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Gabay & Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery Now Offering Finance Options for Procedures

LogoMost plastic surgery procedures are not covered by insurance and must be paid for out of pocket, leaving individuals deprived of the opportunity to get the body they desire. While some cosmetic enhancements are available for an affordable price, the quality of care and practitioner knowledge may be at stake. At the elite plastic surgery center of Philadelphia, Gabay & Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery, that is not the case. The cosmetic surgery facility is pleased to announce that they now offer multiple financing options for their patients.

Upper Lake Growth Capital Seeking New Investment Opportunities

Upper Lakes Growth Capital has today announced they are seeking new investment opportunities in businesses that could benefit from their experience and capital.

Dawn Bennett, Host of Financial Myth Busting, Writes Article, "Forever Blowing Bubbles"

In the 1951 movie On Moonlight Bay, Doris Day sings a Tin Pan Alley classic called "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles." The first verse starts, "I'm dreaming dreams, I'm scheming schemes, I'm building castles high," but in the chorus, we learn the fate of all those dreams, schemes, and castles: "I'm forever blowing bubbles, Pretty bubbles in the air, They fly so high, Nearly reach the sky, Then like my dreams, They fade and die." It seems, maybe, that this could be the theme song for central bank driven monetary policy and market manipulation. Sadly, though, it is likely that the asset bubbles we're watching won't simply fade but rather explode dramatically, and with a great deal of collateral damage. Launches Credit Monitoring Services at Competitive Prices

There are many people in America who wish to have a regular credit check and for all such needs, the aforementioned website can be considered. It is an online portal that provides free credit scores in an easy manner. Apart from getting to know about one's creditworthiness, these numbers can also help in preventing any identity thefts and fraudulent usages from happening.

Frank Ellis Explains New 10% Medical Expense Tax Threshold

Traverse City Tax Preparation Planner Frank Ellis has revealed medical expense tax deductions, plus a new 10% expense threshold for tax deductions. In 2016, uncovered medical expenses will be deductible when itemizing deductions on a tax return. This year, instead of 7.5%, the threshold for deducting medical expenses is 10% of one's AGI.

Tax Expert Reveals Two Websites for Calculating Tax Refunds

Frank Ellis, a tax preparation expert and author, has published an article on that introduces two websites people can visit for calculating their refunds for the next tax season. He reveals the idea of this helping with planning and the availability of a real number to guide this process.

Lawsuit for Investors in Tangoe Inc (NASDAQ:TNGO) in Effort to Recover Losses Filed

LogoAn investor, who purchased NASDAQ:TNGO shares, filed a lawsuit in New Jersey over alleged Securities Laws violations by Orange, CT based Tangoe Inc in connection with certain allegedly false and misleading statements.

An Investor in LendingClub Corp (NYSE:LC) Filed a Lawsuit over Alleged Securities Laws Violations

LogoAn investor, who purchased shares of LendingClub Corp (NYSE:LC), filed a lawsuit in California over alleged Securities Laws violations by San Francisco, CA based LendingClub Corp in connection with certain allegedly false and misleading statements.

Investigation for Investors in Shares of DSW Inc. (NYSE:DSW) over Potential Violations of Securities Laws

LogoAn investigation was announced on behalf of investors of NYSE:DSW shares over potential securities laws violations in connection certain financial statements.

Lawsuit for Investors in Shares of CBL & Associates Properties, Inc. (NYSE:CBL) Filed

LogoAn investor, who purchased NYSE:CBL shares, filed a lawsuit in Tennessee against real estate investment trust CBL & Associates Properties over alleged violations of Federal Securities Laws.

The Acquisition of FEI Company (NASDAQ:FEIC) Is Under Investigation for Investors

LogoThe acquisition of Hillsboro, OR based FEI Company by Thermo Fisher Scientific is under investigation over potential wrongdoing. The investigation was announced on behalf of investors, who currently hold NASDAQ:FEIC shares, concerning whether the takeover of FEI Company by Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc for $107.50 per share is unfair. Publishes Comprehensive Information and Tips on Credit Card Consolidated Loan, a premier site that offers comprehensive information, news, tips and tricks on various loans has recently published valuable information on credit card consolidated loan in order to help cut down on interest rates and get rid of debts in an efficient and quick way. In addition, the experts have also provided information and news on other topics such as student loans, debt consolidation and credit card debt. All the information available in this site has been published with an aim to help people learn more about the procedures involved in applying for these types of loans.

USA Commercial Insurance Continues Quick Expansion, Adding West Virginia Commercial Insurance Services is proud to announce that its recent mission to continue expanding across the country has been even more successful than anticipated, with a seventh state now added to the mix. The company and its website now offer West Virginia commercial insurance and surety bonds as the latest state to be incorporated into the business's reach.

