Technology Press Releases

Bernstein Liebhard Announces Launch of Drug Bot, New Site Focusing on Defective Drugs

Bernstein Liebhard LLP, a law firm that exclusively handles personal injury and class action claims, announced the launch of Drug Bot, a new online resource which collects information regarding prescription drugs and medical devices which have been found to be dangerous. The new site provides a centralized place for those who might have been injured by such products to find out more about the status of any ongoing lawsuits and sign up for free consultations regarding their own situations. Drug Bot is a free service underwritten by Bernstein Liebhard and will be updated to remain current as time goes on.

David John Starts Indiegogo Fundraiser for the Development of 'The John Device'

Gravity is one force, and there are many others that work with the U.S. and Internationally patent pending John Device's CVRP (Continuously Variable Rotating Plane) Technology. This very simplicity will lead to a vast array of products, due to issues such as flexibility and adaptability and manufacturing costs and ease.

Additional FFIS Grants for Rainwater Tanks

Peterborough-based plastic water tank specialist, Enduramaxx, is helping farmers to utilise a new wave of Farming and Improvement Scheme (FFIS) funding which could help them to buy rainwater tanks, amongst other vital farming items. Launches Revolutionising the Design Industry

There is a revolution underway in the design industry and a small company in Wales is leading the charge. The boundaries between consumer and studio interaction are blurring and these are truly exciting times. Introducing the first live design studio in the United Kingdom – BannerSex.

STPL Global Replaces Citrix with 2X at Westfaco Nigeria

Westafco approached STPL Global for a better solution where the IT Infrastructure resource consumption is less, cost of deployment is less and which is easy to maintain and manage. STPL Global analysed the current situation did a POC with 2x in the existing set up. Westfaco was quite impressed by ease of use of the software and decided immediately to migrate from Citrix to 2X.

Frompo Search Engine to Offer Clean, Fast and Relevant Search Results

Online source has turned into an essential part of lifestyle within the 21st-century. Online shopping, interpersonal life along with other activities are quickly overtaking real life. People who shop online first make inquiries on the internet via tablet PCs or smartphones. To help make the job easier, many qualified web search engines came up. Still, the real issue is to access the particular content that a user is searching for.

Frompo Has Launched Its Latest Crawler to Offer Curated Search Engine Results

For those who’re fed up with getting the limitless same web search engine results daily could possibly get the advantage by using the capabilities and features that Frompo provides, that will be a really uncommon and arranged approach of providing browsed data, free images, free videos and download applications.

Frompo - Renovating Web Search Engine with Curated Search Results

Generally web search engine solutions are inundated by ads and SEO techniques that folks barely get the relevant search result they are searching rather than offering ads of products/services or enterprise. Marketing has made its path to really customize leading internet search engine results so that it can offer search result without any advertisements to provide user with relevant and ads-free search results.

Frompo Video Search Engine - A Better Place to Search and Download HD Videos

For people who are an insatiable mobile video viewer and likes to spend their spare time by seeing mobile videos can experience better video downloading from their mobile. With the introduction of Frompo - a genuine video search engine, people will be able to browse their required videos.

Ciudad Santa Barbara Is Opening to International Markets

Ciudad Santa Barbara is a city that takes in planned urban development and efficient land use. It is an optimal location for economic, demographic, and social growth. Furthermore, the city has sufficient accessibility to services and facilities and the facilitation of the development of local and regional economic activity. Its location is by the convergence point of various infrastructures such as the Pan-American Highway, and the Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport establishes Ciudad Santa Barbara as one of the competitive cities of Colombia. In addition, Ciudad Santa Barbara is well equipped with a wide array of schools, the Science and Technology Park, and the Llanogrande BioPacific Square Mall. Ciudad Santa Barbara is one of the advancing cities of Colombia. It possesses potential in being an investment opportunity for business and an excellent locale for residency.

Suncome Launch SteriWasher - The Robust, Heavy Duty, Validateable Parts Washer

Suncombe - the premier washing, cleaning and critical process engineers have launched their SteriWasher™ this week (July 7), an innovative new robust, heavy duty validateable parts washer. Revitalizes Personal Training Experience in Madrid with Holistic Body-Mind-Spirit Approach

Entrena Diferente, the team of personal training specialists in Madrid, launches their website and wishes to reach out to a wider audience in order to get them on board the holistic body-mind-spirit approach to personal training. As their name states, a different kind of training that involves not just the physical aspects but also the mental stamina and inner will power would be provided to the client through the professional and dedicated personal trainers. Offering Opportunities to Share Stories with the World is a wonderful site that provides opportunities to individuals, who are interested to share their love stories with the others on the web. This is an interesting place to have fun and experience the best. As the name derives, the site owner plans it to be a lover’s point, where lovers from across the globe can get together and pour their heart out. With members joining every now and then, it is possible for the individual to discuss with the others, who use the site and enjoy getting suggestions and tips to better their love life. Various types of incidents in regards to love can be come across and the person can take pleasure by going through it.

Scientists in Japan Clone 98% Pure Saber-Tooth Tiger

Japanese scientists have successfully cloned a Pure Saber-Tooth Tiger with a striking 98% similarity. The baby tiger is said to be in good health and under the 24-hour supervision of the specialists. The scientists at the Japanese government-funded laboratory of Riken Center for Development Biology are very upbeat about their achievements and they are planning to start the second cloning project of a Saber-Tooth Tiger within the next two months. This time, they are aiming to better the results and are hopeful of achieving 100% pure cloning after 6 generations.

