Technology Press Releases

The Dyrun Mini Has Revolutionised Nomadic Network Connection

Dyrun, a start-up from Lorraine, launches the first nomadic network connection booster. Using a low GSM signal, this mini box guarantees a high-speed network and a stable connection. Compatible with all operators, you can take the Dyrun Mini with you on all your travels.

The AFS Family Mourns Joseph F. Greene Food Distribution Industry Leader

AFS Technologies, ( a leading global provider of software and services purpose-built for consumer goods companies, is mourning with a heavy heart the passing of a Food Distribution Industry pioneer, visionary, leader, and friend, Joseph F. Greene, at age 70. Announces a Directory to Find the Best CRNA Schools

LogoAmidst the heavy competition between students competing for a place in a CRNA program, and CRNA schools competing with each other to attract students, is a website, here to solve all your problems.

H3adrush Introduces New Methods for New York Search Ranking Increases

LogoGetting a higher rank on a search engine like Google isn't easy. However, hiring a professional to increase the rank is easy.

Path to Wellness with Robin Announces Platform for Lip Care and Skin Care

LogoThe cold caress of winter has descended upon us and with it come unwelcome parched winds that are drying and damaging to our lips and skin. One website has all the solutions to every skin care and lip care related problem. Introduces a Platform That Shares Hollywood and Bollywood News

LogoNowadays we either see Hollywood news on western news platforms or Bollywood news on eastern news platforms. It's rare to see a platform that combines the two extensive film industries together. Introduces a Platform Where All Rare Unturned Item ID's Can Be Searched

LogoIn order to enhance the Unturned gaming experience, all sorts of vehicles, regular and rare items have been collected and put into one website.

InVue Debuts Latest Fixed Tablet Display That Connects Tablets and People in the Workplace

LogoInVue unveils the latest commercial product line addition of best-in-class tablet display solutions, the CT200. A high security fixed tablet stand that works anywhere, the CT200 offers a wide range of opportunities to enhance the in-store customer experience, whether as a tool for associates to share information, ring up sales or locate products.

Hamee Corp, a Leading Cell Phone Accessory E-Commerce Company, Announces Successful Showcase of New and Existing Line at CES 2017

LogoLeading cell phone accessory e-Commerce company, Hamee Corp, owner of the iFace brand, successfully showcased its new and existing line at CES 2017. Through this CES event, iFace showcased all the product line and also launched a new lineup - iFace First Class Sense, First Class Pastel, and new car mount lineup.

Deva Makes Times Square Debut at New Year's Eve Festivities

LogoFor people up and down the East Coast and around the world, there is no more vaunted place to be on New Year's Eve than New York City's Times Square. Whether you waited out in the cold for a chance to watch the evening's events unfold firsthand or you are one of the over a billion viewers tuning in on TV, nothing rings in the new year quite like the big ball dropping in the city that never sleeps.

Smart Data for Smart Decisions Makes the Synchrono List of 2017 Top Trends in Modern Demand-Driven Manufacturing

LogoSynchrono, a leader in modern demand-driven manufacturing software, released its 2017 Top Ten Trends in Modern Demand-Driven Manufacturing. The list is based on interactions with hundreds of manufacturers and industry experts addressing challenges, innovation, and technologies associated with manufacturing digitization, visibility, and synchronization.

Experience a Fun New Spin on Media Sharing with Fanbit

LogoEveryone enjoys sharing media with their friends. Whether it be an awesome new song, an interesting video, or even a hilarious meme, all shared media can bring people together and push them to experience new things. Often times, apps that allow users to share the interesting things they find or come up with only track how many "likes" they receive, with no real reward earned from creating a popular or memorable post. This can make social media seem meaningless, which when combined with the slog that posting and commenting makes social media seem like a chore. Luckily, Fanbit is here to change that by making social media into a fun and rewarding game.

Cop Admits Beat Him in Traffic Court is the most widely used speeding ticket defense website online. They have been providing speeding ticket defenses to U.S. customers, since 2004.

An Online Chatroom Launched for Skype Users

A platform for skype users to chat, meet and exchange Id's

Montgomery, Alabama General Society of Mayflower Descendant, Adam Paul Green (Ancestor Stephen Hopkins / Gen.No. 86,723) Announces New Geneology Support Website for Local Enthusiasts

LogoStephen Hopkins was from Hampshire, England. He married his first wife, Mary, and resided in the parish of Hursley, Hampshire. They had three (3) children: Elizabeth, Constance, and Giles; all baptized there. It has long been claimed that the Hopkins family was from Wortley, Gloucester, but this was disproven in 1998 with the discovery of his true origins in Hursley.

