Press Releases From 07/12/2012 Until 08/04/2015

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Fox Electric Utility Vehicles Make Life Easy for a Wide Range of Industry Sectors

The history of electric vehicles dates back to the 1830s when Scottish inventor Robert Anderson invented the first electric carriage powered by non-rechargeable primary cells. American inventor William Morrison built the first successful electric automobile in 1891 and by the beginning of the 20th century, more than 1 in 4 cars were powered by electricity. However, by the 1920s electric cars ceased to be a viable commercial product due to the ready supply of petrol and the vehicle’s lack of horsepower.

Life Insurance - an Important Part of Everybody Investment Portfolio

Life Insurance is considered to be an important part of an individual’s investment portfolio, not necessarily to accumulate wealth, but to feel financially secure. Other than this while opting for a life insurance policy one enjoys other benefits also, like tax-deduction options, and in some cases long term capital gains. Life insurance for 20 plus adult and life insurance for over 50 differ in their term and plan of the policy. What is important when opt for a policy is the term and plan related to that particular policy, may be the cheapest policy in the market doesn’t cater to needs of every customer. Always remember Life Insurance is primarily made keeping the family and those who are dependent of the policy holder in mind.

Gazelle Design and Marketing Provides the Best SEO and Search Engine Marketing Services

Gazelle Design and Marketing, the renowned website design company in Bournemouth, provides the best SEO and Search engine marketing services. Search Engine Optimization is a crucial part of internet marketing. Search Engine optimization helps a website perform well on major search engines such as Google. The more quality optimization that is carried out on a website the better it will rank in the organic listings.

GoDaddy's July Promotion (20% off All Products and Services) Ends on July 17th Reports

GoDaddy's latest promotion, where customers can save 20% on all products and services, has proven to be very popular with customers, but wants to remind people that this offer closes in a matter of days on July 17th.

Movie Marts Save With TelcoDepot's VoIP Offer

LogoBusiness VoIP equipment and service provider has launched a new discount VoIP offer for movie marts that is designed to provide them with top-of-the-line VoIP service plans and phone systems, as well as a host of other telecom equipment for all of their VoIP, phone systems, conferencing, surveillance and networking needs, while also providing great support incentives and other incentives for the movie marts.

Canada's Tax Burden Unlikely to Rise Expert Says

Brahm Shiller at UHY Victor LLP in Montreal: “While Canada’s tax as a percent of GDP is close to the G8 average, it is 8% higher than that of the US, its largest trading partner and closest neighbor."

International Aero Products Introduces the Ultimate in Automotive Paint Protection...Shield

LogoInternational AERO Products, AERO, the company that brought exclusive aircraft detailing products to the automotive industry in 2011, has a new addition to the product line, SHIELD, a 2-part paint protectant. SHIELD is a catalyzed, co-polymer that chemically binds to painted surfaces to create a deep, luscious shine, while also protecting painted surfaces for up to two years. The easy to apply protectant has been a detailing staple of sister company, International AERO Services, which has been cleaning multi-million dollar private aircraft for years.

Baseball Equipment, Custom Baseball Uniforms Are Now Available Online from Silverstar Sports

Silverstar Sports, a leading producer of baseball uniforms and accessories, recently announced the launch of their new online store. Featuring a wide range of baseball equipment online, the company’s new store offers everything from baseball bats and batting helmets to pitching machines and training gear. Based in Canada, Silverstar Sports also produces high quality, custom baseball uniforms for baseball teams throughout North America.

Low Price Guarantee Now Offered by Glass Masters, Metairie

LogoGlass Masters continues to work to make auto glass replacement and repair easy, affordable and fast for everyone in the Metairie area. In this past this has mean easy answers to things like how much does windshield replacement cost and other quotes for online services. To make things even easier and more affordable, in addition to other price breaking specials they have made their low cost guarantee available to the public.

4OVER4.COM Helps Movie Marts Save With Discount Printing Offer

Logo4OVER4.COM, a trusted provider of affordable high quality custom professional printing services delivered through the Internet for fast online ordering, speedy delivery, and high quality digital and offset printing.

Kids Birthday Parties in Orange County Are Fun for Kids and Easy for Parents Thanks to WowZville

As anyone who has ever hosted a birthday party for a child knows quite well, spending the afternoon with a group of excited and enthusiastic young kids is a lot of fun.

Nu Image Medical Receives 2012 Best of Tampa Award

For the second consecutive year, Nu Image Medical has been selected for the 2012 Best of Tampa Award in the Weight Loss & Control Programs category by the U.S. Commerce Association (USCA).

