

Scott Tucker Curates American Vintage Car Gallery Show

Simply Awesome Cars, a website that shares exciting pics and information on cars from around the world, will feature Scott Tucker's "American Muscle Vintage Style" gallery car show this spring. The San Jose, CA event will cover more than 50 years of United States produced vintage muscle cars in top condition.

Safecar Launches New Guide to the Factors Affecting Car Insurance Rates

It is illegal to drive a car without insurance, because the consequences of a vehicular incident can be devastating, with lives at risk and thousands of dollars of damage capable of being inflicted in even a relatively minor collision. Most drivers however manage to successfully navigate the roads without causing an incident, and as such they are keen to get their insurance premiums as low as possible. Online motoring magazine Safecar is committed to helping people increase their road safety practices and attitudes, and has just published a new and comprehensive guide to getting the best insurance premiums available in their state.

Car Pro Announces Jerry Reynold's Review of the 2016 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

The Car Pro 2016 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Z51 Review is now available on the Car Pro website, allowing consumers to see what Jerry Reynolds, the Car Pro, loves and dislikes about this vehicle. In addition to this complete video review, individuals find Car Pro Approved Dealers, free reviews of other new vehicles, shopping tools for used cars and car buying advice and tips. Those who choose to visit the site find they don't need to look elsewhere when the time comes to buy a new or used car.

AUTO400 Responds to the Latest VW Scandal

LogoThe US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have recently discovered a device fitted to many Volkswagen Group diesel cars, enabling them to recognise when they are being tested, allowing the on board computer to change the performance of the engine and improve emission test results. The EPA are aware of 482,000 cars affected in the US, however the Volkswagen Group have admitted that the device is fitted to around 11 million cars around the world. These devices have been fitted to a number of vehicles across the wider Volkswagen Group, including Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda.

Stoddart's Lock and Safe Introduces Foreign and Domestic Car Key Services

LogoStoddart's Lock and Safe, a premier Surprise AZ locksmith, introduces new services designed to help owners of any type of vehicle open their cars or trucks or replicate their keys in the shortest time possible.  "Many of today's cars do not use simple key configurations any more," says this Surprise locksmith.  "Therefore, we have services to reproduce all types of keys or to open cars that rely on new technology for their locking mechanisms."

American Collectors Insurance Announces 2015 Annual Car Show

LogoIf there's anything car aficionados like more than investing in and tending to their own collections, it's viewing the stunning efforts of other, like-minded individuals who are equally enamored with the beauty of classic and rare cars. American Collectors Insurance, which provides plans for a vast variety of different collections but is particularly well-known for its collector car insurance, is excited to present an opportunity for car lovers from all over to converge and share advice and admiration. The company has announced that its 2015 Car Show will be held on October 3, 2015, at the Camden Catholic High School in Cherry Hill, NJ.

G&E Motors Providing Dozens of Options in Quality Pre-Owned Cars

When searching for a used car, it can be difficult to find exactly the combination of features that one is searching for. A car may feature heated seats and a moon roof, but not be aesthetically appealing to a buyer, or the gas mileage desired may not line up with all of the other amenities offered in a car, truck or van. The more vehicles a dealership has in stock, the better the chance that a prospective buyer will be able to find a car that suits their needs. G&E Motors, one of the premier used car dealers in Langhorne, PA, is offering dozens of cars and frequent new inventory, offers and specials to help clients find the perfect vehicle for them.

Used Cars in Colombia: Classifieds Section Keeps Growing

Selling a car on the Internet is both convenient and hassle-free. In Colombia, the most popular site to do so is on It's one of the country's fastest growing classifieds sites and has become a leader in its market.

Scott Tucker Opens Import Car Club

Car enthusiast blog Simply Awesome Cars recently published an article spotlighting Scott Tucker and his import car interest. Tucker has recently formed a private 'Import Car Club' for local import owners and their fans to meet on a monthly basis.