Acadsoc Offers Result-Oriented ESL Classes to Help Aspirants Learn English Comprehensively, Quickly and Economically is a leading online education platform, providing ESL classes to aspirants from around the globe. Acadsoc helps the aspirants to learn English with the help of qualified native English tutors through one-on-one training, along with tools and support system to make learning English online, a fun and enriching experience. Learning English online has many benefits as it saves time and money and allows an individual to learn at their own pace, without actually feeling the pressure of stress intensive classroom setting.

HTML5 Digital Magazine Software Available for Publishing jQuery and HTML5 Flipbook Online

LogoPUB HTML5’s new HTML5 digital magazine software yields users a simple way to create stunning online and offline brochures, magazines, catalogs, and more. Already catering to over 30,000 companies worldwide, PUB HTML5 offers a remarkable array of features that users can utilize to build the perfect flipbook jQuery & HTML5.

Leawo Introduces iPhone Data Recovery Software to Help to Recover Deleted iPhone Text Messages

LogoLeawo Software Co., Ltd., a professional solution provider that focuses on multimedia conversion issues, Blu-ray/DVD playback and conversions, data transfers and recoveries of iOS devices, now introduces its iPhone data recovery software, Leawo iOS Data Recovery, to help users to recover deleted text messages from iPhone with no efforts.

Core Liquidity Markets Announces German and Hungarian Language Website

LogoCore Liquidity Markets based in Melbourne, Australia announces the launch of their German and Hungarian language website. The additional languages will help an increasing number of German and Hungarian speaking traders learn more about the services offered by Core Liquidity Markets. Enlightens Readers on How Forklift Safety App Can Save Thousands of Dollars for Businesses Worldwide

Aussie Furniture retailer Super-A Mart was recently hit with a $30,000 fine following the injury of two employees caused by overloading of equipment and poor judgment. According to a report from, the Perth Magistrates Court handed down the fine after Super-A Mart pleaded guilty to a charge of failing to provide and maintain a safe work environment. Announced a Range of MP3 Downloads Services Free of Charge in 2014

Not a long time ago, a great site known as decided to create a list of many songs that users can listen and download via their website without the need of spending a single dime.

TraceGains HACCP Webinar Was a Success with Speaker Debby Newslow

LogoTraceGains offered a highly anticipated webinar addressing the creation of an Approved Supplier Program as a Prerequisite for a Successful HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) Program. The webinar was offered last Thursday, July 10, 2014 and again July 16, 2014.

Web Design Fresno Cloud1Marketing Explains Responsive Web Design: What It Is and How to Use It

LogoIn the next five years, we’ll likely need to design for a number of additional inventions. When will the madness stop? It won’t, of course.

Pangeanic to Hybridize Their Approach with Latest Cutting Edge Machine Translation

Language translation is a fascinating subject, not least because it crosses the border between art and science. Grammatical rules can be understood, and even encoded so that programs like Google Translate can automatically attempt to make international sites readable in the native language. But anyone who has used such free services knows that the translations are often imperfect and even confusing. Pangeanic is a professional translation agency, and offers high-end translation services to businesses in many diverse specialist fields, and is now writing custom translation engines for companies with specialist needs.

Best Name Badges Now Sells Custom Lanyards with No Minimum Purchase

Best Name Badges is the leading name in USA for retailing professional badges, cards, brochures, name tags and such other stationery necessities. The premium badge making company has now introduced the availability of custom lanyards without any sort of minimum purchase requisite. This makes Best Name Badges gain an edge over its competitors as most companies ask for a basic purchase of 50 - 100 lanyards for undertaking orders to create custom lanyards.

Eliminating Forklift Traffic by Eighty Percent Creates Immediate Process Improvements

LogoIn the whitepaper "Forklift-Free: Driving Safety and Profitability” the assertion is made that properly designed systems can reduce forklift traffic by more than 80%, creating immediate process improvements. In the case of horizontal transport, an automated tugger solution with dollies, trains, or carts can easily move the right amount of product for Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery, keeping inventory levels low and aisles free from excess product.

Cool Career Announces New Online Employment Resource

Cool Career, an online resource packed full of information related to career choices and advancement, is pleased to announce the launch of their website. “Our website is now live, and we couldn’t be happier! This is something that we have been working on for a long time and to see it finally live brings a great deal of satisfaction. Our goal is to create the largest online resource jam packed full of helpful information that will make a difference and help guide consumers in their career path,” stated website representative Patrick Davis.

Guerilla Stock Trading - Raytheon Grabs Market Share with Shocking New Technology

Guerilla Stock Trading has been the leading name in the virtual world for amateur as well as professional stock trades to rely on for firsthand information about the goings on in the stock market. Not only does the website provide the latest stock news along with details of the same, but it also offers stock trading education online. The freshest snippet that Lance Jepsen, the owner and founder of Guerilla Stock Trading has revealed to its visitors is the stunning new 155mm howitzer round called Excalibur that has been developed by defense contractor for the USA, Raytheon, a company that had 60,000 employees working under it and $24 in sales as of last year.