Consumer Electronics Press Releases

Darkrelic Entertainment Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Develop Love Eden

Beginning with Episode zero, this prelude to the other 25 episodes presents male characters who can be flirted with in other episodes.  By getting to know the habits, lifestyles, and personalities of the male characters and their inner thoughts, players gain access to certain secrets.

Darkrelic Entertainment Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Develop Love Eden

Beginning with Episode zero, this prelude to the other 25 episodes presents male characters who can be flirted with in other episodes.  By getting to know the habits, lifestyles, and personalities of the male characters and their inner thoughts, players gain access to certain secrets.

Now Send Files to Friends Anytime, Anywhere Through Air Share App

The new Air Share App helps in file transfer but is completely mobile traffic free. IT does not even require a Wi-Fi and still one to many files can be transferred within seconds. In short, a 1 Gb movie will just require 170 seconds to get transferred. The files can also be sent to multiple recipients. The transfer rate is much higher when compared to Bluetooth. One can transfer pictures, videos, music, files, software or any other files within no time by just establishing a connection with the other person to whom the data has to be sent.

AppReal-VR Makes Their Casual VR the Annual Event

LogoOne of the leading VR development companies, AppReal-VR, has announced their decision to make Casual VR Startup Contest the annual event. As it has recently been reported, the first Casual VR the company hosted in September 2016, was a huge success. It was the competition between the developers of independent software like casual games, augmented reality and virtual reality applications. The winner of the contest - Castle Wars VR game - further took part in the Casual Connect 2016, which was held in Tel-Aviv.

Sennheiser Announces the Digital 6000 Series – An Advanced Wireless Microphone System That Excels in Demanding Productions

LogoAudio specialist Sennheiser has announced a new addition to its Professional Wireless Range: The upcoming Digital 6000 Series of radio microphones will bring outstanding audio quality and rock-solid RF wireless transmission to demanding live productions. The series uses the same long-range mode and proprietary Sennheiser Digital Audio Codec as the Digital 9000, Sennheiser's top-of-the-range wireless series. Comprising a two-channel receiver in two different versions, a bodypack and a handheld transmitter as well as a rack-mount 19" charging unit, the Digital 6000 Series will be available from March 2017.

Introducing the iDockAll 2, a True One Handed Charging System

LogoSmart devices are everywhere in this world of developing technology. Smartphones alone make up over three hundred and forty million sales in just the second quarter of 2016.* With this gargantuan amount of devices floating around in the public, everyone can understand the inconvenience caused by having to plug and unplug devices with two hands, one on the charging cable and one on the device. As a result a multitude of manufactures have produced docking stations to charge devices with a bit more ease, but none of these producers have been able to produce a truly one handed docking system. This is where the iDockAll 2 fills its niche. Through practical design and material innovation the iDockAll 2 allows any user to charge any device with unprecedented ease.

Top Mobile Technology Company Says That Their Flashlight Software Is Perfect and Easy to Use

The news that the US-based Top Mobile Technology Company is offering a flashlight software may interest those who are on the look-out for such highly useful digital products. The company emphatically says that the brightest flashlight software they are offering can instantly turn the device of users into a bright flashlight.

E-Senses Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Start the Production of Helios Smart Ring, the World's First Personal Vitamin D Tracker

LogoThe health benefits of exposure to the sunlight are known to all over the years. However, a high percentage of the present population prefers spending most of their time indoors. As a result, over a billion people worldwide are now vitamin D deficient. E-Senses has recently come up with a wearable smart device that can help people deal with this problem like never before.

The Latest GSM Unlocked Phones Now Available At Leading Electronic Retailer, Worldwide Voltage

Worldwide Voltage, a leading global distributor of home electronics and electronic equipment, announces the immediate availability of a full selection of GSM unlocked phones, now available and in stock ready for immediate shipping.

The All-New Smart Mirror Software Launched

The all new Smart Mirror Software app includes many features apart from the ease of download. This mirror app has many functions such as zoom in and zoom out, selfie function, reverse function and many more. The app converts the phone screen into a mirror. It has many interesting features for selfie pictures too.

Homes Are Made Safer with New Security Systems and Monitoring from Atlanta Audio & Automation

LogoIn an age where Americans report feeling less safe with increasing frequency, a little home security is just what the doctor ordered. Making one's home safe is vital to the health and wellbeing of all the members of a household, and oftentimes the best way to do so is to install a reliable security system. A combination of cameras, motion detectors, regular locks, and alarms help to keep intruders out and maintain a secure home. Most recently, Atlanta Audio & Automation added this security component to their product offerings, bolstering a strong brand by expanding its product line. With newly added alarms, motion sensors, and security monitoring – each united under one control system; the company is primed to appeal to a wider range of customers.

The Capture Offers Durable Lighting for on-the-Go Filming

The Capture Light is an innovative new lighting solution from Exposure Lights, creators of innovative sports products that both push boundaries and raise standards. Capture is designed for those who lead an active lifestyle and like to document their adventures, even at night. This compact camera light is made from Graphene, a highly durable compound that protects the light from drops, bumps, and other damage. It is also incredibly heat-conductive, helping to keep the lights cool so that they can perform at their optimal level.

TVC Mall Now Sells Samsung and Apple Phone Accessories on Both Wholesale and Retail Basis

TVC Mall, an ecommerce store that is in itself a one-stop store for gadgets and accessories, recently announced that they are now selling both Samsung and Apple phone accessories on wholesale and retail basis. The e-store now sells accessories for iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6 and all other Apple phones as well as of Samsung and many other brands. The owners of the e-store said that selling the phone accessories on wholesale and retail basis would help them in reaching out to more customers, both the individuals as well as B2B buyers.

