Transportation and Logistics Press Releases

Renegade Transport Becomes First Transport Company to Join NATM

Renegade Transport, LLC, has recently joined The National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM), making them the first trailer transport company to become an Associate Member as a supplier of services to the trailer industry, a union that stemmed from a mutual initiative.

Transfer Valencia Now Ensures the Top Notch Transportation Services

LogoThe very first thing a person needs when arriving to a foreign country is a safe and quick transfer from the airport to the place of destination. As a rule, it may take time to find a free taxi, but this does not mean that the price won't be too high. This is where the services offered by Transfer Valencia will come in handy to the tourists, who come to the city from other countries of the world.

Get Safe & Reliable Services for Packers and Movers in Delhi, NCR at

LogoRelocation is always a very stressful and skillful task. After all it's a relocation of prized passions that is shifted from one place to the new place of settlement. Also relocation is a very time consuming process that makes it a difficult task to manage for the ones leading a busy and hectic schedule. However relocation is of many types.

United Parcel Service (UPS) Loses Easter Bunny on Easter

Jerome Taylor, an Activist, who sees a reason to put a smile on the face of the Kids of Camden New Jersey. A drug drove city with abandoned properties, and the fear of danger around the neighborhood.

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LogoRelocation is essential but very stressful work to accomplish without any help. In fact packing and shifting needs a lot of skills to get it done perfectly. There is not everyone who knows how to pack things tactfully and it may end into a great loss of prized possessions if not done carefully and skillfully. Thus to help people in making packing and shifting to a new place an easy and convenient task, Packers and Movers service providers are been approached. However search for reliable packers and Movers is always a very confusing thing.

Brothers Movers: Transportation and Storage from Here to Everywhere

LogoBrothers Movers, one of the premier companies handling moving and storage in Mainline, PA, has a big season on their hands. Spring marks the beginning of moving season, families and individuals from all over the tri-state area will be looking to move into a new home. Of course, Brothers Movers is no stranger to the busy season, in business since 1991, the company has moved thousands of new homeowners across county and state lines. Now in their 25th year, the company is as prepared to assist new homeowners as ever.

Road Freight Services from UCS Group for Ensuring Fast Delivery of Products

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, UCS Group is now providing Road Freight services to their customers at the most competitive prices. The road freight services that they offer allow their customers to transport their freights quickly and at a fraction of airfreight charges. As the company is not tied to any specified network, they are able to utilize various partners in order to get the fastest possible transport time. The road services offered by UCS are not limited to large palletized freights, which benefits the customers from European parcel services allowing them to pay based on total consignment weight or per item.

Allstate Car Services Provides Safe & Reliable Airport Transportation

LogoAllstate Car Services is a limousine and luxury car business that provides luxury ground transportation for many different occasions. The company staffs a slew of licensed limousine drivers and certified chauffeurs, which gives riders peace of mind when traveling with Allstate Car Services. All of the company's vehicles are regularly inspected, and all of the drivers are continuously trained.

Opening of Ada College Highlights North London as an Area of Rising Opportunity

Recent reports have drawn attention to the opening of a new college in the Tottenham area of North London, aiming to bolster the involvement of students in science and technology especially and providing encouragement for female involvement also. This is a progressive outlook and as it is the first new further education college for at least 20 years – highlighting that North London is a location at the forefront of development. It is a positive indicator which is set to attract more attention to the area, highlighting it is a potentially desirable place to live.

Motorists Faced with Huge Bill After Making a Common Mistake

LogoHave you put petrol in a diesel car's engine? or Diesel in a petrol car's engine? If so, stop what your doing and follow these set of instructions that are guaranteed to get you out of trouble.

