Environment Press Releases

Audubon Center of the North Woods to Host Will Steger Foundation's "Summer Institute for Energy Education"

Held August 4-6, 2014, this is the Midwest’s climate change education event of the year for formal and non-formal educators of K12 students in grades 3-12 to connect with educators who care about quality teaching and who want to bring climate change and energy concepts to their educational setting.

GreenFix Energy Introduces OASIIS, A Floating Island Capable of Producing Sufficient Electricity and Distilled Water

GreenFix Energy Inc. announces today the official launch of OASIIS, a solution to the greatest environmental, water and energy challenges today. Designed to outperform most of today's green technologies, the OASIIS patented system includes proven technologies like the Rankine Heat Engine and Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) and is environmentally-friendly as well as impervious to extreme weather conditions.

Stafford Housing to Specialize in Environment and Sustainability in All Real Estate

A house or apartment built today will last for a great many years. As such, future-proofing is more essential in real estate than in almost any other sector, where planned obsolescence helps make products disposable. When seeking temporary accommodation, many people want to feel like they’re in a place that could last a lifetime, while sustainability and environmental efficiency help make temporary accommodation more financial viable for all. Stafford Housing is one of the leading purveyors of corporate housing and corporate furnished apartments in Houston, Austin and Dallas, and has introduced new, stringent sustainability policies for all their high-end temporary housing.

Royal Landscape Nursery Boasts of Excellent Landscaping Services Plus Amazing Plants and Flowers

Royal Landscape Nursery opens their doors to interested residential and commercial customers. Those who need to organize and decorate their vacant and open spaces now have a pavers Orlando team to call whenever they are in need of landscaping services.

NetSuite Magazine (July 2014) - TRAER Keeps the World's Oceans Clean

LogoCleaning up the world’s waste is a highly regulated, data-driven business. Mopping up the collection of wastes, gray water, and used fuel from cruise ships, oil tankers, and cargo carriers is an especially data-critical challenge. Waste recycling and disposal are governed by multiple international and regional regulations. So waste recyclers need real-time data to stay on top of everything from types of wastes arriving in port to waste transport and ultimate disposal. NetSuite customer Tratamiento Ecologico de Residuos S.A.DEC.V (TRAER) is a fast-growing marine waste recycling company that services big ships docking at any of 13 ports in Mexico and South America. Each year, TRAER expects to service 800 ships.

Free Waste Minimization Audits Offered by CT Industries

CT Industries, Inc., a leading supplier of industrial cleaning supplies, is offering all West Coast aerospace companies, medical equipment/parts manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), foundries, heat treating plants, metal plating and FAA Repair Stations an opportunity to take advantage of a free waste minimization audit. These audits will examine the company’s waste management processes and recommend improvements and efficiencies.

Blue Iceberg Group Looks to Transport an Iceberg to Africa to Give Water with Funding Assistance Through Indiegogo

LogoThere are ~350 million people in Africa without any access to pure sanitized water. On the other hand, an average iceberg carries enough pure clean water to provide 1 million people with water for full year. Gleb Cherenkov and his team at Blue Iceberg Group are in the process of developing a new and totally feasible way of transporting an iceberg from Arctic to Africa to give it to people there. After proving that this method works, they plan to continue bringing more icebergs to irrigate land in Africa to make it greener.

Northwater Expands to Bring Additional Water & Sanitation Capacity to Haiti

A geologist and engineer with notable experience in Haiti has joined Northwater Consulting. William Javan Miner will support the rapidly growing international demand for Northwater’s expertise and strengthen the company’s philanthropic mission to support developing nations with water and sanitation expertise and capacity.

Global and China High-Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge Industry 2014 Market Demand, Trend, Size, Share, Growth Research Report

LogoThe report firstly introduced High-Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge basic information included High-Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge definition classification application industry chain structure industry overview; international market analysis, China domestic market analysis, Macroeconomic environment and economic situation analysis and influence, High-Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge industry policy and plan, High-Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge product specification, manufacturing process, product cost structure etc.

Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC Now Offering Commercial Janitorial Service for Summer 2014

LogoMinch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC is now offering commercial janitorial service in Philadelphia for summer 2014. One of the area’s most reliable commercial cleaning companies, they were listed on the Best of Bucks for 2012 and 2013, and have won Best in Fairless Hills Cleaning Service category 8 times. The company will take on cleaning jobs for offices and businesses of any size, and will always be on time for regularly scheduled cleaning so employees can expect a spotless work environment all year long. And because Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC sends a certificate of insurance to their client’s main office before starting their work, business managers and owners won’t have to worry about any damages occurring during cleaning sessions.

S & B Porta-Bowl Restrooms Now Offers Unmatched Services of Portable Restrooms Rentals in Denver

LogoWith an aim to fulfill their customer’s demands, S & B Porta-Bowl Restrooms now offers unmatched services of portable restrooms rentals in Denver. These trailers go by many names such as comfort station, toilet trailer, bathroom trailer, and mobile toilet. Also, these trailers can be used for diverse applications like weddings, parties, store remodels, grand openings, sporting events, and more.

Norfolk Dumpster Rental Offers Ideal Choice of Dumpsters to Residents

There are several questions among the clients as to which roll off container truck to rent for a specific project. Resident of Norfolk has opened about how some of the companies have taken advantage of the lack of knowledge of the clients and suggested its customers the more expensive roll off containers even though the less expensive dumpster would have been just fine to handle the particular project.

Nashville Dumpster Rental Suggests Tricks to Save Money on Trash Removal Services

Before renting from a good dumpster rental services, people should know and be well aware of certain information and facts. No people in the urban areas can do without the assistance of an efficient dumpster rental company. The services of a dumpster rental company are required when there is a large quantity trash accumulated at residences which needs to be removed from the property.

Newark Dumpster Rental Company Informs Residents on Responsible Dumping

Residents are shown by the Newark dumpster rental company to seek the right dumpster rental service. Large scale construction sites and home renovations often produce a large quantity of trash and waste that is required to be disposed at a safe distance away from the populated areas of the vicinity. The international environment protection organizations have declared the fact that waste produced by human populace must be disposed in landfills situated at a far location from the area where the majority population lives.

Memphis Dumpster Rental Offers Simple Solutions to Its Residents

Whenever a lot of waste is accumulated in any area, the best thing to do is seek for a reliable and efficient dumpster rental service. With several companies offering their services everywhere, people can now locate a reliable service provider without much difficulty. People can make calls to various companies and compare the various features and price quotes offered by them. A good service provider will guarantee in delivering the most appropriate roll off container trucks whenever it is needed. People only need to mention the particulars and the dumpster rental company will meet the demands.

Milwaukee Dumpster Rental Company Offer Environmental Friendly Trash Removal Solution

People residing in Milwaukee often need dumpster rental services to get rid of the waste that is accumulated in their properties. With many service providers in the region, residents may find it difficult to choose and hire from the most proficient company. If this is the case, people do not need to search further. All that needs to be done is to contact the Milwaukee dumpster rental company. This company is the solution to all types of trash removal problems.

Modesto Dumpster Rental Launches Affordable Trash Removal Solutions

In one way or the other everyone tries to save some money. It can be when people are purchasing commodities, renting services or anything else. Therefore, if people of Modesto have been looking for a service provider that offers inexpensive solutions, they have reached the right place. This article will give sufficient details about one of the exceptional company that is affordable and at the same time an excellent service provider. Residents are ensured of complete satisfaction with the equipments’ as well as with the services.

Health Canada Releases First Nation Water Advisory Information, Find It on water.ca

After a seven year hiatus, during which Health Canada only published the number of First Nation water advisories across Canada, the Department recently released the names of each First Nation community under drinking water advisory (DWA).

