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Flexible Battery Market - Forecast, Demand, Outlook and Market Research Report 2025

The global flexible battery market is anticipated to witness strong growth in the next few years. The rising demand for flexible and thin battery from Internet of Things is considered to create promising opportunities for market players, thus fuelling market growth. In addition, the implementation of flexible lithium air batteries in the advanced wearable electronics is expected to encourage the growth of the market in the near future.

Motion Control Market, 2016-2024: Industry Size, Share, Segments, Analysis and Forecast Report

Motion control is a sub-field of automation consists of load, prime mover, sensors and a controller to provide the proper functioning of prime mover and load. Motion controllers are used for speed accuracy, increased production, smoother movements, increased consistency, improved efficiency, integration automation, fast reaction time, elimination of hazards, troubleshooting and others. It is widely used in the textile, semiconductor production, packaging, printing, automotive and assembly industries.

Acoustic Insulation Market - Detailed Analysis and Forecast by 2025

Acoustic insulation is extensively applied in the manufacturing industry, which necessarily requires thermal and sound proofing. The sound insulation requirement varies from plant to plant depending on the operational process and location. The deployment of sound reducing structures that utilize mass-spring-mass principle or sound capsules can be used for lowering noise emissions from industrial processes into the open environment, particularly in urban areas.

Bank Kiosk Market: Shares and Strategies for Key Industry Players by 2025

The growth in the global bank kiosk market is projected to increase substantially across the forecast period. With a high level of competition and development of innovative features and products, the market is likely to register a healthy growth rate in the next few years. The remarkable efforts being taken by prominent players to offer improved and efficient customer service is expected to supplement the growth of the global bank kiosk market throughout the forecast period.

Cell Cycle Analysis Market Deep Research Study with Forecast by 2025

The report presented here can be tailor-made by our adept analysts as per the requirements of the buyers. All research publications compiled by TMR Research provide a comprehensive examination of the market in discussion based on volume and value.

Circuit Protection Market - Industry Shares, Market Strategies and Key Players 2025

The global circuit protection market is projected to grow at a healthy growth rate during the forecast period. The rising number of applications of circuit protection is expected to contribute extensively towards the development of the overall market in the near future. The research study further highlights the key growth factors, current trends, and opportunities in the global circuit protection market. In addition, the challenges being faced by the market players and the competitive landscape have been discussed at length to offer a strong understanding of the overall market.

Concrete Cooling Market Studies Research 2017 Detailed Analysis of Restrain and Growth Factors

Spawning over multi-million dollars, the global concrete cooling market is projected to exhibit a robust growth between 2017 and 2025. The market will majorly benefit from the exponentially increasing demand for concrete cooling systems in the Middle East. The technique of concrete cooling is used to reduce the temperature of poured concrete to retain its characteristic temperature and strength. The concrete temperature is usually affected by water used during the hydration process.

Dental Software Market - Detailed Analysis and Forecast by 2025

The world market for dental software is looking to take advantage of the growing adoption of dental practice management software, especially in developed countries such as the U.S. For the major part of the demand, legislations such as the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act have played a pivotal role. Programs such as the Meaningful Use encourage providers to function on a fixed set of standards formulated by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and adopt technologies such as electronic health record (EHR). Moreover, the switch from desktop to cloud based software systems such as Denticon has boosted the market for enterprise dental practice management software.

Dental Suture Market Deep Research Study with Forecast by 2025

This customizable report compiled by the expert analysts at TMR Research is a result of painstaking primary and secondary research and data collection through key industry experts and critical opinions of market leaders.

Gene Editing Market Deep Research Study with Forecast by 2025

Gene editing involves the insertion, deletion, or replacement of DNA at specific sites in the genome of a cell or an organism. It is usually achieved in a laboratory environment using molecular scissors.

Global Air Separation Plant Market: Latest Innovations, Drivers, Dynamics and Strategic Analysis, Challenges by 2025

Air separation plants essentially refer to facilities where atmospheric air is separated into its primary components, mostly nitrogen, hydrogen, and oxygen, and sometimes into rare inert gases such as krypton, argon, xenon, and helium. Considered to be the only viable source for recovering these rare gases and high purity oxygen and nitrogen, air separation plants support the growth of a vast number of industries. The market for air separation plants has witnessed significant growth in the past few years owing to the vast rise in applications and technological advancements in distillation and filtration capabilities.

