Consumer Electronics Press Releases

Sennheiser Audio Technology to Power Revolution Exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

LogoTechnology from audio specialist Sennheiser will help deliver an immersive audio experience for visitors to the upcoming Revolution exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA). The exhibition, which originated at the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) in London, looks at the social fabric of the late 1960s — the pivotal period when youth culture initiated a new sense of identity, solidarity and idealism, bringing people together to question established power structures. Like the V&A, the MMFA employs Sennheiser's AMBEO immersive 3D audio technology and guidePORT audio guide system to deliver a fascinating museum experience and bring the spirit of that era back to life with an unforgettable soundscape.

New Night Hawk Mirror Dashcam with Super Night Vision and Co-Pilot Warning Technology Prevents Accidents Too

LogoEye On Road, an innovator of recording and accident prevention devices, is introducing the Night Hawk Mirror Dashcam with Super Night Vision, 1296 P recording, and Co-Pilot Warning Technology to help prevent accidents.

New Powersoft Armonia v2.10 Changes the Concept of Sound System Alignment

LogoPowersoft [InfoComm booth 5871] has announced the release of its latest Armonia Pro Audio Suite™ software version. This release brings an innovative and interactive tuning feature that not only improves the process of measuring and aligning a sound system – but enables the user to work without noise in the immediate surrounding environment.

Stereocap Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Its Futuristic Headphones

LogoStereocap are the world's first customizable headphones that are specially designed to be worn with caps. Patented in Paris, the headphones take technological advancement and style to a whole new level and are being offered endless options and possibilities. The company has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to back Stereocap Headphones and is offering these headphones as a reward to the pledges made by the supporters worldwide.

Shenzhen Startup Allows Consumers to Join the Factory Production Process

LogoEntrepreneurs and business owners, who source their products from China, know how difficult it is to acquire goods at low quantity. When sourcing smartphone cases, factories often require a minimum order of 10,000 pieces or more. A new startup in Shenzhen believes it can solve this real-life problem and reduce the order amount to just 1 piece.

SANDMARC Releases New iPhone Camera Filters to Help Users Take Stunning Photographs

LogoThe SANDMARC mobile camera accessory brand is bringing its high-quality photographic products to the iPhone. As convenient as the iPhone camera is for users, it lacks the full capabilities of DSLR cameras. With the new filters from SANDMARC, the iPhone can come just a bit closer.

BLOODY Unveils New Products and Technology at E3

LogoBloody unveils 5K RGB gaming mice, RGB mouse pad, M.O.C.I. (Mo-see) tech and the newest version of our award-winning Light Strike technology. LK Libra is the latest in mechanical keyboard switches. The M.O.C.I tech brings clear, dynamic sound to audiophiles and gamer's alike.

BLOODY Unveils New Products and Technology at E3

LogoBloody unveils 5K RGB gaming mice, RGB mouse pad, M.O.C.I. (Mo-see) tech and the newest version of our award-winning Light Strike technology. LK Libra is the latest in mechanical keyboard switches. The M.O.C.I tech brings clear, dynamic sound to audiophiles and gamer's alike.

Protective Phone Case Is the World's Most Powerful Charging Case for the iPhone

LogoTechnology startup XON has released the world's most powerful battery charging case for the iPhone. Perfect for charging an iPhone when travelling or away from home, the XON PowerCase has a built-in 8200 mAh battery. That means it is three times more powerful than similar products and increases the charge of an iPhone by up to 400 percent. The XON PowerCase also protects the phone from damage and has a USB port for charging other devices simultaneously.

Haiyu: The Ultimate Translator Launches Indiegogo Campaign

LogoHaiyu has been launched by Haiyu Technology as the world's first smart and portable translation device to construct bridges between different cultures. The highly accurate device can translate more than 20 languages at a time with natural sentences that feel like a part of everyday conversation. The intelligently created translator will play a major role in bridging the cultural gaps between people of diverse backgrounds and will truly make this world a global village.

How to Run Faster with the Perfect Method Coaching Techniques

LogoThere is a proven method to help coaches, parents, competitive athletes and casual runners improve their times and run faster. The Perfect Method integrates beneficial habits on and off the track. Nutrition and the mental edge required to perform under pressure are instrumental alongside the physical readiness and training techniques. The program requires commitment as running faster does not happen quickly. Every athlete needs to trust in the process and measure their improvement over time.

Vichitra Games Launches Mrityu - The Terrifying Maze for Android and iOS

LogoVichitra Games, the critically acclaimed game development studio launches Mrityu - The Terrifying maze for Android and iOS.

Sennheiser to Demonstrate a Range of Innovative Business Audio Solutions at Trade Events Through August

LogoSennheiser, a leading provider of premium headset and conferencing solutions, announces it will demonstrate its full line of high performance products at a roster of major US trade events throughout the spring and summer of 2017. The 70-year-old provider of sophisticated audio technology will exhibit its full portfolio of professional business-grade solutions at these events, which include the NECC Forum, Cisco Live!, InfoComm, Call Center Week, and Microsoft Inspire. Sennheiser offers advanced headsets for modern UC (unified communications) workspaces and contact centers, plus portable, plug-and-play audio conferencing equipment designed for spaces ranging from small huddle rooms up to boardroom conferencing settings.

