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Champion Traffic School Explains the Dangers of Neglecting Traffic Tickets and How Enrolling to Traffic School Can Prevent Traffic Violations

Speeding is one of the most frequent traffic violations that most drivers commit. It cannot be denied that once drivers get behind the steering wheel, they had this burning desire to speed up in the road as if filming the next Fast and the Furious movie installment without thinking of the consequences they might encounter after being caught. Because what could be a $25 fine for speeding is actually a $110 or $125 fine once they got the chance to face the court for their traffic offenses. This might sound a joke to some drivers, but this is what most Delawarean drivers are experiencing who are caught from speeding. But if they took the time to get enrolled in cheap easy fast traffic school, paying for a costly speeding ticket might be prevented.

California Online Traffic School Advocates the Importance of Abiding by the Simple Life-Saving Traffic Rules

One of the most common causes of deaths globally based on some studies and surveys conducted by the World Health Organization has been attributed to the shocking number of road traffic accidents such as car crashes and collisions and countries all over the world are still finding the most efficient ways to reduce these occurrences.

Collision Avoidance Sensor for Large Vehicles Prime Application for LeddarTech

LeddarTech provides a new detection and ranging technology enabling collision avoidance solutions in industrial environments. Using Leddar, advanced presence detection and perimeter monitoring systems can be developed and installed on heavy machinery and large vehicles, contributing to preventing accidents in the workplace and on the roads.

The Law Offices of Rovner, Allen, Rovner, Zimmerman & Nash Taking Motorcycle Accident Cases in Bucks County, PA This Summer

LogoEvery summer, the seventy to eighty degree temperatures mean that there will be more motorcyclists on the road. Also, some will be so eager to enjoy the weather and the open road that they will forget how easy it is for them to be involved in an accident. Therefore, motorcyclists who have been involved in an accident in Bucks County, PA this summer and feel the other driver was at fault, should call a motorcycle accident lawyer in Bucks County—such as The Law Offices of Rovner, Allen, Rovner, Zimmerman & Nash—immediately.

Parts Geek Prepares for Summer Driving by Expanding Inventory of AC Hoses

LogoAs the weather is becoming hot and humid, drivers look to crank the air conditioner as soon as they start their car. When the AC in the car isn't working properly, drivers are uncomfortable during their commute. There are various components in the system, and when the AC hose is the cause of poor air flow, Parts Geek is proud to announce that they have expanded their inventory of AC hoses in preparation for summer. With the new products, customers are presented with over 7,600 AC hoses to choose from.

Champion Racing Oil Team Wins 2015 Great Race

LogoThe team, which ran Champion Racing Oil in their race-car, got the overall win for the second time in their racing career, and also won the 2015 Champion Motor Oil Top Performer Trophy. In all, their prizes include trophies, $50,000 dollars in cash, an all expense paid trip to a Professional Japanese Road Rally, and a garage full of Champion Motor Oil.

Maxima Expands Its Portfolio with a Patented Heavy-Duty Column Lift

Maxima Heavy-Duty Column Lift: Because Safety Comes First

Parts Geek Announces over 16,900 Porsche Products Are Now Available

LogoPeople who prefer to buy vehicles for their luxury and reputation probably consider a Porsche. Ever since the early 1930s, this German-based automaker has provided the world with some of the most robust and luxurious vehicles on the market. However, just like every other vehicle, there eventually comes a time where old parts need to be replaced or repaired. One reliable source that Porsche owners can find high-quality replacements parts is In fact, this leading online auto parts retailer is pleased to announce that they have extended their Porsche inventory to hold over 16,900 products.

Tri Glass, Inc. Encourages Individuals to Start Their Own Business with Their Windshield Repair Kits

Entrepreneurs looking to start their own automobile windshield repair business need the right tools and materials to get started. The windshield repair products company, Tri Glass, Inc., offers a wide variety of tools and products needed to conduct fast and effective windshield repairs. The company encourages people looking to start their own auto glass repair business to do so with their windshield repair equipment and supplies. Windshield repair businesses can begin operating with Tri Glass, Inc.'s high-quality windshield repair kits, which are comprised of everything needed to fix a glass crack or fissure on vehicles. The kits are affordable and come with a quantity of supplies that allows for hundreds of windshield repairs.