More Than Half of Britons Aspire to Move Abroad: Top Removals Comments

According to a recent poll conducted by VoucherCloud, living in a foreign country features on 53% of British people's bucket lists – making it one of the biggest listed aspirations. As part of the research, people were asked where tey would like to move to – with international location popularly referenced including France, Spain and Australia. Yet despite such a percentage aspiring to emigrate, it was also revealed that only 12% actually believed they would do so. Reasons given for the disparity between those wanting to move and those actually doing it include fears of cost of moving internationally; something that removals providers such as Top Removals are keen to address.

For the Sixth Year in a Row, the "Best of the Woodlands" in Self-Storage Category Is Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

LogoAmazing Spaces, known for its beautifully designed storage properties and specialty moving supplies, has been voted the Best of The Woodlands in Self-Storage for the 6th year in a row. For those who are unfamiliar, the Best of The Woodlands poll is hosted by, a popular internet directory and guide for the community located north of Houston.

Metro Reveals 14 Unexpected Stresses of Moving House: Needs to Be Addressed

Prominent daily publication The Metro has indicated what appears to be a public mood associating moving house with stress; as recently revealed a list of the '14 unexpected stresses of moving house'. That this has come to light suggests that the past few months may have seen a rise in negative moving experiences, especially regarding the extreme weather conditions. That the discussion of moving stress is now in the public media has led to expectations that more people will be opting for professional removals services to help them – with a number already providing services to address the stress.

Statistics Show That Badly-Managed Moves Can Lead to Relationship Problems

According to recent research carried out in London, three quarters of people experience relationship difficulties after moving house with their significant other. The moving process, especially when carried out personally rather than professionally, is full of complications such as transporting belongings and dealing with the physical strain – factors which are thought to add to relationship upset. In the light of these figures, experts are urging those interested in moving home with their partner to opt for a removals company, rather than take on too much themselves and risk the relationship breaking down.

Sterling Limousine & Transportation Services' Fleet Available for Upcoming Prom Season

As spring arrives, high school and college students are getting ready for the upcoming prom and formal season. Their preparations include finding the perfect dress or tux, scheduling hair appointments, coordinating after parties and, last but not least, arranging transportation. Undoubtedly, arriving at prom in a limousine is one of the most iconic experiences of this rite of passage. Sterling Limousine & Transportation Services, a global ground transportation provider based in the Philadelphia area, has announced that it is currently available to provide transportation to and from proms and formals this spring.

Google Business Plans Could Be Inspiring an Office Moving Trend: Elephant Removals Comments

A number of news items have emphasized how leading companies, especially those involved in digital, are diversifying and often moving office space – hence seen as a symbol of modernity and efficiency. For example, plans for a London Kings Cross office for Google have been given permission, whilst the international company has also expressed intentions to build £1 billion UK Headquarters by 2016; something yet to begin. This proposed investment and increases in office space is seen as an indicator that regularly moving and updating business environments can be essential to growth.

25% of Parents Say That Moving House Has Aggravated Their Children – A Pressure to Address

According to recent research from the prominent charity Shelter, one in four London parents have said that their last moving experience negatively impacted their children. This is a significant proportion and suggests that moving services in the city need to be developed in order to support families better; as it seems a number have been left struggling. Aggravating factors of moving house include a change to routine and disruption of belongings – but a number of providers are already taking action and responding to this through rapid services, such as Home Removals London.

Car Hire Firms Combat the Unfair Cost – Up to Four Times Greater – Of Hiring a Car

Recent research has drawn attention to the potentially shocking concept that making add-ons to car hire (often in the form of 'hidden extras' such as the option of an extra driver or ski rack many assume are included) could be increasing the cost of hiring the car by up to four times! It is thought that a number of firms are earning money at the expense of customers by continuing with the excessive pricing of 'extras'. However, a number of car hire businesses, such as Fair Rent, are responding instead by offering affordable, transparent car hire at affordable prices; something there is expected to be more public focus on in the coming months.

