Retail Press Releases

"Retailing in Serbia" Published

After a long decline over the course of 2012 and the first quarter of 2013, Serbia recorded an increase in industrial production of over 5% and GDP growth of nearly 2% for the rest of 2013. These indicators show that last year's predictions of a return to positive GDP growth were correct. Rising GDP and industrial production also reflected well on retailing, influencing a modest increase in constant value sales; however the situation in the Serbian retailing industry remains far from ideal,...

Just Released: "Vending in Norway"

The introduction of NFC (Near Field Communication) technology in 2012 on vending machines made it more convenient for customers to purchase items. Since Norwegians prefer not to carry cash, which is especially true for coins, this technology introduced the possibility of paying with one's credit/debit card and SMS. The turnover from such an investment is expected to increase by 25% to 40% within a short time period.

Vele'An Passion Offers Elegant and Sexy Lingerie

Clothes add to the beauty and confidence of a woman. Sexy lingerie that makes a woman feel and look good are a part of Vele’An Passion’s collection.'s Big Promotion of Maternity Wedding Dresses Available as Cheap as €150

To celebrate its opening, has launched a big promotion of maternity wedding dresses to boost sales. It is good news for pregnant brides-to-be and women on strict budget. It's as well a good chance to buy a good quality maternity bridal gown for cheap. With €150 anyone is able to take a top quality custom made maternity wedding gown home.

Big Sale of Wedding Dresses Under €150 Underway from is the best online wedding shop to buy cheap wedding dresses for French-speaking users. There is a big sale of wedding dresses under €150 underway to cater for different needs from different customers, mainly for customers who are looking for cheap wedding dresses. It will be a great pleasure to if customers do benefit from its big sale.

Celebrate Mom with an Unforgettable Mother's Day Jewelry Discount

Have you already started looking for a unique gift idea for your Mom this Mother’s Day? Something that is unique and stylish? This Mother’s Day, don’t miss the chance to celebrate your Mom’s special place in your heart and your life, with a trendy jewelry piece. After all, every women fall for some extra bling.

Island Trends Unveils the 2014 Tropical Mother's Day Gift Guide

Island Trends has released the 2014 Tropical Mother’s Day Gift Guide with tropical island inspired gifts for moms. This year mother’s day is on Sunday, May 11, 2014 and Island Trends hopes to make gift giving easier for this special occasion by creating a list of unique gifts that will put mom’s in an island state of mind.

LipBar Makeup to Empower Women of All Ages, Making Them Feel Confident, Sexy and Adventurous

LipBar a new makeup brand, created to bring simplicity to looking good is now available. The makeup line was created to help and empower women to feel confident, sexy and adventurous, and allow women to celebrate their beauty.

DeWALT Doubles Power Tool Warranty in Buriram, Thailand

LogoDeWALT Power Tools retailer, Ruangsangthai has arranged to double the warranty period for free repairs and free replacement parts in Buriram Province, Thailand during the DeWALT Power Tools Expo from April 18, 2014 to April 26, 2014. Only Ruangsangthai will include a written 24 month warranty for every DeWALT corded or Lithium Ion Tool purchased by professional house builders or D.I.Y. expat tool enthusiasts for this nine day Truckload Sale. The live power tools demonstrations with “hands-on” comparisons of DeWALT Li - Ion Compact Drill Driver, hammer drill, impact driver, impact wrench and corded DeWALT reciprocating saw, circular saw, planner, compound miter saw, sander, jigsaw, demolition hammer, tile cutter, angle grinder, rotary drill, chop saw, and Accessories to comparable AEG, Bosch, Hilti, Hitachi, Maktec, Milwaukee, Panasonic Porter Cable and Ryobi Power Tool models will be carried out every day during this truck load sale from 8:30am to 5:30pm.

Scientists Invent New Nanotech Smartphone Jeans

The EMF-radiation shield is made from a very thin, copper-based fabric that is 99.999% efficient in reflecting the EMF radiation from cellular phones. This fabric has been sealed in a plastic pouch, which is inserted into a special pocket from the inner side of the jeans. Because it only reflects the radiation coming from one side of the phone (the side facing the wearer's body), normal smartphone operation is not noticeably affected.

Massachusetts Menswear Brand Encourages Community to Buy Locally Made Clothing

Osmium, a menswear company based in Stoneham, MA, encourages the New England community to buy locally made products and focus on smaller, independent businesses. The Northeast has a rich history in textiles mills and shoe factories, and though most of this business has moved offshore, a growing number of brands are bringing manufacturing back to the area. Osmium’s clothing is cut and sewn in the Boston area. Other clothing companies committed to clothing production in the bay state include Ball and Buck, The New England Shirt Company, Sterling Outerwear and Vanson Leathers. “Producing clothing in Massachusetts has created camaraderie between Osmium and other manufacturers in the state.” says Osmium employee, Ben Moran. “We all help each other by growing the industry and the needed infrastructure.” In this fast paced, global economy, smaller independent brands can be overshadowed by the large multinationals. It is however, these smaller businesses that hold the key to strengthening our economy.

