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Calla Ellen Seeks Support from Indiegogo Community in Her Unique Venture to Foster 50 African Elephants

One elephant is killed every 15 minutes. At this rate, none will be roaming wild in 2025. This is why Calla is seeking help to foster 50 Kenyan elephants in 2014.

Truth Behind the Men's Thoughts on Women's "No Makeup" Look

In a study conducted by Zoosk wherein 1200 women’s profiles on the dating site analyzed, results are rather disappointing for some: women who are wearing makeup in their display photo attract thrice as many hits than those who don’t.

An Emerging Business Playing a Part in the Green Industry

Industrialization radically refashioned the business world by creating a promising future through the manufacture and processing of products in large scale. Unfortunately this economic breakthrough has brought many long-term negative effects due to the challenge of management of non-biodegradable wastes. The result is the tragic irreversible pollution of our environment. Even though the last decade increased environmental awareness with numerous eco-friendliness campaigns, most of the corporate world consumed with profit maximization lacks the moral sense to take up the responsibility to make the necessary changes for a better world. Now Offers Garage Cabinet at Affordable Prices, a reliable online store for garage tools storage and storage solutions, now offers cost-effective garage cabinets. The company carries some of the most impeccable quality garage cabinets to suit customers’ varied needs. Their garage cabinets belong to some top-notch brands such as Flow Wall, Better Life Technology, Cooper, Handi Solutions, HyLoft, Homak Tools, Inter-Lock, Little Giant, Prepac, Quantum Storage System, and more. The garage storage units from are available in different sizes and patterns. Purchase garage cabinets like Ulti-MATE Garage Cabinets, Ulti-MATE PRO Garage, Hercek storage system, Flow Wall cabinet, Garage Fabricators, Stack-on Garage System, Prepac Elite Storage, Inter-Lok Storage System, slide lock cabinet, Cooper storage system, Quantum storage system, and others.

New "iRobot Roomba 880" - Reviewed by Roomba Robot Reviews Exclusively

LogoRoomba Robot Reviews often comes up with informative and unbiased iRobot reviews for customers. Most than often these reviews have helped numerous customers to buy the right robotic vacuum cleaning unit for their homes. Of late, the price compare and review website analysed the features and benefits of the iRobot Roomba 880 to help customers gain a better understanding of the benefits and disadvantages of this product.

Morocco Argan Oil Is Helping Men and Women Have Healthy Hair

Morocco Argan Oil has received a great deal of media attention with the huge benefits it brings to men and women. The natural organic oil, which has been highly recommended by hairdressers for helping to make hair healthy, is also widely used to help reduce wrinkles and eliminate stretchmark’s and acne.

Bloomingdales Coupon and Codes Featured This Summer at

When shopping online home or personal needs, logging on to Bloomingdale's, a high-end chain of department stores owned by Macy's Inc., is a popular choice among consumers. The online shop carries upscale brands of housewares, decorative items, furniture, clothes, shoes, jewelry and handbags that are normally found only in boutiques or specialty stores.

Ironmongery Online Backs Get Britain Building Campaign

LogoThe Get Britain Building campaign claims to be the UK's biggest ever coalition of companies and organisations associated with the built environment. The campaign points out that the construction industry employs 3 million people and 28.5 new jobs are created for every £1million invested and that every £1 spent in construction generates £2.84 in economic activity. 92p of every £1 spent on construction is retained in the UK supporting the manufacturing and skill base we will need for the future. For every £1 of public investment in housing and construction, Government gets 56p back in the form of reduced benefits expenditure and increased tax income.

Sell My Motor Home Fast Provides Free Valuation on Used Vans

Owners of used motor homes or caravans who are planning to sell their vehicles would be delighted to know that a team of used vehicle specialists is offering a free valuation on all types of second hand motor homes and caravans. Sell My Motor Home Fast is a UK based car purchasing company that buys good quality used motor homes and caravans which include hi-tops, coach-built, elevating roofs and twin axle class-As.

