Retail Press Releases

The New 2017 Gold and Silver Maple Leafs Are Now Available at Bullion Exchanges

Struck for the first time from gold in 1979 and silver in 1988, the Canadian Maple Leafs are one of the most highly anticipated bullion coins on the industry market. Both first-time buyers and long-term investors are eagerly awaiting the newest issue of these beloved coins due to their high precious metal content, legendary design, and the latest bullion security features.

LavHa Celebrates 3 Year Anniversary Marked by Substantial Growth

Starting a business requires considerable planning, heart, and a little bit of luck. From online retail stores to brick & mortar businesses to service oriented companies with a focused purpose – America is a country known for entrepreneurs looking to carve out their place in the marketplace. A new company faces numerous challenges, and often takes some time to grow into its own. One of California's recently passed the 3-year mark, none other than LavHa in Laguna Niguel.

Sunlife Adventures Is Launching a New Product

Sunlife Adventures has just announced the release of the Camping Cookware as their next product. This cookware set combines a superior, compact design with lightweight material making it stand out from the others. It is definitely considered a must have for any adventurer.

Startup Men's Fashion Company, Versattire Featured in the Palm Beach Post

LogoMatteo Ferrer, the creator and CEO of Versattire, a company that aims to bring breathable, moisture-wicking materials to dress shirts, is excited to announce today that his purpose-driven startup has been recently featured in the Palm Beach Post. Offers Cozzia Massage Chairs with Numerous Convenient and Amazing Features

LogoA globally recognized provider of massage chairs,, offers Cozzia massage chairs with numerous convenient and amazing features. With several massage options like Shiatsu, Swedish, rolling, kneading, dual-action and tapping, these massage chairs are the best for providing all the benefits of a relaxing massage. A wide range of Cozzia massage chairs that the online store is offering includes Cozzia 16028 Feel Good Series Shiatsu Massage Chair, Cozzia 16027 Feel Good Series Shiatsu Massage Chair, Cozzia EC-363C Massage Chair, and many more. The entire range of Cozzia massage chairs is compact, sturdy, and ergonomically impressing. These massage chairs are perfect for both professional, as well as for personal use. People looking for high-end massage chair can count on for providing a comprehensive collection of Cozzia massage chairs at the most competitive prices.

Abbott Florist Unveils New Logo and Brand Identity

LogoAbbott Florist has officially launched their new logo and brand. Owner/Operator, Joukje Sklikas, affectionately known as "Jackie" wanted a new, more modern logo to reflect the current brand's identity. The new logo is marked by an adorned tulip. The tulip, a flower known for its ties to Holland, is a nod to Jackie's own Dutch heritage.

Sennheiser Announces Product Compatibility with Samsung SMT-I6000 IP Phone Series

LogoSennheiser, a leading provider of premium headset and speakerphone solutions, is pleased to announce its partnership and product compatibility with Samsung Electronics CO., Ltd, one of the world's leading electronic companies.

A Winning Combination of Design and Sound Performance – Sennheiser Products Honored at German Design Awards

LogoAudio specialist Sennheiser has received three accolades at the prestigious German Design Awards. Sennheiser's TeamConnect Wireless was awarded the "Gold" label for best product design in the Computer and Communication category, while the HD 630VB and RS 185 headphones received "Special Mention" commendations for design in the Entertainment category.

5 Products to Help Reach Fitness Goals in 2017

LogoChristmas is over and 2017 is right around the corner. Now may be is the perfect time to look back at 2016 and resolve to do better. Millions of people all over the world make New Years resolutions to improve their lives in all sorts of ways. One of the most common resolution is to be more fit and loose weight. Here is a list of 5 products that can help achieve those fitness goals in 2017.

KG Shopping Mall Online for All Health & Fitness Needs

To live a healthy life is quite a challenge these days. Owing to the stressful life both at work and home, one has to take time to take care of their own bodies. Stress not only impacts the mood of a person but also the overall health. It might not look so bad initially but when not given serious thought, stress might lead to a variety of dangerous health ailments. Paying a doctor a visit every once in a while will do a lot of good.

