Press Releases For FL - Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater (US)

Oceanus Partners Offers Its WorkComp Workshop in Chicago October 18 & 19

Oceanus Partners, insurance industry training leaders in advancing how industry professionals connect in an ever-changing marketplace, brings back the popular WorkComp Workshop to Chicago October 18 and 19th.

Luxe Title Services Achieves ALTA Best Practices Certification

According to Amy Moran, escrow officer and licensed title agent of Luxe Title Services, "We chose to pursue the certification process because we wanted to ensure that we are working in compliance with ALTA Best Practices. Certification addresses each of the seven pillars of Best Practices as outlined by ALTA. Achieving certification allows us to demonstrate our commitment to operating with the highest standards of quality in every aspect of our business."

Acquisition and Mergers Brokers, ValleyBiggs, Is an Expert Internet M&A Consulting Firm

LogoIn the industry of selling internet businesses since 1996, acquisition and mergers brokers, ValleyBiggs, is an expert internet M&A consulting firm. Part of the reason why they have obtained their level of expertise is because the owners are serial internet entrepreneurs themselves, which has served to double the team's valuable experience. ValleyBiggs handles mid-market companies that are in the technology, internet, and website sector. Because they are able to focus on this niche, they are able to provide their clients with innovative methodologies and superior services, with a team of professionals that back them in every deal.

KITCHEN Thing-a-Ma-Jigs Introduces Whisk Set Stainless Steel 10" Ball and 8" Balloon

Kitchen thing-a-ma-jigs, a household name in kitchen items introduces its latest kitchen tool - Whisk Set Stainless Steel 10" Ball and 8" Balloon. Whisking is one of the commonest cooking activities and many kitchen users have struggled to get the most effective and durable whisk set that fits virtually any bowl regardless of the size.

Create Unique Business Websites with Website Designing Services from WebsiteOperators

LogoFounded by Internet Entrepreneurs, WebsiteOperators is now providing best-in-class website designing services at the most competitive prices. Availing their world class designing services can help business owners in creating a unique business website and attracting more customers for their products and services. Their experts very well know that a website plays a crucial role in the success of any business; therefore they put in their hard efforts to design websites as per the needs of their customers. Right from upgrading to maintaining the site and its infrastructure, the different types of services they offer include server capacity planning, Search Engine Algorithm Updates, website browser upgrades, industry SSL upgrades, security planning and much more. Business owners seeking to achieve new heights in their business can count on them for their requirements.

Fulfillment Warehouse Services from WebsiteOperators to Streamline Distribution Processes

LogoWebsiteOperators is a renowned eCommerce Management Services and Enterprise Consulting Solutions provider that has been in this business for years. They are globally popular among entrepreneurs for providing exceptional services at the most competitive prices. To cater to the needs of clients, WebsiteOperators is now offering fulfillment warehouse services. Relying on their services will help their clients in fulfilling the needs of their customers and streamlining their distribution process. The services they offer include inventory management like product ordering, intake, fulfillment and shipping logistics; fully integrated data exchange; optimized supply chain and many others. Business owners seeking to establish a long term relationship with their clients can count on them for their requirements.

Business Broker,, Can Help Clients with Selling a Website or Buying an Internet Business

LogoSince 1996, business broker,, has been working in the industry of selling websites and buying internet businesses for their clients. During their 20 years as an online business broker, they have employed many successful strategies, and provide countless services to their clients that assist them in a profitable return. Some of the services they provide include thoroughly evaluating the business, developing a profitable exit strategy, organizing accounting, tax, due diligence and legal help, troubleshooting, turnaround consulting, arranging third party lenders, marketing the business with discretion, and much more.

Acquisition and Mergers Broker, ValleyBiggs, Provides Clients with Thorough and Extensive M&A Consulting Services

LogoSince 1996, acquisitions and mergers broker, ValleyBiggs, has been providing clients with thorough and extensive M&A consulting services. Specializing in the internet, technology, and website sector, and focusing on middle market companies only, ValleyBiggs has earned an outstanding reputation in the M&A consulting services they provide their clients. Potential clients can obtain a free website valuation and a free consultation with ValleyBiggs, to see what this acquisition and mergers broker can offer them in regards to buying and selling online businesses.

