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Power Uprates Market 2017: Industry Research, Review, Growth, Segmentation, Key Players Analysis and Forecast to 2025

The demand for power uprates has risen on the back of the attainable capacity of nuclear power plants and increasing need for electricity on a global platform. Ahead of the terms of their original license, such operating units require license modification in order to ensure a higher level of utility operation.

Evaporative Condensing Unit Market - Growth Forecast Analysis by Manufacturers, Regions, Types and Applications to 2025

The applications of evaporative condensers in commercial HVAC have been common over the past few decades. However the recent rate of advancement in this field has been enormous, thanks to the incorporation of newer and better materials, faster and cost-efficient manufacturing processes, and the increasing demand for the perfect HVAC system. The basis of evaporative condensers lies in the enhancement of heat rejection through the evaporation process. In this process, water is sprayed on a coil with air being blown simultaneously through the coil. This air comes from the natural heat of a room and causes the sprayed water to evaporate, thereby becoming cooler and aiding in the cooling of an environment. An evaporative condenser can be used at lower temperatures in order to minimize the load on a compressor, thereby allowing for a reduction in the total power drawn by the HVAC unit. Evaporative condensers can also be used reduce the overall downtime of an HVAC unit, while also making it less expensive in terms of repairs and maintenance, when compared to the air-cooled condensers. This is because evaporative condensers operate at a much smaller pressure difference than the latter. The benefits of using evaporative condensers further increase through the growing demand experienced by this market, coming from the rapidly evolving industrial sectors of all regions in the world, and especially the emerging economies. The relatively high use of high-performance evaporative condensers in refrigeration is also something to watch out for over the coming years, as the growing demand for refrigeration shelves, displays and containers in the food and beverages industry is likely to keep the players in the global evaporative condensing unit market on their toes.

Mumps Market Estimated to Flourish by 2017 - 2025 : Persistence Market Research

LogoMumps is a contagious disease typically affecting children and caused by the mumps virus. The characteristic of this disease is the initial onset of headache, loss of appetite, muscle aches, tiredness and fever followed by the typical swelling of one or more salivary glands. The disease is transmitted from one person to the other through saliva and/or droplets. Although the symptoms vanish within few days of infection and are usually mild requiring only symptomatic pain relief, complications can occur in rare cases, which requires immediate medical attention and treatment. Complications can involve infection in testicles (in post-pubertal males), ovaries, prostate gland, thyroid gland, and pancreas. Brain infection is believed to occur in only one in 10,000 cases, but it often leads to death. Although the mumps virus infects mostly children aged five to ten, it can infect adults as well and when it does, it is more likely that the complications are serious. These could be a loss of hearing and loss of fertility. For this reason, the prevention of the disease gets precedence over its cure. Mumps was a common viral disease until the mumps vaccine was launched in 1967. Before the launch of the vaccine, greater than 200,000 cases of mumps occurred each year in the United States.

Orthopedic Implants Market Estimated to Flourish by 2017 - 2025 - Persistence Market Research

LogoOrthopedic implants can be defined as medical devices used to either replace or provide fixation of bone or to replace articulating surfaces of a joint. Thus, orthopedic implants are vital devices used to either replace or assist damaged or injured bones. Most orthopedic implants in the market today, fall under the Class III category, which is the most scientifically rigorous classification of medical devices. High incidence rates of osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and obesity along with rapidly aging global population are the key drivers of the orthopedic implants market. The Introduction of biodegradable implants and internal fixation devices will serve as future growth opportunities for orthopedic devices for various anatomical locations. According to the WHO, the average age of the world population was 37.3 years in 2000 and is anticipated to reach 45.5 years by 2050. Owing to lifestyle-related factors, such as early burnout and lack of exercise, patients in their middle-age are increasingly opting for orthopedic implants. The increase in mean-age over the next few years is anticipated to bolster the growth of the orthopedic implants market.