New Years Sale Announced on Bark at the Moon Freeze Dried Whole Chicken Hearts

New Year's is all about celebrating the coming year and making resolutions to change your life or lifestyle. Green Butterfly Brands, makers of Bark at the Moon Natural Pet Treats, if offering pet owners a chance to assist them in providing a healthier treat option for their furry friend in 2017 with its New Years Sale on their latest treat for dogs and cats – Bark at the Moon Freeze Dried Whole Chicken Hearts. Regularly priced at $19.99, Green Butterfly Brands is offering a sale price of $17.99 for a limited time. Shoppers can find Bark at the Moon Treats on Amazon whom offers free shipping to its Amazon Prime Members or orders over $49.00, giving shoppers another reason to celebrate.

YEOUTH Releases Hyaluronic Acid Cream

An emerging leader in manufacturing anti-aging skin products, the YEOUTH brand is pleased to announce the launch of its much-anticipated Hyaluronic Acid Cream on Amazon. This product is professionally formulated with medical grade ingredients that effectively hydrates and moisturizes the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and addressing other skin woes like hyperpigmentation, large pores, and dark circles under the eyes with just a few weeks of use. Offers Garage Shelving for Organization of Garage in an Effective Manner

LogoPopular among the masses for offering top class garage organizing items,, offers highly reliable garage shelving items for organization of garage in an effective manner. All of the garage shelving products that they offer are manufactured from the highest quality materials with scratch-resistant finishing to provide an alluring appearance, strength, and durability. Shelving items that is offering are the most suitable for creating extra space in messy garages. The wide range of garage shelving items that individuals can get from them include Hyloft Heavy Duty Tire Storage Rack, Trinity 4 Tier 48 Inch EcoStorage™ Chrome Rack, Trinity Heavy Duty XL Rack, and many others. People looking to organize their garages can count on for offering an exclusive collection of garage shelving at the most competitive prices.

Create a Pleasant Learning Environment for Kids with Classroom Furniture from S&S Services

S&S Services, one of the most renowned art and craft equipment retailers in the country, offers a wide selection of classroom furniture that helps schools create a pleasant and safe learning environment for kids. From storage units to book racks, the classroom furniture items they offer not only help kids maintain the correct posture while writing and studying, they also provide ample space for storing books, pens, pencils and other classroom accessories safely in one place. Starting from £49.00, the variety of classroom furniture they provide includes Budget - 12 Deep Tray Storage Unit, Floor Standing Book Rack, Lunch Box Trolley, Shallow Tray Storage Unit, Mobile Drying Rack, and many others. Besides this, they also offer free shipping for all the orders over £29.95.

Voort One Enjoys Incredible Kickstarter Success as Wrist Watch Connoisseurs and Collectors Embrace High Quality Timepieces with a Lower Price Tag

LogoWatches come and go in stores and online but few have earned the attention and respect of the Voort One watch currently on offer on Kickstarter until January 14th. That's because the superior quality coupled with attractive pricing and an array of color options makes the Voort One quite a timepiece to watch.

Projek Raw Heats Up This Holiday Season with Modern Jackets

LogoWinter has officially arrived, which means it's time to break out the winter wear and prepare for the holiday season.

Solis and Associates Launches Website Featuring Authentic "Do the Dance" Hot Salsa

LogoSharyle Solis is proud to announce the creation and launch of the new website venture, The website offers an authentic "Do The Dance" hot salsa, a unique sauce that is not chunky but very smooth, about which everyone who has tried it says there is nothing out there like it. Solis' salsa business grew out of the overwhelming demand for their homemade salsa. She grew up in and out of the US and Baja California and has a long history of making the salsa with her husband for family and friends. People would always rage about the salsa, and asked for her and her husband to send their salsa to them when they moved away. After being overwhelmed by the demand of shipping their homemade salsa, the Solises accepted people's request to buy the salsa from them. When the Solis family moved to Colorado, they were able to eventually launch the salsa as a cottage industry product of Colorado. They later started making small batches of the salsa in a commercial condo, selling it to local restaurants and stores throughout Colorado. They now make large batches in Denver, as Sharyle continues the salsa legend after her husband Frank known as "Papa Solis," who was the driving force in production, passed away earlier this year.

