Financial Press Releases Presented a New Website to Help Find the Locations of Banks Across New Zealand Easily

Logo"Banks in New Zealand" is an informational portal about banks in New Zealand. The website has recently amplified its content with a series of articles, aiming to help travelers to be able to find locations of the banks' offices and ATMs at the country's major airports as well as at main tourist attractions and at a close distance almost blindfolded.

NJE Group Earns Verified Existence Seal from Trust Guard

LogoNational Judgment Enforcement Group (NJE Group), a collection agency that provides Plaintiffs with an affordable, hassle free method of recovering judgments, is proud to publish that they have received a "verified existence seal" from Trust Guard, an association that promotes ethical company standards by granting trust seals & assisting in consumer dispute resolution by mediation.

All Penny News: U.S. Stem Cell Reports Positive Results for Traumatic Brain Injury Patients Media, Inc. ( announces its latest article titled "U.S. Stem Cell Reports Positive Results for Traumatic Brain Injury Patients."

Dawn Bennett Writes Article, "Not Clear Cut: Syrian Refugees in the U.S." Regarding the Refugee Debate

The tragic terrorist attacks in Paris just over a week ago had us all glued to our televisions, watching on in horror. In the time since, a conversation has developed about national security, the Islamic State, and America's role in succoring refugees from crisis zones, in particular Syria. Unfortunately, every buffoon in Congress seems to have an opinion, and the media immediately picks up on the ridiculousness, amplifying and legitimizing it. If I've learned anything as a life-long student of the world, it is that opinions should be backed by facts, not fear. Invites Investors to the BnkToTheFuture Platform

Crypto currency is a major contributor to secure financial transactions online. With the advent of the 'Bitcoin' currency, there have been many major financial institutions who have adapted this latest technique for safer operations. However, apart from Bitcoin, there are several other players who have been included in the race. One such currency is the "Alt" Crypto Currencies and though it is yet to gain the popularity if the former, it is said to be emerging as tough competition.

Biz4loans, a Fresno Based Business Finance Company Discusses How Getting a Merchant Cash Advance Is Easy but Repayment Can Be Onerous

LogoBiz4loans is a Fresno California based Business Finance Company. Sometimes a cash advance is genuinely necessary, but it's important to know when to pull the trigger, and when not to. Whether the cash advance comes from a credit card or a Merchant Cash Advance, this facility is best used as a stopgap when there's an expected increase in revenue. For example, if you're a contractor and, in order to win a bid on a $500K job, you need to have upfront money for materials and labor. Or you're opening a retail location and need to buy inventory.

Advanced Billing Concepts Launches a New Website

Advanced Billing Concepts announces the launch of their brand new website, and customers visiting the site find they can obtain a free estimate for medical billing services. In addition, each client receives a dedicated billing team, and the company makes use of highly-efficient billing software, ensuring they are able to assist their clients promptly at all times. As health care costs continue to rise, providers look for new ways to reduce expenses, and this company partners with those in the health care industry to achieve this goal.

QLogic Corporation (NASDAQ:QLGC) Shareholder Alert: Investigation Concerning Possible Wrongdoing

LogoAn investigation for shareholders in QLogic Corporation shares concerning potential breaches of fiduciary duties by certain directors QLogic Corporation was announced.

JVTank LLC (College Park, MD) Has Partnered with EVO Payments as Their Premier Choice in Payment Processing

On Wednesday, December 2, 2015, JVTank LLC (College Park, MD) has partnered with EVO Payments as their premier choice in payment processing. JVTank LLC is an affiliate marketing platform for the vaping industry. This groundbreaking development allows prospective affiliates to get access to a stream of reliable vape-related offers, with a solid payment processing gateway, and a secure checkout environment, backed by PCI-compliant data transfer protocols.

Marijuana Merchant Account Provides New Financial Processing Solutions for Marijuana Dispensaries

The banking industry is behind the times. Cannabis has been legalized for medicinal use for years, and yet no major banks will allow cannabis businesses to use their services to process their money. Dispensaries have been prevented from opening bank accounts, making them deal only in cash, creating a constant security risk. Marijuana Merchant Account created a means by which for marijuana dispensaries to convert their cash to a merchant account through a series of unique marijuana payment solutions. They are now pushing the boundaries further, with a new system allowing them to process payments via credit card on behalf of dispensaries.

MiMedx Group Inc (NASDAQ:MDXG) Shareholder Alert: Investigation of Possible Wrongdoing

LogoAn investigation for shareholders in MiMedx Group shares was announced over potential breaches of fiduciary duties by certain MiMedx Group directors.

TICC Capital Corp. (NASDAQ:TICC) Shareholder Alert: Lawsuit Against Buyout Filed

LogoAn investor who currently holds shares of TICC Capital Corp. (NASDAQ:TICC), filed a lawsuit against the buyout of TICC Capital Corp. by TPG Specialty Lending, Inc. for $7.50 per share.

