Consumer Electronics Press Releases Redesigned and Optimized for Better Price Comparison today announced the release of its new design and user interface. The site helps the customers in comparing the prices of various products online and figure out the best deal.

New Penlights Meet Osha Standards for Intrinsically Safe Flashlight

A number of industries and jobs are rated hazardous by the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). In these situations, the job has an inherent risk for harm if the hazardous environment isn’t well controlled. Management is challenged therefore to identify intrinsically safe equipment as it is defined by OSHA that promotes the safety and security of everyone on the job site and the site itself. This, of course, includes dependable lighting. Nightstick®, a leading innovator in superior-grade portable lighting solutions, introduces the XPP-5410G and XPP-5412G Intrinsically Safe Penlights. Looks to Raise $150,000 via Indiegogo for the Launch of a NEW Social Video Network

LogoOogor is a FREE to use Social Video Network platform that allows its users to have full control of their video feed. It has reached over 27,000 views (and growing) on YouTube.

Cheap ESO Gold Open Sales on

Players who pre-ordered The Elder Scrolls Online classic or digital version can login the game in advance this week., one of the most reliable game currency exchange websites opens sales of ESO gold now. There are also lots of price comparison websites on which players can get the cheapest and safest elder scrolls gold sellers.

Mamabear Posts Blog Highlighting Tips for Spring Break Safety

LogoIt’s that time of year when some families take a break from the everyday by traveling somewhere warm for a week of family down time and fun. For other families, spring break may mean mom and dad work while the kids stay home. Regardless of whether families hit the beach or stay home during, spring break is a departure from the regular schedule, creating a need to stay connected.

Spy Phone Software - Android and Blackberry Server Edition

Professional Mobile Phone Spy Software has been made available for both Android and Blackberry platforms allowing a wider range of smartphone users to benefit from the all the features that users may need to spy on someone on a remote GSM mobile phone, the features can be used to keep watch on a loved one, to ensure their safety or keep a watchful eye for important information. Previously availed for Android only, the creators of the Professional Mobile Phone Spy Software have recently launched a BlackBerry version which will allow both the platform users to use the simple, yet extremely powerful and effective software which allows them to stay notified about a target user and track a GSM phone’s usage.

Jim OBrien Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Funds for the Making of His New App 'Man Medals' (As Seen on Shark Tank)

LogoJim wants to create an app that allows people to take a picture of something funny their man has done and turn it into a medal that they can share.

Say Thanks Studios Releases 'Flappy Bears - Mr. Clumsy Flyer' Mobile App to Rave Reviews

It takes a lot to set a mobile app apart from the crowd, but developers Say Thanks Studios have done just that with the debut of their latest release, “Flappy Bears – Mr. Clumsy” at the iTunes store. The game takes the “Flappy” concept and runs with it providing exciting and addictive experience gamers are having a hard time putting down.

Workz Media Increases Card Printing Capacity Through Investment in Technology

Workz Media increases card printing capacity through investment in technology and understands the need to differentiate them from the competition. Their dedicated team of professionals owns experience in printing, and works with the clients to return them maximum results at competitive rates.

Last Chance to Get Powerful Leawo Free iPhone Data Recovery Software

LogoLeawo Software Co., Ltd., a professional solution provider for multimedia conversions, Blu-ray/DVD conversions, data transfers and recoveries of iOS devices, officially unveiled the cooperation with Sharewareonsale today. One of its best-selling products, Leawo iPhone Data Recovery, will be given away and on sale from the 28th of March to the last minute of 1st of April. People can refer to the promotion page on Sharewareonsale to get details.

iPhone 6 Release, Specs & Design - Revealed by

Apple is producing one of the most exclusive and demanded smartphones of all times these days. Known as the ‘iPhone’, the smartphone is being used by millions of people worldwide at the moment. Until now, five generations of the iPhone has been made and released for people who are fond of using it. A new iPhone is released every couple of months and that is exactly what is going to happen soon.

Total Jerkface Happy Wheels Demo Launch

Total Jerkface happy wheels is a website launched in 2005 by Jim Bonacci. The site is known for being the host of the very popular Flash game, Happy Wheels, which is the site's main focus (as can be seen by the home page's content). The current version of the site, along with Happy Wheels, was launched in May of 2010 along with their own slogan "Home of Happy Wheels", with Jim Bonacci, Jason Schymick and Caroline Pham being the only editors. Since then, Jim has hired multiple people to work on the site such as Adura, maverfax, Ben Haynes and Jack Zankowski. Total Jerkface has a large user base and is one of the Top 11,250 Alexa-ranked sites, which is evident in its forum posts and in the User Level Browser of Happy Wheels. A Total Jerkface account is required to publish a level, rate levels, save replays, post replies on news posts, and was also required to post in the forums.

On March 25, The Crusade Versus Death Itself Starts when Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Charges Forth to Challenge Windows and Mac Gamers Around the Globe

LogoIn Reaper of Souls, the 5 initial heroes from Diablo III-- Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor, and Wizard-- are signed up with by a brand-new champion: the Crusader. Dressed browse through toe in battle-scarred shield, the Crusader is an unstoppable pressure of righteous devastation who stations the power of magnificent wrath to go to retribution upon his unholy quarry.

Bug and Glitch Free 3ds Emulator with Minimal Hardware Requirements

The gaming world went into a frenzy with the introduction of the 3ds emulator. It has been the ultimate discovery to the gaming world when they were told that a new gaming tool would enable every individual even without a 3d gaming station to be able to play them in their windows PC or MAC. The software is available for download from the website 3ds-emulator.

