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Bank Kiosk Market: Shares and Strategies for Key Industry Players by 2025

The growth in the global bank kiosk market is projected to increase substantially across the forecast period. With a high level of competition and development of innovative features and products, the market is likely to register a healthy growth rate in the next few years. The remarkable efforts being taken by prominent players to offer improved and efficient customer service is expected to supplement the growth of the global bank kiosk market throughout the forecast period.

Global Ceiling-Mounted Supply Pendants with Column Market 2017: By Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2022

Market Research Store has been recently published a fresh research report— Europe Ceiling-mounted Supply Pendants with Column Market by Manufacturers, Countries, Type and Application, Forecast to 2022 . This added to the company's collection of research reports. This report offers a deep examination of the Europe Ceiling-mounted Supply Pendants with Column market for the period 2013–2023. As per the report, the Europe Ceiling-mounted Supply Pendants with Column market is estimated to grow at elevated CAGR recorded in 2017. The towering competitive Europe Ceiling-mounted Supply Pendants with Column market has been observing huge and whooping investments in development and research from government as well as private firms.

Computer Keyboards Market Size and Forecast Is Expected to Register a CAGR of 2.3% from 2015 to 2025

LogoAccording to a new market report published by Future Market Insights titled "Computer Keyboards Market - Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2015 - 2025," the global computer keyboards market was valued at US$ 4,780.5 Mn in 2014 and is expected to register a CAGR of 2.3% from 2015 to 2025. Growth of the computer keyboards market is primarily driven by increasing sales of ergonomic keyboards.

CAGR 15.4% in the BRIC Automotive Plastics Market 2015-2020

LogoFuture Market Insights announces the release of its latest report titled, "Automotive Plastics Market: BRIC Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2015 - 2020". According to the report, the BRIC automotive plastics market was valued at US$ 11,244.4 million in 2014, and is projected to register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.4% during forecast period 2015 - 2020.

Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Market Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share and Forecast 2015-2025

LogoFuture Market Insights (FMI) delivers key insights on the global Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) market in its upcoming report titled "Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2015–2025".The global low density polyethylene market is projected to expand at a healthy CAGR of 5.6% in terms of value during the forecast period due to various factors, regarding which FMI offers vital insights in detail in this report.

Enterprise Social Networks and Online Communities Market to Grow at 16.5% CAGR in Terms of Revenue

LogoThe global enterprise social networks and online communities market is anticipated to grow from US$ 2,636.1 Mn in 2016 to US$ 12,189.0 Mn by 2026, registering a CAGR of 16.5% in terms of revenue during the forecast period (2016-2026).

Tea Market Will Reach at US $21.33 Bn by 2024

LogoIn 2015, the global tea market was valued at US $13.85 Bn and is estimated to reach a value of US $14.45 Bn by the end of 2016, reflecting Y-o-Y growth rate of 4.0%. By 2024.

Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems Market Expected to Be Biggest Emerging Market by 2020

LogoFire sprinkler system is used as one of fire protection measure. Fire sprinkler system consists of water supply system, providing required pressure and flow to the water distribution piping system where the fire sprinklers are connected. Sprinklers systems are majorly installed on building codes or on the recommendation of the insurance company to reduce loss of property or potential business damage. Buildings having more than 100 people or place where people stay for overnight such as hotels, nursing homes, dormitories and hospitals are equipped with automatic fire sprinkler system under local building codes.

Automotive Engine Oil Market Expected to Be Biggest Emerging Market by 2020

LogoThe function of engine oil in automobiles is to reduce metal-to-metal contact in order to minimize overall friction and reduce damage. In automobile, friction is one of the major sources of engine heat, which produce more wear and deform moving engine parts. The oil in automobile engine develop a skinny, lubricating film on all metal parts that lets them move smoothly over each other thus minimizing friction. Engine oil also removes small particles of dust and other impurities present in automobile's fuels. Furthermore, it seals the gap between the pistons and the cylinder walls so that the fuel combustion is more efficient. It also coats all the moving parts of automobile engine to provide a layer of protection against rust.

Fluoropolymer Market Expected to Be Worth US $11472.6 Mn by 2025

LogoFuture Market Insights (FMI) announced the release of its latest report titled, "Fluoropolymer Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment, 2015 - 2025". According to the report, the global fluoropolymer market was valued at US$ 6403.4 Mn in 2014 and is anticipated to account for US$ 11472.6 Mn by 2025, registering a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.4% through the forecast period.