Dumpster Rental Solutions Now Offering Junk Removal and Dumpster Rental for Summer 2014

LogoDumpster Rental Solutions is now offering services for junk removal and dumpster rental in Atlanta. The company serves the city of Atlanta as well as surrounding areas including Norcross, Lilburn, Sugar Hill, Smyrna, and Union City. Dumpster rentals are also available in Athens, Augusta, Macon, Columbus, and North Georgia Mountains.

Get Familiar with the World of Composite Volcanoes Only at World Landforms

World Landforms is an enlightening and edifying portal dedicated to uncovering the mysteries of nature and its varied landforms and as a part of this endeavor, it familiarizes readers with the world of Composite Volcanoes by covering truths and facts associated with them.

Reliable Knoxville Dumpster Rental Company Guarantees Quickest Waste Removal Solutions

When it came to waste removal in Knoxville, residents often had difficulty to get the accumulated waste removed from their property quickly and efficiently. This was due to the reason that there was no decent service provider. However, that was a thing of the past. Now with the availability of efficient service provider’s people can easily locate a reliable company and get their garbage removed quickly without any hassles. One among the best service providers in the region is the Knoxville dumpster rental company. This particular company is reliable and competent and is always ready to handle any waste removal problem.

Laredo Dumpster Rental Ensures Quick Pick Up and Delivery Service

There are several dumpster rental services available in Laredo. One of the best amongst the various services providers is the Laredo dumpster rental company. This company is one of the most leading suppliers of dumpster throughout the nation. The company has built itself a name in the industry by providing efficient and reliable service in the entire region. Because of their commitment to service and their reliability, they continue to exceed their customers’ expectations each time. In addition, the company also offers better pricing in the industry and this is one of the reasons why their services are mostly demanded by the customers. The company’s fees for dumpster and other services are very reasonably priced. The prices offered by the company are probably the lowest that one can find in the market.

Lincoln Dumpster Rental Offers Swift Delivery and Swift Pick Up Service

The number of dumpster rental companies has amplified in Lincoln over the years. Therefore, residents can locate a service provider without any difficulty whenever they require dumpster rental service to remove the waste from their property. However, all the service providers do not cater equal services. It is therefore important to know which service provider to rent from whenever it is required. Customers may look for the service provider that offers excellent services at the most affordable rate. The Lincoln dumpster rental is one of the most reliable and efficient service providers in the region.

Efficient Clean Up Service Offered by Lubbock Dumpster Rental Company

When it comes to renting dumpster for various purposes, it is always important to do a proper research first. There are several reasons why people should look for an efficient and reliable dumpster rental service. In order to make a smart search, people are encouraged to compare the price quotes and service features of various service providers in the area.

Madison Dumpster Rental Company Reveals Advantages of Dumpster Trucks

Whenever people embark on any type of home improvement projects either for office purposes or at home, a huge quantity of waste is produced after the job is done. This type of large quantity of waste can be removed only with the assistance of professionals help. When people try to deal with the garbage cans on their own, it may often result the waste to spill over.

Huntington Dumpster Rental Facilitates the Residents with Professional Waste Removal Solutions

People who require dumpster to remove the accumulated trash from their property should look for services from the top service provider in the area. People should seek for dumpster rental companies that cater fast services at the most affordable rates. Presently, there are many service providers in the country. So, people can easily locate a reliable company these days. However, in order to pick the right company, people ought to compare the features offered by various companies.

Effective and Affordable Solutions Proposed by Competent Killeen Dumpster Rental Company

Dumpster rental companies in Killeen are known to offer efficient services. Presently, there are many service providers that cater services in Killeen and various vicinities. People in these areas who have waste accumulated in their residence or property may easily locate a reliable company that are always prepared to assist the residents solve waste removal problems. One of the best and efficient service providers in the area is the Killeen dumpster rental company.