Automotive Press Releases

Champion Racing Oil to Sponsor Louisiana Bayou 305 Sprinters

“Champion Racing Oil is proud to support the Louisiana Bayou 305 Sprinter Series”, said Karl Dedolph, Director of Champion Racing and Performance Products. “Being named the official motor oil of this highly competitive sprint car series is a great tribute to our “Purpose Built” lubricant technology formulated for protection and performance. “

Champion Oil Announces Tsengeg Orkhon as New Master Warehouse Distributor in Mongolia

Tsengeg is a recognized leader in Gold and Silver Mining as well as in the distribution of commercial and industrial lubricants. They will offer Champion products in a number of categories, such as motor oils, transmission fluids, hydraulic fluids, coolant, diesel motor oil, differentials lubes, greases, power steering fluids, brake fluids, and automotive chemicals and additives.

Travel in Premium Cars to Special Events in Derby and Nottingham at Never Before Prices with

Special events often call for a special vehicle for travelling or for picking up and dropping guests. This is where; one might also need more than one or two premium cars to take care of all the travelling needs. is a well known Car Rental Company that offers luxury cars like Mercedes Benz S Class for travelling to important and special events in Nottingham and Derby. They also offer expert services of well trained VIP chauffeurs for those who like to avail nothing less than the best of services. The Company prides in offering all these services at completely affordable prices, together with the assurance of great quality and first-class service.

HA Reed Now Provides Swift and Efficient Emergency Locksmith Services All Across Queensland

Assisting people stuck in unpredictable, sudden and critical lock related situations; H.A. Reed is now providing Swift and Efficient Emergency Locksmith Services all across Queensland. Empowered by a team of proficient and practiced engineers, they provide reliable and error free work eliminating the lock crisis of clients within no time. They are a renowned member of Master Locksmiths Association and have tremendous expertise in all dimensions of locking systems whether it is installing, opening, repairing or servicing. H.A. Reed is a leading 24 hour locksmith in Brisbane providing services taking into consideration individual needs of every client. Their clientele spread in different sectors like Residential buildings, Business premises, Schools and Universities, Shopping Centres, Hospitals, Hotels and Council and Housing Projects.

The World's RV Show Returns to Texas April 21st - 26th

LogoThe #1 Volume Selling Motor Home Dealer in North America is set once again to host The World’s RV Show April 21, 2014 - April 26, 2014. The show, which is spread out across more than 100 acres, features live demonstrations, motorhome walk-throughs, How To's, Q&A's and more from leading RV manufacturers along with the largest selection of motor homes in the world with model year close-out sale pricing on 2014s. The World's RV Show features representatives from 10 major RV manufacturers including: Coachmen, Entegra, Monaco RV, Dynamax, Sportscoach, Thor Motor Coach, Holiday Rambler, Prevost, Foretravel, Forest River Georgetown & Forest River Diesel Division.

Toyota of Katy Announces College Graduate Finance Program and Rebate Offer

With college graduations emanating in the spring, Toyota of Katy is proud to announce it will once again be promoting the College Grad Rebate program good towards the purchase or lease of a new Toyota. Spokesperson Michael Hartmann confirmed, saying, "We all know going to school can be hard on the checkbook, so with that in mind, the Toyota College Graduate Finance Program will once again be available those who meet the graduation, employment, insurance and credit criteria requirements."

Road Sense Helps People Involved in Auto Driving Accidents Determine a Good Case

2014 is set to witness the next big thing in global technology – self driving cars. With the rising number of accidents, people are more than excited to welcome these self driving cars, which will time space for texting, phone calls and other activities that are so often the cause for motor accidents in the present scenario. However, this will revolutionize the auto accident laws that people are so familiar with today.

Discount Motorcycle Insurance Provides Access to Affordable Rates in Time for Spring

LogoProviding riders with access to affordable and suitable policies, Discount Motorcycle Insurance is now helping bikers find quick access to lower rates from top motorcycle insurance companies. The announcement comes just in time for spring, when many are ready to go back out riding. As they are getting the bike ready for the season riders can now start off on a good note by checking for lower insurance rates and savings.

Low Level Car Insurance for People with Bad Driving Records Is Available Now with Priced Less Costly

LogoThe cheap car insurance for bad driving record can give some financial relief in times of financial difficulties. Most people with bad driving habits have no inkling that their life is getting tougher by the day. It is only when they are saddled by high to almost unaffordable car insurance premiums that they rue their bad driving habits. There are millions of Americans caught up in rush hour traffics with a driving history rapidly filled with a lot of blemishes.

Can You Get a Car Loan if You Are Unemployed?

