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Crowdfund Buzz Partners with Global Crowdfunding Convention

The meeting of the minds between Crowdfund Buzz and The Global Crowdfunding Convention was an inevitable date with destiny to the betterment of the entire crowdfunding industry. That's because these two colossal crowdfunding entities are both headquartered in Las Vegas, both seek to empower and educate crowdfunders and now these two titans of crowdfunding are working together to the betterment of the crowdfunding industry as a whole. Reveals Why the Company Became the Most Trusted SEO Agency has been in the industry of providing local SEO services since 2009. With the implementation of's effective and well-crafted services, it has already helped countless of websites to land a good spot in the search engine pages. In addition to that, has successfully ranked over 25,000 keywords, handled more than 5,000 SEO campaigns, and answered 2,800 support requests from clients headquartered in different parts of the globe.

FlipHTML5 - The Best Digital Publishing Website on the Market Just Got Better

LogoNowadays, sharing information is not as difficult as it was before, particularly because of the emergence of digital publishing, which has redefined the way people create printed materials. With the increase in demand for these electronic reading materials comes the accumulation of eBook publishing software. However, determining the most efficient software for publishing needs, especially one that comes with many useful features, can sometimes prove abortive for many companies and publishers.

12 Volt Technology Now Announces the Availability of a Comprehensive Selection of Victron Battery Chargers

LogoA leading provider of 12 volt technology products, 12 Volt Technology offers a wide range of Victron Battery Chargers at attractive prices. They offer full range of Victron Battery Chargers, like Blue Power, BlueSmart with Bluetooth, Centuar, Phoenix and Marine waterproof and RV Battery Chargers. All models can be operated without any adjustment needed over a 90 to 265 Volt input voltage range, whether 50 Hz or 60 Hz. The body of Victron Battery Chargers is made with Aluminium epoxy powder coated with drip shield and stainless steel fixings case to withstand the rigors of adverse environments, such as heat, humidity and salt air. Individuals looking for quality battery chargers can now buy Victron battery chargers online through the company's official store,

TARSIER Signs Smart City Distributor Agreement, Israeli Optibus Offers Revolutionary Tech for City Buses

Tarsier Ltd (OTCPK:TAER) has announced entering into a multi country Distributor Agreement with Israeli based Optibus to further its Smart City offering. Israeli company Optibus ( has the solution for bus lines running late while making it easier for public transportation companies to set cost-effective schedules.

Marginalizing African-American Feelings of Injustice Breeds Deeper Distrust, Says a Just Cause

Logo"Protests and cries of African-Americans seem to be falling on deaf ears as justice appears to exclude the color blue and officials show indifference to life and liberty of blacks," says Lamont Banks, Executive Director of A Just Cause. CBS TV News reported that A Baltimore judge has acquitted 4 out of 6 police officers, saying that failure of police to buckle-up a hog-shackled Freddie Gray in a patty wagon that resulted in his death is not criminal, it is only poor judgment. "If a parent exercised poor judgment and failed to buckle-up their child that was killed in an accident they would be charged and convicted of voluntary manslaughter or some other negligence-related homicide," adds Banks. "A hog-tied Gray is as vulnerable as that child because he is incapable of restraining himself from being tossed around a metal patty wagon," says Banks. "We should all be treated equally under the law," asserts Banks. Introduces the New Shadow Hawk Tactical X800 LED Flashlight, a premier site that offers complete information and reviews on the top tactical flashlights that are currently available on the market has announced the launch of the latest version of shadow hawk tactical x800 flashlight. According to the information provided by the experts, the new shadow hawk tactical X800 is a military graded flashlight, which is considered as one of the best flashlights on the market. The information provided at the site added that these flashlights are manufactured from the same substance that is used on planes. due its superiority both quality wise and performance wise, the shadow hawk X 800 tactical flashlight is popularly used by the armed forces and the police as well.

Avanti Company Welcomes Kevin Lutian

LogoKevin joins Avanti with a wealth of professional sales experience and the motivated energy to service our customers at an optimum level. Kevin will be representing Avanti's extensive product portfolio including McCrometer's Propeller and Electromagnetic flow meters, the positive displacement and Industrial meters by Liquid Controls, and Honeywell Elster's revenue billing water meters. Kevin will also represent RedZone Robotics sewer line inspection services and wastewater asset management, 64 seconds leak detection equipment and water asset management software, Nicor water meter lids, Guardian water meter box inflow caps, FloMec industrial meters and many more products.

