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Long Fiber Thermoplastics Market - Recommendations to Market Players to Stay Ahead of the Competition

Used by itself or in combination with other materials, long fiber thermoplastics offer numerous advantages across a plethora of applications. Not only are long fiber thermoplastics fully reformable and recyclable, their reprocessing does not produce toxic effluents. As a result, the growing environmental concerns among the global populace have compelled several manufacturers to opt for these materials. Offering equally good mechanical performance as several metals, long fiber thermoplastics enable the production of much lighter alternatives at the same time. Weight reduction is crucial in the easing of handling fatigue, convenient portability, enhanced ergonomics, and improved functionality, thereby being a more cost efficient solution when compared with simpler conventional plastics.

Solar Power Market Report Forecasts High Growth by 2022 - Scalar Market Research

According to the report, "Solar Power Market - Global Revenue, Trends, Growth, Share, Size and Forecast to 2022", the market for solar power is expected to witness a healthy growth during the forecast period.

United States Outbuildings Market Report 2017 - NRB, Integrity, Arrowcreek, Westcoast Outbuildings, Vertical Building, Graves, Cleary Building

LogoIn this report, the United States Outbuildings market is expected to grow rapidly between 2016 and 2022. Geographically, this report splits the United States market into seven regions: - The West - Southwest - The Middle Atlantic - New England - The South - The Midwest

Global LED Video Walls Market Size (Value, Volume), Share, Growth and Forecast Report 2017

This report studies sales (consumption) of LED Video Walls in Global market, especially in United States, China, Europe and Japan, focuses on top players in these regions/countries, with sales, price, revenue and market share for each player in these regions, covering Koninklijke Philips Samsung Electronics Panasonic Sony Corporation Delta Electronics Planar DynaScan Technology LG Display Toshiba Corporation Barco N.V

United States Chemical Leavening Agents Market Report 2017 - Activated Carbon, Microcrystalline Cellulose (MCC), Methylcellulose, Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC)

LogoIn this report, the United States Chemical Leavening Agents market is expected to grow steadily between 2016 and 2022. Geographically, this report splits the United States market into seven regions: - The West - Southwest - The Middle Atlantic - New England - The South - The Midwest

United States Cloud Backup Market Report 2017 - Acronis International, Asigra, Barracuda Networks, Carbonite, Code42 Software, Datto, Druva Software

LogoIn this report, the United States Cloud Backup market is expected to grow steadily between 2016 and 2022. Geographically, this report splits the United States market into seven regions: - The West - Southwest - The Middle Atlantic - New England - The South - The Midwest

United States Combustion Turbine Market Report 2017 - General Electric, Sulzer Ltd., Siemens Ltd, MAN Diesel & Turbo, Kawasaki Heavy Industries

LogoIn this report, the United States Combustion Turbine market is expected to grow rapidly between 2016 and 2022. Geographically, this report splits the United States market into seven regions: - The West - Southwest - The Middle Atlantic - New England - The South - The Midwest

Global Security and Vulnerability Management Market Trends, Regulations and Competitive Landscape Outlook to 2027

LogoSecurity and vulnerability management (SVM) solutions are essential for the organisations for enterprise risk management in order to mitigate risk, create and audit security policy and also for consolidation of risk management information. All organisations demand security management which can be integrated with IT infrastructure to secure IT systems, storage and network connectivity. Security and vulnerability management (SVM) also offers organisations the cost effective ways for risk management. Security and vulnerability management also simplifies the complexity of multiple security solutions by increasing automation, effectiveness and nature of security.

Impact of Existing and Rising Plywood Market Trends and Forecast 2017-2027

LogoPlywood is a type of wood product, an engineered wood. It is a panel made of wood, manufactured from thin sheets of wood veneer that are stuck together. Due to its improved qualities, such as resistance to shrinkage, splitting, cracking and twisting, it finds application as a substitute for wood. Plywood also displays high strength as compared to plain wood and it is flexible, workable, reusable and inexpensive.

New Report- Automotive Engine Valves Market Analysis (2017 – 2027)

LogoThe increasing economic and regulatory pressure on OEMs to reduce fuel emission levels and develop vehicles with enhanced fuel economies is causing the focus of auto manufacturers to shift towards investments in research and development and is compelling them to develop novel products/components that can produce better results than existing products/components. Extensive research has been done on different categories of vehicle components, be it light weighting of body and on body components using advanced materials or in engine air management components through the introduction of new and advanced products. Automotive engine valves are one of the most significant kinds of engine air management components that help in enhancing engine gas exchange and hence, accentuate engine and vehicle performance. Significant research has been done in recent past in terms of technology regarding the production of automotive engine valves. Downsizing of automotive engines supplemented with high power requirements has led to a surge in demand for automotive engine valves with high strength and high temperature resistance. Furthermore, automotive engine valves must be highly durable to cope up with increasing vehicle life. Proper timing of engine valve is responsible for vehicle's proper air and fuel mixture ratio. On the other side, improper synchronization can lead to engine malfunction or improper mileage and excess emission of harmful gases.

