Press Releases From 04/29/2012 Until 08/03/2015

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Bigasoft FLAC Converter Updated to Support Split FLAC to Tracks by CUE

Bigasoft announced Bigasoft FLAC Converter was updated to support splitting FLAC files with CUE sheet. After these upgrade, Bigasoft FLAC Converter integrates converting and splitting FLAC files into one program. Mac OS X users now finally have a solution to split their big FLAC into separated tracks and convert to ALAC, M4A, AAC, WAV to be compatible with Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

The Universal Life Church World Headquarters - Unconditional Outreach That Knows No Boundary

LogoDo you need food, clothing, housing, medical care, crisis intervention, information & etc?

Assistus Set to Share at Calgary Entrepreneur Peer Group Meeting

Teaching Calgary Entrepreneurs and business owners how to run efficient, robust businesses by using the leading cloud-based technologies to communicate, collaborate, track performance and realize sales goals is Assistus’ main objective.

Look for Amazing Deals During the Used Car Sale at Smolich Nissan in Bend, OR

Smolich Nissan is pleased to announce their HUGE Used Car Sale featuring the entire Smolich Motors inventory of gently used cars, trucks, minivans, and SUVs.

Toyota Dealer of Lancaster Has the Premier Standard for Gas Performance

The Sierra Toyota Dealership uses TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline in their vehicles to create a winning situation for gasoline retailers, drivers and auto manufacturers. Currently, many gasoline retailers provide fuels with lower-quality additive packages that can build up deposits on fuel injectors and on intake valves. These lower levels of additives can have a negative impact on vehicle response and engine performance.

Find Fast and Reliable Service in Greensboro at Vann York Honda

Customers in need of quality auto service in a timely manner can visit the leading Greensboro Honda service center at Vann York Honda. From oil changes to tire rotations, Vann York Honda has a friendly staff and certified mechanics to ensure consumer’s vehicle perform at the optimum level.

Trends and Opportunities in the Brazilian Non-Life Insurance Industry to 2016: Market Profile

LogoThe Brazilian non-life insurance market grew at a healthy rate during the review period (2007-2011). This was supported by the country's robust economic growth, macroeconomic stabilization and the increasing penetration of insurance products. Over the forecast period (2012–2016), market growth will be driven by the development of large-scale energy and infrastructure projects that will require innovative, customized non-life insurance products.

Chicago Dealership Proud to Carry a Fleet of the 2013 Ford Mustangs

Nothing screams power like the American muscle car, the Ford Mustang. Combining traditional power with improved fuel efficiency and innovative technology, the 2013 Mustang is truly remarkable. This car carries the distinctive Mustang exterior design, with the power dome hood and grille with the chrome pony. There are even new interior features that enhance the experience the 2013 Ford Mustang offers. Gives Mortgage Info and Listings of Lenders and Loan Rates Across the U.S.

Hundreds of future homeowners are visiting the new website as the first step before looking for a new home. The mortgage directory website provides listings of the mortgage lenders and current mortgage loan rates for every zip code in the U.S. as well as detailed information on mortgages.

Berthold Huppertz, Director of Biobank Graz to Speak at Biorepositories Conference June 7-8, 2012, San Diego, CA

Berthold Huppertz, Professor of Cell Biology at Medical University of Graz and Director and CEO at Biobank Graz will give a presentation on “Biobank Graz: Increasing Sample Quality via Automation from Collection to Storage” at GTC’s Biospecimens and Biorepositories Conference (June 7-8, 2012 in San Diego, CA)

The Impact of SEO on Web Development and Design

Web development companies around the world today are looking at adopting design and development techniques based on how major search engines determine the relevance, site information and facilitate higher rankings. The designs are required to offer to its audience relevant information also ensure easy navigability. It is not only a challenge but an art for development experts to satisfy the robotic crawlers and spiders which help determine where your web page will be ranked on their search results.

Emerging Opportunities and Growth Prospects in the Chinese Travel Intermediaries Industry

LogoOver the last few decades, tourism in China has expanded as a result of the beginning of reform and opening up of the industry in the country. The emergence of a newly-rich middle class and an easing of restrictions on movement by the Chinese authorities have supported the growth of travel and tourism, and China has become one of the world's most popular inbound and outbound tourist destinations. Indeed, China represented the third most visited country in the world in 2011. The increase in tourist volumes and subsequent growth in the travel intermediaries industry can be attributed to factors such as robust global economic growth, initiatives by the Chinese government to promote tourism and the increasing volume of business activities, which have driven demand for business tourism and travel services between 2007 and 2011. During the review period, the Chinese travel intermediaries industry registered a CAGR of 17.1% to reach a market size of US$502.7 billion in 2011.