New Luxury, Perfect Model Vehicles in Stock

A top Canadian premium vehicle dealership has today announced they have more desirable automobiles than ever before. König Motors now stock some of the best pre-owned cars you're going to find this side of the border. They are committed to ensuring that all their customers leave with a fantastic deal. That is why the prices involved are so reasonable. Regardless of which manufacturers you prefer, this company is guaranteed to stock the perfect model for you.

Langhorne Car Dealer, G&E Motors, Announces Financing for Everyone

Buying a car is an important investment in the future, though it can seem like an impossibility for those with bad credit or significant money problems. G&E Motors of Langhorne, PA, understands the importance of securing a safe, reliable vehicle at a reasonable price with financing assistance. Offering rates as low as 1.9%, G&E Motors will provide instant credit approval for financing and low prices on quality used cars in order for clients to get back on the road as soon as possible.

Parts Geek Announces Updated Inventory of Carburetors

LogoOne particular auto part that has been phased out over the past decade is the carburetor. However, many older vehicles—such as the 1972 Volkswagen Beetle and 1978 Chevrolet Corvette, still need a properly functioning carburetor in order for it keep from stalling. When trying to find new, high-quality, and affordable carburetors, one place that vehicle owners can turn to is In fact, Parts Geek has just updated their carburetor inventory to feature over 13,600 products. Looks Forward to Retailing Performance Parts for the 2016 Focus RS

Auto enthusiasts waiting to get behind the wheel of the new 2016 Focus RS can turn to for quality performance parts when they become released. The Focus RS is scheduled to release sometime next year, during spring, and anticipates the arrival of the vehicle, along with many other Ford fans. The company currently retails performance parts for the 2013 and 2014 Focus ST model. The company is always staying educated on the new Ford brand vehicles so that they can keep their inventory up-to-date as much as possible. When the Focus RS does release, the company plans on offering top-rated vehicle enhancements for the model, as they become available from the aftermarket manufacturers.

Wimmer Custom Cycle Announces New Servo Cover Performance Part Available for Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Wimmer Custom Cycle is pleased to announce that it has released a brand new performance part for Harley Davidson brand motorcycles. Riders that have installed the Wimmer Custom Cycle air cleaner on the 2008 and up Harley Davidson Touring model bike can add The Throttle by Wire Servo Cover performance part for simplicity. The performance parts dealer specializes in providing high-quality performance parts for motorcycles. Motorcycle owners that want to add a customized appearance to their bike can shop the parts selection available at Wimmer Custom Cycle.

New DashCam Models Launched

Leading internet based DashCam provider has announced that they have launched new models of DashCamson their portal. Julia Robson, Marketing director of the portal shared recent sales details of the portal, wherein there has been a significant increase in sales of the high end versions of DashCams, especially for use in SUVs and Off roaders.

Quakertown Mitsubishi Announces Giant 2015 Summer Sales Event

New vehicle buyers can "sale into summer" with the promotion going on at Quakertown Mitsubishi. The dealership is pleased to announce that they have begun their Giant 2015 Summer Sales Event that features Mitsubishi models at Pennsylvania's lowest prices. Residents looking to cruise this season in a brand new Mitsubishi car can highly benefit from the dealership's summer deals. Quakertown Mitsubishi is one of the few car dealerships of the Allentown, PA, area that has amazing rates available on 2015 models, for a temporary period only.

Peruzzi Mitsubishi Announces Summer of 2015 Prices Available on Every Vehicle

LogoThere is nothing better than enjoying the heat of the summer in a newly purchased, high-quality vehicle such as a Mitsubishi. The Mitsubishi dealer in Bucks County, PA, Peruzzi Mitsubishi, is pleased to announce that their summer of 2015 prices are now available on every vehicle in their inventory. Customers are invited to "ride the wave of savings" when they visit the dealership to buy a new vehicle. The dealership carries a wide variety of models, including the Lancer, Mirage, Outlander and Outlander Sport.

Car Attorneys That Sue Car Dealers for Fraud and Deceipt

LogoCar dealer fraud is very common among used car sellers. Being a victim of car dealership fraud is a frustrating experience which can also be expensive. The time and resources that car buyers have to spend fixing a defective car is often not worth it. Being aware of car dealer fraud helps car buyers to protect themselves from becoming a victim of dealership scams. Anyone who recently discovered that the used car that they purchased is defective, or the car dealership lied about prior accidents and damage, should immediately call for professional legal advice from an experienced car attorney.