Cold Pain Therapy Market Set to Witness an Uptick During 2017 - 2025: Persistence Market Research

LogoThe cold pain therapy, name it suggests that it includes the usage of cold materials in relieving pain. Cryotherapy commonly used is an essential injury management skill. Since decades application of ice packs on inflammation and injury has helped the reduce pain and inflammation. It is studied that, cold slows down blood flow to the injury thereby reducing pain and swelling. Cold therapy reduces the blood circulation, thereby reduces inflammation, muscle spasm and pain. Thus, the most effective, cheap and drugless method to relieve pain and swelling is the usage of ice packs. Application of ice to skin also relieves sprains, strains, bruises and tendinitis or say any virtual situation on superficial tissues. Cold packs used for inflammation acts as the primary analgesic to relieve pain. Cold Pain therapy are mostly applied for the fresh injuries such as ligament sprains, muscle sprains, and severe bruises. Cold pain therapy is also helpful for chronic overuse or tissue fatigue injuries like carpel tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, supraspinatus tendinitis, iliotibial band syndrome, patellofemoral pain syndrome and plantar fasciitis.

Emergency Department Information System Market Set to Witness an Uptick During 2017 - 2025: Persistence Market Research

LogoAn emergency department information system is an essential tool in managing workflows in the emergency department in all hospitals. Healthcare uses the emergency department information system to assist in the management of emergency departments to capture key information of the patients such as patient identity, insurance status, admission date and time, mode of arrival, treating medical professional, primary diagnosis, outcome and discharge details. The emergency department information system delivers fewer medical errors, more revenue for hospitals, faster patient information, and higher patient satisfaction. Emergency department information system are important in hospitals as many times emergency departments are hospital's front door to residents and so the service provided in the emergency department is the direct reflection of the hospital image. The emergency department information system automates and streamlines the work process thereby providing patients with efficient and better quality of care. Emergency department information systems are designed with the help of medical professionals, healthcare administrators, nurses, pharmacists, and clinicians to meet all the needs required for the smooth working for the emergency department.

Spectroscopy & Elemental Analysis Instruments Market Expected to Be Biggest Emerging Market by 2026

LogoSpectroscopy is a technique used to study the physical characteristics of a material when there is an interaction between absorption and emission of light within a specified electromagnetic spectrum. Spectroscopy includes interaction of electron, proton and ions absorbed by molecule. Spectroscopy is studied by visible light, ultraviolet and infrared radiations through spectrometer. Since 2010, demand for analytical instrumentation has increased significantly among various end-use industries such as pharmaceuticals and life sciences. Spectroscopy market accounts for significant market share of analytical instrumentation market. Molecular spectroscopy, mass spectrometry and atomic spectroscopy are some of the key technologies that are present in the market. In an analytical and life science industries, spectroscopy plays a significant role owing to increase in demand for bimolecular analysis and drug composition.

Pulmonary Artery Catheter Market to Reflect Impressive Growth Rate During 2017 - 2025 : Persistence Market Research

LogoThe pulmonary artery is an artery that carries blood from the right ventricle of the heart to the lungs for purification. Pulmonary artery catheterization is a procedure wherein there is the insertion of the catheter into the pulmonary artery. The flow - directed balloon – tipped pulmonary artery catheter was first discussed in 1970 and was initially developed for the management of acute myocardial infarction and thus gained widespread use in the management of a variety of critical illness and surgical procedures. Pulmonary artery catheterization is a diagnostic procedure in which a small catheter is inserted either through the neck, arm, and chest or thigh vein and moved towards the right side of the heart to measure the pressure of the heart. Pulmonary artery catheter is used in the diagnosis and management of numerous cardiovascular diseases such as pulmonary hypertension, cardiogenic shock, and myocardial infarction. The pulmonary catheters are also known as Swan-Ganz catheter. The standard pulmonary artery catheter has two lumens, hence Swan – Ganz, and is equipped with an inflatable balloon at the tip, which facilitates the placement of the catheter in the pulmonary artery through the flow of blood. The pulmonary artery catheterization is a feasible procedure and can be useful in understanding the cardiac physiology and pathology of the heart.

