Technology Press Releases

Bay Club Relies on Helpful Software from MassMailer, Inc.

Companies around the world utilize Salesforce as a way of building and strengthening their relationships with customers. From sales, to service, marketing and collaboration to analytics, the cloud-based software solution is synonymous with smart business sense. Unfortunately, however, limitations on emails render companies unable to make the impact they'd like to with email campaigns. Bay Club, the California-based country clubs that dot the landscape south and north, recently announced their intent to team up with MassMailer, Inc., and enhance their ability to market to customers through email marketing campaigns. The 40-year old active lifestyle corporation recently expanded their offerings, adding Fairbanks Ranch Country Club in Rancho Sante Fe, CA, and the Golf Club at Boulder Ridge, in San Jose, CA.

Stockton Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Debuts New Responsive Website

John S. Silverton, M.D., F.R.C.S., board-certified plastic surgeon in Stockton, CA, is excited to unveil a reconstructed, responsive website designed to further his internet presence and to act as a comprehensive tool for patient research. With a modern website design, the site includes detailed procedural pages on every service offered at Dr. Silverton's plastic surgery practice.

SpyCrushers 720p HD Spy Pen Has Exclusive Amazon Sale

LogoSpyCrushers rep releases 10% off Amazon coupon code for their Pro Series 720p HD Spy Pen Camera.

London Based Unified Communications Provider Partners with Lifesize to Host a Lunch Event at the Gherkin

Interact Technology is Lifesize partner and a unified communications provider with over twenty years industry experience. The company has locations all over the United Kingdom, their head office is located in Fleet Street, London.

SEO Agency in Lancashire Now Offering Free SEO Health Checks

Unlike many providers of SEO, SEO Company Ranking Solutions are 100% transparent at all times, offering not only quality services but also leading advice to all. This is why it has not come as a surprise that they have recently introduces a new 'SEO Health Check' scheme, which is free of charge and enables people to understand what is wrong with their websites and their current SEO strategies before having to be tied into any contracts. To receive one of these checks, no commitment is needed and because of this we anticipate that it is going to become incredibly popular in the coming months.

GSR2R Offer Tips to Improve Sales: GSR2R Comments

Leading rec to rec company GSR2R has recently revealed some of what they consider to be key points for all looking to revolutionise the way that they sell after realising that a number of recruiters, although they may love their jobs struggle when pitching their businesses and services. Here are just three of the things that they urged people to consider in one of their recent blogs posts:

Prominent Digital Marketing Firm Introduces SEO Referral Scheme

Leading Lancashire based digital marketing agency Ranking Solutions has now extended their services to include a phenomenal SEO referral scheme. This means that their many clients will now be able to benefit even further from their services. Typically when referring clients to SEO companies, people can be slightly wary as they do not want to harm their relationships with their clients. However, when referring someone to Ranking Solutions, people can rest assured with total confidence knowing that they are referring them to the best agency.

CoinVert.IO Is Disrupting the Cryptocurrencies Exchange Market

With over 16 cryptocurrencies in a highly competitive and volatile market, customers are looking for a way to exchange their cryptocurrencies in the fastest and most affordable manner. This is exactly what CoinVert.IO aims to be - a reliable and instant cryptocurrency exchange with the lowest rates.

U.S. Carrier Verizon Starts Taking Orders for New Samsung Note 7 Phones After Note 7 Recall

LogoIt has been a while since Samsung recalled its Note 7 smartphones globally because of the phones' fire-prone batteries. In the United States alone, Samsung has recalled about 1 million handsets while the company has recalled at least 2.5 million across the globe. During the Note 7 recall, Samsung has offered more than one way for Note 7 owners to return or exchange the faulty Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Many enterprises including Verizon (U.S. carrier Verizon Communications Inc), have stopped sales of Note 7 earlier due to the recall, but now Verizon has begun taking orders for Samsung's new Galaxy Note 7 smartphones.

IHS Revealed That the Cost of the $639 iPhone7 Is Just $224.80

LogoAccording to the IHS Markit, the cheapest model of Apple's latest iPhone 7 costs $219.80 for the materials inside it, which is a lot less than $649, the price Apple currently sets for its 32GB iPhone 7. With the extra $5 for manufacturing process, it costs Apple in total of $224.80 for the 32GB version iPhone7.

AnyFlip Creates and Shares Stunning Flip Books with Ease

LogoTurning a PDF, brochure or photo album into an interactive, shareable flip book has never been easier thanks to AnyFlip. From AnyFlip blog, users are amazed at its powerful publishing solutions. With AnyFlip, they can convert documents, pictures or other content into an engaging, responsive HTML5 format that is accessible from virtually any desktop computer or smartphone.

iOS 10 Confirmed to Drain the Battery of iPhone Quicker

LogoiOS 10 is now available for updating for iPhone/iPad users, which comes with some important features but it also, according to its users, brings some problems along with it. Now there are many complaints from iOS 10 users that it appears to be draining their batteries quicker.

