Retail Press Releases

Market Report, "Direct Selling in the United Kingdom", Published

The popularity of direct selling continues to rise in the UK as more people are becoming direct selling agents as a way of coping with the current adverse economic climate. The economic recession and the subsequent rise in unemployment in the UK has encouraged many of those people who lost their jobs to attempt to bolster their household incomes through direct selling. Existing direct selling agents are also working harder, a fact which is also driving growth in direct selling.

Market Report, "Malaysia Retail Report Q2 2014", Published

A low unemployment rate, growing urbanisation and improved standards of living for Malaysians living in rural areas will result in a strong rise in household spending across all retail subsectors over the next few years. We are particularly positive about the future growth prospects for education spending, with expenditure on restaurants & hotels and health also forecast to grow strongly. However, we expect the highest proportion of the household budget to be spent on food and drink throughout our forecast period.

Industrial Designer David Jackson Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Develop RazorPOD

LogoMost people believe the act of "shaving" dulls a razor blade, this is's a result of corrosion, actually "micro-rust", that degrades the blades leading edge and destroys the performance.  Constant exposure to water and moisture causes the paper-thin cutting edge of the metal blade to rust and flake away, which shortens the effective life.

Between Melamine and Porcelain, Which One Makes the Better Tableware Material?

The use of porcelain to make dinnerware dates back to thousands of years while the use of melamine only started somewhere in the 1960s. Today, few decades later after melamine was first introduced, answer to the question on which of the two makes the better tableware material remains elusive to most people. Porcelain wares present the more elegant option but usually cost more than melamine wares. Then there is the question about melamine safety and the possible leaching of formaldehyde chemical into the food. "The safety question alone is enough to cast fear among many consumers. They simply switch themselves off from melamine wares, which could be to their disadvantage," says Amanda. The truth about melamine dinnerware is not all bad. Fear about melamine has been blown out of proportion. Find out the answer to such myths and questions about tableware selection at TablewareMom.Com and make the right decision about your selection.

Exmode Systems Announce Completion of Year of

The Headquarters of the online office supplies store has just announced that they have completed their first year in the office supply game with positive growth throughout the year. Starting as a no-name online office supply company just one year ago, has quickly made a name for itself as one of the top ranked office supply stores online.

Wills Vegan Presents Fashionable Vegetarian Vegan Shoes for Your Feet

The most important factor in the choice of shoes is comfort. Shoes should be comfortable first. When the first criterion is met, other factors come into question. It is not just the level of comfort which is a concern but the fashion and design are important factors too. So, a quality shoe should consider both the comfort factor and the style factor. After all, shoes play a significant role in constituting the personality and look of a person. There are a number of other factors that come under consideration when selecting a pair of shoes. Quality is an important factor as well. It is the quality of shoes that determines both the level of comfort and style. As it is that the present generation shows a greater concern for the environment, another factor that comes under consideration is its effect on the environment. Wills Vegan is a company offering a large collection of shoes for both men and women. The collection exhibits both style and quality. Promo Code 2014: Get £10 off £25 and Up to 50% off W/ Next Voucher Code List

LogoThe second quarter of 2014 is seeing a lot of promises for Next shoppers when it comes to price slashes and Next vouchers codes with the recently released Next voucher code 2014 list. Included in the Next voucher code 2014 list are great deals like Next voucher codes £10 off and 50% off on clearance sale items.

SouSee Bella Launches Luxury Loafer Collection

Shoes matter. They are a game changer and they tell a lot about the person you are. The perfect shoes have the power to elevate an entire outfit and in that way, our mood. “Every woman should have these essentials in her shoe collection; classic black high heel pumps, an elegant pair, loafers, a pair of power boots, a golden mid heel gold and the all essential summer sandal” – Soua’d Al Sabek.

Height Increasing Elevator Shoes Make Men Get Taller Instantly

Elevator shoes are also known as height increasing shoes, lift shoes or tall shoes. They are specially designed to invisibly increase the height of the wearer. The basic idea is to put thick insoles (lifts) in the shoes, so that the wearer can get taller. Elevator shoes look normal from outside. They designed elevator shoes are as comfortable as normal shoes. It may take several days for wears to get used to it. Normally, elevator shoes increase 2.5-4 inches in height. There are 5 inches extra-height elevator shoes, but it will lose comfort and is more noticeable.

Omega Carpet Cleaning Offers Quality Carpet Cleaning Services at Best Rates

Omega Carpet Cleaning strives to put forward best quality and the highest level of customer satisfaction to its esteemed customers. Omega Carpet Cleaning ensures your safety since it uses hygienic tools through the process of carpet cleaning and other services.

Cheap Quality Used Cars from LA Auto Connection Car Dealer Now Available in Van Nuys CA

The dealer has over 25 years experience of selling affordable, used cars in Van Nuys to its customers. It offers other affordable automotive services like car rentals and auto repairs. Why would anybody go to new car stores in Van Nuys when LA Auto Connection is right down the street with cheap cars at great financing rates?

