Press Releases From 04/14/2012 Until 07/07/2015

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SoundSnack - Professional Voice Overs Online Delivers the Perfect Voice

SoundSnack, an online provider of professional voice overs have established themselves as a leader within the industry. They currently offer professional and relevant voice over services to businesses across the globe, including media organizations and advertising agencies across the Gulf (GCC) and beyond. Since their business launch, they have worked with both corporate clients and smaller businesses to help get their messages across through the power of voice. They currently feature and have the resources to deliver over 4,000 different voices in over 70 different languages. While SoundSnack is dominant within the Gulf area, serving the countries Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait, they are a globally recognized business and have worked alongside companies from across the globe.

Projector Discount Store Announces Great Discounts

Enjoying theater like experience at home comes at a price. High quality projector screens can help in delivering quality videos and provide enough scope for people to enjoy them. Stores across the US stock up projector screens of various brands but rarely provide high discounts on them. Projector discount store announced its latest collection on its website to provide better prices for consumers.

Peter Leeds Provides the Best Penny Stock Trading Strategies for Turbulent Markets

Peter Leeds, an expert in the penny stock market now offers the trading strategies which help investors manage their trades during turbulent market conditions. Leeds, a highly-skilled stock market professional, is providing the opportunity for amateur investors to learn how to effectively trade penny stocks by subscribing to his Penny Stock Newsletter. Releases iScripts MultiCart Enterprise

Today released iScripts MultiCart Enterprise , the multi-store ecommerce platform. The software is a complete ecommerce and logistics engine that allows site administrators to service a complete vertical market with independent storefronts, vendors, fulfillment agencies, warehouses, resellers all working together to promote products from a single database. Customers that install iScripts MultiCart Enterprise on a server can customize the site according to their brand in order to create an instant distributed supply chain and ecommerce platform. Goes Viral with More Than 100,000 Unique Visits in Its First Full Month Online, a new online health symptoms database, has gone viral, receiving more than 100,000 visits in its first full calendar month of operation. Launched by young startup Motorscore (, the site was first picked up by Google in September 2012 and garnered 100,398 unique visitors in the month of October. This explosion in visits almost melted down the site’s basic servers, all before even announcing its existence to the world.

Personal Injury Litigation Attorney Comes Up with a New Consultation Option

In the New York Times Science Section ( on Tuesday, November 6, 2012 reference was made to the security measures taken in the pornography industry to protect against the transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases by assuring that there is periodic and regular testing of the porn stars. The article points out that the “actors” must present laboratory proof that they were tested within the past fifteen days for H.I.V., syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhea. They even have to submit to a physical examination conducted by the producers to see if there is any gross evidence of infection. The article notes that when there is a positive resultthe other industry studios are notified. In addition, the persons with whom the infected individual has had sexual contact with are notifiedalong with any other partners of those partners. Filming in the participating studios is stopped until all of the potentially infected persons are found and tested. It is apparent that the scrutiny imposed by the industry is necessary because the infected individuals may not know or voluntarily reveal their positive findings out of fear that they may lose their employment opportunities or for other selfish reasons.

Eat Stop Eat Review - Real Truth About Build Muscle Exposed

Eat Stop Eat is a new and simple diet plan wrote by Brad Pilon, a nutritional expert which will help you to lose weight and to get rid of the unwanted extra-pounds faster than you imagine. Unfortunately , in present, people don`t have enough time to waste with all the diet systems available, but with this new comprehensive e-Book you will lose weight faster without giving up to your favorite foods.'s President Krishan Agarwal Announced Huge Discounts on His Store's Best Selling Watches is leading online retailer of pre-owned Rolex Watches made of pure and authentic components in the nation. Krishan Agarwal, founder and President of has recently announced colossal discounts and other offers on the best selling watches of the store. Similar discounts are also applicable on's other Rolex watches including rolex submariner, Rolex Datejust, Rolex Oyster and others, at this season's winter sale. All the watches ship in showroom mint condition and come with Italian made gold.

Jobisite Reveals New Ways of Finding Jobs That You Cannot Miss

Some times it takes little time to get a job, but one has to be on top of everything and should not have any stones unturned while doing job search. Launches to Help Everyone with a Quick Cash Advance (RCA) was launched to help everyone in getting a quick cash advance. Its goal is to match a person with lender who offers the kind of short-term financing that he/she needs. RCA is not a lender but it’s a part of lending network that connects everyone to the right cash advance provider.

Projector Screens -The Most Awaited Deal Ever

Every office needs a projector screen to make a good presentation. The thing about a projector screen is that your success depends a lot on the quality of the screen. You could be making the best presentation in the world but, if your screen is not in tune with your presentation, the end result could be devastating. Worse, you could lose out on a potential deal. You don’t want this to happen to you especially then when your company’s fate is relying on a client deal.

Lynda "Moonwolf" Bernert Offers Quality Psychic Readings

Lynda “Moonwolf” Bernert offers quality psychic readings that will help those people who are flocking to psychics about Mayan Doomsday on December 21, 2012. Lynda “Moonwolf” Bernert is a naturally born psychic and medium who communicates with Spirit Guides, Kundalini Reiki, Tarot and other pendulum readings. She is using her reiki experience in order to read energy of a situation to give everyone the right answers to their questions and giving peace of mind at the same time. She’s half Native American and a part of Aberneki nation. Her last name is Bernert but she is using her Aberneki name which is Moonwolf.