AB Cartridge Enables Customers to Buy Laser Printer, Xerox Machine, Copier Machine and Compatible Printer Cartridges on Rent in MUMBAI

AB Cartridge enables customers to buy Laser Printer, Xerox Machine, Copier Machine, and Compatible Printer Cartridges on Rent in MUMBAI. It is essential to give an effective and lasting impression of one’s business to your clients. Now, customers can purchase the Laser Printer, Xerox Machine, Copier Machine and Compatible Printer Cartridges on Rent online through their website without any hassle. This will further help in strengthening the brand image and increasing the potential customers & contacts.

Stuffed Toy Slippers Now Sold in Regalo Manila

LogoThe stuffed toy companies are continuously evolving. Along with the massive change in the texture of stuffed toys comes new products that are more colorful and versatile. Thus, the stuffed toy slipper is born and it is now sold in Regalo Manila's online shop.

Pizza Hut Now Open for Delivery All over the Philippines Through Regalo Manila

LogoPeople from all over the world can now rejoice as Regalo Manila extends their Pizza Hut deliveries from the Metro to all over the Philippines. As they break through their delivery limits, Regalo Manila hopes that other food providers can cooperate with them so that they can continue to satisfy their clients no matter where they are in the country.

New Kickstarter Project to Bring 150 Years Old Norwegian Shirt Back in Fashion Is Now Open for Contributions

The busserull shirt, which used to be a common work-shirt in Norway about 150 years ago, is back in the news again, with a new Kickstarter Project started by Ingvill Montgomery of Hovden Formal Farm Wear. Ingvill believes that the Norwegian shirt will appeal to the new generation in 2014, and is expecting a huge response from the fashionable folks on the planet. The project has a funding goal of $12,000, and the project will end on August 9, 2014. The project is already open and till then, it has 67 backers and who have contributed $7,967 in total.

Coco Amo Proud Sponsor of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Coco Amo, a manufacturer of high quality natural hair care products, is extremely proud of their involvement in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, which took place in Miami on July 17th through the 21st. “Being a sponsor of Miami’s world famous swim week event was a true honor, and we are very excited about the turn out and overall energy of the event. We have some great stuff in the works here at Coco Amo, and having our name attached to a prestigious event like the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is just the beginning for the brand,” explained Coco Amo CEO Darian Braun. Now Offers Infrared Saunas at the Most Affordable Prices

LogoHolding the position of the largest seller of saunas, now offers infrared sauna at the most cost-effective prices. The company offers some of the most innovative saunas to provide multiple health benefits to clients that range from treating casual issues like body aches, to more serious ones like arthritis. These saunas are outstanding both in terms of performance and benefits. Popular brands like Laatu, Harmony, and Hanko™, are just some of the brand name examples being sold at Customers can procure infrared saunas from such as the one seater, two seater or multiple seater, depending on their choice and requirements.

New Retail Leasing and Management Group, Retail Solutions Advisors, Formed

LogoNew commercial retail and development group, Retail Solutions Advisors (RSA), is formed. RSA is a full service leasing, management and development firm in Central Florida. RSA is headed by long-term industry professional Charlie Boscarino. Mr. Boscarino, a long time retailer, spent 25 years as head of real estate with Bealls Outlet, and most recently, RMC Property Group as head of retail leasing. Other members of the RSA team include industry specialists Lynda Nagy and Jannie DelRio. RSA offers leasing and management services for shopping centers in Florida. The RSA team brings years of experience and expertise in the leasing and development of big-box retail space.