Letter to Shareholders

Since my last letter there have been several positive developments that I want to share with you. Both retail and wholesale orders for the first fiscal quarter of 2016 have increased over 200% from this same period of time in 2015. This continues a steady trend of increased new sales from each preceeding calendar month and assures the company will maintain its' steady growth through the remainder of the year. New orders have advanced this month as well and we will begin the first deliveries of our new product, custom lighters, which will compliment our signature product, The MedTainer™. This item will allow us to offer our current wholesale and retail distributors an attractive, custom designed product that can be sold separately or in tandem. Customer retention continues to be a company strength. This is due to very aggressive sales and marketing and a strong social media campaign, which includes the launch of our new mobile app that can now be downloaded on Apple and Android phones. (The MedTainer APK Download) I'm pleased to tell you that this new marketing stratagem is being quickly adopted by many new customers as well as our establishment.

Investor Investigation over Potential Wrongdoing at Genesis Healthcare Inc (NYSE:GEN)

LogoAn investigation was announced for stockholders of of Genesis Healthcare Inc (NYSE:GEN) was announced over potential breaches of fiduciary duties by certain directors at Genesis Healthcare.

Discover Is Planning to Start Accepting PIN Authentication for EMV Cards in the Near Future

The fact that customers have a choice to decide whether they use a PIN authentication or not hasn't stopped them from opting for the signature option. While this is not the case for every single person, most people have in fact decided not to implement a PIN authentication with their credit cards. However, David Nelms, the CEO of Discover Financial Services states the PIN path is the most logical to follow when the EMV cards start to popularize around the U.S and the world.

Consumers Attitude Towards Credit Card Fraud

Everyone who has been a victim of credit card fraud would vouch on how excruciating and terrifying a situation like that can be. One would think things like fraud would be solved relatively soon, considering advancements in technology. However, this is very far from being true. In fact, online purchases have made fraudulent transactions even more common than they were few years ago.

Dawn Bennett, Host of Financial Myth Busting, Interviews Niger Innis, Political Consultant and Commentator

DAWN BENNETT: Niger Innis is the national spokesperson for the Congress of Racial Equality, otherwise known as CORE. He's an MSNBC commentator and a political consultant. CORE is best known for its forward-thinking role in organizing acts designed to confront and end apartheid in America, as well as fighting for Americans of all colors, which brings me to question which most Americans have: is it inevitable we will soon be calling the next president of the United States President Trump? Niger, welcome to Financial Myth Busting.

ePublic Liability Offers Comprehensive Information About Public Liability Insurance

Experienced and widely-trusted person of the insurance industry, Robert McLeary offers comprehensive information about public liability insurance. Robert McLeary together with his ePublic liability's team, has helped hundreds of businesses in understanding the true value and meaning of public liability insurance for their companies.

Investigation for Investors of Heidrick & Struggles International, Inc. (NASDAQ:HSII)

LogoAn investigation on behalf of investors of Heidrick & Struggles International, Inc. (NASDAQ:HSII) shares over potential securities laws violations by Heidrick & Struggles International and certain of its directors and officers in connection certain financial statements was announced.

Car Loans Club Offers Car Loan Calculator for Canadian Customers

Car Loan Club is a Canada-based company that offers the services of providing car loan solutions to suit every need. Car loans Club provides their customer with the best possible advice about the car loans, their car loan experts are available and ready to help customer find the most attractive car loan deal in Canada for their specific needs. The company has launched a more convenient and the smart method of estimating car loans, they offer a new car loan calculator tool on their website.

Car Loans Club Offers Car Loan Solutions Regardless of Credit Score

Car Loans Club has designed their services to solve a problem that many people seeking a car loan face – a bad credit score. The company has developed a partnership with some of the biggest and most reputable lenders in Canada to provide their customers a convenience get car loans in Canada regardless their credit score.

Investigation of Hologic, Inc. (NASDAQ:HOLX) for Investors over Potential Wrongdoing by Certain Directors Announced

LogoCertain directors of Hologic, Inc are under investigation. The investigation was announced on behalf of current long-term investors in NASDAQ:HOLX shares was announced over potential breaches of fiduciary duties by certain directors at Hologic.

R.P. Adjustment Group Provides Their Services in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

R.P. Adjustment Group is a public insurance adjuster that provides its services in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. For over 15 years, R.P. Adjustment Group has proved their expertise by handling insurance claims for clients and fighting to get them the reimbursement they deserve. Those who have recently dealt with some kind of property damage and need a public adjuster in Rutherford, NJ, can rely on R.P. Adjustment Group. This insurance adjuster will fight for clients in Philadelphia, PA, as well as Montclair, Williamstown, East Brunswick, and Rutherford, NJ, to help property owners get back every cent.

Turtle Beach Corp (NASDAQ:HEAR) Faces Shareholder Investigation Concerning Possible Wrongdoing

LogoCertain directors of Turtle Beach Corp are under investigation. The investigation was announced on behalf of current long-term investors in Turtle Beach Corp shares over potential breaches of fiduciary duties by certain directors at Turtle Beach.