Consumer Electronics Press Releases

Indonesia Consumer Electronics Report Q2 2014 - New Market Research Report

Indonesia's underlying economic growth story will be supportive of consumer electronics market expansion over the medium term and make it a regional outperformer during our forecast period to 2018. Additional trends will support growth, for instance investment by telecoms operators in wireline and wireless data networks and the declining price of devices in key categories such as tablets and smartphones due to competition between local and Chinese vendors in the Android ecosystem. This trend should see rapidly rising penetration in key product categories. Overall market growth will see the market reach US $16.6bn in 2018, representing a compound annual growth rate of 8.5%. However, there is downside risk to this bullish outlook, with the depreciation of the rupiah and shifting global sentiment to emerging markets in early 2014 potentially disruptive to the existing growth trajectory.

"Kuwait Consumer Electronics Report Q2 2014" Is Now Available at Fast Market Research

Strong private consumption levels, plus access to the latest technologies offer promise in the Kuwaiti market. Kuwait also has a relatively high GDP per capita, mainly fuelled by its hydrocarbon resources. However, its small population means it has smaller sales than other countries in the region.

Brand New Smart Phones Available on is offering some brand new unlocked cell phones, still in the box, for less than the cost of most used no-contract phones on the website. These dual sim quad-band world cell phones are suitable for use on AT&T, T-Mobile, Tracfone, or other GSM carriers. Because they are not compatible with CDMA carriers they cannot be used by Verizon or Sprint customers.

Dragon Crush Indiegogo Campaign Gains Momentum with Free Download

LogoSetting the bar even higher for role-playing games (RPG) Jim Pierce, creator of the highly addictive mobile game 3D Sudoku, reports substantial progress on his latest creation called Dragon Crush: Crush Or Be Crushed. The 3D Casual RPG is now in Sprint 3 of 12 total which will include a foundational working game with highly animated 3D models of the RPG Classic version of 2D Dragon Crush. Now in the crowdfunding stage Pierce offers a free download of the Classic 2D version of the game to supporters on Indiegogo.

Plastic Card Company Presents Info About Promotional Artwork

LogoPlastic Card City recently posted an informative blog about the types of promotional artwork frequently used on gift cards. Many business owners realize the power of issuing customized gift cards to brand and promote their companies.

Amazing Video Game Collection Is Now Being Offered on eBay

LogoThe entertainment industry has witnessed the release of many video game systems, games, and accessories in the past several decades. Today, Cisco Caceres, a software developer from Seattle, Washington, is auctioning off his amazing video game collection containing over 1,200 items on eBay.

America Unlocks Announces Apple Approved AT&T iPhone Unlocking for Use with Other Networks

AT&T offer a great deal on iPhone packages but their network rates are not nearly so attractive. For many people to get an iPhone they feel the need to go with AT&T but then don’t feel they are getting the best deal when they come to use the phone. Previously, unlocking AT&T iPhones for use with other networks has been something of a black market procedure. However Apple have authorised the use of official IMEI codes to release the phone from network limitations so people that have secured their iPhone can go on to use it with another network and save more money on their calls, texts and data, and America Unlocks is an official provider of the service.

World of Tanks Cheats 2014 Turns User Friendlier and Cheaper

The World of Tanks Cheats have single handedly become one of the most played video games by the year 2014. The game has its attraction in its real life war weapons and tanks. Research has already indicated that gamers get a higher kick out of playing with war artillery and tanks that is taken from real life army weapons than those that are made up.

Market Report, "Consumer Electronics in Russia", Published

LogoThe development of consumer electronics during 2011-2013 in Russia can be divided into two stages. The first is the industry fully recovering after the economic crisis in 2011. During this period, consumer electronics recovered and even exceeded pre-crisis volume and value sales levels. Many Russian consumers felt more confident about their financial stability and were willing to spend more on big ticket items such as televisions, computers and mobile phones. Growth in disposable income...

Oman Consumer Electronics Report Q2 2014 - New Market Research Report

LogoThe relatively small size of the domestic market limits the potential of the Omani market, but nonetheless vendors have continued to be attracted by the opportunities presented by wealthy and technologically literate consumers. Vendors have reported strong revenue growth in Oman, fuelled by new technologies and products and retail channel expansion. Demand for smartphones, tablets and smart TVs has been particularly strong due to declining prices as competition between vendors intensifies. While the overall outlook is positive, there is downside risk posed by the potential for credit tightening and regional property slump, which may see some slowdown in the rate of sales as household curtail spending. Headline Expenditure Projections

"Home Audio and Cinema in Thailand" Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoHome audio and cinema in Thailand saw volume growth outweigh retail value growth in 2013. The most active category was digital media player docks, which enjoyed the highest retail value and volume growth. The popularity of smartphones, tablets and digital gadgets were crucial factors driving consumer demand for smaller home audio and cinema players such as digital media player docks. The rising number of condominiums and town homes pushed consumer demand away from large sets of home cinema and...

Kingdom Hearts 3 Beta Download Offers Trial Period of 30 Days

There is a new online game that will catch the interest of online gamers, called Kingdom Hearts. It is still on its beta phase of development and those who want to get a taste of the game can get the Kingdom Hearts 3 Beta download. This will give them the opportunity to see how the game goes and feel the excitement and thrills as they go through every phase of the game.