Cigar Leisure Talks Cigar Freshness, Quality, and Cost

LogoThe truth is, all cigar retailers – whether online or a local tobacconist – get their cigars from one single master distributor. The difference is that all online vendors buy in bulk and store their cigars in various size warehouses. Some of these storage locations are climate controlled while some stores simply utilize smaller local public rental storage facilities in which proper humidification is questionable at best.

Page Terrace Beachfront Hotel Implements New Smoking Policy

LogoPage Terrace Beachfront Hotel is one of the beach hotels near Tampa, FL, that is keeping up with the times. The Treasure Island, FL, hotel has recently implemented a new smoking policy to provide a cleaner environment for guests of all ages. The goal of this new policy is to provide a comfortable, relaxing vacation for its guests. Feedback to the company showed that vacationers would prefer to have non-smoking rooms as well as designated smoking areas. Page Terrace Beachfront Hotel values feedback and is continuously changing to meet the demands of its customers.

The Best Tutorial Video of Filming Techniques with Drones Launches on Kickstarter

Roberto Lopez has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help people learn how to be an aerial filmmaker. The campaign to source funds and material meant to create a tutorial for aerial film making has commenced. This project is an R2FDrone baby that was started to fulfill a dream Roberto Lopez had to teach more people about aerial film making.

ImageFIRST Tampa Provides Creative Solutions to Improve Medical Industry

ImageFIRST Tampa recognizes the importance of infection prevention and has taken numerous steps towards mitigating the problematic issue among healthcare facilities. The organization possesses over 50 years of expertise, and provides sanitary, comfortable linens and gowns to Tampa healthcare facilities and the entire United States. Many studies have documented subpar infection prevention, which proves a uniform protocol is critical among healthcare workers.

Business Mergers and Acquisitions Company, ValleyBiggs, Provides Capital Consulting and Advisory Services to Clients

LogoBusiness mergers and acquisitions company, ValleyBiggs, has been providing capital consulting and advisory services to clients for the past 20 years. Since 1996, these mergers and acquisitions advisors have been focusing on middle market companies in the technology, internet, and website sector. They provide their clients with experts who have proven experience with turnaround consulting and exit strategies, as well as all other types of advisory services.

Exemplary Business Brokers,, Offer Clients Extensive Experience and Proven Strategies when Selling a Website

LogoSince 1996, business brokers,, have been buying and selling websites for their clients with great success. They offer a number of proven strategies and their twenty years of experience have put them in one of the top positions in the industry, with a superior reputation against the competition. They offer their clients a free consultation plus a free website valuation, and never charge a commission before their client's site has sold.

Tampa Laser Hair Removal Launches New Website

Tampa Laser Hair Removal, located in Zephyrhills, Florida, has launched its new website at

Landon Plastic Surgery in Tampa, Florida Launches New Website

Landon Plastic Surgery, a premier plastic surgery center in Tampa and Trinity, Florida, recently launched its new website at Presents Updated Online Platform to Better Inform and Entertain

In this modern day and age where the internet has taken over the marketplace, it is a good idea to have a strong web presence. understands this principle and has created an online platform where their YouBible app can be viewed, along with the many features that come with it. This is an important step for the company to get that much closer to their clients, helping them enjoy the Bible wherever they are. Clients nowadays are more web savvy and tend to enjoy having all the information they need on one web page. By having this web page full of useful information, reviews of the YouBible app, contact info, and support FAQ's, has managed to bridge a gap between them and their visitors that many companies never do. This online platform gives the ability to review the YouBible app, understand its features, and get entertaining and helpful information.

The Largest Online Aviation Job Database, Offers FREE Registration

One of the most widely-known and highly-popular niche site for aviation/aerospace opportunities, offers their largest online aviation job database's registration for FREE.

Website Broker,, Offers Clients Who Are Selling an Online Business a Free Ecommerce Business Valuation has been working in the industry of selling online businesses for the past 20 years. Since 1996, they have assisted clients in both selling and buying internet businesses. They have a long list of testimonials that speak to their ability to gain the maximum profit for their clients. They are also a boutique brokerage firm, which means they don't take any commission until their client's site has sold. Knowing this, clients can also take advantage of their free ecommerce business valuations and consultations.

