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The International Dark-Sky Association Awards Dark Sky Status to Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument

The remote, wild character of rural northwest Arizona has long drawn dedicated adventurers who value protection of the area’s abundant natural resources. Lately, dark night skies have earned a place among these precious assets worthy of preservation. In recognition of exceptional efforts to this end, the International Dark Sky Association announced today that it has designated Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument as part of its International Dark Sky Places Program. The new International Dark Sky Place is also known as “Parashant International Night Sky Province.” A public event to celebrate the designation will be held April 26 at Dixie State University in St. George, Utah.

First International Dark Sky Park in the Southeast US Designated

The Appalachian Mountains of have stood as silent witnesses to the uninterrupted rain of starlight for nearly a half-billion years, but artificial light now threatens this nightly show. In honor of notable local efforts to preserve the natural nighttime landscape of North Carolina, the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) announced today it has designated the first International Dark Sky Park in the southeastern United States.

Coleman Elementary of San Rafael Launches 5th Season of Cool the Earth Program

Coleman Elementary in San Rafael, CA will launch its fifth year running Cool the Earth’s Climate Action Program this month as part of its Earth Day program. For four years Tanya Burdick has lead the program at Coleman— students have taken over 4800 actions, saving approximately 3,500,000 lbs. of carbon. That is the equivalent of taking almost 300 cars off the road!

DMC Property Maintenance, Inc. Now Hiring Snow Plow Drivers

After the grueling winter the greater Philadelphia area has experienced, the warm weather could not come soon enough. As spring has arrived, there’s no telling if Mother Nature has another ice storm in the forecast. Always prepared, regardless of circumstance, DMC Property Maintenance, Inc. is pleased to announce they are hiring drivers for their Philly snow plowing services. The company services all areas of Philadelphia, and they strive for reliability and commitment to all their clients. When snow falls, it is important for them to have trusted drivers throughout the city in order to provide complete satisfaction.

MXI, Inc. Now Hosting HHW Events for Earth Day

LogoWith Earth Day rapidly approaching, it is important for organizations, neighborhoods, and counties to rid themselves of waste in economically friendly ways. As a full service management firm that takes care of all waste removal needs, MXI, Inc. is proud to announce they will be helping communities and organizations this Earth Day by hosting household hazardous waste collections and disposals. Their process ensures all products that are collected are handled safely and securely by utilizing advanced equipment and staffing knowledgeable professionals.

Southern Irrigation Now Offering Irrigation Startups in Brentwood This Spring

LogoAs winter has come and gone, many homeowners have concentrated their efforts on the exterior of the property in preparation for the summer months. The concentration focuses on the look of the lawn, and making sure a quality irrigation system is in place to ensure the grass stays healthy through the hot and dry summer. This April, as the weather becomes warmer and the risk of irrigation damage due to temperatures is decreased, Southern Irrigation is announcing their services for irrigation startup installations in Brentwood.

Superb Raleigh Dumpster Rental List Steps to Consider for Ordering Apt Dumpster

Raleigh in North Carolina is no stranger to getting the best services from different companies. Among the various service providers, dumpster rental companies offer amazing solutions. There are several companies that offer dumpster at incredible rates. So, if residents at any time require dumpsters to get rid of garbage from their respective properties. People can just contact a reliable company and seek assistance. A reliable company will make sure to send an appropriate dumpster to the place chosen by the company.

Notable Springfield Dumpster Rental Provides Simple Method for Removing Garbage

Hiring the most suitable dumpster is the key to getting rid of rubbish from one’s property. So, if people in any place have rubbish to remove from their homes or any commercial area, they should hire only the most efficient service provider. With so many big companies around, it is sure that people can find a competent company without any difficulty. A reliable company will make sure to deliver and take away the dumpster fast.

