Environment Press Releases

Tree Free Paper Products Manufacturer Welcomes New Customers at the 18th Americas Food and Beverage Conference in Miami Beach

The Miami Beach Conference Center will host the 18th Americas Food and Beverage Show on October 26, 27, 2015. One of the largest food and beverage shows in the world, Miami is the gateway to South America. Exhibitors and Buyers from all over the world will be in attendance.

MXI Maumee Express, Inc. Receives 2015 Green Giving Partner Award

The nation's leading service provider for household hazardous waste collection events and on-site hazardous waste disposal services, MXI Maumee Express, Inc. is proud to announce they have received the 2015 Green Giving Partner Award. The award was provided by Matthew 25: Ministries (M25) for MXI's commitment to the environment by reducing waste and repurposing excess product for humanitarian work.

Oz Tree Services Removes Trees to Preserve Property and Utilities

LogoOz Tree Services is a premiere removal and trimming company featuring qualified arborist tree removal for home, business and commercial clients. The company's owner, Simon Lamb, provides free estimates and serves suburbs throughout the Greater Melbourne area.

Joerg Brand Seeks Kickstarter Funding to Tackle the Drought Problem

LogoGlobal warming is one of the most serious environmental issues faced by the planet earth. A steadily rising global temperature has resulted in a declining level of groundwater in many countries all over the world. Droughts, bad harvests, and forest fires are some of the many environmental impacts of a declining level of groundwater. Joerg Brand feels that there is a serious need for the Californian farmers to decrease their use of groundwater. Being the most agriculturally active state in the country, the situation is particularly alarming for California. He also believes that additional water reservoirs and wells will not provide a long –term solution to this problem.

Local Mold Remediation Is Only a Click Away, Thanks to Powered by the People

LogoMold, as a common problem, has always demanded immediate attention and clean up and it is specifically because of how bad molds can get that there have been different companies coming up for mold clean up. The problem that lies here, however, is that some well deserving companies get crushed under the huge competition that has been rising because of the obvious increase in the number of mold clean up companies.

Kaskazi Environmental Alliance Holds Week of Events to Highlight Ecology of East African Coast

LogoThe Kaskazi Environmental Alliance, a California-based nonprofit organization that aims to increase the awareness, stewardship and conservation of East Africa's coastal resources, will hold a series of events the week of October 1-4.

Mac's Janitorial Services Offers Discount on New Commercial Cleaning Contracts

LogoMac's Janitorial Service has earned a reputation as one of the best commercial cleaning companies serving Gloucester County, and many of the surrounding regions, by providing building maintenance for businesses of all sizes for over 45 years. The company dedicates itself to providing honest and reliable work through transparent contracts, highly-trained staff, consistent results and unparalleled customer service. Facility owners and managers contact Mac's Janitorial Service because of the praise given by current clients, which include Amazon.com, PNC Bank, General Chemical, Holy Cross High School and so many more. Their fair and competitive prices, attention to detail and unsurpassed quality make them the first choice for businesses throughout the area, and the company couldn't be more proud to offer all new clientele 10% off their first month's bill.

Kyrgyz Republic Rehabilitation Center Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Snow Leopards

LogoThe Kyrgyz Republic Rehabilitation Center in Central Asia was opened in 2002 with an enclosure for snow leopards and a separate enclosure for birds. The total area of the enclosures is 7,000 square meters. Now, the center has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to assist in wildlife rescue efforts.

All Service Contracting Corp Resolves City Crisis in Less Time

All Service Contracting Corp, a company that services filter media and underdrains from water treatment plants has already successfully installed more than 14,000 of their filter beds throughout the United States. One of their recent projects was in Missouri, when the city of Lexington's Engineering firm Bartlett & West contacted All Service Contracting Corp. and informed them of their predicament. The city's water plant only had 2 underdrain filters, one of which has failed. The entire city was at risk of losing their water supply having already considered looking into other sources since the initial estimated lead time was as long as 10 weeks. All Service Contracting Corp. inspected their facilities and immediately contacted Xylem's Leopold for their underdrain filter Leopold Type SL W/ IMS 200. Their collaboration and the efforts of their service team, accomplished the entire project in just 3 weeks. The city Mayor even released a statement for his appreciation in behalf of the city for the efforts put in to resolve their crisis. This reflected the company's process of understanding their client's predicament and how they delivered an impeccable service to save the community from a critical situation.

