Press Releases From 04/14/2012 Until 07/29/2015

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Make Money Online Business Empower Network Announces Exciting New Contest for Its Affiliates

Empower Network, an affiliate marketing program that helps people learn more to make money online, has just announced an amazing new contest. Up to $54,000 in cash will be given away to affiliates of the company who participate in the contest.

TV Reviews Website Launches New and Easy-to-Navigate Site a website that is devoted to offering fans of television in-depth information about shows, TV reviews, news, videos, program schedules and much more, has just launched its new user-friendly site. TVHackr promises to be a one-stop-shop for anything and everything related to television shows.

Amortization Calculator That Is Free and Easy to Use Is Now Available from New Website

my Amortization Calculator, a new website that allows people to quickly calculate their mortgage or loan payment and also generate an amortization schedule, has just launched its brand new website.

Survival Warehouse Reports Local Preppers Are Stocking Up on Emergency Essentials

The Post-Election period is almost always followed by a period of hysteria, especially in closely fought and bitter battles like the one between Romney and Obama. What seems to be new in this cycle however is the degree to which voters are taking the result personally. Reports of individuals committing suicide over the election results came in quickly, but other reports are more sinister than tragic- one woman ran over her husband for voting Democrat in the election. Survival Warehouse has been on the receiving end of skyrocketing business as the greatest troubles seem to lie ahead.

Network Marketing Training Videos Offered by KBJ Investments Marketing

With millions of Americans out of work and a down cast economy, it's no wonder so many people are seeking alternative money-making opportunities. According to KBJ Investments Marketing spokesperson, Kawolomoto Bryant Jr., they are seeing record numbers of people working with ViSalus and seeking to make it a permanent solution to their financial woes.

Global 3D Animation Software Market 2011-2015 New Report

LogoGlobal 3D Animation Software market to grow at a CAGR of 19.1 percent over the period 2011-2015. One of the key factors contributing to this market growth is the increasing use of 3D animation in movies. The Global 3D Animation Software market has also been witnessing the emergence of hybrid animation. However, the availability of open source 3D animation software could pose a challenge to the growth of this market. Shows How to Airport Transfer in Paris

Paris holds the undisputed reputation of being the most romantic city on earth. However, this does not mean that the city is calm and quiet. In fact, it is one of busiest places in the world. This capital city of France is the favored destination for many people around the globe including businessmen, tourists, students, fashion freaks, and adventure lovers. It has some of the best architectural masterpieces in Europe. The Charles De Gaulle International Airport offers entry into the city for the travelers. So, if you are traveling into this city through Charles De Gaulle then it is important to have a good idea of airport transfer Paris. Besides Charles De Gaulle, the Orly International Airport is another airport that serves travelers coming into Paris. Both the airports receive millions of air travelers who visit the city every year. There is also a third one at Beauvais, known as the Beauvais Tille Airport, which is situated at the North of Paris.

America's Leading Alternative Investment Expert, Robb Hill, Announces Compelling New Book to Help Lower Tax Burden.

Having spent over a decade helping thousands of consumers with tax advantage investment alternatives, Illinois Robb Hill is considered one of the country’s leading safe investment alternative experts. Now, for the first time in finance literature history, Hill is sharing the powerful secrets to life-changing financial preparation.

New Mexico Woman Asserts Leadership Potential with Honest Autobiography

The descendant of Native Americans and a Spanish conquistador, Carmela Chávez overcame the odds to achieve recognition in her professional life. Now, as she shares her personal story with the world, could Chávez become a competitive hopeful for the Oval Office in 2016?

The Ensuite Life: Whimsical New Book Urges Adults to Pack Their Bags and Trot the Globe

Having traveled abroad earlier in his life, Michael Barmish had a blast. Now, slightly older, wiser and with an accepted demand for creature comforts, Barmish offers both inspiration and advice to those non-youngsters who want to spread their wings and see the world.

Writer Releases Screenplay for the Upcoming Fictional Release of "The Last Friends of Willie Coyote" Movie

Since 1949, many cartoons and clips of one determined Coyote and a speedy Roadrunner have captivated audiences around the world. Now, from the mind of author Stephen Thor comes the spoiler screenplay for the first fully live-action, full-length movie about these two classic beloved creatures (and their faithful friends), set for an imaginary release in the summer of 2016. After over a half-century, the time has finally come for their story to be told.

New Book Tells Compelling Real Life Story of Losing Basic Civil Rights in Exchange for True Love.