Online Chat Room Launched for Hair Related Discussions

A freelancer from India just launched a Chat room for hair related discussions. It is an extremely efficient site running on PHP and backed up by a MySQL database. The freelancer's site passed the Google page analysis with flying colors and looks like a platform which could become the next big thing for hair freaks. The features which make it a great website are Mobile responsiveness, Private chat, Facebook login and the feature loaded chat room interface. The chat room can be visited at

Youtrendit Launch Gives Power to the People via Zeitgeist Watchdogs and a Chorus of "Trenders"

LogoIn the age of selfie shots and YouTube stars, it's a valid question; who doesn't want to be a trendsetter? Now, there's a new way to do it. Capturing what can only be referred to as the digital age approach to a global focus group, the universe allows users to create a trend, push a trend, or chime in on a trend's relevance. Offering its users, A.K.A. Trenders, a place to post what moves them most, the site pushes all things off and on trend. Ditching the "Like" button's limits, youtrendit allows users to make or break a product, a song, a dance move, a party, a fashion style, a burger, and the like. To that end, the site is slated to forge a thumbs up trend of its own.

Mobissue – Publish an Online Custom HTML5 Flipbook as a Part of Marketing

LogoMobissue, the world's leading html5 flipbook publishing platform, today released the latest version with a number of new features to help businesses quickly promote their brand, strengthen their image and share their content.

Last 72-Hour 50% off for Leawo Music Recorder Together with Free Giveaway on 2017 Leawo New Year Promotion

LogoEven though 2017 New Year has passed away, many New Year promotions are still available for customers. Leawo Software, a multimedia solution and iTunes utilities provider, recently kicked off its 2017 New Year Giveaway and Special Offers activity, and now it's coming to an end. People have the last 72 hours to purchase the Leawo's products with great discounts. And among all the programs, Leawo music recording software is offered with 50% discount. The software can help people record all kinds of music files on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, etc. with original quality.

Cutting-Edge Websites Created by Beverly Hills Web Design Firm

LogoWebsite Growth is a trusted Beverly Hills web design firm. They work with businesses throughout the Los Angeles area to build beautiful, engaging and user-friendly websites.  Each of their employees is highly-educated and well-trained in their respective fields.  Website Growth's web development team has a combined 25 years of experience in the industry. Together they have created thousands of websites at their Beverly Hills web design agency.

Los Angeles Influencer Marketing Offered by Top-Rated Marketing Agency

LogoLos Angeles influencer marketing specialists, Branding Los Angeles, are the experts when it comes to engaging their clients' target market through influencers.  Not only do they offer influencer marketing, but they also create personalized full-service campaigns that enable their clientele to reach their goals in a timely manner.  Their team of experienced professionals has many years of experience in the industry.  These Los Angeles influencer marketing specialists work hard to provide proven results for businesses in a variety of industries.

Denver PPC Services Designed to Attract New Customers with Pay Per Click Advertising

LogoPay Per Click advertising is an effective strategy to connect with new clients in a short timeframe. Results may be seen immediately on activating the PPC campaign. Trulium has the experience to hone in on the keywords and search strings which will be most effective in finding the clients that are looking for the targeted service or product. The goal is not to spend the PPC budget, but rather to get meaningful clicks from new potential prospects, getting the best return on investment possible. The campaign can be set up with a maximum 'spend' per day and can be targeted geographically if a local area is most appropriate. These campaign settings are critical in establishing a good basis to launch the campaign. Once running, the campaign will be most effective if it is studied and modified according to the click through rates and average cost per click.

BelugaCDN Becomes the First CDN with an App for Grafana

LogoBelugaCDN, a provider of affordable high-performance IPv6/IPv4 Content Delivery Network (CDN) services, today announced that it has released its plugin for Grafana. This is the company's latest step in providing customers tools for managing their CDN data.

Svitla Systems Announces Systems Integrator Partnership with Amplience

LogoSvitla Systems, a leading software outsourcing company and Amplience the Big Content Cloud provider for retailers, today announced that it has been named an Amplience systems integrator partner for implementations onto the Amplience Big Content Cloud. Svitla Systems and Amplience will work together to create innovative solutions to expand the capabilities of the Amplience platform and help retailers manage and utilise their digital assets.

Lenovo IdeaTab S600 – An Affordable iPad Alternative

LogoThe original iPad from Apple launched in 2010. When it hit the market, it changed mobile computing and started the tablet revolution. A new iPad today might hurt the checkbook, but there is an affordable tablet alternative that is power packed and offers great features. Here is a look and review of the Lenovo IdeaTab S6000 Quad-Core Android Tablet.

Crowdfunding Campaign for Wismiii Now Live

Richard Karpinski, an innovator and a traveler with an ambition to help others, has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign for a A New GLOBAL 'Lost & Found' Service platform that will allow users, especially travelers to search out their lost belongs by contacting other users. The Wismiii app is a concept that will help out with a problem that most people face on a daily basis. The initiative was taken by Richard the to raise funds to cover the costs of development, operations, marketing and various other expenses for the app, the crowdfunding campaign ( has been set up on the most popular crowdfunding platform Indiegogo with a funding goal of at least $250,000 to be raised within the next 2 months.

Dr.MUSIC 3 Is a Breakthrough Portable TENS Massager That Syncs to a Smartphone to Soothe via Music

LogoDr.MUSIC 3, the revolutionary new wireless TENS massager that syncs and pairs with smartphones to soothe via music, is live on Indiegogo and raising funds to bring the project to life.