Get in-Depth Knowledge on Barrier Island from World Landforms

Nothing can be more important and integral to our lives than nature. All things surrounding us, have their fundamental theory of existence. For long, nature has been the most favourite topic of the works of many famous poets, writers, painters, researchers and artists. Many countries across the world have decided to make environmental education an integral component in their policy of education. Out of various natural wonders, Barrier Island is one of the most interesting natural creations present on the surface of the earth. To provide extensive knowledge about Barrier Island, World Landforms has provided all the available information on its online education portal.

Explore the Depths of Mountain Landforms with World Landforms

Formed through tectonic forces or volcanism, a mountain is a large landform that rises prominently above its surroundings, exhibiting steep slopes, comparably confined summit area, and noticeably local relief. Mountains are generally higher and steeper than a hill. Individuals keen to learn more about mountains landforms can get comprehensive knowledge on them from World Landforms. This information can also be used for educational purposes. To make the reading experience enjoyable, the website has used several pictures and images highlighting the subject.

Environet Offers Japanese Knotweed Eradication for Both Commercial and Residential Sites

Japanese is a non-native, invasive plant that can grow up to a few meters within the space of a couple of weeks. If left the plant can cause serious structural damage, which can lead to problems when selling a property. Whether it's on a commercial or a residential site, it is vital to deal with the plant and ensure complete removal as soon as possible. Japanese knotweed encroachment can also affect neighboring property prices due to its ability to spread quickly.

Global Salmon Initiative Issues Tender for New Sources of Omega-3 Feed Oils

The Global Salmon Initiative, a group representing many of the world's top Salmon Farming operations, issued a tender for new sources of oils rich in omega-3 to be used in salmon feed. With 84% of the world's oceanic fisheries already at capacity, over-utilized, or outright exhausted, Farmed Salmon are an increasingly important source of food for the growing global population. The Global Salmon Initiative's new worldwide tender for novel oils rich in omega-3 will help ensure that salmon farmers have the feed needed to keep up with growing demand for their output.

Get Comprehensive Information About Formation of River Islands from World Landforms

Beyond humans' expectations, landforms are nature's amazing creativity that firmly depicts the beauty of nature. Formed over years due to natural activities, these mesmerizing landforms have always been the point of interest of many researchers and nature enthusiasts, who love to know more about the nature's beautiful creations. Catering to the needs of such individuals, World Landforms is now providing in-depth information about river islands and their formation. Be it for academics, or for other needs, individuals can count on the information provided by the company. Easily accessible, individuals can get vast information about famous river islands and their facts, from the company's official online portal, WorldLandforms.com.

Only Skip Hire Offers Guide for Skip Bin Hire

LogoOnly Skip Hire is pleased to announce that it offers a guide online for those looking for information about how to hire a skip bin. The skip hire company has been in the business for many years and has the answers to questions which commonly come up from customers and clients. Those looking for information about the services receive a timely and courteous response for the firm so that decisions about the products can be made with full information.

Infra-Tect to Present at Water Infrastructure Industry Conferences

LogoInfra-Tect, focused on delivering innovative solutions for the water and wastewater infrastructure industry, announced today that it will be attending and presenting at several upcoming industry conferences.

An Event to Celebrate Everything Bamboo

Those who are environmentally conscious and look for ways to use bamboo as a sustainable and natural resource may be happy to know the news that the 10th World Bamboo Congress will be hosted by the South Korean city of Damyang between September 17th and September 22nd, 2015. World Bamboo Organization, the world's only trade organization dedicated to bamboo businesses, is organizing this event. World Bamboo Congress is a unique event because it provides a platform for encouraging global interaction, direct networking and sharing of ideas and information. World Bamboo Day will also be celebrated on September 18th as it is done every year around the world.

Get an Extensive Information About Mountains from World Landforms

Many people go for holidaying to the mountains. The incredible view and fresh air of the mountains makes them feel relaxed. Over the globe, there are various amazing mountains which are known for their scenic beauty and glorious history. For ages, they have been popular with photographers, geologists, mountaineers or simply the curious traveler. With a motto of teaching and spreading information and knowledge about mountains around the World, World Landforms now gives exclusive research based information to anyone who is curious to know more about them.

Man from Woodstock, Illinois Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Creative Food Wastage Solution

Tired of seeing the amount of food waste growing, increasing percentage of people going hungry, and understanding that food waste in landfills contribute to environmental issues, there is one man, Glen Fejdasz, who is looking to develop a simple yet creative solution by combining existing activites, replicating those efforts and linking them together, in order to help reduce the food waste and expand the way we can feed others. Glen's solution is an equation: 40% Food Waste + Worms = Feeding Others + Black Gold (rich soil amendment - worm castings) which he believes, if put in place, can help improve the food wastage problem while help many other issues including employment and hunger.

