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Giorgio Albanese Looks to Raise $40,000 via Indiegogo to Record His Debut Album

Giorgio is a young singer with an original singing style. He loves music, people, and his native land.

Narendra Simone Seeks Kickstarter Funding to Publish His Upcoming Book 'Temple of Hope'

Having lived in 7 countries and traveled extensively through over 80 countries, Narendra Simone has seen things that compel him to write and share the truth hidden behind the thin veneer of the societies. Championed by the female protagonist, Sophie Kramer, his fictional tale reveals the truth about the unseen India. 

Coconuts and Food Allergens Addressed by AIB at TraceGains Webinar

LogoIn the recent TraceGains webinar about food allergens, one of the attendees asked, “Is coconut considered a tree nut?” Stephanie Lopez, Food Safety Services Innovation at AIB International, VP Food Safety Services Innovation at AIB International the guest speaker answered, “From a regulatory stand point for an allergen labeling stand point: yes. Coconut is a tree nut. There has been push back from the scientific community saying that it is not a tree nut, but for an allergen stand point the FDA is saying it is a tree nut. It would have to be treated as a separate allergen from your other tree nuts.”

Trilogiq USA GRAPHIT Introduces Innovative MonoBlok Resistant to Liquids and Chemical Corrosion

Trilogiq USA GRAPHIT® recently introduced MonoBlok® for closing and sealing. The GRAPHIT system is resistant to liquids and chemical corrosion and stays clean for a long time, guaranteeing a long service life and long-lasting, quality appearance which adds value. This TPU can be manufactured from Electro Static Dissipative (ESD) material, making GRAPHIT ESD available on demand.

Engine Cooling Systems Manufacturer Selects Ultriva Lean Suite for Streamlined Supply Chain Processes

LogoUltriva, Inc. continues a collaborative partnership with one of the largest manufacturers of engine cooling systems for construction, agricultural and military vehicles which now has all purchased parts going through Ultriva Lean Suite, resulting in greater collaboration and streamlined supply chain processes. Known as a pioneer in Kanban solutions, Ultriva CEO Narayan Laksham and the team of technology solutions professionals at the Cupertino-based firm are strongly advocating that engine cooling systems producers and suppliers integrate with the demand side to streamline the supply chain.

The "Cure" Has Failed...Prevention Is Now Critical. Stop Heal Prevent Workshops Offer Breakthrough Prevention and Wellness Programs to Businesses, Employees, Clients and Customers

Cancer prevention has escalated in importance due to recent World Health Organization’s bold statement by Chris Wild, as quoted by BBC News, "If we look at the cost of treatment of cancers, it is spiraling out of control, even for the high-income countries. Prevention is absolutely critical and it's been somewhat neglected." “Prevention has been much more than ‘somewhat neglected’, states Patricia Kelley, Founder of the Stop Heal Prevent Workshops.

Lentz Law Firm Secures Landmark Asset Forfeiture Verdict on Behalf of Client

Asset forfeiture is a form of criminal proceeding in which the state confiscates material and financial assets accrued through illegal activities. However, this often occurs before the verdict has been passed, using only a ‘preponderance of the evidence’ to justify taking the assets. In these cases, individuals falling victim to this forfeiture must enlist the help of a lawyer. In LA County, there is one clear choice in Lentz Law Firm, who recently saw eighty thousand dollars returned to its rightful owner after it was seized by the FBI.

International Satellite Services Extends Range of Satellite Telecommunications Solutions

In the days of high speed 4G mobile internet, it’s increasingly hard to imagine ever being disconnected for those who spend their time in developed urban areas. However, most of the world still has a complete absence of even mobile signal, much less internet. For the new generation of digital nomads who earn their living online while travelling the world or for those involved in aid work is remote areas, satellite communications can make all the difference, and International Satellite Services Inc. can provide the latest generation of communications tech with the BGAN satellite transmitter.

