Environment Press Releases

Green Roofs' Prevalent in Top U.S. Cities

Today, society is getting more conscious about going green, which is where people do things to cut down on emissions and pollutants. In turn, this betters the environment for all in the world, allowing future generations to have a healthy world to live in. One trend that is sweeping the US nation is having green roofs. Green roofs are partly or fully covered with vegetation. These plants are planted over a waterproofing membrane.

One in a Million Crowdfunding Project Launched

To increase the well-being of wildlife in Africa the Blue Sky Society Trust has launched a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo entitled, ‘One In A Million’. The crowdfunding campaign is poised to raise $10,000 in support of the society’s latest initiative to help wildlife conservation. The monies raised through the project will kick start the ‘One In A Million’ campaign which is designed to bring in $1,000,000 one dollar at a time. This premise makes supporters of the effort a very necessary “One in a Million”.

The International Dark Sky Association Celebrates International Dark Sky Week 2014

LogoCreated in 2003 by high-school student Jennifer Barlow, International Dark Sky Week has grown to become a worldwide event and a key component of Global Astronomy Month. Each year it is held in April around Earth Day and Astronomy Day. This year celebrations begin Sunday, April 20, and run through Friday, April 26.

Swift Delivery and Pick Up Service Ensured by Louisville Dumpster Rental

Louisville is a city where there are many dumpster rental companies. Among the many service providers, there is one company that is on par with the best in the country. This particular company has many branches spread all over the country and services provided by are excellent. Ever since the company came into being, people have started to prefer it over other service providers. If residents require dumpsters to remove garbage from their property, they should make contact with Top Dog Dumpster Rental Louisville, KY.

Cheap and Effective Solutions Proposed by Efficient Boston Dumpster Rental

Dumpster rentals in Boston are known to provide efficient service. Currently there are several companies that offer services in Boston and several areas. People in the area who have trash accumulated in their property can look for a dependable company that is always ready to help residents solve garbage removal problems. It may be mentioned that among the several service providers, people can check out Top Dog Dumpster Rental Boston, MA.

Professional Tank & Environmental Now Offering Their Services for Oil Tank Replacements This Spring

LogoAs the weather warms up, properties that utilize underground oil storage tanks for heat may begin to see the effects of sludge buildup, resulting from condensation during the winter. With older tanks, the life span is waning and property owners are risking tank failure if not properly treated. When properties are in need of a new tank, Professional Tank & Environmental is announcing their services for oil tank replacements this spring season. The company possesses all local permits required for the project, and provide an initial visit to the property to discuss what measures need to be taken for replacement.

Cheap and Simple Solutions Provided by Efficient South Bend Dumpster Rental

Hiring the right dumpster can solve a lot of problems for residents. The surroundings will remain safe and healthy and people do not have to worry about disposing off the garbage. To obtain the right dumpster in any place, people can locate the most suitable company that offers the best and easiest solutions. Since there are a lot of companies providing services, it is quite sure that residents will not have problems locating a company which is always there to assist people.

In Demand Topeka Dumpster Rental Brings Simple Garbage Removal Methods

If people living in Topeka KS require dumpsters to get rid of garbage piled in their homes or any other place, they can check out one of the best service providers in the country. This company will provide simple solutions for everybody who needs roll off containers to throw away rubbish from their property. Top Dog Dumpster Rental Topeka, KS is the company that is the real deal at the moment. The company believes in providing quick and simple solutions so clients will have the best service ever.

Quick Fixes for Rubbish Removals Offered by Lexington Dumpster Rental

A first class dumpster rental in Lexington KY provides roll off containers on rent to private residences, commercial areas, construction sites and industrial areas. People in any of these places can collect the phone number and make a call today. The company will be happy to provide services. There are of course several companies that offer services. But Top Dog Dumpster Rental Lexington, KY is in the top. If residents have not heard about this company, it is the right time to do so.