A New Study Offers Key Insights About Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Software Solution Market for the Forecast 2017-2027

LogoGlobally Anti-money Laundering Software Solution market is growing as this software helps financial institution, banks and other enterprises to monitor suspicious transaction and analyze the customer data. AML software solutions operates in various categories such as customer identity management, currency transaction report, and compliance software. Anti-Money Laundering provide real-time alerts and tools to report suspicious actions to maximize security and operational effectiveness. Furthermore, AML offers a fully integrated data model, data warehouse, and data normalization covering all aspects of trading and account activity for enterprises. Anti-Money Laundering Software Solution Market helps enterprises operating in the market to identify the growth opportunities to propel their operations.

A Recent Research Delivers Insights About Automotive Door Hinges Market at a Global Level

LogoAutomotive door hinges are among the basic structural components of an automotive; they support door weight and facilitate operation, i.e. opening and closing movements of doors, tailgates and hoods. Automotive door hinges are generally manufactured using the sheet metal stamping process, which utilizes large capacity presses to manufacture these components. Automotive door hinges are usually manufactured from stainless steel; various grades of steel are selected depending upon the type of the vehicle and area of application. Apart from steel, various other materials are also used in the manufacturing of automotive door hinges, including copper, brass and sometimes bronze, however the application remains limited. The basic and the most crucial requirement of automotive hinges is protection against corrosion. Automotive door hinges must have good anti-corrosion properties, which in turn ensures long life of hinges and consequently, that of turn doors and gates. Automotive door hinges are usually coated to provide a long lasting finish. They have high operational life and hence, a low replacement rate. The automotive door hinges market is foreseen to witness moderate and steady growth over the forecast period. The market for automotive door hinges is highly fragmented, with unorganized players contributing to a major share of the market

Learn Details of the Advances in Information Security Consulting Market Forecast and Segments, 2017-2027

LogoInformation Security Consulting has grown significantly in many enterprises as Information Security Consulting service providers enable enterprises to assess and analyze its IT infrastructures and identify vulnerabilities and possible threats. As many enterprises sensitive data is stored in a cloud-based platform, there is increase in demand for Information Technology (IT) Security Consulting enterprise. Network security is growing in the market, due to its growing need to secure the complex networks of many enterprises, where the enterprise will secure their sensitive data.

New Report Shares Details About the Speech Analytics Market 2017 – 2027 Says FMI

LogoListening to a voice of the customer presents a challenge to most of the sophisticated contact center. Many different techniques are used to determine and evaluate the quality of customer interactions such as holding times, disconnection rates or reaction times. But this technique tells about events within customer interactions instead of the reason why they occurred. So here speech analytics plays an important role. With Speech analytics, one can automatically identify and extract relevant information from unstructured data for analysis.Speech analytics technology provides significant features like speech engine, mood detection, speaker isolation, query engine, search engine, analysis and indexing, dashboards and reports which deliver real- time analytics to the customer for instant decision making. Many enterprises are adopting speech analytics technology to enhance their business process to boost the customer satisfaction continuously.

Automotive Filters Market to Record an Impressive Growth Rate of US$ 17,651.7 Million by 2025 End

LogoRising sales of automobiles, coupled with rampant pace of global vehicle production, has secured the demand for automotive filters in the future. In 2017 and beyond, preventing mechanical wear & tear of component parts and avoid oil, fuel and air contamination will remain to be key maintenance stipulations for automobiles. Persistence Market Research's latest report projects that global demand for automotive filters will remain steady in the years to come. By the end of 2025, the global automotive filters market is poised to reach a value of US$ 17,651.7 Mn.