Zin Chair Is Named Ventura County's #1 Fire Pit Dealer

Summer is finally here, and a fire pit is something that many people can use. An outdoor fire pit can be used in the backyard to make guests enjoy the garden or outdoor space. Today, there are a lot of fire pits to choose from. A homeowner in Ventura County doesn’t need to build a fire pit because there are many home shops that deal with fire pits. Their popularity is on the rise especially in Ventura County. For this reason, it has become possible to find fire pits Ventura County services. A fire pit can change the look of a backyard to make it more homely and inviting. The best way to spruce up the outdoor furniture and space is to get a wine barrel fire pit.

Fashionable Maternity Wedding Dresses Now Available at, a popular supplier of wedding dresses and special occasion outfits, is now offering various kinds of high quality items on its website. Recently, the company has unveiled a new range of fashionable maternity wedding dresses. According to the company’s chief executive officer, all clients can get a discounted price (up to 40% off) when buying these new maternity wedding dresses.

Butterfly Sales Outlet Announces New Customer-Focused Website, Weekly Promotion

LogoA butterfly release serves as a dramatic and symbolic conclusion at weddings and other special events. Butterfly Sales Outlet today announced that their website has been completely redesigned and provides a host of new features and content that will help the customer plan, select and purchase butterflies for release at weddings, memorials and other special events. Butterfly Sales Outlet is owned and operated by Utterback Farms, Inc., and has been producing Monarch Butterflies for Weddings, for over 17 years. The new website is

Newest Items of Royal Wedding Dresses Offered by Wedding Dresses Supplier, one of the most popular suppliers of wedding dresses and women’s special occasion outfits, has announced its new range of royal wedding dresses recently. According to the company’s chief executive officer, all these royal wedding dresses are offered with deep discounted prices, up to 40 percent off.

Kleidmo Releases Its Latest Collection of Quinceanera Dresses for Worldwide Women

LogoKleidmo is an innovative company that provides many kinds of wedding dresses and women’s special occasion outfits. Recently, the company has released its latest collection of quinceanera dresses. According to the company’s marketing specialist, clients from all over the world can get a discounted price when buying these new items on the company’s website.

Tonarmoire's Various Kinds of Affordable Dresses for Sale

LogoTonarmoire is a well-known dress manufacturer and retailer. It has an excellent group of specialists who have been trained for several years to design the most fashionable dresses. Recently, the firm has launched a big promotion for all its beautiful products, including prom dresses, wedding dresses, cocktail gowns, bridesmaid gowns and so on. All clients can get a big discount, up to 40 percent off.

PortableOne Now Offers Affordable Custom Business Laptops

Already the most trusted name for custom laptops and desktops, PortableOne now offers affordable custom business laptops. Prominent, top-quality brands are available for purchase and then are customized to the user’s specifications. PortableOne serves the business community but also provides laptops for other markets, such as educational users, as well.

Elegant Princess Wedding Dresses from Popular Supplier is excited to announce its new collection of beautiful princess wedding dresses. It is a popular online supplier of wedding dresses and women’s special occasion gowns. Moreover, the company has announced that all these beautiful apparels are available at discounted prices, up to 40% off.

LA Furniture Store Adds Kaare Klint to Floor

LogoThe father of modern Danish furniture design may not be overseeing the work any more, but the ideas sparked by Danish genius Kaare Klint live on in the pieces on display at LA furniture store Denmark 50.

FollowMeSticker Announces New Static-Cling Brand Called AnyCling

LogoThe company has been testing the materials for several months while offering them in limited formats on their website. The new material provides more value to business owners and local organizations by allowing additional and unique placement options while maintaining vibrant colors and leaving no sticky adhesive residue. The company announced the new material as for sale on its website on July 18th, 2014.

Hop N Party Announces New Ways for Families to Beat the Sizzling Heat of August

According to The Weather Channel, August remains the hottest month in Austin, with the city's highest recorded temperature being 112 degrees in August 2011. Although one finds the city offers more than 50 public swimming pools throughout the city, a large number of families wish to find another way to beat the summer heat. Many choose to turn to water slide rentals from Hop N Party to achieve this goal as there are numerous benefits to going this route.