Carroll's Online Business Launches Website Featuring Quality Music Gear

LogoJohn Carroll is proud to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, The website offers a wide variety of music gear including car audio systems, CD players and boom boxes, DJ equipment, stereo headphones, musical instruments, PA systems, speakers, and vintage turntables. Carroll was inspired by the crucial role that music plays in so many people's lives to give us melodies that pierce through the trials of our day and help us find refreshment or capture human emotion at its finest. After learning about the possibilities of an online store, Carroll wanted to help others get the products that they would need to ensure they can have their favorite melodies surrounding them wherever they are.

Cutu Is a New Product to Protect Internet Privacy Around the World

LogoCutu recently launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to help bring its virtual private network (VPN) device to market. This portable device will enable users to connect to the internet from anywhere in the world without compromising their privacy.

Innovative New Live Stream Travel Booking App Yipp-E! Offers Exciting Way to Make Money from a Smartphone

Yipp-e! is an innovative new way to share a person's travel adventures with other people. It's a smartphone app that lets users live-stream their travel destinations to others. Available to iOS and Android device owners, the Yipp-e! app is unique in that it allows users to make money too!

BAE Audio Hot Fuzz Stompbox Inspires Touring Guitarist Nick Maybury

LogoGuitarist Nick Maybury has spent a lot of time on the road lately. The Australian-born Los Angeles native, who has worked with artists such as Perry Farrell, Scott Weiland & the Wildabouts, Michelle Branch, and Mike Posner, recently wrapped up an ambitious tour schedule for 2016. "I've done four international tours with three different artists this year alone, so yeah, I've been busy," he says. When Maybury landed back in Los Angeles for the fall, he received a call from BAE Audio's John Daniel Christiansen. "They wanted to me to come check out their new pedal called the Hot Fuzz, and I thought 'Wow, these guys who make high end studio gear made a fuzz pedal? I definitely want to check that out'." And with that Maybury grabbed a few of his favorite guitars and a trusty vintage amp and drove over to Bedrock LA studios for a test drive.

Kickstarter Campaign Launched to Fund Groundbreaking Sega Genesis Throwback 'Coffee Crisis'

LogoMega Cat Studios, an independent video game developer, has officially launched a Kickstarter campaign for 'Coffee Crisis', a groundbreaking Sega Genesis game in 16-bit, Hi-Definition glory. The Kickstarter campaign aims to garner widespread support and financial backing to market and distribute Coffee Crisis to a mass audience.

Wirebutter Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Produce an All in One Automated Powerboard

LogoImagine having one device that allows users to control all of their automated devices from their smartphones.  Wirebutter helps users streamline and manage their environment.

Introducing Coffee Crisis, a 2016 Game for the SEGA Genesis

LogoThe SEGA Genesis reached the United States market in 1989, taking the gaming world by storm. Players were enthralled by the arcade-like experience as the console fed off of the lackluster performance of the Nintendo gaming giant. The beloved console was home to the Sonic The Hedgehog series, garnering over twenty-five million sales.* Today there is still a thriving market of retro game collectors searching for the same retro feel. Coffee Crisis by Mega Cat Studios is here to provide that exact feeling. With versions available for the PC and the SEGA Genesis, both long-time retro players and newcomers to the genre will be able to enjoy the lighthearted game.

Sennheiser to Exhibit the New MB 660 Headset and Other Innovative Unified Communications Solutions at BroadSoft Connections 2016

LogoSennheiser, a leading provider of premium headsets and speakerphone solutions, announced it will be exhibiting its new MB 660 adaptive active noise cancelling (ANC) headset at the BroadSoft Connections 2016 conference, scheduled for November 13-15 in San Antonio, Texas. The company will be demonstrating its line of premium headsets and speakerphones for office and unified communications deployments at booth #34 at the show.

Y.N.G. LLC Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Produce Reveal3D

LogoA research and development company at heart, Y.N.G. LLC has created the Reveal3D and the Reveal 3D GT printers.  The features and focus behind these 3D printers allows them to stand out among the competition.  Rather than being limited by the time it takes to prep and continue prints, Reveal3D allows a seamless integration into the lives of makers and creators.

OpenHandType Showcases Its Choices for the Best Gaming Router Available in 2016

With so many of our gadgets having constant online access and the Internet of things becoming a much more realistic possibility, gamers often find themselves with a lack of bandwidth when partaking in their favorite multiplayer games. Since no one likes being deprived of the perfect kill due to lag, Peter Hall, the chief editor of OpenHandType, has published the site's premier picks for gaming routers in 2016.

Hydraulic Studio Goes Virtual with 360 Video Services

LogoHydraulic Studio has added virtual reality video to their lineup of video production services. The studio is one of the first in the region to offer this new technology for commercial applications.

Willy-Nilly Knight Is a Realtime Fantasy RPG Epic for the Ages

LogoWilly-Nilly Knight, the incredible new realtime epic fantasy RPG game from Double Dice Games, is live on Indiegogo and raising funds to bring the project to life.

New Games for PC and Mobile Devices Are Now Available at Game Apps Free Download

LogoThe gaming world never remains the same. With hundreds of new mobile and PC games and apps that keep emerging nowadays across the globe, it's often close to impossible to stay aware of all of them. To simplify the choice of users and provide them with the basic knowledge of the advanced games and the news that happen in the industry, Game Apps Free Download has offered an extensive selection of games for download and online play.

Free Download Games Has Enriched the List of Online Games

LogoFree Download Games has reported their decision to enrich the list of web-based and downloadable games available at the website. The service, which always focuses on the needs and requirements of their customers, has decided to keep adding new games to the catalogue on a regular basis to make their users satisfied and pleased with a wide assortment of games they may choose from any time of the day.