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Underwater Light Market Key Opportunities & Global Forecast, 2016-2024

Zion Market Research, the market research group announced the analysis report titled 'Underwater Light Market: Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecasts 2016–2024'

Global Gesture Recognition Market 2017 - Crunchfish, Microsoft, Eyesight Technologies, ArcSoft, Intel, SoftKinetic

Global Gesture recognition Market is estimated to reach $43.6 billion by 2024; growing at a CAGR of 16.2% from 2016 to 2024. Gesture recognition technology enables the user to have control on their devices by using body movements and gestures. Gesture based technologies can be used in various electronic devices such as gaming consoles, laptops, smartphones, smart TV, laptops and others, that are available in the market. Rising unlawful activities and cybercrimes globally has driven the growth of the market.

3D Imaging Market - Played a Prominent Role in the Overall Development of the Medical Imaging Industry

LogoGlobal 3D Imaging Market: Snapshot

Stainless Steel Control Valves Market - Asia Pacific Is Projected to Account for 43.5% of the Global Revenue

LogoStainless steel control valves (less than 2 inches) are primarily used for controlling pressure, flow and liquid level of fluid systems, by either partially or fully opening or closing the valve in response to the signals received from controllers. Their resistance to corrosive fluids and ability to function in wide temperature ranges are primary reasons for their applications across various industry verticals. The global stainless steel control valves (less than 2 inches) market has been segmented on the basis of actuation technology, types, end-use industry and geography. A cross sectional study of the global stainless steel control valves (less than 2 inches) market across broad geographical segments such as North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC) and rest of the World (RoW) has also been covered under the scope of the study.

Smart Textile Market - Military and Defense Sector for Smart Textiles Is Expected to Expand at Nearly 30% CAGR

LogoThe rapid pace of technological advancements and phenomenal developments in biosensors, nanotechnology, textile technologies, miniaturized electronics, and new materials have been impacting the global smart textile market in positive ways. The global smart textiles market is also gaining popularity due to the benefits they offer over conventional materials. Growing interest of industries such as automotive, fashion, sports, and medical devices in improving their line of products is projected to offer the global smart textile market new avenues for growth.

Glass Door Refrigerators Market - Technical Developments Are Projected to Boost the Demand for Them in the Near Future

LogoThis report aims to provide a comprehensive strategic analysis of the global glass door refrigerators market along with the market revenue, volume, and growth forecast for the period from 2013 to 2023. Proliferation of supermarkets, hotels, and cafes, changing food consumption trends, and increasing food safety and quality regulations are some major factors driving the global glass door refrigerator market. A growing retail network and food industry, rise in consumer spending coupled with the development of improved and technologically advanced refrigeration systems is influencing the way glass door refrigerators are being adopted across the food and beverage and retail industries. Other sectors, such as biomedical, are also experiencing increased use of small-sized glass door refrigerators with critical-temperature-control features.

Passive Optical Network Equipment Market - China to Show a Higher PON Demand Than Most Other Countries Is the Sheer Volume of Data Being Transferred Across Networks

LogoPassive optical network (PON) is a fiber to the premises (FTTP) network structure. The goal of the network is to provide a solution which is easy to install, maintain and upgrade. This is done by using optical splitters in PON which enables a single fiber to deliver services to multiple premises. PON comprises an optical line terminal at the site of the service provider and numerous optical network units near end users. It is considered an eco-friendly alternative vis-à-vis conventional network, due to usage of unpowered optical splitters.

NYSE:GES Shareholder Notice: Investigation of Guess?, Inc. Announced

LogoGuess?, Inc is under investigation over potential securities laws violations. The investigation was announced for investors in NYSE:GES shares in connection with certain financial statements made by Guess?, Inc.

NYSE:LC Shareholder Notice: Update in Lawsuit Against LendingClub Corp

LogoThe Shareholders Foundation announces that a lawsuit is pending for certain investors in shares of LendingClub Corp (NYSE:LC) over alleged violations of Federal Securities Laws by LendingClub Corp in connection with certain allegedly false and misleading statements.

Active Electronic Components Market - Latest Technological Innovations Have Fuelled the Demand for Miniature Handheld Devices

LogoThere are three types of electronic components namely: active electronic components, passive electronic components, and electromechanical components. Active electronic components rely on a source of energy (DC) and inject power into a circuit. Active electronic components include semiconductor devices, display devices, and others. During the last few years, technological advancements in electronics and semiconductor industry have enhanced the array of applications for active electronic components. Active electronic components include semiconductor devices and display devices. Various semiconductor devices include diodes, transistors, integrated circuits, and optoelectronic components. Further, display devices comprise of microwave tubes, cathode-ray tubes, x-ray tubes, photoelectric tubes, triodes and others.

Sky Solar Holdings Ltd (ADR) (NASDAQ:SKYS) Investor Lawsuit Alleges Misleading Statements

LogoAn investor, who purchased shares of Sky Solar Holdings Ltd (ADR) (NASDAQ:SKYS), filed a lawsuit in New York over alleged violations of Federal Securities Laws by Sky Solar Holdings Ltd.