Parts Geek Increases Inventory of Brake Pads to Accommodate Driver Demands

LogoDrivers that are experiencing squeaking brakes when they come to a stop can be in danger of worn out or failing brakes. Brake pads are positioned to each tire and produce pressure to help drivers come to a complete stop without hitting the car in front of them. Over time, the pads become worn, and Parts Geek is announcing they have increased their inventory of quality OEM pads to accommodate demands. With the additional products, the company is featuring over 100,000 brake pads for drivers in need.

Teens Focus on Accident Prevention at EchoPark Automotive Distracted Driving Event

LogoTeen drivers gathered at the Thornton location of EchoPark Automotive on June 6 to participate in a complimentary one-hour hands-on training and driving experience designed to teach ways to combat the dangerous practice of distracted driving.

Make Life an Adventure on Two Wheels with Adventure Touring Motorcycle

There is no other feeling in the world that can compare to the sheer joy of exploring the most scenic and remote destinations from the back of a motorcycle. There is a sense of immediacy, which is not present in the driver's seat of a car. A motorcycle tour lets the traveler experience the world at its most natural form. The smell and feel of the wind can make the rider feel alive in a way that no climate controlled cockpit can. Motorcycling is a sport of emotions. Most of the riders have the best experiences of their lives on a motorcycle and once the bug has bitten, there is absolutely no turning back. Motorcycling is purely about adventure. It is about not knowing how the ride is going to turn out but taking it anyway. So much of the modern life revolves around trying to mould out own destiny into a neat package, but life actually happens when things do not go according to the plan. The best experiences are when no one knows what is coming up next. Adventure Touring Motorcycle is all about embracing this knowledge and being open to new experiences, without knowing where the trail might lead.

Parts Geek Now Offering 17,700 Saab Automotive Parts

LogoFor almost 70 years, Swedish-based automaker Saab has been providing the world with some of the safest and most exceptional vehicles. But, just like every other vehicle make and model out there, Saab vehicles are not impervious to damage or old age. However, one way to keep a Saab vehicle close to being just as exceptional as it was when it was purchased is to replace old parts. To help Saab owners keep their vehicles running efficiently, Parts Geek, a leading online auto parts retailer, is pleased to announce that they are now offering over 17,700 products.

Car Pro Jerry Reynolds Publishes Fresh Look at the 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport

The Car Pro, one of the country's most popular and trusted sources for automotive news and analysis, published an exclusive new review of the 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport. Now available at, the new review by Jerry Reynolds, the Car Pro, includes a video feature, along with an in-depth, text-based take on the small, high-end sport utility vehicle. With more than 35 years of experience in the automotive industry, the Car Pro delivers useful, informed takes on every vehicle he reviews, so the new feature will be of great interest to anyone who cares about cars.

Parts Geek Announces Expanded Inventory of Cargo Liners

LogoBelieve it or not, a vehicle's cargo liners can take a beating. Also, just like many other components of a vehicle, it can be replaced. When looking for an online store that sells affordable and high-quality cargo liners, one particular one that stands out is As a leading online auto parts retailer, those who visit their website will find that they offer a countless number of products. In fact, the company has just expanded their cargo liners inventory to feature well over 1,500 products.

SIXT Makes It Possible to Rent a Vehicle Worldwide Online

LogoTo make the process of renting a vehicle quick, easy and unproblematic, SIXT has recently launched a website, where you can place your order any time of the day. They are open 24/7 to make it easy for everyone rent any car in the shortest time possible. Regardless the type and the model of a vehicle a customer needs, this can be done with a few clicks of a mouse only!

DNABER Auto Parts Is an Online Supplier of Auto Parts and Accessories

Automobile owners often require variety of spare parts to fix the technical problems of their cars, buses and other vehicles. To provide solution DNABER Auto Parts has brought out variety of high quality automobile spare parts in its online portal. Customers using this online platform of the company can buy their required auto parts quite easily at an affordable price. The site provides secure shopping facilities to the purchasers. All types of automobile spare parts and accessories are available on this online platform of the company. Users have the option of viewing all its displayed products in details by clicking the respective categories like tools, batteries, engine oil, car parts and many more.

Brett Hearn Wins at Albany-Saratoga for His 10th Win This Season

LogoBrett Hearn who runs Champion Racing Oil has 890 career racing wins including 78 Track and Series Championships. Follow Brett on-line at