Clinic Adds Cox Technic to Its Range of Pain Management Treatments

Waiting for pain to subside is not a smart choice - it could be an indication of serious illness or, if left untreated, get worse. That is why more and more people are discovering the benefits of non-invasive pain management therapies offered by Advanced Rehabilitation of Jersey City, which has now added the Cox Technic to its range of effective treatment options.

SmartChoice Fitness Promotes Hydration on Their Facebook Page

Drinking plenty of water is all part of a healthy lifestyle choice and those that do so reap the benefits of being properly hydrated.

Setup EasterCCTV's HD TVI Camera Systems in Homes for Foolproof Security

LogoIn business since 2000, EasternCCTV is now offering a fantastic collection of HD TVI camera systems with great night vision and built-in intelligent IR LEDs. All these CCTV cameras are manufactured employing latest technology and fulfill the highest quality standards. The variety of HD TVI camera systems they offer include 2MP HD TVI Camera (H Series) | AC304-MD, 2MP HD TVI Camera (H Series) | AC304-VD5, 2MP HD TVI Camera (H Series) | AC304D-OD4, 2MP HD TVI Camera (H Series) | AC304-FB4, 2MP HD TVI Camera (H Series) | AC304-MB and many others. Installing these HD security camera systems in the homes can help individuals in ensuring foolproof security of their loved ones from burglars as well as intruders.

RKS Electronics Launches Website Featuring a One-Stop Shop for Cutting-Edge Electronic Gadgets

LogoRobert Simington is proud to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, The website offers a wide variety of cutting-edge electronic gadgets for all aspects of everyday living with a particular focus on the car electronics, connected home and houseware electronics, and wearable technology. Simington was inspired by the fast-paced world that we live in and how vital electronics are to keep us informed about the world around us, share our milestones with our friends, and get us where we need to be. After learning about the possibilities of an online store, Simington wanted to help others get the products that they would need to ensure they can relax with some great entertainment or get the most out of a quick workout.

Kids Play Food Launch Named a Success by Mommy Please

The launch of the Mommy Please organic kids play food has finally come to an end that anyone would call a success. Mommy Please ended their Kids play food launch with almost 500 reviews on averaging 4.8 of 5 stars, getting the company the #1 Best New Release on The organic kids play food from Mommy Please is designed as an educational tool that allows children to learn healthy and organic eating habits while having fun.

Make Up Storage Launch Named a Success by Cosmopolitan Collection

The launch of the Cosmopolitan Collection acrylic make up storage organizer has finally come to an end, and a successful end at that. The Cosmopolitan Collection ended their Make Up Storage launch with almost 150 reviews on averaging 4.4 of 5 stars. The acrylic organizer and make up storage from Cosmopolitan Collection is designed to effectively allow men and women alike to organize their beauty products with ease and is best suited for those of any age.

SmoothRx Scar Cream - A New and Innovative Solution Hits #1 on

With 4 out of 5 stars and nearly 175 reviews, SmoothRx Scar Cream has become the #1 Scar Cream on Men and women of all ages and locations are discovering this product and using it to their advantage. SmoothRx Scar Cream has helped hundreds of people with scars, stretch marks, and other cosmetic problems. SmoothRx has already serviced hundreds of happy customers with scars and stretch marks by getting their natural scar cream to market.

Oakridge Global Energy Solutions to Be Featured in a Three-Part, 90-Minute Television Mini-Series on Fox Business Network

LogoOakridge Global Energy Solutions, Inc. (OTCQB:OGES), a leading US-based manufacturer of Lithium-ion smart energy cells for military, civilian and medical applications, has today announced it will be featured in a three-part, 90-minute television mini-series on Fox Business Network, first airing at 1:30pm EST on July 31, 2016.

Leading Waste Bin Designer Designs Bin with a Brain Built In

Leading waste bin designer Angus Carnie has developed a bin specifically for the clinical waste and the confidential shredding sectors that uses ultrasound to ensure the bins are never full!

ZixMailEncryption Offers Zix's State-of-the-Art Data Email Encryption and Ultimate Peace of Mind

LogoClicking "Send" on an email may seem like a simple enough gesture but there is much more there than meets the eye. Under the surface, an entire world exists. Beyond the amazing technology itself that makes sending these modern communications possible, threats are abundant and sensitive information is always prey to the myriad of predators constantly seeking to steal and use it for malicious purposes.