After two decades of marriages to men, with six children and years of deep friendship, two women realized that they were lesbians and in love with each other. However, while re-orienting their lives and embarking on a passionate love affair, they came to the realization that being happy would involve forfeiting many of their basic civil rights. Now, for the first time, their powerful story is being made public.

Truth and Humility: New Romance Suspense Novel Proves the Ultimate Power of Truth

J. A. Dennam is already well known for her creativity, having enjoyed a long and fruitful career as a painter of Western art. However, having recently made the decision to further pursue her deep-rooted passion for writing, Dennam has delivered a compelling and ground-breaking new novel.

Finding the Perfect Hairstyles for Holiday Parties and Festivities at

Everybody wants to make a great impression during the holidays, and look and feel at their best. With holiday parties and festivities coming up around the corner, now's the time to start planning that perfect look, and there's no better place to start than at, where users can get quick and easy access to a near unlimited range of hairstyles, trends , tips and ideas.

Launch of Eve Magazine - Balancing Modesty and Identity

EVE balancing modesty and identity aims to provide valuable information, knowledge and even up-to-date fashion awareness to every distinctive women. It is committed towards cultivating the mindset of life improvements and life-long learning for the betterment of every women. EVE Magazine, recognized that the only thing that is constant is change. Change forces us to adapt. EVE’s objectives are based on the adaptability towards change, that creates opportunities and set new trends, without compromising on values and tradition.

Ground-Breaking New Book Examines Influence Numbers Have on Human Behavior.

It’s a given fact that everyone’s favorite topic is themselves. However, as Carolyn Chambers proves in her new book, the enemy within can often hamper life’s success. Using the intricate study of numbers and the scriptures, ‘Discovering Your Anointing Numbers’ makes a compelling read for all.

Phantom Dreams: New Suspense Thriller Thrusts Readers Into World of the 'Coast-to-Coast Killer'.

For decades the mystery, suspense and thriller genres have captivated literary audiences around the world. In her new book, ‘Phantom Dreams’, author T.K. Harris constructs a cocktail of all three that provides a compelling read for all.

New Book Poses Ground-Breaking Question: Do the Quran and the Bible Send Conflicting Messages to Their Followers?

In recent history, no other book has garnered more attention than the Hold Quran. With religion playing an ever-increasing role on society and its politics, how does it compare and conflict with the messages imparted by the Bible?

Alitheia Marketing Announces Launch of New Website

My Blogging Success, an established leader in SEO services and online marketing, today announced the launch of a new website to provide information for affiliate marketers and local business to help them drive traffic to their websites. The website can be viewed at - India's Premier Website for Online Bags Shopping

India’s economic explosion has led to a massive upswing in the demand for consumer goods, and one of the disadvantages of individuals owning more things is that they need a means by which to carry them. For children walking to school laden with books and pencils, businessmen taking files and laptops between meetings, and women needing to keep their effects in order without compromising the composition of their outfits, all require some means to carry their effects with them. YoBags offers every conceivable option, with practical, stylish and prestige items available.

Aptuna GmbH Launch Swiss Deluxe Junior Baby Milk Powder Product

Aptuna GmbH are proud to announce that the Swiss Deluxe Junior has been developed as the first milk powder that can be completed solved in cold water.

Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj Stone Cost in Delhi and Gurgaon

People who are interested in learning something about vedic gemstones, especially the pukhraj stones can head to the website, This is a website from where they can get a lot of information about the best gemstones, especially the yellow stone Pukhraj stones and their price in Delhi and Gurgaon areas.

3 Tips for Enhancing Upselling with a CRM Software

'Upsell' is a marketing term for the practice of suggesting higher priced products or services to a customer who is considering a purchase. The most ubiquitous and basic example of up-sell is likely the grammatically incorrect yet oft-spoken, “Would you like to super-size that?"

Kredi Karti Taksitlendirme's Monthly Installment Plan Offers a Plethora of Benefits to Debtors

LogoTurkey seems to be beset with credit card debt problems and KKBT has emerged as the sole ray of light in this tragic scenario. Its 12 easy kredi kart? taksitlendirme scheme is intended to free people from the recurring hazard of unpaid dues permanently and legally.

Great Grandma Giles Cookbook: 30 Great Cake and Cookie Recipes of the 20th Century

Now baking enthusiasts can get access to Grandma Giles to die for recipes reading her book. The book has some interesting and rather conventional recipes. The good thing about this book is that it has recipes that promote traditional baking methods. Every recipe mentioned in the book is made from scratch, an approach that will specially appeal to people who want to get down to the very basics of baking.