Power Tools Market - Expected to Gain Substantially from the Emerging DIY Trends

LogoPower tools are primarily used in manufacturing and construction industry for the purpose of reducing workload and increasing the output. These tools have several types of operation such as drilling, chiseling, sanding and screw driving among others. The market has been analyzed to grow steadily due to the increasing need for infrastructure development in emerging economies.

VWR Corp (NASDAQ:VWR) Investor Lawsuit Filed in Effort to Halt the Takeover by Avantor

LogoThe Shareholders Foundation announces that an investor, who currently holds shares of VWR Corp (NASDAQ:VWR), was announced concerning whether the takeover of VWR Corp by Avantor for $33.25 per share.

World Acceptance Corp. (NASDAQ:WRLD) Investor Alert: Investigation Announced

LogoWorld Acceptance Corp is under investigation over potential securities laws violations. The investigation was announced for investors in World Acceptance Corp. (NASDAQ:WRLD) shares in connection with certain financial statements made by World Acceptance Corp.

Lighting Fixtures Market - Revenue Earned in the Lighting Fixtures Market Globally Is Expected to Reach US $89.93 Bn by 2021

LogoLighting fixtures serves the purpose of illumination or lighting by utilizing different source of lighting technology. In 2015, general lighting industry commands about 20% of the global electricity consumption. Over the past few years, lighting market have seen a gradual transition from traditional or inefficient lighting technology to more energy efficient lighting such as solid state lighting. Additionally, government regulations on sustainable energy consumption is driving technology advanced lighting fixtures such as LED lighting fixtures primarily in developed regions such as Europe and North America. Moreover, need for high energy efficiency, durability and better light quality is driving the demand for advanced lighting fixtures, retrofitting traditional lighting fixtures.

Flow Meters Market - Manufacturers Are Also Finding Better Opportunities Through the Introduction of Advanced Flow Meters

LogoThe measurement of liquid or fluid movement is flow measurement. Different types of flow meters are used in measurement of the movement of the fluid. Flow meter is used for measurement of mass, volumetric, linear and non-linear flow rate of fluid and gas. Flow meters consist of a scale, tube, indicator and stop. Moreover, the flow meters' performance relies on certain factors like pressure, density, temperature and viscosity of the liquid. Most of the flow meters depend on forces produced by the flowing steam to indirectly measure the flow as it overcomes the known condition. But the positive displacement flow meters measure the flow by gathering a fixed volume of liquid then it counts the number of time volume is filled. Flow meters are known by different names like flow indicator, flow gauge, liquid meter and many more.

Global Superabsorbent Polymers Market: Rising Application in Varied Industries, Besides Demand from Diapers Industry to Boost Growth, Says TMR

LogoVendor landscape of the global superabsorbent polymers market is highly consolidated as the top six players accounting for nearly 90% of the overall market in 2013. Among them Bayer AG, Nippon Shokubai Co. Ltd, Formosa Plastics Group, BASF, and Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation were most notable, finds Transparency Market Research (TMR), in a new study. These companies are focusing on various strategies to gain a stronger foothold in the market. For instance, the leading players are paying attention on diversifying their product portfolio to remain competitive through the forecast period.

Aerospace Materials Market Global Market Opportunity Assessment Study 2025

LogoAerospace materials are generally metal alloys that have either gained prominence or have been developed for the aerospace industry. These materials should possess properties such as heat resistance, strength, and light weight. Furthermore, fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance are the must-have properties for these materials. Aluminum was the most widely used material during the early phase of the aerospace manufacturing industry due to its exceptional light weight, state of the art, and inexpensive nature. As much as 70% of the aircraft was made from aluminum. Its ready availability made it applicable everywhere from engine components to fuselage. Extensive research & development made opportunities for other alloys and composites that can be used as aerospace materials and are more efficient than aluminum. Other composites and alloys include graphite, titanium, fiberglass, honeycomb materials, and carbon fiber reinforced polymers.

Automotive Wheel Coating Market Is Expected to Grow at a CAGR of 2.9% by 2023

LogoMarket Research Future published a half cooked research report on automotive wheel coating market. The global market for automotive wheel coating is majorly driven by due to increase demand for automotive.

Global Acoustic Insulation Market to Reach $14,633 Million, by 2022

LogoGlobal acoustic insulation market is expected to reach $14,633 million by 2022, according to new research published by Allied Market Research. Plastic foam material is estimated to dominate the market from 2015 to 2022. Region wise, Europe led the market, accounting for around 35% share of the global market in 2015.Plastic foam material is estimated to dominate the market from 2015 to 2022. Region wise, Europe led the market, accounting for around 35% share of the global market in 2015.

Hot Drinks Packaging Market Is Expected to Grow at a CAGR of 3.3 % by 2022

LogoMarket Research Future published a half cooked research report on global hexagonal boron nitride market. The market for global hot drinks packaging market is expected to grow over the CAGR of around 3.3% during the period 2016 to 2022.