Hardware Encryption Market Outlook, Competitive Analysis, Industry Trends 2025

The global market for hardware encryption is projected to witness healthy growth throughout the forecast period, thanks to the advent of portable storage devices in order to transfer files and information between computers. In addition, these devices help in improving the security concerns and confidentiality of data. These devices cannot be altered or removed by any malware or virus or be uninstalled by the user, owing to which the market is likely to witness high growth over the coming few years.

Hydraulic Cylinder Market Trends, Size, Growth, Shares and Forecast Research Report 2025

A hydraulic cylinder refers to a mechanical actuator that is utilized to provide unidirectional force through a unidirectional stroke. Powered by pressurized hydraulic fluid, hydraulic cylinders have extensive applications in construction, manufacturing, heavy industries, and agriculture.

Liquid Silicone Rubber Market Growth with Worldwide Industry Analysis to 2025

The global liquid silicone rubber (LSR) market will grow at a robust pace between 2017 and 2025. The market will gain from the high growth in the electrical and electronics segments, besides the rising demand in medical applications. Besides this, rapid growth witnessed in the demand for medical grade LSRs will also boost the global LSR market. The medical grade LSR significantly brings down the risk of bacterial infections and is therefore used in skin medications to aid functionality and absorption. In the electrical and electronics application, liquid silicone rubber is used in electrical potting and insulation.

String Inverter Market - Detailed Study Analysis and Forecast by 2025

Global String Inverter Market: Overview

Video Content Analytics Market 2017 Research in-Depth Analysis, Applications, Forecasts to 2025

Global Video Content Analytics Market: Brief Outline

The Global Vacuum Bagging Material Market Is Expected to Grow at a CAGR of 7.4% by 2021

LogoAccording to a new market report published by Lucintel, the future of the global vacuum bagging material market looks good, with opportunities in the aerospace and defense, wind energy, marine, and automotive. The global vacuum bagging material market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 7.4% from 2016 to 2021. The major drivers of growth for this market are increasing usage of composites in aerospace & defense and wind energy as well as growing acceptance of VARTM (Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding) process.

Science of Mind Honors Rising Spiritual Leader 90th Anniversary Issue Features Voice America Host Simran Singh

LogoSimran Singh, award-winning author and Voice America host, is featured as the cover story for Science of Mind Magazine's 90th Anniversary, March issue. A consistent voice of consciousness, balance and spirituality, Simran awakens humanity by diving into the duality of mind, religion, race and culture in this time of great change. Through conversations of oneness and a unique humanitarian perspective, is a love catalyst who bridges the separation existing within the mind, body and spirit. Singh is the elder sister of US UN Ambassador Nikki Haley. The March issue is being released in print and digital formats the last week of February.

Marine Ports and Services Market to Witness an Outstanding Growth by 2020 - Persistence Market Research

LogoMarine ports and services market offers safety and security amenities, infrastructure development and enhance services, such as vessel traffic service, emergency services, and vessel bookings and cancellation services. Marine ports and services also provide reliable and safe movement of cargo and passenger vessels. It provides abrupt responses to safety and environmental concern associated with marine vessel of all class such as liquid cargo, dry bulk cargo and tourism or passenger ships.

Pneumatic Tyres Market Set to Witness an Uptick During 2014 - 2020: Persistence Market Research

LogoIn the past, rubber tyres were solid not pneumatic. In the recent scenario, majority of tyres are pneumatic inflatable structures and comprising a doughnut-shaped body of cords and wires encased in rubber and usually filled with compressed air to form an inflatable cushion. Pneumatic tyres production needs various raw materials such as synthetic rubber, natural rubber, fabric and wire, along with other chemicals. Different types of rubber are used for production of pneumatic tyres, the most common being styrene-butadiene copolymer. Pneumatic tyres consist of a tread and a body. The tread provides traction while the body provides containment for a quantity of compressed air. Pneumatic tyres provide grip to the vehicle, resist abrasion and carry and transport loads. Thus pneumatic tyres provide safety and performance to the vehicle. On the basis of vehicle type pneumatic tyres market can be classified as bicycle, bus and lorry, car, motorcycle and aircraft. The use of tyres are not limited in new vehicles only, it can also be used in old vehicles due to wear and tear and for replacement purpose, which is also a major market for tyres. Airplane tyres are a niche market, but is a high revenue contributor to the pneumatic tyres market.