Boosting the Dental Bone Substitutes and Biomaterial Market by 2026

LogoDental bone grafts substitutes and biomaterials are regenerative products which are used as a filler support to facilitate dental bone formation and accelerate wound healing. These dental grafts are bioresorbable or biocompatible with no antigen-antibody reaction. These dental bone substitutes assist as a mineral supplier which prompts new dental bone formation. Dental bone grafting is a medical procedure that replaces the lost bone with material from patient?s own body, synthetic, an artificial or natural source. Tooth loss is generally caused by teeth decay, caries and periodontal diseases, aging, accidents, if not treated well that become severe enough to damage teeth and causes loss of dental bone and tissue. Dental bone substitutes and biomaterial are considered to be emerging field of medical science which aims at dental bone healing and natural growth. Dental bone grafts substitutes and biomaterials market is expected to rise owing to its high application in dental surgeries.

Respiratory Gating System Market in Healthcare Industry Is Anticipated to Record Highest Growth Rate by 2026

LogoRespiratory gating systems are the non-invasive, video guided systems which are used to precisely target the tumor in lung, breasts or upper abdomen while positioning a radiation beam on tumor site. Tumors in lungs and upper abdominal portion displace every time patient breaths which makes the administration of radiation therapy difficult. Respiratory gating systems monitor the movement of target or tumor caused by respiratory movement, and guide physicians to correlate tumor position in connection with the respiratory cycle of the patient. The system records the wave pattern of the patient's respiratory cycle and determines movement of tumor in correlation with wave pattern. The gating threshold is set according to wave pattern so that the radiation dose is administered when tumor is in desired position and the beam ids cut off when tumor displaces. Owing to decreased risk of exposure of vital organs such as heart and liver, respiratory gating systems ate rapidly getting adopted. Some of the available respiratory gating systems are Real-time Position Management System, AZ-733VI, Gated RapidArc etc.

Gunshot Wound Management System Market Report : 2026 Edition with Leading Players

LogoGunshot wound is also called ballistic trauma. It is a form of physical trauma which is caused when a bullet or any other projectile is shot into the body. Gunshot wound can cause serious injuries which includes severe bleeding, damage to tissues and organs, wound infections, paralysis or even may lead to broken bones and sometime it may lead to death. Damage caused due to gunshot depends on the location of the injury, and the speed and type of bullet. Gunshot wounds that pass through the body without hitting the major organs, bones or blood vessels cause less damage. The immediate effect of a gunshot wound is generally severe bleeding. To save a life, it is must to stop the bleeding immediately, gunshot wound management system is used to stop the bleeding within seconds and life of injured person.

Intra-Operative 3D Navigation System Market Estimated to Flourish by 2026

LogoIntraoperative care is a time period during operation in which patient is monitored, prepped, anesthetized and surgery is performed. Navigation system is the integral part of the surgery which enable surgeons with anatomical localization by means of imaging and computer technology along with accurate execution of surgical intervention with patient's safety & comfort. Surgical navigation system helps in performing minimally invasive procedure by tracking the position of surgical device. It also considered as most reliable technology that render complications and risks during surgery and optimize the functioning of operation rooms.

IHC and ISH Slide Staining Systems Market Set to Witness an Uptick During 2016 - 2024

LogoIHC (Immunohistochemistry) and ISH (In situ hybridization) are histopathology diagnostic techniques based on intracellular interactions. IHC and ISH techniques have myriad of applications like disease diagnosis, drug development, karyotyping and others. ISH and IHC techniques have become integral part of the diagnostic histopathology however pcerforming these techniques in the laboratory requires time and possibility for occurrence of errors remains which in turn hamper the results. The staining process involved in these techniques need precision and are time consuming therefore the requirement of automated systems for IHC and ISH slide staining is the need of the hour. The IHC and ISH slide staining systems are devices capable of automated staining with increased efficiency, high speed and enhances the quality and thus increases productivity of the tests.

