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Roofing Market 2014-2020: Major Market Players Are Atlas Roofing Corporation, Duro-Last Roofing, Inc., CertainTeed Corporation, and Others

The report covers forecast and analysis for the Roofing market on a global and regional level. The study provides historic data of 2015 along with a forecast from 2016 to 2021 based on volume and revenue (USD Million). The study includes drivers and restraints for the market along with the impact they have on the demand over the forecast period. Additionally, the report includes study of opportunities available in the Roofing market on a global level.

Global Smart Transportation Market 2016: Industry Review, Research, Statistics, and Growth to 2021

Latest industry research report on Smart transport, also known as Intelligent Transport System (ITS), is an advanced transportation infrastructure, which has the aim to provide innovative services for traffic and transport management system. The goal of this report is to analyze the current and expected trends of the smart transportation market as the system has garnered substantial support from government agencies. The study covers an in-depth analysis of the market based on various solutions, services and smart/green fuels segments of the market. The report analyzes opportunities in the developed and emerging economies so that companies can strategically plan their moves in specific regions.

Global Dichloroethane (EDC) Market: Explores New Growth Opportunities by 2020

LogoDichloroethane is also known as ethylene dichloride (EDC). Dichloroethane is a colorless liquid with chloroform-like odor. Dichloroethane is a chlorinated hydrocarbon, generally used to produce vinyl chloride monomer, the major precursor of polyvinyl chloride (PVC).Dichloroethane is highly flammable, toxic and carcinogenic.Dichloroethane can be easily recycled and reused in the same facility for further use. Dichloroethane market is strongly depends on PVC market and construction industry.

Cupcake Graphics Receives Award for Best Wedding Invitations in Philadelphia

LogoCupcake Graphics, a boutique designer of customized, luxurious wedding invitations, is the recipient of several prestigious industry awards, including a WeddingWire Couples' Choice Award and Best of Bucks Award for Wedding Invitations. This month, Cupcake Graphics adds an award from to its roster of accolades. has officially recognized Cupcake Graphics as an expert in the category of Best Wedding Invitations in Philadelphia, PA.

Epichlorohydrin Market: Segments, Opportunity, Growth and Forecast by End-Use Industry 2015-2020

LogoEpichlorohydrin is flammable epoxy compound, highly reactive and colorless liquid made by chlorine, milk of lime and propylene. It is miscible in diethyl ether, ethanol, and chloroform and insoluble in water. Phenoxy and unmodified epoxy resins are produced using epichlorohydrin as a raw material. Epichorohydrin is used in production of glycerin. Epichlorohydrin holds a stand in paper industries, water treatment plants and rubber factories owing to its wet strength and curing properties.

Soil Treatment Market: Growing Demand for Food Grains Drives the Market by 2015–2020

LogoSoil contamination is usually caused by agricultural chemicals, improper disposal of waste and industrial activity. In polluted soil, nutrients, soil structure, water holding capacity and degradation capacity is reduced. Soil treatment is done to recover the loss caused by contamination and improves soil's condition by escalating moisture intent, balancing pH and inducing microbial growth. Soil treatment has been developed in scientific disciple where collaboration from different fields such as pedology, engineering, geology, chemistry, environmental planning, and microbiology are substantial. Different kinds of techniques for soil treatment like chemical, biological, thermal are used independently or in a blend.

Plasterboard Market: Size, Share, 2015–2020 Detailed in New Research Report

LogoPlasterboard is a panel composed of gypsum that is used in construction industry. It is also known as drywall and mostly employed in a ceiling lining or internal wall board. Various additives are added to design plasterboard with various properties. It is available in different sizes and shapes. It mainly offers properties like sound prevention and, energy loss among others. The plasterboard material has broad range of applications such as residential and non residential construction, interior, wall and ceiling and others.

Erbium Oxide Market: Increasing Consumer and Industrial Electronics Drives the Market by 2015–2020

LogoErbium oxide is a water insoluble oxide synthesized from the lanthanide metal erbium. Erbium oxide has excellent electrical, optical and photoluminescence properties. Erbium is found principally in the minerals monazite and bastnaesite. It can be extracted by ion exchange and solvent extraction. Erbium oxide doped nanoparticle materials can be dispersed in plastic or glass for display purposes, such as display monitors. Erbium oxide has ability to change its magnetic properties according to temperature.