The MamaBear Worry Free Parenting App Now Offers Instagram Monitoring

LogoThe MamaBear child tracking app has expanded to include Instagram alerts as part of the recent upgrade to the 1.2.8 software. These new Instagram alert options give parents a deeper look into a child's social media interactions. In addition to monitoring Facebook tags, posts, photos, friends and restricted words, MamaBear now offers alerts related to Instagram. As with Facebook, the parent can easily login to the child’s Instagram account on the parental version of the app. Once the Instagram account has been added the parent is given Instagram monitoring options in the social media alerts menu. Parents can receive alerts via email or push notifications on any internet enabled Apple Device running iOS 4 or better or any Android device.

Neurometabolic Disorders Market - Global Industry Size, Market Share, Trends, Analysis and Forecasts 2012 - 2018

LogoSome of the factors driving neurometabolic disorders market are rising incidences of neurometabolic disorders and growing ageing population. Launch of new drugs coupled with the rising awareness among patients and physicians are expected to increase revenues for the neurometabolic disorders industry in the coming years.Government agencies and private companies are taking extra measures to increase awareness among patients and physicians regarding diseases and their available treatment options. Enzyme replacement therapy (ERT) is currently the available therapeutic option for most neurometabolic diseases.

Companion Diagnostics Market - Global Industry Size, Market Share, Trends, Analysis, and Forecasts 2012 - 2018

LogoCompanion diagnostics is the technique used to detect responses of different patients to particular drugs or biological agents in order to understand and correlate their responses to pharmaceutical agents. Companion diagnostics can be set up clinically to stratify patients depending on their response to certain therapeutic agents. Companion diagnostics is expected to play a significant role in the treatment of cancers in the near future.

McCurdicon - Fans of Jennette McCurdy to Gather in L.A for Ground-Breaking Convention.

With her positive attitude and commitment to good character, iCarly’s Jennette McCurdy has touched millions of lives around the world. Now, to show their appreciation for the world’s best role model, her fans are gathering in Los Angeles for an exclusive, worlds-class fan convention.

LTU Appoints Scott Shall Associate Professor and Chair of University's Department of Architecture

Lawrence Technological University recently announced that Scott Shall has been named an associate professor and chair of the University’s Department of Architecture. Part of Lawrence Tech’s College of Architecture and Design, the Department of Architecture enrolls more than 700 undergraduate and graduate students. As a leader among colleges in Detroit as well as around the country, The University provides a student-centered comprehensive educational experience with technologically focused professional programs.

The Dark Side of Fat Loss Review: The Real Truth About Fat Loss Revealed

Sean Croxton just released his e-book called The Dark Side Of Fat Loss. The Dark Side Of Fat Loss reveals the real truth about all programs on market on weight loss. The author tries to show the main reason why people regain weight back after they managed to lose weight. The book contains lots of valuable advices against all it`s known about fat loss. Everyone knows that important things do not come easy. Whatever people wants to achieve, success requires effort, sweat and hard work.

Kidney Disease Natural Diet: New Revolutionary Program to Beat Kidney Disease

Kidneys are located on each side of the spine just above the waist line, fulfill a vital role. The kidneys clean the blood by removing waste and excess fluid, maintaining a healthy balance between the various chemicals in the body and help regulate blood pressure.

Eagle Ford Water and Disposal (EFWD) Provides Water Solutions for the Energy Production Industry

Eagle Ford Water and Disposal is an environmental service company. Their approach is to use the most environmentally friendly practices in all aspects of our operations to protect and conserve the environment for future generations.

Magline Nominated for Two Supply Chain Distinction Awards

LogoMagline, Inc. manufactures a complete line of innovative lightweight route distribution solutions under the Magline brand. Magline solutions are used in the beer, soft drink, food service, parcel delivery, home healthcare, and other distribution industries. Magline also offers implementation consulting and solutions for reducing service times and eliminating waste during deliveries. Magline, the manufacturer of the innovative CooLift Delivery System, allows distributors to deliver more product in less time, combining an easily maneuverable and high capacity hydraulic lifting truck with integrated plastic “half” pallets for improved safety and efficiency.

Theresa Oles Captures an Emotional Journey

Author Theresa Oles paints a portrait of three vivid individuals in her debut novel October Night, a novel that highlights the journey that these three characters make.'s President Krishan Agarwal Launched New Winter Collection of Luxurious Watches with Authentication Proof from A.I.G.L is the #1 online retailer of Rolex Watches and luxurious diamond jewelry across the nation. has offered luxurious and pure Rolex Watches on this winter with full authentication and appraisal from AIGL in this season's collection. A.I.G.L. stands for Associated International Gemological Laboratory.

UNITS Moving and Portable Storage Announces New Corona Location

UNITS Moving and Portable Storage; a nationwide industry leader is expanding their national footprint once again with the opening of a new location in Corona, California. The newest UNITS Moving and Portable Storage location will meet the growing demand for relocation and portable storage in the Inland Empire.

Bloodline the Doberman Family: New Book Seeks to Inspire 'Do Good' Attitude in Today's Youth.

For centuries animal stories have captured the hearts and minds of millions, often evoking attention that humans simply can’t match. Taking this concept to today’s younger generation is author Richard Estrada Corey, with a powerful new moral-based book.