Consumer Electronics Press Releases Announces Their Eagerness in Promoting Privacy Within the Realm of Social Networking is the newest addition to the social media family and it has been dominating the social platforms as it greatly announces their every intention of providing privacy to their users with their newest social sharing application. The developers or minds behind Bebler private social network believes on user privacy and they have been using this belief to connect their users with their closest friends, relatives and family without being interfered by third party characters.

Magnetic iPhone Earbud Organizer Crowdfunding Campaign Has Been Launched

Anyone who has a portable music player or a cell phone is also well acquainted with the problem of tangled headphones that take ages to untangle and are always a hassle. Magnet Connect, LLC, a company that employs the power of magnets to provide innovative and easy to use gadgets to resolve everyday problems. The company has recently set up a crowdfunding campaign for their newest product: GO CLIP. Releases KiK App for All Devices, a premier site that offers complete information about all the newly launched streaming apps has recently announced the release of KiK for all devices. According to the information provided at the site, Kik is probably one of the most popular applications currently available for streaming. According to the information provided at the site, this particular application also allows the users to send messages and chat to people in their contacts for free by using their phone's internet connection.

Global Baby Scales Market 2015 Size, Demand, Trends, Growth and Analysis to 2019

LogoThe research report on Global Baby Scales Industry 2015 presents an analytical study of the global Baby Scales market, including a detailed analysis of the present and historical performances of the Baby Scales market in globally. The competitive landscape of the Baby Scales industry is also evaluated in this research study.

FTW Is an Instant Community That Connects Users to Like-Minded Gamers Through Their Favorite Video Games

LogoFTW, the revolutionary new app instantly connects users to like-minded gamers through their favorite games, is now live on Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

FTW Is an Instant Community That Connects Users to Like-Minded Gamers Through Their Favorite Video Games

LogoFTW, the revolutionary new app instantly connects users to like-minded gamers through their favorite games, is now live on Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Choose OnZ Wireless to Expand a Wireless Customer Base

Located in Philadelphia, PA, OnZ Wireless Inc. is a leading importer and distributor of wireless accessories wholesale. Offering the most recently released and cutting edge products from the finest manufacturers, OnZ Wireless Inc. is honored to provide exceptional service to its expanding customer base. Mutually beneficial customer relationships founded on OnZ Wireless' total supply chain management, fulfillment and logistic programs, is why the company is any retailer's most ideal wireless accessory distributor. OnZ Wireless Inc.'s distributional coordination, planning, and overall expertise satisfies the expectations of the business-to-business, business-to-customer, and e-commerce markets.

iDR Studio Upgrades iPhone Data Recovery to Support iOS 9.3

iDR Studio upgrades iPhone Data Recovery to support iOS 9.3. With the latest iPhone Data Recovery, you can scan and recover deleted data from iPhone, iPad running iOS 9.3 and the backup files from iTunes and iCloud.

Creator of MuMu Instant Messenger App Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoThe creator of MuMu Instant Messenger, the first app designed for writers and role players, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the development and marketing of the program.

New Released FlipHTML5 iOS App Enables Awesome Digital Reading

LogoWith most people on a spree to buy the latest iPhones and iPads, an option to read digital publications on such devices anytime anywhere is a sort of luxury that many like to avail. FlipHTML5, one of the popular digital publishing platforms has now released its new iOS app that enables a flipbook reader to do the same effortlessly. With a modest size of 1.1 MB, the newly released native iOS app is not too bulky and has an appealing user interface. It works perfectly on iOS 5.0 and higher versions. Moreover, apart from iPhone and iPad, this app is compatible with iPod touch even.

Nextflipbook Announces Flipbook Maker for Creating Page Turning Digital Books

LogoNext FlipBook Maker helps users convert PDF digital books to Flash/HTML5 flipbooks with realistic page turning effect and multimedia. Launches Their Official Website launched their official website in order to offer a wide selection of mobile phone signal boosters to all residents of New Zealand. The company is inviting everyone to visit their website today to know more about the products they sell.

Selling an iPhone - Westchester County Business Is Buying Now

iFix iBuy has announced they are purchasing all late model Apple iPhones via their website. The service was designed to compete with the online websites that purchase phones and then mail payments out to sellers.

Global Snake Robots Market 2015 with Worldwide Industry Size, Trends, Growth, Analysis to 2019

Logo9D Research Group has recently announced the addition of new report "Snake Robots Market 2015 - Global Industry Size, Trends, Growth, Share, Opportunities and Forecast by 2019" to their offering.

The Future of Computer Gaming Involves Winning Cash

LogoThe video gaming world has become a medium to watch not just because it has overtaken Hollywood in sales, but also due to the constant innovations that continue to generate new forms of engagement. out of Detroit Michigan is driving forward the next stage in video games. Players of the immensely popular game, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, a first person shooter with an estimated 27 million players, are now able to compete against each other for cash in real-time at

Remedy for Anxious Pets Hidden in SmartPhones

It may be hard to believe, but an effective cure for pet separation anxiety lies hidden in SmartPhones. No longer will pet dog and cat owners have to leave their indoor pets home alone, living in stress and anxiety, while the owners put in long hours at the office.