Business Mergers and Acquisitions Firm, ValleyBiggs, Offers Customers Exceptional Mergers Acquisitions Advisors Services

LogoWorking as internet business brokers since 1996, ValleyBiggs handles middle market companies that fall within the website, internet and technology sector. Their founders are serial internet entrepreneurs, which means that they bring a vast amount of experience to their client, with the ability to assist them in any type of mergers acquisitions advisors services that are required. They also offer their clients a network of professionals that help assist them through every step of the process. These specialists include accountants, other entrepreneurs, attorneys, and more. When it comes to business and mergers acquisitions, ValleyBiggs has been a leader in the industry for the past 20 years.

RPE Solutions Identifies Challenges for Retailers Transitioning to a Unified Commerce Platform

Today's consumers expect to view online inventory, order online and pick up in store and be able to return online orders in store. They expect the retailer to know who they are and what preferences they have across all channels. And of course, they expect their personal information will not be compromised. While retailers recognize the importance of Unified Commerce, executing a true Unified Commerce strategy has its challenges. RPE Solutions, a leading retail supply chain consulting firm, works with retailers to transition to modern and profitable Unified Commerce platforms.

Page Terrace Beachfront Hotel Rated Excellent by over 230 Travelers Online

LogoTripAdvisor is known as one of the global authorities for booking vacations online. Page Terrace Beachfront Hotel maintains a 'Certificate of Excellence' with TripAdvisor due to the 238 'Excellent' reviews left by the guests who stayed at the prestigious hotel in Treasure Island, FL. Page Terrace Beachfront Hotel offers rooms with a view for prices that other hotels cannot match. 301 of the 337 customers who reviewed the hotel considered the hotel 'Excellent' or 'Very Good.' These numbers suggest that a staggering 92.3% of guests have overwhelmingly positive experiences at this beachfront motel in Treasure Island, FL.

Florida Solar & More in Tampa, Florida Launches New Website

Florida Solar & More, an alternative power company focusing on solar energy solutions in Tampa, Florida, has launched its brand new website at

Cutting Edge Company Displays "First-of-Its-Kind" Communication

Internationally Recognized "Rapport 24/7" is taking their cutting edge technology to new heights as they unveil the latest version of their state of the art mobile video application, which happens to be the first of its kind. The world of video continues to change the landscape of the digital future and Rapport 24/7 continues to be the leader of this charge., Boutique Business Brokers, Offer Clients a Number of Strategies & Services

LogoSince 1996, website broker, has been offering their clients with an internet business for sale a number of strategies and services. As a boutique brokerage firm, never takes a commission until their client's site has sold. Over the past two decades they have honed their skills to devise multiple exit strategies and have also obtained the skill and wisdom over the course of their time within the industry to navigate through all types of obstacles that can arise. Because of these skills and strategies, they have been successful countless times over when they put a client's internet business up for sale.

Ecommerce M&A Broker, ValleyBiggs, Provides Clients with Exceptional Capital Consulting and Advisory Services

LogoWorking in the ecommerce industry since 1996, ValleyBiggs is an ecommerce M&A broker that provides their clients with exceptional capital consulting and advisory services. Armed with their accrued knowledge over the past twenty years, this website broker takes a methodical and strategic, step-by-step approach to placing their client's ecommerce site for sale on the marketplace. They start with determining the best time to take the business to market, and then gather as much information as possible about the client's business.

Club Z! Online Chat Increases Customer Engagement and Satisfaction, and Brings in New Leads for Its Franchisees

LogoClub Z! Tutoring is the nation's largest in-home tutoring and test prep provider, with over 400 franchised locations throughout the United States and Canada. Club Z! has helped hundreds of thousands of students improve their test scores, classroom grades, and academic self-confidence through its proven one-on-one tutoring approach. Over the past 20 years, the company has established a name for itself as the go-to source for all things tutoring and test prep related. In fact, Club Z! receives more than 60,000 visits to its web site,, on an average monthly basis, with site visits up more than 70% compared with last year! So when Club Z! announced the addition of online chat to its site last month, everyone from parents to franchise owners had something to celebrate.