Profit by RPO Offers Flexible Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solutions for Unique in-House Recruiting Processes

#1 RPO Company India, Profit By RPO offers exceptional recruitment process outsourcing services for permanent and contingent hiring. The company provides its customers with analytics on hiring practices and manages end-to-end recruitment solutions for some or all roles across their business. They have a team of skilled recruiters who uses different recruiting tools including social media and other online services to hire talented workforce. The RPO services they offer are of the highest standards and planned as per the business needs of their clients.

Tangicloud Attending Microsoft Directions 2016 Conference

LogoTangicloud Technologies, Inc., a Colorado-based software publisher focused on serving the government and Nonprofit community, is excited to be attending Microsoft Directions 2016 conference.

AFS Technologies Presents Best in Class Retail Solution at POI in St Louis Next Week

LogoAFS Technologies will sponsor POI Summit (Promotion Optimization Institute) in St Louis next week from Sept 25-27. The inaugural event focuses on retail execution. AFS Technologies will be present, "Five Attributes for Delivering Best-in-Class Retail Execution," on Tuesday, September 27 at 10:00 am. The session covers the five most common characteristics needed to deliver best-in-class retail execution. The attributes reflect best practices observed working with leading consumer goods organizations around the world. This session also will include real life examples and relevant supporting case studies. The session will be presented by Andres Jejen, Product Management Director at AFS Technologies.

Low-Cost Press Release Service Launched by Top 10 SEO in Sydney

A professional press release writing service that comes with distribution has been launched by a leading SEO company in Australia. Top 10 SEO in Sydney a leading Search Engine Optimization company who help small business owners around the world to gain more traffic and sales has launched the service to help small businesses gain the same amount of exposure as their bigger competitors.

WarehouseOS Growing Rapidly as eCommerce Companies Need Scalable Solutions

LogoWarehouse Mobile Solutions, the leader in logistics solutions is the maker of the state-of-the-art tablet directed, barcode and order fulfillment solution, WarehouseOS. WarehouseOS ecommerce addresses ShipStation application.

G Web Pro Develops Premium WordPress Store Locator Plugin

Progressing continually as a digital marketing agency in Toronto, G Web Pro Marketing Inc. ( has come up with its premium WordPress Store locator plugin that would make your existence more prominent in the digital world.

Humantech Ergonomist Ryan Cowart Interviewed Ali Patterson Director of New Product Development at Magline

LogoHumantech Ergonomist Ryan Cowart recently interviewed Ali Patterson, Director of New Product Development at Magline about the Glyde Hand Truck. Patterson explained the reason the innovative Glyde was developed.

Ocrolus Makers of PerfectAudit Profiled as Best Automated Auditing Technology

LogoThe new form of automation, artificial intelligence and big data is fast-growing and significant. There are now many viable options on the market, including: PerfectAudit by Ocrolus. PerfectAudit, profiled recently in Robotics and Automation News, is the only OCR application custom built for identifying aberrancies and trends during financial reviews, yet flexible enough to be utilized by anyone reviewing bank and credit card statements. The feature article, authored by manufacturing journalist, Thomas R. Cutler.

John Maher, VP of Product Strategy Leads Synchrono in Demand-Driven Manufacturing Software Systems

LogoJohn Maher, Vice President of Product Strategy at Synchrono, is a leader in demand-driven manufacturing software systems. In this role, he defines and drives the product roadmap for the company, leading the software development and consulting services organizations.

Beyond 3D Podcast Explores Trends, Business Opportunities and Real-World Stories in Manufacturing and Engineering

Tech Soft 3D, leading provider of software development tools and 3D PDF solutions to the engineering industry, today announced the Beyond 3D podcast channel (, where guests will explore all things 3D related.

Bark at the Moon Pet Treats Continue to Impress Dog Lovers Everywhere

After releasing three healthy pet snacks, Bark at the Moon has gained the favor of dog owners across America who are looking to treat their dogs to the best of the best. With the promise of a new treat to be released in the near future and many adoring reviews under their belt, the all-natural treat company continues to be a hit which is evident in the incoming emails of praise from happy pet parents.

Moon Technolabs Offer Premium MacOS Development Services

LogoMoon Technolabs is a fast growing and expanding global IT solutions providing company. Since its inception, it has been offering high-quality MacOS Application Development and Mobile Application Development Services.

CommonLit Launches Version 3 to Improve Adolescent Literacy Nationwide

CommonLit, the free website for 5th-12th grade literacy, launched version 3.0, a new interactive platform that allows teachers track student progress in reading and writing. New features enable teachers to differentiate reading instruction, tailored to the unique needs of students. This major release was made possible through the support of AT&T, Brinker Capital, AmerisourceBergen, and Fast Forward.

Customers Detect All Significant Cash and Check Transactions with Medicaid Genius Powered by Ocrolus

LogoMedicaid Genius, powered by Ocrolus, allows users to detect all significant cash and check transactions. By reading and analyzing financial statements, Medicaid Genius quickly identifies significant transactions, a task that would otherwise require hours of labor. By making all transactions sortable and searchable by dollar amount, date range, and description, Medicaid-Genius gives users an unparalleled perspective on the applicant's financial history.

CBD Incorporated Offers "Lifetime Supply" of CBD

California-based startup, CBD Inc. is raising capital to build an organic CBD production facility, dubbed "The Liquid Gold Factory™." The company is betting that the wisdom of the crowd will give them a head start on sales.