Thermal Printing Market Poised to Account for US $5,557.5 Mn Global Industry Analysis and Forecast Till 2025

LogoFuture Market Insights (FMI) delivers key insights on the Global Thermal Printing Market in its latest report titled "Thermal Printing Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2015–2025".

Kosher Food Market Headed for Growth and Global Expansion by 2022

LogoFood preparation techniques vary from culture to culture, so there's no "universal" way of making food as taste preferences and dietary restrictions differ from person to person. Individuals belonging to a certain culture or religion, however, might adopt an identical method of preparing food. And, the influence of one's faith plays a big hand in terming such methods as culinary techniques devised from religious dietary laws. Kashrut, a Jewish dietary law, is one such exemplary specimen of cultural food-making practice turning into globally popular cuisine. Prepared under the requirements of such law, kosher foods are now recognized by culinary experts as some of the widely-consumed and popularly-preferred foods in the world.

Aluminium Foil Packaging Market Is Expected to Witness a Steady Growth by 2022 - PMR Report

LogoAluminium foil provides various benefits to the food and packaging industries. The consumers can heat or freeze food items in the foil container directly. Aluminium foil packaging material is a part of the flexible packaging material and is generally formed using aluminium sheets. Aluminium foil can be utilized to wrap around any product for packaging functions. It is produced through the regular casting and cold calling. Aluminium foil packaging is a sort of packaging, which arranges a resistant barrier to safeguard food, beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals and helps in waste reduction. Aluminium packaging is extremely corrosion-resistant and chemically neutral. Moreover, it is hygienic and non-toxic in nature. The raw materials for aluminium foil packaging is produced utilizing aluminium sheets and it is a part of stretchable packaging material. The major users of aluminium foil packaging include pharmaceuticals, food and beverage industries. Aluminium foil wrap is produced through regular casting and cold rolling and thus it is favorable to be utilized to enclose around any product for packaging functions. The aluminium foil packaging market has showcased an upliftment in its revenue over the past few years and is likely to grow at a higher pace over the next few years till 2022.

Sustainable Packaging Market Is Expecting Worldwide Growth by 2022 – Persistence Market Research Study

LogoSustainable packaging not only plays an important role in maintaining the shelf life of the product but also reduces adverse effect on environment, which is prominent with the use of non-bio degradable plastic materials for packaging. The five R's of sustainable packaging are: Remove, Reduce, Recycle, Renew, Re-use. Sustainable packaging also reduces the ecological foot print. This in turn, provides a platform for ecofriendly, healthy and judicious methodology for packaging.

Public Safety LTE Market in the US to Grow at a CAGR of 19.15% During 2016-2020

LTE is widely used by enterprises as well as public safety agencies for communicating with convenience. Due to the bandwidth limitations of traditional voice-centric LMR network systems, public safety agencies are interested in leveraging commercial cellular network technology to support the growing requirement of broadband applications. Considering its booming network, spectrum flexibility, and performance metrics, LTE has emerged as the leading entrant for public safety mobile broadband networks.

Market Study on Expected Growth for Radiology Information Systems by 2020

LogoA radiology information system is a network software suite used by radiology departments to manipulate, store and distribute patient radiological data and imagery. A radiology information system helps in managing the administrative and operational functions of radiology. It complements hospital information system. Radiology information system is designed specifically for the radiology provider to take advantage of integration with the medical center's healthcare information system. It helps in patient management, patient tracking and scheduling, document scanning and technical files creation. It is considered as core system for electronic management of imaging departments. Use of radiology information system ensures high security, business integrity and confidentiality through full information log to the system by the administrator and eligible users. A web-based radiology information system is accessible from anywhere and also adapts to the needs of multi-site enterprises or hospitals and integrates mammography workflows, peer review and reporting to eliminate disparate systems.

Telemedicine Market Expected to Be Biggest Emerging Market by 2020

LogoE-health is a process of delivering healthcare and health resources by electronic means. It helps healthcare providers and patients to interact with each other with the help of electronic media. It is one of the fastest growing sectors in overall healthcare market. Currently, telemedicine market represents a small percentage of e-health market. Telemedicine is defined as use of telecommunication and information technology to deliver clinical solutions to the patients. It includes use of various applications and services such as smart phones, emails, two-way videos and wireless tools to deliver efficient results. Use of telemedicine helps in improving individual health with the help of electronic media. It also increases accessibility by reducing distance barriers between medical service providers and patients. Various services, such as primary care and specialist referral service, patients monitoring, medical education and healthcare information, are provided with the help of telemedicine. Telemedicine comprises of medical records, medical advices, medical imaging and health informatics. It helps healthcare professionals to diagnose, cure and evaluate patients in remote locations, with the help of telecommunication technology. Telemedicine is dependent on health Information technology for its various applications such as administrative billing, electronic health records and store and forward image transfer software.

