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Speech Analytics Market Studies Research Report 2025

Speech analytics technologies are used to extract information at customer contact points across various channels such as voice, chat, email, social channels, and surveys. Across the world, voice and phone interaction is the most common mode of communication used by consumers. Therefore, speech analytics is used in Voice User Interface (VUI) to derive insights at different contact points.

North America Retail E-Commerce Software Market 2017: By Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2022

Market Research Store has been recently published a fresh research report— North America Retail E-commerce Software Market by Manufacturers, Countries, Type and Application, Forecast to 2022 . This added to the company's collection of research reports. This report offers a deep examination of the Retail E-commerce Software market for the period 2013–2023. As per the report, the Retail E-commerce Software market is estimated to grow at elevated CAGR recorded in 2017. The towering competitive Retail E-commerce Software market has been observing huge and whooping investments in development and research from government as well as private firms.

Worldwide Face and Voice Biometrics Market : Facts, Figures and Analytical Insights 2015 - 2021

LogoFacial and voice acknowledgment technologies can recognize identity of an individual even without any direct contact between the system and the person. This is conventionally done by taking or capturing a sample of image or voice of the individual using cameras and voice recorders. Voice recognition systems are developing into a conventional commercial user acknowledgement technology, achieving substantial level of adoption in a wide range of customer interactive applications.

Worldwide Integrated Systems Market : Quantitative Market Analysis, Current and Future Trends 2015 - 2021

LogoIntegrated Systems are known as the class of data center systems which are used to deliver a combination of server, network and shared-storage devices in a pre-integrated stack. These systems are used to combine networking, storage and compute as well as data center applications. With the help of integrated systems, different storage, server and networking vendors are now started offering a list of services which can resonate well with their data center operations, thereby boosting their infrastructure efficiency for high virtualized environments. It provides customers with more loosely coupled environment which is safe from all the complex interdependencies in order to bring more agility and automation in business processes. Thus, enterprises can effectively carry out all their process innovations without constantly modifying and maintaining diverse application programs. The adoption of integrated systems are aligned both with the maturity of service component provider and the operational dynamics of the customer environment.

Impact of Existing and Emerging Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Market Trends and Forecast 2015-2025

LogoGlobally, large quantities of fossil fuels are consumed for a variety of industrial processes such as those in steel industries, cement industries and in power generation. Combustion of fossil fuels at such a large scale results in emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in to the atmosphere. Ever increasing amount of these gases in the atmosphere have resulted in irreversible phenomena such as climate change, depletion of ozone among the others. Sighting these and several other imminent threats, an ingenious technology namely Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) has been increasingly adopted across the globe in recent years. Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is a process wherein up to 90% of carbon dioxide emissions produced as a result of combustion of fossil fuels, are captured. Thus, preventing them from entering the atmosphere. The process comprises three steps, first step involves capturing the carbon dioxide which is emitted, second step involves transportation of the captured carbon dioxide and the third step involves its secure storage.

Now Available Global High Pressure Processing Market Forecast and Growth 2015-2025

LogoHalf a decade ago, consumers seems to be gushing for good quality food products that has a high shelf life. Companies were actively looking for methods and equipment that can help foods to retain their natural flavor even after long shelf life of preservation. High pressure processing equipment is one such cutting-edge innovation. High pressure processing is a non-thermal preservation and pasteurization process that increases the shelf life of food, while retaining the original quality of food products. Unlike most conventional food processing system, this method accomplishes high hydrostatic pressure of 100 to 1000 MPa to process food products. It is due to its minimal negative effect that high pressure processing market (HPP) is finding great prominence globally. This billion dollar industry is anticipated to witness strong growth worldwide during the forecast period, 2015–2025.

Refrigerated/Frozen Dough Products Market to Make Great Impact in Near Future by 2025

LogoSome of the fastest growing segments of the food processing industry are frozen/refrigerated dough product. Refrigerated/Frozen Dough products consist of Cookies/Brownies, Biscuits, Dinner rolls, Sweet rolls, Pizza base and other bakery items. Modern equipment and packaging opens up a new demand spectrum in refrigerated/frozen dough industry. Various refrigeration processes increases the shelf life of the product and lowers the chances of product wastage. There is an increasing demand for par baked dough products in sandwich category as it is as tasty as fresh dough.

Automotive Exhaust Systems Market, 2015-2025 by Segmentation: Based on Product, Application and Region

LogoAutomotive exhaust system is a piping system designed to guide reaction exhaust gases away from combustion taking place inside an automotive engine. The main function of the exhaust system is to eject burned gases to the rear of the vehicle and to reduce the sound of engine combustion. Key necessity of modern automotive exhaust systems is to reduce noise and increase a vehicles fuel economy, power and overall efficiency. To meet exhaust release standards such as Euro 6, exhaust system market is expected to witness an improved performance in engine horsepower and torque which is expected to drive automotive exhaust systems market in future.