Atlantic Energy Offers Big Savings for New York Gas Customers

Atlantic Energy today emphasized its innovative and effective approach to the energy deregulation market in New York. As more and more states come to realize the benefits of deregulating the energy market, it becomes ever more crucial that energy suppliers are able to engage with the process effectively. Atlantic Energy offers a different way forward by combining the power of open markets with the extra attractions of a range of savings and rewards. A spokesperson for the company stated that many customers had already seen double-digit percentage falls in their gas bills.

One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating Hires New Employees to Better Serve Clients

Statistics from the U.S. Energy Information Administration indicate Florida's electricity use has recently skyrocketed to the second highest in the country, attributed largely to the consistent widespread use of air conditioning. With this increase comes a growing demand for ac repair Tarpon Springs. Having kept vigilant watch over this trend for some time, the staff of One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating has hired 4 new employees as part of their efforts to better serve the needs of their clients in Tarpon Springs and the surrounding area.

Popeye's on Lake Geneva Participating in Dine out for Disaster Relief

LogoPopeye’s on Lake Geneva will participate in the American Red Cross’s Dine Out for Disaster Relief by donating 10% of their total restaurant sales on March 27th, 2014. Now in it’s 7th year, Dine out for Disaster Relief is set to raise $40,000 for local American Red Cross emergency relief and life-saving preparedness programs. Popeye’s on Lake Geneva is proud to join forces with food establishments across Wisconsin and parts of Michigan to support the American Red Cross’s efforts in their community.

Obama, World Leaders Praise Mandela, a Giant of History

LogoWhen a legendary man of great honor dies, the whole world weeps. On December 5, 2013, Nelson Mandela did not only leave the world free – he left the world longing for more leaders like him. “Although we knew that this day would come, nothing can diminish our sense of a profound and enduring loss,” said South African President Jacob Zuma.

Slater & Zurz LLP Names Martin S. Delahunty, III a Partner in the Ohio Law Firm

LogoSlater & Zurz LLP announced today that attorney Martin S. Delahunty, III has been named a partner in the Ohio law firm. Now Offering Rush Travel Visas for US Visitors and Immigrants is now offering rush travel Visas for visitors and immigrants. The company wishes to encourage those who want to travel or move to the United States, as immigration greatly enhances this country’s culture. also believes that proper Visa filing protects both travelers and US natives. Thankfully the US has border laws in place that give everyone the opportunity to travel while feeling safe and secure. That’s why provides rush Visa processing for all at their Philadelphia office. Prices and regulations are subject to change, so be sure to call at 215-739-3844 for the latest information. The company can then email or fax Visa seekers the current forms and requirements to help them start the process.

Rethinking Media and Sexual Violence: A Panel Discussion on Media Coverage on Canadian Campuses

LogoMedia myths and popular assumptions may be making campuses more dangerous and concealing important narratives. On Tuesday March 4 at Ryerson University, panelists will discuss this and other issues at Media Coverage of Sexual Violence on Campus, a panel discussion led in partnership between Ryerson University School of Journalism and several organizations that address gender-based violence and violence against women and girls.

Gourmet Food Company Presents French 75 Recipe for the Oscars

LogoJohn Wm. Macy's CheeseSticks presents a recipe for French 75 to serve while people watch the Oscars. Often award shows such as the Oscars encourage people to celebrate. It is the type of occasion when it is fun to serve cocktails featuring champagne, such as the French 75.

Great Nation Van Lines Offers Great Moving Services at the Lowest Possible Price

Great Nation Van Lines is a name synonymous to quality logistic solution at the lowest possible rates. Since its inception, the company has acquired the coveted status of being the most reliable, efficient, experienced, trusted and preferred moving companies in continental USA that provides its services at highly competitive rates. The moving and logistics company provides customized solutions to suit the dynamic needs, desires and the budget considerations of the clients.