Price-Sensitive Seasonings and Spices Market Holds Limited Scope for Entry of New Players

LogoGlobalization and changing demographics have been the key drivers of the global seasonings and spices market. The rising globalization has attracted consumers from around the world towards ethnic cuisines. While this considerably fuelled the use of ethnic seasonings and spices in western food it also construes the robust expansion of the market worldwide. For instance, despite its smaller size compared to the other countries in Europe, the U.K. accounts for approximately 30% of the annual turmeric imports in the European Union, connoting the popularity of Indian cuisines in the country.

Beer Market in Latin America and Middle East Rising Due to Rapid Urbanization

LogoBeer is produced by the saccharification of starch and fermentation of sugar, and is rated among the top three most consumed drinks worldwide along with water and tea. While hops add the characteristic bitter flavor to most beer varieties, others are flavored using herbs or fruits. The main ingredients of beer are water, brewer's yeasts, malted barley, and wheat and hops. Beer is categorized into four segments: dark, lager, non-alcoholic, and stout beer.

Rising Prevalence of Heart Disease, Obesity, and Cancer Powering Growth of Global Phytosterols Market

LogoPhytosterols, which are pegged as "heart-healthy" nutrients, are related to cholesterol vis-a-vis structural behavior and functionality. They are steroid compounds extracted from plants and find application as additives in a range of food products, including spreads, cold cuts, margarine, spicy sauces, milk sausages, yogurts, and bakery products. Phytosterols compete with cholesterols during absorption in the intestines and hence end up lowering cholesterol intake and consequently, the cholesterol level in the human body. Because of this benefit, its market has seen significant growth in the recent past.

Rising Prevalence of Lifestyle-Related Diseases to Stimulate Demand for Flavored and Functional Water in Brazil

LogoThe Brazil flavored and functional water market has experienced tremendous growth in the past few years owing to increasing emphasis on wellbeing and health of consumers across the country. Dietary and lifestyle changes are leading to an alarming rise in the rate of lifestyle-related disorders such as diabetes and obesity. This, in turn, has translated into a growth opportunity for the market. Moreover, the growing demand for healthy, energizing, and convenient beverages is augmenting the growth of the market. According to a report by Transparency Market Research (TMR), the Brazil flavored and functional water market is poised to rise to a value of US$9.4 bn by 2024 from US$5.0 bn in 2015, exhibiting a CAGR of 7.3% from 2016 to 2024.

Increased Consumption of Nuts and Seeds Fuelled by Growing Awareness About Healthy and Balanced Diet

LogoThe growing awareness about healthy diet has led to the increased consumption of nuts and seeds. Moderate consumption of nuts and seeds has a number of positive impacts on human health including reduced risks of coronary heart diseases, low blood cholesterol level, and lower risks of diabetes and gall stones. Can Help People Live a Better Life

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Global Pea Protein Market Driven by Increasing Preference for Vegetarianism

LogoPea protein products are protein extracts from the pea plant. They contain high quantities of several crucial nutrients, including amino acids. Due to their protein-rich nature, pea protein products are gaining increasing demand as an alternative to meat or a meat extender. Apart from the high protein content, the agreeable and familiar texture and flavor of pea protein products is responsible for the rising demand from this application. The booming growth of the global food and beverage industry and the rising demand for meat alternatives have thus emerged as crucial drivers for the global pea protein market.

Rising Perception of Organic Food as Healthy Food Drives Global Organic Food Market

LogoThe word organic refers to a particular way farmers can cultivate and process agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables, grains, meat, and dairy products. Designed to encourage soil and water conservation, organic farming involves practices by which pollution can be reduced. This is achieved by making use of natural fertilizers as opposed to chemical ones and using crop rotation or mulch to manage weeds, unlike the conventional methods used to control the growth of weeds. Organic foods are produced using animal and environment friendly farming methods.

Probiotics Could Hold Key to Ending Global Food Scarcity, Revolutionizing Medicine

LogoProbiotics are clusters of bacteria living in the human digestive system that are claimed to provide a host of health benefits to the host. Among the benefits thought to originate from probiotics, also called gut flora, are better regulation of the digestive process and reduced risk of gastric disorders. While the term 'probiotic' came into common use in the second half of the 20th century, the idea of modifying the makeup of gut flora had been touted as early as 1907, by Nobel laureate Élie Metchnikoff.

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