Press Releases For FL - Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater (US)

World-Renowned Mentalist & Mind Expert, Guy Bavli, Releases His First Book: SMILE for a CHANGE: How the World's Favorite Expression Can Affect Your Life

Just as Guy Bavli has astonished audiences worldwide, he wows readers with his literary debut, SMILE FOR A CHANGE: How the World's Favorite Expression Can Affect your Life (MOTM Press; October 18, 2016; $14.95/$9.95). Guy presents a simple yet revolutionary concept—smiling to evoke real change in the world—and layer by layer, Guy peels back the cultural, historical, economic, holistic, and amorous effects of the smile.

Biofluid Focus Unveils Latest and Greatest Product: Flexible Polypropylene Pasteur Pipets

Advancements in technology are consistently making jobs easier, work faster, and life easier for people of all walks of life. From lightning quick internet to streamlined videoconferencing to medical advancements that aid doctors in surgery – the list of improvements is nearly endless. At Biofluid Focus, a recent advancement spells good news for all: flexible polypropylene Pasteur pipets. The key element to these brand new additions to the Biofluid Focus arsenal is that they flex and don't break, as opposed to their glass counterparts. Glass Pasteur pipets' fragility can be a cause for concern because sharps pose potential danger in any lab where pathogens are present. The biotechnology products company is excited for the future of these new products, which that promote lab safety.

Go for the Gold (Or Silver or Platinum) with Cornerstone Pros Care Club Maintenance Plans

A maintenance agreement with Cornerstone Pros, a full-service residential HVAC, plumbing and electrical company, can be worth its weight in gold. Or silver. And, yes, even platinum.

Polycarbonate PharmaTainer Bottles from BioFluid Focus Provide Secure Storage of Biological Drug Substances at -80 Degrees Celsius

LogoWinter is upon us, and with it comes the trials of flu season, which leave many Americans bedridden and unable to enjoy the holiday season. The necessity for effective drugs is apparent during these times, and one company in particular is showing their high value by providing drug companies with a viable method for vaccine storage. The PharmaTainer™ bottles from BioFluid Focus are the cream of the crop when it comes to cold storage, boasting the ability to maintain a closure seal from filling at room temperature to freezing at -80 degrees Celsius. Ultimately these special bottles are able to do their job effectively while similar containers fail to hold their seal during a freeze-thaw cycle.

Loretta Green LLC Launches New Line of Educational Toys

The new range is called "GrowBright" and looks like it will be a hit with both kids and parents. So far everyone who has seen the new line of toys has been delighted, especially the kids!

Manage Business Websites with WebsiteOperators and Grow Beyond the Local Boundaries

LogoA one stop destination for ecommerce website operations management, WebsiteOperators is offering website management services for hassle-free operations of ecommerce and other websites. Their website management services include Product Maintenance (entry and editing), Content Development (SEO Best Practices), Banner Management, Email Provisioning, Promotion Management, and much more. They manage all aspects of an internet channels such as eCommerce, Wholesale, Service and distribution operations. They have a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who work closely with the clients to deliver optimum output from the website management process. Individuals looking for a reputable website management company can rely on them to get their task complete in the most effective manner.

Cumulative Data Has Now Proven the World's Best Diet for Human Health

LogoBecoming vegan has now gained so much cumulative evidence through countless studies that it's the single best diet for human health and longevity that it's elevated to the level of irrefutable.

RPE Solutions Gives Away Complimentary EXPO Passes to Retailers for the 2017 NRF Conference & EXPO

The supply chain and retail consulting services leader, RPE Solutions, is giving away complimentary passes to retailers interested in attending the EXPO at the 2017 NRF Conference & EXPO (Retail's BIG Show). RPE Solutions has participated in the event for 15 consecutive years, and as a sponsor again this year, the retail consulting firm is enthused to be giving away free passes for retailers to attend the EXPO.

Kickstarter Campaign Launched to Fund the Last Couponing App Consumers Will Ever Need

LogoLazy Shopper, the time-saving, ground-breaking couponing app has officially launched a Kickstarter campaign to garner widespread support and financial backing to complete development of the app and market it to a mass audience of shoppers.

