Transportation and Logistics Press Releases

Yellowbird Bus Co. Now Hiring for School Bus Drivers and Attendants

Yellowbird Bus Co., a professional bus transportation service company in operation for over thirty years, has been expanding its elite team of professional bus drivers and attendants over the past few months. Since August 2016, they have hired a total of ten new employees, providing them with all of the training they need to drive and operate the vehicles safely. Continuing in their objective to increase their staff, Yellowbird Bus Co. is pleased to announce that they are currently still hiring for drivers and attendants.

Yellowbird Bus Co. Now Hiring for School Bus Drivers and Attendants

Yellowbird Bus Co., a professional bus transportation service company in operation for over thirty years, has been expanding its elite team of professional bus drivers and attendants over the past few months. Since August 2016, they have hired a total of ten new employees, providing them with all of the training they need to drive and operate the vehicles safely. Continuing in their objective to increase their staff, Yellowbird Bus Co. is pleased to announce that they are currently still hiring for drivers and attendants.

People Urged to Continue House Moves Following Brexit

A mass amount of turmoil has been created by the Brexit decision however presently there isn't any reason for people to let it affect their plans to move home. With many tempted to hold off moving home, and eager to see what is going to happen going forward it has become apparent that many people are cancelling plans.

Yasu Shimizu Publishes a First-of-Its-Kind Linguistic Article on JLE Website

Yasu Shimizu, a renowned linguist, well-rounded writer, talented discoverer, and the managing director of Japan Luggage Express (JLE), is pleased to announce today his latest and newest discovery in the field of linguistics.

Moving Throughout the Fall with Brothers Movers

LogoResidential movers in Bucks County, PA, Brothers Movers, is assisting families and individuals throughout the fall season. Though the busiest season for home buying is coming to a close, many are still finding their dream homes or planning the logistics for getting into them.

Football Fans Look to Safeway Drivers to Get Them Home Safely

LogoAh, autumn. The crisp air, the kids back in school, and football back on our screens and in our hearts. Fall is a special time of the year, full of a change in the weather, leaves turning beautiful shades of orange and red, and a brand new season with the classic pigskin. College football opened just two weekends ago, and the NFL just completed its opening weekend – much to the enjoyment of fans nationwide. Saturdays and Sundays are reserved for the collegiate and professional versions of the game, respectively. Enthusiastic fans flood local bars, gather around the TV set at home, and make a day of cheering on their team. But when the game ends, and the stadium lights go out, or the last keg is dispatched at the backyard party – all of those fans must find their way home. Fortunately, the professional drivers at Safeway Drivers are happy to lend a hand. From helping fans get to the game safely to taking them home after a fun experience with old friends, the chauffeur experts at Safeway Drivers are gearing up for another season of football.

Vector Moving Now Ensures Top Notch Commercial and Residential Moving Services

LogoVector Moving has reported their readiness to provide top notch commercial and residential moving services. The representatives of the company believe that their services are of great help both to those people, who move to a new house or office for the first time as well as for those, who have already had such an experience before and know how complicated and challenging the process is.

Airwheel Unicycle Offers a Cool Lifestyle

Airwheel is now offering a cool lifestyle for many with its electric unicycle. The company is dedicated to bring forth the world's leading transportation device with style and convenience.

Environmentally Conscious People Have a Reason to Feel Happy About the Eco-Friendly Efforts of Airwheel Holding Limited

That Airwheel Holding Limited bestows utmost attention on sticking to environmental norms while making their Airwheel self-balancing unicycle is certainly great news for those who are environmentally conscious. According to the company, they make it a point not to deviate from this principle though they have brought out a wide array of products including the electric unicycle.

Hochman & Goldin Discusses Florida Traffic Rules

LogoThere is currently no Florida law explicitly mentioning who has the right of way, but there are rules in place in terms of which driver is responsible for yielding when a traffic situation arises. In a four way stop for example, it's expected that the first driver to arrive at the stop will have the right of way. If two drivers arrive at the stop simultaneously, the driver to the right has the right of way.

Back to School with a New Start at Hammer's Moving & Storage

As August stretches into September, the new school year is almost here. Families across the nation will be picking up supplies, going over summer reading lists and settling into new homes. In the lead-up to the new school year, many families will need assistance getting their new homes settled.

Take Stress out of Selling a Property with Mi-Move

An independent estate agents in Sutton, Mi-Move is now offering sales services to help landlords and estate agents in selling their properties without any stress. These services are carried out by their team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, who have proven knowledge and decades of experience working in this sector.

Golan's Moving & Storage Is Getting a New Look

LogoGolan's Moving & Storage has unveiled a rebranding and new website, and clients are offering positive feedback all the way. The company is enjoying the recognition from its globe logo. Chicago's most trusted and reliable moving company has also re-launched its website to provide clients and prospects with the most in-depth information about the company and its services.

Allstate Car Services Gives Readers Five Negotiating Tips

With so many transportation options, travelers are often left with a difficult decision when choosing which company to use for car service to the Philadelphia Airport. The biggest factor that clients look for when choosing a transportation service is trust. Reputation, safety, and comfort go a long way. Allstate Car Services, one of the most reputable car services in Bucks County, is known for being punctual and professional. To help their blog readers, the company published a website blog to help its readers learn more about the art of negotiating with car companies and in general business transactions. The business is confident that customers will appreciate their affordable prices and will not need to utilize these negotiation tactics against them.