MXI Environmental Services, LLC Announces Cosmetic Recycling Services This Spring

LogoFor companies to remain in good standing within their industry, it is important to ensure no unsellable products hit the shelves. In the health and beauty business, expired products can lead to skin problems or allergic reactions, which can come back to haunt the retailer. In order to avoid corporate liability and dispose of these products in an economically beneficial way, MXI Environmental Services, LLC is announcing their services for recycling cosmetic products this spring season. With Earth Day right around the corner, there is no better time to consult the services of the reliable recycling professionals to “go green” and create renewable energy.

Economic Solutions Available with Renowned Fort Wayne Dumpster Rental

Removing garbage from homes and any other place can be quite a daunting task if there were not companies that rent out dumpsters. It is because of so many service providers in every place that people can easily locate a reliable company and seek assistance. Most companies are ready to rent dumpsters in homes, commercial sites and industrial areas. People can therefore find such a company and hire a dumpster to remove trash from their property.

Joliet Dumpster Rental Enables Quick Delivery and Pick Up Service

There are several points to consider before people in Joliet, IL set up dumpsters to remove rubbish from a particular site. In the first place, people need to find a suitable site where they can set up the dumpster. The site needs to be stable and safe. Secondly, people need to assess the quantity of junk that needs to be removed. And last but most important, people need to find a company that delivers and pick up dumpsters promptly.

Naperville Dumpster Rental Brings Apt Solutions for Rubbish Removal Problems

It is essential for people to find reliable dumpster rentals if they want fast delivery and pick up. With many service providers ready to provide services, people can have no trouble locating a company. However, choosing the right company might be a problem if they don’t have any knowledge about any particular company. In such a situation, the only way to learn the facts is through comparisons of features. People can compare features of several companies and choose one that appears most suitable.

Top Rate Services Offered by Popular Rockford Dumpster Rental

The presence of dumpster rentals make it quite easy for people to take care of garbage removal problems. The only need to find a competent company and ask for a fitting roll off container to get rid of the garbage accumulated in their homes or property. People can locate suitable companies and ask for assistance today. To get the best deals, people are advised to find a company that rents dumpsters at the most affordable rates.

CNI UK Announces Sustainability Partnership with Supporters Direct

LogoThe partnership will see CNI UK provide a free energy health check to any community owned club, resulting in advice on how a Club can increase its facility energy efficiency with no capital outlay. Participating Clubs will then have the option of retaining the money they have saved, re-investing for further commercial energy efficiency or offsetting the clubs residual carbon footprint.

Formitize Launches Environmental Monitoring App to Meet Environmental Monitoring Needs

Mobile Interactive Technologies, creator of Formitize, recently released the Environmental Monitoring App – a paperless solution to the environmental monitoring needs of scientific and environment monitoring industries worldwide. This app helps users save time, effort, and operating costs, while ensuring full process compliance, improved workflow, and real-time monitoring through accurate data-logging and reporting capabilities. Formitize is an innovative paperless software solution developed by Mobile Interactive Technologies and is being used by many of the world’s leading corporations through to small sole trader businesses.

Volunteers Needed for Upcoming Spring Tree Planting and Pruning Efforts

LogoVolunteers are being sought by Regreen Springfield to assist in tree planting and maintenance efforts in Springfield's neighborhoods, planned for this Spring and early Summer. As part of this initiative, community residents will receive technical instruction on how to plant and care for trees, as part of an effort to improve the tree canopy cover across the city. Over 4,000 new trees have been planted in response to the June 2011 tornado, and additional trees will be planted throughout this year, with many being planted by community residents and volunteers.

Superb Waterloo Dumpster Rental Offers Fast Delivery and Fast Pick Service

Over the years, the number of dumpster rental companies in Waterloo, IA has increased double fold. So, residents can easily locate a company whenever they have trash to remove from the property. However, not all the companies offer equal services. Residents should therefore know which company to hire when the need arrives. They can look for the company that provides exceptional service at cheap rates. Once of the most reliable companies right now is Top Dog Dumpster Rental Waterloo, IA.