Page Terrace Gives Guests Multiple Reasons to Visit Florida

LogoDuring the brisk months of winter, Americans from the northeast often seek an escape from the cold. When choosing a destination, vacationers must factor in a budget, time available, and activity offerings. Page Terrace, one of the top beach hotels near Tampa, FL, makes it easy for guests by releasing a monthly guide that outlines the things to do around Clearwater Beach, Treasure Island, and the surrounding areas. In their November edition, the beach front hotel outlined five reasons to stay with them.

Website Broker,, Offers Clients a Valuable Cache of Video Resources

LogoSince 1996, website broker, has been providing superior services to entrepreneurs who are looking into selling and buying ecommerce businesses. Their founders are serial internet entrepreneurs, giving them twice the amount of experience in the industry. An invaluable feature on their site is their cache of video resources. Narrated by co-founder Ron Matheson, these resources include information for clients on finding the right buyer for your site, the importance of confidentiality, website valuations, negotiation tips, and many others.

Website Broker,, Has Been in the Industry of Selling Online Businesses for the Past 20 Years

LogoSince 1996, website broker,, has been in the industry of selling online businesses. During that time, they have assisted hundreds of clients achieve success at the closing table and walk away with an impressive profit margin. Entrepreneurs who are interesting in putting their ecommerce business up for sale, or who are interested in purchasing an ecommerce business, can contact website broker, today to set up a free consultation.

Acquisitions and Mergers Business Broker, ValleyBiggs, Offer Clients Free Consultation

LogoSince 1996, acquisitions and mergers business broker, ValleyBiggs, has been in the industry of buying and selling websites. They specialize in middle market companies that fall within the technology, website, and internet sector. As one of the leading internet M&A firms, they always put their client first by never taking a commission before the client's site has sold, plus, they offer a free website valuation and free consultation.

Internet Business M&A Consulting Firm,, Offers Superior Services to Clients Selling Internet Business

LogoSince 1996, internet business M&A consulting firm, ValleyBiggs, has been offering superior services to clients who are selling internet businesses. They specialize in assistance with middle market companies that fall within the internet, technology, and website niche. Their services have allowed them to become one of the most respected and trusted acquisition and mergers business broker in the industry. are experts in the industry, partly because their founders are serial internet entrepreneurs, and that they operate with an enormous network of professionals that assist them in fulfilling their client's expectations from the very start of the process until the finish.

ImageFIRST Tampa Presents How Patient Comfort Directly Impacts Perception of Medical Facilities

ImageFIRST Tampa, the leading supplier of healthcare laundry services and linen such as medical scrubs and uniforms in and around Daytona Beach, FL, recently presented proof that patient perception is directly tied to the level of comfort in the attire they are provided with during treatment. Their findings support ImageFIRST Tampa's outlook that all healthcare facilities should provide their patients with comfortable, exceptionally soft, high-quality gowns.

Grow Business Beyond the Local Boundaries with Website Marketing Services from WebsiteOperators

LogoWebsiteOperators, an ecommerce website specialist, offers best-in-class website marketing services that help business owners in extending their audience reach beyond the domestic boundaries. From email marketing to lead generation services, their professionals have deep knowledge about different internet marketing tactics and can help businesses gain new customers, for their products and services, from every nook and corner of the world. Their professionals' expertise in providing a wide array of website marketing services like search engine optimization, social media marketing, pay per click management, affiliate marketing, regular blog entries, online video management, and many others. All of these services are tailor-made to ensure they fully satisfy their clients' business needs and help them grow by leaps and bounds.

Cornerstone Pros Expands to New Construction Services

Cornerstone Pros, a full-service residential HVAC, plumbing and electrical company, has extended its capabilities to offer all trades for new construction. That means that contractors and homeowners can now turn to the Cornerstone Pros team for the installation of new, efficient and reliable comfort systems, plumbing and electrical in homes and office spaces that are under construction.

Website Broker,, Offers Clients Free Exit Strategy and Consultation

LogoSince 1996, website broker, has been an M&A broker that offers their clients proven strategies, exceptional services and a free exit strategy and consultation. Entrepreneurs who are ready to sell your business can contact to set up their free consultation with the website broker's experts and professionals.

