Transportation and Logistics Press Releases

Yellowbird Bus Company Participates in Local Coat Drive

It's Autumn and a chill is in the air. People are putting on more layers including coats and are getting ready for the winter months. Children will soon be taking their winter coats to school, with their gloves, hats, and boots. Getting ready for the bustling winter, can sometimes distract someone from what is truly important in life and that is helping people in need.

Los Angeles Moving Company A and A Moving Gears Up for Fall Moving Season

From new and returning college students moving onto/near campus, to graduated students finding work elsewhere, to even transplants coming to the City of Angels seeking work – the end of summer and beginning of fall means a lot of moving around this major Southern California metropolis. There are plenty of new students that don't have the luxury of a family member or friend to get the job done – a fact that A and A Moving knows all too well. For the past 20 years they have been helping customers move out of and into new spaces, and these coming months will be no different.

TIMS Moving Company Reveals Their Brand New Website

LogoThe 21st century is a century when people don't hesitate much to move from place to another. It seems that everything has gone mobile including people. Most modern men and women must move from one location to another and this doesn't mean that they need to use transportation on a daily basis. They move the things they own from one part of the city to another or even to different states. The reasons are different – some of them got new and more attractive job, others want to upgrade their knowledge or have some personal reasons. Moving can be quite stressful, but with the help of a good moving company this stress can be avoided. One company that is often ranked among the best moving companies Manhattan options is TIMS Moving Company.

TIMS Moving Company in New York Offers Commercial and Residential Moving Services

LogoTIMS Moving Company is one of the most popular moving companies in New York City has ever seen. They are a well-known and recognized brand name at least when it comes to local movers in New York City solutions. They are providing top notch moving services to homeowners and business owners for more than ten years. There are many things that make this company special. For instance, they provide totally free quotes for any serious client. This is a good example of their professionalism and consistency. TIMS Moving Company is a Moving Company in New York City option that is best known for the special care they take for every item they are relocating. In addition, their work is very clean and clients can rest assured that all their belongings will remain the same despite the fact that they were moved for miles. TIMS Moving Company wants to provide full satisfaction to their clients and that's why they have some very useful moving, packing, unpacking and insurance tips and tricks on their website. These tips will be discussed with potential clients too. There are many people that claim that thanks to the free estimation and the services of this company, they have saved a lot of money on moving.

LGI Transport Offers New and Used Storage Containers for Sale

LGI Transport specializes in the sale of shipping and storage containers to individuals and businesses. They currently have an extensive inventory of new and used storage containers for sale. LGI Transport serves clients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. They receive their containers from international and intermodal shipping services as well as directly from the manufacturer. Their containers are perfect for docks and shipping companies but are also available to individuals as a personal storage unit.

Bringing It Home at Brothers Movers

LogoWith the holiday season now only a few weeks away, many families are looking to make their moves before its time to host dinners and give out presents. The process of finding and closing on a new home can be a stressful one while transferring an entire life into that new home can be an even greater burden.

UCS Group Offers Import Services to Provide Hassle-Free Import System to Clients

One of the most reputable courier service providers in the country, UCS Group, offers a vast array of import services internationally. They have been organising collections and imports services for several years from almost every country in the world. They offer one-of-a-kind import services for both large and small consignments with their express and economy pricing. For international bulk consignments, they also offer shipping via sea. Individuals and companies with any type of import consignment can rely on UCS Group for the fastest delivery of their consignment to the doorstep of their customers. Customers can track the real-time status of their delivery through the UCS Group's online portal,

Cost of Moving House Increases Dramatically: Elephant Removals Comments

The rise in moving costs is thought to be because of a number of things, however it is apparent that the recent surge in house prices has played a huge part. With house prices rising, in turn conveyancing fees, stamp duty and estate agent fees are on the rise also – with people that are moving house now being faced with costs of 9% more in comparison to the people that moved this time last year.

Home Removals London Reveal Tips to Make Moves Less Stressful

People often see moving house a stressful thing, however, moving house can be incredibly exciting and it has become apparent that the only thing in which many fear is the actual moving itself. Moving home however does not have to be stressful in any way, shape or form and one leading London based removals company, Home Removals London has recently highlighted this, revealing some great tips for those planning on moving with minimal stress.

Businesses Relocate Seamlessly with Dan the Mover

For many business owners, moving to a new office space can be overwhelming. Not only do they have to remain focused on important, business-related agendas, but they also have to chip away at a lengthy moving to-do list. Without a doubt, there are a lot of things that have to get done a few weeks leading up to the big day. Luckily, businesses can make seamless transitions with Dan the Mover, one of the best professional moving companies in Montgomery County, PA and its surrounding areas. As a one-stop shop, they strive to eliminate the stress and frustration often associated with large moving projects.