Sennheiser Presents "Sennheiser for Business" Portfolio at InfoComm 2017

LogoAt InfoComm 2017 (June 14-16, Orlando, Florida), Sennheiser will showcase its comprehensive range of dedicated business products. For the first time at a US event of this kind, the audio specialist will be presenting the new TeamConnect Wireless Tray-M Set, a more compact configuration of the innovative wireless conferencing solution for up to 12 participants, as well as the SpeechLine Boundary 114 S DW microphone – a new wireless addition to the SpeechLine family. Sennheiser will also present two themed areas allowing visitors to explore its range of solutions for Education and for Houses of Worship.

Cell Phone Radiation Scandal: More Exposure Than Manufacturers Claim French Government Data Finds 9 out of 10 Phones Tested Exceed Regulatory Limits

Under court order, the National Frequency Agency (ANFR) of France has just disclosed that most cell phones exceed government radiation limits when tested the way they are used, next to the body. Manufacturers are not required to test phones in shirt or pants pockets. French government tests on hundreds of cell phones reveal that in 2015, 9 out of 10 phones exceed the manufacturer's reported radiation test levels when re-tested in positions where the phone is in contact with the body. The government had refused to disclose these test results until French physician Dr. Marc Arazi pursued legal action.

Keeping It Keane in 1066 Country

LogoKeane hit the UK music scene in 2004, leaving an indelible imprint with those who wanted to go "Somewhere Only We Know". Coming from the heartland of 1066 Country, the band are now also leaving a footprint through the towns of Battle, Bexhill and Hastings, with a series of three Geotourist walking tours.

Veterans 360 Inc. Launches the First Transition Support Smartphone Application

LogoVeterans 360 has launched T-Rapp, a veteran centric smartphone application (Android/iOS) designed to connect today's young veterans to the information and support that they need, when and how they need it.

Gift Card Project Launches New Android App

The Gift Card Project - an idea, movement and national effort meant to encourage others to bring together the homeless and those who help them - has launched an Android app devoted to helping feed the homeless. It can be downloaded in the Google Play Store at

BG Radia Last Remaining Inventory Up for Sale for Marked Down Prices

BG Radia is recognized as one of the leading developers, architectural and audiophile speakers, known for their patented planar ribbon technology behind finest loudspeakers which resulted in an array of high quality professional and residential speakers. BG Radia was known for innovation and development of speakers which led the company to become one of the leaders in their respective industry. However, since going out of business 7 years ago, BG Radia speakers are now considered as treasures, since they are not available for sale. is one of the last places which is offering the last remaining inventory, new in the box, BG Radia architectural speakers for up to 80% discount from original prices.

Major Canadian Study Finds Cell Phone Use Significantly Increases Risk for Brain Cancer

A new report published this week in American Journal of Epidemiology confirms that Canadians who have used cellphones for 558 hours or more have more than a doubled risk of brain cancer. These important findings strengthen the association between cell phone use and glioma, which is an aggressive brain cancer.

Now, High Quality Phone Repair Tools and Parts Are Available at Reasonable Costs

Good news for those who are looking for a provider of a comprehensive range of phone repair tools and parts. The company, Electron Parts, offers a complete range of cell phone spare parts, iPad repair parts, spare parts for LCD Refurbishment Machines, spare parts For Apple, Cell phone repair Tools including iPhone repair tools, Mobile Phone Accessories, Spare Parts For Samsung LCD Refurbish Machines, spare parts for other mobiles, spare parts For HuaWei and MAC repair parts. Since they have put in place appropriate e-commerce systems, customers can easily buy the items they require online.

Powersoft at InfoComm 2017: Quattrocanali, Armonia v2.10, New OEM Modules, DEVA App, RU Credited Training Sessions and More

LogoPowersoft [Booth 5871], a leading manufacturer of cutting edge power amplification technology, will demonstrate several of its exciting technologies for Installation and OEM applications at InfoComm 2017, including the United States debut of the company's brand new Quattrocanali amplifier platforms for installation and MiniMod 4 and LiteMod 4HC modules.

Best MSI Gaming Laptops in Dubai from

MikenSmith, the one stop store for all things gadget, offers a wide range of gaming laptops and MSI laptops for gaming lovers. For those who are looking for the perfect gaming laptop, this is the right place to be.

Naughty Pudding Launches Crowdfunding for the Revolutionary Ditto Case for iPhone

LogoEveryone with an iPhone case never expects their case to change at any time, let alone several times per day. But that's exactly what consumers can expect from the Ditto Case.

Naughty Pudding Launches Crowdfunding for the Revolutionary Ditto Case for iPhone

LogoEveryone with an iPhone case never expects their case to change at any time, let alone several times per day. But that's exactly what consumers can expect from the Ditto Case.