Technology Press Releases

Make Local: Made-in-USA Hybrid 3D Print and California Design SME Hub Crowdfunding Ends 8:30am May 1

SyncFab.Com KickStarter Campaign for a Custom Design, 3D Printing and Hybrid Specialty Fabrication service platform will end 8:30am May 1, 2014. The campaign was launched as a precursor to the intended Beta service release for self-employed designers, engineers, students and small businesses.

WCS vs WMS Webinar Includes Tom Williams as Guest Presenter June 10th

Thomas N. Williams, President and Owner of Tom Williams Professional Services, Inc. will be a presenter at the webinar starting at Noon EST on Tuesday, June 10th. The topic of the webinar is Warehouse Control Systems (WCS) versus Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and how to pick the right solution. This informative session will share constructive metrics and considerations, with the final twenty minutes open to participant Q&A.

Frompo Has Released Its New Web Crawler to Provide Automated Curated Search Results

Usually search engine results are bombarded by ads and linked by SEO techniques due to which people barely found the real result they truly need; instead of that they are directed to a product or company. However there is some search engine that has created its way to truly modify regular internet search engine results so that it provides search results devoid of any ads and truly gets the actual results.

Auto Binary Signals - Reviewing Binary Option Trading Strategy

Auto Binary Signals is a spectacular trading formula made for people who are willing to invest online to make big sums of profits within weeks or months. Though this formula, users will to guided about the different ways they can invest, where to invest, where not to invest, and what volume of investment to start with. Through exploiting the loopholes that exist in the trading markets, Auto Binary Signals generate profits as a result.

Wonpet Company Limited Offers Its Online Wholesale Store for Full Range of Pet Products

Animals can be the best friend of man. In fact, some animals are so friendly with humans that they are categorized as pet animals. Dogs are one of such species of animals that humans have tamed for ages. Such useful and faithful animals deserve due care and affection of their owners. Wonpet Company Limited makes sure that no pet owner ever runs short of pet supplies. Wonpet Company Limited specializes in wide range of wholesale pet supplies. It is a Chinese company based in Guangzhou. Its online store sells apparels, collars and leads, toys and pet care products. The company has more than 6 years of experience in the pet products wholesale industry.

Focusky, The Animated Presentation Software Developer Put Forward Creative Ideas on Presentations

LogoFocusky, a renowned name when it comes to offering unique and effective animated presentation software solutions to customers across the globe for presentation making, organized a brainstorm meeting on April 10, 2014 to put forward creative ideas on presentation making. Some of the experts of the field as well as representatives from the company were present during the session to answer all the queries of the attendants and explain some unique and creative methods to create PowerPoint presentations as well as explain the details related to free PowerPoint alternative.

OfferAny Enlightens Readers on How to Choose a Reliable Taobao Agent

The taobao shopping store is the Chinese shopper’s haven with everything available at one single spot. The store provides items from Chinese, as well as international, designers and producers. It also sports a number of exclusive brands which are available at their taobao location only. As a result, it becomes harder for international shoppers to shop from taobao as the store may not ship their items to where the customers live. However, international customers need not worry anymore. The website is a certified taobao agent who will act as an intermediary between the taobao store and the customers who wish to buy from them. Offers 67% off Deal on Leawo Tunes Cleaner, Only 24-Hour Available, an excellent platform dedicated to providing the most awesome software programs with ultra-low prices, now has a new yet exclusive deal. Their followers could get the flagship of Leawo Software – Tunes Cleaner in totally 67% price cut. This highly-rated iTunes cleanup tool is originally priced at $29.99. But thanks to great cooperation between and Leawo Software, all followers could get this smart iTunes duplicate remover, album cover finder and ID3 Tag Editor at $9.99 only. The Tunes Cleaner 67% off deal is now in full swing and available for 24 hours only.