Digital Cell-Sorting System Market Foreseen to Grow Exponentially over 2016 - 2024

LogoDigital cell-sorting is the system used to sort or isolate the intended cells or particles from fluid samples. Flow cytometers aids these systems in separating varied types of cells based on their properties. This system uses Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) and cell imaging microscopes methods for characterizing the various particles or cells. Digital cell-sorting system helps in rare cells precise isolation from sample of heterogeneous cells there by enable downstream study of cells for varied applications. Digital cell-sorting system has got several applications from malignancy genomics, basic research, clinical trials to forensic and noninvasive prenatal diagnosis. These cell sorting systems can able to analyze thousands of particles every second and isolate cells actively which have specialized properties. Digital cell-sorting system market dynamics has been affected by new wave of innovation in size and performance of the systems thanks to recent advances in electronics, microfluidics and software in the digital cell sorting systems.

Next Generation Centrifuge Market Estimated to Experience a Hike in Growth by 2024

LogoCentrifugation is the process which involves the separation of heterogeneous mixture by means of spinning and this involves the application of centripetal force for the separation of liquids-liquid and liquid-solid mixtures. Centrifugation works on the principle of sedimentation that can be achieved by rapid rotation. Centrifuges are the devices which are used in separation of genetic materials, virulent substances, blood cell components, and others. The next generation centrifuges provides precise temperature control, wide range of relative centrifugal force (RCF), acceleration, and time. All the aforementioned parameters must be maintained and achieved for greater separation of quality components. The next generation centrifuges have feature such microprocessors helps to achieve above parameters very precisely, frequency drive motor for smooth operation and internal memory to store programs which helps in getting quality result with single button operation. Next generation centrifuges allows network and PC connectivity which helps in data management, apart from these features, next generation centrifuges enhances the sample quality, reduce laboratory turnaround time, improve laboratory efficiency and energy efficient. Next generation centrifuges revolutionized the yield of tissue, cell components and standardized the good quality cells or components every time the sample is processed

Urgical Adhesives and Sealants Market Is Likely to Register Single Digit CAGR During 2016 - 2024

LogoSurgical adhesives and sealants are materials used to bind the tissues together internally and externally after surgery or injury. These products are made from biocompatible materials such as fibrin, gelatine and Poly ethylene glycol (PEG) Polymers etc. Surgical Adhesives and Sealants score over traditional approaches for wound closure such as sutures and staples owing to its several advantages like efficacy and safety in various conditions in different tissues. Surgical adhesives and sealants can be used in combination with staples and sutures. These products generally form chemical bond or form barrier to stop the blood or body flood oozing after injury or surgery there by promote wound healing and removes the necessity of sutures usage and believed to be infection protectants. Surgical adhesives and sealants are being used increasingly in recent past across different surgical procedures and injuries compared to traditional methods of wound closing.

Antifungal Drugs Market Poised to Expand at a Robust Pace over 2016 - 2024

LogoAntifungal drugs medication is done for treating fungal infections with minimal side effects on the body. Basically this fungal infections are organism that feed by breaking down the living tissue these fungi are commonly known as dermatophytes. Dermatophytes can cause infection of the skin, hair and nail as they have a unique ability to utilize the keratin. There are some common fungal infections such as ringworm, athlete's foot, fungal n ail infection and vaginal thrush these can be treated by antifungal drugs. Antifungal drugs works by either killing the fungal cell by causing the contents of the cell to break and leak out and the cell to die and also by preventing the cell from growing. There are different types of antifungal medicines such as topical antifungals which are mostly applied on the skin, nails or hair, secondly there are oral antifungals which are consumed or swallowed in capsule, liquid form or pill and last is intravenous antifungal which are directly injected in the blood stream so as to prevent the fungal infection. The antifungal drugs are segmented as over-the-counter drug products particularly for dermal infections. Advancement in technology and drug delivery is expected to boost the global antifungal market.