Recent Study: Homeshopping in China

LogoWith the continuous growth in online consumers, many homeshopping players developed their internet retailing business. Meanwhile, TV shopping has becomes less appealing to Chinese consumers. By 2013, almost all leading players, including Shanghai SMG-CJ Homeshopping Co Ltd and Jiayou Homeshopping Co Ltd, established important internet retailing businesses. Shanghai MecoxLane International Mail-order Co Ltd went even further; its online platform ( recorded almost double the sales of...

Internet Retailing in the Czech Republic - New Market Research Report

LogoInternet retailing was the best-performing major category within retailing in 2013. This was indeed the case for over the whole review period as value sales grew at a current CAGR of 13%. This dynamic growth was driven by the rising popularity of online shopping among Czech consumers thanks to lower pricing, convenience and the time saving that this way of shopping offers. In addition, internet penetration and the quality of internet connections grew constantly in the Czech Republic over the...

New Market Report: Health and Beauty Specialist Retailers in China

LogoCurrent value sales of health and beauty specialist retailers grew by 12% in 2013 to reach RMB915.2 billion. The total number of outlets rose by 7% to reach 587,000. Thus sales per outlet increased. Growth was driven by the increasing self-medication trend, with consumers purchasing medicines from chemists/pharmacies, personal care products from drugstores/parapharmacies and using services provided by beauty specialists. Thus the competitive landscape remained highly fragmented, with the top 10...

Now Available: Retailing in the Czech Republic

LogoAlthough retailing saw a temporary recovery in 2011 as the economic situation in the country continued to improve until the first half of 2011, the return of the Czech economy to recession resulted in a weaker performance by retailing in 2012. A worsening economic situation, a further increase in the VAT rate and political instability all had a negative impact on consumer confidence in 2013. As a result, Czechs continued in their careful attitude to shopping and in controlling their...

PrintWearOnline Now Carrying J. America Products

LogoPrintWearOnline is now carrying clothing lines from J. America, a fashion-forward company popular among men, women, and children of all ages. People love J. America’s products for their stand-out appearance and soft, comfortable feel. The company has provided sportswear to collegiate, resort, and high school markets for years with trend-setting product lines and industry-leading graphics. Now customers who create their own t-shirt design at PrintWearOnline have the option to print on the softest material this side of the internet.

Harrison Street Pawn and Gun Partners with BizIQ

Harrison Street Pawn and Gun, a full service pawn and gun store located in Olathe, KS, has formed a marketing partnership with BizIQ, a firm specializing in small business web optimization.

Affordable Empire Line Bridal Dresses for Plus Size Brides at

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Bbrautkleid's New Arrivals of Mermaid Wedding Dresses with Long Train for Sale

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Snomee Offers Unique, Exciting and Truly Fascinating Gift Items

Snow globes make up for great gift items with miniature scenes caught in crazy snow storms. This gift item has remained the preferred choice of millions of people since a very long time. Snomee is a company that has introduced the concept of making the snow globe even more special by designing it in such a way that a person can conceal a gift card inside it as well as write wishes on the space below the card. This attractive and cute gift card holder can make for a unique and exciting piece of a gift item for all occasions. The gift card holders offered by the company come in different themes like fashion, health & beauty, multimedia and more.

Bbrautkleid's New Collection of Little Black Dresses Spring 2014 Waiting for Sale

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Buy Cheap Celebrity Wedding Dress Replicas from China Supplier Bbrautkleid

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Online Retail Expert Reveals the Advantages of Using the Airhead Towable Water Tubes

With summer fast approaching, millions will be heading to their favorite lakes, rivers and oceans and they most likely will be taking a towable water tube with them. There are many types of towable water tubes on the market, but an expert in the field has just revealed the advantages of the Airhead inflatable tube. According to this expert, the Airhead brand of inflatable tube stands above its competitors based on the quality of the product and positive customer satisfaction surveys.

Non-Grocery Retailers in Estonia - New Market Study Published

LogoThe high growth in non-grocery retailing recorded in 2012 slowed in 2013 mostly as a result of slower economic growth, and the basis reached in 2012 was relatively high. Nevertheless, decent growth continued in 2013 as some improvement in consumer confidence was evident. Still, many Estonians have remained relatively price-sensitive and evaluate each purchase. To some extent, growth was also supported by price improvement.

New Market Study Published: Internet Retailing in Ireland

LogoInternet retailing in Ireland continued to record outstanding growth during 2013 despite the overall weak economic conditions. With the number of store-based retailers offering online facilities growing on daily basis and with high numbers of Irish consumers switching to internet retailing from more traditional retailing formats in search of lower prices, internet retailing in Ireland is very much in the ascendant. Irish consumers also continued to respond favourably to the opportunity to...

Romania Retail Report Q2 2014: New Research Report Available at Fast Market Research

LogoRomania's retail sector will face a decline over the 2014 period but has strong growth potential for the next five years. As Romania struggles through a period of decreasing GDP, BMI predicts a decline of 2.07% in the retail sector 2014 and total household spend will drop to US$110bn. There is good news on the horizon, and BMI predicts that Romania will post modest growth in 2015 of 0.11%; this growth is predicted to increase to 2.73% in 2016 and over 6% of 2018 and 2018. The projected total spend in retail will reach US$128bn in 2018 and nominal GDP will reach US$209bn, creating opportunities for strong returns on investment for those able to capitalise on the growth.