Emerging Opportunities and Growth Prospects of Health and Wellness Tourism in India

LogoIndia has one of the most lucrative health and wellness tourism markets in the world. The Indian health and wellness market recorded remarkable growth during the review period (2007–2011), which was driven by factors such as the Indian government’s favorable policies and initiatives, and improvements in the country’s healthcare services, including reduced costs and waiting times plus improved healthcare infrastructure. Despite being smaller in size than developed countries, India’s health and wellness tourism industry is developing rapidly on both the regional and national level. Furthermore, the country holds enormous potential for future growth in the market.

Trends and Opportunities in the Brazilian Life Insurance Industry to 2016: Market Profile

LogoBrazil is the world's seventeenth-largest insurance market, and the largest in the Latin American region. The insurance industry in the country has expanded significantly over the last decade, driven by strong macroeconomic and microeconomic fundamentals, raising consumer awareness of insurance products, partial relaxation of regulatory restrictions, and liberalization of the industry to allow foreign competition. However, despite this industry expansion, Brazil remains a largely untapped market with XX% of the employed population being uninsured. Low insurance penetration, with total life, pension and property and accident insurance premiums representing 3% of the country's GDP, is an opportunity for insurance companies to explore.

Trends and Opportunities in the Brazilian Personal Accident and Health Insurance Industry to 2016

LogoThe Brazilian personal accident and health insurance market grew at a healthy rate during the review period (2007-2011). The market was driven by Brazil’s robust economic growth, increased penetration of health insurance products, rising disposable income and improved awareness of the benefits of health insurance. Another key growth driver in the Brazilian personal accident and health insurance market is the significant increase in the number of Brazilian companies that offer health insurance as an employee benefit.

Denver Countertop

Denver Granite now opens up with a whole new range of granite countertops.

New Website Launched for Singapore’s Most Exciting Serviced Office Provider

The global business landscape is changing. Thanks to the advent of the internet and various other communications technologies, firms are becoming more global and more agile than ever before. Even small businesses can operate from a number of international locations; these days, all it requires is a big idea and a solid work ethic and anything can happen.

Rover Holidays Offers Exciting Kerala Tourism Packages

Rover Holidays is offering exciting packages for tourism in Kerala, God’s Own Country. Yesterday the business head of Rover Holidays announced to add some more exciting Kerala tourism packages on its service website. The company is presently offering packages for Kerala tours ranging from 2 days itineraries to 10 days itineraries. The company is also providing option to customize their itineraries. Travel packages offered by Rover Holidays are catering almost all famous tourism destinations of the state.

Mac 2D to 3D MKV Converter- Convert Normal 2D Videos to 3D in MKV Format on Mac With the Mac 2D to 3D MKV Converter

MKV is a very popular video format, it not only can be taken to compress 2D videos, 3D videos can also take this MKV format. Nowadays 3D movie is more and more popular, many people like it because it feels so real. However people can only go to cinema and buy a ticket to see a 3D movie. 3D version DVD or some other 3D productions is not enough to fulfill people's need. The resource is not enough, but now we have gotten another way to get 3D videos.

OTO Mining, Ltd. Silver Mining Developments

Reports have shown OTO Mining, Ltd. that silver is now beginning to be used in hospitals for no known bacteria can live in a silver environment.

GoFrugal Inventory Management Software Boost Your Business

Managing a retail business have to play well in this field as the stakes are often high. You have to gamble and invest a lot of money, so you must be well-aware of all the factors involved in your investment. You need to make sure that the return of your investment will be high. Keeping track of all the numbers and factors in a business, especially a large and complicated one is something very challenging. It can generate a lot of confusion if not done well resulting to losses. To make sure everything is flowing right in your business, you have to make use of the advantages of an inventory management system.

Mechanical Technology Incorporated - Company Capsule

LogoSynopsis: "Mechanical Technology Incorporated - Company Capsule" contains a company overview, key facts, key employees, products and services, locations and subsidiaries as well as financial ratios.

G.A. Holdings Limited - Company Capsule

LogoSynopsis: Canadean's "G.A. Holdings Limited - Company Capsule" contains a company overview, key facts, key employees, products and services, locations and subsidiaries as well as financial ratios.

British American Tobacco Del Peru Holding - Company Capsule

LogoSynopsis: Canadean's "British American Tobacco del Peru Holding - Company Capsule" contains a company overview, key facts, key employees, products and services, locations and subsidiaries as well as financial ratios.

iFunia Video Converter for Mac Adds 1080P Support for New iPad

iFunia Studio, a professional developer of Mac multimedia processing tools, today has released an update to its Video Converter for Mac providing 1080p profile for the new iPad and new Apple TV. In addition, the latest version of Video Converter also features enhanced video quality and reliability improvements.