M2M Wireless Services Market to Develop Rapidly by 2024

LogoMachine to machine (M2M) wireless communication has helped the computer networks to expand beyond one-to-one system communication. M2M wireless communication allows different machines/ computers to be networked together for free and easy communication. Advanced M2M services offer communication of number of computers with other devices. This includes communication such as telephonic calls, emails and access to data stored on a common server. M2M wireless services provide primary as well as backup network for different organizations such as retail stores, offices and others. Machine to machine is also referred to as telemetry that allows communication between different machines and people in an organization. These services are typically used in areas with no fixed infrastructure for wired communication such as fiber and asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL). M2M wireless services provide uninterrupted communication between different machines. This may also include connection between a main office and its branch offices. Advanced M2M services are designed to connect with the third generation (3G) and fourth generation (4G) networks to ensure high speed and reliable communication. This enables organizations to continuously track and manage their machines/infrastructure in real time.

Global Demand Response System Market to Record an Impressive Growth Rate 2024

LogoDemand Response System is a tool which provides changes in the usage of electricity on the basis of demand by end users. Demand Response System helps in making the balance between demand and supply of the electricity. Demand response helps in providing response to a fault or loss of generation of electricity.

Global Complex Event Processing Market to Register a Strong Growth by 2024

LogoComplex event processing (CEP) technology is being increasingly adopted in various industry sectors driven by growing need for management and analytical capabilities for high amount of data emerging from operations. The traditional software for data analysis take significant processing time and their response to for possible business threat is high. This is driving the growth in demand for technologies such as CEP, which can provide rapid or real-time detection and response. Further, unprecedented market risks, security threats and need for simpler and consumer-oriented analytical software is expected to drive the growth of CEP market. The various types of CEP technologies include query-based, rule-based, and status-based CEP engines.

Wireless Network Security Market to Reap Excessive Revenues by 2027

LogoThe major factors driving the market of wireless network security are advanced telecommunication and high adoption of internet of things.

Contactless PoS Terminal Market Projected to Gain Significant Value by 2027

LogoA contactless PoS terminal is connected as a peripheral to the PoS. Introducing contactless feature at any PoS incurs complexity and incremental costs. This may also depend on merchant decision and may impact obligation for card fraud.

Enterprise Content Management Solution Market to Witness an Outstanding Growth by 2025

LogoGlobal Enterprise Content Management Solution Market: Introduction

Enterprise Content Management Solution Market to Be at Forefront by 2025

LogoIncrease in application of satellite services for various vertical applications, cost effective solutions offered and improved quality of service offered through VSAT is enabling the enterprises to opt for VSAT services.

Failure Analysis Market to Develop Rapidly by 2027

LogoNorth America failure analysis market is expected to have the largest revenue share in 2015 followed by other regions.

Global DLP Projector Market Set to Witness an Uptick During 2016 - 2022

LogoDLP is an abbreviation used for digital light processing, a display device works on optical micro electromechanical technology using digital micro mirrors. Digital light processing works on 'reflection' phenomenon instead of passing light through liquid crystal material like in LCD. In DLP, light is reflected from panels called digital micro mirror devices or DMDs. These DMDs consist of thousands of very tiny reflective mirrors, each tiny mirror reflects a single pixel of the resolution of projected image. Upon the projection of light over these tiny mirrors they start move back and forth towards or away from the lens inside the projector. For the projection of colored light, projector has a colored wheel comprises of three filters of different colors mainly red, green and blue.

Global Smart Motor Market to Observe Strong Development by 2022

LogoSmart motor is a highly programmable digital motor which can be programmed and work accordingly as per requirement of application. It can easily store the information related to its speed and can change it immediately with the single pressing of a button or after a particular given time. These smart motor is integrated with an encoder, an amplifier, motor driver, communication buses, dual port Ethernet port, and USB interface for programming, remote terminal unit (RTU), half duplex communication port and IOs. The microcontroller integrated with smart motor detects the presence of load on the shaft and correspondingly adjust the power extraction to the load. The main specialty of the smart motor is its ability to produce highest torque at lowest speed. The technological advancement and innovation brings the smart motor to completely new stage, now smart motors can support industrial Ethernet protocol including Ether CAT and PROFINET. The main applications of this smart motor is in industrial automation and robotics applications, which are undoubtedly the emerging sectors across the globe and hence the demand of smart motor is also rising up in global market.