Main Line Taxi Launches on-Demand Ride-Hailing App

Over the past few years, ride-hailing apps have become increasingly popular for passengers who enjoy the convenience of hailing a car service in Malvern from their cell phones. However, concerns have cropped up about the safety of some popular ride-hailing apps, citing erratic driver behavior and lack of insurance, among others. Main Line Taxi, based in the Philadelphia area, offers a convenient solution in the form of their proprietary app, recently released. Their app offers the simplicity of hailing cabs and reserving rides from passengers' smartphones combined with the reputation of a world-class transportation company.

Antelife Now Offers High Quality Smartphones for Sale

LogoElectronic devices have already become a significant part of human life. They are always at hand ready to be used round-the-clock. This especially concerns smartphones. Realizing the important role these devices play in everyday life of people across the globe, Antelife has decided to offer them for sale at reasonable prices.

Dnurse Get the First CE Approval for Smart Glucose Meter - Now Available for Windows Phone

LogoDnurse Glucose Meter and Dnurse app have gained CE approval, which is the first CE approval of smart glucose meter in China. CE (European Conformity) has become a mandatory conformity for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA) since 1985. CE approval declares that the quality of certain products meets EU standard. Besides, Dnurse app is now open to Windows Phone for free.

World's Fastest Note Taking App Launched

Available on Google Play, JotBlue is the fastest organized note taking application available today. The intuitive app is easy to use and will quickly become everyone's favorite application for recording quick notes to themselves. To keep busy lives organized and under control, everyone can benefit greatly from a fast, easy-to-use and efficient note taking system. Revives the Joy of Playing Neopets by Offering Promo Codes, the leading supplier of Neopets (buy unconverted Neopets such as Darigans, Faeries, Plushies, Greys, Maraquans, Sponges, Royals, and Tyrannians), Neopoints, and Neopet items (Avatar items, Battledome weapons, draik eggs or potions, paint brushes, pet pets, stamps, and stat increasers), reveals that they want to revive the joy of playing Neopets. In connection with this, proudly presents a promo code that will allow the users to save up to 15 % on the purchases that will be done in the entire month of May.

Metal Warrior Published on Steam Greenlight Super Addictive Combat Racing Experience

In the face of an almightily alien robot the player will need just a bit more than a pair of exceptional weapons––they need speed. The Metal Warrior game comes with a completely different solution to the issue of creating games that are both engaging and adaptive. Or stylish and difficult. This game has blended the fury of a racing experience with the ferocity of a shooting spree. It's fast, yet it gives the player a hard time building their way up. It provides the player with armors, energy beams and lightning rays, yet its robots are ruthless.

LED Light Nerd Debuts with LED Bulb Reviews to Aid Consumers to Make Informed Choices

The site provides consumers with an LED bulb review for each type of LED bulbs and light bars, flashlights, work and grow lights. Reviews are offered about specific bulbs, their advantages and optimal usage. LED lights are being incorporated for use in everything from vehicle headlights and motion sensor security systems to lighting in manufacturing plants, but can be confusing to consumers.

Catloaf Software Releases Texts from Trump for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

Catloaf Software, a seasoned developer of educational mobile applications, has released their latest opus in the series of Texts From quote apps, Texts From Trump. This Apple exclusive app is now available on the App Store as a free download.

Advertise Businesses Across Multiple Mobile Channels with Bulk Campaign Manager – Airtxt from mGage

mGage, a leading provider of SMS marketing solutions, is now providing their Bulk Campaign Manager – Airtxt to manage and track high volume campaigns through a detailed dashboard. This campaign management portal helps business owners plan and implement their SMS marketing strategies effectively. Whether it's engaging customers, stakeholders or potential clients, mGage's bulk SMS gateway helps customers power mobile engagement programs across multiple channels. Their bulk campaign management portal (Airtxt) helps manage and track high volume campaigns through a detailed dashboard. This SMS platform assists business owners in advertising their business globally. Those who wish to advertise their business can count on the company for impeccable SMS marketing services.

WorldSIM Launches a New Travel SIM Card That Ends Roaming Charges for Travelers Globally

LogoWorldSIM has made roaming charges within the EU on average 20% cheaper than the EU regulated rate. What's really impressive is that WorldSIM offers travellers going further afield very low rates as well. From the UAE and Israel, calling back to the UK is only £0.25 per min. In North America rates are as low as £0.15 per minute. Calls from Asia start from as low as 20p. That's not all, data rates are equally cheap starting at £0.1 per MB. Incoming calls are free in 95 of the most popular destinations.

Shenzhen Yichuangfeng Power Adapter Co,. Ltd. Offers All Kinds of Power Adapters Worldwide

LogoShenzhen Yichuangfeng Co,.Ltd is a supplier of power supplies, power adapters, wall chargers, switching power supplies and more that ships its low-cost, high-quality products worldwide.