LogoFor someone who is wondering, “Can you get a car loan while on unemployment?” the answer is “Yes”. Nowadays it is possible to find lenders that specialize in providing auto loan finances to even those borrowers who are jobless and have bad credit. Therefore, one does have the opportunity to obtain a new or used car financing loan despite being unemployed and having undesirable credit history. Nevertheless, specialized dealerships, which offer such types of auto loans, will consider borrowers with bad credit to be risky propositions and accordingly, charge interest rates that are much higher than those charged on other conventional type of car loans. But one can get the interest rate lowered by assuring lenders that he will be able to repay the loan being provided on time. Alternatively, one may also consider getting car on hire.

Auto Modification Finance Changes Unfair Rates of Interest Into Affordable Interest Rates

The auto finance loan modification has done a new costume. What if the borrower car buyers no longer have the fear of repossessions? This is the new wonderful news that is pushing consumers towards making a beeline for their auto refinance car loans. The reason is a huge decrease in the number of repossessions.

Aero to Attend the "Largest Porsche Event in the Southwest"

LogoInternational AERO Products, AERO, will be participating in the 2014 California Festival of Speed in Fontana, California, April 4-6th. AERO will be displaying in the Vendor Park with the entire line of AERO Products, including their best selling Traveler Series. The AERO Crew will be on hand at the event for demonstrations and product education.

Cub Cadet Presents Different Parts from Cub Parts

One of the most important inventions in the life of man is the invention of machines. It goes without saying that the invention has not only made it easier for man to work and live but has made life a lot faster than it ever used to be. The dependence of man on machine has gone to such an extent that life cannot be conceived of without machines. Machines come to use every day, every moment, in every field. Whether it is in the households or in the industries, machines have become indispensable. For instance, when a cooking oven or a microwave oven goes out of order, there are no other convenient options which are left available. This immediacy of the situation needs an immediate repair of the oven or microwave oven. Cub Parts offers parts of different Cub Cadet parts for tractors and other vehicles that are used in various uses in public and private gardens and lawns.

Cost-Effective Automotive Repair Solutions

Automobiles are valuable assets that need regular & timely maintenance. Most vehicle owners visit a service center only when there is a major challenge with their car. Every vehicle has hundreds of small components that must work together. Vehicle components are under constant friction and require timely maintenance to avoid sudden stoppage or trouble. For guaranteed service, consult professional auto repair service that has years of experience. Vehicle owners living in Colorado Springs, can access cost-effective automotive repair services from Phases Truck & Automotive Repair, Inc. in Colorado Springs since 1987.

How to Get Guaranteed Approval Car Loan with No Co-Signer

LogoIt could be possible to secure guaranteed car loan no co-signer approval despite having bad credit by using the internet. One can find lenders online that specialize in providing auto loans to even those borrowers who have poor credit without requirement of any co-signer. Remember, most of the traditional loan dealers such as banks or credit unions do not approve bad credit car finance applications if applicants are not ready to provide creditworthy co-signers. It could be needless to say that lenders do perceive certain risks when dealing with borrowers whose past debt repayment histories are questionable. But still, there is a ray of hope as few specialized lenders do express willingness to work with individuals who have bad credit so that they get a chance to improve their credit ratings in sustained manner.

Amazon and Has Recently Listed Real Deal Steel and Its 1955 Chevy Body for Sale

LogoNew 55 Chevy body for sale is offered by the Real Deal Steel Company and is recently listed in the automotive retailer Summit Racing and Amazon. The company offers affordable prices, fast delivery and great quality of the Chevy body skeleton.

30 Day Car Insurance Policy Is an Easier Burden on the Monthly Family Budget with Discounted Rates

LogoThe Car Insurance One Month is a short term investment for an essential item few car owners and car drivers can afford to neglect. Having adequate financial safety covers is a must to deal with difficult financial situation in case of mishaps and body injuries. The danger of getting involved in lawsuits can push anyone into bankruptcy. The short term car insurance is a great way to make smaller payments for high quality and more than sufficient financial security. The car owners and car drivers can be confident of meeting any financial needs in case of unfortunate events. It is also a great way to reduce the car insurance costs to the bare minimum and reducing the burdens on the monthly family budget.

Bad Credit Guaranteed Approval Auto Loans - How to Get It

LogoBorrowers can now obtain bad credit auto loans guaranteed approval right from the comfort of their homes and that too at any time that is convenient to them. All that they need to have is a personal computer and an internet connection. By browsing online, one can get valuable information regarding various available alternatives for financing new or used cars with bad credit. During their effort, probable applicants can also find few loan dealerships which specialize in providing guaranteed auto loans to even those individuals who have bad credit histories. Nevertheless, getting approved for such types of car finances might not be that easy apart from the fact that the rates of interest provided on bad credit guaranteed car loans could be much higher than those charged on other conventional type of auto loan finances. But it is possible to get interest rate lowered; borrower only needs to know what lenders look for to grant instant approvals.