Ebook Reading Through FlipBook Creator Offers Visual Effects That Readers Want

LogoMobile reading has become a new way of life for readers. It's actually fashionable to be a mobile reader and to use the catalog of devices to read in comfort and convenience, anytime and anywhere. Statistics show that increasing numbers of readers are migrating from print books to eBooks. FlipBook Creator Software is making the eBook reading experience even more delightful, engaging and interactive. (Refer to Gorgeous Flash Page Flip Magazine created by FlipBook Creator Professional)

Genius Host - BlackLotus DDOS Protected Fastest & Affordable Canadian Web Hosting Offers First Class Support and Uptime

Genius Host is the BlackLotus DDOS Protected, fastest Canadian web hosting provider offering first class support and uptime. Our name-brand servers are housed within top tier datacenters in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum the Easter Monday Sweepstake in More Languages

LogoToday, WinXDVD Software, the major component of Digiarty Software Inc., announces a progressive Easter giveaway as WinX DVD Ripper Platinum just gets updated with the support for an array of new languages, serving customers in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Denmark and Norway in their languages better.

App Rush Academy Review Released - Examines Jeff Gould Newly Released Program

Since the world has progressed immensely over the past couple of years, individuals are highly recommended to get to know everything there is about the latest methods of technology. The fact that every other household in the present times has smartphones, tablets and many other such high end devices tends to give all the more reason to individuals for making good use for it.

Easy Money Machines Review - Examining Its Worth and Effectiveness as a Money Making System

Like most people, Michael Fox, the developer of Easy Money Machines, had struggled with his finances. He had tried many different ways to make money, and he had experienced failure many times. Michael had made some money from gambling before, but lost most of it on investments. He dived into risky investments that were mismanaged, and eventually he was bankrupt.

Auto Binary Signals Review by Rebates-Hut Evaluates How Effective Are the Updated Features of This BOT

Nowadays it requires a great effort or endurance to find a program for people who are interested in trading binary signals. Luckily for such people Auto Binary Signals has turned around everything. Hands down by far it is the best program available for people who are anxiously waiting to make luck with binary signals. The best thing about this program is that it provides people with a list of reputable stock brokers free of cost. Anyone who is experienced at trading stocks knows the value of a right broker.

Auto Binary Signals Software by Roger Pierce: Secure & Reliable System Steals Multiple Reviews

The ultimate aim of Auto Binary Signals is to increase the possibilities of users’ earnings, while balancing out the risks involved. Since, most of the brokers operating online disappear once their accounts reach a certain limit, this software ensures that the investors are first provided with a trusted broker so that they can convert their thousands into millions in a matter of weeks. This plug and trade technologically advanced software is very convenient and easy to use and set up. In an approximate of 15 minutes, the investor can start trading in the binary options market.

Tim Floyd of Trilogiq USA Was Guest on Pcdata USA Sponsored Manufacturing Revival Radio

LogoPcdata USA sponsored Manufacturing Revival Radio, a weekly podcast about the resurgence of American manufacturing, interviewed special guest Tim Floyd National Sales Director Material Handling Specialist for Trilogiq USA. Todd Schnick and Todd Youngblood hosts of the radio program interviewed the material handling leader. Pcdata USA hosted the show during the second day of MODEX 2014; the company is a global logistics systems leader for supply chain automation.

TraceGains Identifies 7 Essential Components for a Successful Foreign Supplier Verification Program

LogoThe FDA’s Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) provides greater oversight into the products coming into the US to ensure that importers would be required to perform certain risk-based activities to verify that food imported into the United States has been produced in a manner that provides the same level of public health protection as that required of domestic food producers.

TraceGains Nutrition Facts Labels Webinar for Food Manufacturers Garners Massive Interest

LogoTraceGains’ hosted a webinar on Thursday, April 17, 2014 which was co-presented by Elizabeth (Beth) Johnson, MS, RD, founder and principal of Food Directions LLC. The webinar was well-attended and participants received helpful information from Johnson as she addressed the FDA's proposed updates and the implications the nutrition label changes. Johnson explained, "After nearly two decades, FDA is proposing changes to its original nutrition facts label. While sweeping in nature, the Agency's proposal will impact over 700,000 packaged foods and could cost the food industry at least $2 billion. From updated serving sizes to major format revisions, understanding the proposed changes will help teams identify potential problems, which can be addressed now, and prepare for the anticipate costs companies will face in the near-term." Gary Nowacki, CEO of TraceGains Noted, “This topic has gotten a lot of attention across the board – industry, consumers, and government. The Obama administration estimates the Nutrition Facts label changes could cost the industry $2 billion, but would lead to up to $30 billion in benefits over time. Regardless whether people agree or disagree with the cost or benefits side of the equation, it is a serious economic discussion.” To learn more about the Nutrition Facts Webinar, go to: TraceGains ( provides food and beverage manufacturers and distributors with a web-based, full-service supplier, compliance, and regulatory document management solution that automates and streamlines processes to convert static documents into actionable data. With a network of more than 5,000 supplier members and more than 250 deployment sites, TraceGains offers an ever-expanding database of suppliers, purchased items, and documents that companies can leverage to improve product quality, accelerate product development, and meet regulatory and audit pressures. TraceGains not only digitizes all incoming documents, making them easily searchable, but also extracts critical data and analyzes them against customer-specific business and compliance rules, alerting stakeholders to any non-compliance. TraceGains’ automated solution assures companies that documentation is up to date, organized, and searchable, making companies 365 Audit Ready. TraceGains’ customers boast a four to six month return on their investment. Recently, TraceGains was listed as one of Food Logistics Top 100 software and technology providers. Follow TraceGains on Twitter at @tracegains.

