Environment Press Releases

Elmwood Park Zoo to Host Earth Day Celebration with Eco-Friendly Products

In celebration of Earth Day this spring, the Elmwood Park Zoo will host their annual Party for the Planet event, which is hosted by PECO, on Saturday, April 23 from 10 AM to 4 PM. The family-friendly party features live entertainment and an Earth Expo in addition to the zoo's animal exhibits. Participating vendors can showcase their eco-friendly products and services that align with Elmwood Park Zoo's conservation mission. Some of the vendors that will be in attendance include Kind, Red Earth Farm, Seafood Watch, We Bee Brothers, Abiyah Naturals, Whole Foods, and more.

Elmwood Park Zoo to Host Earth Day Celebration with Eco-Friendly Products

In celebration of Earth Day this spring, the Elmwood Park Zoo will host their annual Party for the Planet event, which is hosted by PECO, on Saturday, April 23 from 10 AM to 4 PM. The family-friendly party features live entertainment and an Earth Expo in addition to the zoo's animal exhibits. Participating vendors can showcase their eco-friendly products and services that align with Elmwood Park Zoo's conservation mission. Some of the vendors that will be in attendance include Kind, Red Earth Farm, Seafood Watch, We Bee Brothers, Abiyah Naturals, Whole Foods, and more.

How Two Entrepreneurs Are Solving Water Problem in Maharashtra

The blazing anger of heat has scorched the western areas of the country. With 10 major states, like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Haryana, being declared as drought-stricken, the whole nation is under the blanket of fear.

Mac's Janitorial Services Now Accepting New Commercial Cleaning Contracts

LogoMac's Janitorial Services, the cleaning company that serves Philadelphia, PA and its neighboring communities, is pleased to announce that they are currently taking on new commercial cleaning contracts. The company, which has been in businesses for over 45 years, is offering a discount of 10% off the 1st month's bill to all new contracts to incentivize potential new clients. To inquire further, interested parties in PA should call 215-792-2228, and those in NJ are encouraged to call 856-375-1442.

Mac's Janitorial Services Cleans All Commercial Locations

LogoMac's Janitorial Services is a family owned and operated office cleaning service that has been providing superb janitorial and cleaning services throughout the New Jersey and Philadelphia area for forty-five years. As one of the best janitorial cleaning companies in Gloucester County and surrounding regions, the company completely understands how to keep commercial facilities clean, safe and comfortable. The expert cleaners at Mac's Janitorial Services recognize the importance of making great first impressions as well as boosting employee morale, which is why they are passionate about facilitating a clean environment.

Now Available: Sensaphone Pressure Sensor for HVAC and Irrigation

LogoSensaphone, a nationwide manufacturer of environmental monitoring sensors that are used in a diverse range of industries, recently released a new Pressure Sensor designed to monitor water pressure levels in remote environments. The Sensaphone Pressure Sensor is suitable for detecting problems with irrigation systems as well as with commercial hot water systems, making it a valuable monitoring solution for commercial growers, greenhouse operators, and managers of large facilities such as hotels, schools, and hospitals.

Tornadoes & Hurricanes vs. Conventional Houses and Manufactured Homes - Video Report

LogoSpring tornadoes, summer hurricanes and high anxiety abound as the nation enters peak storm season.

BioLargo Announces CupriDyne Clean

LogoBioLargo, Inc. (OTCQB: BLGO) today announced the availability of "CupriDyne Clean" All-Purpose Free Iodine Wash and Industrial Odor Eliminators for unsurpassed odor elimination. (www.CupriDyne.com). Available in 1 gallon, 20 gallon, and 55 gallon concentrates either fragranced or fragrance-free for industrial users. CupriDyne Clean oxidizes odorous compounds and is ideal for waste transfer stations, composting facilities, landfill operations, sewage plants and lift stations, food processing plants and animal enclosures. Dispensed through misting systems, portable sprayers and water trucks, it is safe and effective on a host of surfaces including soils, metals, concrete and asphalt docks, floors, walls, feed and water receptacles, waste receptacles, tanks, bins, liners and dumpsters.