Hand Sanitizer Market Forecast and Segments, 2015-2025

LogoHand sanitizers are nowadays used as an alternative to washing hands using soap and water. Hand sanitizers are highly recommended because of their effectiveness in killing germs and microorganisms. The active component in the hand sanitizers is alcohol. The alcohol based sanitizers account to the largest market share in the global hand sanitizers market. But because of the high alcohol content these hand rubs are placed in the flammable liquid categories which in turn questions the safety and effectiveness. The hand sanitizers find extensive use in the hospitals and food service providers where the hand hygiene is of high importance. The hand sanitizer market is expected to witness double digit growth in the forecast period.

Worldwide Data Center RFID Market: Drivers, Historical and Current Sizes 2015 - 2021

LogoA data center is a facility of computer systems that houses the data and applications which are critical for the success of business organizations. Data centers are integrated to deliver timely, trusted and secure information within the organization. Currently, data center managers are continuously facing pressure to enhance the security of data center assets and ensure optimal utilization of resources. Hence, they are integrating various technologies such as Radio-frequency identification (RFID) to keep track of critical assets such as servers, routers and other IT assets. Automation via RFID reduces inefficiency and human error, reduces costs and complexity while increasing flexibility and control. RFID allows companies to identify and collect a range of metrics for data center assets. Additionally, they help to increase inventory accuracy and operational efficiency. Based on the type of assets, RFID tags can be for servers, switches, storage devices (removable drives and backup drives) among others. Based on solutions, RFID for data centers include tags (active or passive tags), readers, antennas and software.

Worldwide Multi-Service Business Gateways Market: Drivers, Historical and Current Sizes 2015 - 2021

LogoA multi-service business gateway is a device that integrates multiple network data and voice communication tasks into a single device. The multi-service business gateway solution combines crucial functions such as VoIP (voice over internet protocol), routing and security of firewall, virtual private networking and intrusion prevention into a single fault tolerant platform. It also involves functionality related to filtering and email-server, storage and wireless networking. Multi-service business gateways enable OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and SMEs (small medium enterprises) to differentiate themselves in the market place by incorporating additional functionalities such as session border control and trans-coding and other call management capabilities in their organization's infrastructure. Multi-service business gateway security framework consists of various components such as access, routing, firewall, VPN (virtual private network), MGW (media gateway), SBC (session border controller) and IP (internet protocol) PBX (private branch exchange).

Worldwide Virtual Data Rooms Market: Recent Industry Trends, Current and Projected Industry 2015 - 2021

LogoData rooms are referred as online rooms which are used for data exchange and storing transactions. However, the disclosure of information during the transaction depends on the authority or the vendor. Conventionally, physical data rooms were used while the diligence processes were carried between two parties. However, to minimize the cost involved in managing physical data rooms, virtual data rooms evolved. A virtual data room is an extranet which provides repository of data that is hosted online and is used to share critical and confidential information with the other party (external customers and partners) over a secure connection. The information or the documents are stored electronically on a server in a virtual data room and only authorized users are granted web-access to these documents post requisite authentication. Virtual data rooms can be used by buyers, accountants, attorneys, and other professionals who frequently exchange critical and confidential documents. Virtual data rooms find profound use when mergers and acquisitions take place, as it is a cost-effective way to eliminate the need for physical data room. Virtual data rooms are advantages as they overcome barriers of physical data rooms which include narrow bandwidth, cost of travel, and use of paper for documentation. Need for timely and secure data exchange between two parties is identified as a major factor contributing towards rise in the virtual data rooms market. Moreover, increase in cross-border transactions and rising competition for online deals which requires high bandwidth is expected to fuel the demand for virtual data rooms in future.

Worldwide Next Generation Communication Technologies Market : Facts, Figures and Analytical Insights 2015 - 2021

LogoNext generation communication technologies can also be termed as advanced communication technologies. Over the years communication technology has evolved drastically with increasing technological advancement in internet and other supporting communication technologies. Next generation communication technologies helps in minimizing communication gap and improve the quality of communication. In recent period, next generation communication technologies are expected to play key role in development of various verticals.

Worldwide Chocolate Market : Recent Industry Trends, Current and Projected Industry 2020

LogoChocolate is a sweet food or food ingredient sourced mainly from, cocoa beans. Some of the other ingredients of chocolate include sugar, emulsifiers such as lecithin, and additional flavors enhancer such as vanilla. It is commonly found in the form of a liquid, paste, powder or in blocks. Apart from the sweet taste chocolate contains antioxidants and minerals, which offers health benefits such as reduce risk associated with heart attacks and cancer.