Incredible Aiken Dumpster Rental Gets Rid of Junk Removal Problems Super Fast

Residents of Aiken, SC can get rid of garbage fast and easy if they happen to know one of the most reliable service providers. This reliable company is none other than Top Dog Dumpster Rental Aiken, SC. If people have not heard about this excellent company, they should do it now. It is guaranteed that clients will not be disappointed with the services provided by the company. People who have rubbish accumulated in their property may contact the company via phone number located at the company’s site.

Innovative Greenville Dumpster Rental Ready with New Rubbish Removal Methods

If citizens of Greenville, SC have been dealing with sloppy and old fashioned ways to remove rubbish, there is good news. Top Dog Dumpster Rental Greenville, SC has new and fast methods which they are ready to share with residents. The company has always been innovative and efficient with their service. Now, residents can also experience the wonderful services offered by the company.

Renowned Charleston Dumpster Rental Brings Innovative Solutions to Residents

When it comes to introducing nice and easy solutions for removing rubbish in Charleston, SC, none can compare with Top Dog Dumpster Rental Charleston, SC. This is because the company cares about solving problems fast. It has the best ideas and equipment to make sure that residents get rid of accumulated garbage as fast as possible. The company boasts of vast number of dumpsters and efficient personnel who are always prepared to solve problems.

Easy Fixes Offered by Top Rate Las Vegas Dumpster Rental

Inhabitants of Las Vegas, NV do not have to search hard when they require dumpsters on rent. This is because of the fact that a top rate company is already present to offer fast solutions. People requiring roll off containers may contact Top Dog Dumpster Rental Las Vegas, NV. The company is ready to deliver dumpsters in any location in and around Las Vegas. If people want cost effective solutions, then this is the company to seek services from.

Brilliant Solutions Available with Top Minneapolis Dumpster Rental

Minneapolis is a city which boasts of many dumpster rental companies. Therefore residents do not have to search very hard when garbage gets accumulated in their homes or any other property. They can just locate a reliable company and hire a dumpster that can accommodate all the rubbish materials. Selecting a reliable company is always the key to completing tasks very quickly. Residents may therefore choose a company that is ready to offer immediate services.

Quick Deliveries and Pick Ups Assured by Reliable Kansas City Dumpster Rental

Residents of Kansas City are known to be very choosy when it comes to dumpster rentals. So, the most dependable service provider is here to serve residents in and around the surrounding places. Residents can call Top Dog Dumpster Rental Kansas City, MO if they need help with removing garbage. This company will be there to promptly deliver and remove dumpsters. The company rents dumpsters to different locations like residents, construction sites, industrial areas and commercial places.

New AEERC President Credits Cleveland Roots for Success

LogoAmerican Energy Education and Research Center, Inc. (AEERC) has a mission to provide education and raise awareness for matters related to America’s renewable and nonrenewable energy has named Benedictine High School and John Carroll University graduate John Browne to the position of President.

David Evans Seeks Funding Through Kickstarter Campaign for Photographing the Maldives Before It 'Drowns'

LogoThe Maldives is kind of like the canary in the coal mine for climate change due to low elevation and vulnerability to sea level rises.

The International Dark Sky Association Celebrates International Dark Sky Week 2014

LogoCreated in 2003 by high-school student Jennifer Barlow, International Dark Sky Week has grown to become a worldwide event and a key component of Global Astronomy Month. Each year it is held in April around Earth Day and Astronomy Day. This year celebrations begin Sunday, April 20, and run through Friday, April 26.

Swift Delivery and Pick Up Service Ensured by Louisville Dumpster Rental

Louisville is a city where there are many dumpster rental companies. Among the many service providers, there is one company that is on par with the best in the country. This particular company has many branches spread all over the country and services provided by are excellent. Ever since the company came into being, people have started to prefer it over other service providers. If residents require dumpsters to remove garbage from their property, they should make contact with Top Dog Dumpster Rental Louisville, KY.