Moving House Can Boost Memory: Top Removals Comments

Research from the University of New Hampshire has recently been revealed suggesting that although moving house can be incredibly stressful for many, it can in fact be good for one's memory; providing some comfort to all whom are looking to move in the near future. With the average person in the UK moving house five times throughout their lives, previous polls have found it to be something that most find to be one of the most stressful experiences, however maybe these people will look at moving in a different light now.

Safe Removals Offer Leading Office Relocation Tips That Can Remove Stress

Often when moving office space, many people don't put as much thought into it as they would a house move – This is the reason why they go wrong a lot of the time. From physical changes to digital changes, when moving office there are so many things that need to be done and leading removals company Safe Removals has recently provided these top tips with the aim to assist in businesses avoiding the most common office moving pitfalls:

From Renovations to Moving Missions, Drop-a-Box Has It Covered

Anyone about to undertake a home renovation project or move into a new place towards the end of the 2016 summer is encouraged to contact Drop-A-Box to request a pod for moving near Allentown, PA and surrounding regions. Prospective customers can request a free quote through their website today.

Making Moves with AAA Moving & Storage Co.

Anyone searching for residential or commercial movers near Monroe County, PA and surrounding areas is encouraged to contact the experts at AAA Moving & Storage Co. The local Mayflower Agent is currently offering free estimates to prospective customers looking to make moves.

Clean & Affordable Units Available at AAA Self-Storage Inc.

Anyone seeking affordable storage units near Mount Pocono, PA is encouraged to contact the Relocation Consultants at AAA Self Storage Inc. When people are determined to increase their working or living space through the use of a storage unit, safety & security should be their top priority. Fortunately, the professionals recognize how important it is for individuals to have confidence in the protection of their stored belongings. As a result, they strive to facilitate a protective storage environment 24-7.

UCS Group Offers Air Freight Services Worldwide with High Performance Standards and Flexibility

UCS Group, one of the UK's leading independent providers of Courier services, provides customers with complete solutions including their air freight services at the most competitive prices. Their domestic and international air freight services are uniquely designed to meet each of their customers' needs. They provide air freight services for consignments of any size, whether they are large volumes of goods or small packages. With their high-tech information managing system, they provide customers with real-time shipment information and updates. UCS Group can meet their customers' requirements with confidence and reliability. Anyone looking for air freight services can rely on the UCS Group for providing them with the most efficient services.

Containers Converted to Fire Training Modules: Supplier Containental Comments

Providers of new and used shipping and storage containers Containental has recently supplied a number of containers to the French fire authorities via its sister company Pacific Containers which are located in Le Havre France.

Professional Drivers Help Senior Citizens Get Around

LogoAs medical practices and technologies have improved over the years, so have our lifespans – and the result is an aging baby boomer population and a tip towards an aging U.S. population. In fact, today there are more Americans over the age of 65 than at any other time in U.S. history. In the two decades between 2010 and 2030, that population of senior citizens will increase an astonishing 75% to 69 million. As they age, their driving skills deteriorate; hampering their ability to get around & caregivers or relatives may not be available at all times. That immobility can have adverse effects on morale & self-worth; but Safeway Drivers services provide a possible answer to this problem. Their professional drivers help senior citizens regain their independence, by assisting them with daily tasks & errands such as shopping, medical appointments, pharmacy visits and even salon or spa treatments. This Texas-based company is making the transition to old age for seniors living in Houston, Dallas, Austin, Atlanta, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and San Diego less burdensome and affords them the opportunity to enjoy a more vibrant lifestyle.

Travel with Care with Executive Protection Services by Transekur

LogoIn addition to providing a wealth of private transportation services, ranging from drivers, chauffeurs, and even aerial transport services, Transekur also provides Executive Protection Services for VIPs, high-profile executives, and celebrities traveling to and from the Dominican Republic.

Airport Transportation Services with Transekur

LogoTransekur provides various transportation services throughout the country of the Dominican Republic. In a country that has several major highways connecting to major towns and cities, and being an island heavily traveled by executives, tourists, and residents, the need for private aerial service was in high demand.

Moving to Another Location Has Become Simpler with Rhino Moving Services

LogoMoving to another place is often a challenge. It does not really matter how far a new home or office is located, the list of to-do-things will remain almost the same. There are so many problems that have to be handled before, during and after the moving process. No wonder, many people even cannot suspect what to expect in these situations and need professional assistance to make the process a success. This is where Rhino Moving services will be of great help to the residents of San Diego.

Top Removals Pass on Their Expertise, Providing Leading Moving Tips

Everybody knows that moving house can be a stressful time, even though the initial thought is exciting, it is hard to keep organised and there are many things to do. This is why a leading removals company, Top Removals have come together and utilised all their years of knowledge and experience to come up with some key tips for moving, here are just some of the tips now featured on their website:

Bulova Technologies Group, Inc., Announces the Acquisition of Global Frozen Trucking Inc. by Its Subsidiary BT Twiss Transport LLC

LogoBulova Technologies Group, Inc. (BTGI) announced today that its subsidiary, BT Twiss Transport LLC ("BT Transport"), has agreed to acquire Global Frozen Trucking, Inc. (GFTI) a Pinellas Park, Florida based refrigerated trucking company.  The acquisition pending final due diligence would close on or before September 30, 2016.