New Book Suggests 'American Solution' Must Be from God

An anonymous author/publisher, writing as “An Old Vietnam Vet,” has released a new Book titled ‘The Trashing of America: How Marxist Thugs Hijacked Our Nation.’ The core message is that it doesn’t matter who the President is, because God cannot bless America until its people restore the heroic morality that made America great.

Kelly Habbas Prepares Himself for the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon in 2013

Kelly Habbas has just announced that he will be running in the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon in 2013. He has already begun his extensive training for the entire marathon to be held next year—not just one leg of the race, the entire 26.2 mile run. Participating in marathons like this is a hobby Kelly Habbas has enjoyed for many years. His dedication to his pursuits and his physical prowess reflect in his professional life, where he is an authority in the IT industry and a leading voice in the CIO world.

Boardwalk Empire Actress Makes Debut in RENT Off-Bway

LogoA rising star of screen and stage, Natalie Wachen recently landed the highly-coveted role of Mimi Marquez in the off-Broadway revival of Rent playing opposite new cast member and "American Idol" alum Anthony Fedorov.

The Peter Leeds Penny Stocks Guide Offers Research & Recommendations About the Top Penny Stocks

The Penny Stocks Guide, the newsletter that teaches the basic principles of penny stock trading, offers research information about the top penny stocks available. The renowned penny stocks analyst, Peter Leeds, provides prudent penny stocks picks that help investors earn profits and avoid losses. The well-timed buy calls have enabled thousands on investors to chalk up enormous gains within several months, a few weeks, or even just a couple of days. The Penny Stock Guide is a comprehensive and impartial source for investors interested in penny stocks trading.

New Supplement and Spray Could Cure Baldness Reports are reporting that a new supplement and spray has recently gone on sale that could potentially cure baldness, or at least delay the onset of baldness. A lot of men and women suffer from hair loss, but a new product called Har Vokse could help treat this condition.

Forever Living Expands Its Services by Providing Jobs for Students

Forever Living, that manufactures and sells dozens of wellness and beauty products, has expanded its services by providing jobs for students. It is not an easy task for students to get a job because it becomes difficult to manage university work and paid work together. If students are looking get a flexible job while at University, Forever Living products offer a great opportunity to do this. Jobs for students are gaining popularity and acceptance with the passage of time. Today, everyone wants to be self-dependent even when they are students, teens or house wives. Jobs for students are best options for people who need a little extra cash for themselves.

Car Hire Expert Carhire99 Expands Service to over 171 Countries

Car hiring provides transportation for people traveling on long trips in a comfortable and inexpensive manner. Since hiring a car allows the user to travel at their own pace, time, and convenience without putting miles on an individual’s car, it is becoming a great travel alternative.

Isagenix Nutritional Cleanse Website Publishes New Infographic, a website that helps people achieve optimum health through nutritional cleansing, has just published an infographic called “Is Your Diet Toxic?”

ABCO Insurance Agency Provides Commercial Insurance in New Jersey

ABCO Insurance Agency provides Commercial Insurance in New Jersey and will design an insurance policy that is affordable to make sure one has the coverage they need. They have the expertise to handle the needs of both large and small businesses and tailor plans to fit each individual. Whether it is worker's compensation for a large manufacturer, or any business insurance, ABCO can provide the tools to protect one’s business.

Major Advantages of Multiple Head Breakers

It is one of the national duties of a government to improve the infrastructure of a country. There are various options that are used as modes of transports Land mode requires the authorities to construct roads that would facilitate the sales of automobiles resulting in development of national economy. It is a well-known fact that one of the most advanced countries in terms of highways is United States of America that has a network of State and Federal roads. It is a known fact that there are many machines that are used in road construction.

Paul & Perkins Attorneys Awarded Local and National Distinctions

The Law Offices of Paul & Perkins PA recently announced Orlando personal injury attorney Paul C. Perkins was awarded the prestigious “AV Preeminent Rating” by Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings. The designation, one that less than five percent of attorneys attain, is the latest in a growing list of recent local and national distinctions for the firm.

California HARP Refinancing Specialist Uses New HARP 2.0 Program to Help Seriously Underwater California Homeowners Lower Their Interest Rates

Updated HARP 2.0 government program provides refinancing options to California homeowners who are living under negative equity by allowing them to refinance at lower interest rates.

HARP 2.0 Program Allows Oregon Homeowners to Take Advantage of Record Low Refinance Rates and Lower Their Monthly Mortgage Payments

Oregon homeowners who are living under negative equity (Their home is worth less than their mortgage balance)may be able to use the all new HARP 2.0 government program to allow them to refinance at record low interest rates and payments.