Research Report Anticipation the Green Cooling Technologies Market 2017 – 2027

LogoThe thriving population and increasing energy consumption is initiating a strong demand for technologies methods, and equipment aiding in the reduction of greenhouse gas emission and are helping to save significant amount of energy. One of the prime sectors contributing heavily to greenhouse emission is refrigeration and air conditioning, which is responsible for more than more than 14 percent of the total greenhouse gas emissions. Emissions are of two types: Direct emissions which occur due to release of refrigerant because of leaks from components or pipes and the indirect emissions which occur due to energy consumption and therefore depends upon source of electricity and amount of carbon dioxide emitted during its generation. Therefore in order to reduce the detrimental effect of the gas emitted due to refrigeration and conditioning, one must either utilize natural refrigerant or deploy green cooling technologies to help reduce the carbon footprint and protect the environment. Recent development in green cooling technologies include the commercial development of magnetic refrigerants cooling systems which doesn't employ any kind of refrigerant, but uses magneto caloric effect to magnetic refrigeration to be an effective and alternate refrigeration solution.

Learn Global Specifications of the Demulsifier Market Finds FMI

LogoApproximately 85% of the crude oil produced in the world is in the oil-in-water form, which causes major problems during exploration and production activities. The presence of oil in water causes corrosion of equipment such as pipelines and vessels and indirectly increases the transportation cost. To separate oil from water and to make the whole process of transportation easier and cheaper, certain chemicals are added to the water. These chemicals are referred to as demulsifiers or emulsion breakers, these are essential chemicals which are used to separate emulsion from crude oil.

Analytical Insights About Petroleum Liquid Feedstock (Naphtha and Gas Oil) Market Provided in Detail , Observes FMI

LogoDistillation is the primary stage of petroleum refining, which separates crude oil into hydrocarbon groups. The subsequent goods are directly related to the features of the crude oil being handled. Furthermore, Most of these products are transformed into operational products by changing their physical and molecular structures through conversion, reforming and by cracking processes. Petroleum liquid feedstock -naphtha is a product, which is the mixture of various hydrocarbons that are extremely flammable and volatile, and are obtained during distillation of coal tar or petroleum or by the distillation of wood and also known by various names such as petroleum naphtha, wood naphtha and coal tar naphtha. Gas oil can be defined as a group of petroleum distillation products with boiling points between lubricating oil and kerosene.

A New Study Offers Detailed Examination of Fluid Catalytic Cracking Catalysts Market 2017-2027 , Says FMI

LogoFluid Catalytic Cracking can be defined as a secondary chemical conversion process that breaks down the hydrocarbon fractions present in crude oil into simpler fractions that can be commercially utilized such as olefinic gases, gasoline and various other important petroleum based products. This is basically a secondary petroleum refining process where a specific fraction of crude oil with a boiling point of 340 degree Celsius or more is introduced as the feedstock to the fluid catalytic cracking process. The reaction is initiated and then further augmented in the refinery by the combination of heated crude oil and activated fluid catalytic cracking catalysts such as zeolites and lanthanum oxide. The catalyst introduced into the fluid catalytic cracking reaction should be able to maintain its chemical composition at high temperature and pressure, have large surface area and pore pits, should not produce by-products such as coke by itself and must be able to initiate reaction at a high rate. Fluid catalytic cracking catalysts are made up of four major components namely a catalytic site, which provides most of the catalytic reaction, a matrix site providing additional catalytic activity along with the main catalytic site and binders & fillers, which equip the catalysts with necessary physical strength holding the catalytic sites together. In order to extract the full potential of fluid catalytic cracking catalysts, it is very important that the feedstock must be devoid of any metallic contaminants.

Metallic Stearates Market Insights Offered in a Recent Report , Finds FMI

LogoMetallic stearates are long chain fatty acid compounds with metals of different valencies. Metallic stearates can be used for a wide range of applications, owing to their versatile properties, such as lubrication, separating properties, water repellence, gelling, stabilising, foam inhibition, and others. Metallic stearates have high melting points and are thermostable in nature. They are mostly derived from animal or plant based fatty acid sources. Aluminium and magnesium stearates are widely being used as stabilizing agents in many suspensions. Metallic stearates are used as lubricating agents in the plastics processing industry. They provide excellent resistant to colour degradation at elevated temperatures. Moreover, Zinc stearates are used as mould release agents in a number of applications.

A Latest Research Provides Insights About Thin Film Photovoltaic Modules Market, Observes FMI

LogoRenewable energy resources have the potential to meet the growing energy demand through the use of renewable energy resources such as solar, wind, hydropower, geothermal, etc. Photovoltaic technology is one of the most favoured renewable energy technologies. Photovoltaic (PV) generates electricity using solar cells. The photovoltaic effect allows semiconductors to generate electricity using sunlight through an electronic process. Solar cells are manufactured either from crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells or thin- film photovoltaic cells. When it comes to converting sunlight to electricity, thin-film cells commonly offer lower efficiency in comparison to silicon cells. However, thin film cells are simple and less expensive to produce. However silicon cells are expensive to manufacture.