Using Dumpster Rentals for Spring Cleaning

LogoRegular cleaning can be bad enough, but when it comes time for spring cleaning it can be even more so. The best thing for anyone to do is make sure that they are fully prepared for what's to come, and that means getting plenty of assistance. With the right tools, anyone is able to keep themselves moving along with the cleaning process and that's the purpose of renting a dumpster. Dumpsters make the process easy because everything that needs to be thrown away can be taken care of immediately. There's no process of putting things off to the side to be thrown out later and there's no need to hold onto things that aren't actually needed. This is important because it's going to prepare any home for the future. EnviroSolutions, Inc. offers a range of dumpsters in different sizes, so anyone can make sure that their home is looking its best for the new season. What makes these dumpsters better than traditional trash cans is that they can hold anything that needs to be gotten rid of. Even if that includes looking to do some construction, there's going to be no trouble getting rid of it. The dumpsters hold anything and everything.

As Birmingham's Rat Problem Increases a Leading Pest Control Company Responds to CRRU Best Practice Guidelines

With Birmingham ranking number one in the UK last year for rat infestations, Birmingham pest control specialist, Midland Pest Control Ltd, explains how the city can effectively tackle this increasing threat in line with recent guidelines from the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide.

Waste Is Changing How Animals Behave

LogoAccording to an article published in Movement Ecology, white storks in Europe have been changing their migration patterns as the result of landfills in south-central Portugal. Although this can seem unimportant, it should be noted that this is but one example of how waste is changing how animals behave not just in Europe but throughout the world. Some examples of which can have much more serious consequences for humans.

Watkins Architect's Knowledge and Participation in LEED Certification Allows Construction and Re-Certification of Green Structures

The Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design, also know as LEED, is certification process that has been one of the most popularly used of its kind. There is believed to be 1.85 million of construction space that is certified every day. The certification itself helps home and business owners be verified in the many ways their property can be green. This allows for the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of structures that are resource efficient, healthy, and high performing. The LEED certification is used to encourage energy and resource efficient building, in order to reduce the stress that average construction has on the environment. LEED projects have helped divert 80 million tons of weight from landfills when compared to the everyday buildings commonly seen and built. There are many things that a LEED certified constructed building could bring to the table for anyone looking to have a commercial, retail, or business structure built. Watkins Architect brings the following benefits of LEED certification to their clients.

Three Japanese Knotweed Removal Guidelines That Every Landowner Should Know

Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica) is a highly invasive plant that appears all over the UK during the summer months. Although rather attractive in appearance, Japanese knotweed can be a real challenge to landowners, as it spreads rapidly causing widespread damage. In winter the plant dies back beneath the ground, but by late spring, the bamboo-like stems can start to grow to over 2 to 3 meters in height, suppressing all other growth.

Swing Into Summer at the Bridge

LogoThe date has been set and plans are underway for Group for the East End's annual benefit, Swing into Summer at The Bridge! This year's party will take place Saturday, June 18, 2016 from 6:30pm to 11:30pm at a new venue, The Bridge in Bridgehampton.

Free Florida from Contamination Introduces an App Designed to Track and Send Real Time Pollution Events

LogoFree Florida From Contamination has introduced a revolutionary new app that promises to monitor and send real time alerts of pollution events to residents of Florida.

Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC Specializes in Recurring Cleanings

LogoMinch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC is a Fairless Hills-based janitorial company servicing Bucks County and its surrounding communities. The company provides both residential and commercial solutions that can be done daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. The business maintains a reputation for being honest and reliable. Finding a trustworthy cleaning service is atop the priority list for many Pennsylvania residents this Spring

Professional Tank & Environmental Continuing to Take Customers in Need of Oil Tank Removal Services Throughout Spring 2016

LogoProfessional Tank & Environmental is pleased to announce that they are continuing to take customers in need of oil tank removal services throughout the spring 2016 season. Professional Tank & Environmental is a Bucks County, PA-based company that offers both above ground and underground oil tank removal services. The company is proud to take both residential and commercial customers, and those who would like to get in touch with this underground tank removal company in the Philadelphia area can dial 215-720-1964, or fill out a contact form on their user-friendly website, www.professionaltank.com/.