Impressive Chicago Dumpster Rental Shows Residents Easy Rubbish Removal Tactics

Whenever residents of Chicago require dumpsters to remove garbage from their homes or property, they can easily make contact with the right service provider. There are a large number of companies which provide service in and around the place. However, there is one company that actually stands out from the rest. This company has been serving people for a number of years and it has garnered excellent reputation in the area. If people are looking for fast solutions, they should contact Top Dog Dumpster Rental Chicago, IL.

Well Known Davenport Dumpster Rental Promises Hassle Free Solutions

If residents of Davenport, IA need dumpsters to remove rubbish from their property, they should try to find a company that offers hassle free solutions. There are probably several companies that offer services. Residents can therefore look for a company that is reliable, affordable and one that make quick deliveries. If residents are not familiar with any particular company, they may contact Top Dog Dumpster Rental Davenport, IA. This company is among the top service providers in the country.

Swift Delivery and Pick Up Guaranteed by Renowned Aurora Dumpster Rental

Accumulation of junk in one’s property can be quite a nuisance because it can be hazardous for health and for the environment too. Hence, property owners should have some idea about choosing the most efficient dumpster rental which serves in their town or city. If residents of Aurora, IL have trash to dispose of, they should call up Top Dog Dumpster Rental Aurora, IL. This company will there to provide fast and fuss free dumpster deliveries.

Popular Atlanta Dumpster Rental Ensures Effortless Garbage Removal Process

Accumulation and removal of garbage can be quite a boring chore for most people. The chore becomes even worse if good service providers are not available within the vicinity of one’s property. But if exceptional companies are present to offer services, people need not worry about removing rubbish of any quantity from their property. They can make contact with a reliable service provider and request for a dumpster to be delivered.

Affordable Services Offered by First Rate Columbus Dumpster Rental

Hiring a dumpster can be quite difficult if people are not familiar with any reliable service provider in their locality. But if they have some idea about any particular company which offers easy and fast services, they can make contact at any time. A reliable company will arrive with the dumpster wherever it is required. To save money, residents can also select a company that offers cost effective solutions that are suitable for everybody.

Fairfax County Planning Commission Recommends Approval for ESI Green Energy Park

The Fairfax County Planning Commission voted to recommend approval of Envirosolution’s Green Energy Park on the site of its construction debris landfill in Lorton Virginia. The Green Energy Park proposal was filed with the county in April 2013. Prior to the Planning Commission meeting, ESI had amended its proposal to significantly lower the previously approved height of the landfill and reduce the requested term of the extension by 27%. “The vote last night on the amended application is an important step forward for this transformational opportunity for renewable energy in Fairfax County,” said Conrad Mehan of ESI. “The Commission’s vote validates the County’s staff’s January recommendation for approval and makes it clear that the Green Energy Park supports a range of the County’s environmental and economic objectives in a manner that is consistent with its land use plans.”

Fuss Free Solutions Offered by Competent Tampa Dumpster Rental

Renting dumpsters in Tampa, FL has never been easier. This is possible because the most efficient service provider is ready and available to give any type of help related to trash removal problems. This top rated company owns the best quality equipment and most skilled personnel to deliver services. The company rents out dumpsters to residences, commercial places, construction sites and industrial areas. So, clients from any of these places can contact the company when they have trash to remove from their property.

Professional Trash Removal Solutions Provided by Athens Dumpster Rental

If people in any place require dumpsters to get rid of trash, they should seek services from the best service provider in the area. People should look for companies that offer quick services at most inexpensive rates. There are a lot of service providers in the country these days. Hence, residents will not find any difficulty in locating a reliable company. Residents can find details of several companies and compare features.

Super Efficient Hartford Dumpster Rental Makes Garbage Removal Simple

Hiring the best and most appropriate dumpster is very important to do the task smoothly. With the right roll off container at disposal, people can fill up any amount of junk and get rid of it. To find the right dumpster, people just have to make contact with a trustworthy company which serves in the locality. To benefit in every aspect, people can look for a company that offers swift services at cheap rates.