Internet Retailing in China - New Market Report

LogoThe dynamic development of internet retailing continued in 2013, although the growth rate more than halved compared with 2012. Impacted by the economic slowdown and dynamic sales growth from 2010 to 2012, current value sales increased by 43% in 2013. Nonetheless, internet retailing continued to post well above the average growth rate for retailing in China, thanks to the convenience of shopping from home and home delivery, lower prices and investment by manufacturers and retailers. For example,...

Vending in Ireland: New Research Report Available at Fast Market Research

LogoWith the retail landscape in Ireland remaining extremely challenging at the end of the review period, many retailers continued to seek to reduce costs during 2013, which for some led to the decision to remove vending facilities. The majority of vending companies in Ireland operate on a percentage commission basis, with rates ranging between 10% and 25% depending on location and throughput. This led many retailers to question the cost-effectiveness of having these machines in their outlets, not...

New Market Research Report: Vending in the Czech Republic

LogoIn 2013, vending, similar to many other retailing categories, continued to suffer from restrained spending from Czech consumers and registered a value sales decrease of 2% in current terms. This performance was similar to that seen over the review period. Czech consumers started to reduce their expenditure in 2009 after the outbreak of the financial crisis and this persisted into 2013.

Top 5 Smart Watches of 2014

LogoToday, technological advances have created watches with some pretty unique features. The following smart watches are ones to look for in 2014.

Tru Hue Makeup Launches New Product Line Tru Hue Color Sticks

Tru Hue Makeup is the creation of Marcella Cardinal; a professional with over 20 years in the makeup industry. It is a 6 Step, 5 Minute makeup routine made for busy women to re-create professional, time consuming looks. Her innovative, and different Color Sticks are one of the three lip choices in the Tru Hue system. Offers Big Discounts for Customers with Sleeved Wedding Dresses is an ideal place to order wedding dresses online. This morning this company made an announcement that big discounts are offered to customers who buy its sleeved wedding dresses. Anyone who picks a gown from the collection of wedding dresses with sleeves is able to get the discounts and save money. Check out the new updates and it is time to witness miracle happen.

Plus Size LBD Big Promotion for Cocktail Party Underway at has just launched a big promotion for customers to buy cheap plus size LBD s for cocktail party. It is good news for women who love party time.'s LBDs are designed for all age levels and all types of special occasions. A short black skirt will be proper for cocktail party. Welcome to have a look at those beautiful LBDs and find one for a happy night.

Fat Tire E-Bikes - Designed to Conquer All Roads and Trails of the World

Riding a Fat tire bike allows people to ride on places which they can only envision before. Difficulty in riding on ice and snow are now the past things; now one can also make use of the snow to his/her advantage and set out for fantastic winter tours.

Moms All over Falling in Love with New Freddie & Sebbie Stroller Organizer

Backed by a lifetime no-Hassle free replacement guarantee and carefully handmade with the strongest materials available, and built to last, the newly released Freddie and Sebbie Stroller Organizer will have moms all over fall in love with it, says Neil Speight, co-founder of Freddie and Sebbie, a company dedicated to providing consumers the high quality, value for money baby products.

Short Prom Dresses from Bbrautkleid's Sales Promotion Takes Less Than $150 brings cheap short prom dresses for young girls. There are many well made short prom dresses in the big sale, which all cost less than $150. Prom night means a lot to student girls. It is natural that they want to look best on that night. Bbrautkleid's prom dresses are to help them and their dreams.

Leading Missouri RV Dealership, Mid America RV, Inc. Receives Better Business Bureau Accreditation

Missouri's top RV dealership, Mid America RV, has been recognized for their continued commitment to provide honest quality sales and service by the Better Business Bureau. The BBB recently gave Mid America RV full accreditation, an award that's a sure sign of trust and confidence in the company's good business practices.

Alexa Jay Presents an Exclusive Collection of Hand Bags

Hand bags are regarded as one of the most favorite accessories which women carry at every place. These bags come in various shapes and sizes to suit every need of the person. They are not only regarded as the fashion accessory but come in handy as well. Every woman has her own collection of hand bags which are used for various purposes. They store their belongings and carry it with style. The market is full of beautifully made bags and customers are presented with a vast number of options.

Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike Named as the Best Spinning Bike Under $1000 by

Anybody that has ever checked out the price of some of the top-of-the-range gym-standard spinning bikes will know that they can easily cost upwards of $1500, which is well beyond the means of many people. Offers Attractive Bathroom Cabinet and Storage offers a big variety of cabinets made in different style and design to perfectly suit any interior. They are made of high quality materials and are provided at affordable prices. Among the most popular types of Monclern furniture is a bathroom cabinet that is an essential element to lavatory in any house.

Fat Bikes Are The Perfect Bike with Unparalleled Traction to Ride over Sand and Snow

Fat bike is a bicycle with broad tires, often 3.7" or 4 inch wide and broader rims of 44mm or more. The fat bikes are made for riding on soft as well as rocky terrains. This fat tire bicycles are produced with structures having forks and support the wide rims essential to complement those broad tires.

ChicPartyDress Offers a Wide Range of Dresses at Competitive Prices

ChicPartyDress is an ideal resource online for fashion savvy women who not only want to fill their wardrobe with fascinating and trendy dresses but also create their own style statement. The online store has an exclusive range of dresses for all occasions most affordably priced.