Lipase Market: Increase in the Consumption of Processed Dairy Products and Meat Drives the Market by 2015–2020

LogoLipase is an enzyme generally produced by an organ located near the stomach called pancreas and secreted into the small intestine. This enzyme helps in the hydrolysis of fats and decreases the formation of fatty acids and glycerol. It is also produced by tongue, stomach and many other cells. It plays important role in digestion, transport and processing of dietary lipids. Lipase deals with diverse biological processes. Cholesterol, obesity and high triglycerides can be overcome using lipase. Lipase has large health and industrial advantages due to which it has became one of the largest growing markets in the overall enzymes market.

Global Nonwoven Materials & Products Market 2016: Industry Demand, Segment, Statistics and Research to 2021

LogoLatest industry research report on Nonwoven materials is a material that is made out of long fiber that is bonded together by mechanical, chemical, heat or solvent treatment. The aim of this report is to evaluate the present and projected trends of the nonwoven materials market, as it is expected that demand for these materials would increase as they are considered a substitute to polyurethane. The study covers a deep dive analysis of the market of the various fibers and applications of the market. The report analyzes opportunities in the developed and emerging economies so that companies can make strategies as per their targeted regions. Nonwoven materials are very useful in manufacturing disposable items as they can be bonded by multiple treatments. The demand for disposable products, especially in the medical sector is constantly growing, which is the key driver for the market. Additionally, the increase in geotextile industry has also spurred the demand for nonwoven materials as nonwoven items can be used extensively to manufacture durable products for the geotextile industry.

Global Diabetic Food Market 2016: Industry Review, Insights, Demand and Analysis to 2021

LogoDiabetic Food products are dietary products that include reduced carbohydrate and sugar contents that help in controlling the rise of the blood glucose. Diabetic Food also contains low calorie sweeteners, diet beverages, etc. These products are consumed by diabetic people as well as by the people who are not diabetic as precautionary measure to prevent diabetes.

Natural Refrigerants Market: Analysis, Trends, Segment & Forecast Up to 2020 Available in New Report

LogoRefrigerant is a fluid that acts as a coolant. Natural occurring refrigerant is the best alternative used for fluorocarbon refrigerants. Natural refrigerant includes carbon, ammonia, hydrocarbons. These refrigerants have zero ozone depletion prospective compared to conventional refrigerants. These refrigerants have broad range of applications including cold storage, freezing, commercial and industrial refrigeration etc.

Global Nutraceutical Ingredients Market 2016: Industry Analysis, Statistics, Reviews and Forecast 2021

LogoNutraceutical ingredients are chemical, natural bioactive compounds that possess disease preventing, health promoting and medicinal properties. These are primarily used in functional foods and dietary supplements. Nutraceutical ingredient market is rising with increased health awareness in people and growing health concerns, increasing demand for healthy food, personal care products and safe animal nutrition products. Health benefits of nutraceuticals and their application in food, beverages, dietary supplements, pediatric and adult nutrition preparation supports the use of nutraceutical ingredients. Consumers have shifted their focus from mere hunger satisfaction to meeting nutritional needs.

Global Monoethylene Glycol Market 2016: Industry Review, Research, Statistics, and Growth to 2021

LogoMonoethylene Glycol is an odorless, colorless, sweet-tasting, syrupy organic compound. It is generally known as Ethylene glycol. It is widely used as raw material in the manufacturing process of fabric and polyester fibers. In addition, it is used as coolant material, anti- freeze, dewatering agent, chemical intermediate, humecant, anti- corrosion agent, etc. Moreover, Monoethylene Glycol has a wide range of applications, ranging from production of tobacco to manufacturing process of food & beverages, medicines, cosmetics, etc. The major factor that is driving the growth of the Monoethylene Glycol market is soaring demand for PET resin, polyester fibers and antifreeze. In addition, Monoethylene Glycol is a bio-degradable compound due to which it aquatic organisms are less affected. This factor is also contributing to the growth of the market. However, the major limiting factors of the market are high prices of crude oil and regulations for environmental protection due to which there are less number of approved chemicals present in the market.