RPE Solutions Helps Retailers Improve Core Merchandise Management Systems with Today's Optimization Tools

Retailers are turning to RPE Solutions, a leading retail supply chain consulting firm, to help improve core merchandise management systems by providing inventory optimization tools for more control over planning, merchandise allocation, price, assortment and replenishment.

Internet Business Brokers, ValleyBiggs, Provides Exceptional M&A Consulting Services to Clients in the Middle Market

LogoIn the industry of providing exceptional business intermediary services to middle market companies that fall within the technology, internet, and website niche, ValleyBiggs has 20 years of experience in M&A consulting. They provide a number of services that assist entrepreneurs who are both buying and selling ecommerce businesses. With the help of a network of professionals, ValleyBiggs ensures clients that they will help them achieve maximum profit at the closing table.

Study Links Lengthy TV Watching with Fatal Pulmonary Embolisms

A new scientific study draws a correlation between blood clot deaths and watching television.

United Commerce Group, Which Includes Business Broker,, Named 67th Among Inc. 500's List of America's Fastest Growing Companies

LogoUnited Commerce Group, which includes business broker, has been named 67th among Inc. 500's List of America's Fastest Growing Companies. This list includes the fastest growing private companies in the United States including companies that involve energy, media, and education, as well as the fastest growing metro areas including New York City, Washington, and L.A. Located in Orlando, Florida, the group hit #1 among the top Orlando, Florida companies; #5 in top retail companies; and #7 in top Florida companies.

Business Broker,, Assists Business Owners in Selling Their Online Business

LogoBusiness broker, has been in the industry of buying and selling websites since 1996. During that time they have earned a rock-solid, professional reputation among business owners who want to sell your online business. They offer their clients a free 24 hour consultation, as well as a free website appraisal. A website appraisal can be a great start to the negotiation process, and should be done with fine-point accuracy. is a boutique brokerage firm in that they never take a dime of commission until their client's site has sold.

Ecommerce M&A Business Brokers, ValleyBiggs, Provide Invaluable Assistance to Entrepreneurs Starting the Merger and Acquisition Process

LogoWorking as ecommerce M&A business brokers since 1996, ValleyBiggs is one of the most respected brokers in the industry. Entrepreneurs who are ready to buy or sell an ecommerce website can rely on them for invaluable assistance during the merger and acquisition process. Their success is partly due to the fact that they have a number of professionals working alongside with them during every deal negotiation and these professionals include accountants, due diligence experts, attorneys, and other entrepreneurs.

Internet Mergers and Acquisitions Broker, ValleyBiggs, Provides Superior Business Intermediary Services to Middle-Market Clients

LogoValleyBiggs is an internet mergers and acquisitions broker that provides superior business intermediary services to middle-market clients. In addition to being in the middle market, these clients must also fall within the website, technology, and internet niche. The founders of ValleyBiggs are serial internet entrepreneurs, and have amassed their own experience buying and selling middle-market companies that fall within this realm. Some of the superior business intermediary services that they provide their clients include creating a professional marketing package so that the client's company can be represented in the best possible light, diving deep into the client's company to best understand it, developing a digital library of documents, and activating marketing on a number of channels.

Page Terrace Implements Successful Policy Change

LogoPage Terrace is a beachfront hotel known for friendly employees, clean premises, and an ideal location. Every month, hundreds of guests stay at the hotel during vacations and business trips. The hotel's quiet setting makes it ideal for families and newlyweds to relax and for business people to work. Recently, the Page Terrace has implemented a smoke-free policy for all of its rooms. Since then, positive reviews have been increasing rapidly, and the hotel is rising in popularity.

Two Down & Out Books Titles Win Major Literary Awards During Bouchercon 2016

LogoEarlier this month, Down & Out Books celebrated two major literary award wins during the annual Bouchercon in New Orleans. CIRCLING THE RUNWAY, the fourth Jake Diamond mystery by J.L. Abramo, won a Shamus Award for Best Paperback Original PI Novel, and MURDER UNDER THE OAKS: BOUCHERCON ANTHOLOGY 2015 edited by Art Taylor was honored with an Anthony Award for Best Anthology or Collection.