All Around Moving Is Going the Distance

LogoNew York City is a wonderful place to live, replete with job opportunities, exciting communities, and the ability to experience a rich culture – all in one place. But oftentimes a new job opportunity presents itself, or individuals wish to live closer to loved ones. No matter the circumstances, moving long distance and across the country can be a daunting proposition. Fortunately, the experts at All Around Moving provide long distance moving services to residents of all five boroughs: Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. The professionals from the New York and Miami-based company offer comprehensive assistance, including disassembling and reassembling of all furniture and items. Most recently they have incentivized their moving prowess with a $50 discount on all long distance moves. For a limited time, interested customers can input the discount code LD2016 to receive the coveted rebate on their move.

Delta World Charter Launches iOS App for Private Aviation Users

LogoDelta World Charter (DWC), global air charter specialists based at Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai have announced the release of their free App available on the Apple Store. The App 'DeltaCharter' allows travellers to search for accredited Turbo Prop, Light, Midsize or Heavy Jets from any Point A to Point B globally. The App is compatible with both iPhone and iPad.

Delta World Charter Successfully Completes Cargo Airlift for World's Leader in Transportation & Logistics

LogoDELTA WORLD CHARTER (the "Company") successfully completed a 42-ton pharmaceutical airlift from Al Maktoum International Airport, Dubai (DWC) to Bamako Senou International Airport, Bamako (BKO) on 11 March 2016. The cargo flight was operated for a leading global logistics group.

Manage Fleet Efficiently with Fleet Management Solutions from Microspace Fleet Management

LogoMicrospace Fleet Management, a renowned fleet management company in Nigeria, is providing fleet management solutions at the most competitive prices. Their fleet management solutions improve the overall operational efficiency by reducing the non-value-added activities of the operators. They have their own high-end professional fleet management software, Microfleet that helps them to manage, and retrieve all information relating to the vehicle fleet quickly, reliably, and efficiently. They have a team of skilled professionals who are highly efficient in managing a fleet of any size. They strive hard to provide customized solutions to meet the needs of each of their customers.

Portable Intelligent Transport Leader Airwheel Presents Products at CeBIT at an Impressive and Spacious Booth

Global portable intelligent transport manufacturing leader Airwheel Technology has gone ahead with its plan to captivate the attendees of CeBIT 2016 at an impressive spacious booth in Hall 17-H06. The 36 square meters booth had been selected by the company to allow the attendees a chance to experience their innovative, technologically advanced line of products including classic electric unicycles—X series, exclusive twin-wheeled electric scooters—Q series and 2-wheeled electric scooter S series and revolutionary A3 saddle-equipped electric scooter, the latest S6 mini sitting posture self-balancing scooter, Z3 electric scooter and M3 DIY electric skateboard.

Palmway Towing Offers 24 Hour Professional Towing Across San Mateo

LogoSan Mateo residents will be pleased to hear the announcement of a brand new towing company in the area. Palmway Towing fits right in with this Silicon Valley community. Regular commuters to nearby San Jose and San Francisco as well as the suburban soccer mom driving around town now have a reliable towing company to call upon when in need.

"Global Ancillary Revenue Management Market 2016-2020" Published

LogoThe dynamic market environment has encouraged airlines to focus on a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between ancillary revenue and airfare revenue. This typically involves the price mix of cheaper fares and additional ancillary services to attract passengers, leading to more revenue from ancillary fees. Such booking systems need a high degree of revenue management in terms of managing the ancillary revenue from on-board entertainment or other services such as travel retail or baggage handling. Ancillary revenue management helps companies determine the right pricing strategy for airlines.

Report Published: "Global Anti-Lock Braking System Market 2016-2020"

LogoAn ABS is an automobile safety system that helps motor vehicles maintain tractive contact with the road surface while braking. ABS is broadly classified under active safety systems that work on cadence-braking and threshold-braking principles. It prevents the wheels from locking, thereby avoiding uncontrollable skidding after the application of brakes. ABSs were first introduced in the 1980s and gained popularity in the 1990s in developed countries, such as the US and Canada.