New Report Offers Analysis on the Calcium Carbonate Market in-Depth Report 2017 – 2027

LogoCalcium carbonate is a naturally occurring chemical compound with molecular formula as CaCO3. More than 4% of the earth's crust is comprised of calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is available as aragonite, calcite and dolomite, which are its natural form. The other common natural forms of calcium carbonate are marble, limestone and chalk, which are formed in millions of years by sedimentation of shells of fossilized corals, shellfish and snails. Chemically all these three forms are identical but are different in whiteness, thickness, purity and homogeneity. Calcium carbonate is one of the most versatile and useful material known to the mankind because of its various applications. Calcium carbonate used for industrial applications can be extracted by mining and quarrying. Pure form of calcium carbonate is required for pharmaceutical and food applications, which can be prepared with a pure quarried source such as marble. Ultrafine calcium carbonate is highly porous and has high surface area-volume ratio, it is non-toxic as well as possess biocompatibility with body fluids, which makes its applications more versatile. Various commercial grades of calcium carbonate are being developed, which meet different technical demands by optimization of properties such as fineness, color and distribution of its particles of different sizes.

New Report Shares Details About the Glass Tempering Systems Market Witness Steady Growth Through 2027

LogoToughened glass or tempered glass acquires a degree of strength of normal glass sheet which when broke, shatters into small and comparatively harmless pieces. Toughened or tempered glass are most popular types of glasses as they are more resistant to vibrations, and shocks and thus are used in windows, cars and other such applications. A system used for tempering the glass is called glass tempering system in which glass is superheated and then cooled immediately, the glass expands when heated at a high temperature and contracts when cooled quickly. Tempered glass is commonly used in extreme pressure and temperature, thus when it breaks, it forms small pieces, unlike normal glass. Owing to this property, tempered glasses are used in many safety glass applications. Various companies research and develop advanced systems which facilitate the easy and efficient handling and processing of the glass in the system. Thus the global glass tempering System market is expected to gain traction in the forecast period 2017-2027 with significant CAGR.

Analytical Insights About Aluminum Slugs Market Size and Forecast, 2017-2027

LogoThe global packaging market has introduced an extensive collection of single-serve packaging systems into the market, inferable of the growing request from the working population. Aluminum slugs play a crucial role in the packaging industry with easier, faster, safer, efficient and effective way of impact extrusion of the slug. Aluminum slugs are also eco-friendly and recyclable which gives an advantage over other types of metal slugs. They come in different sizes and can be converted to any shape for the convenience of customers. Aluminum slugs are also rust resistance and lighter which have extended the scope for aluminum slugs market. Aluminum slugs market is expected to get demand from several application segments including food & beverages industries, healthcare, paint industries, pharmaceutical, etc. where slugs are being used.

Learn Global Specifications of the Power and Signal Cables Market Dynamics & Key Players (2017 - 2027)

LogoSignal cables are an optical fiber or metal wire that is used to transfer data and through signals as a medium. On the other side, power cables are the type of cables which provides electricity to the unit. Power cable is an insulated thread of wires that are bundled together to pass electricity at various voltage levels. The power cables are mainly applicable for underground cabling and overhead lines applications and can be widely fragmented into three major types based on their operating voltage applications.

New Report Shares Details About the Screw Jacks Market Insights Offered in a Recent Report , Finds FMI

LogoScrew jacks is a mechanical device which includes screw mechanism to raise or lower the load. Screw jacks are widely used for industrial machinery for varied applications such as tipping, lifting, lowering or moving. Screw jacks play an important role for linear actuation requirements. The selection of screw jacks depends on various factors such as the type of load, desired speed for lifting, temperature conditions etc. The screw jacks are operated with pneumatic, electrical, hydraulic, and manual inputs. Under extreme chemical or mechanical conditions, the screw jacks are manufactured with special materials and in order sustain the extreme environmental conditions. Some of the key parts of screw jacks are trapezoidal lifting screw, worm gear, worm screw and gear housing. The lifting screw controls the linear motion speed which is dependent upon the thread size and worm gear rotation ratio. The screw jacks is an important device for industries where is used for various applications such as food processing machinery, theatrical stage setups, industrial processes, construction, mechanical lifting applications etc. More than one screw jacks can also be connected together for applications which require simultaneous movements. The global screw jack market is primarily driven by its excellent operable features such as easy to mount and extend till a wide area with the aid of other accessories.

During 2017-2027 Speciality Paper Market Will Hit at a CAGR 5.2% in Terms of Volume

LogoWestern Europe to Remain the Largest Market for Specialty Paper