My Little Pony Games Announces Opening for Kid-Friendly Website

A new online game website has opened recently. This game website is designed for little kids, particularly girls and the name of the website is My Little Pony Games. This game website is a take-off from the very popular My Little Pony series of toy line. These particular toys are very popular and have helped generations of children grow up.

Tech Support USA: Convenient Online Computer Repair for Everyone

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Those who are accustomed towards playing FIFA football games on their PC or other consoles must be well aware of the FIFA coins. These coins are the best option available to the gamers if they wish to improve their squad and buy new players. When the squad comprises of high performing players, chances of winning tournaments increase to a great extent. is an online professional trader of FUT 14 coins, FIFA iOS coins, FIFA Xbox coins and more. The company employs a professional service team for offering the clients with a safe and convenient service at all times. They have been part of this business for quite a long period of time and guarantee a reliable and trustworthy service to the clients.

Now Easily Recover Accidentally Deleted Photos from iPhone

Here's an good news for all the iOS device users. Now, iPhone image recovery software can easily recovers accidentally deleted photos from iPhone.

ACUI Automotive Looks to Raise Funds via Indiegogo to Complete the Development of Advanced Car User Interface (ACUI)

LogoACUI was born a few months ago from Andrea Farid Marsili’s disappointment due to the absence of a good application for everyone who use their tablets or their Android Smartphone as a media center on their cars. Armed with enthusiasm and patience, he then started developing an application which would satisfy people’s needs in regards of aesthetics and functionality while trying to reduce interaction with standard Android GUI and use of external applications to a minimum. Following various forums, Andrea then noticed that there isn’t a real Android based device with a good hardware and designed specifically to be installed on a automobile.

The Alterations API of the New Elder Scrolls Online Affecting UI Modes; There Is the Posting of an AMA

The modifications of The Elder Scrolls series have long been a contest that is made in the heaven of the gamer. However, the latest API alterations of ZeniMax to The Elder Scrolls Online do have the imaginary modding of MMO while the community is gaining in arms. To the point, the new edition of the API gets rid of the ability to track the doings of the others on the avatar. The players can figure out the diverse effects. However, the players are not to be able to find the casting spell. The momentum behind the alterations is obvious to equalize the playing field from those individuals. It is from one to one while utilizing the average UI and applying add-ons including the Foundry Tactical Combat.

Toshiba Gulf FZE Now Presents a Business Laptop in Dubai, Portege Z10t Perfect for Business Use

LogoToshiba Gulf FZElaunches the Portege Z10t, a business laptop in Dubai with a feature of two face productivity. In addition, it comprises of hybrid features of an Ultrabook and a Tablet all in one that gives an ease for customers to have all leisures. It delivers the high performance of an Ultrabook™ and the remarkable portability of a Tablet. It can be converted easily from one mode to another by simply detaching the screen from the keyboard dock.

Poorts Upstage Restaurant Tablets by Leveraging Standards, Offering the Web

LogoIt is rare for a restaurant manager to consider a hardware upgrade that doesn’t involve tables and chairs, lighting or dinnerware. The business has remained the same for a thousand years – just good food and ambiance, with the best of service.

Need for Speed World Hack Protects Players from Getting Detected

Need for Speed World Hack is an all-important tool that has a collection of 12 hacks. These 12 hacks offer its services for different purposes. Some of the hacks have proven indispensable for races while others are used for unlocking different features of the game.

FanXT Launches Fantasy World Cup All-Stars in Anticipation of the FIFA 2014 World Cup

Fantasy managers don’t have to wait long to be able to build their World Cup dream team as FanXT has launched Fantasy World Cup All-Stars (, a fantasy football game that consists of star players that are going to play in World Cup but are currently competing in the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, French Ligue 1, and German Bundesliga. Reveals 'Classic Car Parking' to Be One of Its Highest-Rated Parking Games Online

There are hundreds of online games on Internet that players around the globe play every single day. Parking games online have become a rage amongst both youngsters and veteran gaming enthusiasts. recently announced its flagship game Classic Car Parking to beitshighest-rated parking game online. The company revealed that it is the range of retro cars and exotic cars offered by the game that have made it so popular with the masses.

Recently Released Market Study: Home Audio and Cinema in the United Arab Emirates

LogoVolume sales of home audio and cinema grew 7% in volume terms but only 3% in retail value terms in 2013. This was because of two factors: Demand for cheaper models within each category and a move away from complex solutions to lower-priced simple home audio and cinema set-ups.

Free Parking Games Online Make Parking Super Fun

LogoFree parking games online is just what a tired mind needs. These games are not only high up on the entertainment meter but, also have a thing or two to teach about the ever challenging task of parking. Even the most experienced drivers get cold feet when it comes to parking in tight spaces. While in real life, the challenge can be quite overwhelming, on , it is a pure delight and pleasure.

All-in-One Toolbox v4.4 Is Launching with Great Features and Improvements Made

LogoAll-In-One Toolbox v4.4 is coming, in this version, users will see more stable performance, less bugs, crashes and more enhanced features.

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