Shea McGrath Photography Announces Strategic Alliance with International Bridal Hairstylist

LogoShea McGrath Photography and Cole Lasher Bridal Hairstylist and Makeup Artist announced a strategic alliance together in the wedding industry. Shea McGrath Photography is growing quickly and developing a reputation as an intuitive and kinesthetic photographic artist. Cole Lasher, a licensed cosmetologist, is a hair stylist, makeup artist, and model from Los Angeles, CA. Both artists combined their talents to assist brides and grooms celebrating the most important day of their lives. McGrath and Lasher share a common passion about capturing real moments. Lasher uses cosmetics and presentation to share the best of the photographic subjects without having them look exaggerated. McGrath avoids obviously posed photographs, striving to reveal the natural beauty of her subjects.

Recent Study: Consumer Electronics in the United Arab Emirates

LogoStrong economic growth in the region and the UAE as well as increasing flows of tourists drove strong growth in consumer electronics. Growth was strong among most of the biggest volume and value sales drivers in computers, imaging devices, smartphones and digital televisions. Growing incomes and consumer demand for mid- to high-end products limited average unit price declines despite the rising presence of low cost products in key growth categories like tablets and smartphones.

Online Printing Expert 4OVER4.COM Lists 10 Reasons to Consider Bumper Stickers 'Awesome'

LogoDigital and offset printing leading company 4OVER4.COM posted a new article listing 10 reasons for bumper stickers are still favorites as custom printing options. Stickers are highly customizable and ideal to display owner’s beliefs or sense of humor.

Like-New Used Sprint and Verizon Cell Phones for Sale on has new inventory of used Sprint cell phones for sale that will help people save significant money on buying cell phones without service contracts. The company also is offering a large range of pre-owned Verizon cell phones at great low prices. The new collection of used Sprint phones consists of no-contract cell phones, in excellent condition.

Brand New Smart Phones Available on is offering some brand new unlocked cell phones, still in the box, for less than the cost of most used no-contract phones on the website. These dual sim quad-band world cell phones are suitable for use on AT&T, T-Mobile, Tracfone, or other GSM carriers. Because they are not compatible with CDMA carriers they cannot be used by Verizon or Sprint customers.

Dragon Crush Indiegogo Campaign Gains Momentum with Free Download

LogoSetting the bar even higher for role-playing games (RPG) Jim Pierce, creator of the highly addictive mobile game 3D Sudoku, reports substantial progress on his latest creation called Dragon Crush: Crush Or Be Crushed. The 3D Casual RPG is now in Sprint 3 of 12 total which will include a foundational working game with highly animated 3D models of the RPG Classic version of 2D Dragon Crush. Now in the crowdfunding stage Pierce offers a free download of the Classic 2D version of the game to supporters on Indiegogo.

Plastic Card Company Presents Info About Promotional Artwork

LogoPlastic Card City recently posted an informative blog about the types of promotional artwork frequently used on gift cards. Many business owners realize the power of issuing customized gift cards to brand and promote their companies.

Amazing Video Game Collection Is Now Being Offered on eBay

LogoThe entertainment industry has witnessed the release of many video game systems, games, and accessories in the past several decades. Today, Cisco Caceres, a software developer from Seattle, Washington, is auctioning off his amazing video game collection containing over 1,200 items on eBay.

America Unlocks Announces Apple Approved AT&T iPhone Unlocking for Use with Other Networks

AT&T offer a great deal on iPhone packages but their network rates are not nearly so attractive. For many people to get an iPhone they feel the need to go with AT&T but then don’t feel they are getting the best deal when they come to use the phone. Previously, unlocking AT&T iPhones for use with other networks has been something of a black market procedure. However Apple have authorised the use of official IMEI codes to release the phone from network limitations so people that have secured their iPhone can go on to use it with another network and save more money on their calls, texts and data, and America Unlocks is an official provider of the service.

World of Tanks Cheats 2014 Turns User Friendlier and Cheaper

The World of Tanks Cheats have single handedly become one of the most played video games by the year 2014. The game has its attraction in its real life war weapons and tanks. Research has already indicated that gamers get a higher kick out of playing with war artillery and tanks that is taken from real life army weapons than those that are made up.

Market Report, "Consumer Electronics in Russia", Published

LogoThe development of consumer electronics during 2011-2013 in Russia can be divided into two stages. The first is the industry fully recovering after the economic crisis in 2011. During this period, consumer electronics recovered and even exceeded pre-crisis volume and value sales levels. Many Russian consumers felt more confident about their financial stability and were willing to spend more on big ticket items such as televisions, computers and mobile phones. Growth in disposable income...

Oman Consumer Electronics Report Q2 2014 - New Market Research Report

LogoThe relatively small size of the domestic market limits the potential of the Omani market, but nonetheless vendors have continued to be attracted by the opportunities presented by wealthy and technologically literate consumers. Vendors have reported strong revenue growth in Oman, fuelled by new technologies and products and retail channel expansion. Demand for smartphones, tablets and smart TVs has been particularly strong due to declining prices as competition between vendors intensifies. While the overall outlook is positive, there is downside risk posed by the potential for credit tightening and regional property slump, which may see some slowdown in the rate of sales as household curtail spending. Headline Expenditure Projections

"Home Audio and Cinema in Thailand" Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoHome audio and cinema in Thailand saw volume growth outweigh retail value growth in 2013. The most active category was digital media player docks, which enjoyed the highest retail value and volume growth. The popularity of smartphones, tablets and digital gadgets were crucial factors driving consumer demand for smaller home audio and cinema players such as digital media player docks. The rising number of condominiums and town homes pushed consumer demand away from large sets of home cinema and...