Worldwide Anti-Caking Agents Market: Facts, Figures and Analytical Insights 2020

LogoAnti- caking agent is an additive, which used in food industry including seasoning & condiments, dairy products, meat products, bakery, soups & sauces and sweeteners. It is used in the form of powder or granules to prevent the formation of lumps and for easing packaging, consumption and transport. They do not have any nutritional value. Some of the commonly used anti-caking agents in food industry are calcium silicate, sodium aluminosilicate and silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, powdered cellulose, sodium bicarbonate, sodium ferrocyanide, magnesium trisilicate, calcium ferrocyanide potassium aluminium silicate, stearic acid, tricalcium phosphate and polydimethylsiloxane. Sodium aluminosilicate is used as an anti-caking agent in table salts. Application of anti-caking agents is used in fertilizers, feed, road salt, cosmetics, and synthetic detergents. Use of anti-caking agent in fertilizer includes phosphorus, nitrogen, ammonium, and compound based fertilizers.

Worldwide Feed Palatability Enhancers & Modifiers Market : Facts, Figures and Analytical Insights 2020

LogoIn the past few years, the feed palatability enhancers and modifiers market has been growing at a steady rate. The bitter taste of vitamins, minerals and other medicines can be minimized by adding palatability enhancers to the animal feed. It increases the intake of feed by animals. In addition, palatability enhancers also provide shelf life stability to the product. Feed palatability enhancers and modifiers have gained a good position in the feed supplements as they are highly influential in the development of animal feed industry. By adding feed palatability enhancers and modifiers to the animal feed the sweetness of animal feed is increased, thus increasing the feed intake in animals. Feed palatability enhancers and modifiers not only help in minimizing the bad taste of animal feed, but also in improving health of livestock.

Worldwide Food Encapsulation Market: Recent Industry Trends, Current and Projected Industry 2020

LogoFood encapsulation technology helps in stabilizing food ingredients to allow flavor retention, and remove bad taste from the food. With the help of food encapsulation, food and beverages industry tried to overcome challenges such as maintaining taste, color and nutrition of the product and preservation of the product. Food encapsulation has the ability to make easy coating of food particles or ingredients such as acidulants, fats, flavors, and whole ingredients such as raisins or nuts. With the increasing health awareness, consumers are giving more preference for tasty, healthy and convenient and these demands can be achieved by food encapsulation. On the basis of technology type, global food encapsulation market can be segmented into microencapsulation, nanoencapsulation and hybrid technologies. Food encapsulation technologies such as microencapsulation and nanoencapsulation have improved the food encapsulation industry. Microencapsulation is largely preferred over nanoencapsulation and hybrid technologies due to its cost-effectiveness, flexibility and versatility.

Global Powder Injection Molding Market Will Reach at CAGR of 11.3% Between 2016-2020: has recently announced the addition of a market study “Global Powder Injection Molding Market 2016-2020”, is a comparative analysis of the global market.

Global Mobile Broadband Market in Public Safety Sector Will Hit at CAGR of 8.13% During 2016-2020: has recently announced the addition of a market study “Global Mobile Broadband Market in Public Safety Sector 2016-2020”, is a comparative analysis of the global market.

Global Privileged Identity Management Market Analysis to Grow at CAGR of 19.71% over Period 2016-2020: has recently announced the addition of a market study “Global Privileged Identity Management Market 2016-2020”, is a comparative analysis of the global market.

Global Mobile Phone Insurance Market Expected to Grow at CAGR of 10.47% During 2016-2020:

The mobile phone insurance refers to the insurance or coverage taken by the cell phone users looking to insure their cell phones from different kinds of damages or losses. The coverage is provided to the insured in case of losses and damages against riot, strike, malicious damage, terrorist activities, fire, theft, accident, and fortuitous circumstances. Mobile phone insurance helps evade expensive replacement costs in case of mobile phone breakdown.

Global Wellness Tourism Market Forecast To Grow At CAGR Of 10.69% Between 2016-2020:

The report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the global wellness tourism market for 2016-2020. To calculate the market size, the report considers the revenue generated from healthy diet and weight management, physical fitness and sports, beauty treatments, relaxation and stress relief, meditation, yoga, health-related education, procedures or treatments using conventional, alternative, complementary, herbal, or homeopathic medicine.

Global Connected Health Market to Register at CAGR of 26.54% by 2020: has recently announced the addition of a market study “Global Connected Health Market 2016-2020”, is a comparative analysis of the global market.

Global Non-Ferrous Metals Market Booming at CAGR of 4.91% Between 2016-2020: has recently announced the addition of a market study “Global Non-Ferrous Metals Market 2016-2020”, is a comparative analysis of the global market.

Global Caulking Gun Market 2016 Size (Volume and Value), Sales, Sale Price and End Users Analysis

LogoGlobal Caulking Gun Industry 2016 Market Size Share Growth Forecast Research and Development

Global Silica Minerals Mining Market to Set at CAGR of 5.09% Between 2016-2020:

Silica (SiO2) is a chemical compound found in the crystalline state. It is used in segments such as glass, hydraulic fracturing, chemicals, and construction. Silica is also used in electronics for applications such as silicon chips.

Global Dried Fruit Market 2016 Size (Volume and Value), Sales, Sale Price and End Users Analysis

LogoGlobal Dried Fruit Industry 2016 Market Size Share Growth Forecast Research and Development