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Sodium Silicate Market Is Expected to Reach US $6,933.6 Mn in 2023: Transparency Market Research

Sodium silicate, also known as water glass or liquid glass, is extensively used in the manufacture of detergents, silica gel, cardboard, paper, textiles, paints, adhesives, pottery, sanitary-ware, refractories, foundry, and wood processing industries. There are two grades of sodium silicate: neutral and alkaline. Materials of both grades are available either in liquid or solid form.

Timonium Personal Trainer, Stephen Holt, Nominated for PFP Personal Trainer of the Year Award

Timonium fitness expert and personal trainer, Stephen Holt, has been nominated for Personal Fitness Professional (PFP) magazine's 2016 Personal Trainer of the Year award.

Baltimore Cell Phone Store Chain Chooses Baltimore Marketing Agency Sheets and Associates

Forever Wireless inks a contract with Baltimore marketing agency Sheets and Associates to improve their website and Facebook page, and provide them a ‘rock star’ status on organic Search Engine pages.

Trunks Depot Announces Expanded Selection of Hard-Sided Storage Solutions

Out of all of the portable storage solutions out there, one has remained popular for literally centuries: the trunk. A proper trunk is a hard-sided rectangular box that is made of something durable like steel or wood. Some manufacturers have tried to replicate the utility of trunks with hard plastic storage boxes, but those are ugly and not as strong as their more natural counterparts. Trunks also are easier to make in ways that meet specific needs or appearance specifications.

DEL Corporation Bolsters Rental Stock in Response to Demand, Regulatory Developments

DEL Corporation, one of the world's leading providers of custom tank systems for dewatering, solids separation and other purposes, announced the expansion of its rental fleet. Having added a number of 400 BBL mix tanks to its rental stable, the Louisiana-based company is ready to help customers in neighboring Texas meet new standards issued by the Commission on Environmental Quality Standards there. This latest addition to its offerings continues upon the company's commitment to remaining the top provider of such equipment.

Hog Production and Pork Market - Global Industry Analysis, Market Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth and Forecast 2013 - 2019

LogoPigs are the species of animals that belong to Suidae family, are generally farmed for the production of meat. Pigs are commonly known as hogs in the U.S. The meat produced from hogs is termed as pork. One can farm pigs in open field by allowing it to wander freely, in restricted field by providing proper food or in special houses in modern countries. In recent years, the pig farming industry has been diversifying from the traditional one in order to produce higher yields of pork. To get good quality and quantity of pork; providing housing facilities, temperature and humidity control, food quality and medical service these some of the factors that have been taken in to account by farmers.

Digital Marketing Provides Unprecedented Growth and Sales

In a time before the Internet, people extensively used flyers and stick-on advertisements to promote their small businesses. But these marketing strategies might not bring the same effect today. It is necessary to keep up with the changing times.

Blood Processing Devices and Consumables Market Worth USD 49.16 Billion Globally by 2019 : Transparency Market Research

LogoThe global blood processing devices and consumables market is poised to witness a CAGR of 8.9% between 2013 and 2019. The market, which was valued at US$ 27.27 billion as of 2012, is projected to touch US$ 49.16 billion by the end of 2019. These are the key findings of a research report published by Transparency Market Research (TMR), a U.S.-based market intelligence firm.

Independent Developer Reinaldo Figueroa Draws Inspiration from Potato Salad Guy's Kickstarter Campaign to Create Ant Smasher Potato Salad Defense Game

LogoIndie game developer Reinaldo Figueroa has recently announced the launch of his maiden venture Ant Smasher Potato Salad Defense Game. Reinaldo’s game is almost similar to Ant Smasher and challenges players to save their potato salad as it gets bombarded by waves of bugs. The players protect their potato salad by smashing the bugs under their finger. This addictive, free game has been released on Google Play, iOS, Amazon Appstore and the web.

Tilghman Builders, Inc. Now Providing Home Additions This Fall

LogoTilghman Builders, Inc. is pleased to announce they’re offering home additions this fall. Those in search of a building company that specializes in installing house additions are in luck because Tilghman Builders, Inc. is the company for just that. Their contractors are professional and possess the knowledge and skills when it comes to contracting and building.

MXI Maumee Express, Inc. Holding Collection Events This Fall Season for Hazardous Waste Disposals

LogoIn an effort to benefit the environment, many communities and municipalities are planning collections for hazardous waste. Utilizing the necessary equipment to ensure the waste is disposed of properly, MXI Maumee Express, Inc. is proud to announce they are holding hazardous waste collection events this fall 2014 season. For one-day events, the company supplies communities with transportation, a full team of staff members, and disposal at the highest standards.

Effective Website Design: A Gradual Step Towards Success

The best way to promote small businesses is by establishing an online presence for them. People use internet to search for local services; therefore, it is important to create a website and to get it up on the local search engine results.