Magazine Maker FlipHTML5 Unveiled a Learning Center to Guide Digital Publishers

LogoWith millions of publishers using FlipHTML5's magazine maker to create and publish their publications online in a hassle-free manner, the company has unveiled a dedicated learning center with a sole purpose of providing guidance to its worldwide users. According to Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipHTML5, "the aim behind launching the learning center is to empower the users with all the necessary knowledge of digital publishing tools, tips, and design resources."

TPStudio Now Offering After Effect Services Exclusively on Fiverr Platform

TPStudio, a Delhi based video production company, has been getting rave reviews from their clients on the renowned freelancing platform, Fiverr. Their popular gig now has close to 200 positive customer reviews, a number which is bound to grow in the upcoming months. The one thing that sets them apart from other Fiverr providers is the use of after effects in their videos which is very rare even among top video production houses. Their prices are said to be less compared to the other production houses while offering the similar quality as them.

Crowdfunding Campaign for Groundbreaking New Quantum Technology Jewelry Launched on Kickstarter

New LightShield-infused pendant jewelry made by Quantum Stones has been shown in research and scientific testing to raise the vibrational energy level of the wearer, thereby improving well-being. With advanced quantum technology, the creators behind these programmed crystal pendants have developed a way to magnify personal energy fields and harness the healing potential of certain stones.

AFS Technologies Partners with Tier One Beverage Manufacturer to Drive Operator Insights

LogoAFS Technologies partnered with a Tier one manufacturer to drive operator insights. AFS was contacted by a leading beverage manufacturer to help establish a way to gain insights into their operator customers by monitoring coupon usage in their foodservice channel. Their main motivator was to micro-target customers to alter spending behavior without having to commit to long-term trade funding.

Opportunity Knocks on E-Blue Gaming's Door, the leading designer of E-Sports Arenas, Gaming Furniture and Peripherals in Asia today has announced it would be expanding to North America. The company, which prides itself on crafting unique one-of-a-kind Gaming Furniture and Gear for beginner and pro gamers, will team up with RTZ Esports to create and build its E-Sports Arenas across North America, with its newest location opening in Arizona this month.

Topper Industrial New Division Topper Tube Provides Full Line of Tubes

LogoTopper Tube, a new division of Topper Industrial, offer a full line of tubes in a variety of colors. Tube lengths are 4 meters or 157 inches. Topper Tube is an adaptable tube & joint material handling system for lean manufacturing initiatives. The system components consist of tubes, joints, and specially designed accessories.

Automation and Controls Today Magazine Reviews LiftPlus by Magline

LogoTechnology innovator Magline, best known for two-wheel hand trucks used in the beverage industry, has solved the heavy lifting problem in materials handling and manufacturing facilities. Magline's LiftPlus provides an all-in-one lift, transporter, and positioner. The LiftPlus is a workforce multiplier that kicks in productivity with no need for special training or licensing. The LiftPlus was designed for ease of use, higher productivity, and to keep workers on the job and free from injuries; lifting 350 pounds easily with an all-metal frame platform and a screw-driven lift that delivers smooth precision that hydraulics or chains just cannot match. The LiftPlus was recently featured in Automation and Controls Today magazine. The feature, authored by manufacturing journalist, Thomas R. Cutler, is titled, "Automation at the Cellular Manufacturing Level Transformed with New Innovations."

WarehouseOS Easily Handles Order Fulfillment for Online Stores

LogoIn the fast-paced, ever-changing world of eCommerce, small companies are quickly growing and attempting to keep up with best-practice lean order fulfillment. WarehouseOS provides small sellers a top-notch scalable, affordable, fulfillment technology on tablets. Too many solutions are not geared to the company shipping hundreds or a few thousand packages a day. While WarehouseOS is robust and can handle tens or even hundreds of thousands of daily orders, most customers are moving hundreds of boxes and finding that growth trajectory challenging. WarehouseOS is one of the few order fulfillment technologies open to smaller businesses.

Parto-Tech Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Bring Parking Solution to the Masses

Parto-Tech, an Iowa start-up, launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $8,000 to release the YAB technology to the masses. The campaign has received tremendous support with over 160 backers in just a few days. For a limited time, backers can pre-order the YAB for only $29 on the company's Kickstarter page. The solution allows car owners to find their parked car from the palm of their hand. It also reminds them when the parking meter is about to run out of time. People can finally leave their forgetful days behind them and say hello to a fast and simple solution that allows them to locate their vehicle in seconds.