Moving Costs Now an Average of 30k for Londoners: Top Removals Comments

Homes & Property has recently revealed that Londoners now have to pay an average of 30k in moving fees, a whopping triple the national average. After accounting for conveyancing, estate agent fees and stamp duty it has been discovered that when moving in the Capital people have to pay around 20,000 more than those moving in other regions of the United Kingdom.

House Moving Cost Increases to 11,000: Safe Removals Comments

Lloyds Bank have carried out a study and found that moving house now costs on average around £11,000. The rising house prices have equalled to estate agencies pushing up their fees. It has been said that many people are appalled at this news as it was found that cost of moving takes up 41.5% of the UK's average salary, it also shows that the price of moving houses has increased dramatically when compared to the rise in wages. Greater London and The South East have been affected the most, it has been found that the average moving cost in London is around £31,416 and The South East is £20,210.

USA Trading International: Shopping and Shipping Made Easy

USA Trading International, a leading shipping company based in the US made shipping easy and stress free for everyone. Growing business opportunities all over the world are demanding reliable and fast inventory turnaround in order to fulfill the needs of clients. It doesn't matter if one operate a big corporation which spans the continents, a smaller company that wishes to compete in the new world, or an individual, USA Trading International is here to help clients on their shipping needs.

Allstate Car Services Known for Premier Airport Transportation Experience

Allstate Car Services is a limousine company that provides luxury transportation to parties, meetings, and most notably, the airport. The business offers a premium experience for travelers who value customer service. Their licensed limousine drivers are rigorously trained to improve communication and cut down route times in a safe way. The company prides itself on providing peace of mind to its passengers. Additionally, Allstate Car Services' fleet of vehicles are regularly inspected.

Saint Martin Taxis: A New Taxi Directory That Could Assist Clients in Finding Transportation on the Island of St. Martin in the Caribbean

LogoIt is a new dawn in the transportation sector as Saint Martin Taxis are readily available for taxi and Limo Shuttles. With just a mere phone call, or an e mail, a taxi shuttle of one's choice would be provided. Saint Martin Taxis website, affords all prospective and regular clients of one of the most affordable rates in Taxi shuttles on the Island of Saint Maarten and Saint Martins. Irrespective of one's arrival place, there are always taxis on ground providing regular and consistent service from the airport. A cruise around the Island and back and forth to the hotels and scenery with impeccable timing and professionalism are also among the services rendered by Saint Martin Taxis.

Studying Abroad? Take Advantage of These Packing Tips

When opting to study abroad, many people can find packing incredibly difficult, not knowing what to take with them and what to leave at home. Confused and unsure, a lot of people often pack things unnecessarily and as a result end up taking up precious packing space and as a result not packing vital things which are going to be needed. Because of this London removals company Top Removals have recently compiled these tops tips for all to take advantage of:

Leading Removals Firm Provide Moving Advice and Tips

When moving home or office many people find that the day can be incredibly stressful if not executed efficiently. The excitement of moving can be overwhelming and many people become defocused, leading to key things being forgotten about. With this in mind, a leading London removals company, Elephant Removals has recently developed and provide some top tips and advice for people wanting to move homes or offices.

Londoners Could Save 450,000 if Willing to Commute: Home Removals London Comments

Recent blogs posts across the web have recently been informing Londoners looking to purchase homes, that if they are willing to commute for just one hour each way per day, they could save themselves a huge £450,000 on the cost a house. This is an ideal solution for those looking to work in London yet save money – and living outside of the capital can be incredibly advantageous for a number of reasons also.

RAC Reveal Top Tips for Driving Through France: Fair Rent Comments

Sunny weather and school holidays often result in people having to drive in France. Whether simply going on vacation to France or driving through France to reach other European destinations it is vital that all understand the differing traffic laws. Recently RAC have compiled a list of tips for all to consider and these are as follows:

Transekur Gives Away Tickets to Holi Sun Festival of Colors 2016

LogoOn September 17th, 2016, Transekur gave away tickets to the Holi Sun Festival of Colors 2016 in Santo Domingo at the National Botanical Garden (Jardin Botanico de Santo Domingo), an event that is part of the Dominican tradition that involves "colors" representing culture, diversity, equality and music.

Advanced Removals & Storage Offers Free Instant Quotes for Interested Customers

Advanced Removals & Storage has been servicing a vast area for a good number of years, and its reputation precedes itself. Those who are planning a move – be it a business move or a personal move – can definitely rely on the service provided by Advanced Removals & Storage without worrying about their precious goods and belongings.