Mobile Wallet Market Is Expected to Grow at a CAGR of 30.7% from 2012 to 2018

LogoThe global Mobile Wallet Market is expected to reach USD 1,602.4 billion by 2018, growing at a CAGR of 30.7% from 2012 to 2018. EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) is expected to be the largest market for the mobile wallet industry in 2018.

Global Unified Communications Market Is Expected to Grow at a CAGR of 15.7% from 2012 to 2018

LogoThe global unified communications market was valued at USD 22.8 billion in 2011 and is expected to reach USD 61.9 billion in 2018, growing at a CAGR of 15.7% from 2012 to 2018.

Welsh Subaru of Limerick Now Offering a Wide Variety of Pre-Owned Cars This Fall

LogoWelsh Subaru of Limerick is pleased to announce they’re offering a wide variety of pre-owned cars this fall. For those in search of a used car, they are in luck because Welsh Subaru of Limerick has just what any customer is looking for. Choose from their wide inventory to get a pre-owned car today.

Kaleidoscope Solutions Now Providing Special Event Planning Services This Fall

LogoKaleidoscope Solutions is pleased to announce they’re offering special event planning services this fall. Regardless the shindig, Kaleidoscope Solutions will assist in the event planning and using their knowledge and expertise in this field.

Kaleidoscope Weddings Now Offering Wedding Planning Services This Fall

LogoKaleidoscope Weddings is pleased to announce they’re offering wedding planning services this fall. For those who were recently engaged, and want a quick and fast wedding, they may want to scope out Kaleidoscope Weddings to plan their special day. This creative group has the knowledge and expertise when it comes to this industry.

Legal Files Software Inc. Now Offers App for iPhone and iPad

LogoLegal Files Software, Inc. now offers an app for iPhone and iPad for users to access their Legal Files database. Legal Files for iPhone/iPad provides a portal view into the user’s Legal Files database from one easy-to-navigate location. From the home page, a user can view urgent notifications through Legal Files’ Heads Up!, recently accessed files/matters, name cards/contact information, documents, calendars, email and to-do’s, as well as search for files.

David Arthur Clark Seeks $50,000 via Kickstarter for the Trees: A Suspense Film

LogoThe synopsis of this suspense film is something far outside of the ordinary; Following a horrific act of violence, a tormented mother finds herself seeking refuge from the very man responsible; her estranged husband. As she experiences evil on a realistic level, a series of strange unexplained events start to unfold in the surrounding trees of her home. A supernatural evil appears to have spawned from the event of her domestic abuse, forcing her to protect her and her daughter from an unimaginable evil.

Spiritual Center for Your Soul Launches Campaign to Bring Healing to the World

These days, the world and life can be pretty overwhelming - conflicts and war zones broadcast daily, hourly, new pandemics being discovered, relationship break-ups, depression – people need a place to retreat and rediscover the reality of what's important, bring spiritual health and cleansing thought back into their lives. One spiritual team in Boca Raton, Florida has already had some radio success doing just that and has now launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund their dream of creating a healing space retreat in Florida.

Pipeline Analysis of Hospital Acquired Pneumonia Drugs Market Reveals Six Potential Late Stage Candidates, and Ten Late Stage Candidates: Transparency Market Research

LogoAccording to a new market report published by Transparency Market Research "Pipeline Analysis of Hospital Acquired Pneumonia Drugs Market (Tedizolid Phosphate, Ceftolozane/Tazobactam, Ceftazidime/Avibactam, Amikacin Inhale, Plazomicin, and Synflorix) - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2014 - 2020" six phase III drugs would generate total revenue of USD 3.8 billion by 2020.

Global and China Bi-Metal Band Saw Blade Industry Report, 2014-2017: Market Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast

The sales volume of bi-metal band saw blade continued to slide in China, totaling 49.45 million meters throughout the year 2013, down 2.5% year on year, largely due to international financial crisis, a drop in domestic Manufacturing Sentiment Index and a decline in the output of supporting sawing machine. Despite falling sales volume, the scope of decline narrowed, compared with year-on-year contraction of 5.2% in 2012.

Global and China Gas Detection Equipment Industry 2014 Market Trend, Size, Share, Growth and Forecast

Global And China Gas Detection Equipment Industry 2014

Global and China Hand Dryers Industry 2014 Market Trend, Size, Share, Growth and Forecast

Global And China Hand Dryers Industry 2014

Global and China Macadamia Nuts Industry 2014 Market Trend, Size, Share, Growth and Forecast

Global And China Macadamia Nuts Industry 2014

Global and China Methyl Bromide Industry 2014 Market Trend, Size, Share, Growth and Forecast

Global And China Methyl Bromide Industry 2014

Global and China Peristaltic Pump Industry 2014 Market Trend, Size, Share, Growth and Forecast

Global And China Peristaltic Pump Industry 2014