Solar Light Company Introduces the PMA2200 Single Input Light Meter to Customers

Solar Light Company, continuing their commitment to being on the leading edge of innovation, is pleased to introduce the PMA2200 Single Input L ight Meter to their customers. Not only is the PMA2200 a light meter, but it is also a radiometer, photometer and UV meter, which measures UV, visible and IR light efficiently. Solar Light Company holds U.S. Pat. 5,946,641 and U.S. Pat. 5,790,432.

KeeboMed Offers Best-in-Class Ultrasound Machines at Affordable Prices

KeeboMed is the most trusted name and an undisputed leader of the industry when it comes to providing excellent quality ultrasound machines and other vet equipments at a very affordable price range. The online store has the largest range of vet equipments and customers can even buy the used ultrasound machines at discounted prices. KeeboMed aims for complete customer satisfaction and does its level best to better customer experience when the buy ultrasound machines and vet equipments online.

2014 Confident Women Conference: A Time for Female Business Owners to Learn Business Growth & Leadership Techniques, and Connect with Other Entrepreneurs

Women on a Mission to Earn Commission (WOAMTEC), a networking organization geared towards business women, will be holding its Confident Women Conference in Orlando, Florida this Spring. The Confident Women Conference will be held at the Rosen Plaza Hotel on International Drive. The conference is scheduled for April 24­25, and will consist of seminars, a trade show, luncheon, a silent auction, and a VIP social event. WOAMTEC members and non­members can register for the Confident Women Conference by calling 407.767.5417, visiting, or by emailing

Celebrities View Art Film by Marko Stout in Miami

Art Basel is the world's premier international art show for contemporary works and a winter meeting place for art collectors and dealers. The warm Miami evening of 12/06/13 brought many celebrities and art collectors to the Weinstein Art Gallery during the annual Basel festival to meet the popular New York artist Marko Stout and view his latest work, including a short art film entitled “Thinner Then Ice”. The list of stars included Kayne West and Kim Kardashian, Elle Macpherson, and singer Marc Anthony. The film’s star Andrina Nowak was also in attendance.

Lafayette, in Real Estate Company Coldwell Banker Shook Welcomes Four Real Estate Agents to Its Team

Coldwell Banker Shook, a leader in the Lafayette homes for sale industry, recently announced its decision to add four real estate agents to its team. Pat Wing, Laurie Sturgeon, Leisl Victor, and Emanny Seele have extensive experience relating to the real estate industry and are excited to work closely with home buyers and sellers.

All Penny News: OurPets Company Delivers Record Growth in 2013 Media, Inc. ( announces its latest article titled “OurPets Company Delivers Record Growth in 2013.”

The Ticktin Law Group Launches Legal Brains Website Offering Free Legal Advice

With more than 50 million injuries occurring in the United States each year, Florida's numbers rank among the highest in the nation. Varying in severity and nature, the majority of victims suffer from work related injuries, vehicle accidents and slip and fall situations. State records reveal almost 40 percent of these situations go unresolved, leaving the victim with mounting medical bills and numerous additional expenses.

Gladstone Dental Offers NTI Suppression System to Patients

LogoDr. Gregory Dale and Dr. David Platt, Gladstone Family Dental Group, are helping their patients who suffer from migraine pain, tension-type headaches, jaw problems such as Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD) and bruxism (teeth grinding) with the NTI Supression System. The NTI Suppression System is a small removable plastic resin appliance custom fitted by Dr. Dale or Dr. Platt and is worn over the front teeth at night to prevent contact of the posterior teeth. “It is key that the molars and canine teeth do not touch anything in order to sufficiently reduce jaw clenching,” says Dr. Dale.

Prolific New Author, Pamela A. Goodwin, Releases Five Books in Five Months

Since she began college in 2001, Pamela A. Goodwin has wanted to be an author.

Interesting Facts About People, Animals and More Can Be Found at New Website GoWeirdFacts

GoWeirdFacts, a blog that is filled with interesting facts about people, history, animals, science and much more, has just launched its new and entertaining website. The blog features a huge variety of weird and fun facts that are all amazingly true.