Automotive Occupant Sensing System (OSS) Market Estimated to Experience a Hike in Growth by 2020 - Persistence Market Research

LogoSafety is one of the major concerns for the driver and the passenger while travelling. Automotive airbags and seat belts are the two major safety system, modern vehicles are equipped with. Another modern technology from safety point of view is automotive occupant sensing system. Automotive occupant sensing is a system that senses the presence, positioning and classification of person or occupant sitting on the passenger seat of the vehicle. Additionally, the system senses the presence of rear facing child seat within the vehicle as well. In doing so the system controls or indicates a related airbag activator control system to enable, disable or control the amount of inflation an airbag requires, while any sudden accident of the vehicle while driving. Proper information to the airbag activator control system allows the airbag to function properly and save the individual in any road accident.

Accumulator Market to Witness Robust Expansion Throughout the Forecast Period 2016 - 2026: Persistence Market Research

LogoThe demand for improved production efficiencies, product orientation and minimal product damage of the packaged products has initiated a high demand of the accumulators in the packaging industry. Accumulator equipment is necessary to ensure that no line stoppages in the production operations occurs. In case of product line blockage occurs, accumulators provide temporary storage for the entire batch of products. Thus synchronizing different manufacturing operations and increasing efficiency, by facilitating a continuous flow of products from machine to machine. Nowadays, accumulators are being designed in a way such that they can be easily integrated into any existing packaging and production set-up and also handle various sized products. Different models of accumulators are designed to work with different package capacity. Owing to rapid changes in product design and increasing demand for variable capacity accumulators in the food & beverage, personal goods, and cosmetic industry is expected to contribute to an extensive growth in the market.

Flexible High Temperature Hoses Market to Receive Overwhelming Hike in Revenues by 2016 - 2026: Persistence Market Research

LogoFlexible high temperature hoses are a class of the industrial hoses which can withstand high amount of pressure under high temperature conditions. Flexible high temperature hoses are not affected by wear & tear cases such as bursting, cracking, crushing etc. Flexible high temperature hoses are highly ductile, vibration & flame resistant and is used as a medium of transfer of liquids & gases, for example, discharge of exhaust gases from automobile and industrial plants. The flexible high temperature hoses has varied industrial applications and exists in different morphologies based on required operating criteria, for example, weight, resistivity to air/ moisture/ chemicals, flexibility, and operating temperature range among others.

Hydrodynamic Couplings Market Set to Surge Significantly During 2016 - 2026: Persistence Market Research

LogoHydrodynamic couplings are fluid coupling devices used in power transfer of mechanical devices involved in heavy industrial machinery, mining & automotive equipment. Various types of mechanical device are conveyor systems, centrifuges, mixers, crushers, shredders, bucket wheel excavators, shaft generators, and drum drives etc. The device has experienced intense consumption by replacing the mechanical clutch systems which were subjected to abrasions. Other pivotal reason for the rapid emergence of hydrodynamic couplings market is that they can operate at variable speeds, have controlled start-up without experiencing shocks & vibrations during power transmission load intervals. The product also employs low input & maintenance costs. Revenue generated from sales of hydrodynamic coupling market is expected to increase at a moderate pace over the forecast period.

Global Cryogenic Liquid Tank Container Market 2016, Trends and Forecast to 2021

LogoThis 2016-2021 Market research report on Cryogenic Liquid Tank Container Market is an all pervasive analysis of perpetual happening in the industry, focusing on Chinese on market specifically. The report is equipped with data from 2016- 2021 global and Chinese Cryogenic Liquid Tank Container market.

Global Cryogenic Refrigerator Market 2016, Trends and Forecast to 2021

LogoThis 2016-2021 Market research report on Cryogenic Refrigerator Market is an all pervasive analysis of perpetual happening in the industry, focusing on Chinese on market specifically. The report is equipped with data from 2016- 2021 global and Chinese Cryogenic Refrigerator market.

Global Cryogeniclliquid Tank Container Market 2016, Trends and Forecast to 2021

LogoThis 2016-2021 Market research report on Cryogeniclliquid Tank Container Market is an all pervasive analysis of perpetual happening in the industry, focusing on Chinese on market specifically. The report is equipped with data from 2016- 2021 global and Chinese Cryogeniclliquid Tank Container market.