Cheap and Effective Solutions Proposed by Efficient Boston Dumpster Rental

Dumpster rentals in Boston are known to provide efficient service. Currently there are several companies that offer services in Boston and several areas. People in the area who have trash accumulated in their property can look for a dependable company that is always ready to help residents solve garbage removal problems. It may be mentioned that among the several service providers, people can check out Top Dog Dumpster Rental Boston, MA.

Professional Tank & Environmental Now Offering Their Services for Oil Tank Replacements This Spring

LogoAs the weather warms up, properties that utilize underground oil storage tanks for heat may begin to see the effects of sludge buildup, resulting from condensation during the winter. With older tanks, the life span is waning and property owners are risking tank failure if not properly treated. When properties are in need of a new tank, Professional Tank & Environmental is announcing their services for oil tank replacements this spring season. The company possesses all local permits required for the project, and provide an initial visit to the property to discuss what measures need to be taken for replacement.

Cheap and Simple Solutions Provided by Efficient South Bend Dumpster Rental

Hiring the right dumpster can solve a lot of problems for residents. The surroundings will remain safe and healthy and people do not have to worry about disposing off the garbage. To obtain the right dumpster in any place, people can locate the most suitable company that offers the best and easiest solutions. Since there are a lot of companies providing services, it is quite sure that residents will not have problems locating a company which is always there to assist people.

In Demand Topeka Dumpster Rental Brings Simple Garbage Removal Methods

If people living in Topeka KS require dumpsters to get rid of garbage piled in their homes or any other place, they can check out one of the best service providers in the country. This company will provide simple solutions for everybody who needs roll off containers to throw away rubbish from their property. Top Dog Dumpster Rental Topeka, KS is the company that is the real deal at the moment. The company believes in providing quick and simple solutions so clients will have the best service ever.

Quick Fixes for Rubbish Removals Offered by Lexington Dumpster Rental

A first class dumpster rental in Lexington KY provides roll off containers on rent to private residences, commercial areas, construction sites and industrial areas. People in any of these places can collect the phone number and make a call today. The company will be happy to provide services. There are of course several companies that offer services. But Top Dog Dumpster Rental Lexington, KY is in the top. If residents have not heard about this company, it is the right time to do so.

MXI Environmental Services, LLC Announces Cosmetic Recycling Services This Spring

LogoFor companies to remain in good standing within their industry, it is important to ensure no unsellable products hit the shelves. In the health and beauty business, expired products can lead to skin problems or allergic reactions, which can come back to haunt the retailer. In order to avoid corporate liability and dispose of these products in an economically beneficial way, MXI Environmental Services, LLC is announcing their services for recycling cosmetic products this spring season. With Earth Day right around the corner, there is no better time to consult the services of the reliable recycling professionals to “go green” and create renewable energy.

Economic Solutions Available with Renowned Fort Wayne Dumpster Rental

Removing garbage from homes and any other place can be quite a daunting task if there were not companies that rent out dumpsters. It is because of so many service providers in every place that people can easily locate a reliable company and seek assistance. Most companies are ready to rent dumpsters in homes, commercial sites and industrial areas. People can therefore find such a company and hire a dumpster to remove trash from their property.

Green Roofs' Prevalent in Top U.S. Cities

LogoToday, society is getting more conscious about going green, which is where people do things to cut down on emissions and pollutants. In turn, this betters the environment for all in the world, allowing future generations to have a healthy world to live in. One trend that is sweeping the US nation is having green roofs. Green roofs are partly or fully covered with vegetation. These plants are planted over a waterproofing membrane.

Joliet Dumpster Rental Enables Quick Delivery and Pick Up Service

There are several points to consider before people in Joliet, IL set up dumpsters to remove rubbish from a particular site. In the first place, people need to find a suitable site where they can set up the dumpster. The site needs to be stable and safe. Secondly, people need to assess the quantity of junk that needs to be removed. And last but most important, people need to find a company that delivers and pick up dumpsters promptly.