Introducing Raven, the Sleek City Scooter

It is no secret that manual transportation can be faster than automotive vehicles in dense city environments. In fact, a 2015 study found that many cities, including New York City, Los Angeles, and Pittsburgh, contained areas with single digit average speeds. (1) To help the public function in this growing world is Citybirds' latest and lightest scooter: Raven. Raven brings an unparalleled blend of form and function, featuring an elegantly minimal aesthetic alongside an accommodating mobile design. The foldable scooter is so compact it is almost perfectly linear in its simplest form, allowing Raven to be comfortably and naturally carried through public transport, in a car, or into the office.

United Coachline Prepares for Upcoming Holiday Season

LogoAs the cooler temperatures continue to cover New England, many families tend to stay indoors, gathering with family for a night in. The increasingly cold autumn air turns to frigid winter blasts, keeping people inside. But all of that time spent out of the elements can be draining in its own right – the holidays result in a lot of family time with visiting relatives and extended family, which can cause headaches all around. Fortunately, a trip out with the family presents the perfect opportunity to do something together while shedding the cabin fever of life at home. It's an opportunity that the transportation professionals at United Coachline relish in, because they can move a large group of people with ease, in and out of the city. The transportation company relies on a line of busses ranging in size from 24 passengers to 56 to transport people all over the New York/New Jersey area.

New Market Report: China Yacht Industry, 2017-2021

LogoYacht is a small sized boat for water entertainment. It possesses functions such as navigation, sport, entertainment and leisure to meet individual and family needs to enjoy life. Most yachts are private like cars in developed countries while they are operated by tourism enterprises for consumption and only a few are private in developing countries. Yachts are entertainment tools in nature, which is different from high speed and cruise ships as transportation tools. It will be the next generation of durable consumer goods in families like cars. The yacht industry and market are in the development stage in China so it is emerging for manufacturers, sales agents and domestic consumers. In recent 20 years, there are numerous yacht manufacturers, component manufacturers, brand sales agents, yacht consumers, clubs and exhibitions in this industry in China. Presently, yacht clubs develop rapidly and pave the foundation for the next rise of yachts. The consumption of fishing boats, sailing ships and leisure crafts with retail prices between CNY 500,000 to CNY 1 million will form an economic scale. The yacht industry is expected to develop rapidly as an entertainment tool in the growing leisure tourism demand with houses and cars in China in the next few years. According to CRI, the output volume of yachts increased from 29,100 in 2011 to 48,300 in 2015, which presented a good development trend. Yacht consumers include companies or units and individuals in China. Generally, non-tourism companies purchase yachts for business talks, signing contracts, company activities and parties while tourism ones are for providing consumers with offshore services. In contrast, individual consumers purchase yachts for leisure and recreation while some take it as a representative of the status. In recent years, individual consumers increased for the growth of rich people and the economy in China. With the slump growth rate of economy, the shipbuilding and relevant industries were in downturn. Meanwhile, yachts as luxury consumer goods are relatively small in range for consumers while foreign yacht manufacturing industry develops earlier with mature technologies and brand effects. Therefore, the competition is intense in the industry due to the limited market demand. There are hundreds of qualified yacht manufacturers with low barriers to entry while the aggregate market share of top 5 ones was less than 10% in China in 2015. North American is the leading yacht consumer following Europe around the world. However, Asia-Pacific becomes one of the fastest growing yacht markets. The yacht market possesses a positive development in Asia-Pacific regions and it grows with the purchasing power in China. China becomes a manufacturer of yachts for low costs of manpower and raw materials. According to CRI, manufacturing costs of yachts is 20% to 30% lower in China than that in Europe or North American countries. The yacht market is expected to remain an annual growth rate of over 10% because of the increasing high-income earners and yacht registration policies in China in the next few years.

UMEX Moving & Storage Taking New Customers in Need of Moving Services Throughout Fall 2016

UMEX Moving & Storage, a moving company headquartered in Clifton, New Jersey, is pleased to announce that they are taking new customers in need of moving services throughout the fall season. The residential and commercial movers at the company know that every move, whether it is to the next street over or to another state, can be a stressful ordeal. Therefore, this is why UMEX Moving & Storage always goes to great lengths to ensure their customers are 100% satisfied with their moving and NJ packaging services.

rLoop Claims Hyperloop Design Award in Build Earth Live Competition in Dubai

A team of rLoop members stormed the finals and are taking home the "Hyperloop Design, Drama, and Excitement Award" at Dubai's 'Build Earth Live' Competition. The rLoop team, a multidisciplinary group of designers, engineers, and other professionals, has one vision: To bring hyperloop technology into the real world.

Sophie Limo Redefine Executive Transportation with the Launch of Latest Booking Platform and Smartphone App for Black Car Services in Chicago

LogoSophie Limo announces the launch of black car services, making it easier for everybody to access high-end private corporate transportation in Chicago.