Global Road Technology Takes Aim at Dust-Filled Working Conditions

LogoAn Australian infrastructure company that specialises in the creation of 'spray on' roads, is calling on employers to be more proactive about dust management on work sites.

Datuk Seri Jessy Lai Encourages Environmental Protection in Conjunction with Earth Day 2016, Trees for the Earth Campaign

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Datuk Seri Jessy Lai spoke up against climate change, encouraging environmental protection methods that are easy to do in our everyday lives, in conjunction with Earth Day 2016.

Rent Portable Restrooms for Any Event from S & B Porta-Bowl Restrooms

LogoOne of the well-reputable suppliers of portable restrooms in the industry, S & B Porta-Bowl Restrooms is now providing portable restrooms for various events to their clients at the most competitive prices. The toilets that the company offers come with lights, heaters, and hand washing stations inside them. The company helps their clients in deciding how many toilets and bathroom trailers will be needed, based on the number of people attending and the length of the event. These restrooms help them in meeting their sanitary needs in a clean and hygienic environment. The extensive range of event portable toilets that the company offers include VIP Restroom, Disabled Accessible Restroom, Standard Event Restroom, Deluxe Restroom with Sink Inside and many others.

The Recycling Company: A Green Solution for Earth Day

Friday, April 22nd is Earth Day, a special day for any green business. It's a day to work towards creating a better environment for everyone, to reduce pollution, to plant trees, to recycle the items that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Commonwealth Computer Recycling Offers Free, HIPAA-Compliant Data Destruction Throughout April

LogoAs part of its celebration of Earth Day, Commonwealth Computer Recycling is offering free mail-in e-waste recycling and hard drive shredding for businesses and organizations who need reliable, HIPAA-compliant data destruction.

Callidus.se Urges Public Schools to Invest in Water Filters for the Students

LogoCallidus.se, the leader and pioneer in providing water filters urges the administrators of public schools to invest in high-quality water filters to ensure that the students are able to drink clean water. According to Callidus.se reveals that the large majority of public schools across the globe fail to offer safe and clean water for the students and other employees of the school. As a matter of fact, drinking unfiltered and unsafe water is prevalent in the regions of Africa as well as in Asia. In connection with this, Callidus.se believes that settling for unfiltered water wreck havoc the health of the students.

WoodMafia Announces a Further 10,000 Trees to Be Planted in 2016

LogoWoodMafia is celebrating a solid first year of business by planting another 10,000 trees in 2016. Offering a unique range of premium wood watches, WoodMafia plants one tree for every watch purchased.

California Teacher Seeks Kickstarter Funding to Conserve Scarce Water Resources with Drought Buster Waterless Car-Care Products

LogoDrought Buster waterless car-care products can help save 2.2 billion gallons of water by transforming the way people clean their cars in the midst of a 100-year drought. Susan Vinson, a teacher an entrepreneur from Ventura, Calif., is looking to raise $15,000 via Kickstarter for the successful implementation of the project.

China Company Announces Its Production Capacity Enhancement to Meet the Global Demand of Activated Carbon Filter

The demand of air purification systems is rising worldwide because of the need of maintaining health and hygiene with the best indoor air quality inside homes, workplaces, factories and other places. China based Anping County Jiujiu Filter Equipment Company has now expanded their production capacity to supply carbon air filter in adequate quantity to meet the demand of the global clients. They can supply the product all across the world in the desired quantity at any time.

VDME Industries Unveil Pioneering, New Technology Which They Believe Will Cut Manufacturing Emissions by 27%

VDME Industries is committed to tackling pollution with innovative technology; technology which, they hope, will 'propel humanity forward'. With UK air pollution linked to more than 40,000 early deaths every year, and deadly smog closing factories in Beijing, the global demand for clean solutions is greater than ever before. The team at VDME believe this new technology could be the answer that world leaders are looking for.