Low Calorie Food Market 2016: Global Industry Insights, Statistics, Demand and Forecasts to 2021

LogoLow calorie food is a major growing segment in health food market. The increasing health concerns and changing lifestyle is pushing this market segment upwards. Low calorie food is beneficial for many health issues and so people are demanding more of such food products. The global healthy food market is the parent market for low calorie food and it is expected to reach $1 trillion by 2017. The major driving forces for the growth of this market are increasing health awareness, changing lifestyle and rapid rise in cases of obesity and diabetes. The major limiting factor for the growth of this market is the high cost of these products. The increasing awareness about healthy food and healthy market would provide growth opportunities in this market.

Optical Fiber Market 2016: Global Industry Insights, Statistics, Demand and Forecasts to 2021

LogoOptical fiber is the technology which is used in long distance communication. Optical fiber cabl e uses electromagnetic waves to carry information from one place to another. These are flexible, transparent, and made up of high quality plastic or silica. In order to provide high speed communication, bandwidth, greater resistance and minimum maintenance, these fibers are being used in communication systems Due to various advantages, the market is expected to grow in future, that leads to a detailed study of the global optical fiber market. A detailed analysis of the market would provide a clear view of the global optical fiber market.

Global Oral Proteins and Peptides Market 2016: Industry Review, Research, Statistics, and Growth to 2021

LogoLatest industry research report on Oral Proteins and Peptides are the formulations that are orally administered by the patient. Usually, formulations containing proteins and peptides are administered via intravenous and subcutaneous route due to instability and sensitivity towards body fluids. Oral route of administration is very convenient route; however, the bioavailability of proteins and peptides is less, when administered orally due to degradation of amino acids in gastrointestinal tract. With the advancement in technology formulation containing protein and peptides are introduced in the market that can be orally administered with no change in therapeutic activity and pharmacokinetic aspects.

Global Ovarian Cancer Drugs Market 2016: Industry Review, Insights, Demand and Analysis to 2021

LogoOvarian cancer is cancer that affects the ovaries. According to the WHO, an estimated 2,38,700 women were diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2012. The report analyzes the demand for Ovarian Cancer drugs, which would contribute to the growth of the market. It focuses on both generic and brand drugs that are used to treat ovarian cancer and their impact on the market.

Global Pharmaceutical Packaging Equipment Market 2016: Industry Demand, Segment, Statistics and Research to 2021

LogoIn order to thwart microbial growth and render the product contamination free, packaging plays a vital role and serves the purpose of safety throughout the shelf life of pharmaceuticals. In regulatory perspective, packaging has gained a significant importance and need critical compliance. The Packaging Equipment market for pharmaceutical has evolved from conventional packaging systems to modern and automated system, and it is well on its way to further growth. Our study suggests that packaging equipment market for pharmaceutical is expected to grow at a healthy CAGR from 2013 to 2020.

Global Smart Education and Learning Market 2016: Industry Analysis, Statistics, Reviews and Forecast 2021

LogoThere has been a noteworthy growth in the global Smart Education and Learning market in recent years. Educational institutes have been adopting hi-tech teaching techniques in order to impart better education. The introduction of technology into learning methods and classrooms has helped in coping up with varying curriculum, multi-modal training and in several research programs. The smart education and learning do assist in improving the learning and understanding of students more effectively by granting them access to superior quality content.