Fifth Street Finance Corp. (NASDAQ:FSC) Shareholder Alert: Investigation over Possible Wrongdoing

LogoAn investigation for shareholders in Fifth Street Finance Corp. shares concerning potential breaches of fiduciary duties by certain Fifth Street Finance directors was announced.

Piedmont Natural Gas Company, Inc. (NYSE:PNY) Shareholder Alert: Acquisition Faces Investigation

LogoAn investigation for shareholders in NYSE:PNY shares was announced concerning the takeover of Piedmont Natural Gas Company, Inc. by Duke Energy for $60 per share.

All Penny News: MabVax Files IND with the FDA, Shares Up on News Media, Inc. ( announces its latest article titled "MabVax Files IND With The FDA, Shares Up On News."

Dawn Bennett, Host of Radio Show "Financial Myth Busting," Interviews Johnny Whitehead, Attorney and Constitutional Law & Human Rights Author

BENNETT: John Whitehead is an attorney and author who has written, debated and practiced widely in the area of constitutional law and human rights. Whitehead's concern for the persecuted and oppressed led him, in 1982, to establish The Rutherford Institute, a nonprofit civil liberties and human rights organization whose international headquarters are located in Charlottesville, Virginia. On November 10th, 2015, Whitehead authored an article titled 'The Deep State: The Unelected Shadow Government Is Here to Stay.' John, welcome to Financial Myth Busting.

Dawn Bennett Writes Article, "The Market's Vile Vortex" Regarding the Markets

The Bermuda Triangle. The Dragon's Triangle. Devil's Graveyards. In the 1970s, Dr. Ivan Sanderson identified twelve "vile vortices," areas of the globe that supposedly abound in 'magnetic anomalies,' bizarre animal behavior, mysterious disappearances. Even Amelia Earhart was supposed to have fallen prey to one of these phenomena.

Bachmann-Zeitlin Insurance Agency Offers Umbrella Insurance

Bachmann-Zeitlin Insurance Agency has years of experience working with the best insurance carriers in the country, and they're used to handling almost every kind of insurances from auto and homeowner to boat and renters' insurance in Philadelphia. Their approach to customer service is based on employing a highly trained staff who are experts on not just one, but all kinds of insurances. These customer service agents are dedicated to treating each and every client with the utmost attention and use their expertise to make sure clients find the right policies to suit their specific and unique needs.

Applied DNA Sciences Inc (NASDAQ:APDN) Shareholder Alert: Investigation over Possible Violations of Securities Laws

LogoAn investigation for shareholders in NASDAQ:APDN shares over potential securities laws violations by Applied DNA Sciences in connection certain financial statements was announced.

GNC Holdings Inc (NYSE:GNC) Shareholder Alert: Lawsuit Alleges Securities Laws Violations

LogoA shareholder in NYSE:GNC shares filed a lawsuit in Oregon against GNC Holdings Inc over alleged Securities Laws violations in connection with certain allegedly false and misleading statements.

Pernix Therapeutics Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:PTX) Shareholder Alert: Investigation Announced

LogoAn investigation for shareholders in shares of Pernix Therapeutics Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:PTX) shares was announced over potential breaches of fiduciary duties by certain officers and directors at Pernix Therapeutics Holdings Inc.

Joseph Grinkorn: Twitters Stock Is a Best Buy with Big Upside in the Tech Sector

LogoJoseph Grinkorn, the CEO of Morris Group and an expert in social media investments on Wall Street recommends a strong "buy" on Twitter's stock. According to Grinkorn, the company's shares has an upside potential of 50% and could reach a target price of more than $37.50 per share. Grinkorn explains that the return of co-founder Jack Dorsey to Twitter as CEO has set in motion a reorganization process which would bring positive outcomes. Grinkorn mentioned that one of the reasons that Twitter's stock has overly suffered was from China's market meltdown.

Tax Preparation Examiner Reveals when 2015 Tax Returns Can Be Filed in 2016

LogoFrank Ellis, a tax specialist and author, has launched an article explaining when people can file their 2015 tax returns in 2016. Last year, the IRS didn't accept tax returns until January 31. While the agency has not yet released when tax filing will open, the author reveals speculation this might happen in mid-or-late January.

Earned Income Tax Credit Extended Into 2016

LogoThe Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) will be continued into 2016, according to an article by tax preparation planner Frank Ellis in a new article. Intended for low income workers, the credit will continue despite only 70% of those qualified having claimed the refundable tax credit last year, according to the article.

Rite Aid Corporation (NYSE:RAD) Shareholder Alert: Investigation of Takeover by Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc

LogoAn investigation for shareholders in Rite Aid Corporation shares was announced concerning the takeover of Rite Aid Corporation by Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc for $9.00 per share.