Trilogiq USA Announces Dave Barrett as Value Stream Manager

Trilogiq USA, a full service provider of holistic material handling solutions, is experiencing dynamic growth as demand increases in the holistic material handing industry. The company Director of Operations, Luman Temby, announced the hiring of Dave Barrett the new Value Stream Manager.

Flexcro Achieves Gold Partnership with Oracle

LogoFlexcro, a leading business application development company, has reportedly achieved Gold Partnership status with Oracle. The company is presently offering both Oracle EBS & People Soft ERP.

W-2C Printing: EzW2Correction Software Gives New Businesses Form Level Help Buttons for Ease of Use

LogoW2 1099 tax software developer released the new edition of ezW2Correction, the W2C and W3C software with form level help buttons. They hope even if customers have never filed a W2C or W3C form, customers can use this software quickly and effortlessly. This new feature will eliminate the usual extended learning curve associated with processing W2C and W3C forms.

System Insights and Sodick America as MTConnect and Analytics Software Partner

System Insights ( announced that Sodick Amercia will deliver MTConnect and VIMANA software technology to the Sodick client base. Sodick will bundle System Insights MTConnect adapter technology and the VIMANA analytics platform with its EDM equipment. Clients using this technology will monitor equipment performance in real-time, track production efficiency, and take advantage of VIMANA’s downtime classification capabilities to optimize productivity.

Resume Myths Busted by Facts from HR Experts in a New Infographic

Despite the readily available information from the Internet, high school and college students come to the job market armed with outdated notions on what to put in their resumes, and veterans in the workforce who suddenly find themselves back in the job hunt are unknowingly submitting resumes that might have worked decades ago. All of the job applicants will benefit from resume writing trade tricks revealed in Resume Myths vs Facts Infographic released by Almagreta.

Carpet Cleaner Land Launches to Provide Comprehensive Buying Guide for Consumers

Carpets have been used since ancient Persia to bring a sense of comfort and warmth to the home, replicating the soft feeling of fresh grass underfoot without the mess. Though hardwearing, they are inevitably prone to dirt, tarnishes and stains that can make a home feel grubby and poorly maintained, even if care has been taken for years. As a result, people have need of carpet cleaners, though these can prove prohibitively expensive and overly complex to operate without prior knowledge. As such, Carpet Cleaner Land has been launched to provide all the information people need to make the right choices when selecting a carpet cleaner.

SuperLiked Launches to Connect People with Trusted Professionals

There are a number of recommendation websites on the Internet, but for services where the stakes are higher than a meal – like physical therapy or dental work – most people still prefer referrals from trusted sources. But relying purely on friends and family to find service providers can often be limiting, for instance, if you are new to an area.

EzPaycheck Payroll 2014 Software Updated with Tax Changes for Small Businesses

LogoPayroll tax calculation should not be headache for small businesses. The newest version of 2014 Ezpaycheck payroll software as just been released from to assist small to mid sized businesses keep up with the current tax rate. The new edition updated with the recent tax rate change in Wisconsin. It also includes the current federal & state tax tables and forms for Year 2014 payroll tasks. Announces Crowdfunding Question & Answer Forum

“Non Sei” is a Galician phase, which, when translated to English means, “I don’t know” is the first crowd sourced Question and Answer forum exclusively dedicated to crowd sourcing the crowd funding industry. Unlike conventional forums, on when a question is answered the person who asked the questioned can select the best answer and then that question is closed for further answers.