Octyl Methoxycinnamate Market: Volume Forecast and Value Chain Analysis 2016-2020

LogoOctyl methoxycinnamate is an ester with slightly yellow oily liquid and insoluble in water. Octyl methoxycinnamate is formed by the reaction of methoxycinnamic acid with (RS)-2-ethylhexanol. Trade names for octyl methoxycinnamate are Uvinul MC80 and Eusolex 2292. Octyl Methoxycinnamate is widely used as UV-B filters with superior protection potential. UV-B are medium rays which are absorbed by ozone layer, their wavelengths ranges between 280-320m, severely affects the epidermal layer of the skin. It pervade up to the stratum basale, causing erythema generally known as sun burn. Octyl methoxycinnamate is a derivative of unsaturated fatty acid i.e. cinnamate acid, for the oxidative stability of the product an antioxidant like vitamin B or BHT is added to cosmetic composition. Octyl methoxycinnamate is oil-soluble UV filter and easily discrete to the oil phase.

Smart Factory Market 2016: Global Industry Insights, Statistics, Demand and Forecasts to 2021

LogoSmart Factory is the advanced factory that has cyber-physical systems where materials can be moved efficiently across the factory floor. This advanced system has integrated computing codes that provides automation solution. This automation can be deployed within 60 days in order to streamline and track the materials flow through the facility of manufacturing. Smart Factory provides data models and factory- specific & MES templates for rapid use. The use of Smart Factory boosts the quality & productivity and cuts down the operational cost as compared to traditional production systems.

Chromatography Resin Market: Increasing Demand for Monoclonal Antibodies Drives the Market by 2015–2020

LogoChromatography is the technique used to separate or identify organic compounds and inorganic compounds from a solution. The fundamental principle followed by this technique is that different compounds hold different properties either they attach to the surface or get dissolve in solution. Depending on their properties the separation is done. Chromatography is widely used method owing to its high efficiency and ease of use. Chromatography resins are used to purify the proteins or biomolecules.

Global Solvents Market 2016: Industry Review, Insights, Demand and Analysis to 2021

LogoSolvent is a material that dissolves a solute thus, resulting in a solution. Solvents are usually in liquid state but can also be in solid or gaseous forms. Solvents are used for varied applications in domestic, commercial and research purposes. Herein, the evaluation conducted considers the extrinsic and intrinsic factors governing the market. The aim of this report is to provide an insight on the global solvent markets, current and projected trends and to carry out an in depth analysis of the available market potentials. The report evaluates opportunities in the developed and emerging economies so that corporations can make strategic decisions and gain competitive edge. There are certain factors that play the role of drivers for the solvent market such as growing demand for solvents in construction industry, its application in medical field and increasing use of solvents in pharmaceutical, sealants, adhesives and printing inks. Also, the rising regulatory pressure for the use of organic solvents, which are ecofriendly in nature, is acting as a driver for the global solvents market.

Global Tantalum Market 2016: Industry Demand, Segment, Statistics and Research to 2021

LogoTantalum is a transition metal that has high melting point and capable of resisting high corrosion. It is a lustrous and blue gray chemical element that is very rare to find. Tantalum is generally derived from hard rock mines; it can also be found in artisanak mines, tin slag and in minerals such as tantalite, columbite and coltan. Due to chemical inertness, tantalum is used as a substitute for platinum and has a wide range of application in laboratory equipment, electronic equipment, medical devices, manufacturing of super alloys, etc. Tantalum has many applications in electronics industry as it can manufacture high power resistors and high end capacitors. Tantalum oxide is also used in X-ray equipment and camera lenses. In addition, tantalum chloride is used in the production of cutting tools.

Global Wireless Audio Device Market 2016: Industry Analysis, Statistics, Reviews and Forecast 2021

LogoWireless audio device are the devices that use wireless connectivity to play various audios. Advancement in the audio industry has created high demand for Wireless Audio Devices such as microphones, headphones, sound-bars and speakers. Wireless audio device are cost competitive and low powered devices. The applications of Wireless audio device range from commercial sector to defense and automotive sector.

Specialty Polymers Market: Dynamics, Forecast, Analysis and Supply Demand 2015-2021

LogoPolymers exhibiting special properties such as ability to conduct heat compared to conventional polymers are known as specialty polymers. Specialty polymers are differentiated into six types such as thermoplastic polymers, biodegradable polymers, polymer composites, liquid crystal polymers, electroluminescent polymers, and conducting polymers. They are highly in demand and exclusively employed in various end-applications such as construction, automotive, medical, electronics, cosmetics and others.