Get Comprehensive Information About Glaciers from World Landforms

Found in the arctic and polar regions, a glacier is formed by an accumulation of snow and ice that is more than the loss of snow from melting and evaporation. Pressure that is generated at the bottom of the glacier is very high for ice to melt even in cold temperatures. This allows glacier to move slowly downhill. For those who wish to know more in detail about glaciers can now get complete details on it from World Landforms. The website has used various pictures and images to make the reading experience of its readers enjoyable.

World Landforms Provides Comprehensive Information About Desert Landforms

Landforms range from plateaus to mountains to plains, however desert landforms differ highly from all of these due to their surface features. Desert landforms are dry, barren areas that are generally sandy and without trees. This region is so arid because of scanty rainfall that it supports only sparse and widely spaced vegetation or no vegetation at all. People who wish to know in detail about desert landforms can get complete information about them on World landforms. Students who are eager to learn more about volcanoes or other geographical features can also go through their website to collect the needed information.

Friendly Tree Surgeons Begins to Expand Service to Treat Japenese Knotweed

Friendly Tree Surgeon the leading tree arboricultural specialists are now offering more services in the Greater London area. In the midst of summer many trees are starting to reach their maximum growth for the season culminating with large crowns, bushy hedges. Maintenance must be met to keep a nice look. Friendly Tree Surgeons offers services to lift and reduce crowns, trim hedges and maintain trees (including the fruits that appear). Friendly Tree Surgeons offers stump removal, root removal, and tree clearing to get rid of unwanted trees. One of the newest services offered by Friendly Tree Services is the removal of the Japanese Knotweed. Over the years Japanese Knotweed has become more and more prevalent in residential and commercial areas. Often times this weed is an invasive species and can do severe damage to lawns as it essentially kills off all other herbaceous and woody species including grasses, trees, etc. Friendly Tree Surgeons uses industry leading techniques to effectively remove Japanese Knotweed leaving the natural species behind.

Bugsrus.ca Launches New Packages for Pest Control Services at Affordable Rates

Bugsrus.ca, a premier professional pest control service provider has recently announced about the launch of their new packages for pest control services at the most cost effective price. This new offer comes as good news for homeowners who want to get rid of the pest from their homes. The company has been providing their services for more than two decades in and around Toronto. With years of expertise in the business, this particular company is known to provide a complete pest control service. According to the company's website, the company specializes in real estate inspections, termites, wildlife, carpenter ants, bed bugs and rodents.

E-Waste Recycling Market 2015 Review, Research, Trends, Industry Size, Share and Forecast 2019

LogoGlobal E-waste Recycling market to grow at a CAGR of 10.7 percent over the period 2014-2019. The growing volume of e-waste is a major concern globally. Rapid advances in technology and increasing buying power of consumers have resulted in high obsolescence rate of electronic products. Consumers tend to replace older electronic products with latest versions available in the market, leading to dramatic rise in e-waste worldwide. Unscientific disposal of e-waste has triggered serious environmental hazards. Recycling of e-waste enables recovery of precious metals thereby reducing the discharge of serious toxins, chemicals, and heavy metals into the environment.

Get in-Depth Knowledge on Drainage Basins from World Landforms

Precipitation that falls into a valley creating a stream or river is often referred to as a drainage basin which is also known as catchment area. Small drainage basin usually contributes to a stream while water from a larger drainage basin forms a river. Those who wish to know more about drainage basins can get detailed information on it from World Landforms. The information available on the website can be used by both students and teachers for educational purposes.

Eco-Absorbent Technologies, Inc. Announces Eco>Absorb Emergency Rolling Response Kit Available for Purchase

LogoOntario, CA-based company, Eco-Absorbent Technologies, Inc., is pleased to announce that their Eco>Absorb Emergency Rolling Response Kit is available for purchase immediately. Eco>Absorb is an innovative spill management solution that is entirely free of crystalline silica. It is effective at handling any spill imaginable and is 100% safe to be used in schools, hospitals and homes.

Biodegradable Bags-New Type of Eco-Friendly Bags

The bag ban should include an exemption allowing for biodegradable bags that break down in the land fill and in the environment. By encouraging the use of these bags the demand would drive development of even better biodegradable bags (common daily usage bags: biodegradable shopping bags, biodegradable garbage bags) and could start a trend for their replacement of non-degradable bag use around the country and around the world making a huge impact on the environment. This also would allow retailers to have a better option for their customers.