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes with No Deposit Required at Affordable Rates

LogoBuyers can now search and compare cheap car insurance quotes no deposit requirement right from the comfort of their homes and that too at any time which is convenient to them. All that they need to have is just a personal computer and an internet connection. When a buyer goes online, he can find companies which specialize in providing auto insurance covers with lower premiums. Some top rated insurers even offer favourable monthly instalment schedules for paying premiums and buyers can locate them by investing some time. Remember, at times, people might not have enough cash at their disposal for paying lump sum car insurance premium outright. Nevertheless, a buyer needs to be aware that by opting for a monthly premium payment plan, he will have to spend more money from his pocket as such a proposition may attract some extra fees and charges.

Roberts Auto Group Announces 17th Annual Easter Egg Hunt

LogoRoberts Auto Group will hold its 17th annual Easter Egg Hunt Saturday, April 19 in Pryor.

Video Cameras in Police Cars Relevant for Investigation and Probing Purposes

LogoNew Legislation sponsored by State Senator Donald Norcross would require police departments to equip all new or used police vehicle purchased for the department to install video camera equipment in the cars for use during traffic stops. The bill has the support of the Senate Law and Public Safety Committee, and comes on the heels of videos being released in two cases in which New Jersey Assemblymen were ceased a year ago. In one case, the video showed that the charges against the assemblyman were trumped up and that most of the allegations against him were untrue. In the other, the video showed that the assemblyman greatly exaggerated the humiliation he was subjected to as a result of the stop by a State Trooper. These cases sparked the need to have concrete physical evidence such as video recording to support such claims.

Parts Geek Now Offering over 1,300 Magnaflow Brand Products

LogoParts Geek offers auto parts and accessories from many of the top brands in the industry. As one of the leading auto parts retailers, one of their top priorities is to make sure that their customers are satisfied with the products they order and receive. Additionally, they also like to make sure that their inventory is stocked with all of the auto parts and accessories that their customers may need. Therefore, Parts Geek is pleased to announce that they are now offering over 1,300 Magnaflow brand products on their user-friendly website.

Parts Geek, A Leading Auto Parts Retailer, Announces Wide Variety of Cabin Filters

LogoParts Geek, one of the nation’s leading online auto parts retailers, is pleased to announce that they now offer a wide variety of cabin filters. By visiting the online superstore,, customers will be able to choose from over 6,400 cabin filters from the leading brands in the industry such as: Beck Arnley, Denso, Mann, WIX, Hengst, Hastings, Bosch, ACM, Fram, ATP, Purolator and Motorcraft. Finding a cabin filter is made easy because customers can choose by the make of their vehicle. Whether a customer is driving an Acura, Chevrolet, Ford, Infiniti, Lexus, Porsche, Suburu or Toyota, he or she will find the perfect match.

Parts Geek Now Offering Variety of Cold Air Intake Replacement Products

LogoWith the warmer weather on the way, engines will need to stay cool in order to achieve maximum power and efficiency. A cold air intake will allow the engine to breathe, increasing airflow through the various chambers. To ensure customers are getting the engine power they need and want through the warmer months of the year, Parts Geek, a leading online auto parts retailer, is pleased to announce that they are now offering a wide variety of cold air intake system products. Their inventory has expanded to over 3,300 products, available with many top brands and for many makes and models to serve as a one stop shop for all car part needs.

The Cheap No Deposit Car Insurance for the Average Car Owners with Lowest Premium

LogoThe no deposit car insurance is the only way millions of Americans can afford to put some financial safety covers in place. It is a great way to overcome the initially high rates of car insurance policies. The car insurance has become quite an expensive affair today with the prices of almost any and every commodity or services inflating rapidly beyond control of the common man. The costs of maintaining a personal vehicle can be quite high enough for some people.

AccuDraft Paintbooth Explains Spray Booth Exhaust Fan Debate

The Spray Booth Exhaust Fan has many short and long-term benefits to offer. The different kinds of fans are used for various purposes, which is why individuals need to conduct a thorough and adequate amount of research of them. For instance, the forward curve and backward inclined fan have multiple purposes that tend to differ in some ways from each other. The former fan is sued in the intake and supply of a Paintbooth whereas the latter is used to handle the paint overspray in the air at a heavy pressure.

United Garage Door Still Offers the Best Garage Door Opener Las Vegas Homes Have Always Enjoyed

United Garage Door, a custom garage door service company that specializes in installation and repair, continues to provide the wonderful people of Las Vegas, top quality products and services that is known to last for years to come. After having been in the business for ten years, the company takes pride not only in the amazing services they are known for, but also for establishing excellence with everything that they do.