Nataliya Couture Offers Dresses That Are Made to Fall in Love With

Nataliya Couture is pleased to present their signature collection of dresses for any and all occasions. From dresses for bridesmaids to cocktail dresses and evening gowns to maxi dresses, the boutique specializes in offer haute couture dresses for the flaunting silhouettes. There are many times that women fall in love with that one particular dress but have to let go of it just because of the fitting. Here is Nataliya offering the perfect dresses that not just promise the fitting but also the style that meets the occasion. Each and every dress is dotingly handcrafted by the team of dedicated, talented, enthusiastic and professional designers.

Anti-Fog Coatings Market Is Expected to Witness Substantial Growth During Forecast by 2025

LogoAnti-fog coatings are a type of hydrophilic coatings which contain polyvinyl alcohol in their formulation. These coatings help disperse small droplets of fog formed due to the condensation of water and are therefore also known as non-mist coatings. Anti-fog coatings are transparent, abrasion-resistant, and durable in nature; and thus do not degrade even after extensive usage. They provide high chemical & UV resistance and adhesion even in humid weather conditions. Anti-fog coatings are used in the building & construction, automotive, aviation & aerospace, electronics, military & security, and medical & safety industries. In the military & security sector, they are typically employed in military gas masks, garage forecourt gauge covers, and fireman's visors. Anti-fog coatings are extremely safe and typically find application in protective sunglass & sports eyewear, as they are durable even after prolonged exposure to water vapor. Other applications include cameras, watches, TV monitors, medical electronic displays, traffic signal lenses, windows, side mirrors, and commercial freezers.

Air-Handling Units Market Advanced Technologies & Growth Opportunities in Global Industry by 2025

LogoAir-handling unit is an integrated, box-type equipment operated to carry out one or more of the following operations: circulation, cooling, heating, humidifying, cleaning, dehumidifying, and mixing of air. This is done while controlling the parameters such as temperature, flow rate, humidity, and density. The basic function of an air-handling unit is to take air from outside and condition it by controlling the above-mentioned parameters and supply it to the user. The user may be a house, an office, a building, or any other workplace. A typical air-handling unit has a housing, which is made of metal, where all components of the unit fit into. A cooling coil or heating coil used for cooling or heating dehumidifies or humidifies the air depending on the requirement. A fan, which controls the pressure and flow rate required by the system, is typically a centrifuge with blades of any one of the following types: backward inclined, forward curved, backward curved, and airfoil. Based on placement of the fan, there exist two varieties of air-handling units: blow-through units where the fan is placed before the coil and draw-through units where the fan is placed after the coil. Filters function to remove contaminants and particles of various sizes present in the air. Based on application, filters are classified into panel filters (applied where the use of filtration is less), HEPA filters (applied where high filtration is required), and electrostatic filters (applied where the efficiency of filtration is high). Humidifiers control the humidity in the air. Commonly used humidifiers are of spray type, stream pan type, and stream grid type.

UV-Cured Resins Market Global Market Opportunity Assessment Study 2025

LogoUltraviolet light is a portion of the light spectrum with the wavelength ranging from 200 nm to 400 nm (nanometers). Curing is cross-linking of polymer chains for hardening and toughening of the polymer material by activation of additives. Thermally cured materials use high energy and emit VOCs. UV-cured resins are polymerized materials that are cured in an exceptionally short time by the energy radiated from ultraviolet irradiation devices. Oligomers and liquid monomers are blended with a minimal amount of photo-initiators and then subjected to the ultraviolet energy. This cures/dries the product quickly. In UV curing, there are no environmental pollutants and there is no solvent to evaporate. Hence, there is no air pollution, no loss of volume, and no loss of coating thickness. The properties of UV-cured resins include excellent curing speed, high adhesiveness, resistance to moisture, good elasticity, resistance to heat, and good surface curing property. Also, they require low temperature. The UV curing process has advantages such as energy saving, need for less space, reduced amount of waste, and high productivity. These are the key factors anticipated to drive the UV-cured resins market during the forecast period.

Zero Liquid Discharge Systems Market Is Expected to Rise at a Remarkable CAGR by 2025

LogoRapid industrial growth has affected the environment in a negative manner. A majority of industries rely on water at all stages of a process. Water can be used as a solvent, energy source, coolant, transport agent, or raw material. The industrial waste water, if not treated, is considered as a potential threat to the environment. If properly managed, treated, and re-used; wastewater cannot be seen as a pollutant. Instead, this can be seen as a solution to meet high demand for water in industries. This leads to the necessity for effective water treatment plants. A water treatment plant should have characteristic features such as high reduction ratio in BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). The zero liquid discharge (ZLD) is a proven technology which significantly eliminates wastewater effluents and recovers the water for re-use. A zero liquid discharge system adopts advanced water treatment processes to recover around 95% of the wastewater for re-use. It also retrieves salts as byproducts and any disposal is solid waste that can be easily buried.

South Austin Locksmith Plans to Diversify Their Business in 2017

South Austin Locksmith, a fast growing locksmith company based out of Austin Texas has recently announced plans to diversify their business. They now offer garage door installation and 24 hour locksmith services.