Look out for Projek Raw's 2017 Fashion Collection

LogoAs 2016 rapidly comes to a close, many begin to think about plans, goals, and New Year's resolutions. For many, a new year can also mean a new wardrobe, and a chance to shake things up a bit. Projek Raw has been ready for 2017 long before now, and is also prepared to release their 2017 collection as the ball drops.

Holiday Gifts, Sportswear and Trophies Under One Roof at Spike's Trophies

LogoWith the holidays a few weeks away, millions across the Mid-Atlantic region are searching for the personalized gifts that will make friends and loved ones smile. For truly personalized items, one producer stands above the rest, able to craft thousands of different products and give them a unique touch.

Approach Clothing Co. Releases Tips for Lacrosse Beginners

Approach Clothing Co. is a national sports clothing brand based out of New Jersey. The company continues to release helpful, sports-related blogs to its readers to share the knowledge they have acquired over the last two decades in the business. In the Approach Clothing's October blog, "4 Tips for Lacrosse Beginners," the company breaks down the importance of basic techniques and fundamental actions that can improve a newcomer's overall performance.

Themed Garden Furniture from Chessington Garden Centre

LogoChessington Garden Centre, one of the most popular garden furniture providers in London, is offering garden furniture at the most competitive prices. They have specially designed a wide range of garden furniture suitable for the winter season. All of their themed garden furniture is created with the highest-quality materials to provide their customers with durable and beautiful furniture. They also offer great discounts for customers who are part of their 'Loyalty Club'. Customers looking for low-cost garden furniture can explore their exclusive collection garden furniture, which they can order online and get it delivered to their doorstep.

Exotic Gift Baskets at Online Shop Boutique

What better way to surprise a loved one than to send them a sweet gift basket to mark a special occasion!!! Be it Christmas, Birthday, New Year or any other occasion the site offers beautiful candy baskets wrapped like a flower bouquet. And yes they can customize the bouquets as per the occasion and client's requirement.

Witts Treasures for a Season Full of Bling

Witts Treasures offers exclusive items that can make this season full of bling and holidays full of swing. From cooking tools to jewelry for men and women, purses to candles, and arts & crafts, the site offers exclusive collection of items to adorn homes and people. Here are a few best-selling items and latest additions:

LED Light Manufacturers Ray Lighting Announced the Launch of New Lighting Products

Ray Lighting, a leading LED lights manufacturer from China recently announced the launch of their new lighting products. The new products have been listed under the 'New Arrivals' section of the trading website of the company. The LED light manufacturers claimed that they have used cutting-edge technologies in manufacturing the products which are designed both for the wholesale market and the domestic and overseas retail market.

Those Who Are Fond of Their Night Activities Can Now Stop Their Search for Night Vision Devices

Here is good news that may excite those who are looking for night-vision goggles, night vision binoculars and related products. Shenzhen Wanney Science and Technology Co., Ltd., that was founded in 2014, is offering these products for the benefit of those who love activities such as exploration, hunting, camping, etc. The company says that with their products, users can have a completely a great and different experience in their night activities. This means they can enjoy their favorite night activities in a unique way that they have never attempted before.

Atlas Time Co. Kickstarter Campaign Disrupts Modern Timepieces with Minimalism Wrapped in Luxury

LogoIn an age where a pad is electronic, and phones are typically mobile, can a smart watch be redefined? Designed to bring mind the days when minimalism was king, and smart meant good looking, a new company out of San Jose turns the tables. Co-founded by Danny Tran and Auden Wu, Atlas Time Co. has launched a line of timepieces dually dipped in luxury and affordability. Devoted to keeping track of every second a wearer spends, the watches are nothing but premium components and sophistication. To that end, the brand says that regardless of the digital age, time is still a universal possession. Which begs the question, how should it be spent? Expands Anti-Slip Products to Further Safety Solutions, an industry leader in the provision of custom floor matting, heated floor mats and safety solutions for over 60 years, is offering a wide range of anti-slip products through their website. The company serves both individual and commercial customers and their anti-slip products are designed to fit a variety of safety needs that a person or business may have.